The Battle Royale - [Luke 4:1-13]


Pastor Mike preaches The Battle Royale - [Luke 4:1-13]


Well, some of you probably know some Christian acronyms Joy Jesus others and you grace
God's riches at Christ's expense if that one's any good not bad.
What about Bible? Basic instructions before leaving earth Is that true?
If I ask you the question, what's the Bible all about if you can give me the theme of the Bible? And tell me what it's all about all 66 books written over 1 ,500 years in three languages 40 different authors.
What's the Bible all about? Lots of people think it's about how to live a life that honors
God practical things moral things Pious things it certainly includes
Those but is the Bible really about? Practical things it's important to ask an answer because if you think the
Bible is all about practical things That's what you'll look for when you read the Bible. What do
I do? How does this apply to me? If there's a bigger theme if there's a grander theme, you'll read the
Bible in a different way And so today we're gonna have a great illustration of this very fact and what you believe about the
Bible's theme Helps you interpret the Bible in Particular and Sometimes that to use
Sinclair Ferguson's words we look at the Bible and we have the where's Waldo mentality Remember the book you try to find where Waldo is and sometimes we go to the
Bible and we say Where am I in this passage and today? We're gonna look at a passage that I'm not in you're not in It has nothing to do with us directly in terms of practical application
But it has everything to do with The Lord Jesus and how he secures salvation and how without him doing what he did in this passage today
None of us have any hope none of us have any forgiveness But since he did conquer in this passage
We do have hope so take your Bibles and turn to the gospel of Jesus according to Luke And I like to say the gospel of Jesus according to Luke because it reminds us the
Gospels are about Jesus Yes the gospel of Luke But it's Luke talking about the
Lord Jesus the good news about the Lord Jesus And if you turn to chapter 1 to start, I think that will be important for us
Because we're going to get into chapter 4 soon enough, but just a reminder as we work through the gospel of Jesus according to Luke Sometimes when we read books of the
Bible even the New Testament We turn it into just a how -to manual and I want you to know that this book even in its preface even in its purpose statement even in its
Instructions on why it's in the Bible will help us interpret the rest of the book
Of course it starts off in verse 1 verse Chapter 1 in as much as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things that have been accomplished among us
Just as those who were from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word have delivered them to us
It seemed good to me. Also This is Luke the physician speaking having followed all things closely for some time past to write an orderly account for you most excellent
Theophilus I'm going to write something that happened among you. It's history. It's orderly. It's correct
And then what does he say in verse 4 and here's the key to unlock all the gospel of Jesus according to Luke That you may have
Certainty concerning the things you have been taught This writer
Luke Inspired by the Spirit of God wants to make sure that you are certain about Jesus that you have the right
Jesus That Jesus did the right things that he accomplished the right salvation That he's going to take people to the right heaven
And so you need to know and if you're a Christian, it's good to be reminded and if you're not a Christian Luke presents the facts in an orderly way to show you who
Jesus is Of course the pinnacle of it all is in Luke 19 Is it not where Jesus comes to seek and save those that were?
Lost so in light of that Understanding that Luke wants to make you certain that you have the right
Jesus. Let's pick it up now in chapter 4 We ended two weeks ago
With the genealogy and I don't know if you've been doing your Robert Murray McShane daily
Bible reading But if you have been I've been keeping up There are lots of genealogies and it is nice to know that we can read genealogies as God breathed now after a couple weeks
Ago going through the gospel of Luke and the genealogy and so we come with the genealogy Ending in verse 38 of chapter 3 the son of Enos the son of Seth the son of Adam the son of God and then the very next word in our passage today in Luke chapter 4 verse 1 is in English and There's a tie -in between the genealogy and this temptation account
I remember the first three chapters He the writer Luke is trying to tell you there's kind of a parallel between John the
Baptist and Jesus Their births were announced They were both born
John the Baptist is a forerunner making straight the way of the Lord and I wonder if Jesus has the right credentials and you'll need to have the right credential
Jesus if you're going to be certain Luke 1 for that this is the right Jesus and So we know he has the right credentials.
We have the father saying at the end of Luke chapter 3 This is my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased the spirit descends like a dove now.
