Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 with Pastor Braden Patterson


Greg sat down with the speakers from the Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 hosted by  @openairtheology3783   . His interviews included Pastor Greg Moering Jr, Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, Pastor John Crawford, Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast:


All right, Brayden Patterson, we're here at the shadows to substance conference keeping these rolling along as we're covering this conference here in Tullahoma, Tennessee Great.
How are you brother do? Yeah, it's I feel to every morning, you know what my feet hit the ground amen to that so you just finished up your session
We're talking about this from shadows to substance in yours was on Adam being
Essentially the shadow of Christ amen to that. Yes. Yeah, so Before we get into that tell us a little bit about yourself.
Yeah, just so just to start from the top My name is Brayden Patterson. I I'm the pastor of Valley Baptist Church in Hagerman, Idaho Mm -hmm
I'd love if you live in that area and you're not planted already in a solid Christian Church to come worship the one and only True God with us.
It'd be a blessing. I like that. I feel like you said that a few times You got it down pat it rolls off the tongues. Yeah It's nice Yeah, when you're when you're a pastor, you got to be just a little bit of a salesman to you know a little bit
No, how sweet is Jesus Christ, you don't really have to sell that it just when you believe in the product it sells itself, right?
It's great so I've been getting you know hung out last night We had some dinner and get to know you and in some of the other brothers in the
Lord here And it's been a great conference so far Give us a little idea of what you talked about this afternoon in your session on how
Exactly Adam was a shadow of things to come in Christ. Yeah, I think he really
Reflects in a mirror in opposite ways of what Christ does for us an Adam We have fallen and Adam this
Imago Dei is distorted and Adam. He's cast into a fallen world and Adam we die Christ is the second better Adam.
He's from above instead of the from below like Adam was he has made us to live He's undone that curse.
He's he's restored the Imago Dei There's there's so many correlations between Adam and Christ that perfectly reflect each other
Most importantly though is that in my opinion that that through the fall and the deception of the serpent
We fall in Adam and in Christ he's the one that that bruises the head of that serpent and we have a restoration of that of that curse that was first brought in the first Adam is
Is remedied in the second Adam, yeah yeah, it's such a beautiful thing too because you even see that in and I think you you
Spoke out of Hebrews as well to that reflects that so well. Oh, yeah. Yeah Was it you that was in Hebrews 8 2
I was Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that was funny because Hebrews 8 you're talking about the New Covenant James white comes up as I mean
Just rubs my shoulder goes it's gonna be alright Presbyterian. Don't worry James gets a little snarky towards people.
He barely knows. That's right. I think he's trying like he said earlier. He's trying to finish Well, I guess Sarcasm, I guess right just shows that he's still that he still has the remnant of the
Imago Dei corrupted in him. Yeah But Can you talk a little bit about that about the
New Covenant and about how Hebrews so beautifully shows that? Something and you touched on this many through Adam and many through Christ Dive into that a little bit just a little bit for yeah, so especially in Hebrew So as a church in Valley Baptist, we've been doing
Bible studies in Hebrews I just got done preaching through Ruth and Haggai We just started in the book of Philippians But we're been in a
Bible study in Hebrews and it's remarkable when you consider if the main theme of Hebrews in my opinion would
Be the the supremacy and the superiority of Christ in all things. Yeah, that's that here are these these
Jewish converts to Christianity and they Love Moses and Abraham and here they're being reminded that no that you think that they were good
Yeah, Christ is so much better Christ is the mediator of the better covenant and all these things these these other things were shadows
They were types they were copies of what the true substance is, right? Yeah And Romans chapter 5 in that text with with that the many die in Adam and the many that are made alive in Christ In the in the doctrine of federal headship.
It's so important to remember who all is involved in Adam Well, everybody is we all right.
We all suffer that well In that same language that's applied to Christ, right? So we can't say that all
Are made alive in Christ because there are some that will suffer the wrath of God the rapture is abiding upon them currently and will
Be forever if they die in their sins not covered by the Lamb. Amen God, right? Yeah, and so it's talking about federal headship that everybody that's an
Adam receives death Everybody in Christ receives mercy in life. Yeah, the just if it's good to make that distinction.
Yes, we're not universalists here. Amen to that Yep, and I like that you dug down on that because some people will gloss over that that language and believe me we're going through Hebrews right now in our
Sunday evening services in our small groups and It's man.
You nail it, right? It's just a book of constant. He is he's the better. He is the more perfect He is the final he is the eternal high priest
Savior Christ King, right? And to hear you talk about that when talking on Adam to Christ Yeah, I was just so happy because it's it's such
I don't know Sometimes I feel we kind of stay out of Hebrews a little bit You know some some churches even but when
I talk to believers, yeah, it's a little I don't know It's a it's a it feels a little mystical. It feels a little understand.
It's hard to understand, right? It's it's how when I was growing up how and come to find out the reason they said this was, you know,
Romans It's it's it's a weird. It's you know, it's very theological It's like I was in a fundamental church that thought
Calvinists weren't saved. So that's probably why they stayed out of Romans Yeah, that's a fact. Yeah, but oh
Man, but to hear you go through Hebrews and to bring that out Man, it was it was such a blessing.
I praise the Lord for that and then to hear your backstory I want to put this out there for the listeners, too I want to get with you off like so I'd like to have you come on These are only 10 or 15 minutes long right now
But I'd love to have you come on for an extended time and kind of talk about your journey out of the LSD Church.
