Crosspolitic Returns: Sumpter, Knox, & Rench Discuss Upcoming Fight Laugh Feast Conference DMW#189


This week greg sat down with Pastor Sumpter, Chocolate Knox, & Gabe Rench of Crosspolitic. Now into their fourth year of the Fight Laugh Feast Conferences, they discussed what will be in store for those attending and livestreaming this year's subject: The Six Days of Creation. Being held at the Creation Museum, Dead Men Walking got an exclusive preview of the content that is in store. It was an energizing episode. Enjoy! Want to be part of the fun and the @fightlaughfeastexperience8205 Stop by our booth and say hello while we live podcast at this conference! Buy tickets HERE: Dead Men Walking Website & Merch:


There we go Exploring theology doctrine and all of the fascinating subjects in between Broadcasting from an undisclosed location dead men walking starts
Well, hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of dead men walking podcast, thanks for coming along on the ride
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Let's get right into the episode today because we have some returning guys that I absolutely love I can't stress it enough and I have on the podcast before that They're the one of the reasons
I do something like this each week on dead men walking podcast have been huge fans of theirs for Quite a long while listen to their podcast their ministries read their books follow what they're doing on social media
That is Sumter Knox and wrench from cross politic. How you guys doing brothers? It's good, man.
Thanks. Thanks for having us I remember when you first started you I love that intro. It's great. Yeah, you just got me fired up already
You've just you got a great voice for this and just seeing you grow over the years been awesome man and his pain well,
I Dude, your pace is like whoa. Whoa. Whoa I'm a salesman and I got
ADHD. So you don't I mean talk fast. Let's get to the content, baby And you guys always bring it You know and you guys on cross -politic if you guys are listening to this podcast right now
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There you go So but but we don't want to just sit here and say how much we love each other because we can do that at the conference
Next month. That's what we want to talk about. I want to talk about fight left feast conference I believe 11th through 14th if I'm if I'm correct my saying the right dates there.
I think I'm coming down on the 11th Okay Politics of six days of creation you guys always have great subjects a lot of good speakers
Can we just dive right into it and give first of all, there's still tickets available If anyone's listening, they want to travel down to Kentucky or up or over to Kentucky Give them, you know, is there tickets available and then give us a little overview what we're gonna be talking about for those three four days
Yeah, there's still tickets available. People can go to fight left feast calm For to sign up this year the topic of the conference this year is politics of six -day creation
And also before you got the arc encounter Not just anywhere in Kentucky, I mean it get it right at the life -size arc arc
Yeah, and we actually ought to do a pre -business conference as part of it. You'll see the schedule pre business makers we call business makers conference and that is
All the schedule and you can sign up separately for that it's real cheap and there's a There's a number of things we're doing in between all this there's after parties.
There's that where Greg buys first rounds of beers Look at I love the look on people's faces when two three four hundred guys show up to a bar take it over start singing
Smoking cigars, they have their craft beer and people who are just there for a dinner go what is going on? We've had lots of conversations with non -believers and they go where you from.
What are you doing? Why you singing? It's actually a great witnessing opportunity because you're in a public space and you go look at this is who we are
And this is what we do. We're glorifying God even at this after party So proud to sponsor it and looking forward to it
And I just heard that you got Bonson for the for the business for the pre -business show. Is that correct? Yeah, David Bonson's coming in he's speaking at 3 o 'clock on the business makers conference
And then we're doing a panel with all the speakers all the business You have
Camden Spiller and then you have Industries, yep, Camden Spiller CEO of Maddox Industries and you have
Heather the CEO of Gibson go and her brother coming Okay, come in and they're both their spouses are actually coming nice and everything and then
David Bonson at 3 p .m And then a panel at 4 p .m. So the way we do our with us I want to have a personal conversation with you as people
These companies are awesome I mean Gibson go was called before Canadian Parliament for funding the trucker convoy.
Yes, like these people are killed it Yeah, and they killed they killed a Canada Parliament and our country
America didn't help them. Yeah Wow I'm really Okay, I'm gonna ask kind of a how the sausage is made and answered however you want
But I am always astounded over the last four years of really kind of how I've been connected with you guys you find speakers theologians scholars political activists that are kind of They're they're up -and -coming.