We have the genealogy He's the right Jesus and now what happens in chapter 4 Well most the time when we come to this temptation account, here's what we do
This is the wrong way to do it. This is the way I did it for years This is the way maybe you do it We find
Jesus saying no to Satan not once not twice But three times and he says no to Satan by saying each time it is written.
It is written It is written from Deuteronomy 8 Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 91 Jesus says here's
God's Word and he overcomes temptation Now by the way, is it good to overcome temptation?
Of course, you probably been tempted this week I've been tempted this week and it is good for us to overcome temptation Matter of fact, did you know you can hide
God's Word in your heart so you don't sin against God? But that's not what this passage is about If you take this passage as this is how
I should overcome temptation It might be a principle we might talk about in another sermon in 2049.
I Outlive all of you. I'm gonna be like 95 up here preaching. Will he ever stop talking about Jesus?
The answer is no This isn't about you.
This isn't about overcoming temptations This is about there's the last
Adam Jesus And when Adam was tempted and failed when Israel was tempted and failed when
David on a rooftop was tempted and failed When Paul the Apostle was tempted and failed when you tempt it were tempted and failed
Isn't there anyone? Who's going to be tempted and say no to Satan and no to their own desires?
Isn't there anyone who's gonna do the will of the Father? Is there gonna be anyone who could undo what
Adam did? I mean someone has to stand up against Satan or we're all doomed
And so here in Luke chapter 4 the spotlights on Jesus has nothing to do with us primarily
Except our salvation except our forgiveness except our captain who's going to earn salvation
We're standing and watching in this passage as it were with our eyes as we read it Jesus is going to say no to Satan at least
I hope he does I want to say to Jesus when I I'm reading this Passage Jesus resist the devil.
He'll flee from you. You're my only hope. I know I've sinned. I know Eternity is a long time.
I know God is holy and I need a Savior He seems to have the right credentials I mean, he doesn't have a father who's tainted him with sin as he was conceived the
Spirit of God hovered over him He's got the right credentials in terms of the line of royalty He's got the right credentials when the father says this is my beloved son, but he's going to have to withstand
Satan's attack I wonder if he will or not And that's what we'll look at today. If you want to outline it's pretty simple three temptations of Satan three responses of Jesus three temptations three
Responses and there is a lot of drama in this passage as we look at the passage.
We say to ourself Finally, there's someone who's going to stand up to Satan Finally, there's going to be one who's coming to deliver us.
We don't have to look anywhere else We don't have to go anywhere else here comes the Savior Jesus Arkand Hughes said in chapter 3
Heaven's opened and the father said this is my beloved son and in chapter 4 hell opens and here comes
Satan Obviously Satan hates Jesus. Obviously Satan understands that Jesus had come to redeem
I don't know if Satan was there at the baptism of Jesus. Satan's not omnipresent He's not all -powerful, but he probably knows something about this
Jesus and now he's going to have to stop this He hates God. He hates people. He hates Jesus.
He hates the prophets. He hates the scriptures He hated Adam. He hated Eve. He hates you and now what's going to happen?
This has nothing to do with how do I overcome temptation? Primarily it has everything to do with Jesus and that's what makes it so Wonderful now before we look at these three temptations just a couple contrast.
We're thinking Adam The first Adam we're thinking Jesus he's called the last
Adam and I wonder if there's kind of differences Remember Adam was tempted, but where was he tempted a?
lush garden fruit trees water right humidity beautiful smells
Adam was tempted in a garden Where was Jesus tempted we'll learn to find out and you already know he's tempted in the wilderness arid dry nothing around There's another contrast that we need to remember before we get into the passage
Adams in the garden and He has someone to help him overcome temptation If you've got a spouse or you've got a friend and you're trying to stand against temptation
It's better to have someone else with you because together it's easier Adam in the garden in a perfect place with the perfect sinless
Wife to say no to temptation Jesus on the other hand is in the garden excuse me is in the wilderness
Alone the last contrast before we look at the passage Adam in the garden with a helper and all kinds of food
He could eat from every one of those trees minus one and he could eat and he was full when they was tempted
He was full when he was tempted by food and now you move over to Jesus Tempted alone tempted in the wilderness, and he hadn't eaten for 40 days chapter 4 verse 1 and Jesus Focusing on his humanity if I said
Christ Messiah Lord but here to make sure you're understanding Jesus the last
Adam Adam tempted as a man Jesus Tempted truly man and Jesus full of the
Holy Spirit. I think he might win If he's full of the
Spirit I think he might win giving you a little show in my hand a little bit here the Spirit of God shows us his hand
In Scripture, he's full of the Spirit Returned from the Jordan and was led by the
Spirit in the wilderness That should also tell you something dear congregation, this is not about us
Over recipients of the salvation, that's true But are we supposed to pray?
