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Welcome to another installment of Fighting for the Faith. My name is Chris Roseboro. I am your servant in Jesus Christ.
This is the channel that compares what people are saying in the name of God to the word of God. Now, there's this thing that we do from time to time, and it's been a while since we've done it.
And so if you know what is coming, get ready. It's time for Prophecy Makers.
And today, you know, we've got one of the most hated men in all of Christendom right now.
David, David Loewe of the cessationist movie. He's the writer for the cessationist movie and also the narrator.
David, great to have you on Prophecy Bingo. Thank you so much. I'm so glad to be with you.
This is a great honor for me. I'm looking forward to seeing a cessationist prophesy.
Didn't we get Justin Peters to do that? Yeah, we did. One of the most uncomfortable moments in all of fighting for the faith history is when we had
Justin Peters on for Prophecy Bingo, and he prophesied. And it was, wow, you know, it's like, almost like I want to say, like, insert that right here because I think it was neat.
Oh, I prophesy that you will have a new purpose of victory in your life and there will be an anoint, a wealth anointing, a double portion of the wealth anointing that will come on to your life in the in the month of December, there will be a new a double portion wealth anointing to give you purpose and victory and fresh breath.
That was awesome. Oh, I need a new fresh breath of breath here.
Flashback cinema. Flashback cinema. I just think it would be great. OK, now, real quick, for those of you in the audience, the link for the
Prophecy Bingo card generator is down below in the description. Make sure that you have yourself a
Prophecy Bingo card. And yes, that sneaky squid attacking the pirate ship, that is your free space.
OK, and so the idea then is that we're going to be listening to a variety of prophecies.
And since we haven't done Prophecy Bingo since June, I basically took the window and said, we're going to do prophecies from like July to September.
So these are older ones. We'll see how they aged along the way. And be sure to place your bets to see how many of these prophets actually predicted the 5 ,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel.
No, none of them. None of them. You just spoiled it. You take all the fun out of it. Not a single one of them.
Oh, well. Or how many predicted Mike Bickle? None of them.
None of them. That's a tragic story, by the way. Here's the thing.
When it comes to what happened to Mike Bickle, what Mike Bickle potentially allegedly has done, that can affect anybody.
OK, so any fellow who's doing any kind of ministry work whatsoever is going to experience temptations like that.
So this is not something that is common to charismatics. This is a thing that's common to human beings.
And so, you know, we really it's a it's a tragic, tragic thing that is that is taking place.
And so, you know, we pray for those that have been hurt in the midst of all of this. And oddly enough, I think one of the things
I haven't been hearing, but I think is appropriate is somebody needs to be praying for Mike Bickle.
I mean, because sin is slavery. And even though it's looking like really strongly that, you know, he's perpetrated some pretty heinous things at the same time, you know,
Christ's blood and died for him as well. And so we pray for his repentance. We pray that he recognizes that he's forgiven.
And we also pray for his victims. That's the interesting thing about Christianity is that we don't pick a side.
We pray for everybody in that regard. But I think it is worth noting that, you know, the actual prophets like Nathan, he could actually prophesy what
David did. Yeah, that is important. Yeah. And he knew about it.
And there was no one there was no one who saw this coming. No, nobody. But the thing is,
I would note then of the Kansas City prophets, you know, Bob Jones and and who's the other guy apart from Bickle, I forget his name off the top of my head.
It'll come to me. But, you know, all three of them, you know, they ended terribly.
And that, I think, is a notable piece of evidence that, you know, these guys were never really prophets.
So and so, David, you know, I'm going to note here, I always put this disclaimer at the beginning of Prophecy Bingo, having done the work to kind of preview the prophecies we're going to be looking at, no real prophecies were actually harmed in the making of this installment of Prophecy Bingo.
I can legitimately say every one of these have failed the test. And I would note this.
We did a series a while ago, many years ago now on our YouTube channel called, you know, you don't have to be a cessationist.
And, you know, basically saying, listen, OK, you don't believe that the arguments for cessationism are solid.
I happen to think they are. But if you don't think so, my question is, why aren't you applying the biblical test then for people who are claiming to be prophets?
Because we are commanded by God, the Holy Spirit, through the apostles to not believe every spirit, but we're required to test them because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
And so see 1 John chapter 4. So always and again, what I find interesting is all these people arguing against cessationism, they don't legitimately obey the scriptures when it comes to testing a prophecy and to testing to see if it's actually from God.
And so you get all these loosey -goosey things that we're going to be covering today. So I'm going to just randomly pick somebody here.
So this is Chelsea Jay. We've never covered Chelsea Jay before on our
Prophecy Bingo. And you'll note some of the prophecies we're going to be covering today are going to be recorded in people's cars.
That's a thing. You know, so, you know, YouTube profits from people's vehicles. Let me back up Chelsea Jay here and then we'll listen in and pay attention to your
Prophecy Bingo card. We are going now. Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Chelsea and I have another word to release to you guys today.
And today's word is called this. Stop. Stop. What? It's such a.
Oh, gosh. Somebody's going to have to point it out. It's the the chirping fire. No smoke alarm.
Her smoke alarm batteries. This woman can't figure out how to replace the battery to smoke alarm, but she has a word from the
Lord. She's going to release it, too. You know, she's releasing it. All right. Sorry.
Here we go. Sorry for the battery problems in her in her smoke alarm. Upcoming August and September.
OK. This upcoming August and September of 2023. All right.
All right. So there's a few things that the Lord wants me to talk about in this video.
And the first thing is God said very important for you. OK. And then when he said this,
I saw an image of an email and it showed. OK. Excuse the beeping, y 'all.
It's a smoke detector thing. I saw an image of an email and it showed 801 and 901 in the header of the email.
OK. And what God is saying about this is that by August 1st and by September 1st, some things that you have been waiting on are going to come to pass.
OK. So this is very. Something, by the way, something is a is a prophecy bingo word, you know.
So, David, I have to ask you, has something happened to you since August 1st or September 1st of this year?
Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, a lot of things have happened. And are you sure that this is a false prophecy that she's about to do?
This is a prophetic onesie. It's a one size fits all. So one size fits most. Some people didn't make it out of August or September.
Yeah, that's true. So, well, no, no, but here's the thing. Something happened to those people.
They died. I guess that is something, right? We didn't make it out.
Something did happen. Right. OK, let's continue.
Very specific to those of you. God has been putting on your heart for a move as far as a promise coming, a release happening.
Release is a prophecy bingo word. For some of you, it will be August 1st and others of you, it will be
September 1st. OK, these are specific dates. Payday. That's something that happens at the first of the month.
I know rent is due. Rent is due on the first of the month. Yeah, right. And then
God put the song in my head and it's ain't no stopping us now. OK, that's the part of the song that was playing in my head.
OK, it's by Mick Faden and Whitehead, I believe. And so in that song, it just goes it keeps saying ain't no stopping us now.
OK, that's the theme for her smoke detector. God is saying there is nothing stopping you now from this release that's supposed to be happening, this thing that you are supposed to be receiving, this promise that belongs to you, he's saying there's nothing stopping it from happening now.
OK, and there's nothing also stopping you from receiving these things, stopping you from going to the place that he has for you.
OK, nothing is stopping you. Nothing is in your way. OK, then the
Lord. Yeah. So here's something people probably don't know that when we were making the film
Cessationist, I have some friends of mine who are close friends with the
Grudem's. OK, yeah, yeah. Wayne, Wayne and his wife, Margaret.
And and they told me this story. I'll make it brief. They told me this story how they were driving in a car together not very long ago.
Maybe maybe five or six years ago. They're driving in a car with Wayne and his wife.
And Wayne said, my wife is a prophetess and she can tell you which houses have demons living in them, like as they're driving down the street, right?
This is this is Grudem, who is the you know, the the champion.
Yeah, he's the champion of charismatic. He's the guy that that storms quotes.
He's the guy that Piper quotes. I believe that Piper is a charismatic primarily because of the influence of Wayne Grudem.
Anyway, so they're driving down the street and they told these friends of mine that he said, you know, my wife can say.
And she said, oh, there's three demons in that house. And oh, there's one that lives over there like that. So I found it.
I found it incredible, almost too, too difficult to believe. And then we were like, you know,
I was trying to get him to be in the film. I contacted him. I tried to call his son, who's a pastor.
Also left a message for his son, like, please let me talk to your dad. I would love to get in touch with him.
And he wouldn't answer the phone with the contact that my friends had. Well, I so I thought, man, it's too bad because I really
I really wanted to have him. And then they told me right like two weeks before we were wrapping the film, they said, you know, we have this old tape of a conference that Grudem preached at in the 80s where he's talking about prophecy.
Would you like to listen to it? And I said, oh, absolutely. So I listened to the whole thing.
It's an hour and a half long. We could only put in a couple of small snippets into the film.
But what we get into the film is why I bring this up right now. What didn't actually make it into the film is that Grudem says
I have it on the tape. I can send it to you if you want. He says,
God may give you a melody, an inspired melody from heaven, a song that comes down from heaven and that you are then inspired to sing.
And during this conference where he was teaching, he was inviting people to give words of knowledge, give prophecies and to sing prophetic songs on the tape.
You can hear people get up on the microphone that Wayne Grudem is preaching at.
You can hear people get up. A woman gets up and she starts to sing some song that the
Lord gave her in that moment, she said. And so what this lady says here, the
Lord put a song on my heart. He gave me this song. That's actually something that, you know, the former
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor who wrote systematic theology, he believes that this is legitimate, that what this lady here is saying is actually real.
And that's the tragedy of it. This woman isn't saying anything. These are not words from God.
None of this means anything to anybody. And the thing is, is that Grudem is the one that they all point to and say, he's given the biblical arguments, this has to be prophecy.
This isn't prophecy. If you want to know what real prophecy looks like, read the
Old Testament prophets. This woman sounds nothing like that. This is not a word from God at all.
I have a terrible idea. Oh, no. I want a copy of that tape and I'm going to doctor it up a little bit.
I'm going to put David Herzog saying, who's your daddy now in there? Who's your daddy now?
Pharaoh's heads are going to roll. You know, I mean, I'll send it to you.
I think I wonder, I don't know if he would be embarrassed by that, by what the things that he said back then.
I somehow doubt it. I think he'd stand right by it. So, all right, all right.
Let's let's move on to a different prophecy. Now, this one is interesting. I do not know who this woman is, but she seems to me that she has like an
Israeli accent and she clearly knows Hebrew. That's the thing that's very interesting.
So, so I can say of this woman, Atmevna Evrit, she knows
Hebrew. But this one is fascinating on so many levels. I threw this one in the mix as a wild card.
But this is Diana Faith Movement. That's the name of her channel, Diana Faith Movement. And let's listen in on this one.
