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Here's Matt Slick Hey everybody. Welcome to the show. It's me Matt Slick You're listening to Matt Slick live and I hope you are all having a good day and you had a good
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No jokes coming forth and You know, I'm gonna play the game with that.
I Don't know I'm being too old for it. I don't know. But at any rate. Hey, look, I want to hear from you We have nobody waiting right now.
You can give me a call if this is the first time you're listening Then I'm a Christian apologist, which means
I defend the Christian faith. In fact, I was on discord this morning and I was
Taught well a couple hours. I was talking about Islam with some people doing that and so I had a good time there
Then had to go run errands and so Okay, so very great and if you want to call me like I said eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six
Okay. Now Here we go getting that set and getting that set right there
All right Good, you know, so I'm working on this article on that the term son of man and I went and I looked it's not released yet.
I went I looked at every Instance of it in the entire Bible and it occurs.
I don't know how many times occur a hundred and somewhat times and 70s. In fact was interesting is
It occurs. I think it was 88 times in the New Testament 77 of them are when
Jesus refers to himself that way which I thought was really interesting and Then it occurs in the
Old Testament. But in the Old Testament, it's always in reference to just people Except in Ezekiel it's in reference to Ezekiel the individual and in Daniel 7 13 and 14 it's in reference to the pre -incarnate
Christ and I enjoyed that I'm going through and I am listing out
Just the phrase that Jesus was talking about himself and the things related To what he said about himself as he says the son of man has no place to lay his head, you know
Well that you know, he has no place to lay his head Okay, he's a vagabond kind of thing and the son of man is
Lord of the Sabbath Oh, so he's the Lord, you know So just writing all these things down and developing an article on that and hopefully we'll release in a couple of days
So doing that kind of stuff and also I went I had to run an errand today and got to talk to someone a worker an employee at a place and So I won't say her name but If you're gonna pray pray for her, she's the one who hurt her hand
She knows Mormonism is false and she wants to know what the truth is So I gave her my contact information and hopefully she and I will be able to talk and I said you come over to the house
With my wife there. I said I won't meet you alone anyplace, but you know, let's not in public But I said
I'd give you information if you want or whatever, you know I mean because she was really curious and really interested in the dialogue.
So I said, okay good And there we go now, okay producer
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That's all right so There we go Right.
Let's get to Spencer from North Carolina Spencer. Welcome. You're on the air How you doing that Matt Oh hanging in there man just hanging in there putting out fires and fixing things all the time
So what do you got buddy? I heard you one time recently talking about The King James version of the
Bible and that yeah, it's there was something in it that you didn't like about that Bible, is there any other
Bible that you would prefer that someone should study and why? Yeah, the
I prefer the NASB the New American Standard Bible Because it's more literal to the
Greek and it uses better manuscripts ancient manuscripts than the King James The King James was good and you know, if people want to use it
That's fine As long as they know where the problems are in it like Romans 5 18 Titus 2 13 the common
Johannium a few things and a few issues You know and most people don't read the original
King James. They read a modified updated version of the King James They don't realize that the original is very difficult to understand and read and I have pictures of it on my phone
Could I have some at a friend who has an original page of their other first one and so First edition so I can
I'll put it up there. But at any rate, so most people just don't know and Is this the way it is?
But the King James is good but if you want serious study what I would say is you need to use the
NASB and or the ESV I would say those are pretty good
I think are you saying B as in boy or B as in victory the B L the
NASB New American Standard Bible. Okay, that's what
I Okay Okay Okay, that's awesome
Because I've all I grew up in the King James version. I didn't know that there was stuff in it.
That wasn't right or You know or anything like that, that's just what
I was raised in Speaking about that Yeah, it's fine except look the problems for example thee and thou why would you want this is me
I don't understand this. Why would you want to memorize? English from 400 years ago and then speak to modern people you quoting it
I could never understand if thou wilt believeth. Look what we just talked to me in normal English That's all
I'm you know, and so, you know, I grew up basically in Southern, California and you didn't do that You just talk to people normally and you'd want an updated version so you could quote it normally naturally and so that's where I developed that but You know the
King James is fine I mean if the people want to preach out of it T that's fine as long as they know those places where the translations
And the King James weren't as good as they need to be and I can show you a couple of those if you want But okay Yeah So when you the
When was the new edition the American Standard? How did they go about?
