Christmas Livestream!


Guess that Christmas movie, contest winners, and the Christmas carol draft!


We go. Here we go. Exploring theology. Turn it up a little bit. I have fascinating subjects.
How's the sound in your cans? Broadcasting from an undisclosed location. Dead Men Walking starts now.
Come on, here we go. Hey, what's up, guys?
Welcome to the Christmas special live stream. Dead Men Walking podcast. Thanks for coming along again on another episode.
I have Mr. Isaiah Bailey in studio. You want to what we should give you some.
Let me do that again. You know, for the live stream, Mr. Isaiah Bailey, everyone. Or as they call him in the
North Pole, Santa Claus. Yeah, something like that. What's up, dude? Not much. Pleasure to be here.
You want to what? I absolutely love you just going, OK, yeah. I basically text
Isaiah a couple of weeks ago and I said, hey, let's do Christmas live stream. And I'm not going to tell you anything about it until two days before you want to do it.
He's like, yeah, let's go. Yeah, I get that. Migrate up to your mouth there, too.
Anything that sounds fun and crazy. I'm almost always down for and, you know,
Christmas special. I don't know if that's fun, fun and crazy, but I know you. And so anything you got to be fun and crazy.
So, oh, I like that. So we got all kinds of stuff for you guys tonight. We're going to be announcing our contest winner from the worst
Christmas story or worst Christmas gift you ever got. We got 10 entries that we narrowed it down to.
And Isaiah and I are going to read through them and we're going to pick that. And then you guys are going to get a bundle pack. You're one of them is the very famous.
We just sold a couple more this week. The Punching Heretic St. Nicholas T -shirt, which we designed.
You can find that at DMW podcast dot com. Go to the merch store, support the show. Little shameless, selfless plug there.
But you'll get that. We're going to do a little Christmas Carol draft. We're going to go through and see if we can create the top five
Christmas Carols. We're going to draft back and forth and see what kind of Christmas Carol team we can do. And then got a little game.
I want to play with Isaiah. And it's going to be fun because there might be a little bit of a generational difference between us.
But I picked out six pretty famous. Some of them are a little harder. It starts off easy. Six Christmas movies, audio clips.
And we're going to see how many Isaiah can get just from a little 10 or 12 second clip. You game.
Oh, I'm game. You down for hanging out for the next hour? Oh, yeah. You may beat me in the you may beat me in the movie game, but you don't stand a chance in the
Christmas Carol draft. Oh, yeah. Do you draft? Well, I don't fall under pressure, man.
You're going to get under pressure and right. Oh, cool. We have the standard beard care on here, too.
One of the sponsors of the show. Dude, I just got your package today. I wish
I had it here. It's actually sitting in that box right there. He sent me a hand etched wooden
Deadman walking clock. Oh, no. He does beard care and beard. The standard beard care, guys. Go make sure you go check him out.
He's on Twitter. He's on Facebook. He's on Instagram, all those places. Standard beard care. If you've been listening to the podcast for any time, you hear his ad come on before most episodes.
But cool, man. Good to see you, Anthony Thomas. Good to see you, too. So I'm going to have ADHD tonight,
Isaiah, and I'll just be jumping from the comments to you. And it's a free for all on a live stream. I like them.
It's a little more chaotic. I have I have a little bit of ADHD on just normal days, not Christmas specials, man.
So you're going to get no grief from me. So what's going on? Because we have to address it for those of you guys watching right now.
We got a full Santa suit going on. I didn't know you were coming in this. I was like, hey, we're doing a Christmas special. I might have a hat for you.
You guys can see I got this little hat on here. You showed up, man. You're like Miracle on 34th
Street. Oh, yeah, man. Me in this suit. We've been through some things. I used to wear it every year. Last day of school.
Last day of school, I would wear it. Well, last day before Christmas break. OK, all through high school. I was like, yeah, dude,
June, that's a little hot to wear that thing. Last day of school. My my senior year, though, got me in a little bit of trouble because we got a new principal who but the vice principal stayed the same.
I wear it to class. And my vice principal, who'd seen me do it before, pulls me aside and says, what do you think you're doing?
Wearing a Santa suit to school. And that floored me because our old principal loved it. You know, and yeah,
I got taken to the office. I may have caused a little bit of a scene. This is discrimination against people from the
North Pole. I think they're like, you have to change. I'm like, I don't have anything to change into. And it's like, you know, 15 minutes of that.
And then I said, well, OK, fine, I'll take it off. But I'm going to go to all my classes naked. And thankfully, we don't have to resort to that.
Right. But that's yeah. They don't let me wear the beard. But other than that. So you were a little bit of a disruptor in high school, huh?
Hmm. Because I was. Yeah, I would say I had a little rebellious streak. I would say not it was a love me or hate me kind of.
Yeah, I like it. And I'd say like 90 % of the teachers I like to think loved me. Yeah.
But man, that 10%. They hate it. They hate. That's how it was for me, too. Yeah. Yeah. Some of them were like, like this guy's good entertainment.
At least it breaks up my day a little bit. I could tell, you know. And then I had one guy in my senior senior year of English.
And he was tenured. He was probably late 60s. And he stood up the very first day of our English class my senior year.
And he said, we're going to talk about three things in this class. We're going to talk about my three ex -wives, whom I hate bourbon and baseball.
And I went, oh, this this is going to be a great class. And he was true to that. We didn't talk about we did very little
English the whole year. And he just complained about his ex -wives, told us what bourbons he liked. And then we talked baseball stats.
And I still didn't show up half the time. And two weeks before graduating at a 59 % in his class.
And he sat me down. He tried to give me like the stern teacher thing. You know, he went, you know, if I don't give you a 61,
I could fail you and you could be back here next year. And I looked at him. I said, I don't I don't care.
Are you kidding me? I don't. What does it matter? And he looks at me and he goes, yeah, well done. You called my bluff.
I do not want you back here next year. He gave me a 61. And I don't know.
I don't know what happened to him, but he was a crotchety old man. But I got along really well with him. Yeah, because, you know, especially like senioritis, like senior year of school, you don't want to do anything anyway.
Yeah. You know, and it was weird to where I was homeschooled up until my junior year. So or my sophomore year, so I only went to public school for two years and I was so far ahead in all subjects.
It was like ridiculous. I just goofed off for two years. Yeah, I actually went back the first week of my junior year and told my counselor
I needed harder classes. And he goes, what? And I go, if you give me these classes, I'll just goof off the whole year.
I know me. These are way too easy. I did this stuff in seventh grade. And he starts laughing. He goes, you want hard.
So you want physics? You don't want, you know, algebra three. And I go, no, I need something that challenges me.
And then, of course, the public school system got to me. And by the end of my senior year, I was like,
I don't care. I was going to college at that time, too. But yeah, no, I was homeschooled actually till eighth grade.
OK. Yeah. A lot of my friends growing up were homeschooled. Homeschooling has one of two ways that it goes.
First is like you were very intelligent and way ahead. The other is way behind.
I was kind of a gamble. I don't think I was very intelligent. I just think I was probably what it is, is
I think some of the public schools are just so far behind that if you just have an OK education, you go there and it was like, whoa.
Yeah. You know, because I mean, a lot of that stuff to public schools, I teach to the test and just pass them through.
And like there's you know, plus you got 30, 35 kids in a classroom. I know it's crazy. I'm not going to make this a homeschool episode, but I'm a big proponent of it.
And like my kids split to three kids, split two teachers. Yeah.
Oh, me, my wife and I, you know, mostly my wife. Let's be honest. I say
I'm a teacher. Dad's teaching him. I don't know. I almost ran him into a fence on our four wheeler behind in our yard here yesterday in the snow.
But I teach you to hang on to your slide is what I'm a teacher. We we call that the school of hard knocks.
The cool. Yeah. Well, yeah, I'm a professor of that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'll tell him.
But I think it's just because, you know, you get so much more attention in homeschool.
I mean, I can. And that's everyone goes, oh, how do you do eight hours a day? I go, what are you talking about? Do two, three hours. We're done.
Oh, yeah, that was that was very nice. And yeah, my kids test out.
I mean, we tested them last year and they're all testing in junior and senior level and they're, you know, my oldest is 13, my youngest is eight.
And so I have no worries there. But anyway, I don't know how we got started on that. But yeah, you were you were you were basically going to come to class naked if you didn't get to wear your
Santa suit. Well, yeah, I have nothing to change into. I know that ended with that ended with the secretary who loved me like I.
Well, so senior year, I only had two classes. So I would go talk to the secretaries for an hour every day.
And she came in and bluffed the principal real bad and walked in and said, hey,
I just got off the phone with Isaiah's dad and he wants me to tell Isaiah he can leave your office and come home at any point he wants.
And their eyes got real big and I say, Isaiah, we want to compromise. So that's not what you've been saying.
Right. And then I got home and I go, hey, Dad, thanks for calling in. He goes, what? Because I never did that. Wait, was that the the the secretary?
She was hooking you up. Oh, yeah, she hooked me up. Wow. That's funny. Big time. That is.
Hey, you don't always need to be in charge. You just need to know the person that turns the head of the person that's in charge.
Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? Oh, yeah. The secretaries and all that. Let's check in and see here. Oh, standard beard care said my son did the clock.
Very cool. OK. Oh, windy folk. Isaiah trying to listen on her way south in South Carolina with bad connection.
Hmm. What's up, Wendy? When these kids go to the school I went to,
I hope they didn't hear that story. Oh, my gosh, dude, you're in so much trouble.
So so you brought the Santa suit, which I love.
We turned on the heat in here a little bit because you just you said you're not hot, but I just feel like you're in just cotton and polyester and you're just going to be sweating by the end of the night, but maybe not.