Yes LDS LDS Church drug drug church.
I'm tracking out of your drug church out of your acid church LDS I'm sorry. Sometimes I get going so fast.
I'm mixing up my letters and In in your journey to where you are now and now pastoring. I just find that so interesting.
Yeah So I think for everyone listening right now be looking forward to seeing you on hopefully in the future that would truly be a blessing
Brother, I any time I can talk about Christ and magnify him. I'm totally And here's the thing in my brain right now.
I want to ask you all these questions and I go, okay I don't want to get into an hour and a half We don't want to ruin what's gonna come in the future exactly.
We've got a limited amount of time This is a review Preview of what's to come?
It's a show. I see what you did there. I like that Shadow things to come tell the people where they can find you at are you on social media at all where they could find your
Church, yeah, so we'll link it up in the you know below when the when the podcast would be wonderful Yeah, so so Brayden Patterson, you can find me on Facebook If you have questions if you're
LDS, especially if you're LDS and you're you're wanting to know about this ex LDS It's become Christian truly truly
Christian having faith in the biblical Jesus I would encourage you to reach out to me or if you have any questions on how to evangelize LDS I would love to chat with you as well
But Brayden Patterson on Facebook on YouTube, you can find me underneath reformed ex -mormon
That's my youtube channel. Okay, it's kind of a hodgepodge of just anything that's on on my mind that I post my sermons on there
I post eschatological videos on there right evangelism videos like that. You name it. It's it's on there.
I'm trying to build it up anyway So yeah, no, I reformed ex -mormon check that out.
And then I'm also a co -host with on open -air theology Yes with Jeff and haps Truly a blessing true blessing and then that church that I'm so blessed and privileged
Unworthy to be at is Valley Baptist Church in Hagerman, Idaho 390 North State Street.
Yeah, if you're in that area Southern, Idaho Come worship God with us and how long have you been pastoring there?
I've been there for over a little over two years now a little over two years Yeah, I was at where I was ordained at Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls.
Yeah, that's where I worked at as in twin and okay, so Pastor though in Hagerman that I so I was sent there
When when there was an opening, of course, and yeah, so saw it According to his will to call me.
How do you like it out West? It's a I like it I really do I I really really I hear it's a beautiful state. Oh and then the potatoes
I can't get over the potatoes your french -fry guy. You're like, all right, let's go Every time okay.
So as we wrap up here, we're at shadows to substance conference anyone listening
Who's been listening to these clips? You'll probably be fourth or fifth in line here What's a takeaway that you you could tell them?
Right now either on something you talked about or just in general on this subject I'm gonna put you on the spot, but you're preacher so you can handle it
Yeah, give me one or two minutes on that Give us a takeaway as we head out You know the biggest thing that I that I and I use this illustration in my message
And I hope I hate to appeal to my message to talk about no, please do this But you know if you have been married for any amount of time
I've been married for coming on five years. Oh, well six years now. I almost got in trouble there six years right now
I would be thought of as a Terrible terrible terrible husband if I told anybody that I would trade my current six years
I've been with my wife to go back to when I was dating I will be viewed as a worthless husband a worthless man in that sense.
Yeah, not a good husband Not a good representative of Christ As a husband
I'm to love the fact that I've been married to her right yeah I wouldn't I would never trade six years to go back to a date
I would say that six were years is worth much more far as well than the farm time you were dating Yeah, and so likewise
I even in that sense how much of a less of a man Would you think I would be if I was trying to hug the the shadow of my wife rather than hugging the actual substance?
And that's how it is when we talk about shadows in the Old Testament to that of the substance of Christ is if you are
Grasping to anything. That's a shadow of Christ. You are not grasping on to the substance and shame on you
You're not a real man If you're doing that just like if you were not you're not a real man If you're not grasping to your wife your wife in that way,
I like it the gauntlet has been put down Yeah, it really is it really is and then and that's like truly in in And that's that's why
I loved preaching on with it from Adam to Christ is that When you were unconverted and you were looking at your sins
And you were in this kingdom of death serving that that monarch sitting upon that throne that you loved and worshipped.
Yeah You essentially have it like a corpse a dead Adam in front of you, and you love it
You honor it and and when you're born again, and you repent and believe in the gospel You actually turn and you see the cross and you see the second
Adam and your sin is now there Yeah, and and that's that's the substance. You don't want to go to shadows
Yeah, the shadow takes you to the substance absolutely in the substance because the substance actually gives you nourishment in life
Yeah And I would just add to that too for those and this has been a running theme on some of these snippets and the listeners
Get tired of me saying this but when we have people trying to unhitch the to the Old and New Testament How beautiful does and how much more?
Do you do you love the New Covenant when you can see Christ woven throughout the entire
Old Covenant? And you say this is what and we're we're in the New Covenant those they were expecting they were going when is it?
Yeah You had prophets that died and were martyred and and killed and never saw the day and hoped for the day
And we're living in that day. Amen. So so let's let's wake up every morning with joy in our hearts gratefulness and You know proclaiming the gospel.
Amen. Amen guys. Thanks so much for listening to another segment at the shadows to substance conference
We're gonna be hearing more from Brayden for sure. I love this brother in the Lord Hope you're enjoying it as well as always remember the chief end of man to glorify
God enjoy him forever. God bless God bless Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast episodes and clips or email us at dead men walking podcast at gmail .com