The Most Comforting Verse In The Bible? - [Romans 8:1]


Pastor Mike preaches The Most Comforting Verse In The Bible? - [Romans 8:1]


What would be your favorite comfort food? You had to pick something to comfort you and you would eat it.
What might that be? I looked online and found the top comfort foods
First one macaroni and cheese Second fried chicken crispy on the outside Juicy on the inside Chocolate chip cookies nice and gooey
Mashed potatoes cream butter velvety Grilled cheese sandwich.
Here's one that shouldn't be on the list meatloaf Chicken and waffles.
Here's another one that shouldn't be on the list beef stew Lasagna definitely on the list pancakes definitely on the list and And combining two comfort foods into one mac and cheese stuffed hamburger
By the way, dear congregation, I hope the visitors can overlook this if I open up with a
Bible verse You don't seem to be paying attention, but now you're all locked in If I ask you another question, what would be your most comforting verse of the
Bible? You're a Christian. You're a believer and you think these verses really comfort me
I wonder which one you would pick the most comforting verse in all the Bible Well, some think this verse that we're going to look at today is not only comforting, but it could be dangerous what verse could both be dangerous and comforting
It's found in the New Testament It's found in Romans and it's found in chapter 8 take your
Bibles, please and turn to Romans chapter 8 Some people think it's a dangerous verse, but we think it's a comforting verse
Romans 8 verse 1 there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Some people think it's dangerous verse because if there is no condemnation
We're justified in God's eyes based on the work of Christ Jesus Safe and secure never to lose our salvation and we might somehow
Take advantage of grace and and sin so grace might abound but it's also the most comforting verse because we as Christians do sin and We fall short.
We don't always love God and we don't always love our neighbors Richard Sibbes the great church and preacher said
Objection, I've often relapsed and fallen into the same sin again and again
Answer if Christ will have us pardon our brother 70 times 7 times
Can we think he will press us to do more than he will be ready to do for himself? My goal this morning is very simple is to Review and ruminate on Romans chapter 8 verse 1 to comfort
Christians So that you might be more assured of the security you have in Christ Jesus which should lead you to have increased thankfulness and joy and Gratitude and an overflowing life of obedience and holiness and praise and worship
My purpose is simple That you might be more assured of the security you have in Christ Jesus that you dear
Christian are not condemned, but justified by God Before we start maybe it would be good for me to define a couple terms
One being security the other being assurance. What's the difference between security and assurance?
Well security is a reality security is when the work of the
Spirit Affects a person and they trust in the Lord Jesus by faith alone They are safe and secure as the old song says safe and secure from all alarm and all harm
Perseverance is going to be granted by God and you are secure in Christ Jesus, whether you feel it or not
Whether you believe it or not. It's a reality. It's true. It's an objective truth secure in Christ Jesus But assurance is a little different while security is if Jesus paid for my sins
And there's no double jeopardy if the father sent the Lord Jesus to rescue me and to live for me and he's raised for me
It's praying for me as the exalted Savior then I'm safe But assurance is a confident realization of that truth
It's a sense if you will that in fact, I know for certain that I am secure in Christ And so it's a little more subjective
Security is I have the subjective truth That the Bible says if you confess in the Lord Jesus, you will be saved believe in your heart
God raised him from the dead You are certainly safe and secure But then as Christians assurances do we in fact sense that do we feel that do we have confidence in Christ Jesus?
Maybe my favorite definition of assurances by a theologian that said the confidence of believers in Christ That notwithstanding their mortal sinful condition they are irrevocably children of God and heirs of heaven
It's a confident realization that in fact, you're adopted that you have a future glory in Christ Jesus And I want that for you.
I want you dear Christian to think with confidence and certainty absent from the body Present with the
Lord. I want you to have that realization that says to live as Christ and to die is what?
Gain, I want you to say with Paul the Son of God loved me and gave himself for me
And I I sense that I I trust that I I understand that I have assurance But if I were to die today,
I know I have a mediator and a friend and an advocate and a Savior. I Want you to be able to say with Job dear congregation.