Well, I think you'd be OK. It's pretty standard for me. So I don't know. I don't know if I'll even notice the suit.
It's just, you know, right. I'm always a little bit slippery. You just going to send me your dry, dry cleaning bill.
Yeah, something like that. Oh, my gosh.
You just said, Nope, we missed it. Repeat it, please. No, I can't. He's not repeating it,
Wendy. Sorry. Oh, for those of you listening after this has been recorded, we are doing a live stream.
So there's going to be a lot of interaction here with people on the live stream as well, too. So if you don't like it too bad, that's what you get when you listen to a live stream after it's been recorded.
But, Wendy, drive safe. You and Dave, make sure you get down there. You got snow coming. Be good.
All right. So you wore it to school. What were we talking about?
I also wanted to know. So you're the are you the youngest of all your siblings?
OK, have you ever like studied like birth order or any of that kind of stuff where people get into like, well, the youngest is like the baby.
So they have a certain personality. What do you think about that? Have I researched it or just like, are you familiar with it?
Have I argued it? Yes, a lot, a lot. I don't know if she's listening.
Yes. Malina Smith and I have probably spent not all at one time, but like argued it like you believe in it or argued like you against it.
You're against it. I'm against it. You don't think it's there's nothing to it. Ah, you don't think there's something to like first born, second born, third born baby.
So our temperaments are like, yeah, here's the deal. This is what I would say. This is what I would say. Do I think there may be characteristic traits sure.
Yeah. But what I hear so often when people talk about that is they're just using it as a excuse.
Like a crutch or a crutch for bad behavior. Let's go. You know what I'm saying? So it's like, oh, yeah,
I'm bossy. I'm this, but I'm the oldest. You know, it's like, no, stop. Like, you're just a little bit miserable or it's a or it's, you know, people will say about somebody, you know, you're just a jerk.
You know, it's young and spoiled. It's like, no, like you're just not disciplined. Like, don't put it on birth order, you know?
Right. So that's where I would say I fall. Like, I'm not big into it just because I think more often than not, it's used as a crutch.
But do I think there's maybe something to it? I guess. Yeah. Like, I do think generally speaking, the youngest are by far the most attractive, intelligent and fun.
Well, I would disagree. I would say the eldest. But yeah, OK. Yeah. The two sides of the spectrum. Something like that.
You know, I think that's what people do with Enneagram, too. I think they use it as a crusher like, oh, well,
I'm just a seven, you know, I'm just a real a -hole. And you're like, and you even hear Christians talk like that.
And you're like, well, I kind of feel like you're supposed to be a new creature in Christ, right? Like, we just don't use a number and then go, oh, that's what
I am. It's pretty much it's pretty much a scientific like astrology.
I'm a Pisces. You know, I will look down our nose at that, but I'll take this test and it'll tell me what I am.
Oh, my gosh. There's a guy and I don't know who it is. He's a stand up comic. He's not very famous, but he's working this club and he's talking about astrology signs.
I don't know if you've ever seen this, but he's basically saying like, like they're you know, they're they're absolute garbage.
They're not true, whatever. And he goes in and I could say that because I'm a Pisces. And some lady's like,
I knew it. Right. He's like, and that's exactly what I'm talking about. I can't I can't believe you guys can believe in something.
He goes in. The best part is I'm not a Pisces. I lied. I'm actually cancer. Some other lady goes,
I knew it. Totally serious. And he just he hangs his head in shame, like laughing, like I'm trying to make fun of these people, but they're like so into it.
He's like, how do you not see how ironic this is? You both thought you knew what I was.
But you know what I mean? And I just keep lying. But it's a great clip. I wish I wish I could give him credit for who it was. But I don't know.
I'll find it. I'll post it. But yeah, that's the thing. That's the thing with astrology. It's like you could literally fit yourself into any box.
It's so vague and broad. And it's, you know. Yeah. General, you know, you're oh, you like the sun shining.
Oh, you must be this. It's like. Right. Yeah. All right. Let's do you know, at the top of the hour, let's do our contest winner.
Let's read some worst Christmas story, Christmas gifts.
And let's let's vote on them. OK, so right now, before you read any of it.
Yeah. Before you read any. I want to give one of yours. Well, that'd be cool. Well, I have to think about that.
But before we get into this, I just want to say if anybody got if any lady sent something in and they were, they got like an abacizer from their husband or boyfriend or something.
That's what I'm voting for. I just I have not read this list. I just want you to know if you if that's it. Dude, that is so crazy that you just said that the fourth the fourth one down is not that at all.
So let's let's go through it. Let's see what we have. So what happened was is the last two weeks
I've had people send in comments to say, hey, send me your saddest or saddest or worst
Christmas story or funniest or worst gift. Basically, just give us a funny story about Christmas and we're going to judge on that.
We want to judge it on authenticity, details in the story and kind of the criteria of did it make us chuckle?
Make us laugh a little bit. OK. So some of these are a little bit a couple sentences.
Some are a little longer and shorter. But I'm going to slaughter some of these names. I'm sorry, guys, for whoever's listening.
But here we go. Whoever wins this will win a dead man walking hat along with a punching heretics
St. Nicholas Christmas edition T -shirt. If you win, we'll reach out to you and just get your sizes and everything and ship it out to you.
So the first one up is Beth Sir. Sir, Nara Surma, Nara C .E
.R. M .I .N .A .R .A. What do you think that is, sir? Surma Nara will say from Facebook. She said,
I used to get a bag filled with free things my grandpa got in the mail, like notepads and old calendars.
Now, that's classic, right? We all have someone in our in our family that just gives us like you're like, oh, this this is dating me, but it's like, oh,
America online notepad, you know, like or whatever that was back in the day. Like the free stuff. Yeah, no, that's iconic.
Yeah. You know what? I guarantee you, like I got I had something like that happen slightly different.
The church right down the street from where I live dropped off like a care package for like little knickknacks when
I moved in. And then I inevitably a few days later was very upset because I couldn't believe
I didn't have a sticky note. And I remembered, oh, hey, I got that stuff can be valuable and useful sometimes.
So there you go. It goes right in the junk drawer. I don't know if anyone knows what that is. If you're from the Midwest, everyone has one drawer in the kitchen where all your junk goes.
Oh, yeah. And you use it. You say it's junk, but you use it. All the Steve Routzen song, rock route and Zod.
Wow, that's a great name. Steve Routen's on Facebook says worst gift every year from turning 12 to my early 20s was from a relative that would give me the old spice gift set cologne or equivalent of old spice shaving kit combo with cologne.
Oh, the off brand like cologne kit. You remember those? Yeah, like it's like a box and it's like a plastic inset.
You know, yes, that scent is burned into your nostrils from like junior high locker room.
You know, have you ever you know who needs a shower when I can soak myself in old spot?
Oh, you're not soaking. You're actually burning off the first layer of skin with it. You just douse yourself with it. And that's what gets rid of the smell.
Yeah, it's taking off one of your seven layers of skin. You know, brute. You remember brute was like dark green.
No, you might be too young for that. That was like late, early, late 80s. If you're a brute guy, let me know.
Yeah, that out there late 80s is about a decade off. Yeah. Let's see.
Coram Dale life from Instagram. Oh, that's Alex Zink. He was he was on the podcast. Pastor Alex Zink, he said it's
OK. Here we go. This is what he says. It's not something I got, but gave my wife girlfriend at the time.
We had been dating for a year or two, so we were still teenagers. And I thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy her a
Pioneer speaker car kit from Walmart. It was absolutely the dumbest gift I ever given. And for added context, my wife definitely didn't want them.
She didn't ask for him. All these years later, I still think her dad thinks I ruined his car. Dude, well, that's like the least romantic gift ever.
Alex, I'm sorry. We're going to I'm going to just say something here. You're getting your your girlfriend Pioneer speakers from Walmart.
Remember back in the day, everyone had like that was what you did when you were like in your early 20s, like make your car, you know, loud speakers and all this had friends that did that, which
I wasn't into it. But it was like, get a subwoofer and all these speakers. Yeah, I got a sub.
I'd never go back to a car without a sub, but not like the factory. Subs are cool. I've never swapped out speakers.
Yeah, I've never done that. Yeah, that's all. I wonder if he did the work himself or if he just gave it to her and then kind of left it up to her to figure out the wiring and stuff.
He's like, here's two six by nines, honey. Put him in your car. I kind of hope that's what he did.
I see you had him into your service. Do you know what was a car kit from Walmart?
So it sounds like he might have put him in himself. I think Alex would have put him in himself. I kind of I know him may not be smart, but he's a gentleman.
That's right. He has his chivalry. All right. He's cheap, but he has so much chivalry.
All right, Jonathan St. Claire, just keep these in your mind. One that sticks out to you. That's what I have to vote on. Jonathan St. Claire Facebook received a waffle iron as a kid.
My mom said I needed to learn how to cook. I still have it almost 20 years later and now feed my kids with it.
I don't sound awesome, dude. Your mom gave you generational Christmas memories.
Christmas memories taught you how to cook like. Come on, Jonathan. You said that was your worst
Christmas present. Your mom gave you a waffle maker. And now you're, you know, feeding your kids with it.
I don't know. Brittany loves Rick on Instagram said you asked for worst
Christmas gift. I can't think of my worst. But when I was. Well, that's what I asked you to do, Brittany. We literally asked you to think of your worst.
And you started out by saying, I can't think of my worst. I think that might disqualify you. Uh, I think.
But when I was 15 or 16, my parents wrapped me chicken and biscuit crackers, easy cheese and Gatorade for Christmas.
I loved all those things. So it really wasn't that bad. So you basically gave us your best Christmas gift, not your worst.
That actually sounds pretty good. That's not bad at all. Get down on some chicken and biscuit. Oh, yeah. Have you ever had those?