according to the Lord Jesus lead us not into Temptation That's how we're to pray
God don't lead us into temptation something must be going on here That's different because we're told not to lead us into temptation as a good prayer and Jesus full of the
Spirit coming from the baptism Of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. He is led by the
Spirit into the temptation He's driving the the Lord Jesus into being tempted.
This has to be about Jesus It can't be primarily about us And how long did this happen verse 2?
40 days being tempted By the devil and he ate nothing during those days and when they were ended he was hungry
Moses was tempted for 40. I mean, excuse me. Moses didn't eat for 40 days Elijah Israel's in the wilderness 40 years.
You kind of hear some of this language coming back and as you know, if you don't eat
Kind of hard to say no to certain temptation makes you much more susceptible physical trials can even influence spiritual stamina
And he's led by the Spirit this plan of God this decree of God this ordination of God Lead us not to temptation here
The Spirit of God does lead him into temptation because there has to be a man who says no to temptation and stand up against Satan did you notice their congregation that before?
This Satan could have tempted Jesus and maybe he did but we're not told in Scripture.
Why is there such an intense? Temptation now we see three temptations
But if you look back at your text, it could show that he's been tempted for 40 days many many Being tempted by the devil over and over and over for those 40 days three for certain but could be many more
What's the intense assault about now when Jesus is tempted? Why didn't he get assaulted when he was 5?
12 in the temple teaching 30 years old why now? because before the baptism
Jesus was the private person and The sense that his ministry had not started and now his ministry has started
He's been ordained in the ministry as it were by the Spirit of God and now comes the assault now comes
The assault I sure hope Jesus wins. Don't you I sure hope he overcomes temptation.
I wonder will he win? And of course we know the answer
For 40 days being tempted by the devil The word there devil is Diabolus a slander
Over and over and over the slander Satan says these things And now we come to the first temptation three temptations three responses.
Here's the first temptation to Distress the father and it's found in verse 3 the devil said to him if you're the
Son of God command this stone to become bred So the slander the misrepresenter
The evil one the accuser the one who leads astray the run who wrongly talks about God if you're the
Son of God command the stone to become bread and Here's what Satan is saying. I thought you were the son.
I Thought the father just said you're the beloved son and and what son is not provided for by the father
I mean, I'm a sinful dad and I can't think of one time my children ever went without food I mean that doesn't sound like a very good father
Matter of fact, if you're not being taken care of maybe he's not your father and maybe you're not the son See what
Satan's doing there Where's the favor of God on you as the son the eternal son the
Redeemer? When you're out here dying of starvation Just just tell the stone to become bread.
It's not that big a deal. I mean God, is it good? He's not providing God. Is it reliable God's not faithful Questioning the character of God just like back in Eden with Satan and Adam and Eve I mean
You're hungry make some bread. I Don't think Satan knew this but of course, we know
Jesus could make bread for 5 ,000 men 4 ,000 men 10 ,000 people he can just create bread the bread of life.
I mean You're God's son You only have a place when you were born.
You're putting a manger Living in some little obscure place in Nazareth. You're a
God's son. You're really God's son and now you can't even eat. I Think the first Adam fell when it came to food.