They have a little following but it's like you guys get them, right? And then once they connect with you, it's like they explode, you know what
I mean? I'm thinking, you know and Whitlock in his own right had stuff going on He's being SPN but it's like some of these guys that you get
Bonson is like Everywhere now and it's like you guys get a hold of them six months to a year before they just became nationwide names
I mean who's who's on yours who's scouting your talent over there because they're doing a phenomenal job Let's just give an example somebody like pastor
Doug Wilson who's been doing this for what 40 years at least Well, all you have to do is go to the trash bin of evangelicalism look over the edge
Grab everything that's in there and you'll find all these guys Yeah, I mean
I'm not even joking I mean the last time that pastor Wilson was on this the circuit for speaking conference
It's speaking at conferences What It was well that was earlier when and then you had a
John Piper Yeah, he was at this. That's the last time that he was desiring God conference. That was it
Yeah, and after that he just fell off and I'm trying to figure out why yeah. Yeah, I mean literally I mean it just it blows my mind that he's not invited to a conferences
Particularly ones that are dealing with worship that deal with education that didn't we got sovereign I mean, he's got he's got 40 over 40 books.
He's written or something like this, but I got 40 more Just I mean,
I just don't get it and so it's for us I think the first thing way we started with this was like, you know Why why don't we then make sure that everything we do?
Baxter Wilson it Whenever we schedule a conference we we put pastor
Doug and he gets to talk That's right as long as he's willing and able to do it. He's automatically got an invite to do two talks
Yeah, and then we form everything else around him And You know what the thing with David Bonson I just one of the things that's really amazing to me is that Christians do a poor job of thinking about business
They do a poor job of thinking about engaging in the the practical realities of the world and David Bonson is one of those guys who has a lot of wisdom and he the way that he
Communicates with his people who are his enemies or people who he doesn't agree with has been class act
Yes, and and you know what and I've been so impressed with Somebody who has his academic level and and I'm just saying this about myself because I'm around guys who are very intelligent
But is able to pander the people like me like how do I get this and he's willing to do that? And I think
I think pastor Toby labeled it So right the first time we really interviewed he said he's kind of like a Daniel or you know
He got puts him or Joseph, you know In Pharaoh's court in in Nebuchadnezzar's court
Yes, and but he's Really and now he's making his own court, right?
That's for true Yeah And so and there's just guys like that and we you know One of the blessings about being around here is we get
To be around a lot of people that people don't know or haven't heard of our coming because we have NSA we have low guys
We have so many beautiful things that are sprouting in in in Moscow that a lot of people don't know about but these people have been working for years and nobody has
Really platformed them I guess in the beginning and since God has somehow given us this opportunity We're like well, look if if people got all the big speakers at their conferences, that's great
We we don't have the money even afford those guys You know,
I don't I don't know if you guys follow football, but I'm gonna call you guys my Detroit Lions of this year We're take what you guys find the talent you turn them into dogs
And then you set them out on the field for the glory of the Lord. So Because Detroit Knox's from Minneapolis, and you just offended him
I'm with America's team, but I get the analogy Well, look it I'm glad you're giving credit to those speakers
But I just wanted to for the listeners to you guys have done a phenomenal job in building what you're building out there
And I love it when I see people go. Yeah, I'm done with Shapiro. I'm on cross -politic now. Sorry I'm done with you know
Walsh. I'm uncrossed, but they're the only one speaking absolute godly truth You could be conservative
You could be these different things and say you're pro -life and I'm doing air quotes because even our pro -life Conservatives have a real issue with abolition and things like that And it's like that's that's why you guys are growing
I think and what people are attracted to truth and I've said it a million times So I I really appreciate you standing firm on that.
So getting back to the conference tickets still available October 11th through 14th the
Politics of six days of creation. I've said this before but anyone listening. It isn't unlike any other conference.