I know that my Redeemer lives and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth and though after my skin worms destroyed the body yet In my flesh,
I shall see God. I want you with David to say as we just got done singing psalm 23
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff
They comfort me That's what I want for you dear congregation to know that you have a representative
Jesus and a substitute Jesus and a risen Savior Jesus I want you to have
Assurance and by the way Christian, did you know God wants you to have assurance? God wants you to have assurance
I mean What would you think of a father on earth who would not let his son or daughter know that he was part of the family?
Make sure you obey enough and then I will somehow tell you that you are my child
Keeping your father keep I mean keeping your son or keeping your daughter in doubt if you really have the last name of the father and of course
Living on edge like that has consequences And if we sinful parents want our children to know they're accepted in the family how much more the
Lord Jesus I? Outlined today is simple number one We're going to walk through Romans 8 verses 1 through 4 and then
I want to give you some reasons why Romans 8 1 is important super simple verses 1 through 4 in Romans 8 and then
Chapter 8 verse 1 a little detour from Luke we've been in the gospel of Jesus according to Luke next week
We have one of our missionaries our new missionary from the Czech Republic Roddick will be here preaching and so we'll take a one more
Sunday detour and we'll have Roddick preaching next week Outline number one walking through Romans 8 verses 1 through 4 the most comforting verse in all the
Bible maybe Romans 8 verse 1 follow along with me as I read there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus But there might be condemnation later
So what your Bible says of course not full stop. Let me reread that sorry There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, so sin as you please
Don't say that either no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus Could there be greater security than that in the beloved as Ephesians chapter 1 would talk about the triune security of the believer
Romans 8 is one of these chapters that for my Theologians that I looked up to for many years as Lewis Johnson He said this is one of the greatest chapters of the
Bible in seminary We were told Romans 5 should have a crease in the Bible if you are up It was told that if you open the
Bible normally Should open to Romans 5 and so we would put creases in our Bible on Romans 5 to make us think that we were good theologians but I think maybe your
Bible should open up to Romans chapter 8 normally and naturally because You lay your head on this pillow of comfort so often right there.
I Like the bookends of Romans before we even look at verse 1 in more detail verse 1 of Romans 8 no condemnation
Look at the very end of the chapter look at the bookends of Romans 8 verse 39 Nor high nor death nor any other created thing shall be able to Separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our
Lord from no condemnation to no separation And if you look at verse 1 these are for people in Christ You see it right there in chapter 8 verse 1 who are in Christ Jesus United together together with Christ Jesus the closeness and then in verse 39
There's the bookend of in Christ Jesus as well, which is in Christ Jesus our
Lord Back to chapter 8 verse 1 let's look at this a little bit and flesh it out, and I think you'll be encouraged by this
Comforting verse that I don't think is dangerous at all One of the things you can do in the language of Greek and other languages too if you want to emphasize something
And you don't have a yellow marker or font. That's bold our larger font and of course
They didn't have that back in those days You can front load a word kind of out of order to give an emphasis
And that's exactly what happens here in English It says there is our first word, but in the
Greek the first word is no There's no condemnation to make sure that we understand
That there's a negative at the beginning to to force us to recognize There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus the penalty has been paid.
There's no condemnation of any kind past sins No condemnation because they're paid present sins no condemnation because they're paid future sins
No condemnation because they're paid Jesus paid them all
No double payment. Why would God be unjust and say we have to pay and Jesus has to pay you say well
I don't feel like there's That this is true. It doesn't matter There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus and one of the greatest things about this verse
It tells us what the end times verdict already is now in the present
One day we'll stand before God all of us, and we will Be judged based on either our works are the works of Christ What will happen when
I get to heaven? What will the judgment be Christian? Here's what the answer is going to be not guilty The end times verdict is jammed into the present for Paul and for us as we read
Scripture And I want you to know you cannot be unreconciled Christian You can't be unforgiven.
