Psalm 146 from Lake Michigan: Nature Reflects The Glory Of God DMW#180


This week Greg sat down on the shores of Lake Michigan and read Psalm 146. He discussed how nature is a common grace of God, and we can even see the Glory of God in the created world. Feel free to watch the video on our youtube channel for the beautiful scenery as well. Short and to the point, we hope you enjoy this episode!


Dead men walking start Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of dead men walking podcast
This one's a little different coming to you live from Warren Dunes State Park That's right on Lake Michigan as you can see behind me if you're watching in the video
You might hear some of the lake going. We have a beautiful night here.
It's about nine o 'clock So we got about 20 or 25 more minutes of daylight, and we've got a slight wind coming in from the west so we have some whitecaps coming in behind us here, but I I'm on a camping trip with my family right now and They're getting ready for bed.
So I snuck away walked down to the beach here and wanted to record a I don't know a quick video for you guys quick audio as well and Was reading something earlier today
Psalm 146 and wanted to talk to you about it. I Absolutely love nature.
I love when I go hunting. I've talked about it before on the podcast You're out in nature.
I love when we come to the lake, you know I'm very blessed to live in Michigan to where you're never more than two hours away from a
Great Lake and The five Great Lakes of Michigan make up about 60 % of the total freshwater in the whole world
So across the whole globe 60 % of the freshwater resource is in between the five
Great Lakes here in Lake Michigan I'm about three hours from Lake Michigan.
I live about five minutes from Lake Erie so we came here for a few days with the camper and Spent all day at st.
Joseph, which is about 20 miles north of here yesterday We were here at this beach in Warren Dunes And if you were to if I were to turn the camera around you'd see these huge glorious sand dunes that you can you can hike and play on and walk on and it's just a spectacular part of Michigan and very appreciative that we're able to come here and spend this time, but I Wanted to go over Psalm 146 because I was reading it this morning and it kind of had some stuff in it that made me realize
You know why I appreciate being out in nature, so let's read through it
Psalm 146 and if we see some people walk behind or said it ever if you're watching the video just ignore it
The beach is still pretty active even you know even in the evening like this, so Let's read through Psalm 146
I'm reading from the LSB and it says Psalm 146. I will praise Yahweh throughout my life
Praise Yah praise Yahweh. Oh my soul. I will praise Yahweh throughout my life
That's verse 2. I love that throughout his entire life David was saying I will praise Yahweh the good times the bad times the valleys the mountains
He says I will praise Yahweh throughout my life. I will sing praises to my God while I still have my being
He's saying if I'm drawing breath, and I'm still a human being I'm going to praise my
God Verse 3 do not trust in nobles in merely a son of man in whom there is no salvation
So even here in verse 3 we're seeing a little bit of foreshadowing of Christ Saying I'm not putting my hope in nobles or Kings or just another human being there is no salvation in them
And we know who our salvation is the Son of Man Jesus Christ fully
God fully man verse 4 his spirit departs he returns to the earth In that very day his plans perish
It isn't that true all of our plans perish when we try to plan now
That's not saying don't be responsible and and have a plan and a work ethic You know I own a business and believe me.
There's lots of stuff. I have to plan but Ecclesiastes also says that all planning or planning for tomorrow meaning putting your trust in tomorrow is foolish because no one is promised tomorrow and David in the psalm is echoing that verse 5
How blessed is he whose help is in the God of Jacob whose hope is in Yahweh his
God I? Love that verse 6 who had who made heaven and earth the sea and all that is in them who keeps truth forever
And you know that really stuck out to me because when I'm out in nature like this when I'm at a lake or I'm in the northern
Michigan woods, or I was just in Arkansas a few months ago duck hunting with my father -in -law
Yeah, I have to sit back and look who made heaven and earth it was
God it was Yahweh our God Says the sea and all that's in it who keeps truth forever who doesn't who does justice for the oppressed
Who gives food to the hungry Yahweh sets the prisoners free oh my goodness.
I love that first. He he addresses Who does justice for the oppressed you know we have a lot of?
talk in a social justice gospel in the secular realm just social justice and We don't have to put an adjective in front of gospel and say social justice gospel
God is a God of justice. He brings justice to those oppressed And many times it doesn't look like the justice that man thinks
Because man is just wants fairness and there is a difference between fairness and justice
God is just he isn't fair We've said that on this podcast before and I think people get it confused
God is not fair fair just means equal God is just God is not a
God of Equality he's a God of justice which means you justly get what you deserve, right?
Later in verse 7 it says who gives food to the hungry Yahweh sets the prisoners free amen.
I would say even physically spiritually and emotionally God sets The prisoners free verse 8
Yahweh opens the eyes of the blind And we saw that when Christ came to earth opening eyes of the blind some more foreshadowing
Yahweh raises up those who are bowed down So we see here that God raises up those who have a position of humbleness who are bowed down who are
Not prideful yet humble Verse 9 Yahweh keeps the sojourners.