You're gonna go to okay I've been to the national g3 conference I've been to smaller conferences with James white and some of my reformed
Baptist friends and I've been here and there and I know Joe weapons doing some stuff which Joel was a guy that came on early with you guys and you guys kind of helped each other out there now he has a platform to speak and huge but it's different white lab feast is different that the the psalm singing the the
The the speaking the subjects that we're talking about you're not getting this in a suit and tie at some stuffy
Conference where you're sitting there for nine hours a day and you're going I can't take any more notes It is like you're just getting bombarded with truth and it's a fun interactive way
It's obviously very deep and theological, but it's also godly and fun Tell me what this with this conference is gonna be more of the same
I'm sure but how are we getting into the politics of the six days of creation? No, you tell us you're just doing such a great job
I'm bringing down some guys that have never experienced you guys or or anything like this So I my my joy is when
I bring brothers down like that and they go what you can do this You can talk like this
You can have a camaraderie before in between, you know with my reformed brothers and sisters and it's it's family
It's it's sound theological Doctrine, it's all these things and then on top of that.
I'm making business connections. I've sold houses for people. I've met there I've got a guy doing my marketing that was in your podcast booth
I'm buying coffee from people that show up there like this is what it's about and anyone listening that goes
Where should I spend my hard -earned money? There's 500 conferences a year. This one goes at the top of my list easily
I know g3 is happening in a few weeks. I went no, I'm good on that one for now I'm not saying anything against them
I think they're two different types of conferences, but this one's a priority for me just because of those things so I always look forward to the subject matter too because I think it last year was politics of sex, which was just What I needed what everyone needed there those talks.
So what are we going to get into on on creation? Can is there anything we can argue about or differ about?
Oh, yes. Why is there politics in creation? Yeah the reason why we started off with the reason why we came up with politics of Six -day creation similar like what we do with all our topics is we think man we need it.
We need to talk about this Yeah, and then it's funny watching over the year how actually the topic builds up and it becomes more and more relevant over the year
Yeah, and God's kind in that way but the reason why we chose politics of six -day creation is because we are living in a in a world that is collapsing
From the evolutionary framework being taught and distilled and instilled in our
Director for generations Darwin is the mind virus that's killing us. Yeah. Yeah, and there's no mass for that.
And so what we have It's mr. Potato like science
Going on and for a long time is destroying our minds and now you're actually seeing our kids
Like physically get destroyed now, right? You know the mr Potato head body parts are being interchanged one kid can go from being a man and six months later
They're they look like a woman and they've cut off that they've emasculated themselves and everything And so I think this the politics of six -day creation is critical to humanizing our children
Versus destroying our kids spiritually mentally and now physically well and fundamentally
I think it goes back to the authority of God's Word So did and and I think that's what where we started so we started with questioning just it's the age -old demonic satanic question did
God really say And but it goes back even before like did God really say don't eat the fruit
Did God really say let there be light did God really? Distinguish the waters above from the waters below and did God really separate the waters from the dry ground did
God really speak? Birds and fish did God really speak stars and the
Sun Moons out of nothing out of nothing God really say let's make man In our own image male and female
He created them and did he really command them and bless them to be fruitful multiply fill the earth subdue the earth
Did he really? Yes But if we go fuzzy there if we go which is what the church did and we need to lay this at the feet of the church the
Christian Church Said about a hundred years ago by the Logos and no hundred years ago, bro
I'm talking about and I'm talking about Presbyterians like I'll be straight up honest. It was Presbyterians who started saying
It doesn't matter how God created the world This is a metaphor for you know, God. There's this it's a it's a secondary issue.
We don't need to worry about it Symbolic and whatever and right alongside that but as soon as you make creation
Symbolic and a metaphor and this sort of it's it's just it represents how I feel about whatever
Then this is the same thing can be said about the rest of the Bible and and in particular the gospel itself
Yes, God didn't create the world in six days. Then Jesus didn't die and rise again on the third day Yeah And and what you do is as soon as the more fuzzy you make that then it's more fuzzy on what is the image of?
God when does life begin with what is male? What is female? What is marriage and then if you don't know what marriage is you don't know what human society is
You don't know what justice is, you know Like it's all gone blurry and fuzzy and ambiguous
And so I think everything you can find everything in the first three chapters of Genesis And it also goes back to the authority of God's Word and pastor
I just want to piggyback on what you just said because I think this for me This is the the main reason I've been really Spending a lot of time restoring a biblical cosmology
And one of the ways that you know that people so people will actually say well, yeah, you're right But then they still operate in fear.
