Daniel 7 (Cont)



Well, good morning, happy Easter everyone Bert open us up with a word of prayer
As we gather every
Sunday that it is because of the resurrection but today we're able to celebrate what you really did
That you broke the pangs of death And you made the way to heaven for us and we thank you so much for that.
Bless Mike now, bless his study, in Jesus name, amen. Go to Daniel chapter 7
And we Finished up or we stopped at the end of verse 8, but I'm gonna read back up and we're gonna read the chapter up to 12 and 12 and we'll see how far we get
And in the first year of Belshazzar the king of Babylon Daniel saw a vision And dreams and in his mind as he laid on his bed
And then he wrote the dream down and he relayed the following summary of it Daniel said
I was looking in my vision by night and behold the four winds of heaven Were stirring up the great wind and the four great beasts were coming
Up from the sea different from one another The first was like a lion and had the wings of an eagle and I kept looking until its wings
Were plucked and it was lifted up from the ground and made to stand on two feet like a man
And a human mind was also given to it and behold another beast second one. It was resembling a bear and it was
Raised up on one side and three ribs in its mouth between its teeth and thus they said to it arise devour much meat
After this I kept looking Behold another one like a leopard Which had on its back four wings of a bird and a beast the beast also had four heads and dominion was given to it
And after this I kept looking in the night visions and behold the fourth beast dreadful
Terrifying extremely strong and it had large iron teeth and it devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder of with its feet and it was
Different from all the other beasts that were before it and it had ten horns and while I was contemplating the horns behold another horn a little horn came up from among them and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it and behold the horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and And a mouth uttering great boasts and then
I kept looking Until thrones were set up and the ancient of days took his seat this vesture was like that of white of snow and the hair
Of his head was like pure wool. His throne was ablaze with flames and its wheels were burning fire
River of fire was flowing and coming out of from before him and thousands upon Thousands were attending him and myriads upon myriads were standing before him and the court was set and the books were opened then
I kept looking because the sound of the boastful words which the Horn was speaking and I kept looking until the beast was slain and its body was destroyed
It was given to the fire and as for the rest of the beast Their dominion was taken away, but an extension of life was granted to them for an appointed time.
We'll stop right there We probably won't get that far Once again, what were the what were the four of the kingdoms so far world powers?
Anyone What were the the beasts
Were represented because he doesn't actually say memory doesn't say Babylon he doesn't say
Persian. He doesn't say Greek. He doesn't say Rome. He's just giving Consecutive world powers that are going to arise.
What was the what was Babylon? Mike Smith said
Griffin. That's what I thought every time I read that passage this week and what was Persian?
What was weird about the bear Yeah, I had palsy or something on one side, right that's interesting because when we get to chapter 8
There's gonna be a ram and it's gonna have two horns, you know, it's up with one horn one horn is bigger than the other
And he's actually speaking about Persian Empire. What was the Greeks? What was cool about the leopard what's the name of that Mike what's a leopard with four wings
You got some special name for it That's the original hellcat right there
Yeah This cat was supercharged He have four he have four heads and four wings
All right, what the four wings represent if this one had two wings that could fly and it was considered very what?
Swift what what was four wings do? He's supercharged Supercharged and what were the four heads
It represented the four the four generals that would come after Alexander the great, but we don't know that yet in the narrative.
Okay, and what was wrong? Hybrid What did it do
Travel it crushed and trampled down everything in its path Now we know from history that as this takes place.
It does integrate some of these powers into itself some of its ideas and what we do know from Rome just from a literature and Mythological theological they did
Taken a lot of the Greek mythology and Greek gods and incorporated it into their into their their culture now
We have as we were reading through this that we have not really spent much time on the fourth kingdom
I mean the fifth kingdom And this was Messiah What was it?
I didn't hear you It's a stone It was a stone originally
It was a stone originally just like these were all Originally, this one was gold
This one was silver This one was bronze and this one was iron and the the actual
Substance that it was the Messiah's kingdom was a stone but as we get into the what the what
What creature is represented in Messiah's kingdom? We're going to see something that arises son of man
We're gonna spend some time on what the son of man is in the ancient of days So when we finished last week in verse 9 verse 8 we saw that this little horn popped up Out of those ten horns and what did that one horn do you remember?
Pull three of them out and this one raises itself up begins to speak pompous words against God Raise himself up to persecute the people of God and do you remember where are we left from there and showed a direct?
correlation between this horn and Revelation 13 same thing the same thing so now
We have two things that have showed up on the scene I Keep smashing it down now.
