Matt Slick, Jeff Rice, Haps Addison, Michael Schultz, Keith Foskey, Claude Ramsey, Andrew Rappaport


This week Greg had the pleasure to sit down with seven of the "Why Calvinism" Conference speakers. (Purchase Tickets here!) This included: Matt Slick, Jeffery Rice, Happy Addison, Michael Schultz, Keith Foskey, Claude Ramsey, and Andrew Rappaport. They joked, they laughed, but most importantly they discussed why calvinism is important for today, and gave an exclusive preview for the conference. Enjoy! K&K Furnishings: Providing quality furnishings for business, education, worship, and hospitality for the Glory of God! Jacob's Supply: Quality building materials at wholesale prices! Facebook: Dead Men Walking Podcast Youtube: Dead Men Walking Podcast Instagram: @DeadMenWalkingPodcast Twitter X: @RealDMWPodcast Exclusive Content: PubTV App Check out our snarky merch!


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Guys, so we got a good one here for you. When you're listening to this, it'll only be a couple weeks before the
Y Calvinism Conference, which I will be broadcasting at live, podcasting down there, probably,
I don't know, doing some talking in between and stuff like that, and we have some guys from that conference on now and I have a few in the wings, we're just adding people.
So if you're watching this right now, you're going, how many squares can he get up on the page?
And if you're listening to this, you're going to hear a lot of different voices, you're going to hear some introductions, but we want to talk about that conference, give you a little preview, and then maybe just introduce you to some new folks that you might not have heard on the podcast before and you should definitely go check out.
So I'm going to go around the horn, if you guys could just give us a little elevator, 30 second elevator pitch, and introduce yourself to the listeners,
I'd appreciate it. Michael, let's start with you. Okay, great, yeah, thanks for having me.
My name is Michael Schultz, I'm the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Louisville.
Uh -oh, hold on there, Michael, we're losing your audio, we're going to come back to you, okay, check those levels and then we're going to come back.
Let's go to the Rat Man, Andrew Rappaport, what's up, brother? Hey, I'm Andrew Rappaport, I am the executive director of Striving for Eternity Ministries and the
Christian Podcast Community, and so, yeah, I'm looking forward to the conference, it'll be a good one, and I'm looking forward to a nice meal provided for me by Matt Slick.
Oh, next in line, first on the podcast, first time ever on the podcast, guys, let's give it up for Matt Slick.
Matt, introduce yourself. All right, well, I'm Matt Slick, it's my real name, learned to run as a kid because of that.
I started karm .org 28 years ago, it's had 160 million visitors,
I've been doing radio for 23 years, written some books and generally like to defend the
Christian faith, I'm definitely reformed, definitely reformed, I love reformed theology. I would marry it if I could, that's how much
I love it. I love it, moving right along, Keith Foskey. Matt, you wrote a book on dating, didn't you, or at least, what was the title of that book?
How to Woo and Win Women by Being an Obnoxious Jerk. The best title for a book ever.
It's a real book, folks, it's a real book, go to Amazon, you can get it. All right, let's get the bottom three on the row here.
Keith Foskey, how are you doing, brother? Introduce yourself, you've been on the podcast before. Yes, sir, I'm Keith Foskey, Your Calvinist on podcast, or Your Calvinist on Twitter, and my podcast is
The Your Calvinist Podcast with Keith Foskey, and I make funny videos, and I make fun of everybody, and that's kind of what
I do, I like to make jokes, so. I also love it, too, because you have a healthy respect for the self -deprecating joke, which
I love, too, and it's great stuff. Claude Ramsey, he's a friend of the podcast, everyone knows who he is.
What's going on, Claude, introduce yourself. Hi, I'm Claude Ramsey, I'm pastor of Red Fermata Baptist Church here in Knoxville, Tennessee.
I host, what little bit I do of it anymore, the Here I Stand Theology Podcast.
I am the happy Calvinist, yes, there are such a thing as happy Calvinists.
Don't be an old fuddy -duddy stick in the mud, be happy. By the way,
I wanted to just share this to make, to remind everyone to enjoy Calvinism.
First Thessalonians 5 .16, I love it. All right, Haps, give us the lowdown.
Hi, well, I'm happy, your friendly neighborhood Calvinist, and I'm happy the
Calvinist, not the Calvinist, the happy Calvinist, that's right, and I'm one of the hosts of Open Air Theology and also the founder of Passing the
Torch School of Apologetics and Discipleship. Oh, I love it, and last but not least, it's
Jeffrey Rice. Jeffrey's been on the podcast before, he's the one that put this whole conference together, so why don't you introduce yourself and then give us a little overview of what we're going to see in a couple weeks in Tullahoma.
All right, can y 'all hear me? No. You sound good, he jumped in hot, guys, we didn't even test the mic, so here you go, you're hearing him for the first time.
Yeah, for some reason I can't hear myself through my headphones, so.
That's okay. Okay, yeah, okay, I got it. Yeah, hey, what's up? My name is Jeff, I'm one of the hosts of Open Air Theology and I pastor
Covenant Reform Baptist Church, and one of the goals whenever I became a pastor was to put on conferences.