We believe in the resurrection even though but they're still fearful They're still fearful about the world because they don't they don't really believe the reality of Genesis They don't believe that the rollout of Genesis actually has implications on how the world actually functions because of evolution like Abe was talking about our
Understanding of the the structures of the world are evolutionary built. So we believe in the resurrection
We believe that God is saving people in the world But we don't believe that the world functions in the way that God made it to flow which and this is what
I mean by that We actually believe this is an evolutionary concept that evil will win
We believe that evil and insanity. We believe that the strongest will survive
We believe that insanity is is sustainable long -term, right, right, it's not but it's not and this is my this is what
I'm trying To get at this is why this event is so important because if we don't have a biblical cosmology
Then we see stuff like the world economic forum We see things like AI and we see things like technology and we become afraid
Because we think that that's how it works and we and we don't think that the world has a creation in the teleos
Right, and so when the Bible talks in Proverbs and says the wicked will plot but they will fall into their own hole
We don't believe that we get fearful and say oh my goodness. What are we gonna do it? But instead we should be thinking how is
God gonna take over Klaus Schwab and make the collapse happen of economic for how's
God gonna use AI Fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the
Lord as the waters cover the sea Simply just even just in the power of the word.
Yes, like I think that that no that You know, what is the line in Luther's hymn one little word shall fell them
One little word like Jesus Christ is that word that's right Crucified buried raised from the dead, but it's the word of that gospel and it's like yeah
We have we have we have the nukes. That's it. Yeah, we we have the nukes
Yeah, and so so this is what I'm talking about So there's not a whole lot of people talking about this issue like you guys are and doing a conference on this
Most people would go Why would we do a conference on an issue that like you said is symbolic because I'm gonna tell you guys right now cross denominational talking to believers
They don't have an opinion on the creation. They're very wishy -washy on it. I don't know. Maybe it's symbolic
Maybe it's every day represents a billion years and it's kind of evolutionary. Maybe it's literal six days
It doesn't really matter to my faith when in fact It sounds like what you guys are saying and what this conference is going to talk about Every single thing that we see that stands as Antichrist right now
It probably relates back to the fact that you don't have a firm foundation on creation His sovereignty who
God is why he created why he created man and woman. I mean, it makes perfect sense So this to me this is exciting because we are in an area in a subject and you guys are attacking it from a certain
Unique way that literally I don't think anyone else Nationally is doing in the
Western Church Which makes me excited because I go there is a truth in there that needs to be explored needs to be preached and needs to Be told to believers because we have zombies walking around on some of these issues that call themselves believers so is it so this is the kind of stuff we're gonna expect when we're looking at some of the
Sessions at the conference, correct? About these things. Yeah, this is and this is I got to talk about my favorite session as much as I Pass it over.
You should take your earbuds out and close your ears. I don't want you to hear When we did our first conference during kovat
We knew from everything that had happened from the beginning our conference happened in 2020 in October was it 2020
October and so we'd already started going through the covert thing and the shutdowns And so by the time we got to our conference, we knew the first thing that we needed to do was repent
Everybody had manifested that they did not know their Bibles Everybody had manifested in one way or another they were afraid and so we knew the first thing we need to do was repent
So pastor Toby preached the opening Talk, he basically just on repentance and I remember like why am
I eyes leaking? And ever since then we've kind of made it that that's what we're gonna start it on every conference we're going to come before the
Lord because when we have Idolatry in the land we have judgment. We have to judgment We need to repent of the idols that we have and so everything is gonna start with repentance
We have not taken God at his word when he's been the creator. He's designed it, right?
We've we've completely tried to argue even from I Appreciate science.
I like science, but we need to argue God has said God has said it and that's that's enough and repent and then you'll be able to believe
Right, then you can get understanding we have and so my favorite talk It's probably gonna be this one again is every year has been the opening talk on repentance and pastor
Toby has done a great job of Of goodness to understand our sin all the way down, right?
sometimes we get a generic sense of our sin, and we're so happy to repent of those generic things, but Every year
I'm always surprised at how well and how convicting it is at that sermon to hear How much sin is down there?