You can't be unredeemed. You can't be unloved you can't be unjustified You can't be unadopted even though we deserve judgment sin against the thrice
Holy God the first word in the Greek is no and even the word no is a
Stronger word than the typical no no condemnation none whatsoever for the believer in Christ Say well,
I have some old haunting sins. So do I I have sins that I'm ashamed of so do
I? Romans 4 blessed are those whose lawless deeds have been forgiven and whose sins have been covered
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will not take into account Jude verse 24 and 25 we sing it regularly now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to make you stand
In the presence of his glory Blameless with great joy
To our only God and Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord be glory majesty dominion and authority before all time and now and forevermore
Or how about verses like Zephaniah chapter 3 the Lord your God is in your midst a mighty one who will save He God will rejoice over you with gladness
He will quiet you by his love. He will exalt over you with loud singing
That's pretty amazing to think what God thinks of us because we're in Christ Jesus and Of course everything about this assurance has to be focused on Jesus those who are in Christ Jesus It's a starting point of all assurances looking to the
Lord and you say but but I have some accusations against me as a Christian That are true, but there's no condemnation.
I I think there are Things that I've done even as a Christian that deserve condemnation.
That's true. But Jesus has paid it no condemnation. I No condemnation now,
I dread Jesus and all in him is mine alive in him
My living head and clothed in righteousness divine One of the greatest parts about Romans chapter 8 verse 1
It's almost unguarded It needs more explanation Seemingly, how can it just be full stop?
There's no condemnation when my conscience when my sins as a Christian, I mean, it seems almost dangerous
It seems unguarded Horatious Bonar said it was not for nothing. They were so boldly spoken these words of Romans 8
Timid words would not have served the purpose the glorious gospel needed statements such as these to distangle the great question of acceptance to relieve troubled consciences
And yet at the same time to give works their proper place We'll look at verse 2
Romans 8 2 for the law of the spirit of life Has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death
Before we were Christians We were under the law as a condemning agent as a mirror to tell us that we were sinful and God required
Perfection to get into heaven God required that we always obeyed personally obeyed always obeyed exactly obeyed and That law now doesn't condemn us because that law
Jesus paid for those sins that we have Committed the law of sin gravity as it were is reversed
Paul preached in Acts 13 let it be known to you brothers that through this man Jesus forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you and by him everyone who believes is
Freed from everything from what you could not be freed by the law of Moses The law of Moses is perfectly obey
And if we don't obey and of course none of us could Then we're going to need a Savior are we going to face
God's wrath? How did God do this verse 3? This is wonderful for God has done what the law
Weakened by the flesh could not do The law doesn't save by sending his own son his own son
Nothing less than his son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin he condemned sin in the flesh
Now we want to make sure we understand Paul's careful wording because if Jesus sinned he'd have to pay for his own sins
But he didn't sin and what does the text say very carefully in the likeness of sinful flesh?
Peter says in first Peter 2 he committed no sin Paul said in second Corinthians 5 he knew no sin first John 3 in him
There's no sin so by Jesus's work as the sinless one He could deliver us from the law and it's cursed verse 4 in Order that the righteous requirement of the law that is perfect obedience
Might be fulfilled in us who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the
Spirit What we couldn't do Jesus did Perfectly obeying the law the
God -man, so there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus I've said it before and I like to say it regularly
Dear Christian you are as righteous as Jesus is righteous You are as perfect as Jesus is perfect the standing before you have to stand before God that you have is
Righteousness you can't even get more righteous. Do you know in heaven you won't be any more righteous in terms of judicial standing before God If you haven't read
Pilgrim's Progress you should I Think it used to be the number two most read book in the world
I think it's number three now Bible be number one and I don't want to tell you what number two is because you might want to go read it and It's bad for you
Now you're gonna look it up, right John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress, and he said this
One day I was passing into the field this sentence fell on my soul Your righteousness is in heaven and I saw with the eyes of my soul
Jesus Christ at God's right hand there I say was my righteousness so that wherever I was or whatever
I was doing God could not save me He lacks my righteousness for that was just before him
I also saw moreover that it was not my good frame of heart that made my righteousness better Not my bad frame that made my righteousness worse for my righteousness was
Jesus Christ himself Now my chains fell off my legs indeed.