The problem was when I first became a pastor, we didn't have our own building, and so the moment we got our own building,
I was like, okay, we're going to put on some conferences, and so we tried out our first one last year, which everyone except for Matt was a part of last year, and it went really good, and I was like, well,
I think we need to do one on Calvinism, but I didn't want it to be just like every other
Calvinist conference, so I wanted to show the implications of it. Why does
Calvinism matter? Why should a non -Calvinist church adopt
Calvinism? And also to show that Calvinists have fun, right?
If you come to this conference, like you're going to have so much fun. I don't know about you guys, but last
February was one of the highlights of my life, just with the fellowship, and I had a big bomb drop on me like nervous -wise last year from putting on everything and trying to handle all the chaos that goes around with putting a conference on, but whenever I think back to last year's conference,
I don't think about me dropping the ball. I think about how
God glorified Himself through what took place. Amen. Awesome, and before we get into it,
I just want to circle back around to Dr. Michael Schultz there. You got better audio? Can we hear you?
He's on a dock. I can hear all of you great. I don't know if you can hear me at all. Much better.
There's just a delay. Yeah. Can y 'all hear me at all? Yeah. So give us 10 seconds,
Michael, who you are. I may have to drop out just in case my audio is not going to come through, but I don't keep you guys trying to back up with me every 15 seconds that we're talking, but my name is
Michael Schultz. I'm the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Lewisburg, Kentucky, and I'm an associate professor of church history at Ford State Logical Seminary.
Pleasure to be a part. Love to be a part of the conference. I'm excited to be as involved as I can be.
I am going to go ahead and back out so you guys can actually have a productive time here, but thank you for inviting me, and I look forward to seeing you guys in a month.
See you guys. Awesome. Thanks, Michael. All right. Cool. So guys, I just wanted to get us all on here.
We want to talk about the conference. People have a few weeks to still buy tickets. Hopefully when this comes out, if we're not already sold out, if not, we'll get in touch with Jeff and we'll see what we can do.
I'm echoing Jeff as well too. Last year, I just randomly went down there, and it was probably the best couple of days of my life.
Just the camaraderie, the lifelong friends I've gained out of it. I think everyone on here except for Matt, I met down there and we've been still keeping in contact.
So I want to start with Matt since he's the only one who hasn't been on Dead Men Walking podcast.
Matt, why Calvinism? Why be part of this conference? Maybe can you give us a little sneak peek of what you'll be talking about or explore the space with us as they say?
Well, you just gave me several questions. So why Calvinism? Because it's the most biblical theological system you can come to, and it gives
God the greatest glory and puts us in our proper place down on the totem pole where we belong.
And we realize that God's the one who saved us. God's the one who granted that we have faith. God's the one who elected us.
God's the one who predestined us. And that God is not, or Jesus is not the blonde hair, blue -eyed Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown, standing at the door of your heart, asking permission for you and your wisdom to let him in.
That's a load of theological crap. Sorry, but that's what it is. And so that's why
Calvinism, because it gives God the greatest glory and the humanist philosophy that's creeping into the
Christian church all over the place is rampant. And Arminianism helps support that. I'm not saying
Arminians aren't Christians, but and so the humanist philosophy that's there is refuted and pruned away by the weed killer known as Calvinism.
And I love that. So we get through the theological crud and I'll be preaching on Calvinism or teaching,
I should say, Calvinism and the gospel or the gospel and Calvinism. And I'll be talking about that.
And I love Calvinism. In fact, I'm working on my Calvinist file.
I have a word document in the outline form and it's 92 pages. Oh, love it.
Yeah. Karm .com or is it karm .org? Excuse me, guys. Yeah. Make sure you check that out. I used it for years and years and years.
Still do revisit it. Go back there. Appreciate all the work that you put in there and all the resources that it has, Matt. I'll get another website
I've got. Calvinistcorner .com. What's that all about?
Calvinist? Calvinism? It's my more advanced stuff
I put there rather than on Karm because I don't want Karm to be a Calvinist site.
But Calvinist Corner goes, I go into there, I go into supportive infobaptism, charismatic gifts.
Sorry, but I do. And it just really goes, I go into some stuff that a lot of, even a lot of Calvinists don't know about and how
God uses certain word patterns and things like that and discuss those things and good arguments and stuff.
So I get to update it though. Andrew. When I was on Karm, I used to say that karm .org
trained more pastors than seminaries because every pastor goes to get their information.
But now we have to say that karm .org has trained more pastors than Rick Warren, which is.
Is that possible? Is that even possible, I wonder? Not in Rick Warren's mind, but in fact.
All right. So Andrew, you piped up. So why Calvinism? Same question. Why is it important for today? Why, why attending the conference again?
Give us the lowdown. Yeah. I mean, it will be, I mean, it was one of the best conferences
I've told this to Jeff privately was the way this conference is organized is one of the best because it's, it's one hour preaching, then one hour fellowship and back and forth, back and forth.
So yes, it's a couple more days than other conferences trying to pack it all in. Jeff has a lot of fellowship time and it's over like in time for dinner.
And if you are really daring, you want to come to dinner, uh, because the dinner is basically a theology throw down every night, every day,
Greg, you and I were, were fortunately sitting next to each other in the Buffalo Wild Wings where everybody was going after, well,
I guess both of us, but it got to a point where they targeted you being a Presbyterian and you politely, uh,
Greg here, the host of the show, the one that says dead men walking over behind me that says dead men walking.
