Sweet 16 Reformed Podcast Bracket Update!



What up, what up, what's going on guys? I just want to do a quick live stream here we have the
Sweet 16 set but before we get into that I wanted to go through Kind of a review of the last one two, three, four five six for the second round As you can see here.
I'm sitting here with the trophy. That's already Customized ready to go.
So someone's going to be taking that home In a few days here, but we had some matchups.
So starting out which I won't spend too much time on We have piano money podcast for this podcast dead man walking
We did go on to the next round 70 30 with 444 votes I will tell you
I will need more than that to beat who's coming up next We also had a matchup between the
Kings Hall and theology applied this one started out pretty even but the Kings Hall just pulled ahead like crazy 67 % to 33 % there was 1138 votes that was cast in that bracket.
So a popular bracket Congratulations to Kings Hall for moving on Apology of earth here.
I stand theology Yeah, that one was going to be hard for theater for here.
I stand theology and it proved to be hard 94 % to 6 % so that was a runaway bracket for Apologia They once again for the second year make it to the sweet 16 637
Votes cast in that bracket. So they're gonna have to step up their game a little bit
Did a K verse the plod cast we had Justin Peters verse Doug Wilson that one was
Soundly won by the plod cast Doug Wilson 75 % to 25 % with 586 votes cast in that one
Real Christianity Versus this is Foster was our another matchup another matchup yesterday.
That was Dale Partridge's podcast with Michael Foster's podcast and What do we have 84 to 16 % so 84 % to 16 % this is
Foster does a really nice job of just handling that one with 696 votes cast and then the one that was the nail -biter the barn burner the
Absolute one to watch was 80 Robles pot Robles podcast Excuse me verse
Tom Askew and the boys over there at the sword and the trowel that one was 50 % to 50 % with nine minutes left.
I mean it was crazy also the most votes for this bracket for this round for this day one thousand three hundred and seventeen votes cast in AD Robles pulls it out with fifty point five percent of the votes verse 49 .5
percent of the votes eight votes separating the winner from the loser That was a close one and guys
What a fun one. That one was to watch a lot of people tagging and hey go vote for a D Hey go vote for so the sword in the trowel
Retweets and I like it. I love the enthusiasm. I love the energy But 80 pulls that one out.
So congratulations took down one of the final four winners from last year
Tom Askew and the sword and the trowel sword and the Charles gives me Man what a great battle it was right down the line for day three of Round two.
So now we have our sweet 16 set. I'm gonna read them off to you right now Here is the sweet 16 that are battling for the reformed podcast trophy of 2024
Here we go 16 dividing line knocks unplugged Cooperstuff podcast cultish your
Calvinist podcast haunted cosmos just thinking theology podcasts cross politic canon press dead men walking the
Kings Hall Apologia the plod cast this is Foster in a
D Robles Okay So that's our sweet 16 and guys our sweet 16 is sponsored by K &K
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Here we go Let's run through the matchups dividing line verse knocks unplugged This is gonna be a tough bracket for chocolate knocks and knocks unplugged.
I mean dividing line James White He's the reigning champ. He is the bracket to beat or he is the podcast to beat
He has a large following on Twitter. So Chocolate knocks if you're watching hope
You do well in that but boy, that's gonna be an uphill battle if you can beat him That'll be the upset but that's what the sweet 16 is all about.
You start getting down to some really serious contenders Next bracket is
Cooper stuff podcast first cultish This is good. This one will be a close one.
I'm just gonna predict it now. It's gonna be within Five percentage points because both have a very active following on Twitter And you guys are gonna vote at these at real
D real DMW podcast it's on the pictures and the flyers that we put out that in cultish has a huge following and still super popular and That one's gonna come down to the wire.
I think your Calvinist podcast first haunted cosmos guys Keith Foskey of your
Calvinist podcast huge following on Tick -tock on YouTube. We're gonna see right now if his millions of views are going to Convert into many many votes because guys he is up against I don't even know if you could call haunted cosmos the dark horse
They have just readily Obliterated anyone who's been in their bracket I mean haunted cosmos sure dividing line has the championship from last year
But haunted cosmos looks like the podcast to beat right now. The popularity is insane
Those guys are voting. So your Calvinist podcast very popular and other social media platforms.
