Redeeming Genealogies (Part 2)


While biblical genealogies need no redeeming, since they are God-breathed, the way we look at them might need some redeeming.  Tune in to learn how to appreciate the “begats."  


The Priority of Preaching - Part 3

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We don't know what we're doing All right redeeming genealogies redeeming genealogies
Not that biblical genealogies need to be redeemed there God breathe But I thought in light of my
Luke 3 passage that we would talk on the radio About how to have a good attitude when it comes to genealogies
You know if somebody got up and said I'm gonna preach a whole sermon on a genealogy You're like don't brother you would know deep down.
Okay. I know it's in the Bible and I should have a better attitude But I'd rather have something else. I don't know
Something thrilling something Cora and the ground opening up and swallowing him up or something like the dramatic pilot and Jesus and Barabbas or something about the resurrection of Lazarus or something about Matthew and the tombs were opened and people got up and walked around Jerusalem and You know something like that Red Sea Dead Sea Med Sea something.
I mean, let's have some excitement let alone Genealogy But then we go well we kind of like ancestry .com
kind of like finding our own genealogy, how about the genealogy of Lord Jesus, so we did last show if you haven't list the last show you probably should you can just stop now go back to that show and listen to the pod cast and I think
I have ten ways to redeem genealogies biblical regional biblical genealogies in your mind
Number one recognize their prophet because they're God breathe Number two ask why are they there?
That's the context. Remember the biblical Authority, sorry, remember the
Bible's historical accuracy For rejoicing the fulfillment of prophecy and promises like what
David right? We see David in Jesus's line because Matthew One and Luke three
Show the fulfillment of Isaiah 11 right and second Chronicles Excuse me.
Second Samuel seven boy. This is a rough show. We're gonna have to revert to something else I don't I don't know what we're gonna have to revert to but maybe
And if you know Star Trek you'll know that show I Should probably rewatch some of those shows.
It's been quite a while I used to have a Star Trek book of I'm guessing now 79 83 episodes
Not sure about the pilots and all that other stuff And then every time I saw one I would just put a little check mark there
You know four or five ticks little tick marks to make sure I'd Seen those shows and I had a little booklet that had summaries of those shows too.
So I was a real Trekker Not a tracker, but a Trekker and then of course
Star Wars came out and then everybody said Kirk who? James Tiberius Kirk of all things
Tiberius Kirk and James Tiberius Kirk was from what state?
According to Gene Roddenberry's fictional account I Is for Iowa Oh is for Iowa W is for Iowa a is for Iowa Number five we saw that you could praise
God for his care and interest in people individuals soul and spirits same thing
Image bears eternal souls And then lastly we saw
Or today not lastly, but firstly today six Lee yesterday It's Not any amount of anything will rescue it, you know what
I'm gonna do I'm gonna pull up the genealogy in the message
Bible and see if it's got any way to help me redeem Not genealogies, but I need this show redeemed.
That's what I need Okay, when
Jesus entered public life He was about 30 years old the son in public perception of Joseph who was and then at least all the names and even the message
Bible can't All right, there you go
Good for nothing Number six redeeming genealogies be amazed that God is not a far -off
God. In other words. He's not a deist. He's working the last one he talks My works with people directly writing his care and his interest for people
But now we're realizing he's working with people but in history, too We look at the world and we think it's out of control
It's certainly sin seems like it's out of control but God as We see and genealogies as a
God who is sovereign God who's in control in faraway places in insignificant locations
He the Lord has established just thrown in the heavens and his sovereignty rules over all
Our God is in the heavens and he does whatever he pleases And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love
God to those who are called according to his purpose Biblical genealogies show that God is certainly not far off and a deist
God widening things up and then letting them go into chaos the 1689
Chapter 5 of divine providence Comes to mind when I think of a genealogy
God the good creator of all things in his infinite power and wisdom does uphold direct dispose and govern all creatures and things
From the greatest even to the least by his most wise and holy providence To the end for the which they were created.