Yeah. Yeah. All right. I like you. Yeah. So, so there'll be two Presbyterians there. And so, uh, but Matt, you'll appreciate this at one point as, as everyone's giving
Greg a hard time for being a Presbyterian, Greg just looks, but it was great.
It really was a time where we got good theology debated in a friendly way.
Uh, Keith Foskey even made a video based off of that on what happens when different denominations go to Buffalo Wild Wings.
One of my, uh, one of my most popular videos, the denominations order chicken wings as dumb as that sounds, man, it has, it took off.
I will, I will make, I will make fun of anything. Okay. Keith, did
I pay the bill as the dispensationalist? Well, I, if you'll remember, uh,
I had to leave. I left and he didn't pay the bill. There's another guy in your video.
Ah, I see. That's what it is. You know, uh, we're going to, we're going to go watch that.
Uh, his latest one, Matt, you should watch different, different denominations that do martial arts.
It was hilarious. Very entertaining martial artists here. No, he doesn't.
Yeah, go ahead. I am. I teach karate. In fact, that's right. What do you teach?
I teach show to con karate. Ooh, wow. Nice. Yeah. I called in run run.
Foo. I did Krav Maga for a few years though. I like run foo.
I love crab. That's a good art. Yeah. Yeah. I remember last time I was on camera with Keith too.
I think I called him. Did I call you a fourth degree? And you were like, Hey, I'm a fifth degree. I tried to steal a degree from you.
I wasn't, I was only correcting you because you were wrong. Well, that's often, that's often,
I do love that. I do love the variety in diversity we have here. We have Matt who is training pastors and, and has a website that, uh, you know, get, uh, gives definitions and resources and Calvinist corner.
And then you have Keith and he goes, I make chicken wing videos. 14 million downloads last month.
You know, okay. That's the same thing that he gets more downloads than Matt. I was chicken wing videos.
That's what I mean. Hey, however you can reach him, brother. When somebody's grandmother told me, told them
I was their favorite tick tocker. That, that was sad. Yeah, it was really sad.
So not just, not just that they called me a tick tocker, but because it was their grandmother's favorite tick tock.
You bring in the silver hairs on the tick tock. I like it. All right. Okay. Uh, Keith, so I want to think about this.
Think about this this year. We got the same group of guys, but think about getting together with the same group of guys that we had last time with everyone having the theological discussions with none other than on the topic of why
Calvinism with latent flowers there. Oh yeah. I mean, just discussions are going to be like, right.
I was just talking to him. We were just texting back and forth. I was making sure he was really coming. I, well,
I texted him too, to make sure as well. And, and so, you know, my, my talk, Greg is going to be, I'm going to be dealing with, with basically the history of Calvinism.
Yeah. So I'm going to start off with explain what, okay. What is Calvinist? Where did it origin? Cause it didn't really start with John Calvin.
No, it didn't. Uh, you, you see the teachings in the scriptures. You see the teachings in Augustine.
Now I'm not going to cover in detail the Calvinism Luther, because there's a whole topic on that, but I'm going to deal with the
Calvinism, John Calvin. I'm actually also going to touch on the Calvinism of Jacob Arminius, which got one person to go,
Ooh, Ooh, I want to see that. But, uh, just don't touch on the Calvinism of Andrew Rappaport.
Yeah. Well, no, no. Here's what we're going to do with the Calvinism of John Owen. And then I'm thinking of adding it.
One of the Calvinism latent flowers to explain how everyone correct him.
And he never realizes his Calvinism doesn't fit with like every definition of Calvinism.
Yeah. So it's going to be spicy. Okay. I like it. Uh, Keith, why Calvinism? Um, well, uh, because that's, that's where the money's at.
Did you see Matt's face when you said that Andrew goes where I, I want to say something.
And this is like, I honestly, I'm, I'm kind of like having a, uh, like a, like a star moment.
Cause I really love Matt, Matt, Matt doesn't know this, but Matt is like, and in my life, he has meant a lot.
I've, I've, as I said, I'm a pastor, I've been a pastor for 18 years and I have very much appreciated his stuff.
So I'm, I'm a little nervous. It's like, you know, it's meeting a hero. So for real. And that's, I promise
I'm not just blowing smoke, but, but no. And, uh, I am blessed because when you meet me, it'll, it'll be over.
Well, it's funny is you, you look like one of my karate instructors. I posted a picture once of you and him together.
Cause y 'all look so much alike, but that, but anyway, that's why
I had to start karate. Yeah, exactly. I I'm preaching on the
Calvinism of Luther, which is anachronistic obviously, because Luther was a first generation reformer and Calvin was more of a second generation reformer.
But in the, in regard to Luther's views on the depravity of man and how he understood the, the anthropology of, of the scriptures.
And I'm going to tie those into Augustine. And my goal is to show that Augustine, while he has a history of manichaean
Gnosticism was not in fact teaching manichaean Gnosticism when he taught the depravity of man and the determined will of God, because that's the argument right now that's being made by the provisionists is that, is that all of this is just manichaean
Gnosticism. So my hope is to show how Luther and Calvin both tie back to Augustine and Augustine was actually right. So, Ooh, that sounds good.
Cool. Haps. Why Calvinism brother? Well, why not?
Why not get biblical? You know, why not get back to, you know, uh, real gospel.