I know why you were upset with me We have a little horn pops up here
And this is Going to set our trajectory Okay, or I prefer this word
Motif Structure Because this is going to go on for ages to come so before we get into the horn because he gets better description of it as we go into the
Rest of the chapter. Let's look at verse 9. He said hey, you notice what we've read just through those
Those 12 verses how many times? Daniel kept saying I kept looking and I kept looking and I kept looking
I kept looking I kept looking he is Absolutely intrigued about what he's seeing.
He's got to know. What is what what am I seeing? but remember
This is he's not interpreting someone else's dream The this revelation that he is getting is coming directly from God and it came as a dream and a vision
Difference between dream and a vision we all agreed on one you're sleeping one. You're not okay He says in verse 9
I kept looking Until thrones were set up and the ancient of days took his seat
So this is a vision that he is seeing he's seeing thrones. What do thrones represent? Okay power good what else
What's that it could it could represent a kingdom Certainly power and what else
I thought I'm sorry Ruler and I was gonna say that's a good way. I was gonna say authority, but you're right.
Yeah ruler. What else? There's gonna be a king to sit on it.
That's right. If there's a throne and throw thrones aren't vacated There's always someone sitting on he says
I kept looking until thrones were set up in the ancient of days took his seat Never walked into a how many people have been in a courtroom?
What happens don't even say it? Don't even say it.
I Lived in him. Thanks Before the judge walks in what happens
Actually, we don't do it on our own. Somebody says hey man, check it out. Stand up the
Honorable Whatever the dude or a woman's name is on the front.
He's here stand up Quiet Everybody is quiet Nobody's texting no kids are screaming.
Nobody's chitter -chatter and Nobody's wearing shorts Yeah, everybody stands in attention this man or woman whoever this person is comes in and What kind of road black robe and there's a reason why they wear black robes for in our judicial system comes in in a black robe
He sits down. Nobody sits down until the judge sits down Here it is.
The ancient of days has come in when it says ancient of days
This is a representative of a man who was old. Okay.
Sorry. Sorry Jack Jack's ancient of days
But not like this Ancient of days does not mean as he has gotten older he has gotten weak
Okay, the problem with us getting older is what happens we grow weak
We grow feeble our minds do not operate the way that they used to when we were much younger
That's not this ancient this ancient is the ancient of days and And when we think about someone who's ancient and we it talks about here in a minute
It says his vesture was that like white snow not black like our judge Okay, this ancient of days has hair like pure wool
Why would his hair be like pure wool? What's that?
That's exactly how scripture shows a hoary head Those who have gray hair is not a
Representation of old and decrepit and losing hair because it's just getting old and changing colors
It has to do with wisdom this ancient of days head full of wool
And it's when it's white and pure wool His throne was ablaze with flames and its wheels were burning fire
Interesting that when we look at this this picture of none other than God himself
As he is sitting on his throne in his white clothing is white clothing
Representing his purity his white clothing represent his pure righteousness and ability to expense to dispense pure justice
He is now has a throne that's ablaze with flames Why would it be ablaze with flames
Just out of curiosity. Anybody have any ideas? Okay, I would say that too.
Yeah, the ability to consume its adversary you were fixing. Yes. Yep. Yep. Purified Yep, pure and then it says its wheels
Were a burning fire How many chariots of y 'all some chariots how many thrones have y 'all seen that had wheels?
This would have been somewhat striking to Daniel I was gonna get to that we're gonna yeah hang on Yeah, we'll get to there because actually
Daniel comes before Ezekiel I know it doesn't in your Bible, but Daniel's prophetic stuff comes before Ezekiel Yeah, Ezekiel doesn't go into exile until 597 so he did he
Daniel would have gone before but in chronologically Ezekiel's prophetic ministry comes after there are contemporary at some times yes, so What would have been we they knew the
Jewish people where did they think God reigned from So Jerusalem.
Yeah. Okay. Well, we'll use that. Yeah, could you just cut it's hard to separate the people the city and the temple Okay, so we'll say where did where did
God rule from? Where did God dwell at? It was in the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem And now he's saying wait a minute
That was a stationary place where they could go and gather and be where God was now he's saying wait a minute this
This throne has wheels what a wheels represent It can be anywhere and God's saying to Daniel at this point that this ancient of days
He rules everywhere you might be in Babylon right now You might be in Persia You might at some point people be carried off into some other type of slavery
But God is still on his throne and he doesn't need to rule from a temple in Jerusalem because at this point was there a temple in Jerusalem No, I've been burned to the ground.