I Wonder if this Adam will fall when it comes to food We know it's not been the will of the father for him to eat
It's not right for the son to take matters in his own hands It's not right for the son to say well, you know what
I'm going to provide on for my own I'm not going to rely on the father. It's not right for Jesus to take matters in his own hands
Resist the devil Jesus. He'll flee from you Some say wrongly that this first temptation was all about gluttony
And so if you ever want to not be a glutton you go to this passage That's weird
What's it about it's about this if Jesus fails at any point we're doomed there's no self and my microphone's off That's all right, here we go to double
A's I used to work for Duracell The technical number of these double -a batteries is mn -1500 true
Thank you very much, let's not give a round of applause Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you People start to clap at this you're not supposed to clap at the church.
Okay back to the message If he fails if he sins
There's no resurrection. There's no earning of righteousness. This has nothing to do with well
I'd like to hide God's Word in my heart. Well, it's a good idea certainly But what's at stake is resurrection ascension soon return high priestly intercession even now
Put yourself in his shoes put yourself in his sandals. He's out there. He hasn't eaten for 40 days
He's a true human. He's a perfect human and humans after 40 days are starving literally the nine hunger the pain
Could Jesus have been closer to death here More closer to death obviously at the crucifixion
But here the father calls you beloved son, and he won't even provide for you.
He must not be very good father You must not be his son.
Come on Jesus. You've got the power to alleviate all your suffering You can just command these things and it'll happen
Is God good is the father? Good Well now we see a response from Jesus.
It starts off the same way in every response verse 4 and Jesus answered him
It is written. It is written. It stands written. He's quoting scripture.
He's quoting Deuteronomy here man He's identifying it as a true human here man shall not live by bread alone and In the original language if you want to emphasize something you've changed the order of things and you put something up front to make it
Even more emphatic and so the word up front here is not not by bread alone not by bread alone not by bread alone
The answer is no The answer is like what Jesus said to Peter get thee behind me
Satan The answer is no the answer is not well, let me think about it. Let me ask some questions
And of course Jesus uses Deuteronomy 8 and now you begin to think oh yes Israel They're in the wilderness and they're tempted and they sin they grumble they complain
You see the tie -in here. There's there's three sons of God in scripture Specifically in this context son of God Adam son of God Israel and son of God Jesus Israel failed the test
Adam failed the test grumbling complaining What will happen?
Jesus quotes scripture He doesn't listen to Satan's voice.
He quotes the father's words in scripture I love what
Hebrews 2 says since therefore the children share in flesh and blood He Jesus himself likewise partook of the same things that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death that is the devil and Deliver all those through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery
Matthew the other account of this says Jesus Stated man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God It's more important to obey
God than it is to eat. It'd be better for me to starve than to go against the will of my father
Oscar Wilde said I can resist everything except Temptation Thomas Brooks said
Satan promises the best but pays with the worst he promises honor and pays with disgrace
He promises pleasure and pays with pain. He promises profit and pays with loss.
He promises life and pays with death Remember Genesis 5 and he died and he died and he died and he died
Does Jesus have to prove his sonship? Absolutely, not not to Satan, especially and Here Jesus says man shall not live by bread alone
I don't want to go too fast because you ought to be reminded dear congregation as am I That we have a representative who's a true human.
We don't have some weird hybrid God man commingled mixed or some kind of angel man mixed
Since we sin we need a Savior who's like us in all things except without sin
So here the man Jesus the representative is tempted in every respect
Hebrews 4 He's been tempted as we are except he didn't sin. I mean if you're not gonna live by bread alone
How are you gonna live answer by trusting in the Father by the Father's Word? not by bread alone, but the
Word of God and This faith that Jesus has Jesus has faith not like we have we have faith because we're sinners and we have a
Savior Jesus has faith in the sense that he trusts God He trusts the Father completely and he will rely on him
And he's going to rather wait on the Father's will then take care of his own needs right now
Man shall not live by bread alone He's trusting unlike Adam.
He's believing unlike Adam. He has faith unlike Adam Why would
God the Son distrust God the Father He has no reason Jesus here as Paul uses the language of Ephesians 6 takes up the shield of what?
faith to believe to trust Jesus takes on flesh right?