No, uh, I'll be, uh, teaching on, um, Calvinism and evangelism. And, um, uh, yeah,
I, I think that, uh, apart from, uh, Calvinism, there is no evangelism, you know?
I mean, you know, if you were to take, take one word to describe Calvinism, it would be monetism, you know, a mono one, um, or, uh, or, uh, work one work.
That's the one work of God from, you know, and, and, uh, really, uh, not only have this be a reminder to our fellow brothers out there, our fellow, uh, reform brothers and everything, but, um, also, uh, remember the name of the conference is why
Calvinism. And, and, and my plea is to the, the, the evangelists out there, you know, a lot of them are, are doing this, uh, trick or treat evangelism, you know, and they're, they're trying to like, you know, do a song and dance when it comes out to evangelism, but it's all the work of God.
Yeah. I mean, just, and, and really, uh, um, um, don't, don't, don't worry.
Uh, you know, if somebody, um, is, is, uh, not listening to you, uh, don't worry if they're coming at you with a brick.
Don't worry if they're coming at you with a question. Um, God's word never returns void. Yeah. Amen.
And we appreciate the, uh, the street preaching, the open air theology. That's what I believe the name of the podcast is, uh, based on which you and Jeff are part of as well.
Brayden Patterson, a friend of ours as well, I think, uh, does that. Um, so very appreciative of that work.
Uh, that's going to be an interesting subject as well too, because those are the number one things I get hurled at me when
I start talking about doctrines of grace or my reformed theology is, oh, you're a robot.
Uh, you don't have any reason to, uh, evangelize. And I would say it, when you dive into the scriptures and you dive in and understand that theology, it is such a beautiful way that you want to evangelize because you know your place, you understand that by the grace that you've been saved, you don't deserve it.
You haven't earned it. You're a horrible, despicable person. And for some reason, uh, God chose to save me.
And why wouldn't I, um, want to go out and tell other people about the good news.
So, uh, let's, let's move it over to Claude Ramsey. Claude, why Calvinism brother? Be Claude.
I want to echo what Keith said, but of course I echo it about all of you.
I'm in all, all of you. And I mean that, uh, uh, I just appreciate the privilege and the honor to get to be counted amongst you all's number.
So my topic is, um, why Calvinism matters and basically what the focus and the thrust of the sermon is going to be, uh, is to focus on as it's been stated and as it's been spoken around as well, that Calvinism, of course, didn't originate with John Calvin and it originates from the scriptures and the high view of God in the scriptures.
So that's going to really be our focus. But, um, love it again. I'm a man of few words in little to say so, but, uh,
I thank, I thank you for having me on again. I'm going to jump off guys, but again, thank you all so much for having me on tonight.
Before you jump off, let me let us let folks know if you have not heard Claude preach, he's going to shake his head.
If you have passion, the anointing of God, passionate, you have not until you've heard
Claude preach. If you allow me to come and then tell me
I'm wrong after you hear it and give it to God. Hopefully it's not passion only, but it's theological with a whole lot of passion.
Yeah. Well, look at, look at God, God, cry at your preaching. Cause that's going to happen.
Yeah. I did last time. It's, it's pretty hard to everyone's message.
Yeah, that was Braden. It's pretty, it's pretty awesome.
How, how, uh, powerfully the Lord chooses to use humble men, uh, that speak the truth and Claude is definitely one of those.
I would say, um, so let's, let's, let's Claude. We love you, brother. If you got to hop off, that's fine.
This is a very informal episode. So people listening or watching, you're going to hear people jumping in and out.
No problem. Uh, Jeff, why now? Because I I'm going to ask you that question, but I'm gonna attack my opinion on it.
And you, you let me know if you agree with this and anyone can jump in, but I'm directing it at Jeff since he, uh, created this conference, but I see it as, as the world becomes more, more secular and secular.
And actually I was talking to Dr. James white about this, how he said, you know, I would prefer them to be pagan because at least they would believe in some type of deity at that point.
Now we're into this point to where there is no God. It's very secular that the farther we get into this culture, especially in America, in the
Western Christian church, I see how much more important a solid theology, the doctrines of grace are, how they lead you back to the scriptures, to the sovereignty of God.
And how I see people, especially Gen Z, I'm talking 21 and under 18 and under that are gravitating towards preachers, towards, uh, shows towards podcasts that are preaching reformed and Calvinistic, uh, theology, because it makes sense.
Not only that it doesn't make sense, but it speaks truth, right? And it's God's truth. So I think this is a great conference for the time to start 2024.
What were your thoughts? Why do this right now? Some people might say, this is rehash. We've been talking about this since the new
Calvinism of, you know, the early aughts. Like, why are we doing this? What are your thoughts on that? And then anyone else that wants to jump in can too.
Well, let me first answer the question that you asked them. And then I'll bring that into play as well.
Um, so my answer to why Calvinism would be the topic that I gave to Claude, right?
Because Calvinism matters. Yeah. Um, like, like it really does.
Um, so this past weekend I preached a funeral and, and a guy that I worked for for over 15 years was there and I got to see him come to Christ.
And he saw me when I uh, first became a
Calvinist. And we had so many conversations in his vehicle and he would sit there and scream at me and beat his steering wheel with his fist because I believed in the doctrines of grace.
And he would say, there's no way I could, I mean, just beating the steering wheel. There's no way that I could believe in a
God that chooses some and not others. And yesterday at that funeral, he said, 12 years.
