Dr. James White discusses the two questions Pastor Doug Wilson posed that challenged his eschatology


Dr. James White is probably one of the most famous converts to postmill eschatology in recent decades. Formerly premill, Dr. White discussed the two key questions that Pastor Doug Wilson asked him that challenged his beliefs. Listen and watch the full video with Dr. James White on our YouTube channel or listen to this episode or any from our back catalogue on any podcaster you use. HTTPS://www.DMWPodcast.com


It would have been great if somebody back then had done the two things that Doug Wilson did for me recently.
And that is to say, why don't we ever, why don't Christians ever talk about their great -grandchildren?
And I had to think about that. And it's like, yeah, we don't. And then his other question was, how do you know we're not still in the early church?
Right. Which was interesting because, you know, I've been teaching church history since 1990, not continuously, but...
And I knew intellectually that every generation viewed itself as being the last generation.
Sure. And I knew where that came from from the New Testament. I get an expectancy type of an idea.
Some of that was because of, I think, a misunderstanding of Matthew chapter 24. But, hey, you can go too far the other direction too.
And so I just wish that there had been more. I wish
I had read a little bit more broadly. But look, when you're raised in a fundamentalist context, you don't think there's any wisdom to be found outside of the people that look like you and dress like you anyways.