I didn't make a mistake there. I read it perfectly According unto his infallible foreknowledge and the free and immutable counsel of his own will
To the praise of the glory of his wisdom power justice infinite goodness and mercy The almighty power the confession goes on to say unsearchable wisdom and infinite goodness of God So far manifest themselves in his providence that his determinate counsel extends itself
Even to the first fall and all other sinful actions both of angels and men and that not by a bare permission
Which also he most wisely and powerfully binds and otherwise orders and governs in a manifold dispensation to his most holy ends
The most wise righteous and gracious God does oft times leave for a season his own children to manifold temptations and The corruptions of their own hearts
To chasten them for their former sins or to discover unto them the hidden strength of corruption and deceitfulness of their hearts
That they may be humbled and to raise them to a more close and constant dependence their support upon himself and to make them more watchful against all other future occasions of sin and for other just Just and holy ends so that whatever befalls any of his elect is by his appointment for his glory in their good
And as I read the genealogies those truths From the
Bible summarized by the 1689 come to my mind. I Read genealogies.
I think of God's sovereignty and that God has an everlasting dominion his kingdom endures from generation to generation and he like Daniel 4 says does according to his will in the host of heaven and Among the inhabitants of earth and no one can ward off his hand or say to him.
What have you done? When I read genealogies, I think about God is Lord and Sovereign Most High King Almighty He sits on a throne his hands hold time and all eternity
He's sovereign. He reigns he rules he decrees he ordains he commands he appoints he establishes he chooses he predestines he for ordains
Everything without exception Cannot be frustrated by anyone or anything. I read those genealogies and they're meant to be that was just not accidental and that makes me think
This is amazing I should stand in awe of such a great God It's not chaos.
That's ruling. It's not sin. That's ruling It's God that's ruling and this is good for us to grab hold of it in our days
You want to build your faith you want to have comfort and sorrow? You want to realize that not a single event and all the universe occurs outside of God's sovereign control then genealogies are a good place to go
Number seven trust that the Lord can use sinful people for his purposes Mike Ebenroth no compromise radio redeeming genealogies at least in our mind
I Hear something outside first. I thought it was music. Then I thought it was a motorcycle then I thought it was a
Chainsaw Trust that the Lord can use sinful people for his purposes.
It is a chainsaw Not every person in biblical genealogies was godly not everyone was a believer some believers in genealogies
Yes, and some genealogies contain believers that were pretty sinful You have
Israelites you have Gentiles you have men you have women
God uses believers. God uses unbelievers. God uses a believers who sin.
God utilizes unbelievers who sin and God is Teaching us through genealogies many things and I think one of the things that we need to do is that God uses people that are sinful for his purposes
Tamar Rahab Bathsheba David Abraham Ammon Manasseh those are in biblical genealogies
You learn that these people were sinners Phil Reichen has a good Paragraph when it comes to this
They were all guilty of the same kinds of sins as we are. All these men were sinners It's nice to think that our ancestors were noble and good and they did something heroic heroic
This is one of the reasons why people like to study their family trees Whether they were heroic people
Or not the people who came before us were just as deeply flawed as we are We can infer this from the mere fact that they were human beings
We can also prove it from the pages of the Bible Consider some of the skeletons in the family closet as recorded in the
Old Testament Tara the father of Abraham was an idolater Abraham was a liar
Jacob was a cheater and a thief Judah traded slaves and consorted with prostitutes
David was a murderer and adulterer. We usually remember these men as heroes But they were also scoundrels all the way back to Adam at the taproot of the family tree like any genealogy the one in Luke's gospel records a long line of sinners
And might I say on no compromise radio unlike cancel culture that we live in now
Which comes back to bite you because everybody needs to be canceled whether we've been caught on tape or not
God uses sinners so he gets all the glory Right. You can even think of Bible verses as for you
Joseph said to his brothers you meant evil against me But God meant it for what good in order to bring about this present result to preserve many people
You realize that God can use even Satan right Job didn't know it was Satan But he knew that God controlled
Satan Shall we indeed accept good from God? Job said to his wife and not accept adversity and all this
Job did not sin with his lips Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked. I shall return there The Lord gave and the
Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord God calls
Nebuchadnezzar his servant in Jeremiah 25 and even the worst sin of all the crucifixion of the
Lord Jesus Where Herod and Pontius Pilate along with the Gentiles and the people of Israel Crucified Jesus the
Holy Servant taking their stand against him To do whatever
God's hand and God's purpose predestined to occur. That's Acts chapter 4. No compromise radio ministry today
We're looking at genealogies how to redeem them not that they need redeeming but in our minds
We need to be redeemed and the way we think about them because maybe I'm just the only one
When I get to genealogy, I'm like, oh brother Maybe I'll just put the audio
Bible on at that part All right. We have three more Ways to redeem genealogies that are pretty much specific to Luke.