I said, what? He said, 12 years. I said, what are you talking about? He says, that's how long it's taken me to see what you've been saying this whole time about Calvinism 12 years.
He says, God is in control of it all. Jeff. I said, I know
I've been telling you that we got a whole conference on it coming two weeks. Yeah.
I said, you can go to the conference, but I mean, Calvinism matters. And I think that's the whole point of why
I think I'm doing it. Again, there's a lot going on in our world right now.
There's a lot to be said. So let's take the whole Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist idea, right?
All right. So the Presbyterians and the Baptists, we can have our inside arguments and stuff like this, but this is that one area where we agree and we can come together and have a conference, right?
But in another sense, you have all these other issues that are popping up. You have the
Thomas Aquinas crowds and the Antillian's crowd, and they're fighting each other.
You got all these different problems with different denominations fighting one another over.
And then you have the stuff that's going on in the world. And I wanted something where those who are
Reformed can unite around, gather together, have fellowship. But also
I would love nothing more than to have 300 people there who are not
Calvinists. So they could hear why Calvinism, why is it so important?
Listen, my coming to Jesus was a big moment in my life, the biggest moment in my life.
But I would say theologically, my second biggest was understanding the doctrines of grace, because what it did, it drove me to the
Scriptures even harder, but not only the Scriptures, but in church history.
And it helped me to find out what it is that I truly believe. And so now
I firmly stand where I stand. I am a Reformed Baptist.
I hold to a Baptist covenant theology. I'm confessional. I'm covenantal.
I hold to the ordinary means of grace. I know where I stand at in my theology.
And I don't think I would have ever known that if it had not been for Calvinism.
It got me on that trajectory. And I just want to say as the two Presbyterians, Matt and I don't mind if you use the word
Reformed incorrectly like that with Baptist. That's okay. Reformed Presbyterian. I'm kidding.
I'm kidding. And that's the kind of joke we're going to have. Go ahead, Keith. And the theology showdown begins.
We're what you call deep water Presbyterians, so we know what we're about.
Hey, I'm just glad that in this video that he did on the martial arts, the superior martial art was the
Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu, even if it was Presbyterian. Just saying. I'm an MMA guy, so I know five different martial arts.
Isn't it true that we're going to have a, you know, it's Jeff versus Keith in round one of a martial art show.
And then Haps and I are going to go for round two. Maybe we'll have Matt versus Greg. And Greg, it doesn't look good for you.
Wait, is Matt going to be wearing his headset while we're in the in the ring?
Matt with his Krav Maga with his headset on, just for the record. He's putting me in an arm bar while he's quoting
Luther. No, but Matt, I want to get your opinion on this. This first time you've been on the podcast.
Why now is now a good time in our culture? Does theology matter? Does good theology matter in 2024 in Western Christianity?
I know you're going to say, yes, I'm setting up a softball here, but I'm hoping to get a little more out of you. Is 2024 a good time to do this or is this just a rehash?
The good time to do it is any time. Theology is a necessary thing for Christians.
Every Christian should know theology. But what's happening in the Christian churches largely is that mamby pamby hammock theology, skipping stone theology is still in the process.
It doesn't go very deep. This is what's happening with humanist philosophy. So we need to get down deep and someone said earlier, and I agree there are, there's an increase in young men, men in particular who are interested in reform theology.
They're tired of the crap that's being taught at so many churches. Yeah. Why, why this? Because it gives greatest glory to God.
That's it. You know, it's why we're created Isaiah 43, 45, seven, 45. I got to find it now.
Yep. It's in the forties. 43, seven. I think it is 43, seven.
There we go. Hope you're enjoying the episode guys. As you know, this episode is brought to you by K and K furnishings, a fantastic company.
And I want to tell you a little bit more about them. We're honored to have one of the owners in studio with us today. Gary, Gary, tell us a little bit about K and K.
K and K furnishings. We provide furnishings for churches, offices, schools, hospitality settings, all purpose furnishings like folding tables and chairs.
We're a couple of pastors who have a lot of church experience. We really do well with churches.
That's our niche market. And we, you need furnishings. We have a relationship with about 150 different furnishing manufacturers.
Yeah. So between you and the owner, you told me over 70 years of pastoral experience. So you really understand the constraints and demands of budgets.
So with churches, nonprofits, small businesses, you can furnish them, correct?
Yeah. And that many relationships with manufacturers, it's great because we made a commitment a long time ago, not to sell junk, but there are many good options out there.
And with that many companies, you have a good variety of price points. And we know that churches, especially nonprofits need to be mindful that way.
And we've done that building projects ourselves. No, we can be helpful. Yeah.
And I suspect probably one of the biggest issues is people just feel overwhelmed when they're looking at doing a renovation or, you know, redoing a space you guys provide in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio in -person consultations.
And then also nationally via zoom on video calls, correct? Yes. And, you know, the other great things say with worship seating, for example, we can make sure a church gets a chair sample.
We can arrange that for them so that they can, wherever they're at in the country, have that chair and try that out and let their committee see it.
And so we, we can be helpful in ways that are very tangible to even including samples, fabrics, and things like that.
I love it. So where can people find out about you or call directly if they need more information? Our website's the most helpful place to begin.