Hey, guys, it's Diana. And I want to speak today about the month of Av and Elul and specifically about the transition from the month of Av into the month of Elul.
I want to focus. Pronounce perfectly, by the way. OK, so she knows she knows
Hebrew. On what these two months mean in terms of the Hebrew letters.
So if we put them together, what do they mean? Let me quickly remind you of what the month of Av stands for.
So the word means father and it has two Hebrew letters, Aleph and Abed.
Aleph is like the sea. Just a quick note. This counts as misappropriated
Hebrew, correct? Yes, this is actually going to be misappropriated. If you have it on your card, yeah. Yeah, this is misappropriated
Hebrew. If you have it on your card, that's part of the reason I put it in here. But this is interesting. If you get a word, shout it out.
Yeah. Yeah. I think you guys gave me a faulty card because I don't have any words yet. Hey, neither do we.
We're easing into it this episode, just easing into it. I've got I've got prophecies that will just rattle off different bingo things.
But I wanted to get a little variety here, guys. Yeah, here we go. Unknown and Abed stands for house and familiarity, family protection.
But it stands for so much more. Well, let me explain to you how Aleph and Abed, these are the first two
Hebrew letters, and they represent the two becoming one in the spirit. Aleph is a spiritual letter and it's a silent letter.
It's like hidden. It's the unknown. So God is moving in secret.
You may not really understand what he's doing. This is absolutely misappropriated
Hebrew, although she knows Hebrew. Clearly she can pronounce it well. Finding this is this is like a numerology.
You know, this this is not prophecy. You may not see it, but he's releasing to you, Abed. And Abed stands for a house.
But what does God's releasing a house to me? I already have one. You know, I hope you're not the wicked witch of the
East. And with interest rates being as high as they are, I can't afford another one. You know, it's like, you know, the house stand for it stands for structure.
It stands for a blueprint. It stands for a strategy.
So when the Lord releases the word strategy is a prophecy, buzzword, the house, so to say, it releases blueprints and structure and it reveals the
Aleph. It reveals the seed. So from the father's seed. Seed.
OK, I have that too. Hang on a second here. Well, yeah, yeah, well, you did.
But, you know, I'm right behind you. So so you're going to know. Oh, no, I lost this lady's prophecy.
Hang on a second here. What did I do with her? Manzi, there we go. There we go. There we go. I got too many tabs open this time.
OK, so this is just nonsense. So God is releasing
Bath, you know, which is a house and it reveals the hidden Aleph.
Our house in the middle of our street. Yeah, OK. All right. Now, this one reminds me of that.
That that what really does lie at the heart of the attraction to charismatic theology, as as well as unfortunately, in many cases, the heart of the attraction to messianic theology is is agnosticism.
It is a it is a kind it's an idea of secret, special knowledge that other
Christians don't have, that that other churches don't teach and that there is look, so I worked for many years as a missionary.
I first I started with Jews for Jesus and then I worked with a ministry called the
Christian Jew Foundation. And and I'm I'm Jewish myself. My dad is
Jewish, but my whole dad's side of my family is Jewish. My mom was Catholic. So I grew up as a cashew Catholic Catholic.
And and then I became a Protestant minister, you know, and I formed
Protestant minister. And so so but but I was when
I first came to faith in Christ, you know, I visited many different messianic congregations and and I could see how there's those places for the most part are filled with Gentiles, actually.
Yeah. Want to be Jewish. Many of them, they want to be Jewish. And and the reason why is because they think that there's some special Jewish knowledge.
And not only that, but many of the and there's many godly missionaries with Jews for Jesus, I don't want to, you know, disparage that ministry.
But the vast majority that I've seen of workers within Jewish ministry and outreach to Jewish people are parasitics, actually.
Yeah, yeah. And you bring up a good point about it being Gnostic. So, you know, a lot of people, you know, they've they've got conspiracy theories as it relates to Freemasonry and things like this.
And a couple of years ago, I actually started a very deep dive into Freemasonry and have over the past couple of years acquired quite the library of books that since I'm not a
Mason, I'm not supposed to have. I found a way to get these from like estate sales and things like this.
But I actually know what Freemasonry is. It's just Gnosticism hiding behind the
Masonic garb. It's old school Gnosticism. And in some of the Masonic major thought leaders that I've been reading over the past couple of years, they make a big distinction between exegesis and an esoteric understanding of what a text means.
And so it's so Masons would say of me that I don't really understand anything spiritual because I just exegete the biblical text and tell you what the words mean in context.
Freemasons are actually indoctrinated into an esoteric worldview where it's not about what the words say or mean.
It's about their hidden spiritual meaning in an esoteric interpretation. And so this lady that we just heard basically giving us an esoteric meaning of two of the letters of the
Hebrew alphabet, Aleph and Beth, that's an esoteric thing altogether.
Very Gnostic of her to do that with the Hebrew alphabet. But it has nothing to do at all with what the
Bible says or anything that God's saying today. OK, question. How much of an overlap is there between Charismatics who wish to be
Jews and Zionism as an idea? That's an episode of fighting for the faith.
We're playing Prophecy Bingo here, so. All right, I just want to say one thing, because let somebody gets me and misunderstands what
I'm saying. I have many friends who do really great work among Jewish people and preach the gospel to them.
And they are a people group who need the gospel to be preached with them.
And and and all I was just trying to point out was just just that in my observation, there is some connection to the reason why many so -called
Messianic people are also charismatic people. And and I think it's because of this idea of like a special Jewish knowledge and special like magical knowledge to, you know, in terms of of like doing magic powers and stuff in the church,
I mean, maybe maybe that's even the wrong word to use there, but but there but it is it is
Gnosticism. Yeah. And, you know, people need to be aware of that. Yeah. All right. Now, here's here's a first for us.
This next one, Nate Johnson's prophetic word of encouragement for August 7th, twenty twenty three. And this looks to me like it was it's using
A .I. generated art. This is kind of a first for us. So and I think this is the one that also has like a kind of an
A .I. generated voice or narrator. So let's check this one out. Outsourcing the prophecies.
Yeah. Yeah. This prophetic encouragement is from Nate Johnston and was released on August 7th, twenty twenty three.
Ignore the hornets nest being stirred. God is clearing the way in a dream the other night.
I was sitting with the Lord and in front of me, I could see the horizon, except that there was this thick layer of fog that was in front of me that was stopping me from being able to see ahead.
And the Lord said to me, it is now time for the scales to be removed from your eyes and from your heart and from your soul.
And this is an hour that I'm clearing out every bit of debris and every blockage and every hindrance to you seeing.
I could really use some blockage removal. This guy is having a holy double bypass surgery.
Right. He had way too much pizza. So, all right, let's keep going. Clearly the road ahead that I have for you.
He said this is an hour that I'm giving you fresh vision. Vision. This is an hour that I'm giving you is to see the future that I have planned for you.
The future that the enemy has tried to stop you from seeing the future, that the enemy has wanted you disconnected from so that you would lose hope and that you would crumble on the battlefield that you were in so that you would give up in the middle of what looks like a wilderness.
But it's only wilderness and steps away from fruitfulness and advancing. And this is an hour, says the
Lord, I'm giving you back your joy. I'm giving you back your hope and I'm giving you back your ability to connect with my vision again for your life, for the enemy has tried to keep you in a place of limitation.
He's tried to keep you in a place of continual warfare and contending warfare. Yeah, warfare.
Yeah, I got it on my guard. All right. Bummer. I don't have it either. But I'm going to.
That's hypnotism where the screen is like, yeah, yeah. It's an it's not only an image, it's an animation.
Yeah. Yeah, continue to connect you again with the very manifestation of my presence.
My power is going to break manifestation. Hang on a second. I got that one. I said a manifestation.
Do I have a presence? I got presence. I can't.
He's throwing so many words. I couldn't tell you. So, OK, all right, let's keep going.
Break through every obstacle like a hammer breaks rocks into pieces. I'm going to break through every single hindrance that has been at your feet, says the
Lord. Confronting the enemy in your life, and this is an hour, says the Lord, that I'm going to confront the areas that the enemy has been trying to keep you tangled and imprisoned.
This is an hour, says the Lord, that I'm coming after the areas that have been trying to keep your heart encased in hard rock, but right areas like Area 51 or something.
Areas are coming after us, David. Yeah, no, but like he keeps saying, says the
Lord, says the Lord. I mean, yeah, this is God speaking. Oh, yeah. Wow. That's good.
I am so I am so offended by these prophecies that say, thus saith the Lord, because God does not have bad grammar.
Let's just lay that on the table right now. God does not have bad grammar. And this is just one giant run on sentence after another.
It just makes me sick. All right. So, David, we're heading over to glory of Zion now.
We will be visiting there a few times tonight, and I've given you six to choose from in you.
I'll let you pick. So here are your choices. You are a key to new supply lines or shifting waves are coming in or I have exchanged your burdens for my glory or a restoration of movement and celebration is happening or stand up and decree in authority or receive the breath, sound, walk and authority of life.
All right. Well, I have I have breath on my board, so I would like I'd like to get one one of these words.
So let's go with the breath. OK, so receive the breath. OK, let's let's open this one up and and I hope your idol has it.
Let's here we go. Just listen in. The atmosphere is impregnated with death.
I got it here. You have atmosphere and life, which is right there on the screen.
So that's two for one. Oh, man. All right. David, you look stunned.
What's happening over there? Well, I just did he say the atmosphere is impregnated?
Yes. With death. Yeah. Let me back it up. Yeah, here we go. The atmosphere is impregnated with death.
I also have dancing. Darn it. You're running away with this today.
Yeah. Dancing is a prophecy. Bingo concept.
You are impregnated with life. Let it be heard. Oh, good.
I'm impregnated with life. That's going to be awful. I've never visited a gynecologist before. So I don't know if that's the right doctor for you.
All right. Continuing on here. Well, if I'm impregnated, you know, so there's some issues.
Anatomy is a problem here. Birth is going to really suck. there's a lot of that.
This like birthing language. Yes. I watched the other the last one that you did of the of this, of Prophecy Bingo.
And and there was there was a whole birthing section that you guys covered, which I really liked.
Glad that's your thing. OK, let's continue on here. Chuck said that a minute ago when he told us to pray for Mark Waldrop.
So this guy I just found out today is actually Chuck Pierce's brother.
OK, so, you know, he shows up with regularity. Turns out he's the brother of Chuck Pierce.
I want y 'all to extend your hands to him because the Lord spoke to me. Yeah, he's on the web.
Extend your hands to everybody on the web. Everybody on the web. That sickness is trying to sting the sting of death in us.
Because the Lord spoke to me specifically that he has come to Mark's house today to abort death.
It is not a part of his reproduction. It is not a part of his pregnancy for the future.