There was nothing there and He says the wheels were burning fire and then it says again that a river of fire was flowing out of it this continual
Show of flames and fire as a sign of purity.
What did fire do? What did it do to metals? No, what's that?
It purified it. What did it do? What did it do? It also hardened it true but also when it was when a sacrifice was given that that flame was to consume it showing it the
Doing away with the sin by purifying the sin when it was laid on the brazen altar or a burnt offering
And he says a river of fire was coming out of it and coming out from before him and it says in Thousands upon thousands were attending him.
Well, who would these thousands upon thousands be? I would exactly what
I would say it was angelic beings And we even see in the time of Job when it says that the sons of God now
We understand that would have been the the angels coming to him That says that myriads upon myriads would come and minister to God when it talks about minister to God It wasn't because God needed something.
What were they coming to do? Give God his rightful due and you do understand that myriads upon myriads upon myriads of angels bowing down and worshiping
The God of all creation is still not enough They still cannot give
God the glory that he is deserved No The devil three times mm -hmm and then the devil left he was left by himself
Jesus was left by himself and said that the angels came and ministered to him Is that the equivalent of I would
Let's don't Conflate two different ideas. This is a vision that we're looking at them coming to worship
Did angels come and minister to Jesus after the three times of Satan tempting him?
Oh, certainly one he was hungry Yeah hungry Also, we often forget to and and what you're saying is
Jesus after in the garden of Gethsemane After he prayed can this cup please pass for me? Do you remember what it says what came to him to minister him before he was hauled before he was hauled off by the betrayer?
It says the angels came and ministered to him. Yeah, that was in in Jesus is humanity he had
Read he had given back his prerogatives of deity you understand I'm not saying
Jesus didn't get it was not deity his prerogatives of deity That was part of his humiliation from the time that he was that he was
Inseminated in the in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit Okay, he his humility and his humiliation began there
This is the God of all creation the second person of the Trinity has now taken on the weakness of human flesh and Did he get weak?
Did he yeah, how many times we see Jesus got hungry? Yeah, so sleepy that when the boat was thrashing about they said
Jesus was down there sleeping on a pillow And they were like hey, don't you know we're about to die and Jesus is like I was trying to get some rest
I've been I've been healing everybody man. I need some rest and he gets up and he quiets the sea
And yeah, so Jesus in his humanity Taking on the frailness of it needed to be ministered to yes
Different thing. This is a vision of those Thousands upon thousands attending him mirrored by many and they were standing before him to worship him and here it is
And then the court said God says all right, everybody can sit down and They sit and he says in the books were open now
You might disagree with me on this part. I believe that this specific thing we're seeing here is
The Final judgment You're gonna say well, how can that be well
Anywhere you see where God opens books What's he fixing to do?
He's fixing to judge. Where do we see books opened? Revelation where do we see books opened and people being judged?
Revelation so the books are going to be opened and they're going to be judged
So here it is. We've got the ancient of days who is none other than God himself
We have him showing his his vesture being pure white
You have his head being pure wool meaning white showing his purity his
His wisdom we see that his throne Has no bounds God look
God is ruling and reigning from heaven right at this time that Daniel is in Babylon he is ruling and reigning from heaven is
God ruling and reigning from heaven today Yes, he is we might not understand all that he's doing and I'll even say this
Do you think at this point Daniel understood what God was doing? No, why do you think he kept saying
I kept looking I kept looking I kept looking and he's going to get to the point Where he says hey,
I don't understand all that. I'm saying. Would you please give me he uses these specific words
Can you please give me the exact? Meaning of this and then
God gives him the exact meaning and when we get to Revelation We are going to plead that we have those opportunities to give the exact meaning because he we don't get those in the book of Revelation We have to then use other
Apocalyptic literature such as Daniel when they make those connections in that book to go home. This is what he was saying
This is what he was pointing to at a later date So he says
I hope he opened the books and here it is so we've had here's these these beast -like people
Okay I mean he's beast -like kingdoms come up here and then all of a sudden the the the scenery
Changes the setting goes from seeing these beasts one consuming the other one eating another and now we're in the in the courts of heaven
Seeing God on his throne ruling and reigning doing whatever he wants being worshipped by myriads upon myriads and then it says the books were opened and here it is he makes a shift again and Then I kept looking because the sound of the boastful words which the horn was speaking and I kept looking and The beast was slain and its body was destroyed and given to the burning fire as for the rest
As for the rest of the beast their dominion was taken away But an extension of life was granted to them for an appointed period of time, okay
He's looking he's seen God in heaven. He's seen him on his throne He's seeing all these wonderful and awesome things and then immediately his mind goes back
And as he's looking again, and he sees the boastful horn. He's what did that horn do?