Yeah, I need to repent of you know And so I'm looking for that's what that's one of the moment when our favorite talks that one and I'm looking forward to Joe Rigney As well, but without starting there,
I don't think anything else matters, you know, if we don't The website
I'm trying to find the list of speakers that's right here. How do I find it right here? It's on the where is it?
It's right under the main thing. It's not showing up on my page Just go refresh a good lineup that it is. Yeah, I don't know like I wanted to see what they're all the talks are
I can't find it. They're all there. They're listed their titles and everything. There's there's only yeah, that's all the shows
Network Network Pastor out of the three
I can tell I don't know what
Toby's problem is, but Greg also the beautiful thing I like the reason why we chose the
Ark encounter and this subject is because For one we constantly want to push a family oriented conference
Yeah, we want parents there with their kids even like and we pick our topics and we pick politics of sex last year
We had so many parents Emailing me saying hey, this is appropriate for my kid. Oh, you know, no, no.
No, I was like, it's good Bring your kids nothing worse than what's in the Bible You gotta talk about why it's political though Because he's here now look it doesn't have all the talks don't have my foster up there yet Michael Foster How creation is political yes,
I mean I just I thought I already hit it But basically I think you did but Knox doesn't think so.
So go Not for me so so politics basically is you know is the study of organizing society?
in obedience to God for the blessing of people which means in order to do justice in the land to have have a magistrates civil magistrates
That they have to know That there is a God above them They have to know that God's Word is authoritative on everything it speaks to and it speaks to everything facts
They have to know that this world is made in search in such a way That they can't fight it.
Like if if Darwin is right, then justice really is whatever you feel like right now
Justice justice is like you you can you know sort of wield you can try to exert force and pressure through people or money or science or injections or whatever and And try to sort of force a certain kind of utopian future
But if God is God and he made the world a certain way, then you've got to follow the rules Otherwise you can't get blessing and so justice politics is the the art of ruling well of wielding power
Well political power well punishing evildoers rewarding the righteous, but that those are all categories.
You have to know What are those categories? What is male female? What is what is human life?
When does it begin? How is it to be guarded and protected all of that is resident again?
And you know and fun and the fact that we have the fall in Genesis 3. I mean that's part of ruling in a fallen world recognizing, you know where sin comes from the difference between sins and crimes
The jurisdictions that God has given to family church and civil magistrates The the seed form of all of that is found in Genesis 1 through 3, but I don't know if that's getting it
We're talking. No, that's exactly that's that's beautiful man. That was Okay, all right around yeah there too we're gonna talk about Christian nationalism with Stephen Wolfe Joe Webin Joe Webin Wilson That's gonna be that's gonna be good
And by the way, you know one of the things we've trying to do is like Make sure that this conversation we want to invite everybody to this conversation because this is a good and the reason
I know people are Frustrated as well as I am about the conversation on Twitter around Christian nationalism
But if you listen to a pastor Toby just said what he just said is the inescapable reality when it comes to politics
Everybody's doing it with their theology whether they think they are or not, right? They're either doing it well, or they're doing it poorly, right?
And that's why the conversation is feverish pitch because we're saying yo if you get in You will not honor
God and how you do your politics Which will be bad for the rest of us and you will allow idols to rule over us
Which if you know your Bible, we will be under judgment again. And so that's why this conversation really is important So we can't just like as much as I'm annoyed with the conversation.
We can't run from it We need to lean into I mean the current our current our current theology our current understanding of creation and the authority of God's Word is
What is currently in power facts? Like what we have in power right now is the fruit the direct fruit of how the church has discipled
That's right Christians. And I mean in our country. I mean I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of people who hold office in this land
Have had time in church Yeah, and and they are and and many of them will say they believe in God.