Translating that from the King James to the American Standard. They don't translate from the where there was it
It's not how well converted I guess See how it was done was this when the
King James was done it used for I understand 5th century documents Let me explain what's going on So the first century they wrote the the
New Testament those caught the documents got copied very carefully very meticulously but as Is often the case when people are involved little errors would creep in like forgetting the word the which is a single letter in Greek or or Reading a line and Putting because they could be tired when they're copying they could put a word twice just things like this.
Okay, and so they might put a Marginal note in a scribe might put a marginal note in and something and then they put this document away in 200 years later
Someone else gets it So he may have written it in the year 300 and in the year 500
So it finds this manuscript that's been lost That's something put a marginal note in and then they see this and they see the marginal note
What do we do with this because they don't know the context. Is it part of the original text now?
If it's a commentary they can tell it's not part of original But what if you know the word Christus Christ was put in there in the marginal note?
Well, does that mean it belongs in the text like next to Jesus, which is Jesus they might put that in there
Well this fifth century documents like that Well, the idea generally is that the older the manuscripts fourth century third century tooth second century
The older the manuscripts the more they are the closer they are to the original and therefore they're gonna have fewer what they call variants
So the NASB is translated from the Greek into the English for example New Testament from older Manuscripts as is the
S ESV where the King James is done with roughly fifth century documents That's not exactly accurate, but it's for the most part it is
It's just a general rule of thumb. And so the older ones are just more accurate
And so what happens is the King James people will say oh the modern Bibles they take stuff out well, not necessarily
Because the King James could have put stuff in That didn't belong there in original because when they find older manuscripts since the
King James was written and Translated they find out that these older manuscripts don't have some of the wording that is in the
King James manuscripts that they used So they go up. These are this is older what this was an addition by a scribe.
So therefore You know, they go back and they say King James people say see they took stuff out.
No, it's not how it works All right, so just so you know, there's 6 ,000 roughly 6 ,000
Greek manuscripts of different sizes and different texts of the New Testament And they are something like ninety nine point eight five percent textually identical
There's only a few places where of textual variation Okay Okay, was there any books missing
No in the King James Bible that are in the original
Nope, no James had a great job of translating a lot of stuff. Seriously. It's a great job
But no, there's no additional books, you know taking in or out or something like that, but but when
King James Commissioned it they translated the apocryphal books as well. But the apocryphal books were never considered scripture
They were just important historical documents and they were all also translated. So that's all that's going on Okay Okay Well, thank you so much.
I appreciate it. Hey, you're welcome. No problem at all. All right. God bless. Hey, have a good night
Okay, same to you. God bless you. All right Well, that was Spencer now
Let's get to Luke from Washington DC Luke. Welcome. You're on the air Luke Luke are you there?
I hit the go button You should be on now. I'm talking to myself filling in dead space till there's no dead air
Luke Might be a bad connection. All right. Hey, there you go. All right.
Yeah Okay. Hi, we're mad slick. How are you? I'm fine hanging in there.
Just answering questions on this first day of April It's not a joke is very important question
John 20 31. Okay. Yes What does
John 20 31 mean? Well, it says these things have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the
Christ the Son of God and that believing You may have life in his name It's just like to me pretty simple
The New Testament if Jesus is called the Son of God Yes, he's a son of God.
Yes Hey, hold on man. We got a break. Okay. Hold on. We got a break and we'll get to this
Afterwards you formulate your question and then what we'll do is we'll give it a shot after the break. Okay Hey folks, if you want to give me a call 877 to 0 7 2 2 7 6.
We'll be right back. Please. Give me a call It's Matt slick live taking your calls at 877 2 0 7 2 2 7 6 here's
Matt slick All right, everyone. Welcome back to the show If you want to give me a call all you have to do is dial 877 2 0 7 2 2 7 6
You can also email me a comment or question Just direct your email to info at calm org
Info at C a r m dot o RG. Just put in the subject line Put in calm question or calm question or radio question radio comment would be fine and we usually get to them
All right. Let's get back on with Luke as soon as Keith reactivates
Luke Maybe he's panicking right now running to the thing. Let's get to it. Come on. Let's go.