He's born of a virgin Spirit of God hovers over him. He's a true human and true humans have to obey true humans have to say no to temptation
So Jesus is tempted and responds with God's Word and says I trust the
Father. I don't trust you Well Satan doesn't stop let's look at the second temptation found in Luke 4 5 to 7 and this temptation is to bypass the
Father's will this test is this temptation is To go for glory now and not suffering this is the crown before the cross
Luke 4 5 to 7 and The devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and said to him
To you I will give all this authority and their glory for it has been delivered to me And I give it to whom
I will if you then will worship me it will all be yours
Stop there Matthew says Jesus was taken to a high mountain Say what does that matter?
Don't you see it? Don't you see the recapitulation with Israel? You start off in the wilderness you go to Mount Sinai and you end up in the tabernacle.
I Wonder if the same thing's happening here you start off in the wilderness you go to a mountain and You go to what would have been the temple is now the tabernacle.
I See it. This is a redo almost. Here's a second try Here's the last
Adam the devil took him a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their glory
I Mean just because Jesus said no the first time Satan doesn't relent Let's take him to a mountain let's take him to the place where they did religion.
Let's let's do religious spiritual things And here's what Satan wants
You don't have to suffer You don't have to suffer and then get the kingdom and the glory and the power forever and ever from the father
You can have it now Why suffer? Why have the cross
Before the crown when I can just give it to you right now This is what Luther called the theology of glory
By the way PS dear congregation when you watch people on TV the faith Healers the word faith people the people that say send
Jesus You know money and here's my address those kind of people just mark it down in your mind. It's all theology of glory
It's all health wealth and prosperity now. It's never suffer then glory
It's never the cross then the crown. It's what I want right now, and it appeals to people that appeals to their inward nature
Well, Jesus is inward nature is different because he's perfect. He's pure No wicked desires, and he knows that worship must be to the father and the father alone
Adoration to the father and the father of loan How stupid is this of Satan to do how did this happen by the way did?
He really go somewhere was it a vision I? Don't think we really know some kind of vision at least to see all the kingdoms of the world
Rome and Egypt and Greece Persia and if you just fall down and worship me
Matthew says of Satan It's all yours just one little genuflect one little obedience one little worshipful curtsy.
That's all you need It's all yours. I Mean Jesus knows what the cross is like He knows what it's going to be
I Don't think Satan quite knows all the details, but we of course know just Genuflect one time before Satan and there's no beard plucking it out
There's no spitting There's no hitting you and say who hit you There's no crucifixion
There's no lashes. There's no flogging. There's none of that Let me just so easy and by the way
Jesus you're worth it You deserve it Why would a father do that to you?
Why would a good father put you through all this a? Good father would give you the crown now would give you the glory now.
What kind of father do you have of course?
We realized Jesus even at Gethsemane when he prayed my father if it's possible let this cup pass from me yet Not my will but your will it's about the will of the father
Now some people want to argue to Satan really have these to give and Satan I think is overplaying his hand in the sense that he is the temporary ruler of this world
We would have to grant that because scripture says it Jesus even said in John 12 now the ruler of this world shall be cast out so Satan has a temporary
Rule over this world But ultimately he doesn't
Jesus Is taken to some high place? Offered all these things. I'll give it to whoever
I want It sounds like Satan saying to Adam and Eve you shall be like God you'll be as God's How does
Jesus answer well he answers like he always answers in this it is written it stands written
He's not going to bypass the father's will he's not going to circumvent what God wants God wants
Jesus to be tempted and overcome because that's what man has to do remember Jesus dies for our sins but he lives for us righteously and We now by the way fast forward because of the cross and the resurrection when
God sees us He sees us as people that have never fallen a temptation because we're in Jesus And Jesus answered to him and saying it is written.
You shall worship the Lord your God and him only Shall you serve?
And Matthew 4 adds be gone Satan get out of here. I don't want to talk to you anymore go and Here Jesus quotes
Deuteronomy not chapter 8, but chapter 6 let me read to you Deuteronomy 6 verses 13 to 14
He shall fear only the Lord your God and you shall worship him and swear by his name You shall not follow other gods any of the gods of the peoples who surround you
Spirit of God takes Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted first temptation
Jesus overcomes second temptation Jesus overcomes Let me just look at all those kingdoms
Ottoman Empire by the way, what a great team we would be. Can you imagine the power the ruthless vengeance that has?