What does it say it did back in? Verse 8. What was the horn doing?
pompous words Pompous words and it's raising its it's and we know from what it's going to say in in when he gets the exact meaning of it
It's raising its voice up against God and the people of God if Any any man in here that's married if someone speaks against your wife
Is that man gonna be your friend for long if any man puts his hands on your wife?
Things are vastly going to change aren't they one thing to say something? It's another thing to put your hands on it.
Okay You mess with God's people you're messing with God himself
You mess with the covenant people of God You're messing with God himself You may remember
Paul or Saul on the road to Damascus to go you had papers from the Sanhedrin and He was going to haul people off to enslave them or have them executed which
I believe he had many we know that he was There when Stephen was stoned He said he was the one holding the coats of those as they pelted him in there in the head with bricks
All right, and as he was on his way to Damascus in the book of Acts Remember what happened
He was Yes, he was blind and knocked off his horse and it
I don't know if y 'all remember this small part in there You know, the only person that heard that voice Was Paul everybody heard the thundering and they were scared and they were not down to but he was the only way
He says Paul Paul why or Saul Saul? Why do you persecute me? Was he actually persecuting
Christ? Yes, and I yeah. Yeah, I agree You persecute
God's bride What are you doing? Persecuting. Yeah, I'd sure like to have some guy say hey, man,
Mike I I really am your closest friend, but man, I sure don't like Sybil. I'd be like out of my sight away from me banished
You can't do that or a package deal Okay, it's what it is with Christ God and his people you can't
Do away with God's people and say you don't want anything to God now from a New Testament standpoint
Much application could be made for people that say they love God, but don't love the church That doesn't
I don't need that's called a non sequitur that doesn't fit How can you say
I love God and I love Jesus, but I don't love this. I don't love the church Okay, I can say that I don't like everybody in the church
But I love God's people do we all don't see the same we all don't act the same
We all don't have the same interest But we do have some unity in this that we love the
Lord Jesus and our desires to love and serve him all the days of the rest of our life and there is some
Continuity and community in that and that should make us want to be with it with one another You can't say you love
Jesus, but you don't love this church you're a liar and Jesus would say that He told
Paul you persecute my church. You talk bad about my church. You hurt my bride.
You're doing that to me That's exactly what this Little horn that's going to do it says that that horn spoke boastful words
Which the horn was speaking and he kept looking and that beast was slain okay, so the this hybrid beast
Is going to be slain at some point. We don't know and at this point we don't know
But he's saying there's going to be a horn that raises itself up Raises itself up above the other ten and we're going to talk about that is that could that ten horns represent ten
Kings? could Sometimes in the book of Daniel Kings and kingdoms are interchangeable
Not always but sometimes Could it be the the ten providence of Rome?
Yes Some try to connect that because there was actually 12 But then they kind of combine a few of them to make ten could be honestly
I'm not sure if that's really necessary Other than saying the totality of the
Roman Empire Is going to be overtaken by this guy here and that's going to be the one that's going to persecute
God's people now we may try to Name that person at some point
But at this point in the Revelation, it's unnecessary he says that I Will be looking until the beast was slain and its body was destroyed and given to the burning fire now
Who's gonna who's gonna destroy? That beast. How do we know that?
I agree with you, but how do we know that? Can't be the answer for everything
That's right Because what happens to the big Colossus? What comes what comes out of nowhere in the dream to Nebuchadnezzar this little old dinky stone cut without hands comes and it shatters
The Colossus made of all these metallic objects and then after it shatters this
Okay, after it shatters this what happens that stone gets starts rolling and like a snowball
It gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and it says it Engulfs the earth and it has a king an everlasting kingdom that will never be destroyed
Okay, never be destroyed Just as we saw the metallics of the gold and the silver and the bronze and the steel being vastly different materials than stone
So we will see Just as the fierceness of a lion the swiftness and Ferociousness of a bear the quickness and speed and the hunting ability of a leopard and whatever
This thing got out everything else. It was worse than all of these. There's going this
Is what this is going to be? It's going to be a man
It's going to be a man. Ah in your mind Because we're fixing to we're fixing to go ahead and probably be look at it.