Maybe we get a Jamal. No, there we go All right. Okay, Luke. Welcome, buddy. You're back on.
So yeah, there's another words Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God Abides in him and he in God first John 4 15
So it's son of God, you know, the Muslims always say Jesus is not a God son of God They use these two verses so what is your opinion was son of God and Jesus is a
God Yeah, I was just talking about this with some Muslims in a room a chat room
Earlier today and I tell them that you must or they should understand what the words and the phrases mean in the context
Okay, we have a mute him because his background noise and stuff So I tell the
Muslims that they must understand what the term means the way it was written not the way they're saying it means because what the
Muslims often say the term son of God means that God had a Consort and that he had relations with her and then produced the offspring and that they say they say that's false
I go. Well, we agree. That's false. It's not our position and the term son of God is
A term related to the deity of Christ showing his god this
And so what I'll tell them is that in that context at that time It was a claim of equality with God and the verse that you can go to to prove that that is the case is
John 5 18 where it says that Jesus was not only breaking the Sabbath, but he really wasn't because it was in the view of the
Jews But it's not a topic Calling God his own father making himself equal to God and So I say in the context of that time and the culture that's what that phrase meant in relationship to Christ so that's what
I tell them and With a reactivate Luke here to get him on because I put him on hold because of the background noise But that's what
I tell them and that they need to understand it according to what the culture says not what they say, you know
Thousand two thousand years later, okay Do you have any link that you wrote did you have any link
I can I can Read about it. So I know Let me check.
Let's see son of God when the karma and type in the phrase son of God and Article yeah,
I should do the Bible in the Quran agree on the terms God and son of God and If Jesus is called the
Son of God, do you think that makes him God? Can Jesus be both God in the Son of God? Does the term son of God mean that Jesus is not
God who is the Son of God that all these articles? That I've written in Luke Wayne also joined in on that one
To write about the terms of God to go to calm type in the phrase son of God and there you go. Okay All right
Yeah, always when I go to this You are calm. I couldn't find out whatever
I type so I don't know what to do Otherwise, I will not ask you a question like this I have a hard time to find out so You go to calm go to the home page
And you'll see the search thing near the top and it's type in son of God and hit equal
That's it. And I read you the article right there. Okay, just did it and that's okay.
All right. All right. Thank you, sir All right, man. God bless All right, if you want to give me a call it's easy eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six
Jamal From Winston -Salem, North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air Always a pleasure to thank you for taking my phone call.
Sure, man. No problem wanted to All right,
I wanted to ask what the significance is of the Dead Sea Scrolls Yeah The Dead Sea Scrolls were scrolls written probably by the
Essene community and They wrote before the time of Christ shortly before and maybe during but they wrote
They did a lot of work of copying the Old Testament scrolls and put them in caves And so I've been to Israel twice and I've been in the cave the first cave that they got the first Dead Sea Scroll out a bit in Dave cave one and in that area, there's a a
Place you can go to look at different caves and it's a outlook.
So there's a lot of caves. All right so what happened is that the
Essenes what they did was they copied lots of documents and One of the most important things is they copied the the book of Isaiah Now before the
Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946 I believe it was a 47 The oldest copy of Isaiah was from the
Masoretic scroll around it was copied right around 900 AD So that means that compared to now, you know, it's 1100 years old
All right. So when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered they discovered one of the Isaiah Scrolls in there
Well that they are dated around a hundred BC this one scroll 100
BC is a thousand years before the Masoretic scroll of Isaiah Which is dated around the copies around 900.
It means it's a thousand year difference a thousand years and the reason this is so important is because they found out that the
Copying method from for that thousand years was incredibly accurate. The critics didn't even raise any objections
Because it was so accurately transmitted over a thousand years They compared the Masoretic text to the
Dead Sea Scroll text of Isaiah and it's it's accurate the same So it's very significant because of that.