I was loose from my afflictions and my temptations fled away Romans 8 1 look at it again
There is therefore right now in the present knowing what the future would bring now no condemnation
The opposite of condemnation is justification for those who are in Christ Jesus, and I might say by faith and by faith alone
Well lots of times when you preach or teach the Bible you should ask yourself this question so what what does that mean So let me give you now some reasons why
Romans 8 1 is important So what about Romans 8 1 and following we've seen Romans 8 1 looked at it a little bit now.
Why is it important? Number one the first reason why Romans 8 1 is important. It's because navel -gazing is easy
And looking to Jesus by faith is hard Looking to self is easy, but looking to Lord Jesus is harder
The default for every one of us because we live in our own skin is to get our eyes off the Lord Jesus and walk by sight and not by faith
It's almost like a hypochondriac Who's focused on themselves over and over and over and I pulled up hypochondriac?
Stuff and it says it's not called that anymore. It's called illness anxiety disorder I mean you can have a somatic symptom disorder, and you worry about your health even if you feel good, but you can also have
Illness anxiety disorder, and I went through the list of some of the things that people have their symptoms for illness anxiety disorder
Avoiding people are places due to worry about catching an illness constantly researching diseases and syndromes
Exaggerating symptoms and their severity if you cough you think you have lung cancer high level of anxiety about personal health obsession with bodily functions like heart rate
Oversharing your symptoms and health status with others. I don't know anybody who would be like this
Checking for signs of illness taking your blood pressure regularly seeking assurance from loved ones about your symptoms
I'm laughing because I think I have a disorder And I think there's a spiritual hypochondriac
Kind of person an illness anxiety disorder in the spiritual realm Focus on self focus on self focus on self morbidly looking at self
It was a great preacher who died at 29 years old Robert Murray McShane said every time you look at yourself
Look at the Lord Jesus ten times Look at the Lord Jesus ten times
I mean if we start with ourselves and or you think about what we've done and our sins and Repent then we need to look to the
Lord Jesus for the one who forgives us of those very sins We just committed even as Christians There are some
Christians that live in Romans 7 wretched man that I am and they never get to chapter 8 no condemnation I Guess the flipside is true as well that people just want to live in 8 all the time and not 7
But one of the things Romans 8 1 is so good for is there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus The focus is back on the
Lord Jesus not on ourselves Reason number two
Why is Romans 8 1 so important because the joy of assurance is wonderful The joy of assurance is wonderful.
That's why this is important to not have the joy of assurance is awful
And to have the joy of assurance is wonderful Joseph Carlyle said all saints shall enjoy a heaven when they leave this earth
Some saints enjoy a heaven while they are all here on earth Assurance of salvation knowing that God loves you look at chapter 6 of Romans To give you an idea of how wonderful it is to know that you are with Christ and united with him
What theologians called the the union with Christ? What shall we say then
Romans 6 1 are we to continue in sin the grace might abound? No by no means how can we who died to sin still live in it?
Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?
We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death In order that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the
Father. We too might walk in newness of life Verse 5 for if we've been united with him in a death like his we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his
We know that our old self was crucified with him in order that the body of sin might be brought to nothing So that we would no longer be enslaved to sin
For one who has died has been set free from sin Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him
We know that Christ being raised from the dead will never die again death has no dominion over him
For the death he died he died to sin once for all but the life he lives he lives to God So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus Jesus condemned in our place
Where Jesus was condemned we were condemned No We weren't condemned because Jesus was condemned for us risen with Christ Jesus the joy to know
I am his and he is mine Reason number three Because assurance frees you up to worship to serve to do good works to obey
And more reason number three why Romans 8 is important is because assurance frees you up to serve frees you up to love other people
I've been in airplanes and before I've also been in airports before in those airports Sometimes you'll watch people on standby and they're kind of just walking back and forth nervously wondering if they'll make it on the plane or not
People that have their tickets people that have their seat assignment They're not worried at all in a similar fashion if you are so convinced that you're not a
Christian if you're unsure that you're a Christian Your focus isn't going to be on serving other people because you're going to be wondering if I am in fact a
Christian It'll be a half -hearted service of others because you're thinking about yourself
JC Rouse said a believer who lacks an assured hope will spend much of his time in inward searchings of his heart
In other words you're focused on yourself if God is mad at me, I can't be concerned about serving other people
Golden Gate Bridge No safety nets when they first started building it 23 men fall to their deaths
They put in a large safety net 10 men fall and do it or saved and work went up by 25 %
Amazing When you know you're safe and secure you don't have to worry about am
I safe and secure and you can serve other people To look at Romans chapter 12 it follows
Romans chapter 8 When you know there's no condemnation for in those in Christ Jesus you were guilty now.