Maybe they do maybe they don't Many of them will say they're Christian. Yeah, maybe they are maybe they are truly but we are getting over and over again the fruit of what we have actually discipled them in which for most evangelicals unfortunately is
God doesn't really have anything to say It's all these these are little
These are little emotional hits that we set to music on Sunday morning
And it'll give you a little spiritual orgasm and then then we're not sure what else and then everyone else is being
Discipled effectively by whatever is in the air. I mean, that's I mean, I just saw this morning Like there's a covenant college is this
PCA sponsored college and they've got a new professor who gave the opening talk and she's got her pronouns in her bio
Yeah, like they're fail like like that's that's one of that's the flagship College of the
PCA, you know, it's broken there Their genesis For four decades
Presbyterian Church in America has accepted exceptions of their pastors where they say it doesn't matter if they believe in six -day creation or not and I had a
PCA pastor in Oregon who took that exception, right and it's like I'm not saying that the same person who takes that exception then goes on to mutilate children
But what I will but what I will say is that that exception over time in the air
In the water does are you saying? Yeah, absolutely. It's gonna cost transgenderism, too. Oh, yeah Not just Baptist.
Okay. All right All right, let's bring this thing home guys, let's bring this thing home
I know you guys got stuff to do So one last thing talk about the vendors just for a few minutes and then we'll wrap up like who's gonna be there
I know you guys have I mean, like I said crazy amount of Christian owned entrepreneurs small businesses podcasts
I mean it you guys have one of the best vendor sections of any conference I've been to and I would say the most the most unique and diverse meaning.
I'm not gonna get 19 book vendors, which there's a lot of books there believe me and I love it
But I mean, I got social media stuff. We got coffee makers. We got guys who do construction stuff guys, you know
Marketing all this different stuff. Tell the listeners they're coming down there They're gonna go buy their tickets right after they're done.
Listen to this. What can they expect in the vendor section? I'm gonna get there, but I want to say one thing before I get there
The reason one of the reasons why we chose the ARC encounter was actually for the ARC experience. Yes Kenham has actually done a fantastic job and he's given us and he's gonna give a talk at the company's giving a talk at the company morning and They do a great job presenting the historical
Scientific and gospel experience of what the ARC teaches us in scriptures, right? We're actually all of us.
We've never had our kids come to the conference. We're all pulling our kids out of school Families bringing the whole family to come to the
ARC encounter because of the historical scientific and gospel experience That's what the ARC is I mean think about the historical implications of the
ARC right think about the scientific implications of a worldwide flood Yeah and think about what God was teaching
Noah in the damnation and salvation and deliverance of what he did through the ARC right and it's
It's about a three -hour experience just to walk through the ARC alone or longer or longer and everything
And so I can't wait for my kids to experience. It's a museum inside a life -size
ARC and then yeah, not even to mention the sign the the Creation Museum, which is about 40 minutes away
But we leave time in the schedule Thursday morning to go to the Creation Museum It's it's just a great experience special experience for the kids.
I just want to add to that really quickly Sorry, Greg. We don't answer your questions. We just You do what you want.
Yeah, but I just want to say too I think one of the big things that I'm we're also after is that the
Christian Church has Fundamentally been embarrassed of Genesis. Come on. That's right. We are we are cowards
We're cowards in the world and we're cowards because we have let the the world secular biologists and physicists
Mock us and say you really believe in a worldwide flood with a big boat and a bunch of animals and a giraffe
Sticking his head out the window and the Christian Church has got to learn to say yes. Yes.
Absolutely I do and there were probably there were there were there were two giraffes you idiot But we but we have to get over that we have to get over the mockery
We have to get over it and we have to recognize that God's Word is true If you create the world in six days, he created the world in six days.
There was a worldwide flood There was a big boat. It carried the war a new world into existence.
It saved Noah and his family. It saved these animals absolutely did and there and then trust him for the
Geology the biology the science History and trust that he wants us to work through that so that we understand the way he actually made the world history science and the gospel
It's If we're gonna grow a backbone again, it's gonna begin with people standing on the
Word of God and saying yes I do believe this and any other questions Very quickly if I can kick in there
I would just say just just do a little bit of study understand what the word kinds mean Understand in biology when we're talking about kinds of animals macro evolution these type of things is the average
Western Christian is absolutely ignorant on these things. And this is what I hope Ham is gonna talk about.
And when I go through that museum for the first time, these kinds of things I see, because I see his videos and things, he's explaining these things.
We let the secularists and the atheists create the story, like you said, the little felt Noah with the giraffe out there in Sunday school.
And that's as far as most Christians go. They don't understand entry -level biology, entry -level astrology, entry -level earth sciences.
