Why Gay Theology Must Be DESTROYED.

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Hey guys, Colin here, and welcome back to Fight for Truth. In this video, we're going to talk about gay theology in its many forms.
Some of you may think that gay theology is just the kind of so -called Christianity that supports and advances the
LGBT worldview and gay marriage and all that sort of thing. But in my opinion, it's far more than that, as you're about to see.
And ultimately, this kind of doctrine is in direct competition with the Word of God, and therefore, it must be destroyed.
As it says in 2 Corinthians 10 .5, "...we destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God."
You see, how we respond to the gay agenda is a major point of contention among modern
Christians. So let's look at some examples and add some clarity to the issue. First, we have Derek Webb.
He was the lead singer of popular Christian band, Cademan's Call. Now he is advancing gay theology in his music at every opportunity.
One of his recent songs is literally entitled, quote, Boys Will Be Girls, a song that celebrates transgenderism and even features
Derek as a drag queen himself. The song itself repeats the title's sentiment over and over, that sometimes boys will be girls.
And in the end, it says, quote, I heard Jesus loved and spent his life with those who were abandoned by proud and fearful men.
So if a church won't celebrate and love you, they're believing lies that can't save you or them, because you're so beautiful by any name.
Obviously, any discerning Christian can see through this charade. He's alluding to the fact that Jesus spent significant time with people who were on the fringes of society, who had bad public images in many ways.
And this is certainly true as far as it goes. The scripture says that Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners.
It was a point of contention between him and the Pharisees. And therefore, the implication from Derek Webb and other progressives like him is that Jesus would have also teamed up with drag queens.
The problem is that Derek doesn't seem to understand the difference between repentant and unrepentant sinners.
Jesus began his earthly ministry, after all, by saying, quote, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
By contrast, he did not say, come hang out with me, you glorious sinners, you, because I really want to show the world how much
I approve of all of your actions, no matter what they are. You see, Derek Webb doesn't understand
Jesus at all. In fact, he's blasphemously accusing Jesus of affirming the LGBT worldview, which he most certainly did not.
But more recently, Derek attended the Christian Grammys, otherwise known as the Dove Awards, and he wore an actual dress.
Here's a video of him explaining why. Why did I wear a dress to the Dove Awards?
As a cis, straight, white man, I walk into a room like that and any room with an incredible amount of advantage and privilege.
If I'm attending as an ally of friends and colleagues, I should do everything possible to surrender that privilege at the door.
If the way you look at my loved ones isn't the way you look at me, I'm not truly standing with them.
It's like Stan Mitchell says, if you claim to be someone's ally but aren't getting hit by the stones thrown at them, you aren't standing close enough.
Plus, I have amazing legs. So he dressed up in women's clothing, in a dress, because he's a straight white man and he wanted to check his privilege in front of everybody.
And this shows the contempt that progressives actually have for women and for traditional femininity.
It's nothing but a costume to them. We live in an age where, literally, dressing up in a Halloween costume in the clothing of another culture is considered racist.
But men dressing up like women and pretending to be women is considered bold and courageous somehow.
But just in case there's any confusion, let me make it clear. Men wearing dresses is very gay, and it shouldn't be done.
Deuteronomy 22 .5 says that it's an abomination for a man to dress up like a woman, and vice versa, as it clearly is a violation of God's created order.
By the way, the two people in the picture that Derek showed from the Dove Awards? One is a lesbian so -called
Christian worship artist named Semmler, and the other, a drag queen who goes by the name
Flamie Grant. Both of these artists have been prominently featured on the iTunes Christian music charts, and Semmler has made it clear that she is in favor of taking the lives of innocent children in the womb.
Reacting to the recent Supreme Court decision on this, she commented, quote, We RAGE, in all caps.
And amidst all of this gay theology amongst so -called Christians, we have so -called pastors like Zach Lambert of Restore Church in Austin, Texas.
Here's a video in which he talks about what God's Word says, in his opinion, regarding gender.
Now, I want to make sure you really heard that.
Quote, the call to Christ -likeness is never gendered in the
Scriptures. Ladies and gentlemen, that is simply not true. First Corinthians 16, 13 says, quote,
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong, says
Paul. Titus 2, 4 -5, quote, Train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self -controlled, pure, working at home, kind, submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.
The Bible does indeed call all Christians to biblical behavior, broadly speaking. But this call is not separate from one's gender.
Indeed, there are hundreds of passages in Scripture advocating for particular pious behaviors on the basis of one's gender.
This is how God created the world. You can't simply do away with it. You see, the progressive Christians believe that grace destroys nature, it destroys the way that God has patterned the world.
Now that we're Christians, we don't have to worry about physical gender or biology. Jesus did away with all that.
They say, we're not under law, we're under grace. This is, of course, a foolish attempt to affirm sin.