Okay Okay. All right. I was a
Listening to some preachers on Truth Network say well Dead Sea Scrolls kind of give validity to Jesus Christ and what he was talking about because if you say well
Jesus and his followers they kind of popped up his
I guess his reverence or his status because they went back and changed things according to the
Bible or Jesus read the Bible that changed. Go ahead. I'm confused not following you.
So Some people are saying that the Bible was changed. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm just not getting it.
The Bible was changed Yeah, I'm sorry, I guess I could do it better Give me that explanation
So they were saying people who are trying to discount Jesus in the Bible And this was
Lon Solomon that was saying some of this So they were saying well
Jesus was a con artist because he read some parts of the Bible and practiced his own history
I'm sorry, I'm laughing because to say he was a con artist is just just dumb
He's just dumb. He's a con artist. Well, okay. Well, hold on because we've gotten a lot of responses
All right A con artist. Oh my goodness That's really good.
Okay, we'll be right back folks after these messages We'll get back with Jamal and we'll be discussing this issue.
Be right back. Please stay tuned It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's
Matt Slick All right, welcome back to the show. Let's get back on with Jamal is a little bit of an issue today
It's so there we go. All right So Jamal welcome you're on the air Thanks for having me back
All right, so Jesus was a con man My words as you probably know by now is just you know, this is what we have to fight out here, unfortunately
Well, you know, I've had that kind of stuff said to me before by critics and I say, okay explain how he was a con man explain how it worked and While you're doing that explain how he was born in Bethlehem According to the prophecy was crucified according to the prophecy how he walked in or rode in on a donkey according to the prophecy 1 ,000 172 ,880 days after the command to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, which is found in Daniel 9 24 through 27 and was the the command to rebuild was in March 14th for 45
BC and 172 ,880 days is when Jesus came in and don't forget to tell us how he was con people by saying he was crucified
When the Jews knew what he looked like the Romans knew what he looked like and then he rose from the dead three days later How is he a con man?
How does that work? Please tell us that'd be interesting to develop a theory that explains all of it as a con man.
Go ahead. Oh No, no, oh you come out you're answering them.
Yeah exactly and I've learned a lot of this by of course listening to the show
Then they were saying well Let's see if I can phrase this correctly He was first a con artist
And he adapted his life to the Bible, but you know, you talk about that pretty well, of course, and I Think there was the other art.
That's like that Well, okay. I was going I've heard this before and people say that you know, he lied or he cheated
I go. Okay. So let's let's look at the context. So Rome was in military and political control of Israel But Israel was allowed to have its worship
But Rome had Cesaro papism, which was Emperor worship But they let this little sliver of land and these people over there and the other side of the
Mediterranean They let him have their little God to serve That's what the Roman attitude was and the
Sanhedrin did not want The balance between the Roman Empire and the people and the power in the land of Israel didn't want that messed up So when little
Messiah's would come in others claimed to be Messiah type to deliver it from the oppression of the Romans They were quickly destroyed
So if it's a con Con artist then can you please explain, you know, if it's con artists or he, you know fooled people
Can you please explain how he got them the disciples to give up their livelihood taking care of their families?
Not just one but a bunch and To risk their family's lives are doing this and risk excommunication from by the
Sanhedrin and Risk the idea of political pressure being brought down by Rome upon the
Sanhedrin to stop them from saying Jesus is the Messiah when in that culture at the time part of the hope of the
Messiah was that he would deliver from the Oppressors of the Roman Empire as one of the things the zealots one theory is the zealots were there to help
The Messiah Rebel against the the Roman Empire and Judas Iscariot was a zealot and someone theory
This is a theory is that might have been the case that what Judas was trying to do was force
Jesus To act in order to deliver Israel from Rome.
I mean, it's just just theory, you know, so this is all interesting stuff So if if he's a con man, or if it wasn't true, or he deceived people
Then how did he get all these people to join him? Right based on what they said they saw that's different than what you hear a thousand years later.