Yeah. Like in the blue box and it's got the little chicken on the front. Right. And it's just crackers, chicken and a biscuit crackers.
Oh, I don't know that I've had that. No. Does it have chicken on it? Like it's like some type of like it's like chicken bouillon flavoring flavored crackers.
Yeah. Flavored crackers. Oh, that actually sounds really good. You've never had chicken in a biscuit. No. Oh, dude, you got it.
You were meaning literally like chicken and biscuits. Like I get a Chick -fil -A breakfast. No, it's chicken in a biscuit.
Crackers, easy cheese, which is the spray on cheese and Gatorade. That's not bad.
That sounds like a Thursday, Thursday afternoon snack for me. How old was Lisa loves Rick? Fifteen.
Britney loves her. Britney loves her. Lisa loves Rick. Oh, they need to talk. Fifteen or sixteen.
OK, that's not bad. That's not bad. I feel like this is a good Christmas. OK, we got to get back on track here with some bad ones.
Brandon Brumit on Facebook said 1986. And in the sixth grade, my parents decided it was best for me to have a cabbage patch kid for Christmas.
Learn to run fast home from my school. Oh, he took it to school. Oh, man.
A cabbage patch kid in public school. I don't know. What was his age? Sixth grade, though. Six, six.
That's kind of old for. Yeah. I thought I was saying he said 1986 and I thought he said six sixth grade.
Yeah. So he's old. He should have known that. Brandon, you're old, dude. Should have known better. That's up there, though.
That's a that's a that's a rough. OK, listen to this with Nathan Rowland on Facebook says I received a turquoise sweatshirt with a muscle guy in a black looking speedo holding a dumbbell weight above his head.
And above his head was written in large yellow letters. God's gym. I was in fourth grade and was told to wear it to school to make my aunt happy.
It was humiliating. It was humiliating because I was a fat fourth grader. I. Wait a minute, dude.
Why is this dude with a mullet in a black speedo? He's like God's gym and like gold above him, like holding a weight up.
And it was a muscle dude. It was a turquoise sweatshirt. There's a lot of parts to this.
Why is this sweater exist? And then why is an ad getting that for her fourth grader?
I don't know. How old are you in fourth grade? Nine. Right. You're not very old. I mean, you have to wear it because if your parents say, hey, you're wearing it.
Yeah, that's a tough. That's a tough. The best part is it's like some dude working out. He's in a speedo muscle dude.
Right. And it's all sequenced and turquoise. And then he says it's humiliating because I was a fat fourth grader.
I don't know. That one's in the running for me. Let's go to the next one. Jonathan LeRoy's Bass.
That's a fancy name. Three three person name. Oh, wait. And Jordan Kramer just said,
Isaiah, that's some of the best crackers out there. You're getting yelled at by the. Hey, hey, hey, we should watch it.
I don't think ranking crackers is is is socially acceptable. Well, actually, actually, he didn't say
Isaiah. He just said some of the best crackers out there. I added Isaiah just to try to, you know, make you feel bad that you didn't know it.
Yeah, yeah. Chicken in a basket. You can't rank nothing, you know. Yeah. You know, you rank one cracker really high.
The other white people will get really upset and got a lot of Jordan, man.
Oh, all right. We're going to we're going to gloss over that. All right. Jonathan LeRoy's Bass Facebook.
I grew up with an aunt who just gave the most random gifts ever. She get she'd give us kids boxes of Kraft Mac and cheese, a pillow and an double
XL polo shirt. She once told me that the polo was a sleeping shirt. I was 16 years old.
Oh, dude, he's 16 coming out to your friends. You're coming down like on a Saturday morning.
You're just wearing a single polo shirt, just tighty whities and a polo shirt. Like, hey, guys, I'll be out in a minute.
What do we go? We go to the movies like you never live that down. A sleeping shirt.
You want to you know what? I'm learning from all of this. What are you like? I got 17 nieces and nephews and I'm learning.
And I need to start embarrassing them more. I'm failing a lot of aunts and uncles on this list.
Yeah, it's like, OK, it's like, OK, well, what what can I find real quick and really turn my kiddos, you know, red?
Right. All right. We got two more. Let's round it out. And then we're going to pick a winner.
Ryan Jones on Facebook said when I was in high school, my grandmother bought me a pentagram necklace, having no idea what it was.
I was forced to wear it to school. Mind you, I played on my church's worship team and was active in youth group.
Bless her heart. I miss that lady. You're wearing a sign of the
Antichrist at church. The best part is like the aunt or uncle getting the embarrassing thing and then the parents forcing it.
Yeah. OK, you have to wear this. Your grandmother got that for you. I don't care what it is or what it makes you look like.
You're making them feel good. Yeah, there was a whole thing, too. I don't know when this was, but we've talked about it on the podcast before.
If you grew up with parents and like the moral majority kind of 80s into the early 90s, everything was very like Cabbage Patch or like, you know, satanic dolls and ACDC is against Christ, devil's companions and like kisses, nights and satanic.
Everything had like this weird spiritual attachment to it. Like, you know what I mean?
Like, I just remember that all the time. And it was really just it was a bunch of parents who had read, you know, this present darkness by Frank Peretti, you know, like spiritual warfare books and stuff.
And it's just funny that this parent just kind of didn't know what was going on.
And it was like, no, you're going to wear that. And it was a what you say, a pentagram. She was on the worship team to show up to your worship practice.
Like, hey, what's up, guys? Oh, man, that's rough. The best part is like the grandma wouldn't know if you had worn it to school or not.
You know, you just tell grandma a nice white lie. Yeah, I love it. Grandma wore it every day. Yeah.
There's this weird group at school called Satanists that are trying to get me into their club now for some reason.
But I love that pennant you gave me. Yeah. And then this one, Andrea, I'll put them struggle on Facebook just said not having
Christmas. Well, this like I don't get it. You mean not having
Christmas? What a downer, Andrea. All she put was not having Christmas. That's the saddest
Christmas of all. I wonder if she was talking about like during covid. Could be.
But I had Christmas drink over and everyone. I mean, I mean, Christmas was like a year into covid.
Yeah. Like you said, too, like the only I mean, I guess if they were a johoho, you know, it'll celebrate
Christmas, right? Or birthdays. Yeah. No, that was the word transfusion high school. Or I think it was in eighth grade.
Like the girl next to me, it was her birthday. I'm like, oh, happy birthday. Like, what are you doing for whatever? And she goes, oh, I don't celebrate birthdays. I'm like, you don't celebrate birthdays.
What you mean is that was that was a culture shock for me. If you think about it, though, why do we celebrate birthdays?
It's kind of a weird thing to celebrate. You don't have anything to do with it. Your parent, your mother did all the work.
Yeah. If anything, it should be the kid getting the mom gifts. Right. Yeah. Like, think about that. Isn't that a weird?
Is it just because it's like, hey, you're another year? I think it comes from a long time ago when it was like, hey, we're just happy you made it to six years old.
You know, it could be. And there's also things that come with age, right? Like a rite of passage with certain things.
You know, you know, 16, you drive. So there are milestones tied to it. But I also think there's probably just a little probably part of it where it's like,
OK, like each year, one of the kids gets their own special day. Yeah, it could be.
I don't know. I just I don't I celebrate them and I, you know, whatever. It's tradition, but they've always confused me.
Oh, even when you were a kid? Yeah, I just go, why am I celebrating the day? You know, because you got to realize, too, different cultures celebrate.
So like if you live in South Korea, you have to remember three different ages. I know. Have you ever seen that?
Where it's like it's like the year that you're the the international date, the date of South Korea.
And then also they say that your birthday is the date of conception. Yeah. So you go back nine, you know, nine months, eight months, whatever it is.
So this whole thing, like we celebrate on the day you were born, it's it is very cultural. It's Western. It's not, you know,
I don't know. Yeah. OK, so let's run through these real quick. Do we like used bag of free stuff that we put in the junk drawer?
Do we like worst gift ever? Or wait, turning 12, my 20s, relatively gave me old spice gift set every year.
The speakers from Wal -Mart waffle iron that I feed my kids with. You asked for the worst gift, but I actually gave you a great gift.
Chicken and a biscuit crackers. 1986, sixth grade parents decided as best we have a cabbage patch doll turquoise sweatshirt with the muscle man dude on it.
I grew up with an ad who gave me a random double XL polo shirt, which is a night shirt. And then a grandmother who bought the pentagram necklace.
What one stick out in your mind? If you had like one or two that you were like, that's a pretty bad one or that one should be in the finals to win some stuff.
What do you think? I got I got two that I like. I got two with my one is a strong one.
And so the two are OK. Cabbage patch kid. OK. And the the speedo bodybuilder.
OK, my my two are that one as well. The speedo bodybuilder shirt.
But then I also just like the ant who gave Kraft Mac and cheese and the
X double L polo shirt was like, it's a night shirt. And he's like, I was 16. It sounds like such an anter gram of thing, like no, no, just no resemblance of like how old that one, how old they are.
But you want to what I think we might have a winner because we both agree we had to each and we both agreed on the sweatshirt one.
Should we give it to sweatshirt guy? All right. Nathan Roland on Facebook, you have won the prize pack.
I'm going to get ahold of you and we'll get your address and get something shipped out to you. The turquoise sweatshirt with the muscle guy and the black speedo holding a dumbbell weight above his head, especially because it's in yellow gold.
This is God's gym. Hey, hey, hey. Yeah. But if you can wait a week on sending that order,
I may make a custom made shirt to include in the package sent to him. You just said. I can't.
I can't tell you what it's going to be. I can't tell you what it's going to be. I think we have a hint, though. All right,
Nathan, we'll send it to you. Good job, bud. All right. Let's keep it moving along here. Uh, oh, man, what do you got going on for Christmas, man?