You're graced. How do you respond you respond with? obedience and gratitude and service and worship
Have right thinking about other people because you're fine with God God's not angry with you.
He loves you. There's no condemnation and therefore Paul says in Romans 12. I appeal to you therefore brothers by the mercies of God Probably the last 11 chapters are the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice
Holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship do not be conformed to this world But be transformed by the renewal of your mind
That by testing you may discern what the will of God is what is good and acceptable and perfect For by the grace given to me.
I say everyone among you not To think of himself more highly than he ought to think
But to think with sober judgment each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned For as in one body we have many members and the members do not have all the same function
So we though many are one body in Christ and individually members one of another Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us
Let us use them and then he lists some of those gifts
Let us use them What happens when you know you're right before God, and there's no condemnation
You're free to love other people, and you're free to love other people even if you don't love them perfectly
Even if your works aren't perfect and by the way They never will be even if your motives aren't perfect and by the way
They never will be because you're good with God because Jesus paid it all the resurrection proves that the empty tomb proves that so I'm Free to serve people even if I might not be perfect in my service because God accepts me he accepts my works
He accepts you Christian. He accepts your works Side note Bethlehem Bible Church is full of people by the way who serve and serve and serve
And I want to thank you for that so many people behind the scenes serving I think there are
So many things that we don't even recognize Probably many of us that people serve behind the scenes, and I want to make sure
I commend you because you recognize Guilty in Adam Grace in Jesus the last
Adam flowing out of gratitude to serve and I want to say keep serving. What is Thessalonians? What does
Paul say to them excel still more? Thank you? But I also would like to say that if you're here today, and you're a
Christian Especially if you're a member of the church, and you have no ministry There are many people here in this room right now who just come on Sundays.
That's all they do Maybe you do things behind the scenes that I don't know I commend you But if you're here today, and you regularly attend, and that's all you do is attend on Sunday It's in fact better than sitting at home
But you ought to think to yourself if I had been so graced in Christ Jesus I had to show gratitude by to God by serving other people
You need to have a ministry here every single person if you come week by week by week And you don't have a ministry may you be convicted today and say that's not how a
Christian acts today I should ask the Lord Lord. Let me serve in some way to show you my gratitude
Reason number four why Romans 8 is important is that some evangelicals are confused regarding this verse some evangelical celebrities are confused when it comes to Romans 8 1 and They want to somehow make this
Statement that seems maybe unguarded no condemnation you mean really based on who I am and what
I've done even as a Christian No condemnation. Yes, no condemnation Some are confused and they want to add a little qualifier
They're afraid that it could be dangerous and it might spur on unholy living and licentiousness
One man wrote how can a person be right with God? I wonder how you'd answer that question. How can you be right with God?
He writes the stunning answer is sola fide faith alone, and I say yes and amen
But make sure you hear this carefully and precisely Right with God by faith alone, but not attain heaven by faith alone
There are other conditions for attaining heaven By but not others for entering a right relationship to God.
Is that good news you attain heaven by faith alone No, you attain heaven by something else that you do besides faith.
That is not good news. That's law That's condemnation unless you have enough works at the very end
Same person said these works of faith this obedience of faith these fruits of the Spirit that come by faith are necessary for our final salvation
Really? I thought what's necessary for our final salvation is Jesus Christ and he paid for my sins and he obeyed the law.
I Thought that's what was necessary for final salvation And so when you have people make the fruit of your salvation obedience and good works and turn it into the ground of your salvation
How do you get to heaven you ought to say? I probably ought not to listen to John Piper as much as I should because that's exactly what he writes
Let me ask you the question Who's ever lived a life in such a way that he or she has merited heaven by their attainment?