That's the foreigners. He helps up the orphan and the widow So we're seeing right after he's saying he's a
God of justice He's listing some of the people that can't find justice for themselves in his day
David's day when he's writing this Psalm Any orphan or widow would have no rights would have no way to take care of themselves would have no legal recourse for things that might
Happen to them yet. David is saying God sees the orphan. He sees the widow he sees those that can't take care of themselves in the legal system or in the
Country that they're living in and God will have justice for them. He will have justice on their behalf
But here's the caveat listen what he says after he says he'll he'll take care of the foreigner who take care of the orphan
He'll take care of the widow He says but he bends the way of the wicked So the wicked plan and they go
Okay I'm at point A and I want to get to point B and I have these wicked plans and he says no he bends the
Way of the wicked he thwarts the wicked plans in other songs and even
Proverbs says God thwarts the plans of the wicked And here we see it echoed here in this psalm.
If we go on to verse 10 as we finish it up It says Yahweh will reign forever So we're seeing
God establish Not only God's reigning but Christ's reigning throne forever and later on in verse 10 your
God Oh Zion from generation to generation Praise Yah or praise
Yahweh So we see a promise at the end of Psalm 146 that not only will his reign last forever but his promises last to us generation to generation and When I read through this this morning
I said what a great psalm that I just Randomly turned open to especially when it says you made the heaven and earth the sea and all that's in them
You know, I was swimming out in this very lake Earlier and with my son
Oliver and he goes who I think a fish just touched my leg and sure enough we looked down And there was some bass
Swimming in the shallow waters that had come in because it was nice and sunny and they were probably sunbathing a little bit in that 72 degree water and I just went wow how awesome that is to be in nature
In the lake that God created the fish of the sea even the unknown things of the sea, you know with the implosion of that submersible a few weeks ago
People have been becoming more interested in Titanic again in the depths of the sea and we've only explored about 10 or 15 percent of The ocean floor.
We don't know what's down there We still as men don't understand the depths of the sea and this was something that was written thousands of years ago
Maybe five thousand years ago and David is saying, you know, you made the heaven and the earth You made the depths of the sea and everything in it, and I don't even know what that is but I trust in you and I find it ironic that we are still exploring the depths of the sea sometimes to our detriment sometimes to our death
In that submersible they were only going down three miles and couldn't make it You know in Challenger deep you can go six seven eight miles down I believe to the depths of the sea and we still haven't reached the deepest parts of the sea and the animals that live down there in the in the
Food chain and the ecosystem ecosystem and all that So I look at stuff like this these these beautiful sand dunes this beautiful lake with the whitecaps rolling in You know the trees and it just reflects the glory of God I mean even nature in itself is a common grace, you know
Ecclesiastes says that it rains and the Sun shines on the wicked and the righteous alike
God even allows the wicked to partake in his glory, which is nature Which is a common grace to us all and I truly believe if we slow down in life
And we actually just look at the bird making its nest You know at the squirrel and the ant
Storing up for winter, you know Proverbs says be like the ant Have a work ethic like the ant you know the wisest man in the
In the world and the history of the universe was looking at the ant and taking lessons from it
And I truly believe that we can find lessons in nature that reflect the glory of God not only work ethic but in beauty in and of itself and You know
I just wanted to make this video just a short episode to allow you to see some of this beauty that I'm seeing here today in Warren Dune State Park on Lake Michigan and we just rejoice that we serve of God of beauty anything that man touches is
Usually is not beautiful and if it is beautiful it imitates God Because God is beauty.
So as the Sun setting here and I might be running out a little bit of light I just wanted you guys to hear
Psalm 146 go through and read it for yourself as well meditate on that as the word says to meditate on his word and Be encouraged, you know be encouraged today that God made the heavens and the earth everything in it the seas
We will rejoice with all our being worship him Like I said in the valleys or the mountains and the good times are bad
And when we're having a bad day, we can go outside. We can look up and say Lord thank you for the Sun that shines down on us and Provides us with that vitamin
D that our bodies need the sunlight and the warmth that we need to survive Thank you for the fresh water that we have at our disposal.
Thank you for the Trees and the plants and the bushes. I mean, it's just a posture of thankfulness when we really slow down and we look at all that the
Lord has provided us just in nature by itself So guys, thanks so much for listening to another episode of dead man walking podcast
This wasn't a long one, but I just wanted to bring you that Psalm Make sure you check us out at DMW podcast .com.
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I'm gonna let you go. The Sun is going down. I've got a little bit of a walk back to the truck
God bless guys and as always remember the chief end of man is to glorify God Enjoy him forever
Even if that means you're sitting out here on a beautiful evening and listening to the light come in.
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