Do you got like everything on one day or do you got a gauntlet going on? No. So I Christmas Day is super low key for me because that's like Christmas is typically when my siblings will celebrate with like their family, their wife and kids or spouse and kids and their in -laws.
And then the day after Christmas, everybody goes to my parents. So Christmas Day, I got church in the morning and then each one of my siblings thinks that I'm going to a different sibling's house.
So I really just get to go take a nap all day. Now, I play it. My sister invited me over for for waffles and after church, but yeah, it'll be low key.
It'll be calm. Yeah, we used to do like a bunch of stuff in one day and then it just got it was like it's insane.
I'm not trying to go three different places in a day. Yeah, it's really miserable, especially if you have kids, too, and they're taking them in and out of cars.
And so now we just you feel like you get like no time at each spot you're at.
Yeah, you're like, all right, timer starts now. We got 50 minutes and then we're out of here to the next place, which is kind of anti what?
I feel like celebrating the birth of our savior should be kind of like how when people fill up stuff on the
Lord's Day and it's like you're busier on a Sunday than you are any other day of the week.
And you're like, well, no, that's supposed to be, you know, reflection on God and to, you know, rest and things like that.
And I sometimes think holidays can get that way to where we get. So into the food and the feast and the, you know, and all those things and seeing the family and then going from place to place, it's like,
I don't know, I feel like we should be just celebrating, obviously celebrating the birth of our savior, but also taking joy and spending time with family instead of going from place to place.
So we're going to be running the gauntlet. We got four days in a row. But yeah, but it's, you know, just a couple hours each day.
Yeah, it's not bad, which is fine. Everyone's on Christmas break anyway. So, uh.
Someone said, hey, send me, send me some chicken and biscuit crackers. If I tell you funny stories.
So, OK, we've got a lot of people obviously obsessed with the chicken and biscuit crackers on the live stream here. I like it.
All right. Let's do what do you think? You want to do a little guess that Christmas movie?
Yeah, let's go for it. Hang on. I need to readjust my headphones. They're slipping. All right. Do it. So what we have here is we have six.
You can't look at the board, though, because I have some names on there. And I want to see just how well
Isaiah can do here. And we've done name that that Christian worship song.
We've done name that tune on the podcast. So now we're going to do Christmas movies.
I've got six of them. Some of them are as short as two seconds. Some of them are as long as 30 seconds.
They're audio clips. And we're going to see if Isaiah can guess them. And guys, if you're in the chat and you're watching this right now, feel free to jump in there, too, and see if you can guess them as well.
Hold on one second, though. I'm a. I'm nervous for this.
If I get over there, I'll be I'll be good. I'll be very happy. Very happy. All right.
Here we go. See what's going on with my camera. All right, here we go.
Ready? Number one. Here it is. OK, people, tomorrow morning, 10 a .m.
Santa's coming to town. Oh, my God. Santa here.
I know him. I know him. All right. What do you think it is?
Do you got a idea? I first think that, you know. It wasn't the real
Santa. Oh, that's Elf. I know that. I know that one. Oh, yeah, I recognize that. All right.
I got one for one. He's one for one. All right, let's go to number two. Ready? Here we go.
Though I think they're going to progressively get a little harder. Yeah. This one might be a quick one. I don't know. Ready? Here we go.
Stop. Kid. Want to hear it again? Wait, is that lampoons?
Well, hey, before you answer here one more time. Suck, kid. Suck, brick kid.
What could that be? What involves a brick and a kid in a Christmas movie? He's thinking he's in deep.
OK, this one I thought you would get right off the bat. That's why I did it shorter. I thought if I did a long clip of this movie, you'd get it instantly.
One. I mean, oh, standard beard care already has it, but I can't tell you what it is. You got both of these two for two.
OK, is it a comic? I can't get me tense. You want one more? You want to hear one more time just so you can get the voice? Yeah. All right.
Last time. Suck, kid. I mean, OK, I'm going to I don't think it's this.
I'm almost positive it's not this. It ain't Home Alone. Which one? Oh, stop.
Is it? Yeah. Which one? It's not Home Alone one. OK, because that's the only home alone
I've watched. You haven't seen the second one? Now I feel like sequels are never as good.
Oh, my gosh. The sequel is better. Stop. No, you're going to go with the second one. You think I'm going to go with the second one?
That's right. Yeah. Lost in New York. Let's go. Wait, is it actually good? Like worth watching? Oh, dude, it's way better.
There's way more hijinks in it. Absolutely. It's twice as many stunts like they're getting hit. And guys on the live stream right now, if you're out there,
Home Alone one or Home Alone two, better Home Alone one or Lost in New York. We'll see. I think it's Home Alone two. Home Alone one's iconic.
I love that. Oh, it's it's great, too. They're both great. We start watching them in like late August. Oh yeah.
We start turning on the Christmas. We've already went through all our Christmas movies by September. No doubt. All right.
Ready? Here we go. Number three. So you're two for two, dude. Two for two. All right. You made it through the first two. I thought you'd get. I only committed to getting two right.
So I'm pretty happy with myself. You're doing good. All right. Ready? Are you a big Christmas movie guy, by the way, or no?
Like, you know, Christmas movies are you just like no album or what? I mean, I'm a big comedy fan.
Me too. In movies. So it's a comedy Christmas movie. Probably we'll get it.
A action Christmas movie. Probably we'll get it. Like, it's a wonderful life.
I probably I know the story. I've seen it before, but it's not that type of Christmas movie.
Ain't you know, nor like I like the comedies myself, which I didn't. I'll tell you, I was going to put something in this wonderful life in here, and I didn't.
I was like, I don't even really like that movie. Yeah, it's kind of. So we got four people so far that said
Home Alone two is better. To no home alone. No. Oh, yeah. But they'll be coming in.
All right. Ready? Here we go. So we did. We were on number three. All right. All right. Here we go.
Number three. I read me mention who I hate you. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
hate entirely. That's a
Grinch. That's a great. Yeah, let's go. That's the I thought that might throw you off because it's not really him reciting anything.
It's just saying how much he hates people. Dude. Standard beard carries on fire. He's naming them before the clips even over.
Yeah, he got it. Grinch. All right. Number four, you're three for three, dude. I didn't think you were going to get this far. Honestly, I had no hope in you.
No confidence whatsoever. I'm just being real. Yeah. I was just kidding.
I don't know what I'm talking about. Okay, ready? Here we go. Number four. Santa, how can your clothes are so baggy?
Because Santa is watching his saturated fats. How come you don't have a beard?
Because I shaved. Do you want this doll or not? Go back to sleep. Oh, this one's going.
This one's going deep. I'm not going to give you any hints. Come on, standard beard.
Carry on the live stream. You got that one yet? Okay, I'm going to be honest with you. I could take a stab.
Oh, my gosh. You got it. He got it. Oh, he's all right. I do. You're up against one of our sponsors.
It's not a Christmas story, right? What's up? Christmas story. You can't say it's not this, right?
You have to take a guess. Is it a it's a Christmas story? The Christmas story?
No, I'm sorry. You it's I don't recognize the Santa Claus with Tim Allen. I was I literally was going to get
Santa Claus. And then I thought, no, that's way too obvious. But I've never actually seen that. I mean, that's that's pretty like that's that's
Tim Allen's voice right there. And your clothes are so baggy. Because Santa is watching his saturated fats.
That is not Tim Allen's voice. It is Tim. Stop. Okay. Tell me that's pure Michigan. You know, it's you know,
Tim Allen does pure Michigan. Oh, the pure Michigan hands down best ad campaign all time.
Okay. But have you seen the guy who then went back and did pure Michigan, but then just did like downriver
Michigan and like it was like like parody. Oh, parody. And it's the best because he did the voice.
And he's like, do you have to do you have to tramp stamps? I'm like, right. Do you smoke marble reds when you and he's taking actual footage of people at like festivals and like Taylor, Michigan and like these, you know, kind.
I don't want to say white trash. I mean to say, but that's what it is. And he did these parodies in there. Hilarious.
Hilarious. Because he's saying the most insane things in the voiceover. But then you're looking at it.
And someone from Michigan, I go, oh, I've been there. I know where that's at. That's hilarious. Is that pure Michigan?
Okay. All right. So three for four. I was going to guess Santa Claus because it said Santa. I've never actually seen a
Santa Claus, though. Yeah. Oh, that's you've never seen the original Santa Claus. Yeah. Go check it out.
I'm going to make a new one, though. Yeah, but I don't know. I saw the preview and I got to be for the kids.
It looks kind of dumb. But the original one, pretty good premise. Kill Santa Claus has to take over for him. Accidentally kills him.
All right. Ready? Here we go. We're on number five. And you are what? Three for four. Yeah, here we go.
That's got, you know, a stick. You're full of it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like double dog, dare you.
Now it was serious. A double dog dare. What else was left but a triple dare you.
And finally, the coup de gras of all dares the sinister triple dog dare.
I triple dog dare you. Schwartz created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple dare and going right for the throat.
I know the movie. I know that scene. It's a it's a do you know what the scene's about?
By why they're a double standard beard carries.
Got it again. He's on it. I know I've seen that scene.
Yeah. I don't even have a guess. Let me give you a hint.
And that's cheating. OK, you're going to be so mad at yourself. I mean, it's OK. Play it one more time.
All right. Let me let me see which one does. That's got, you know, a stick. You're full of it. Oh, yeah.
Yeah. Well, I double dog dare you. Now it was serious. A double dog dare.
What else was left but a triple dare you? And finally, the coup de gras of all dares the sinister triple dog dare.