Let me ask you another question, what does union with Christ mean we get judged on our performance at the end for salvation
Of course not. What does it mean that Jesus is our federal head the last Adam? Is sola fide really sola?
Craig Beal ask is being declared righteous in God's eyes inadequate to attain heaven Do you need more righteousness than Christ righteousness to attain heaven?
How transformed must your life be before I can stand before God? I Want you to know once you're justified you can't be unjustified.
It's irrevocable Benjamin Keith said Keats said once we are justified we need not inquire how man is justified after he's justified
I think he's justified in saying that by the way number five
Why is Romans 8 1 important number 5 fifthly because grace instead of pushing us to licentiousness motivates us to obey grace
Motivates obedience grace motivates holy living. It's the engine for holy living
You can see it in chapter 6 verse 1 can't you in Romans we I read it earlier, but I'll read it again What should we say then based on all the grace of God in Christ Jesus?
This one man's trespass But we have more grace of God by the free gift by the grace that one man
Jesus abounded to many Romans 5 15 How do we respond to that Romans 6 1 what should we say then?
Are we to continue in sin that grace made about my abound? No, of course not verse 15 of the same chapter says the same thing
What then are we to sin because we are not under law, but under grace by no means
Could it be that the great Misunderstanding of justification by faith alone comes from the desire a good desire for Christians to live a holy life
But it's muddied and murky because it messes with our plays with who
Jesus is The grace that justifies you is the grace that sanctifies you it's the grace that regenerates you
Justification sanctification are different, but they go together There's the root and there's the fruit
Does grace lead to unholy living?
Titus to listen to this for the grace of God Jesus has appeared bringing salvation to all people and what does this grace do?
Training us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions no to sin and to live self -controlled upright and godly lives in the present age
Waiting for their blessed. Hope the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own sake
For his own possession who are zealous for good works. What does grace do according to Paul it teaches you to say no to sin and Yes to righteousness.
It teaches you to kill sin in your life as a Christian and to live for Christ Jesus grace motivates
Of course, we love good works. Of course, we want to do good works But how do you get the power to do good works?
Well, the Spirit of God dwells in you One of the things that I think
Satan does I don't mean he talks out loud to us But he tries to make you think that you're an enemy of God Even though you're trusting in Jesus That God is mad at you and angry with you
Luther knew that he said that's the noose which Satan throws over the head of the poor child
Our man in order to strangle him This is the severest of the temptations of the devil.
He said God is the enemy of sinners. You are a sinner Therefore God is your enemy Except God is our father and he forgives us
He's a deliverer he's a Savior He's a rescuer for all those who trust in the Lord Jesus and you know,
God loves you more than you love yourself He loves you more than you could love other people Six the reason
Romans 8 1 is important. It's because it's rare to meet someone who's never struggled with assurance
It's rare. Maybe some people have never struggled with assurance. I think most people have and by the way, what on earth is actually perfect?
It's hard to think of something that's perfect on earth. So it shouldn't surprise us that sometimes our assurance is not perfect and One of the things that helps
Me and I know it probably helps you even though it's kind of a strange help is when you have other
Christians in your life in Times present or in church history when you find out they struggle with assurance.
It makes you feel better It's like Spurgeon struggle with assurance nice I told the lady once who came at it up to me and talked to me after Preaching she said sometimes
I really struggle with my assurance and I said sometimes I do too She smiled and walked off like okay.
That's all I need to know. I'm not weird. I Mean she was saying she's not weird. I I You're not weird if you struggle with assurance turn to Psalm 130, please
When your friends struggle with assurance Take them to this chapter when you struggle with assurance and you want to be out of Romans 8 for a little bit
Go to this chapter One of the heroes of the Christian faith is a man named
John Owen. I like John Owen for lots of reasons He extolled Christ Jesus. His most famous book is probably the glory of Christ Jesus He wrote books about how to mortify sin and he sometimes would struggle with assurance
I Like John Owen for lots of reasons Beside that he was also called a dandy because he loved to dress up He wore a wig.
I Don't like him for that. He said sometimes.