It's just kkfurnishings .com. Your listeners, they can call me.
I'm glad to give them my number. It's 567 -318 -4520.
Awesome. There you have it guys. K and K Furnishings. If you have needs in that area, make sure you support these guys.
They're brothers in the Lord, and we want to make sure we're supporting other believers that have businesses. Now back to the episode.
All right, guys. So we don't want to stay too much longer here because I know we're recording late and I know everyone's got things to do and you're all busy, but I wanted to let people know,
Jeff, what are the dates? Can people still get tickets? We're going to link this up. So if you're listening to this or watching this, wherever you're listening or watching, there's going to be a link below where you can click for it, but just shout it out there and let people know when, where, how much ticket prices are, stuff like that.
Yeah. So not only is there a Why Calvinism conference, but we also have a pre -conference if people are interested, and it's on a very important topic as well.
It's called the dangers of full preterism. And if you haven't really dove into that topic, like this is something that you really need to listen to because a lot of people are falling down this slippery slope because full preterism answers a lot of questions at surface level, right?
But when you dig into it, you find out those surface level answers are incorrect and it will leave you out, lead you outside of orthodoxy.
And so that's going to be on February the 21st, it will be in the evening, it will begin at 6 p .m.
But the following day, Thursday, the 22nd, it will be at the
Civic Center in Tallahoma, Tennessee. Now, don't get it twisted because although we are kind of in the middle of nowhere, because we have the
Air Force Base here, there's a lot of stuff to do. And it's kind of like, it's got the big, it's kind of like a small city with a small town with a big city feel, right?
Yeah. Okay. And so the Y Calvinism conference starts the 22nd of February, and it goes to that Saturday, the 24th, right?
And so we're going to have, I believe it's 12 speakers. And then we also have a debate on the subject of the atonement between Dr.
James White and Jason Brita. And Jason's a really good guy.
And I've promised him that everyone's going to be nice to him. So if someone mean to him, brother, you don't have to face me.
But it's going to be, yeah. So the ticket prices right now, I think it's 125.
There's plenty of tickets left. A lot of people are contacting me, can they buy tickets at the door?
If there's tickets left, then yes, but you still have to go to the link. We're not accepting cash at the door.
So if you're planning on just bringing me a fistful, if you brought me a fistful of money, I might just let you in.
But the main thing is, there's a link to click on, buy the ticket.
So that way we can have a name tag ready for you, already have you down.
We only have a certain amount of seats. So that's why it's best to go ahead and buy your tickets.
Cool. Yeah. We got it all linked up. All right, guys, let's put bookends in on this and get out of here.
Final word for each of you guys, what are you most looking forward to when you come down to the conference? It doesn't have to be high and lawfully.
Maybe you're just looking there for that spot that has the good wings. What are you looking forward to in a couple of weeks when you come down?
Cigar shop. The cigar hangouts were fun for sure. Yeah. How about you
Rappaport, strivingforeternity .org? Check them out. I did a debate with a guy from the
Philippines. He wanted to debate the topic of Calvinism is useless and dangerous.
Now here was the irony of it. When I did my cross -examination, my whole cross -examination was one thing.
I gave the definitions of Calvinism without using the labels and he agreed with every point.
And every Calvinist watching was like, boom, checkmate.
They saw what I was doing. He didn't. My second round, all I did was ask him to define what total depravity is, what irresistible grace is, and every one of them, he got wrong.
What I'm really hoping is going to come out of this is the fact that this conference and along with,
I think Jeff is working on putting together a documentary, but this will kind of put the nail in the coffin of what
Calvinism is so we can stop fighting over it. Because many of the people who say they're against Calvinism are
Calvinists. They just don't know any better. That is such a true point. Such a true point.
And I noticed when I got out of my cage stage and started using theology like a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer,
I realized most people were a lot more receptive and the majority of them already believed those things and they go,
I didn't know that had a name. And just like me, just didn't understand their church history and had been taught traditions over top of scripture.
Once you remove those traditions and you get down to the word of God and you understand that, it's such a beautiful thing.
And I think a lot more people are receptive to that. So I love that you said that because I was feeling the same way. I hope they're like Jeff was saying, hope there's some people there that maybe don't line up with that theology, don't understand it, don't identify with it, and they go, oh yeah, that's what that is.
So Matt, what are you looking forward to? First time at the conference, we are excited. I know I'm excited to meet you, hang out with you, get to know you, hear you speak.
So what are you looking forward to? To be honest, I'm just looking forward to seeing a bunch of guys and meet a bunch of guys who are like -minded.
Amen. Because I'm always, I'm always dealing with unbelievers constantly. Yeah. Just constantly.
And it's, you know, it's, it's pretty hard. And so just to meet a bunch of guys who, you know,
I joke about, oh, you're Presbyterian so I can like you, but hey, you're Presbyterian. And, but I don't care if you guys are
Reformed Baptists or Cessationists, I'm a Continuationist, but you know, I just love
Reformed theology and I would love to be able to meet other men who just love God and are submitted to His greatness and His sovereignty and are trying to preach about how great
God is and how we're not, and how we're saved by His grace and kept by His grace.
And you know what? I'm looking forward to just meeting other men who believe that, and women, you know, who's believed that because just praise
God for that and His great mercy to us. Yeah. Amen. And Andrew reserved the
Celtic coffee bar upstairs and we're going to have some great conversations there. So kudos you for doing that.