I triple dog dare you. Schwartz created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping the triple dare and going right for the throat.
What do you think? It's not a Christmas movie. Only thing in my head is Little Rascals.
So you said it's not a Christmas movie. You think Little Rascals. Only movie I can possibly think of.
So you think Little Rascals is a Christmas movie? Could be. So what you're going with? That's what I'm sticking with.
That's incorrect. Yeah, it's a Christmas story. Oh, it's what you just guessed the last time.
You'll shoot your eye out, you know, that classic. Yeah, that's in the very beginning when he's trying to get him to stick his tongue on the pole on the.
Yeah, yeah. I told you they're getting harder. They are getting harder. And frankly, I probably wouldn't have known that.
That's a no. I mean, I know for a fact I've seen, but like I didn't even what threw me with that one is.
Yeah, I don't know that I've ever actually sat down and watched a Christmas story, but I knew I recognized that.
So I was like, OK, what movies have I watched? Right. All right. Hold on.
We're going to do some technical stuff here. It looks like our camera is giving us some issues here.
Let's see. Oh, standard.
Barricade said my dad will not let anyone touch the TV while the 24 hours within 24 hours of the Christmas story is on.
Yeah, so we've got a weird thing going on where the camera is frozen, but the audio is still working.
Hold on, guys. We're working on it on the live stream. We'll get it going here. Stop the camera. All right, we're going to get the last one going here.
And one second, this may be a blessing. There we go. All right. Now we're back. I always got told
I had a face for radio. So I was like, yeah, that's my joke. How dare you come on my podcast and tell my joke?
But that's OK. All right. Ready? Last one. So you are three for five, three for five.
So if we can so I mean, if you get this wrong, 50 percent. But if you get this one right, well, that'd be four for six, which would be 66 percent, which is passing.
So that so it's all rights right here. Ready? Here we go. Six one for the fire. We can't do the book.
Yeah, all of our pens have turned to inksicles. Yeah, our assets are frozen. How would the bookkeepers like to be suddenly unemployed?
This is my island in the sun. I believe you've convinced them once again,
Mr. Scrooge. This is the hardest one. This is obscure.
I want you to listen to that voice at the end. A Christmas carol. What is that?
I mean, I have no idea. A Christmas carol just because they said Scrooge. OK, well,
I want to see if if he got it. Now here I'm going to play it one more time. Listen, listen to the voice right at the end.
We can't do the book. Yeah, all of our pens have turned to inksicles. Our assets are frozen. So close.
How would the bookkeepers like to be suddenly unemployed? This is my island in the sun.
I believe you've convinced them once again, Mr. Scrooge. The guy, he says,
Mr. Scrooge, does that sound familiar? That voice? No, the only voice that sounded familiar was the one that sounds exactly like SpongeBob.
Wait, who is that? It was like right after we can't do the bookkeeping. You're kind of in the right path, though, because it's not animated.
It's not animated. It's not live. It's live action. But with something else.
No, no idea. Isaiah is failing this test. The Muppet Christmas carol.
Those are Muppets. That was Kermit the Frog's carol. You got, you know, you get half points. OK, so half half puts me at three and a half out of six, which is over.
That's over 50 percent. I think does it put me at 60 percent? See, though, I don't know. I will see you at that 61.
I think you did it. I think you passed three and a half out of six, dude, for like not knowing any of these.
You get the applause. Oh, man, that was pretty good, though.
So yeah, the reason I was saying, listen, that voice is it was Kermit the Frog and he is who's the guy and who's the guy that I just saw the play to?
Who's who's the guy that works for Scrooge? What's this character's name? Tiny Tim. No, that's his son. Who's the guy that works for Scrooge that has tiny
Tim? That's Kermit the Frog's character, George. I'm just saying random names.
Oh, I said. Oh, no. Is it George Bailey? Is that the wonderful life? Is that not even
George Bailey? I think that's wonderful life. OK, yes. You know, I was on Christmas theme. Yeah.
Christmas Carol. Oh, who is it? Bob Cratchit. Ah, that's who does Bob. Bob Cratchit has tiny
Tim. And then the little the little the people that were singing. Oh, you know, whatever behind them in that clip.
The oh, it's warm out their little rats. Rizzo the rats. But anyway, the only reason I know that is because I had to pull audio to then pull or pull video to pull audio for these.
So even though it seems like I know a lot about Christmas movies, it's just because I had to read. I did all the
I did all the clips. I know nothing. Pretty good, though, man.
Three and a half out of six for random. Hey, I was trying to find something from.
A Christmas vacation. Is that what it's called or no? Oh, yeah. Christmas family Christmas or whatever it is, and couldn't find anything without a lot of cuss words and a lot of inappropriate material.
Yeah, I was personally hoping you'd put some diehard on there, man. Greatest Christmas movie of all time.
You're one of those, huh? No, but I think it's funny. So I am. Yeah, I'm kind of the same way
I go. People are having an argument over it. So I'm going to take a hard stance on one way or another, even though I don't care.
It's just because in opposition to whoever is taking the hard stance, right? If they're like, it's not a
Christmas movie, then you're like, it absolutely is. And if they're like, oh, it's a Christmas movie, like you're insane.
No, it isn't. Yeah, you have to take the opposite of whatever the hard stance is to keep it interesting.
Yeah, and just enjoy, you know. Oh, man. All right.
So boom, boom, boom. What is he saying? I got all kinds of comments in here. Um. Oh, yeah.
So we had a little freeze up on the camera there, guys, but it's back now. It looks like. All right.
All right, let's go into. Let's get into our
I thought it'd be interesting to get into our Christmas Carol draft because are you do you play any music you sing or play any music or write music or anything?
I don't know. I don't but I would you don't know. Is that what you just said? You don't know.
No, I don't. I don't. I don't write like I sleepwalk. I picked it when I wake up in the morning.
My brother picked music. I picked well, he wrestled but I pick sports. I didn't know. I'm not musical at all.
No, but I really enjoy music, right? Isn't that crazy? How if you're not a musician and someone asked you that you have to justify then liking music.
You're like, I don't but I really like why can't you just enjoy music? Well, I would say
I use you said are you I do not. Make music. I know.
I know but I'm at a very low. I would my do you on Spotify? Yes. How many minutes did you have for the year?
Oh, I don't know. They sent me my email. I didn't even look at it. You're so old. I don't know. Every young person is going to a
I was at a hundred and thirty thousand minutes. That's a lot of music. See, but that's the other thing though, too, is
I only mostly use Spotify for podcasts. I listen. I'm an Apple music guy, which
I know is exactly like all the young guy. All the young people are like you idiot.
That's for that's for trash people, which is which is mind -boggling that Apple has somehow lost with the youth in a very specific thing.
Well, no, it isn't because I was the youth when Apple was pushing that 12 to 15 years ago and now we're all late 30s to mid 40s.
So that's who's using it. You just grow up with your technology. Yeah, but when you were growing up as iTunes, right?
Okay, I guess that's fair. That's my point. I grew up with Apple. That's fair enough. So I just said, well, in the other thing, though, is to is like Apple music is like so it's stupid.
It's like not intuitive at all. Like to get back to albums and track stuff when they first released it.
I tried it for a month. I was like, okay, like I like technology. I like, you know, and okay, streaming services and technology.
But yeah, it was miserable. Like, yeah, it was like, yeah, it's no question. I'm sticking with Spotify. But now at 41 years old,
I'm getting to that point to where it's like, well, I've just stuck with it this long. I'm not going to change. I'm going to become everything that I hated in my 20s, right?
It's talking new ways. I'm like, I'm not switching the spot, which, you know, I do have some playlists on there.
Some other stuff on Spotify, but it's just crazy that like you said
Apple, which their whole thing was based around music kind of dropped the ball and Spotify has been going after it, dude, for the last five or six years, like everyone was like,
I can't believe they're paying Rogies 100 million to come on. And I'm like, I get it. They're making a play for a certain demographic and to be the number one in that realm.
Well, yeah, and they are by far in the whole audio entertainment realm, right?
Like and they're tying in video with their podcast, but like they're just now starting to get audio books on there.
Yeah, like, yeah, no, it's smart. Well, they did the thing too, to where they're like, hey, we'll connect the video to the podcast, which, okay, everyone has to you have to have, if you want people to watch, you do have to have or listen, you have to have people to watch the video as well.
But then they just went, oh, and you can only only if you're on Spotify and only on anchor and everyone's like, why anchor and they're like, oh, because we just bought them too.
So like the, you know what I mean? So like they'll only do video if you're exclusive with them. Well, I mean, you can only upload video through anchor and they bought anchor.
So it was one of those things where they know exactly what they're doing. They're kind of doing what Apple was doing 10 years ago when they were buying up or like even what
Facebook when they bought Instagram for a billion dollars and people thought they were nuts, you know, 10 years ago. That's smart.
But how do we get on that subject? What am I? What are we talking about? We're going to the draft. Oh, yeah about to do the draft.
That's right. Worst podcast host ever. I can't remember what we're talking about. All right.
So this is what I want to do. I will give you as the guest. I'm going to give you first draft.
You have first round draft pick for the draft. And here's the rules. It can we each get five picks.
Okay, you can write them down if you want. Keep them in your head, whatever it is. It'll be video recorded either way and we go back and forth.
You have first pick. I have second pick. You third me fourth. Just like we said when this goes to YouTube and well, it's on YouTube now, but when it gets edited and put up in clips,
I'll put them on the screen. We'll put all each five of our Christmas carols or Christmas songs and then we're going to have the people vote and I'll let you know who wins.
There's no prize for this bragging rights is what you get. Okay, Isaiah. No t -shirt for you.
That's all right. You like I didn't want your stupid t -shirt. Anyway, I got a Santa Claus suit. No. So we'll start you start and what we really want to do is much like a football draft.