And it's like, if you look at that and then look at the Bible, because our six -day creation, literal six -day creation, actually has more scientific, archeological, biological evidence for it than anything an evolutionist can give me.
Now, I'm not an evidentialist, I'm a presuppositionalist, but if you want evidence, it's on our side. And we need to get fired up about that.
Way to go, Greg. Where's his award? Give Greg an award. God, Greg. Also, Dr.
Gordon Wilson from Riding the Dance is also gonna be there. Yeah, let's go. He's a biologist. He's gonna be bringing it.
So anyways. And about those vendors. About those vendors. Yeah, about those vendors. Let's finish up with those vendors. Let's go. So we're very strategic and very intentional on the vendors we want at our conference because we really want everybody doing business with one another.
We're, cross -politics dealt with cancel culture these last three years and YouTube, Divimio, all these other places,
Facebook. Love you guys. And so we have to build an alternative economy. I mean, that's just basically what's going on.
This doesn't mean that non -Christians can't work with us, but by the end of this, we will be the economy. Christians will be, non -Christians will be working with us by the end because they don't want to put up with anti -cancel culture and so forth.
So our vendors include Nexus. Our vendors include Greg. Greg's gonna be actually doing a bunch of podcasting from his booth at the conference.
Our vendors include Page50 Marketing, Red Balloon.
We have about 50 vendors. Rowdy Christian Merch will be there selling some great merch.
I actually don't have any on right now. New St. Andrew's College, Gray Fires. We actually got our, the seminary, what we call, it's a ministerial training program, but that both me and Toby went to.
Our Gray Fires program will be there also vending. And so Roman Roads will be there.
They're selling Gordon Wilson's book on the essentials of six -day creation, which is gonna be a necessary.
Darwin's Sandcastle. Yep, Darwin's Sandcastle. And so, yeah, we got about 50 vendors there and they're really good people.
And we'd love for people to actually save up a little extra money and send it their way because there's a good economy developing,
I think, in these next 20 years. That's a really good point, economy. It's not, you're not gonna go there and it's not 50 t -shirt vendors.
It's guys like, oh, I own cloud. I own cloud space. And you wanna get off Amazon and put your content here, you're never gonna get canceled.
Oh, I transact digital money. You don't wanna use PayPal so they're giving to drag queens. Here, come, it's a
Christian. So like there's so many things there in that economy that's why I just wanted to mention that because if anyone's listening, that is a decision maker at your business, own a business, influential, sphere of influence, whatever it is.
If you get down to this conference, you're gonna have a plethora of different vendors that you go, okay, how do I build something for the kingdom with these guys?
Because that's who I wanna partner with. So - And Greg, you know, and one other thing too, the business makers conference, you're gonna have guys who hand out billions of dollars.
That's right. And speaking at this conference. Speaking at the conference. Who have hired hundreds of families.
And you're gonna have guys who are connected with other free market businesses like Red Balloon.
I don't know of any other thing that's like this altogether. And we've tried to do that on purpose because our other brothers are doing a great job working about preaching the gospel, working on churches, and getting other doctrinal things taken care of.
Praise God for that because we need all of it. What we're trying to do is say, where are these people at who are gonna be working inside of kind of the secular realm, right?
And how, what are our real life needs? The public square. Thank you. I think there's a better word for it. The public square.
And how can we give these services to people who are gonna be there? So if you have a business, write it off. Come in and go to this.
Bring your family and write a whole thing out. You know what I'm saying? Hey, you know it. All right, guys.
Thanks so much for coming on TJ and Chocolate Docs. Gabe, I appreciate you guys taking time out of your day.
I know you're busy and we will see you, I will see you next month at the
Creation Museum at the conference. Yeah. Thanks for having us, brother. Appreciate you. Thank you. Yeah, cool, guys.
Thanks so much for listening to another episode of Deadman Walking Podcast. If you have interest in coming to this conference or connecting with these guys on social media,
I'm gonna link all that up. So all you gotta do is just click the link wherever you're listening to this or watching this from, and you can get right access to them and to the tickets for Fight, Laugh, Feast.
Guys, we appreciate you. We appreciate the support of the show. As always, remember, the chief end of man is to glorify