I heard someone talk about this I'm gonna believe it No, they saw the risen Lord and it changed their lives went all over the place and they're being killed
In the process and you know that the disciples were about other disciples being killed and yet they continued on So I asked these people who come up with these these theories
Can you please explain how all this works together inside of your theory and and they can't okay
And you know, that's nothing. I've told other people out there. We'll get the argument off of you I heard a guy named
Leslie to say we'll get them to prove their theory And just watch the wheels turn and the wheels spin and all that one last one and I'll get off the phone
So when you have Jesus, you know making statements about I am and all that and All these prophecies being lined up in about the 500 witnesses
I think it might have been the strobel And he said well Or him or somebody else there.
Well for all those witnesses for everything that they saw like you said There are no
Scriptures that there are no documents that say that there were any detractors anybody of that time and that know all those guys were
Hallucinating they were talking positive. You have no documents to my knowledge. What's what
I'm hearing, right? You have no documents refuting what I would I would this is all is that true?
right, there's nothing that is counter evidential That nothing's there if anything
Let's just say that you find a document that said that the followers of this
Jesus person were Mistaken because he didn't rise from the dead Let's just say you find something like that.
Okay. Well, what does that mean? Well, you means you have a critic and it means the ancient document talks about Jesus.
So there he was He was real. You're gonna have people on both sides. So that just corroborates that he really was there now
Let's explain everything so even when critics Cite things about Jesus later on or whatever.
It means that they're referring to a historical figure Okay, exactly
Okay. All right. Well, thank you very much for your time. Very informational. I appreciate it. God bless Amen, always appreciate you calling
Jamal. God bless buddy All right All right. Let's get to Dave from North Carolina Dave welcome.
You're on the air Hello, mr. Slick. How you doing? I'm doing all right hanging in there man hanging in there.
What do you got? Okay, so, um, I guess it's two parts to the question but What is the origin of the
Apocrypha? And I've heard that it wasn't added I Guess to the
Bible because it was not God inspired That's correct, so I guess like where where where does it originate from Well, it's was written during the the time of Malachi around 400
BC and between that in the time of Christ and I don't know who what individuals or groups wrote the
Apocryphal books So that's just an interesting question I wonder who you know, if they know any individuals who did it or what but they are valuable historical documents
But they contain a few errors And the Jews knew about them and the
Jews never considered them to be scripture So in the Old Testament, there are many places like over 20 that quote or reference other books besides the scriptures the book of the
War of the Lords for example And so it doesn't mean that that book is inspired
It just it's a reference Because an inspired writer could go to a book an ancient book that they had in their ancient library and find a reference to something
And then quote it and he's quoted it and that's it. Just like Paul did Epimenides and the man of Menander and Erastus so These are pagan philosophers.
So nevertheless the Apocryphal books were written during the intertestamental period between roughly 400
BC and The time of Christ, but they were not considered to be scripture, but the
Roman Catholic Church and the East Orthodox Church Basically added them or in the 1500s
Okay, 1546 for the Catholic Church. I don't know when it happened for the East Orthodox Church There's a reason for that.
But anyway, okay Okay There are article or anything
I can because I don't want to take up a lot of time But article or book or something you would recommend to Look into more about that Sure, if you want you go to my website calm org
Carm dot o RG and just type in the word in the search engine. Just type in Apocrypha. I just did that and Here's an article.
I wrote in 2009 reasons why the Apocrypha does not belong in the Bible and the Apocrypha is a scripture errors in the
Apocrypha early church fathers on the Apocrypha Protestant Catholic Orthodox Russian Coptic and so Are there lost books of the
Bible's another article? What is the Catholic Bible? How many books are in the Bible and so you can see there's lots of articles that address this issue
There's nobody else waiting so hey, it's just you and me right now Oh Sorry, so what
I guess what stance do Catholics take to And I can't think of how to word it to I guess approve the
Apocrypha being added to the Bible, you know, how do they defend it if it's in If it goes against, you know, like the books in the new town
They added it in 1546 officially To the Canon of Scripture and though Catholics today will say it's not true.
It was never taken out It was never added. It was always in and that's not true. They don't know their history. So We got a break coming up, but I don't know the method that they did it to get it in but I believe they did it in response to the
Reformation because the Roman Catholic Church is Apostate and they wanted books to support their false doctrines.
And that's why they include the Apocrypha So hold on man, we'll go right back after these messages. Please stay tuned for to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six
It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's
Matt slick All right, I wouldn't welcome back to the show and we'll get back to Dave here in a sec
As soon as he's activated. There we go. Dave. Welcome back on the air Hey, you hear me?