You just want a well -rounded team. You know what I mean? You don't want to draft three, you know, star quarterbacks.
That won't do you any good. You got to draft a quarterback. You got to draft defense. You got to draft offense.
You might even have to sneak some special teams in there that doesn't get any love, but you got to have to complete the team.
So be thinking about that when you're making your five song roster for your
Christmas Carol draft. Okay. Now, are you ready? Oh, I'm I'm ready.
I don't like how confident you are. I think I'm going to lose this because I've thought about it for about 10 seconds today, but I think
I have some good ones. All right, go ahead first round of the Christmas Carol draft goes to Isaiah.
What's the first song you're drafting into your team? I've got a hang on. I'm on the clock right now.
So I have to think two minute clock. I just have to. Oh, that's a long clock. I just have to think of this one. If I 22nd clock second round.
Well, it's kind of strategic because I might steal yours. I know for thinking of the same and maybe give a little explanation of why you picked that one too.
Oh, this makes great podcasting. We're sitting there thinking in silence. We're going to go with one. That's timeless. It's timeless. You know,
Tom Brady, why he's so iconic is because he's timeless. He's been doing it forever and he's still at the top of his game.
So we're going to go with, oh, I just, oh my goodness. Did you just forget it? Yeah. How did
I just, I try to get cute with it. I love it. The first thing is, oh, it's, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, huh? So it's beginning to look a lot, man.
That's it. Okay. I didn't think you were going there. What, where'd you think? I didn't think it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
I guess it's pretty popular. Uh, it's a staple, right? Everyone gets really excited because you usually play that one early in the
Christmas season and people are like, you know, it's playing in every store you go. It gets you hyped. Oh yeah. Um, oh wow.
Okay. You're going there. So that changes my, uh, strategy up a little bit. Let's see.
So you're going, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Um, that pretty much takes out any
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas because that's just like the trailer park version of that song.
We don't want that. So I can't go there. I'm going to, you want to, I'm going to, I'm going to go in a different direction.
You went with mainstream. I'm going to go with one of my most theologically rich Christmas carols that even pagans know.
Okay. That's, that's the crossover appeal of this song is you can be a Hindu.
All right. And you know, the words to the song and that of course it's come on. Isaac Watts.
Uh, post -millennialism I'm millennialism joy to the world. Solid. That's a solid, solid.
That's joy to the world. Everyone knows that. I feel like Trump, every, everyone knows it's going to be huge. I'm done.
I don't know why I'm using my hands like this, but I'm going the other way. I think I can sneak in some other Christmas songs because you got the best one.
You did get probably get the best one for, um, non Carol for Christmas because there's the kind of a difference between Carol and song.
Right. Wouldn't you say like a Carol? I think of like when I think of a Christmas Carol, I think of like a hymn that you would not can sing.
And, you know, and, uh, yeah. When I think of a Christmas song, it's more like mainstream, right? More mainstream.
Yeah. Okay. All right. So you took, uh, what white Christmas? No, uh, it's beginning to look, it's beginning to look like Christmas.
I took joy to the world. All right. Who are you taking for number two? So I, you know,
I got my star quarterback cause it's timeless. And, but, but the only way you can keep your QB young and fresh.
Yeah. Surprise. If you give them a good old line, good protection. You better not say what I think you're going to say. You son of a gun.
Don't take my second. I don't know if I'm taking it, but I'm, I'm going with, I think it's cold outside. Oh, I'm so glad you took that.
That song sucks. What? That song sucks. That song has been come at harder than any song
I've ever seen. I don't even know the test of time and not budge.
I don't even know who sings it. What? Well, maybe it's cold. What is it? So famous that everybody's to who?
To everybody. What do you mean? Just sewer people. So who's a famous deal to everybody?
Are you? Are we? Are you? Did you just drive? Baby, it's cold outside. Most go.
Yeah. Yeah. The one that people have recent years started to take exception. Oh, no. Wait a minute. That's okay.
That's, uh, uh, I mean, Michael Bublé does my favorite version, but yeah,
I don't know. Yeah. Like people. What will people say that one? The one that got canceled two years ago. That's what
I'm saying. Okay. All right. It just moved. That's what I'm saying. It just moved up the draft board. If it gets canceled, he moved up the draft board.
That's my old life, baby. That thing got like a vicious attack and it didn't budge. No, I see where you went with that.
QB is going to play for 30 years. That was my bad. That was my bad because that is a song that's going to stand up the test.
It tried to get canceled. They're playing it again this year on radio. They just gave it like a one season reprieve and they're like, yeah, we got to go back to that.
That's a classic. Well, well, you can't cancel baby. It's cold outside. Well, WAP is the number one song on the billboard charts.
It doesn't work like that. I think that's what happened. They did. I was so, you know, it came through that other side.
It's battle tested. It's ready to go. Right. Okay. So for my number two, I have to kind of in the same thing.
So I went very particular for that first round. That's like your, you know, your star quarterback or something like that.
Second, you're going a little more broad. You want something that supports the team, whether that's O line, whether that's D line, whether that's a nose guard, something like that.
I got to go with a song that not only does everyone know, but you can easily be played on musical instruments.
And it's so popular that kids actually make up more words to it. And they're funnier than the original.
And that's Jingle Bells. You have to go Jingle Jingle Bells. Batman smells. I'm going to be honest with you.
That one slid. That one was that you got to steal. Jingle Bells wasn't even on my radar, but it should have been.
I mean, everyone knows Jingle Bells. And then on top of that, it's it's easy to play if you want to sound it out.
And then there's like 10 different variations of it. Everyone went to a different elementary school.
And then like you have a little bit different version. You know, Batman smells. Robin laid an egg.
And then this guy has one that goes a different way. I just love the fact that it's so interwoven into the culture for the humor side or because you think it's odd, you know,
I just think it's a solid tune, dude. OK, it's three chords. It's C, F and G. That's every major rock song.
Oh, yeah. You know, I'm saying C, F and G. I'm not saying the word F and C, the
C chord, the F chord and the G chord. I don't even know if I know the lot like the real words to Jingle Bells.
I know. I know all the parody songs. Right. I don't know if I know. Let's see.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride a horse open sleigh. Hey, like that one.
But the second verse is like, then we got a nod or something. We fell off our horse or something.
The second one is the second verse is insane. Yeah, no one knows it. All right. Where are you going for number three? For number three, this is where it gets tough.
This is where it could be a big swing and a hit or it could be a mess. You got to go with, you know, some.
So we have two loud vocal really, you know, kind of in your face songs.
Yeah. What you do or I do. I do. I do. And you football guy.
I am a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. Well, you know, enough. Sometimes you just want your players to not be super loud.
You know, you want them just to show up, be kind of quiet and and and let their work speak for them.
And yeah, team players, sometimes they may bring you to tears, you know, with just and with how skillfully they execute.
All right. So so for my quiet pick, I'm going silent night. Oh, that was next on my list.
You son of a gun. Silent night is such a good pick because there's and there's such a swing in it, too.
It's like it's tearful, it's heartfelt. It's like it's like Rudy. It's like the
Rudy of the draft. Like you're a dude, you're masculine, but you're going to shed a tear if you watch
Rudy at the end of that film or blindside or something like that. Like a good sports movie that just gets you.
Yeah. You know, it's unavoidable. It's unavoidable. And it's like, you know. Yeah, you can do it so many different ways.
Acapella, I think is probably my favorite. I love when when someone starts that way too high.
Oh, no. You love it. Yeah. Just because watching everyone just freak out like, you know what
I mean? It's like, oh, we're going up this roller coaster. I can't think. In fact, I think your brother at our song was songs of triumph or whatever said that in the first night.
He was saying we started it low because we know that these songs can go. And I was like,
I like that. Yeah. Yeah. I would love to see a lot of people struggle because I get joy out of only Nathan's struggling.
Yes, I get I get joy out of other people struggling. But so silent night.
All right. Number three, that's solid. That's going to mess me up because that's I was like, he's not going to pick silent. He wouldn't go in there for the sleeper.
That's like old school. And you did it. You got it. You got a stealer. So number three for me is what
I got so far. I got joy to the world. Jingle bells. Two crazy ones. Number three. Uh, oh, should
I go to fun ones in a row and then double back on four and five? I think
I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to. I'm just going with pure popularity here and everyone knows it.
And it's just a fun one to sing no matter where you're at. And there's once again, I love the improv of it, which it's, you know, in in draft terms, versatile player.
I can put this song in any position and it's going to put production out for me week after week. I got to go
Rudolph the red -nosed reindeer. Just because you got the ad libs, you know, you'll go down in history like George Washington.
There's all those little extra things that you can put in there. That's a song I can stick anywhere and anyone knows it and they can like it.
It has a trait very similar to my favorite genre of music, which is country, and it's a storytelling song.
There you go. By the time you're done listening to Rudolph the red -nosed reindeer, you feel like, you know,
Rudolph the red -nosed reindeer. You're bonded with them. Yeah, yeah. And you're like, what about those pricks?
It wouldn't let them play any games. Yeah, it's unbelievable. You know, it's unbelievable. I hate those deer reindeer.
I said, dear, I just got done hunting a couple of days ago. I got deer in the mind. Hey, I got an honest question. Yeah, we know when that song was written.
Oh, 1654, right after the Pilgrims got here. Oh, I don't know. The Pilgrims didn't get here in 1650 either.
Oh, I'm schooled. I don't know what year was it. I mean, it's got to be like 40s. Well, I wonder if I thought it was written as a protest song to what?
Don't say it. It's got too many similarities to what? Say it.
Go ahead. I have no idea what you're talking about, so you can say whatever you want. You laughing is making it worse.