So let's see what we can do When it comes to redeeming genealogies, and now we get a particular
Three for Luke the other ones were just general that work for Luke But also these are more specific to Luke number eight
Or maybe we should say particularly number one for Luke Not the last seven general ones spot the order of names
About the order of names Matthew goes from older to the present Luke does the opposite?
Spot the order. So what's going on? There should be like a signal or a spotlight for emphasis Luke 3 23 the genealogy of Jesus starts with Jesus when he began his ministry was about 30 years of age being the son as Was supposed of Joseph the son of Heli and so here we have
Jesus about 30 years age And we move from chapter 2 where he's 12 to now 30 18 years passes right even when we are dealing with John the
Baptist and Jesus earlier. It's the same thing And of course 30 years of age if you're thinking about the
Bible Ezekiel Starts at 30 David was 30 years old when he became
King when you were 30 you could serve as a priest From 30 years and upward even to 50 years old tent of meeting and so public ministry
Seems like it's a theme in the Bible 30 years old. And as one man said the hour strikes for Jesus and We start off with Joseph the supposed
Father because we know of the virgin conception and then the virgin birth
Luke's Genealogy ends with son of Venus son of Seth son of Adam son of God So it doesn't start off with Adam and to work its way forward in That direction of chronology like Matthew does its ends like this.
I Don't know of any other genealogy that ends this way One writer said no parallel in the
Old Testament or in rabbinic text for a genealogy to begin or end with the name of God Luke's ending shouts for attention this way.
So not just the order but who's there? It's kind of jolting Hmm Adam son of God Hmm son of God there another son of God Israel, then there's another son of God this eternal son of God Okay I'm thinking thinking through the
Bible for as an Adam all die So in Christ all will be made alive So it is written the first man
Adam became a living being the last Adam a life giving spirit Okay, I'm thinking thinking through Romans 5
Not just first Corinthians 15, but Romans 5 says For if by the trespass of one man death reigned through that one man
How much more will those who received God's abundant provision of grace and the gift of righteousness? Reign in life through the one man
Jesus Christ. He's the Son of God Son of Venus Son of Seth son of Adam son of God Now we've talked about this on the show before but it's good to talk about it again
If I were to give you two terms son of God and son of man Do they both apply to Jesus?
Yes Jesus says the son of man and son of God Which one talks about his humanity which one talks about his deity?
Well, most the time we would say son of man since man's human that son of man talks about his humanity
Son of God God is divine and so son of God talks about his deity Jesus certainly is truly
God and truly man. He perfectly is man and perfectly is God He verily is both two natures certainly one person certainly
But son of man and son of God It's not as easy to say.
Well, you know what son of man man is man. So that's humanity kind of God God That's deity.
It doesn't work that way While Jesus has dual natures Remember son of man, that's what
Jesus called himself regularly and if you think about the Old Testament, you should go to a to a vision that Daniel had about a heavenly court and There was this heavenly person a divine person
Who's going to visit the earth and judge? I? saw in the night visions Daniel 713 and behold with the clouds of heaven there came one like the son of Man and he came to the ancient of days and was presented before him and to him was given dominion and a glory and a kingdom that All people's nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting dominion
Which shall not pass away and his kingdom One that shall not be destroyed divine authority on the clouds
Dominion glory kingdom son of man It's not talking about Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar would never make it and therefore when we say son of man
It's a claim to deity Jesus calls himself son of man.