Will those that popularity Translate to votes for him.
So that is going to be the one to watch to your Calvinist podcast first haunted cosmos the king out the king of Amillennialism Versus haunted cosmos the king of reformed podcasts right now
Just thinking verse theology podcast those are I love this matchup because probably some of the smartest guys in podcasting in theology put
Podcast as well as just thinking like Daryl and Virgil Three four years ago when
I first started listening to just thinking just so much knowledge So much intellect in both of those intellectual podcasts are going up against each other
So I think that's really gonna be a who's who bracket Of you know philosophy historic history nerds theology nerds like Just thinking verse theology
Podcast is gonna be good this one and it kind of an in -house bracket cross politic first can impress can cross politic hold out against The the canon press podcast arsenal,
I mean this one's gonna be crazy This is gonna be a house divided. Let's watch this one
Gonna absolutely love it Dead men walking verse Kings Hall. I'm just gonna concede right now.
I have no qualms about it I think the Kings Hall is going to crush this podcast.
I was listening to some of their episodes yesterday phenomenally produced phenomenally written just like haunted cosmos
When I say just like I just mean in those two aspects, they're very different in what they discuss But Kings Hall verse dead men walking if you got a vote for me, that's fine
I get it, but I would not be mad if you said you want to what I want to see Kings I'll go on to the next round next bracket apologia verse
Podcast so here we have Arizona verse, Idaho. We have Jeff Durbin verse Doug Wilson.
This is going to be a banger Apologia made it to the final two last year
But we have a lot more podcast podcast was not in this last year. So The podcast podcast
I just like saying that I don't even know if it's called that but podcast verse apologia guys Watch that bracket and then this is
Foster verse 80 Robles Man talk about a bracket there 80
Robles just coming off a huge victory against the sword in the trial This is Foster coming off a huge victory of real
Christian against real Christianity This is going to be one of the last brackets that we want to watch Going into the sweet 16.
So we have eight matchups We're going to do four matchups a day for the next two days.
So today after this live video within minutes I'm going to post for voting The first four matchups.
So today you will be seeing dividing line verse knocks unplugged Cooper stuff verse cultish Your Calvinist verse haunted cosmos and just thinking verse theology podcast
Tomorrow you will see cross politic verse can impress dead men walking verse the
Kings Hall Apologia verse the podcast and then this is Foster verse ad Robles.
So Today is the first four of the eight matchups tomorrow is the next four the first matchup.
So Friday morning We will have our elite eight set And I will be doing a video on Friday so guys for the next two days we're going to be voting on the sweet 16
We have eight matchups for today for tomorrow. We'll start them as soon as this live video ends.
So guys get voting So I can send out this trophy to the winner, which will be just in a couple days now
So we are we are in our sweet 16 get voting We had a lot of good votes in the 30th round of 32.
So here we go Remember you can only vote at real DMW podcast
Excuse me. This is going out everywhere. We put it on Instagram. We put it on YouTube. We put it on Facebook but you can only vote at real
DMW podcast Make sure you're following make sure you vote for your favorite podcast in the sweet 16
Once again, I'm gonna run down them real quick for those of you who just jumped on we have dividing line verse knocks unplug
That's today Cooper stuff podcast verse cultish. That's today your Calvinist podcast first haunted cosmos
That's a matchup today. Just thinking verse theology podcast. That's a matchup today tomorrow
The matchups will be for the second half of the sweet 16 cross politic verse can impress that's tomorrow dead men walking verse the
Kings Hall, that's tomorrow Apologia verse the podcast podcast that's tomorrow and then finishing up as this is foster for Sadie Robles That's tomorrow so guys get out there and vote
I will just bring this to the stage so you can see it if you want to look at it in the end This oh, this is the old one.
I'm sorry. I'm not gonna bring that I'm going to I'm gonna remove that.
I'm sorry. So guys I thought I had the new one around here somewhere You know, we'll share it tomorrow.
But anyway sweet 16 brought to you by K &K furnishings go check them out Kkfurnishings .com
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