It's because I think I probably so far, but I wonder if it was a protest song to like, you know, the segregation and not, you know, that stuff.
I wonder if it was a protest just because he had a red nose. Well, he was different. He wasn't allowed to play in the games.
He was, you know, he was second tier. Oh, I thought it was. He was just an alcoholic. Rudolph. Yeah. He had a red, red nose.
It wasn't that why they're like, you can't play in these games. You're clearly intoxicated. That's funny. You're I'm not going to look research this.
I got to imagine I'm wildly off. If anyone's still watching out there, what what was?
Well, I guess I could just Google it. When was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer written?
Let's see. When was a. So. All right. So that was mine.
Let's go to number four for you. All right, number four. So I have what
I got my. I need I need some some receivers and I'll get a defense at the end.
So something fast. What what year did I say? He said 16 something in the 40s.
1939 was close. Yeah, it was very cultural. First appeared 1939. Song was written the same year.
All right. Go ahead. So number four, here we go. All right. I'm I'm thinking this one.
OK, this one. I don't know where it fits on the team, to be honest with you. But it was it was a childhood.
Staple icon for me. And growing up, it was one of my favorites every year.
And so I think I'm going to have to go with. Oh, come, oh, come Emmanuel. Wait a minute.
Is that Amy Grant? Andy Graham, Amy Grant. She didn't write it.
She didn't. I. Did she? I know. Wasn't it like a man?
You will. Emmanuel. Wonderful counselor.
That was her Christmas single. No. Did she write it, though? No. Oh, come, oh, come, Emmanuel. Are you talking about?
Oh, come, oh, come, Emmanuel. Yeah, that. Oh, man, that's obscurity.
Dude, that is like your pick. You're drafting like the Lions, just throwing stuff at the board going. Hopefully this dude works out.
I told you. You want to what he had? Two hundred and fifty catches in his senior year. He tore his
ACL, but we think he's on the men. That was a staple growing up, man. I really got to be on the team.
I think so. And I'm also really having a struggle thinking of Christmas. All right.
Number four for me. I'm going to go the same way you did. It's a little more obscure. But once again, if we're comparing this to a draft,
I'm sure this is my long shot. And I like it because.
It's a once again, easy to sing. A lot of people know it. I've heard it in different ways.
Christmas jazz. And that is a drummer boy. Oh, drummer boy.
That's quality. Just because kids like it, adults like it. It's got a different perspective.
It's not necessary. It's it's the from the perspective of the drummer boy instead of the perspective of the shepherds or from Christ or whatever.
So I'm going a little drummer. But I think it's you deserve knucks for that. All right. All right. I'll take knucks for it, whatever that means.
Now, I don't mean so. All right. Final. So rattle off your first four.
You got that. So you have. I have. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Oh, man, you got me on that one. That was good.
I didn't think of that. Maybe it's cold outside. Yeah. I have Silent Night. And I have a comic on me,
Manuel. That is a varied draft. Yeah. So tie it all together with number five.
What do you think you should go for? Number five. Think of all the Christmas songs that you sing when you're younger, whether you're singing right now, that you've caroled, that you've seen in movies.
What's going to be number five that's going to bring those all together to give you the top, the best five?
I definitely have. I definitely have my first two entirely Christmas song, secular, you know,
Christmas song, second to old school hymn. I'm going to come in with my final piece that really bridges the gap where it's
I really don't know if it's a Christian song, secular song. But I like it.
My grandma would always listen to it with me. OK. And I may get roasted for this because I don't actually know the words of it too, too well.
So maybe some I don't know. I'm just I'm going to stop defending it. I'm just going to go with it with Mary. Did you know? No. Yeah, you did not.
I did. You did not. I did. You just sank the franchise, dude. Mary, did you know you ever heard of Pentonix's version?
Actually, yes. My my daughters love Pentonix. It's pretty good. Yeah. No, I like.
OK, can I just tell you why I laughed at that? Just because the only reference I have for that are not the only reference, but the earliest reference
I have for that is sitting in church at like nine years old. Oh, did I sing in church? Oh, dude.
And like the. Yeah. And they would. And it was like always one lady who just like could kind of carry a tune and they felt bad.
So they're like, oh, you can do it for offering or you can do it. You know what I mean? It was a special went to a smaller, like non -denominational church, but it was definitely like fundamental
Baptist. They just weren't denominational. Very legalistic. And I was like, Mary, did you know that you and it was just at nine years old,
I wasn't being judgmental. I was just going, this isn't very good. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like even as a young kid going, I, I'm not enjoying this at all.
I think it's more than a nostalgia factor for me. Is it? I don't think it's a big song. I don't think many people know it.
That's what I was saying. Like, I don't I've never heard it in church. I've never really heard it on the radio. I just remember listening to it with my
Nana. What it is, what it is, though, it's it is cultural because now you have the meme out, the meme song of what's the who had
Luke Skywalker? What was her what was the mom's name? Pat Padme. Padme. You've heard Padme.
Did you know? No, I haven't. You haven't. No. Padme, did you know? And it's in there singing about your son will one day, one day fight the
Jedi Padme. Did you? Oh, dude, it just came out a few weeks ago. And it's like it.
I don't know. I'm not really a Star Wars guys per se, but I know enough to understand the song. And I went, oh, my gosh, it's
I don't know. It's like 20, 20 million views or something on this guy's Tic Tac account. So there you go.
It's cultural. Just like you said, it's so the gap. And yeah, I was going to I was I was, you know, now that my dress over and I can't really help you because I don't know the name of the song.
I probably would have gone with the really big Mariah Carey song. But I don't know what on earth dare you.
I don't know what on earth the name of that song is. All I want for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is you.
That one. Mariah Carey. Yeah, I think that's I don't want to. I think that's it.
I think that's it. I hate that song. Do you really? Oh, my gosh. No. Stop with that.
All right. No. Does that one hit the big like like you're about to hear a really bad singing voice, but like Christmas to do like that.
Wait a minute. What? No, that one doesn't do that. Wait, what are you the Mariah Carey?
Like, at least I think it's my life, Mariah Carey. Like, yeah, she's singing. I don't know.
I'll send it to you afterwards. Hold on. Hold on. We got it right here. Let's see if we can figure it out.
This thing's a video. All right. It's let's see. It's Mariah Carey. And it's all
I want. All I want for Christmas, right? Well, that's her famous one. But I don't think that's what you're talking about.
Hang on. Let's check this out. Oh, that's the one I thought you would see.
Oh, stop. Oh, no, it's literally.
That one. OK, I do love that one. That's not the one I was thinking of. I do love that. I'm a sucker. I do love that sucker.
You know, these these I'm a sucker for. Which one are you talking about?
I think it's just called Christmas. I think I think it's this one, I think maybe.
Yeah, this one. I don't know.
I don't know if that one is called just Christmas. And you said if you had remembered what it was called, you would have drafted that potentially potentially.
All right. Let's finish it up. Here we go. I'm a number five. I went joy to the world.
I went Jingle Bells. I went, what did I go for?
Third one, Jingle Bells was three. No, Jingle Bells was to Rudolph the
Red Nosed Reindeer three. Drummer boy for. Yeah. Number five. What could
I do for number five to strengthen this team? Who I'm deciding between two right now, and they're both classic
Christmas songs. We probably sang them both growing up in church, but they're bangers.
They're not like Silent Night or like We Three Kings. We're like falling asleep. It was like even in a fundamentalist
Baptist church. We were we were grooving a little bit and started moving those hips, started moving those hips.
And those two are well, actually, no, one of them is a little more secular. Actually, I say that, but I'm just think out loud here.
These are the two I'm deciding between. And maybe you can help me with it. Deck the halls, because it's got that follow a lot of the line there or Hark the
Herald. Bro, stop. You did not sing Deck the Halls in church. No, no, I was
I was mistaken about that. I said the second one. OK, OK, OK, OK, OK. You almost had me floored.
What fundamentalist Baptist singing Deck the Halls in church? Now, me and my brother like singing
Deck the Halls because we would say balls of holly, which has made us laugh, even though that's not the words. But what are the words?
Bows, you know, like about like this, like a bow of holly. Oh, I always thought it was.
OK, did you just learn something here? Did I learn something new every day? There you go. Yeah. We used we used to call it do it on purpose and like balls of holly.
It just sounded funny. I'm a go with Hark the Herald Angels sing as a song that was up.
I like it because even like it just feels like I don't know, it's it's a classic
Christmas song. It gets a lot of mileage. I've seen it in theaters and plays.
I've seen on TV and it's like, I know I performed it. I think when I was younger, maybe that's why.
But I think that rounds it out. I got a couple secular, a couple, like you said, carols in there. I'm feeling pretty good about my team.
Yeah, no, that's I like your team, too, though. It's a solid team. It's a solid team. Honestly, your first draft might might hurt me when it comes to voting.
Did not even think about that song. And then as soon as you said it, I went, dang it.
It's every like as soon as it starts snowing or gets a little bit cold, everyone sings it. Well, you know what?
I wish I could sit talking about it. You can't go back and undo it. But if I could do pick number five again, it would be neither.
Mary, did you know or the Mariah Carey song? What would it be? Winter Wonderland. Oh, I didn't even think about that.
Yeah, that one came to mind as you were talking about walking in a winter wonderland. Oh, my gosh.
Somebody's somebody's about to get a steal of an undrafted free agent. I know. Right.
He's about to pick up a gem. Right. Someone's about. Yeah. What's the one that's chestnuts roasting on open fire?
Oh, chestnuts roasting. What is that? What song is that? I can't think of the name of it.
Jack Frost nipping at your nose. It is time. And then, duh, duh, duh.
What is it? What's what? No, but what's you? I want to say every every song you don't know the name to.