Whoa. Hey, I'm glad I chose this one, man. I'm not, but this is weird.
He said it's not a part of his pregnancy. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Wow, that's great.
Oh, OK, well, I have birthing. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to count here. If you have birthing that we're in that realm now.
So, yeah. So right now we say in the name of Jesus, cancer and death be aborted and let life and life abundantly be reproduced.
Lift up a shout to the king. You see, David, the reason why you don't understand this is because you're a cessationist.
So, you know, that is why. Yeah. You know, but that that other guy, the white haired guy.
Yeah, Chuck Pierce. I've seen him before. Oh, yeah. He was the lead singer of a band called the
Grateful Dead. All right. I think
I think you have been mistaken with somebody else. But that's a is definitely the lead singer of ZZ Stopped.
Yeah. OK, all right. Let's I'm going to do one more. I'm going to choose one. Open link a new tab here.
This one is shifting waves or not. Yelling definitely counts.
Yeah. Yeah. If you have yelling, that counts. Oh, flag waving, flag waving. Yep. Oh, so just just so you know,
I I have the gift of interpreting gibberish, so, you know, I will be offering an interpretation here once I hear a few more words here.
He he she shosha Rororing writer.
OK, all right. He's rolling his Rororing Yr Esa burrito
Oh, got it, okay. Balissa, sorro caramama, si, ro roco sorro, ha ha ha.
Okay. That's the worst way to get the Gettysburg Address I've ever heard. Right, so it just so happens that what he was legitimately talking about there, in case you missed it, he was talking about something called flow and the need for us to experience an upgrade.
So I just want, if you have flow or upgrade on your cards, you can take those. So I just want to let - I have upgrade, thank you.
Yeah, darn it, darn it, I should have chosen more wisely. So yeah, that was quite the prophetic word.
So let's see here. I don't want to do, okay. First car prophecy of -
How do you have that much headroom in a car? That's impressive.
That's a minivan. I think she's - There's so, it's just a really short, really tall car or like a picture of both.
I'm mad. All right. So this is from Lighthouse Global and this is for the
August of 2023 prophetic word. Again, we're going back to see how well some of these age.
Let's see what she says. Appeal and say this was wrong. You know, rethink about it. That like that some of you are in these situations where situations and circumstances were unfavorable to you and all of this happened because of your obedience.
So there's a big difference. See, if you are being treated unjustly because of your sin, you need to repent.
But God is saying, for those who have followed the instructions of the Lord and obey the Lord, and because of that obedience, you are in a target of injustice, a target of false things.
God is saying appeal and petition and God has heard your prayers. So Father, thank you that in the month, as we walk into the month of August, that God, our petitions, our requests, our asking is being released and answered from heavenly realm right now.
Release and realm. I have realm. Hang on a second here. Okay, let's see.
Realm. I don't have any releasing. Bummer for me. All right, let me come back to her.
Let's keep going here. How's your card looking, David? I have, let me see here.
I have four. All right, what are they? Which ones are they? I have, say it to the
Lord. I have breath. I have birthing.
Look it, look it. It's my favorite one because, because my wife is pregnant, actually.
Oh, okay, there you go. So you're practicing. So. It's on my mind.
Although I think these guys are saying that I need to birth something. That is a little awkward, but yes, that is what they are saying.
And I have yelling. Yelling, say it to the Lord, breath, and birthing. All right, so as you get them, just shout them out so we can track with you.
Because I was thinking maybe you haven't got anything, but, you know, all right, let's keep going here. Father, I pray, we would have the boldness and also.
She said that so quick, there was no translation. Sorry, guys, that just was, ugh,
I was so close to getting a download on that one. Some of you, I see in the spirit, those who are listening, that you don't have the boldness to request for more.
You're kind of not as bold as you like to be. And you feel like you're not qualified to go to the king and appeal.
But God is saying, no, you go and appeal your case. You talk about what you went through. Is this like the courts of heaven doctrine?
You gotta appeal your case and stuff? Yeah, just as a heads up, I actually have footage of Katie Sousa being ordained as a judge within the courts of heaven.
What, really? Yeah, that's coming up in an episode of Fighting for the Faith. I don't think she even qualifies as a public defender.
No, but she's being inducted as a judge of the courts of heaven. So. Wow, she really claims that for herself?
She's never repudiated. And I've got the video proving that she was inducted as a judge in the courts of heaven, so.
Wow, that's so crazy. Blasphemous is basically the best way to put it. It came with her happy meal.
Happy meals aren't as good as they used to be back in the 90s, but that's a whole other story. No, that is factual. Yeah, okay, continuing on here.
I bless you to receive this word in Jesus' name. Some of you, God is restoring your boldness.
God is restoring your courage. Restore, I have restore. Restore, yeah, that works. What did the king and Ashley appeal? Because the
Lord has set a table for you. The Lord has already set up a situation for you.
God, I don't know how I should go about this. No, I'm not getting a. So, imagine. That was gibberish at such a low volume,
I wasn't able to get a translation. Sorry, guys, yeah. By the way, Isaiah Saladbar, he recently did a video complaining about discernment people saying that tongues is gibberish.
I stand by that. This is not a language. This is not at all what tongues look like in the
New Testament. This is not anything to do with the biblical tongues that we see in 1
Corinthians or the book of Acts. I would be willing to wager that someone doing these types of things and speaking in these particular ways would have been in institution about 100 years ago and not been permitted to walk about on the streets because they would have been considered insane.
Yeah, now, so David, in the cessationist movie, did you show the
Chinese scribbles from the Parham thing? Yeah, he did. Yeah, yeah, we sure did, yeah.
That was Agnes Osmond who wrote her chicken scratch and convinced these people in the great
Pentecostal disappointment to go to China and talk
Chinese to Chinese people except it wasn't Chinese.
Right, so when this gibberish initially showed up, they thought it would revolutionize missionary endeavors because people would be endowed by the
Holy Spirit to share the gospel in languages they haven't studied and it turns out they weren't saying anything to anybody and so, yeah,
I was cracking up when I saw the screenshot of her chicken scratches and people believed that that was legitimately
Chinese. I mean, they must have never met, they must have never met any Chinese people, which
I find that even hard to believe since she was in California. There's a high
Chinese population in California. She didn't have to go across the ocean to find out that her
Chinese was false. She could have just gone into Chinatown and tried to do it there.
You know, the sad, the truly sad thing that I think most people don't really understand about the nature of tongues is that the original tongues in Acts was revolutionary for the proclamation of the gospel.
I go so far as to say that, and we did not say this in the film, but I personally believe that the gift of tongues was the fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham that he would be a blessing to every nation, that that, when that happened in Acts 2 and these other nations now hear the wonders of God being proclaimed in their own languages, this, and it's the gospel that they're hearing from the apostles in Phrygian and in Arabic and in the various, you know,
God had always spoken in Hebrew, and now he's speaking his revelation in all these other languages that like, man, this is how
Abraham becomes a blessing to the whole world. And so what a travesty then to call this nonsense the gift of tongues.
That's not what it was. Yep, that's absolutely true. And I would note that, you know,
Isaiah prophesied, this is why Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14 that tongues are assigned to unbelievers.
God prophesied in Isaiah that people would speak in strange tongues, and even then they still wouldn't believe
Yahweh. And so, you know, it was kind of, and, you know, it's kind of, tongues was kind of like these double -edged sword, people hearing the wonders of God in their own language, and people believing as a result of it, and a whole group of people refusing to believe, because the
Jews were the only ones who knew where languages really came from. So, you know, when you see a reversal of Babel, and you're a
Jew and you know your Torah, that's gonna stand out. So, yeah, interesting stuff.
But this isn't tongues at all. Now, let's, let me, oh no, did
I end up closing that one? I'm kind of bummed. Oh, here we go. Hang on a second. One thing about the whole, the chicken scratchings or whatever, it kind of reminded me of, if you give spiders different types of psychotropic drugs and see how their webs turn out.
Hey. This is your brain on charismania. Okay. Now this one, we do not have a visual other than the lines for the vocals, but this is
Jeremiah Johnson, the guy who quit prophetic ministry for four minutes after he gave the false
Trump prophecy for 2020. So he - It's crazy that Phil Johnson's son got into all of this.
I'm just joking. That's how bad rumors start, sir.
Just listen, listen, if Phil ever sees this or if Jeremiah, because you know, Phil actually has a son named
Jeremiah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jeremiah Johnson, right? Like that is his actual real name.
And so I always kind of like poke him, you know, like, hey, there's another, there's another
Jeremiah Johnson. It's like he's got a different view, you know? Yeah. All right, let's, let's, let's -
I'll continue to do this. Send it to him. So let's get into this prophecy. Hang on guys, let's get to this. Airwaves, the spirit of the
Lord would say, I am lifting a spirit of grief that's resting upon my mama bears in this hour.
What? What? For a spirit of heaviness has come on your hearts and tormenting spirits are attacking your minds concerning your sons and daughters.
Know this day that I am making a divine exchange in America. Give me your grief and I will give you the gift of grit.
I am releasing a spirit of courage. Releasing is a prophecy being a word.
Spirit of resolve for my mama bears. Oh, bummer. I, I, unless I change my gender and species, this doesn't apply to me.
So, you know. I still think he wants to give us, give him grief. So I'm more than happy to. Yeah. Did he say reversing?
I didn't hear, what? I didn't hear, I didn't hear reversing. Yeah, no. I have reverse soul on my cards.
I'm looking for that too. Yeah. Season of hibernation, mama bear, for this is your season of visitation.
Mama bear, you must come out of your - Is he reading a Berenstain Bears book?
What is going on here? This prophecy is too small. This prophecy is too big.
This prophecy is just right. Cave of shame so that you might see the glory that I'm going to bring to my name.
I have glory. Glory. Yeah, I got glory too. Hang on a second here. Let's see here. Glory.
All right. Can I come back to Jeremiah Johnson? Hang on a second here. That's Andrew Towne. Here we go.
All right, here we go. To your sons and daughters, this is your season to arise on wings like eagles.
Season is a prophecy. Bingo word. This is your season to wrap your life, mind, and heart in the spirit of praise.
This is your season to blow your shofar again in your home. Shofar is a prophecy.
Bingo word. It is. Shofar, so good. And put the devil on notice.
You will not be bullied. You will not be intimidated. You will not be harassed any longer.
Today, receive the gift of grit. Heaviness is lifting.
Depression is losing its hold. Only if you're a mama bear. It's the dawning of a new.
What's with the new age music behind that prophecy? Oh, is that sappy music? I think that counts as sappy music.
Yes, I have it. Yeah, that counts. You are running away with all this.
All right, so. I'm having a good night. Yeah, so we got the prophet Inez. Earthing season.