He's saying I'm God I Did this that you might know that the son of man has authority to forgive it sins
I did this that you may know that the son of man is Lord of the Sabbath it's an exalted title and Son of God is talking about his humanity and if you do what your father does your reflection of your father and Here we have that term used.
So son of God is a term of humanity and That works out perfectly because we go back to all humanity
He's the he's the son of God Perfect and Then it says in chapter 4 verse 1 and Jesus full of the
Holy Spirit returns to Jerusalem to Jordan Excuse me. It was led by the Spirit into the wilderness and so now we have
The man, of course the God man, but we have the great Last Adam off into the wilderness
Not paradise Not a garden Now with a helper But against Satan on his own
And you think he's gonna undo it Adam the first did I think so Number nine recognizing the differences between Luke and Matthew's genealogy will help you understand and redeem
Luke's genealogy their differences between Matthew's genealogy of chapter 1 and Luke's genealogy of chapter 3 what's different?
Well, many of the names are different. I Saw one commentary that there are 38 names that are different different the arrangements of the names are different Right you have
Maybe Jesus to exile three times seven generations in Luke and exiled to David three times seven generations
David to Abraham two times seven generations, etc And then of course Matthew were with fourteens.
So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14 generations Like that theme of 14, so the arrangement is different The order of chronology is different, right?
We just talked about that one going forward one going backward and There's all kinds of excellent exclamations no explanations
Best thing to do is remember divine author and so there has to be a perfect and Perfect reason for this has to be a purpose for this and really what you come down to is simply this
Matthew and Luke are asking two different questions Showing the answers to these two different questions
Matthew who's the next king of Israel? Who's the ultimate king of Israel Luke? Who was this person's father?
I Am your father. I Don't have any Star Wars stuff here. Do I do I have any
Star Wars stuff anywhere? Would there be any place I could go to find Star Wars stuff? Why two genealogies two different questions?
right Matthew is giving us Joseph genealogy Luke giving us
Mary's genealogy that sounds about right Matthew's following the line of Joseph his legal father through David and Luke is following the line of Mary Jesus's blood relative through David's son
Nathan one through Solomon one through Nathan Through either
Mary's or Joseph's line. Jesus is a descendant of David and therefore eligible to be the Messiah Okay You can get into he lie who's he lie is it a father -in -law
Leverite marriage and all that other stuff But we don't need to do that We have a royal succession
And we have a physical descendant Matthew shows the royal side Luke's shows the physical side
So it's fine legal in blood We've got them both there Reichen while both lines trace
Christ to David each is through a different son of David Matthew traces Jesus through Joseph his legal father to David's son
Solomon the king by whom Christ rightfully inherited the throne of David Luke's purpose on the other hand is to show
Christ as An actual human so he traces Christ to David's son Nathan through his actual mother
Mary through whom he can rightfully claim to be fully human the Redeemer of Humanity All right, and then the last one understand the context
Well, we already did that one. So let's change it to understand content. How about that? What's the author's purpose and there's several here in Luke?
He wants you to see that Jesus was a historical person not a phantom not mister mystical mysterious
No, he really was a Jew. He really was born in Bethlehem. He really was from Judea He really had Joseph and and Mary as stepfather and and mother and he was a real man
He also had the right credentials from baptism to temptation. We saw or will see his
Credentials, but his genealogy shows it as well. I Mean if I'm gonna go to a doctor,
I want good credentials. How about you? He's truly man perfectly man You'll see that here as we talked about and he's the last
Adam So, there you go next time you have a genealogy you can read it with joy, can you not?
Yes, of course, you can my cave -in Roth. No compromise radio ministry today redeeming biblical genealogies
Not that they need redeeming but our minds need to be redeemed so that we can think about them properly
You can write me Mike at no compromise radio .com Thanks for praying for my health
My schedule looks pretty clear for 2024 I hope to be
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