You just say, is it Merry Christmas? It's Merry Christmas time. It was Merry Christmas. Chestnuts roasting.
It's not chestnuts roasting on an open fire, though. Maybe. I mean, I don't know.
Put it in your sweet Spotify app you have there. Hey, hey, young and something really sweet was late.
I can't die. Well, you could. I think I have it turned off because I don't like my apps listening to me.
Right. And hum a tune into Spotify. It's the Christmas song. Merry, Merry Christmas.
I was right. Put up to the mic so we can hear. It isn't. It's called the
Christmas song. The Christmas song parentheses. Merry Christmas. No.
Yeah. All right.
All right. That's what I was thinking. Hey, I might have only been three point five out of six on name that movie.
Yeah, but I'm two for two on name that song. That is true. And it's just both times.
It's just the Christmas song. Yeah. Oh, you're doing good, ma 'am.
All right. All right. Let's wrap this thing down. I think we did pretty good. We've got our winner, Nathan.
We'll be sending some of these out to you. Some stuff out to you, man. Guys, thanks. I haven't checked the live stream in a while. Get sidetracked over here, guys.
Thanks for listening and hanging out with us. Isaiah, dude, how fun was it for you to come on and hang out?
Oh, yeah. I've been counting down the days ever since. Penny, ever since I you know, we don't really know each other that well.
You came on the church camping trip this summer. You got lippy playing baseball, which I love. That's true. What made me really like you and really like your family was in youth group.
I told you I was going to bully your kid at the youth group. And I like I like that. And she comes in and I go, hey,
Penny. And I sent her straight to. OK, so like this, don't tell them this. It's like never because I'm actually they don't want them.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. But like sometimes just to keep engagement up. If a kid is like blinking the wrong way,
I love the story. They tell me these stories, send them to the corner and they have to stand in the corner and tie to remember that they're there and tell them they can come back as soon as Penny walks in.
I'm up in the front. I go, Penny corner. She goes, are you serious? And I go, yeah.
And she goes, I go and I go, do you want to tell the room why you're going to the corner? And she stops dead in her tracks, look at the whole room and goes, because my dad's a better baseball player than you.
And they just walk. I was like, OK, I was doing something right. Oh yeah.
She defended me. I lost it. I lost it. Yeah. So that's my little lippy mini me.
God help her. She's going to have a rough life because she can't keep her mouth shut. But I absolutely love she comes home and she goes, yeah,
I think this was like right after it happened. She goes, I think he's just sending me to the corner because of you.
And I go, yeah, maybe he is. And she's like, that's not fair. And I go, well, he's teaching you a very good lesson.
Life isn't fair. Not fair. And but then so then in the weeks prior, in the months prior, she would come home and she was telling me these stories.
These new kids would just come there and you're just like quarter. Or what do you say? Like is it corner?
I go corner. No, no. It's just stand up in the corner. And which is awesome because it's fun.
It's engaging. But it's also like, yeah, you got to go stand in the corner. Like, you know. Well, it's like if a kid ever is actually making me irritated with them,
I'm not going to do nothing. And we're going to talk about it afterwards. If somebody is just like whispering to their friend and they're, you know, they're not somebody's, it's like, oh,
I got I caught you. I got you. Go. OK, I can't remember the full story. Maybe you remember it, but I think it was like one of their friends that is just started coming on Wednesdays.
I think it's her name's Tessa, I think, or something. And you or someone asked her to explain a verse or do or like, what did you what did you learn from this or something?
And like the first five words, Penny's tell me the story and she goes, yeah,
Tessa said she didn't read it. And she was just going to like, you know, kind of say what she was going to say. And it would work out.
And then she started saying something. And within five words, Isaiah was like, corner, you didn't read it. I can tell
I was like, dude, I love this guy. Absolutely, because that's kind of how.
So I did a thing at our church and it was a little younger. It was my old church. And it was called
Royal Rangers, kind of like Boy Scouts. Right. But for a church and dude, I had kindergarten through fifth grade and I treated him the exact same way, like I was nice, but I was like pretty like, no, you're not right.
But it was funny because then when you kind of have some boundaries with younger kids, then it also they also like respond to you.
Oh, yeah. Not only do like, OK, yes, he's friendly and he jokes, but also, oh, there's a line of like boundaries and discipline there.
Not that you're disciplining them, but I'm saying like, you don't mean like orderliness. And then I noticed that the kids would come to me before any of the other commanders, like, hey, can we do this or what about this or what do you think about that?
And it's this weird thing where, you know, proverb says no one likes a spoiled child, right?
Ecclesiastes says the same thing. There's just something about you. Like, I feel like especially in like Western Christianity churches, it's like coddle the kids to no end.
You're great. You're loved. You're awesome. Your picture looks good. It's like, no, they need a little bit of like no corner.
I know you're I know you're BS. And right now you didn't read that. Right. Or whatever. And it's it's
I don't I don't know. I don't I don't know that I've ever sent a new new kid to the corner.
But I don't think I think you start coming to a youth group. You're new. You're like in an awkward stage of life.
And you don't know people there. Like, it can be hard to like, try to fit in. But like, that's where I try to like,
OK, I'm not going to treat you any different. Why am I going to make you stand out? You know, so I joke with them from the jump out.
Like and I think that playful poking. Yeah, is often a great way to get people's guard down, get them interacting with people, you know?
No, I don't remember that with Tessa, but I probably might. You know, it probably might be someone else, too.
I don't know. Probably happened. But I just remember listening to it and I was like, oh, that's funny.
Yeah, no, no. The kids are a blast. They're a blast. Yeah, I should. We should say, too, for anyone who's still listening.
Thanks for hanging in there. But yeah, you do our youth group. Yeah, essentially. Right. One of.
Oh, yeah, there's one. It's one of, I don't know, 50 leaders at Christ the word, right? Yeah, but it's a fun group, man.
It's a fun group of kids. But the the the group of leaders on it is explosive.
Yeah, it is pretty phenomenal. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. But the kids are what make it. Oh, 100%.
Yeah. Now, and the funny thing is, is like. And then we'll we'll finish up here, but they, you know, you see a lot of stuff like if you like in the kind of like the
Christian meme world, too, you'll see a lot of right now there's a lot of stuff about memes on like youth pastor, assistant pastor, stuff like that.
And I've always noticed that for some reason, the like youth pastors get like a.
Like a heart, well, especially in like Big Eva, they get like a kind of a rough past or, you know, rough time, because it's like, oh, you're like low man on the totem pole because you're trying to work your way up to just seeing your pastor one day.
That's in like evangelical circles. I see that. And I'm just like, oh, how sad is that to wear? Even at Christ the word, as you get into more reformed circles, you get into reformed
Baptist, reformed Presbyterian, stuff like that. They really put an emphasis on, well, no, those are those are pastors that are essentially leading our most vulnerable and probably our most important part of the flock, which is the next generation, which is a which is a very important thing.
Oh, yeah. Right. So I love the fact that our church not to get, you know, after an hour of joking, we're getting serious here, but I love that our church put such an emphasis on developing and discipling the next generation and not just, hey, let's have a pizza party.
And believe me, you guys, I was talking to Jordan. I went over to his house a few weeks ago. He was telling us some of the stuff you guys did.
And what is it? You win a retreat or whatever. Yeah. And I'm like, I'm loving it. My wife's like, oh, my gosh, you know, blended up.
Happy meals. Yeah, blended up. Happy meals. My time. But no, I totally agree. I think it's it's fun, too.
I think it's common for people to think of it as a hierarchy, right? Like, oh, senior pastor, they're climbing, you know, and I think you can't like growing up the son of a pastor.
My brother's a pastor, right? Like I've lived. I haven't been a pastor, but like as close to firsthand, you know.
Sure. And I think it's so obvious, like different people have different gifts. And I think, you know, any any disrespect towards youth pastors just because of that, like climbing the like.
I think Jordan does a great job, like truly, truly great. And I think there's
I don't know many more important jobs like you are saying. Well, that's my point.
The kids. Yeah. Like I think that that is so important. I think, though, one thing that's off is
I think so often it's the youth pastors trying so hard to relate to the kids. Right. You know, wanting to talk like I'm dressed like I'm right.
That's where it and it's because they don't want to lose them. And so, like, you know, you don't want to push the kids because you don't make them angry and lose them.
You want to relate because you want to think, cool. Yeah. But if you lost it because of that, did you ever really have them? That's the point, though, too.
I think it's just like I think kids, I don't care if you're 17 and want to act like you don't care about anything like they like attention and feeling like they have a friendship with somebody who's older than them.
Sure. You know what I mean? And I think that's something special to them. And so why throw that away by trying to make yourself no different from them?
Right. Any sense to me? You know, absolutely. Yeah. Cool. Well, we had a fun live stream here.
Oh, yeah. Well, we've been going, what are we going here? Wow. Hour and a half times flying by. Look at that. But we did our contest.
We did our draft. We did our. What else did we do? I don't know what else we did. All kinds of stuff.
Movie movie. Thank you. You got anything for us as we leave here?
I said, you want to any final words? No, thank you very much for having me. Thanks for watching.
I will gladly. I don't know that you'd ever want to have me on here for a real serious, serious conversation.
But anytime you want a little life on here, man, I'm dude, I have a blast. I was just going to say, anytime you want to come back, you're more than welcome to sit in, hang out and we can talk.
Yeah, so this has been a blast. I appreciate it, man. Guys, thanks so much for watching the live stream.
All your comments, obviously, if you're listening to this when it was already dropped on a
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And oh, my gosh, there's too many of them. But we're on all of them. That's the next thing we need to do is get a social media manager.
I'm tired of posting everywhere. Guys, thanks for listening. God bless. There we go.