Oh, but that guy, Jeremiah Johnson, he's the guy that we actually do have him in the film.
Yeah. Where he says, you know, I got the prophecy about Donald Trump wrong.
And the reason why was because some prophets came to me and told me that I had a witchcraft over me.
And so they released the witchcraft. And this woman who he's sitting next to as he's giving this interview, she's like,
I can see a piece on you, brother Jeremiah. Oh, I know the interview you're talking about.
Oh my goodness. Yeah, no, that's crazy stuff. All right, let me back this up.
So we'll get Inez in context. This is, she changes the name of her channel to Ruach of Life.
So here we go. Hi, everyone. My name is Inez. You're very welcome here to hear the word of the
Lord this Sunday. So I have a wonderful word for you today.
All about the new, all about change, all about transition into our next season and what
God is doing with his people and also those who don't know him at this time. Okay, I have my people on the card.
He said his people, is that close enough? That'll work. Yeah, that'll work. Yeah, I'll take my people. I have my people also.
Go for it, take it away. Your people are his people. So, you know, just do, you know, okay.
And if you haven't already subscribed, please do so and you'd be very blessed. And hit the notification bell to receive all the new messages.
And the website and everything else that you need is just a click down below. So let's pray first.
All right, so she's gonna start with a prayer. I'm gonna fast forward to where her eyes open back up again.
Here we go. Lord, brother and sister, for us at this time, as we're still changing, we're still moving into the new and what
God has for each and every single one of us, the plan and the purpose is unfold.
Purpose? Purpose? The plan and the purpose? Yeah, okay.
You're here for such a reason. There are purposes up there in Ireland. I'm sure there are.
Are they purpose -driven purposes? So the plan of the purpose is to give you a load of knowledge.
Right, right, right. That's this. That's a load of something else but that ain't knowledge.
Accidents. There's no coincidence in the kingdom of God, there's a reason for everything.
So those who are called according to the word of God, the purpose, the reason why you are here, the plan for your life is unfolding.
So the word is transition, moving out. Transition is a prophecy. Bingo word.
That's a very politically loaded word now. Old and into the new. So you see what happens when you're called, we all have different columns, some are called to ministry, some are not, some are called to the workplace, some are called to be mothers, fathers, whatever.
Some are even called on the phone. But there's a process. But when you're called by God, divine column,
I'm going to give you a hint. Oh, I have purpose on my card, you're just staring at me in the face, I'm sorry. Oh wow. Good for you.
All right. You don't have a line yet? No. I have all over the place, but no bingo.
He's shooting for a blackout. We have yet to get an actual blackout, you know. So I'll get to him in a moment.
So say when you're called into ministry, there's a process. So God is the
God of hearts. God can change anyone. You can try to change someone, you can do anything, you can buy things to change someone, it's not going to happen.
God by his Holy Spirit is the one who can change somebody. You know, the word today that people say is, oh, you know, they'll never change.
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once this, always this. And they label a person. Yeah. Once a false prophet, always a false prophet.
Okay. That doesn't wash off. Okay. I don't know if I want to do this one.
So I met a lady who used to prophesy false things, and then she stopped and she repented of it.
Good. Her name is Dawn Hill. I met her at the E3 conference, and also
I met Doreen Virtue there, too, and both of those ladies, what a testimony to the grace of God.
Indeed. Indeed. Oh, this lady. This is the birthday lady, man.
This is Kay Nash. Remember? Parentheticals. Interprophecy.
Yeah. The last one, the parentheticals, she made sure it was a gardening tool.
So anyway, brace yourself. Here we go. Hi, and welcome to my channel.
I'm Kay Nash. If you're new here, I'm a prophetic messenger. Messenger of the Lord. I deliver prophetic words as the
Lord leads. I normally deliver a prophetic word every month unless the Lord says otherwise. And for this month,
I am feeling the Lord saying, the finances are coming. Oh, it's about time.
I mean, inflation's been hitting us hard. Dime store Paul Revere over here.
Okay. The finances are coming. The finances are coming. Just yelling it and saying hallelujah after that doesn't make it happen, lady.
Let's jump into the rhema for this month. Rhema is a word. The finances are coming.
Python has been suffocating many people's finances, telling them lies and keeping them stuck.
But I am the living God who sets free. You must rise out of victim mentalities and take over your land.
Many of my children are not taking over. I must ask you, David, have you yet overcome your victim mentality and have you taken over your land?
Well, I wanted to, but the Python stopped me from that. So he does that, you know, the
Python can. It's been known to do that. And it's been hanging out with the Leviathan lately, which just makes it even more difficult, you know?
So, all right, let's keep going here for their land out of fear. But remember, the fear of the needy is their poverty.
He's referring to a scripture verse there. The small promptings are key, but so are big projects people are avoiding.
Many people have projects I told them to do sitting on a table for later.
Then they are missing the time. Okay. I have a theory. You're saying
God is saying this? Yes, she's saying God is saying this. I have a theory about this part. Then they are missing the timing of the key things and delaying their own plan because they are avoiding many of the projects
I told them to do sitting on the table for later. I think this is my theory at this point, is that her husband has promised to do some things around the house and hasn't gotten to him yet.
And so this is her prophetic way of being kind of passive aggressive.
So honey, when are you going to get to those things? God told you that you need to get that thing that's on the table that you said you were going to do.
I think this is a form of prophetic passive aggressiveness.
So how's that? Prophetic spousal abuse. Right on. Okay. So let's keep going here. Timing of key things and delaying their own plan.
Do not complain about finances when you have not worked your plan I have given you,
Jesus. Jesus, that Tourette's thing that she does there, that's a prophecy being a word,
Jesus. Are afraid to reach out for help, which is also keeping them stuck as many hearts need healing for the next level in their life.
Out of the hearts flow the issues of life. And many people think they are unworthy of breakthrough.
They had parents tell them no too many times. And now they believe breakthrough is a prophecy bingo word.
I say no all the time. I do not say no to provision. I say no to sin,
Jesus. I am a God who provides I am El Shaddai. Am I not?
So look over your plans. See what is not done. This is your mid year check it.
It is time to read. Oh, man, I need to hit myself in the head with David.
I missed my mid year check in with God. Man, what this lady is doing, this is like the the most grievous one that I think we've seen so far.
I know. I know that this is the worst of all. This is absolute blasphemy.
Like she's Jeremiah 23, they speak visions out of their own minds, not the words that I have said.
The fact that she's saying Jesus is saying this, I am El Shaddai, am
I not? No, no, no, you're not, actually. You're not.
And the fact that she's saying that, that he, he is saying, like, if she does not, this is the tragedy of this.
The real tragedy is not only that, that people will believe this nonsense and somehow be sucked in by this absolute garbage, but also that this woman is on the way to hell by doing what he's doing.
Yeah, God does not hold people guiltless who do this nonsense. Right. It's true.
If she doesn't repent of this, man, I don't know. I hope she wants a prophecy bingo. I get the feeling she does, or at least she's seen it in the past.
There's certain indicators that kind of show that. But let's keep going here. Refocus and reallocate your efforts towards things
I told you to do, not man, Jesus. This is your mid year check in,
Jesus. This is a time to refocus, Jesus. This is a time to replan.
What you might have done at the beginning of the year is set goals. You set expectations. You set desires with the
Lord. But maybe you haven't hit that goals. Maybe you're not even halfway to hitting those goals. And maybe it's time to refocus and readjust so you can execute
God's plan in your life more efficiently and effectively. It's time to be efficient and effective for the
Lord, Jesus. Now, sometimes we have plans at the beginning of the year that just, you know, we found out we didn't want to do them anymore or they were never
God to begin with. And it's time to dump those things. Slow down, woman. Enunciate your words.
I feel like when we premiere this video, we need to have like a poll in the chat that says, which would you rather have, a mid year check in with Kay Nash or a root canal?
Root canal, man. Root canal, there's no debating that, you know, without anesthesia,
I would have that. You know, give me the straight bourbon, you know, we'll go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Give me a bullet. I'll chew on it while you do the root canal. Oh, man.
It's time to refocus and really plan out the next six months. And if you're like, hey, nothing has happened right the next six months, that's fine.
Let's restart. It is time to restart. Throw it out the door. You know, sometimes we spend so much time.
Jesus, I feel the Holy Ghost right now beating ourselves up. We're like, oh, my gosh, I messed up the last six months. I didn't run a book that God told me to.
I didn't make the connection that God told me to. I didn't run the way God told me to. I got distracted by this thing that God told me not to get distracted by whatever it is.
OK, forgive yourself. His mercy is new each morning. And let's start again. Let's set a fire in you right now in the name of Jesus.
Fire. To light the rest of the year on fire. What's the last thing she said?
Light your life on fire. Hang on a second. Let me back it up. We'll check the tape. Here we go.
She's talking pretty fast. OK, forgive yourself. His mercy is new each morning. And let's start again.
Let's set a fire in you right now in the name of Jesus to light the rest of the year on fire in the name of Jesus.
I pray right now that you are reignited in the name of Jesus. Be reignited in the name of Jesus. Your flame might be kind of put out right now.
But I'm praying right now that the Lord just reignites you in the name of Jesus. And one of those areas that God might need to reignite you in is the area of finances.
I felt like this month was an area where God really wanted us to get financially focused so we can get the finance that God told us we can have.
If you're one of those people that don't want finances and you don't believe for them, goodbye. We don't have time for that.
Oh, good. Good idea. Goodbye. OK, she says she's going to let the rest of the year on fire. I'm sorry, but let's just see.
Conspiracy theory confirmed. Kay Nash caused the attack on the attack on Israel. OK, yeah, you're you're not wrong.
You're not wrong. You know what? You know what's really sad about that? I couldn't hardly see it.
I was trying to look close. I think it's showed that she has like forty four thousand followers.
Yeah. Yeah, I know. It's terrifying. That's that's the stadium.
There's people that we watch that just completely outshine that. She's actually one of the lower tier YouTube profits.
Yeah. Dude, how do you guys on an honest question? This is this is this is an honest question, like for what you do, you know?
Yeah. So so like when I started making the film cessationist and I like was kind of forced to look through YouTube videos of crazy nonsense.
And and we just we just scratched the surface of the craziness that that's out, you know, just the very surface of it.
And and honestly, I couldn't even really get through one or two of those videos every day.
And it was too it was too it was too much insanity for me to take it, you know.
And then, of course, like Facebook algorithms and like I would not
Facebook YouTube algorithms. Like then when I want to like watch videos that I like I'm on YouTube and they're gone, man.
Yeah, I know it's in my algorithm on YouTube. Is this insanity?
Right. Get a burner account. Yeah, you get a burner account. You need a burner. You need a dedicated account specifically for research.