Yes, I do. I hear you man All right So what do you got man? What's up?
So Can you explain that last part guys do you just kind of cutting out with the commercial coming in?
What was the last part? About the Apocrypha and the stance that Catholics used to try and support the oh, yes
I guess teaching from the Apocrypha Yes, the Roman Catholic Church. I'm gonna say this publicly is not a
Christian Church It is an apostate false church and it teaches a false gospel and promotes idolatry and it's been doing this for centuries and in its
Apostasy where it has mingled the wisdom of man in its sacred tradition with the inspired word
Whenever that is done and everyone has the guts and the gall to mix them It's always gonna be the case that their traditions supersede the
Word of God It's always gonna be that case because they dare combine them.
And so to do that is an arrogance and a foolishness The Roman Catholic Church does this and promotes this and so in its arrogance and in its pride and in its apostasy
What it has done is authenticated certain aspects of The Apocrypha books and they did this in order in my opinion to bolster their false doctrines
They wanted to have scripture that supported their position. And so they added the Apocrypha books and The Apocrypha books were not recognized by Jesus They were rejected by the
Jewish community and they are not to be considered inspired. They have errors in them and They're not to be trusted for that that level of inspiration, okay
Okay, so I mean are they worth reading as far as for any kind of historical context or anything or Sure, you know what for any kind of historical context that it's a wide -open statement so you have to say yes, because you can read them and to see what they say, but There are historical inaccuracies in there.
I know of one at least and I think has to do with Nebuchadnezzar My notes to see where it is but look at an article
I wrote back in 2009, so anyway There are anyway,
I do have here. Let's see on this one That it says it commands the use of magic in Tobit Forgiveness of sins is by almsgiving in Tobit and Offering of money for the sins of the dead in second
Maccabees This is stuff that the Roman Catholic Church was kind of getting into and doing so, of course, they're going to Include that or try to include that in the in the
Bible false religion Get up here
Check out your article on karma everything. So, uh, thank you for your help and god bless you sir. You too, man.
God bless All right looking at one of the articles I've written this one was written back in 2018 errors in the
Apocrypha Wrong historical facts in Judith 1 5 It says now the 12th year of his reign
Nebuchadnezzar king of the Assyrians who reigned in Nineveh the great city That was wrong
Baruch 6 2 when you came to Babylon You shall be there many days and for a long time even to seven generations
After that, I'll bring you away thence with peace so It was such a for 70 years and it didn't happen so there's just or Yeah, there's some other issues here as well.
But anyway, you can go check that you can do a lot of Research on that as well. I suggest that for people to do that.
Let's get to Eileen from Toledo. Welcome. You're on the air Hi, it's
Arlene But anyway, hi there, yes No, everybody gets it wrong
I was wondering I heard I heard you say that the new American Standard Bible is
Probably the most accurate translation And I I have read it I Have read it years and years ago back in 1970s and whatnot.
I had one however, I've noticed there are Of that Translation there are newer editions and I wanted to get another new
American Standard But I didn't know if the newest one that was out. What is the best one to get?
because you know sometimes They cannot go along with the culture and some of these how they translate
So would the newest one be the best one or would a previous? Translation of it a previous year
Yeah, the one I I use is the NASB 95 1995 edition they have an edition of 2020 which
I've really not gone through a lot So I haven't been able to really examine it.
I'm just so used to the 95 That I just I'm sticking with it and I may move over to the 2020
But that's what I use and I've been using it for a long time So, you know, and it's a good translation.
It's not perfect, but it's good and it's more accurate to the Greek Okay Okay, so you're using the 95 but you're saying maybe the 2020 you said yes.
I just haven't had a Yeah Okay, cuz
I was holding off on Which year to buy and I was trending.