Come about when Jesus and Satan come together as co -laborers for domination
What a team might they be What does
Jesus do? He says get behind me Satan. It is written. I'm not going to worship you.
I'm not gonna serve you I'm not gonna bow down to you When Satan tempts
Jesus quotes when Satan says you can't trust the father Jesus says I do trust the father And I've been sent here for a mission not your mission
Satan I've been manifest in the flesh to do something and it's not to do what you say and Then the final temptation found in verse 9 related to the first two a
Direct assault on the father in his care and his love and he Satan took him to Jerusalem Again you should be thinking yourself here it goes again
Israel in the wilderness Israel on a mountain Israel in the tabernacle and here
Jesus wilderness mountain temple and Set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him if you're the
Son of God throw yourself down from here and since you Like to quote scripture so much you love to say it is written.
I'll quote scripture, too It is written He will command his angels concerning you to guard you and on their hands
They will bear you up lest you strike your foot against a stone I'm going to take you to the place where it all is happening the temple area a
Corner looking down the Kidron Valley matter of fact they used to say Messiah's could be proved Messiah's if they just jump off it
So maybe I'll just have you just jump off certainly God would take care of you. I don't think
Satan really thinks that Because he doesn't think God the Father's taking care of the Son in the wilderness with no food
Just just jump Angels will catch you and by the by the way if they did that imagine how people would respond
Jesus the true man jumping off the temple Border at the pinnacle and just being caught at the very bottom.
We would all say yes, it must be the Messiah Satan quotes the scripture.
I actually think Satan could subscribe to the Bethlehem Bible Church's confession of faith the
London Baptist Confession because the demons believe and what Tremble it's not a saving faith, but they believe they understand
They're smart You quote Deuteronomy 8 you quote
Deuteronomy 6. I will quote to you Jesus Psalm 91 I mean when you look down I've been on that corner just there
March with some of you and you look down It's kind of a dizzying experience And you look down and one of the first things you see at the bottom of that pinnacle
At that corner by the Kidron Valley is a bunch of stones a bunch of rocks
I Mean there's rocks everywhere in Israel a lot of rocks in America, too
And we take home little trinkets of the rocks we picked up in Israel special holy rocks now.
Did he quote scripture rightly? Did he subtract from anything did he add to anything?
What's going on if you were to turn in Psalm 91? I'll just read it for you He he doesn't say one thing and then he stops short of something else
Here's Psalm 91 11 and 12 for he will command his angels concerning you to guard you and then
Satan stops But Psalm 91 says in all your ways Like in all your righteous ways, and this wouldn't be righteous to go do that on their hands
They will bear you up lest you strike your foot against a stone Then he Satan does not read Psalm 91 13 because I'm sure
Satan wants nothing to do with serpents and heads and crushing You will tread on the lion and the adder the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot
Why don't you think Satan would like that verse included? Because that harkens back to Genesis 15
I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring He shall bruise your head the
Messiah is going to crush your head Satan. I think says to himself. I better leave that part out You trust
God prove it and instead of trusting God Satan's wanting
Jesus to be presumptuous on God's care That's wrong. That's sinful Satan put your money where your mouth is is really don't trust your
Heavenly Father prove something This is the high place the high corner rather that James Christ half -brother was supposedly thrown down from and killed
Satan omits a phrase in all your ways and all your righteous ways, and then he switches everything around It's technically called a hermeneutical switcheroo
Instead of trusting God Psalm 91 read Psalm 91 later today. It's test
God Make God prove himself show him that he really
Loves you have him show you that he loves you God will watch out for you and whatever you do and if he will catch you
I say catch you Satan will putting
God to the test. I Mean Jesus says no to the easy kingdom.
He says no to the food. I Wonder if he thinks you know what I'll just I'll just debate this a little bit.
I need to think about this Let me go home and pray about it No, Jesus doesn't Do that at all?