If that's that. So here's my question for you. I mean, I have to give you a lot of respect for spending so much time.
It's I mean, it's like it's like you have to live in the sewer, man.
Yeah. Yeah. You're not wrong. But a couple of things keep me sane.
Number one is the fact that I'm a pastor. So I actually get to positively teach and preach the word of God.
And that's the majority of of what I get to do. Now, I what the the other thing
I do is I take breaks. I actually like photography. Photography is the thing for, you know, if you see a video of me out photographing stuff, it's because I'm taking a mental and a spiritual break and I'm done.
I mean, my family will tell you, I will say things like, I don't have to listen to heresy for the next three weeks.
I'm so excited, you know. So, you know, you know, that so it is something that it is really dark.
If you remember the movie Time Bandits, the very end scene, you have that kid, you know, he'd come back from the past and there was a, you know, and there was a piece of charcoal that was the
Satan character in a toaster that burned his house down. And they had just opened up the toaster.
He's all, don't touch that. It's evil. Yeah, that that's that's what I deal with on a day to day basis.
And so, you know, I have to kind of like put it aside and and not deal with it at times because it does run you down.
It really does. So I like to tell people that we when we go dumpster diving, we had to put on scuba gear.
Yeah. Yeah. It has that sense. I feel like it must be a comfort to you to to see that there there really is fruit from what you got.
Yeah, really. There have been people who have been helped by your ministry.
Yes. And and and what's really nice is I actually pastor some of those people. So, you know, for, you know, to me, to be able to see somebody in the church that, you know, was formerly under, you know, the new apostolic reformation, and now they're hearing the gospel and they're comforted and they're and they're learning the scriptures properly.
You know, that is always the thing that makes it worth it. And what's funny is, is that when I was doing
Fighting for the Faith, the podcast, it took maybe about three years before we started seeing fruit.
And so it was like, you know, it was like investing in something that you you hoped would eventually bear fruit.
And then once the fruit started coming in, it was always funny because I still get letters like this to this day.
I'll get an email when somebody say, I used to think that you were the biggest jerk in the whole world. Most arrogant, you know, puss bucket that ever on planet
Earth. And I I hated every every episode of Fighting for the Faith. And so I decided that I was going to open up my
Bible and prove that you were wrong. And guess what? I've now become a member at a really good church.
And I want to thank you, you know, that that's that's and I get so many of those.
It's it's you know, I if I can get somebody upset enough to open up their Bible, to prove that I'm wrong, the game is over at this point.
You know, it's just a matter of time before they leave those churches and find a good place. So you just need to know
I model my facial hair after you, buddy. OK, well, that that's that's a tough that's a tall order.
You know, you know. I mean, I just I just noticed, actually, we kind of like I kind of look like your little brother.
Yeah, right. Except for, you know, have all the gray that I have. You know, so this is every one of these gray hairs is from an hour's worth of heresy that I had to listen to.
So, yeah. All right. Let's let's let's take a look at this prophetic word from the glory of Zion.
I am. No, no, no, no. I'm sorry, it can't be glory of Zion. It's clearly glory of Zio hazard.
OK, I am blowing a new restorative breath. Here we go. And the
Lord says, I am breathing a new breath to restore and bring forth even which has been caught in the debris.
I say to you now, feel my breath coming through in a new way.
OK, OK. No, no, no. There's one I saw recently. Go back. Go back. That was far too short.
Go like another page. Go another page. You want to be forward or backward? Next hit.
Next, just hit next. Next. OK. Oh, there it is. A lower left hand corner. Failures are turning into victories.
That's the way we go. OK, we miss. All right, let's let's check this one out. And the
Lord says I'm having to shake my kingdom loose, but I have a kingdom that's arising and what began in defeat for your life, what started in what looked like failure.
I say this will be a week of turning failure into victory.
I say watch. I think victory is a prophecy. Bingo word victory. Victory is a.
For your victorious moments, for I have moments planned for victory.
I have the ability to break open what has been closed.
So I say to you, triumph is within you. Let me shake it loose and you display it.
It's the choreographed dancing with the Lord says I just got to fast forward to that bit again.
I mean, so at your church, do the women do this? David? Shake it loose.
No, they don't. No, they don't.
I passed through a small reformed Baptist church west of Chicago. OK. Yeah.
You're really missing out. I mean, aren't you seeing some great opportunities for some ideas that you can incorporate? Into I'll I'll I'll tell
I'll tell the church organist to. Right. Right. OK. Break the organ down and put in that drum set in the back there.
Right. You can get some tall flag girls doing their thing. OK, so it's been a while since Nisi has been on the prophetic circuit.
She has begun to rebroadcast prophetic words and she's the one in the past that I've always felt like I was being scolded by her.
So even worse than Cain Ash. So just just hang on to this. This could be uncomfortable. I heard the
Lord say that the month of July is a month of overcoming victory.
Oh, I want you to hear what I just said. I heard you just fine. Why do you need to repeat it? July is a month that you are going to overcome every obstacle that has been set before you.
And you're going to receive the victory in Jesus name. Is that what happened to you in July of this year,
David? I'm trying to think back then. Did you overcome everything?
Well, you know, I actually I'll tell you something that happened in July. I have a canon.
I have like an actual Civil War canon that I that I shoot every fourth of July.
And yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You guys should come out here. Come to come to Illinois sometime.
I pass through there from time to time. Yeah. Yeah. Come come visit. Man, if you come to here, if you come to Illinois, we can take my canon.
I have a buddy who has a hundred and forty yard shooting range. OK. And I bring my cannon out there.
We will shoot a cannon at something at like an animal or I don't know, a car or whatever, whatever we want.
But anyway, like I've got like a five gallon bottle of water. I think that would just. Yeah. All right.
Cool. I will show you videos. But I lost my cannonball and I found it in in July.
So maybe that's what she was talking about. You know, let's get a stack of cream corn cans that'll work, too.
Yeah, I can't. Well, let's see if we get the slow -mo guys to film it, you know, just a video of me shooting my cannon, if you want.
Yeah, I'm I'm I'm I'm definitely in. All right. Let's continue with Nisi here. In particular,
I saw a number of very specific issues that the Lord was releasing victory into.
Really? I saw victory being released in legal matters. There's a number of you who are watching me right now and you've been dealing with long standing legal issues.
And I heard the Lord say that July is your month of overcoming victory. July is also a month of overcoming victory for those of you that have been struggling to make traction in your business.
I heard the Lord say that this is a month of turnaround and profitability for many business owners who are watching me right now.
July is also. Yes. I always believe that these these particular prophecies tell us more about the person speaking than they do anybody else.
So is she in a court case because of a financial embezzlement or something?
You know, you have to wonder, you know, is this not autobiographical in some sense?
Has she she been having problems getting traction with her prophetic business? You know, so, you know, just to say in a major month of victory and breakthrough in the lives of parents who have been praying for wayward children.
I saw the Lord releasing overwhelming victory. And these children were awakening to their destiny and their purpose.
Destiny. I got destiny. Hang on a second. Still no bingo. I have destiny, but no bingo.
I just need an intercessor. I just need an intercessor at this point. And, you know, I need it.
I need an increase. I could I could use a suddenly. Nobody says suddenly so far, which is nuts, which is.
Yeah, that is a little out of out of character here. So, hey, dad, you have shaking on yours. Chuck Pierce is literally talking about shaking.
OK, hang on. I appreciate your good sportsmanship there, sir. All right. Yeah. So we're going to hear about in the comments.
Yeah. So now I need a double or an intercessor. Yeah. All right. So it's looking good. OK, we're cooking.
I need a curse. If you guys can look out for a curse and maybe a speak into.
I could speak into. OK, I need the word curse. I don't need a curse. OK, let's keep going here.
Oh, I want you to hear me today. Oh, I'm listening. I'm listening. Lie is a month of overcoming victory.
Now, let me just. She's doing it again. She's doing that angry thing. It's, you know, I feel my cortisol levels rising just watching her.
You know, these freeze frames are perfect. Yeah. Well, I ask you, what is it that you are believing
God for victory for? Oh, I encourage you this month, this month of July to partner with the
Holy Spirit, because I am telling you he is going to release victory to you in Jesus name. Stop yelling at me.
And I heard the Lord speaking out of first Corinthians 15. And I'm just he always speaks out of first Corinthians 15.
That's actually in the word of God. You know, you're going to walk through some scripture today, because let me tell you something, there is life in the word.
And as we go into this scripture, I want you to prepare your heart to receive, because what the
Lord's word is going to do is it's going to penetrate your very heart and your soul, and it's going to release faith for you to believe for what
God has for you in July. Oh, do you know that the very faith that you have is not your own?
The faith that you have on the inside of you is a seed from God. And it is a seed.
Pause it from. Hang on a second. I already have that seed in heaven for you to be able to pull.
OK, I can't handle it anymore, but it's just my migraine. Yeah. All right.
Let's see here. Let's go go a little more subdued. Kevin Bridges in his daily prophetic word.
Here we go. God's word changes lives. You're listening to Daily Prophetic.
The Lord says, I'm bringing to you that which you need. I'm bringing to you the keys which are necessary for this season as you are faithful with that which
I have given to you. I will show my faithfulness to you. Be consistent. Be faithful.
Trusting in me that I am unlocking that which is yours. I'm opening the way before you look.
OK. Sure. Do you remember
Raina four, three, two, one, Josh? Oh, yeah. OK.
So she's still she does these lie. She does these lives and she prophesies based upon things that she sees on her phone.
You know, so so the prophetic word, God is drawing the line.
Come get encouraged. Watch now. And and so let's let's listen in.
And I saw the other day we found it. So she saw something.
She's going to end this and turn it up.
So I was in Dollar General. But that's where her Christmas in July.
Christmas in July. So I'm standing by July and Christmas is just right across the way.
So I'm loving this music. You're hearing this. Please don't do it with yourself.
Don't do that. So bless the Lord on my soul was playing in that it was good.
I just ran in there to get something real quick and had a fun time seeing Christmas in July.
I feel brain cells. And then yesterday I went to get ice because we celebrated people's birthday.
So I went to this convenience store over here to get some ice. And they were like, we don't have ice.
And I was like, you don't have ice. No. And I'm thinking, really?
You're a convenience store. Typically, no, no, they're an inconvenience store just for you.
Thinking all this, but it's not coming out of my mouth because I don't want to waste anybody's time. But, you know, I look down and there's a random
Twix bar with Santa Claus on it. So I was like,
OK, that's why I went to this convenience store. And here it is. Random Twix bar. I wonder what
Twix stands for. There's an X. You got Santa. You got two Santas.
Two Twix, two Santas. It says to go. Wow. So we've got two.