I just don't have good assurance and And so what's the solution again morbid introspection and spiritual hypochondriac ism and everything else
No, no, it's outward. It's upward And he would go to Psalm 130 to help him with assurance when his soul was oppressed with horror and darkness according to his own words
And remember when you see all caps LOR D caps It's the personal name of God and when you see like in verse 2 smaller lowercase
LOR D. That's sovereign Out of the depths psalm 130.
I cry to you Oh Lord my personal Lord Oh Sovereign Oh Lord hear my voice
Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy if you Oh Lord Yahweh should mark iniquities
Oh Adonai who could stand but with you Here's the light.
Here's the encouragement. Here's the comfort but with you there is forgiveness that you may be feared.
I Wait for the Lord my soul waits and in this word I hope my soul waits for the
Lord more than the watchman for the morning more than the watchman for the morning No, Israel Oh Bethlehem Bible Church Hope in the
Lord For with the Lord there is steadfast love and with him is plentiful redemption
He will redeem Israel from all his iniquities What great assurance?
Reason number seven why? Romans 8 1 is important reason number seven is that we all still struggle with sin
We all still struggle with sin. Let's go back to Romans chapter 7. We still struggle with sin Paul said
Trustworthy deserving full acceptance this saying that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom
I am the foremost Christians struggle with sin it was
Martin Luther who said Simul Eustace at Peket or using the
Latin words simult simultaneously Eustace just are righteous at and Peket or I didn't say
Pescado. I said Peket or simultaneously just and sinful From one perspective.
We are completely righteous in God's eyes because we're in Christ Jesus and we have his righteousness From another perspective we still deal with sin
And so why is Romans 8 important is because we still sin it talks about it even in Romans chapter 7
Paul I Think as a Christian man as a mature Apostle says things like this in Romans 7 15.
I Do not understand my own actions. I Do not do what I want, but the very thing
I do the very thing. I hate sound familiar. I can relate to that Sometimes I think sadly that's like my life verse
Now if I do what I do not want I agree with the law that it's good So now it is no longer
I who do it verse 17, but sin that dwells within me For I know that nothing good dwells in me that is in my flesh
If I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out For I do not do the good.
I want but the evil I do not want is what I keep on Doing and he says hauntingly in verse 24
Wretched man that I am who will set me free from this body of death
Probably alluding to one of the things that they would do back in the day if you killed somebody you murdered them
They would tie the dead body to your back And you would not be able to escape and slowly that decaying body would get into your system
And you would slowly die too by the bacteria Who will set me free from this body of death you ever feel like that I feel like that Verse 25 thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our
Lord We sin and so we need to go back to this over and over and over So we're motivated out of gratitude to say thank you.
I would repent quicker the struggle is greater I mean if I ask you the question do you read the
Bible enough? Do you pray enough? Do you sacrifice for other people enough?
Do you love other people enough of course those are good questions to ask?
We struggle in those things do we love the Lord our God with all our hearts so minus strength and a neighbor as ourselves even as Christians no, but we want to we desire to So why is
Romans 8 so important because we're in Christ Jesus and in Christ Jesus God sees you dear
Christian as he sees Christ, and he sees Christ the perfect Bible reader the perfect prayer partner
The perfect evangelist the perfect preacher the one who says no to every temptation the one who says it is finished
The one who did enough read enough memorized enough fully satisfied all
God's claims And you look at the promises of that great God all that the
Father gives me shall come to me and him that comes to Me I will in no wise what cast out even though we sin as Christians My sheep hear my voice, and I know them
Jesus said and they follow me And I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand
My father who gave them to me is greater than all and no man is able to pluck them out of my father's hand I And my father are one
Must we love Jesus yes should we love our neighbor yes? But when we don't
We stand in Christ Jesus. There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus And lastly let's end here reason number eight
It's important because Romans 8 1 introduces us to the ministry of the
Holy Spirit You can count how many times you see the Holy Spirit in chapter 7 I don't think you'll find very many you can count how many times you'll see the
Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 8 I think you'll find very very many more than a dozen and for a
Christian who's struggling with their assurance What do they do well they look to the Lord Jesus by faith?