That's what really all of this is. None of these people would ever say that the Gospel has done away with the differences, for example, between a broken arm and a non -broken arm, or a person with cancer compared to one who does not have cancer.
Rather, these are topics where the biological truth of God's objective creation reigns supreme.
It is only on the topic of gender and sex where all of a sudden the created order becomes nuanced and complex and difficult to fully understand.
And this brings us to another example of gay theology, which is female pastors. First Timothy 2 .12
says, quote, I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man.
And Paul roots this argument in creation, not in subjective culture, saying, quote, For Adam was formed first, then
Eve. In the very next chapter, Paul assumes that only men will be pastors, saying, quote,
Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife. More resources on this will be linked in the description.
The Bible also clearly teaches that women are to submit to their husbands, and that husbands are to lovingly rule over their households.
This is something that gay theology hates as well. Yet Ephesians 5 .24 says, quote, As the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
The most popular argument against this is that believers are merely commanded to submit to one another, as it says in Ephesians 5 .21.
And this is just one example of that one another submission. This view is brilliantly refuted by Denny Burke using the original
Greek text in an article that I'll link in the description. But another clear issue with this mutual submission view is that wives are called to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Christ.
That's specifically the example given. Does this mean that we are to submit to Jesus and then, in turn,
Jesus also submits to us? Of course not. Jesus rules and reigns over the world at the right hand of the
Father, 1 Peter 3 .22. Jesus is called our Lord, Romans 6 .23. And we are certainly not
His Lord in any respect. Put simply, Jesus is not required to follow the direction of the
Church. It's completely the opposite. And by the way, let me offer a quick disclaimer. Obviously, approving of female pastorship and disagreeing about a man's role in the home is not the same thing, morally speaking, as approving of gay marriage or the pro -choice movement, for example.
I am also not saying that Christians who promote female pastorship are gay or that they should be called that.
That's not what I'm saying at all. Yet I would still contend that these are all aspects of gay theology.
Here's why. The pro -choice and female pastor movements have coincided with the modern sexual revolution, which of course later gave way to the modern
LGBT movement. And thus, this is ultimately an attack on Biblical masculine and feminine roles at every level, not just regarding homosexuality.
For example, taking the lives of babies in the womb is part of gay theology, because it, like the
LGBT worldview, is an attack on fruitfulness. Promoting female pastors is a part of gay theology as well, because it, like the
LGBT worldview, seeks to fundamentally change the roles of men and women that have been operating in the
Church for thousands of years. Also, removing the covenant headship of the husband in marriage is a part of gay theology too, because it, like the
LGBT worldview, seeks to divert men from their natural and proper place in the home.
So no, I'm not trying to be uncharitable when I call each of these movements, each of these beliefs, part of gay theology, broadly speaking.
Rather, I'm trying to demonstrate that the underlying worldview of the LGBT movement is not confined to civil marriage and private sexual preferences.
All of these things are connected at the root, to varying degrees and in various ways. And by the way, speaking of charity, let me take a moment to defend my use of the word gay in this video.
I know that many Christians are going to be upset that I have used this word as a derogatory adjective.
You can't call these beliefs gay. If you do that, you're not being nice. And if you're not being nice enough, then gay people aren't going to like Jesus.
You're hurting your witness, etc. etc. Here's my response to that. The reason I believe my usage of that word was appropriate in this case and in this context is because it strikes at the heart of the problem.
The LGBT movement is fighting for LGBT people to be a protected class.
A group who cannot be called out for virtually anything. In their mind and in the minds of progressive so -called
Christians, LGBT people are a special persecuted group. One that needs to be set aside and safeguarded from those who oppose their behavior, especially on religious grounds.
And part of this view includes rebuking anyone who uses the word gay as a derogatory description of something.
In other words, the reason I have no problem, for example, saying that men wearing dresses is gay is because 1.
It is. And 2. I refuse to play their game. And I refuse to let the LGBT movement decide what behavior is morally acceptable.
Because that is precisely the issue that we're debating in the first place. I know exactly what they're up to, and I'm not going to fall for it.
But let me make something clear. This in no way removes the very real and present command that Christians are to operate in a gracious and charitable way, and to I am not saying that Christians should call everything they disagree with gay, and use that term in a way that's unwise, obnoxious, or otherwise immature.
Rather, I am merely suggesting that there is a time and a place for using clear language, and even mocking and satirical language, to prove your point.
And this should only be done according to Biblical wisdom, of course. Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal in 1
Kings 18. Paul mocked the Galatian false teachers in Galatians 5. Jesus called the
Pharisees sons of hell and snakes in Matthew. There is a Biblical precedent for using strong, even snarky, language of condemnation for dangerous and evil worldviews.
And here's my point. As Christians, we need to use Scripture to refute gay theology in all of its pernicious forms.
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