Two, two. See, it says to go. Now, when
I show this to you, I see XI right now. To go
XI, she is that she? Anyways, it just says
Twix Santas. I wonder, they must be in the shape of Santa.
I would have totally bought that to show you. But I am. Oh, look, they're hiring.
Maybe I could get a part time job there. I suggest you do. She live streamed.
Oh, anyways. Yeah, she did this as a live stream. Being a woman working at a convenience store, especially late at night, doesn't sound like a very fun thing to do.
But there are there are some women that work in convenience stores around here late at night, and they're rough.
So you don't want to mess with them. anyways. So she's she's thinking there's some kind of significance to the fact that she saw
Christmas in July at the Dollar General and then saw a Twix bar with Santa Claus on it in July.
And that is legitimately the reading of omens, which you're not permitted to do in scripture.
You're not permitted to read omens. And yet that's another big thing that happens in these charismatic and Pentecostal circles is people say, oh, you know,
I was I was got into my vehicle. And wouldn't you know, it was three thirty three in the afternoon.
And then I went to sleep tonight and I woke up in the middle of the night and it was three thirty three in the night. So that's the Lord talking to me.
And that's the reading of omens. And that's her doing this. And she's she likes to do prophetic coloring books and things like this.
It's just just had to do a little bit of a blast to the past here. All right.
Let's see here. I'm not going to lie. If one of you gave some prophecy there. What was that?
Did she actually give a prophecy about that? That's kind of she kind of like implies it.
She she says, I feel the Lord was saying this or did that kind of thing. And she's she's always looking, you know, she'll find something.
She'll be scrolling through the news and she'll see a picture and she'll say, the Lord is saying something about me or saying something about this through that.
It's just crazy stuff. I'm not going to lie. If one of these people said that they look they rolled over in bed and their clock said 666,
I would be a little I might be a little skeptical, but I'd also be like, at least they're being honest. Right.
OK, so let's let's check in with Chuck Pierce again. And let's let's see. You will manage the complexities.
Let's see what this one's about. And the Lord says you have been in a season of complexity.
And I say those things have looked complex around you. I will show you through this month and show you how to manage that which you need to manage, said the
Lord. I say to you, I will show you the end of the thing. If you ask me, you keep looking at the beginning and the middle.
But I say, let me show you the end of it. And then you'll fix the beginning.
You'll redo the middle and you'll end up being in a better place than you've ever been before, said the
Lord. Sayeth the
Lord. Yeah, that is not it again.
That's not good. All right. Let's see here. Confronting the enemy. We already did that one. We already did that.
OK, this is I think this is another one of those AI prophecies.
So let's check in with this one. Andrew Tao's prophetic word of encouragement for August through December.
So this covers a bigger span here. This prophetic encouragement is from Andrew Tao and was released this
July 2023 for the second half of 2023. What God is doing in the second half of this year?
Has the battle been so intense at times that you have even at times questioned the call and anointing on your life?
Battle is still no bingo. Wow. Has Satan invaded your sphere with a haze of distractions, causing your vision to become blurry?
Have you been unable to see clearly? Has Satan invaded your sphere?
Oh, my goodness. What sphere are we talking about? I have no idea. And vision is a prophecy bingo word.
So, all right, keep going here. Today, the distractions break and the haze lifts. As we entered the month of July, it officially marked the halfway point on the
Gregorian calendar for this year. The Lord spoke to me in time of prayer and said, get ready for the second half of this year.
Things that have been held up will be released. Because you have been inundated with such great interference in warfare in the first part of this year, you failed to recognize that the season has now changed.
The opposition you have encountered is confirmation that you are exiting one season and entering another season.
God says you will see through the lens of the Holy Spirit. He is empowering you now to confront and defeat the blockades that have hindered your sight.
The enemy will be exposed and you will see it. Moreover, you will understand the next step in the
Lord's plan for your life. You will be amazed at how clear that which you did not understand before will become to you.
It is not too late. Everything God has promised you will come forth at this hour.
His word to you shall surely come to pass. What is going to come to pass?
You'll note that these prophecies, they're word salad. They don't really say anything. There's no specifics, you know.
While I was in this worship and prayer time with the Lord, he led me to read the familiar story of Lazarus.
He was stricken with sickness and lay at the point of death. Mary and Martha, his sisters, had sent a message.
All right, let me fast forward a little bit here. That is the reason you could not fit in with everyone else.
You are a part of the new wineskin. The Lord is raising up new vessels of honor.
Yes, new voices who will carry his word with power and whose flow will be pure. You are that voice.
Hang on a second here. Let me make sure I didn't get that. I took it for myself.
You will not be a mere proclaimer of his word, but also a demonstrator of his power to the
Your voice will come out of the tomb of despair and disappointment. The Lord is leading you into your divine appointment.
The tomb of despair. You are in the tomb of despair. I don't even think about getting out now.
God is calling you. Appointment, I think, is a Prophecy Bingo word. Forth today. Just as Jesus said, come forth to Lazarus.
He declares the time is now for you to come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes.
But I'm still alive. And his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, loose him and let him go.
John 11, verse 44 KJV. Lazarus came forth, but the grave clothes.
What was that? One verse ripped from context. Yeah, yeah. Of an old season tried to keep him bound.
The last season is over. The dead season is finished. It is time for you to be loosed and walk in the season of resurrection.
Everything that has tried to thwart your destiny is now loosed. So, David, how many things have tried to thwart your destiny?
Well, you know, I don't know. I don't know. But all I'm trying to figure out is what is the season of resurrection?
I know that there's a day of resurrection. I've never heard of the season of resurrection.
Well, wouldn't that be spring? No, no. But the East India Trading Company fought all those wars for.
Yeah. Yeah. What does it say? Has tried to thwart your destiny.
Yeah. Destiny has to be a word. Yeah, destiny is a word.
And I already called it. Yep, I claimed it. Yeah, yeah. All right, let's see.
We already did. No, I am, again, really reticent to do this.
There's some reasons why I don't think it's a good idea for me to go there. OK, Jolynn Whittaker.
Oh, Jolynn Whittaker. Oh, gosh. Yeah. So just so you know, on this particular prophecy, she released it on August 8th at eight in the morning.
You know, I mean, that's some serious prophetic significance there, you know. So, all right, here we go.
Today is August 8th. We are in the midst of this fast. It is the eighth month of the year.
Significant for new beginnings. Significant for new life. She isn't really lit very well.
No, I can tell you exactly what's going on. She's getting older, so she has to blow out the levels in order to smooth the skin out.
Got it. OK, I should take that advice. I went to film school. I know what's happening.
OK. She's trying to get rid of all contrast here. Get that new things, praise the
Lord. New things. Significant of cutting covenant with God. So at this time, many people are returning to the
Lord. Many prodigals are returning to the Lord at this time. Many are really coming into correct position with God, right?
Maybe he had one foot in the world, but now you're going to get both feet in with Jesus. Praise the Lord. And really begin to live your life according to your covenant with him.
There is there is proper protocol. And there are principles that apply to people who love the
Lord. Amen. I know I've chosen to live with him. So the Lord spoke to me and he said,
I want you to hold a special prophetic service on August 8th and do it at 8 a .m. And if you were on the live with me when
I announced that, you saw you saw, you know, because it's so clear. 888 August 8th at 8 a .m.
So we are going to be prophesying from the triple eight anointing. It's a strong place and we are going to be receiving from that triple.
The triple eight anointing. Anointing is a prophecy, being a word. Wow. Triple eight anointing.
So you pastor a church. Have you been helping people tap into the triple eight anointing at your
Baptist church there in Illinois? Yeah. No, I haven't.
I gotta admit, this is the first time I've ever heard of it. It's the new hip thing. All the people that are totally not day drinking are doing it.
When I went to seminary, they never mentioned anything about a triple eight anointing.
Triple eight anointing. Yeah. What does that even, does she talk about what it means?
I have no idea. She's prophesying from it.
Both of you to assume there's an explanation. Yeah. I mean, I think, so here's what
I'm getting in this dose of insanity with these. Do people actually listen to this?
How many views does this have? 3 ,000 and she has 52 ,900 subscribers.
Wow. Isaiah Saldivar is huge. Yeah, he's got more than a million.
He's probably, I mean, with Facebook, I keep saying Facebook, YouTube, with YouTube algorithm and financial, monetizing the videos and stuff.
He has a million, let's say a million followers. He's probably making a lot of money then from his videos, right?
Yeah. It's not going to be his videos that his main form of income is coming from, not even by a long shot.
Really? No, not even close. It's going to be the donations. Oh, yeah.
The people who support him financially. Yeah, that kind of stuff. So people will like put this on in their car and listen to the triple eight anointing as they're like driving into work.
This is a fresh word from the Lord, man. You know what's sad to me?
It's sad to me that there are fewer and fewer, unfortunately,
I think now, but there are actual doctrinally sound expository preachers who take the text of scripture and wrestle with it and exegete it during the week and then feed the flock with the actual real word of God, preaching from the text of the
Bible. You know, it's incredibly sad to me how this is what the church has, at least in some large measure, has become deceived by this, man.
I think in every century, the church has always had to dispute and wrestle and fight for the faith and fight for the truth.
That's what all of the early church councils did. And that's what creeds did.
And that's what the confessions were written for in the time of the Reformation, was actually fighting for the faith.
You know, we should never be afraid of theological disputation because that's what the church has always had to do, is to fight and stand for the truth of the gospel.
And to me, man, what I'm realizing is that this stuff,
I think this is the issue of our day, probably more than almost any other issue in the church.
It is this kind of insanity that is somehow infected.
Anyway, I'm not trying to take the time, but there's some timeline, man, you know?
Yeah, I know. And of course, you're just a heretic because you're a cessationist. Look into the fire hose of heresy, man.
It's brutal on everyone. I say this, it doesn't matter who wins Prophecy Bingo, everybody loses.
Yeah. Yeah, right. It's like when the
Pharisees said about Jesus, by Beelzebub, he casts out demons, right?
Like when they said that about him, that actually they were the ones who were being controlled by Beelzebub, right?
Yep. They were. And so like when Daniel Kalenda will say that kind of stuff, or Alexander Pagani, like, cessationist movies, borderline demonic.
Well, these are my brothers. They're my brothers in the faith, but they're borderline demonic, right?
Or Daniel Kalenda says in his video, he says, cessationism is heresy.
Those who hold it are heretics. And there's many good brothers who are cessationists.
It's like, then you don't understand what that means, you know? Like, if you're going to call somebody a heretic, like, that's a very serious charge.
You're saying they were undermining a foundational doctrine of the faith, when actually the person who's issuing that is the actual heretic, right?
Like, the real heretic is the one who took over for Reinhard Bonnke in Africa.