They look at him first That's the most important thing because he obeyed for them and died for them.
It was raised for them and then secondly secondly not primarily, but secondly
They can say I wonder if the Spirit of God is working in my life. I can see the fruit of the
Spirit of my life I wish there were more, but I can see the fruit of my spirit. I can see love and joy and peace
And that's what force in Galatians 5, but here we also have the Holy Spirit's inner witness in Romans chapter 8 verse 14
Romans 8 1 introduces us to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and we can look at all of the Spirit's work in Romans 8
But I want to draw your attention to this because it applies to assurance For all who are led by the
Spirit of God are sons of God For you did not receive the spirit of slavery verse 15 to fall back into fear
But you believer in Christ Jesus even here today have received the spirit of adoption as sons by whom we cry
Abba Father When you're really hurting dear
Christian When you're suffering when you get the news from the doctor when the stock market tanks, whatever the big trial is in your life
Relationship issues When everything's been said and done you try to solve it all your own and figure it out all your own
And then you're just at your wits end, and you think you know what? God please help me
You know what that's the sign that you're a Christian. That's exactly what he's saying here Romans 8 15 when you cry out
Abba father And by the way that crying out is not like a little whimpering. It's not like a little kind of tiny little cry
This is the cry that You've fallen This is the cry used of a pregnant woman crying in childbearing
And you don't know what else to do and so when you're hurting and you fall and you fall headlong you say father help
That's the ministry of the Spirit of God That he's showing you that the only help you have is a father that protects and pities and provides
It shows you that you're really a Christian because you realize I can't get my help anywhere else It shows you you're just like your
Savior Jesus when he cried Abba father all things are possible from For thee remove this cup yet, not what
I will but what thou wilt One of the great things about assurance is you see the
Spirit of God working in your life And he primarily works by love joy and peace yes, but he works by saying
God help me Oh, God. I don't know where else to turn Remember Luther's mighty fortress is our
God the song and though this world with devils filled should threaten to undo us We will not fear for God has willed his truth to triumph through us the prince of darkness grim
We tremble not for him his rage. We can endure for lo his doom is sure One little word shall what?
Fell him. I think it's been eight years since I asked you what that little word is so let me ask you now
What's the little word? What's the little word that makes Satan fall in Luther's song?
What's the one word of course the Sunday school word is Jesus that always works? back in the old days by the way,
I didn't like that when my kids would come into and Come home, and I'd say would you learn at Sunday school?
Jesus again Now I like that answer. Yeah, we learned about Jesus every single week.
Just like we learned about Jesus from the pulpit Luther was writing in Galatians 4 and he tells us what the word is
There's a little word notwithstanding that comprehends all things though. I be oppressed with anguish and terror on every side
Utterly forsaken and cast away from my presence seemingly yet. I am your child and you are my father for Christ's sake
The law scolds us sin screams at us death thunders at us the devil roars at us in the midst of the clamor the spirit of Christ cries in our hearts
Abba father therefore
There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Isn't that good news
Christian? I? Like mac and cheese, but I think that's better than mac and cheese. I Think that's that better than lobster mac and cheese
Usually don't order that unless somebody else is paying and if you're here today, and you're not a
Christian. I hope you think through this Because how many times that I say dear
Christian, you're not condemned because I want you to know Christian. You're not condemned But if you're not a
Christian here today, you're condemned, and if you were to die the second you'll spend an eternity in the wrath of the
Lamb God rescues people like us and he can rescue people like you By not doing anything, but trusting in the finished work of the
Lord Jesus And you need to believe on the Lord Jesus today his offer is free and full you should have too many sins
Jesus is a great Savior. I can't stop my sins Jesus. Jesus is a great sanctifier. I can't do anything
I know that's perfect So you can cry out to God Lord help and for us as Christians Let's make sure we have this as one of our
I wanna verses deep down in our hearts There's no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Let's pray father. Thank you for your word Our conscience condemn us the world condemns us other people condemn us
But those of us who are children of God trusting in Jesus alone for salvation
No condemnation for those in Christ Jesus In light of that increase our gratitude increase our