Yes, Matt. I'm going to be recording all of those as well to put into the documentary. Awesome.
For those that don't know, we are filming a Y Calvinism documentary. And so just, and it's going to be really good.
And we're hoping that the proceeds that come from the documentary will financially back the next conference that we do.
Yeah. Because I'm really struggling right now getting this one together. Oh, it's tough, man. People don't realize how much work it is to do, but yeah, go ahead,
Matt. Yeah. Oh man, it is. I'm telling you what, man, it's wearing me out. Therefore, everyone needs to not only buy tickets, but buy a post 10
Alex Lux Bible when they, you know, buy one of these bad boys right here.
Look at that. For those of you that don't know, I do. I'm the artist and owner of post. Matt doesn't know.
It just smells good. Look at that. Three ribbons. Yeah. Ghost print, baby. Double buck shot.
Let's go. Yeah. I will be giving away, so did
James White too, before he saw one of mine. Yeah, he's - I will be giving away a post 10 Alex Lux Bible.
We are giving away three commentary sets. Donner's Oak has provided a special tulip pipe.
That's going to be - Handcrafted. Yep. Braden does those. Handcrafted. Yeah. So there's going to be a lot of giveaways.
There's going to be over two, $3 ,000 worth of giveaways. Nice. Matt, did you have something to say?
It looked like you wanted to chirp in there. I'll give away Matt. Can we give him away? If we could just get
Rappaport to stop talking for one second, we'll get Matt's - Two things.
One, if you guys give me the information, you know, just real simple URL, when I do my newsletter tomorrow night, it goes out to thousands of people.
I'll put that in there. And if you guys don't have my cell number, here it is. Okay. Feel free to give me a call, you know, and whatever, you know, and it's always on do not disturb.
So you'll probably leave a message, you know, and say, this is so -and -so. Then I go, okay, good. That's one thing.
The other thing is, I'm always embarrassed about this. Andrew knows this, but I have autism. I don't do well with lots of sound input.
So if we go to some place and there's lots of sound and I get overloaded, I'll have to leave.
It's not mad or anything. I can't process it. No, but what you should do, Matt, is you take
Leighton Flowers out, just the two of you, straighten him out. Then come back.
Yeah. But that's the only thing. That's the only thing I have. I think I talked to somebody about it. I'll carry earplugs and stuff.
I apologize in advance for that, but it just sucks. I have 80 decibel ringing in both ears.
I have $6 ,000 hearing aids in. Hmm. No, no, no need to apologize, brother.
Keith, take us out. Let's, uh, let's wrap this thing up. Uh, what are you looking forward to? Uh, well,
I'm looking forward to hopefully somebody buying me at least one meal. I'm coming just to somebody to buy me a meal.
I got it. There you go. There's three of them. Spoken like a true pastor.
I tell you what I did. I told
Leighton, I wanted to have a meal with him while he was there. And he said, he wants to try to get me to change my name to at your former
Calvinist. And I said, well, that's not going to happen, but I'll still let you go to go to eat with me. So, yeah, as long as you have the covenant theology.
Yeah. Well, well, you know me, I'm, I'm a new covenant guy. So that's the, I'm, I'm, I'm one of them dangerous
Steve Wellham guys. So, uh, so I'm, I'm, I'm the, I'm the odd ball. I mean, I'm glad to hear
Matt slick is least admitted to being a continuationist. So I'm not a continuationist, but I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm a leaky cessationist at best.
So I, at least you're close to the truth of dispensationalism.
You just got to reform a little bit more. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I will say this though. And I know this is Matt, you mentioned being on my daughter has autism and, and she, she, she is high functioning autism and, and, and, um, her, uh,
I'm not, I'm not sure how to define when you say what kind, I'm not sure what you mean.
So I apologize. Yeah, it's yes. They don't call it that anymore though. Everything falls under the same category, um, now because of the way that they've got it, the spectrum.
And, uh, but, um, she would be what maybe 15 years ago, they would have called Asperger's.
But, um, but she, she struggles with some of those same things. Let's stay on after. I want to ask you a couple of questions if that's okay.
Oh, we'd love to. We'd love to. Absolutely. Yeah. Let's say, okay. Yeah. Awesome guys. Is Keith Jewish?
Did Rappaport, why'd you ask if I was Jewish? Oh, you want a free meal?
Oh, oh, oh, okay. Oh my gosh. The fellowship.
That's what I'm looking for. The fellowship. You're not going to back out on us like you did last time and, you know, leave during a tornado.
Are you? No, that was my, my wife and children needed me. I, this time
I'm coming alone, because they said they don't need me anymore. The fellowship is second to none.
Like, yeah, that is true. That is true. That's good. Did you warn
Layton Flowers what he's in for? Is he, does he plan on being there the whole time?
I hope so. He said he would. He told me he was coming to support the guy who's debating James White.
So I don't know what his plan is. I don't know if he's going to be there for everyone. I was hoping he'd be there the whole time.
He's got to come for the, I mean, just picture our, our evenings out for dinner with Layton Flowers.
I mean, Greg, you and I don't have to worry about being the ones being, you know, attacked back and forth.
It's going to, I mean, all guns directed at Layton. It'll be, you know, we can all be in agreement. We all understand the proper definitions of Calvinism and he doesn't.