And, you know, Michael Brown, I said this on Steve Kozar's show, Michael Brown blocked me from all social media and every social media because, you know, as I told you,
I was involved in Jewish evangelism. And he had written a number, a series of books called
Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, which back in the day, I read those books.
They were quite helpful, actually. Before I knew anything about his charismatic insanity,
I didn't know him in that regard. All I knew him was as the author of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.
And when I saw then on his social media that he was, like, promoting these false teachers,
I wrote to him privately because we know some of the same people. You know, he knew being involved in Jewish ministry as I was.
And in some measure still, as I still am today. And I said to him, like, dude, you need to not promote that guy.
He's telling poor Africans that they can be cured of polio by giving him money.
Like, this is wrong, man. And he said, how dare you speak a word against this man of God?
Reinhard Bonnke is the greatest man of God I've ever met in my entire life.
And then he blasted me on his social media pages years ago. He blasted this man
David Loewe wrote to me and said that Reinhard Bonnke is a false teacher. I rebuke him in the name of Jesus.
And then he blocked me from Twitter, from Facebook, from everything. And it's shocking to me.
It actually is cognitive dissonance that a guy could be a
PhD from New York University in Semitic languages and then at the same time promote just the rankest heretics of all.
And of course, we're the problems when we point out that these people are giving false prophecies and teaching false doctrine.
We're just hyper critics. We're the ones that are really the problem in the body of Christ the way he talks. So yeah, just...
Doc Ops cannot be bothered to actually do research on the false teaching of individuals. No, no, no. He just knows a person who knows a person who said that other person was okay.
So, you know, but that's a whole other thing. Let's see here.
I want to hear the triple eight prophecy. Let's do this. Let's do this.
Eight anointing. You say, what does that even mean? Listen to me. So we have the Trinity, the Father, the
Son, the Holy Ghost. And we have this anointing over this month for new beginnings, for new things. Praise the
Lord for covenant, covenant relationship, covenant blessings. Familiarize yourself with your covenant blessing.
Blessings is a prophecy. Bingo word. Amen. Hallelujah. Deuteronomy 28, 1 through 14. Hallelujah.
None of that is applicable unless you are saved and you know, you're a follower of Jesus. But if she said she would explain it,
I don't think she's really explaining it though. If you are, you have access to that. And so we are going to be drawing from all of that.
Amen. And receiving this from the Lord on today. With that said, amen.
I want to pray. And then I want to jump right into the word the Lord has given me for today.
And I don't think. All right, let's get her pastor prayer here. There is a seat for you at this table.
And when you plant yourself here, you will thrive. Amen. When you plant yourself here, you will thrive.
You will make friends. You will build relationships. You will begin to receive a sound doctrine, anointed preaching, accurate.
No, no, no. Jill Lynn, no one could ever accuse you. And you'd be found guilty of actually teaching sound doctrine.
That's a charge that will never stick. Don't bear false witness against yourself. That's not very Christian.
Wow. Oh, wow. Let it flow. Praise God. And you will see the fruit in your life. And I give God alone all the glory.
I give God alone all the glory. Amen. I'm sure you do. As long as the money's in your account. Because I'm excited.
I'm excited. I love to see and to hear the reports of your growth. And if you are new, I want to tell you, just so you know,
I'm just moving forward through this.
Long prayer here. If you don't, that's okay. We're going to be putting these up on the screen for you.
The Bible says this. Okay, I'm going to read Psalm 1 through 4. It says, why are the nations so angry?
Why are the nations so angry? And why do the people's plot in vain? And why do they waste their time with futile plans?
She said nations. The kings of the earth prepare for battle. I have nations, but still no bingo.
Wow. I have nations, but no bingo. Dude, how many do you have?
I have the potential of getting bingo in 1, 2, 3, 4 different ways with one word.
I can't wait to hear you prophesy, man. Let's keep going here. The rulers plot together against the
Lord and against his anointed one. Who is that? Jesus Christ. Yeah. That's what Christ actually means,
God's anointed one. Let us break their chains, they cry, and free ourselves from slavery to God.
All right. So she's actually trying to weave some biblical text into this prophecy. And the would be usurpers, that has always been their cry.
Get that and mark that. The rebellious and the would be usurpers, that has always been their cry.
Let us free ourselves from slavery to God. And when you see somebody who is rebellious, even in the body of Christ, they don't want to submit to authority.
They don't want to learn. They don't want impartation. They won't listen. Impartation is a prophecy.
That is a rebellious spirit as well. It is. But the one who rules in heaven laughs.
The Lord scoffs at them. The Lord scoffs at them. At the time when
I was, now I wrote these notes days ago before they deleted the other video. So, you know, so John, the
Lord knew that they were going to delete that. Here comes another one. They deleted one of her videos. I don't really know designer clothes, but isn't that like, her earrings are like, isn't that like a major designer, like really expensive designer kind of thing?
I can't remember if that's like Dolce Gabbana or something. I have no, I legitimately have no clue.
So, okay. This is goodwill right here.
And I wore a purple shirt because Steve Lawson burnt my purple shirt when
I saw him the last time. So, yeah, I'll tell you that story too.
He actually lit my shirt on fire with actual fire. Did he now? Okay. All right.
I'm just going to see if I can rescue us here. Okay. This is Seneca Uniting for Christ is the prophetic channel.
92 ,000 subscribers. Yeah, 92 ,000. 92 ,000.
She doesn't even have the production value of Kay Nash. God's children to hang in there.
Okay. And so why am I saying this? I'm saying this because I'm going to be transparent with you guys.
I've been going through a lot of warfare. Okay. These last couple of weeks. And I expect that because of the calling that's on my life, because of the assignments that the
Lord has given me to do for the kingdom. I have assignment.
Did it? Oh, no. Okay. Hold on a second. I'm going to ask chat
GPT to give me a more fun. Give me a biblical prophetic word with the words assignment.
Wow. Restore nations and presence.
Nice. We're going to get a chat GPT prophecy. It gave me two options.
I'm going with option one. Okay. Okay. I need to figure out because I need sappy music for this.
So let's figure out what that's going to sound like. That's a little too much.
Yeah, it's a little too creepy.
I don't know. That'll work. Behold in the divine assignment set forth at time of restoration dawns abondinations as the veils of discord and turmoil are lifted.
The presence of harmony and unity shall prevail. Prepare for a season of divine restoration approaches where the radiance of unity shall permeate the nations and the presence of peace shall rain.
Wow. It's just as lucid as any of the other one.
And chat GPT gave that to you. Yes. That's crazy. So earlier today,
I actually went on to chat GPT and said, give me a prophetic word for the month of November. And it says, as an
AI language model, I don't have the ability to predict the future or provide prophecies. However, I can offer some words of encouragement or insight that might apply to the month of November based on general trends or typical themes.
So chat GPT isn't normally comfortable with doing this.
So I typed in, well, just for fun, a biblical prophetic word for the month of November. Certainly, please note that this is purely for entertainment purposes and not based on any prophetic abilities.
That means that AI is more honest than these people. More honest and moral and ethical than these people are.
So let me ask you a question, David, how close are you to a bingo right now?
Let me see. I've been at least two away for like the last hour.
I know a guy. I know a guy who can help you out. So what words would be most helpful for you?
All right. Well, the two that would get me to a bingo are curse and speak into.
Speak into. Curse and speak into. All right. So we'll do this.
So I have the ability, by the powers invested in me from the prophecy bingo angels, because the prophecy bingo cherubim, they've endowed particular authority.
So let me see if I have this right. So one of them is curse. So if you are a subscriber to Fighting for the
Faith, you can put the word curse in and you will get yourself.
So you can take that for yourself, David. And what was the other word? Speak into. Yes, you can absolutely take speak into.
That's our bonus word. That's a freebie. And then, of course, just for giggles,
I will add, if you also ring the bell on the Fighting for the Faith channel, you can add the word double, which gives me then a bingo as well.
So we can now end with you prophesying, and then I'll prophesy as well. All right.
What flavor of sound are we looking for, unless you don't want musical accompaniment? I want an organ.
Yeah, that's good. Are we at Wrigley Field? What is that sound? Hey, that's odd.
Dude, you're really good, man. You actually can play that thing. A little bit, just I'm not that great.
Also, you need me to do the magic trick, too, right? Oh, yeah, we do.
Oh, yes. That's a bonus here. That's how we end. You have a magic trick, and we'll explain what that is.
All of you need to stay on to see David Loewe's magic trick. This should be interesting.
So David, you need to prophesy, sir. All right.
Well, since yelling is really helpful, all right, here it is. Well, I'm here to speak to my people here.
All false prophets that you've heard on this show today have gloried in their own curse.
That's true. Gloried in their curse. So you've heard it here at Fighting for the
Faith, Prophecy Bingo. We've had a cessationist prophesy. That's right. Hey, but you know what, though?
That was actually true when I said. You're sitting here trying to break the rules and make it like something accurate.
All right, so let me do this. I'm going to try this chat GPT thing.
Okay, just for fun. Give me a prophecy. Make it a biblical prophecy.
Oh, yeah, sorry. Biblical prophecy. If you just say prophecy, it will throw in a bunch of new age. Give me a biblical prophecy in the style of...
I can go with Ken Copeland, but I like what you were doing, David. You were really close. Let me do this in the style of fog horn leg horn.
Okay. Okay. With the words, hang on.
With the words, I want double. Okay, with the words,
I should probably double seed and shaking and upgrade.
Okay, upgrade. Hang on a second. There we go. All right. Let's see what this does. All right. Okay. All right.
Do you have any Looney Tunes kind of sound? I don't have the
Looney Tunes library of sound effects, darn it. I mean, I still got the Hammond B3, so it's still kind of fun.
All right, just roll with it. All right, so I say in the month of November, y 'all gonna witness a mighty shaking in the fields, the double portion coming, and it's gonna be an upgrade like no other.
And thankfully, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion. Them seeds y 'all been planting are fixing to sprout in ways you've never imagined.
It's gonna be a hooping and a hollering time for folks. Keep your eyes peeled because there's a good old biblical whirlwind fixing to double up those blessings and shake things up real nice.
Oh, man, it's like you live in Southern Appalachia. I'll say,
I'll say. Bless your heart. Bless your heart, David. That's amazing.
Nobody ever knows what's gonna happen on Prophecy Bingo. Never, never. All right, now, David, you have a magic trick, and tell me what the rules are again, and what you're going to perform in this magic trick.
So, Johnny Carson used to put on this kind of purple turban.
I remember that. Yeah, yeah, with the card. And he was called the great, oh, what's it called now?
Oh, I forget. It totally slipped my mind. One of your listeners or watchers will know exactly what
I'm talking about. Oh, they're typing it in the chat right now. And he would touch his head like this, and he would be able to do secret magic stuff.
So I can also do that, and this is what the magic trick entails.