I had someone tell me that just what you were you're concerned was that it's a little bit more modified for contemporary usage and And someone tell me that they compromised a couple places
And I said I gotta figure that out, but I've never gone in and looked so I know the 95 is really
Steady, so that's where I'm at right now So and then but you know, the 95 isn't perfect It could be that the 20 fixes a few problems at 95
Didn't quite get right because you can have emphasis of something now. I prefer literalness
So it might say for all of man possible anthropo boy And it you know, so it might say all of men when it means all mankind
But they might say now in the English might say all people Well, I get it
I get why they're saying something like that But I prefer that they stick with the original because I've learned that the pattern of original usage of words means something and so I say stick to it a literal as possible in the
English and Study it that way and you'll learn things. You won't learn any other way
Okay Okay, that makes a lot of sense Okay Okay, okay, that's very helpful, thank you so much
No, no, that's all I had well god bless you did well
All right, well we have nobody waiting right now so I think what I am going to do is go over to the radio questions folder and And See what this was see what this one who was
King James. He was a king named James In England, that's about all
I know of him. She's pretty notice how incredibly intelligent that response was it was King James I do that my wife, you know, and I'll she might ask a question like who's
King James and I'll look at her She go don't do it. Don't do it else. I'll just look at her with this facial expression
You're gonna say don't tell me he's a king he's a king named James she goes to So, you know, she rubbed her forehead again, you know, she's having lots of headaches around me.
I've noticed that she rubbed her forehead a lot And that's like what is what you know, maybe she needs some meds.
I don't know something's up so Let's see, that's interesting biblical thing of aliens
Let's See, you know, I'm just looking through some of the radio questions we've got a few but there's a lot of them are are long and like this one
Reports a man saying Jesus Okay, I don't know does God love equally. I already answered that the answer is no
He does not love everybody equally People are surprised by that They'll say no.
No, he does. He loves everybody equally. No, he doesn't See in Psalm 5 5 and Psalm 11 5
I'm gonna read this to you. Okay, this is God so Psalm 5 5.
All right The boastful shall not stand before your eyes you hate all
Who do iniquity and then in Psalm 11 5? The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates
So there are biblical references where Where God hates hates people and people are so shocked by that They can't be true because you know, they had the image of the the image of Jesus She was a blonde -haired blue -eyed
Caucasian surfer dude dressed on a woman's nightgown dress Dressed to kill and what he's doing is he's waiting for you to give him permission to To let him into your heart
And of course, that's just not gonna work, you know, it's not gonna work. It's just not the Jesus the Bible So Jesus did get upset with people.
He called people whitewashed supplicants You're your father the devil. I wouldn't call that exactly loving them and call that judging them
So no, Jesus doesn't love everybody equally. Okay, well God doesn't either All right, let me see get down to this
Matt can you read this on air if he so chooses I'm Writing okay.
Never mind. Let's try this I suppose a left and right thing is interesting symbolism
Never thought about that before Left and right probably in reference to The Day of Judgment Because it doesn't say
I'm gonna read down to the email here Yes, okay He did it is so the criminals crucified on Jesus mocked him the one on the right is
Saved and the one on the left is not on the Day of Judgment the right the people on the right side they are
Going to heaven and the ones on the left are going to hell It's a lot of people don't know that okay, but so Let's write an article on this.
What a significance of right and left in the Bible so now also the disciples
When they were at the beginning of the ministry of Jesus He went to the Sea of Galilee and the disciples were casting their nets.
They've been out there all day They hadn't caught anything and Jesus says cast your net on the right side of the boat
Not the left the right side and they did and they caught fish
Which is just interesting also check this out if you go to Matthew not
Matthew John 21 and it says Yeah, and in John 21
And it says here I'm going scanning through it Go to the boat that night they caught nothing and in verse 4 but when the day was now breaking
Jesus stood on the beach if the disciples did not know who it was and He said
Jesus said to them children. Do you have any fish? Answered no He said cast a net on the right hand side of the boat and you'll find a catch
So right there So they did and they caught so many that they couldn't hardly
Bring it in. It was just so many but it's interesting. It gives a number 153 153 fish were caught.
Why we got 15 seconds. I'm gonna rush through this Because the fish represent the people and none were lost
This is an indirect means of eternal security and demonstrating it that none are lost whom God says to catch and 153 individuals received a blessing from Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
All combined. May the Lord bless you by his grace. Beck on your tomorrow and hopefully we'll talk to you then.