Unfortunately, and I know many of you are friends with Layton here, I'm sure I'll be friendly with him, but when
I see it, it's like bumping up a brick wall with his, some of his argumentation.
And I've chosen not to kind of interact on the internet. He's said some things about me and put me on his program, but it's just tough because it's the same old,
I mean, old, old, old kind of points that you give them the scripture and you give them the history and all this. And it's like, okay, you're not convinced you were
Calvinist for 10, 12 years, whatever you say. Uh, and then switched, who knows, maybe we just got to wait out the provisionist phase becomes a
Calvinist again, another five years and they go, it'll come full circle, you know? Um, so I think, I think
Matt will agree with this, but Layton Flowers is a super nice guy. Oh, for sure.
Yeah. Yeah. He, he is just a really, really nice guy wrong in, in the way he describes
Calvinism, but a really sweet guy. I mean, Matt and I got to meet him when we were out there in Texas, Matt being insane, decided, okay, guys, you listening, think about this.
Doing one debate is hard. Matt decides, Hey, why don't I debate two different atheists on two different nights?
So they only have to prepare for one. Matt has to prepare for two totally different debates.
That's Matt slick for you. But, uh, we got to meet Layton, super nice guy. We, we thoroughly enjoyed the time with them.
So the, the ribbing that I give to him is the same way I would give to my brother, Jeff here, or any of the, you guys, others, you know, it's, it's because out of love.
Look at it. I know. And I have some, I, if I met a very nice person who graduated from Bethel school of ministry and was a
Uber Pentecostal, I could say they were nice. I probably just wouldn't have that many conversations with them. If they were really stuck in their ways, you know what
I'm saying? Um, so that, that, that was my whole point, but it would be, yeah, it's going to be, it'll be fun if he's there.
But what Jeff said, and as we finish up here, uh, the, the, the fellowship among everyone, not just among the speakers, but even that last year was a little smaller.
I know we're going a little bigger venue, but it's still, it's not, it's not 6 ,000 people. Okay. This isn't a G3. This is, it's very personal.
You're going to be able to speak with the speakers when they're off stage like you brought up, uh,
Andrew, um, there's giveaways. It's just very familiar, uh, family oriented.
I would say I would want to, what was the word I wanted to use there? Familia familiar. Uh, what's the word when it's familial.
Thank you. Familial. Yeah. Hold on. I just looked that up on carm .org. Okay. Um, yep.
I'm using it correctly. I'm using it correctly. Uh, so, so that's what I want to get across to, for people who might want to purchase and go, well, what kind of conference is this?
You got to realize it is a, it almost feels like a full access family conference with extremely good speakers.
You didn't even go over the speakers. Yeah. All these guys, everyone here outside of me, Andrew, Matt, Jeff, Keith, they're all speaking
Claude earlier. I know Tom Buck's going to be there. Um, Jeremiah, there's Sam Waldron, James White.
I mean, it's insane. Just men of God. I thought Sam Waldron couldn't make it, but he's,
I took his spot. That's that. What's it? No, no, no. You took a, uh, that's what Jeff told you to get you there.
And then we're still keeping up. I'm telling you right now, Jamie Terry, that boy can preach, man.
Yeah. Good. Yeah. Praise God. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, he, he, he was pastoring for a while and then he has, he, he, he had to step down, uh, because of, he had to move somewhere else and he hasn't been able to get back in the pastorate, like trying to find a pastorate job.
And so he hasn't been preaching in the last two or three years. And so he didn't want his first time back preaching behind the pulpit to be at the conference.
He didn't, uh, I think he would have done wonderful. And if he lived close enough, I'd give him my pulpit or anytime he wanted it.
But what's wrong with that? I've got predestined. All right. Sam Waldron there.
Maybe we can have a second debate between Matt slick and Sam on the gifts, because unfortunately
I disagreed with Matt's position, but he totally won the first debate. Just saying Sam wasn't ready.
No, he, at dinner, we had this discussion and Sam thought it would debate or something else just to give credit.
He, he, he, I thought he did. Okay. Yeah. He's a fine man. He says he's such a really good guy.
I'm grateful that he's going to be there and join us. Plus at the end, when Matt slain him in the spirit, it was pretty insane.
I mean, pretty much won the debate there. Right? Okay. Okay.
So I can see this so much heresy, so little time. Okay. With that, we got to wrap up that, that, that wraps up the show right there.
Uh, guys, thanks so much for coming on. We got Andrew Rappaport striving for eternity, Matt slick at carm .org,
obviously open -air theology and why Calvinism with Jeffrey rice, go check him out. Keith Foskey, your
Calvinist he's everywhere. He's the king of Tik TOK. Just you can check them out anywhere though, guys, thanks so much for coming on and hanging out.
And if you're listening, go check out the tickets. It's in the link below in this episode, whether you're watching, listening anywhere, you can go click on it.
Come join us. You will not regret it. Tullahoma, Tennessee, great little city. I love being there for a few days last year, and I'm getting really excited to go back next month.
And by the time you hear this, it'll be about two, two weeks away. So make sure you get your tickets guys, as always remember chief end of man is to glorify
God and enjoy him forever. Be sure to check us out at dmwpodcast .com where you can purchase the best and snarkiest merch on the internet, support the show and leave us a review or message.
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