I can take any book of the Bible, any chapter of any book in the
Bible, and then any verse of that chapter, and any one that you choose, and I can turn it through the power of magic into a
Joel Osteen sermon. Okay, all right. So I have a verse for you. Okay, let me type it into Bible Gateway, yeah.
I too have a verse for you, but we'll see. Okay, I have a verse for you. 2 Peter chapter two and verse six.
Okay, and then what's your verse? Let me get both of them. I'll just,
I'll knock them both out here. Mine is Matthew chapter 27, verse five.
All right. 2 Peter 2 .6 and... Should I open up Bible Gateway here?
Yeah, open it up, open it up. BibleGateway .com. I've never heard
Joel Osteen preach on this text. Oh, he's about to. Hang on a second here.
So it's 2 Peter chapter two, verse six.
And okay, so hang on a second. I don't know why that happened, but let me go back here to Bible Gateway, enter passage or topic.
And I don't want the NIV. That one drives me nuts. We're gonna want the ESV just because.
Okay, and so let's hit return and let's see here.
I want to search. All right, here it is. We got to make this bigger. Hang on. So the text reads, if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes, he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what's going to happen to the ungodly.
I've never heard Joel Osteen preach on this passage. Oh, he's about to. Yeah, and then
Joshua, what was yours again? Matthew what? Matthew 27, verse five.
Verse five. Matthew 27, verse five. It, let's see here.
That reads, and throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple, he departed and went and hanged himself, talking about Judas.
So I cannot wait to see this magic trick and to hear Joel Osteen preach on these texts.
He's stretching. All right, hold on. I got it.
All right. Here it is, friends.
You know, Judas, he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed and went and hanged himself.
And you know, friends, that's the reason why he hanged himself was because he wasted all that money.
He could have taken that money, all right, and invested it and made an increase in his family's life.
The reason that he went and hanged himself is because he took the blessing and he threw it down on the ground.
See, this is the problem. That's the main problem with Judas. He became just like those people of Sodom and Gomorrah who were turned into ashes.
Why? Because God wanted them to live prosperous lives, all right?
The reason they were burnt to ashes is because they turned their backs on their prosperity.
If they had kept their eyes on the prize, they would have prospered into eternity.
We would still have mansions in a place like Sodom and Gomorrah today. But instead of that, those people became like Judas.
They took their funds. They threw it on the ground. They were stored. They were engaged in all kinds of behaviors.
Do we agree with all those behaviors? No. But what can we agree on? We can say that they weren't living their best life, were they?
If they were, they wouldn't have been burnt to ashes now. You see, here's the moral of the story, friends, all right?
If you don't want your life burnt to ashes, if you don't want to be hanging from a tree with your insides blown out, don't throw your money in the temple on the ground.
Take it. Invest it in your children. Invest it in your house. Invest it in all the good things that you want.
Because God wants you to live your best life now. That was wicked.
That was wicked. You succeeded. I hated every minute of that, but dang it. That was so spot on.
Dang it. You know what my problem is, man?
My problem is that like Joel, because I can do a pretty good
Stave, Stave Lawson. Sometimes Stave sort of gets confused with my
Joel Southern, my Stave Southern and my Joel Southern. So I have to make sure that I don't confuse the two and make it seem like Stave Lawson is preaching a
Joel Osteen sermon. Goodness gracious me.
That was some supremely good Bible twisting. I'm not going to lie. That was expert.
Thank you. Holy smokes. May you never be tempted to go to the dark side.
You'd succeed. So he made them an example to those who would live in such an ungodly way.
You know why? Because the godly people are the ones who prosper. The reason that they were judged is because they were not prosperous.
Oh man. Okay. I'm sorry. I doubted you.
I doubt no further. I thought for sure I would stop, but now
I can legitimately say I've kind of sort of heard a Joel Osteen sermon based on that text.
And I don't think you're wrong in how you handled it the way he, because I think he would do the same.
Well, here's the thing. Whenever I do that magic trick, I have to take a shower afterwards. Right.
Yeah, exactly. Take two. I have to pray and I have to say to God, Lord, you know
I'm just doing a magic trick. Because I really don't like, oh, that's a really bad thing.
If you would entertain a little foolishness with me for a little bit, you know. You know what shows me though is that I actually don't think that that guy even prepares his messages at all.
I think he just gets up. He already has what he wants to say. And by having what you want to say, you can twist anything into that.
And actually, that's what all of these people in all of those videos that you showed today, that's what every single one of them were doing.
They were all said, I have something that I want to say. And then they sprinkle, even maybe some of them, they sprinkle some
Bible into it. And that's all the Bible is useful to them for is just so that they can say, look, you know,
I'm preaching the text of Scripture, but they're really not. No, not even close.
So David, how does somebody watch the cessationist documentary, the one that's really created quite the kerfuffle on the internet?
How does one do that? So it's on Amazon. So you can go to Amazon Prime or just amazon .com
and just search cessationist movie, and it will come up. Also, if you go to cessationistmovie .com,
there are some other avenues. Actually, right now, by the grace of God, the movie is just finished translating into Spanish.
So we'll have Spanish subtitles. And then we're getting Portuguese. We're getting Romanian.
We're getting Dutch. There's a bunch of different languages that all these people are saying we need it in our country.
Because this is a problem, not just here, but everywhere.
And I think what Brandon was saying when he made American Gospel is really true that this sadly is the export of America into all these other nations.
And we saw it even in some of these clips with like the Irish lady and there's so many others.
I was talking with Conrad and Bayway the other day and how he was saying to me, you know,
David, the man of God in Africa, the so -called man of God has replaced the witch doctor.
And that's honestly, that's
America's fault. In large measure, that's America's fault.
And I think what Jesus said to Chorazin and Bethsaida, woe to you,
Chorazin, woe to you, Bethsaida, for the miracles performed in you were performed in Tyre and Sidon and they would have repented in dust and ashes long ago.
That the reason that Chorazin and Bethsaida would be judged more severely was because of how many blessings they had and they stopped the blessing and turned their back on Christ.
And I think that the application of that is for our country, man, that Jesus would say to America today, woe to you,
America. I mean, look at the great history of Christianity in our culture and in our heritage and how what every single one of these people is doing that you played tonight is just twisting that and spitting on it and leading multitudes into eternal perdition.
And so I just want to say to you guys, to Fighting for the Faith, to Pirate Radio, to all of you that are doing this, you really are fighting the good fight of faith and I love you.
And there's lots of Christians who have been pulled ex massa perditionis out of the mass of perishing ones through your ministry.
And God is, I believe God is pleased with that. And so keep doing what you guys are doing and I stand with you and I love you very much.
Thank you, David. And I pray that the fruit of your labors, that you get to see that in lives that are, you know, who are positively impacted and recognize that they've been deceived and then have a hunger and thirst for the real
Word of God, which is so much greater than the nonsense that's being spewed by these people who call themselves continuationists.
But in reality, historically, the Pentecostals were never continuations. They were always cessationists.
Read Frank Bartleman's book on Eyewitness to Azusa Street and he gives a whole long, lengthy explanation as to why the
Holy Spirit left the church because it got organized and stayed away from the church until the
Azusa Street Revival and the Holy Spirit was finally back. There were no prophets and apostles prior to anyone claiming these things prior to the rise of Parham and the folks at Azusa Street and the
Pentecostal movement. But that's a whole other discussion. We went to the
Bonnie Bray House in L .A. and we, because I wanted to film the inside of it for the movie.
They would not let us in. There was like a phone number on the outside and I talked to this lady who runs it now.
She's like the curator of it. And she's like, why do you want to go in there?
And I said, well, we're making a movie. I'd like to film it for a documentary.
Oh, what's your documentary? And I thought, I'm not going to lie. All right, I said something to the effect of, well, my movie is about how the
Holy Spirit works in the world today. And she's like, oh, that's really interesting. What's it called? And I said, it's called
Cessationists. And she's like, hey, you know,
I'm OK. Thanks a lot. Not coming out there. So we actually took a drone and we flew the drone over the fence because there's a locked fence around it, over the fence.
And we were trying to peek into the windows and no one was in there. But that's, of course, where William Branham and all of those guys, that was right before the
Azusa Street thing broke out. First, it broke out in that place, the Bonnie Bray house.
And they also believed that these languages were restored. Do you know, here's just a last thing for me anyway.
Um, uh, my wife actually escaped from a cult that she was born into that, that she lived the first 33 years of her life in a cult called the
Followers of Christ. And it's it's in Oregon City, Oregon.
They had a prophet whose name was Walter White. No, no relation to the
Breaking Ball, the Walter White. And and he was cooking something different.
So that's right. And and he taught that if anyone ever went to get any kind of medical treatment, that they were going to go to hell.
And so when I visited the my wife's birthplace just a couple of months ago, we we went to the
Followers of Christ Cemetery. Of course, she's shut. Her whole family is shunned. And they they escaped from that place through reading the sermons of Charles Spurgeon online.
God used Bill Johnson's, you know, putting that on his old website to bring my brother in law first and then other brother in law and then the woman who became my wife out out of that through the preaching of Charles Spurgeon.
Anyway, we went to to their cemetery that they have. And half of the cemetery is little babies that that died because Walter White told them if they took the babies in when they were sick to the hospital or to the doctor that their whole family would be cursed and cut off from Christ.
And and and all all of that, like that whole thing, there's still like 2000 members of that cult.
It's called the Followers of Christ. And all of that also stems from this
Pentecostal movement. And and I was talking with my brother in law,
Jason, recently, and he was saying, you know, who's really the bigger serial killer?
Someone like Ted Bundy or someone like Walter White, who who has deceived his people for all these years?
And this prophet's prophet, he died in 1969, and the people are still waiting for a prophet to come and take over for him.
And and they do not go and seek medical attention. It's a miracle that my wife was rescued out of that.
But that's just another reason why I feel like this is such an important issue to discuss.
And and how Paul says we demolish these arguments. We must watch these arguments.
We don't want to crush charismatics. We want to rescue charismatics out of wicked, false, terrible theology and to bring them to a knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ.
So God bless you, guys. I really, I really thank you for everything you're doing. Yeah. Amen.
And again, thank you for the work you're doing. cessationismovie .com. And David, thank you for giving us some time on a late night.
We're recording this late at night. I'm going to go to bed way past my bedtime. But thank you for your time and look forward to talking with you and also potentially working with you in the future.
So yeah. Amen. Me too. Thank you. I'm going to sign off here. Give me a second, gentlemen.
If you found this to be entertaining, helpful, educational, whatever you found it to be, all the information on how you can share the link for the video is down below.
And until next time, may God richly bless you in the grace and mercy won by Jesus Christ and his vicarious death on the cross for all of your sins.