He doesn't fall for Satan quoting Scripture. What's Jesus's response? To Satan torquing
Scripture to say test God instead of trust God And Jesus answered him and like he always says
Quoting Scripture you shall not put the Lord your God to the test from Deuteronomy 6
Lots of temptations in the wilderness three recorded and Jesus responds with Deuteronomy every single time
I know Thinks Jesus that my feet have one purpose
Not to be dashed on these rocks or somehow caught but to crush your head Satan one writer said these feet have come not to do your will but the will of my father who sent me said
Jesus and they Will not step aside to the left or to the right. I'm in the incarnate Embodiment of the word and I've come to crush you under foot
And verse 13 says and when the devil had ended every temptation he departed from him until an opportune time
Like on the cross when the rulers said if you're the Son of God Like with the soldiers and their voices if you're the king of the
Jews Like with the criminal who said you're the Christ save yourself save us
What does Jesus say to Satan here? Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Deuteronomy What does
Jesus say? When Satan tempts again at an opportune time on the cross
Not a word. What if Jesus did jump?
What if Jesus did sin? What if Jesus didn't say I'm going to obey the
Father what if Jesus didn't say on the cross into your hands I commit my spirit Well, there's no hope for any of us.
I don't even know why we're here The text says in Matthew 4 the devil left him and behold angels came and began to minister to him
Isn't that cool? I don't know what else to say except that's cool The very verses that Jesus is
Jesus heard from Satan torqued and manipulated about angels guarding Jesus waits overcomes temptation and now the fulfillment of Psalm 91 actually happens to Jesus in God's way in God's timing in God's Perfect will
He's in the wilderness and now the angels Help, I love
Jesus's words in John for my food is to do the will of him who sent me and to furnish his
You want me to distrust the Father Jesus said I won't Let's just make it practical now.
I said stuff about practical before but I hope you can see it Trusting the
Father no matter what the circumstances are You see the perfect man doing that that's what men do that's what women do
Trust God no matter what Don't you see him when he's saying I Understand it's the theology of the cross then the crown because that's what a true human does
That's what the true man. Jesus does don't you see it? Can't you think? Oh, yeah, that's right
It's God's will it's God's timing And don't you see it? We trust the father.
We don't test him I'll believe you if you just do this that or the other Satan is keen Satan is subtle Satan temps and the same thing like last week with worry
Getting our eyes back on the Heavenly Father and walking by faith is so important So we come to the passage today in Luke 4
Should you hide God's word in your heart so you don't sin against God? Yes I've talked to Charlie about this for years.
Maybe it happens to you, too I know so much music a lot of it's bad music But sometimes I'll be in a certain situation in life and a song will come to my mind a lyric will come to my mind
It's just like they're the power of music And sometimes when you're tempted
Once in a while Bible verses pop in your mind, right? Like get that Bible verse out of my mind.
I want to do what I want to do Like that's bad thinking sinful thinking
Jesus actually had to study the Bible. This wasn't all imported into his brain. He's a true human to whom is true humans learn
What do we see big picture from this passage? we see That even though Adam sins by temptation
Even though Israel sins even though David sins even though Daniel sinned even though all these people sin
There was one who came and when the father said this my beloved son in whom i'm well Pleased the son responds with obedience and he obeyed even to the point of the cross death on the cross
By humbling himself and so he's our savior Luke says he's the right one.
How do you know you're worshiping the right? Jesus? He's got the right genealogy, but the right jesus can say no to satan be gone
You're worshiping the right jesus and when you worship the right jesus by faith You're secure you're safe And so when you read luke 4 next time
I don't want you to read it. Like where's waldo? I don't want you to read the bible like basic instructions before leaving earth.
That sounds like a good radio show, but nothing else I want you to say
Victory in jesus. He did it. He's my savior I sin and fall into temptation, but jesus doesn't and I trust him as my advocate and righteous representative
Aren't you glad I hope so father in heaven. Thank you for your word today We would admit that all too often
In our selfish way, we read the bible just like that selfishly But it's a book to show us even jesus in luke 24 after he's been raised.
It's all about him And that's how we want to read the bible as well and I pray for this dear congregation along with myself that when we are tempted and then fall even that you would
Grant us repentance dust us off And remind us that we are in the last adam and that we are no longer judged and that we can never become
Less than children adopted in the family of god forever and ever we thank you for that. We pray in jesus name