We've got enough time to get started If you were looking at a lot of these beasts we said it
I think briefly last week other than Two men that had been given the power of the
Holy Spirit to destroy a bear and a lion Is there anybody on the globe that can? Manhandle with their bare hands and kill a lion
It's not even happened in history only two accounts that we know of Okay, that a man with two men with their hands kill a lion one was
Samson and one was David now been a Naya one of the one of the
David's valor men killed one in a snowy pit, but we understand that as he was in that pit. He speared him
We don't understand as he jumped down in there and wrestled him to death David not only did he kill a lion?
He killed a bear with his own hands Okay, so it's not common for that to take place
So if you're looking at a lion a bear and a leopard and whatever that guy is now, whatever this crazy beast winds up being
What's that a pretty? It's a Yeah Let's forget that for a second
Can a man destroy any of those animals with his hands Can't yeah, huh?
Yeah, I mean That's it, but how did they do it? power of God power of God power of God power of God now as we get to the son of man
We often go ahead and I agree with you we hear son of man. What's the first thing we think of?
Okay, that's not how we should see this yet Okay, we shouldn't see this that way the son of man was a
Self -designation Title to Jesus himself by himself. Hey, I am the son of man and we're going to see why he did that So when this
Messiah's kingdom is going to be made up of them of the substance that was not Supposedly as strong as any of those metals and it's going to be made up of something not nearly as fierce and ruthless
It's going to be made up of who? of a man of a man
So where it says here it says in in verse 12 and as for the rest of the beast their dominion was taken away
All right. So here it is This dominion was taken away It was put out by the
Persians the Persians were put out by the Greeks the Greeks were wiped out by the Romans It says all of them are going to be overtaken
Right, it says but their dominion was taken away but an extension of life was granted
Does that sound like double talk? Anybody want to take a stab at maybe with these talk?
What do you say? No That's correct
But their days were extended The the ideas that were wrapped up in these and These kingdoms continued on for a while and that's true.
That is exactly where I was headed Yeah, just because the Roman Empire is completely done away with is there any parts of Rome that are still in In existence as we see today.
Yes, but Rome is not a power Even when we get to Revelation me and you were talking about this this morning
You have Egypt and Sodom and Babylon are they all you have the mystery of Babylon Babylon has already been destroyed by the time you get to Revelation Sodom had already been destroyed by the time you get to Revelation Egypt was no longer a world power by the time you get to Revelation They were just there were really they were existence in territory as far as their their land
But they were in in no way a world power and in Revelation. He says but they were
Sodom and Gomorrah or they were Babylon. It's because their idea
Continued on whether it's polytheism whether it's ruthlessness towards their people whatever it is
It continued on and that's what he's saying Hey, this beast is going to be done away with but it's it's ideas and the way that it's going to do things
It's it's it's worldview will continue on And then it says this in verse 13 once again his famous saying
I kept looking in the night vision and Behold what the clouds of heaven was one
Like a son of man was coming And he came up to the ancients of days and he was presented before him
Mike What does the jurors is yours capitalized and in King James? the son of man
It is that's a a or the the what what do you have? King James anybody else that new
King James same thing, but anybody else have who has the ESV anybody in here And Okay, that's actually how it should be presented the
Biblical interpreters are helping us understand Okay, they're reading they're going.
Okay, they're helping us understand where it's capitalized that this is speaking of Jesus And I agree with that that is who it's speaking about but that's not what
Daniel knew Okay, the son of man is a title
It's a son of man and it's pointing to this is going to be a different kingdom than the rest
This is going to be a man that's not going to be fierce and ruthless and he's not going to go in and and white kingdoms out with swords and weapons and Chariots he's that's not what he's doing
He's coming in and he's going to have a different kingdom a kingdom. That's not like this world.
You remember when? Jesus stood before Pilate And actually it'd be actually began in the garden when
Malchus they went to grab Jesus and Peter took his sword and went in an attempt to whack off Malchus his head.
He missed and he cut his ear off Jesus reaches down picks up dudes ear
Sticked it back on That would have been cool to see though That would have been cool
I didn't put it back on crooked So he'd all when he looked at one of them
Ancient mirrors, he'd always remember my ears crooked because the man that we came to arrest and crucify put out put it upside down Backwards.
Yeah But he put he put his ear back on and he tells
Peter put your sword away Put your sword away He says do you not know if I wanted to I could dispatch 12 ,000 legions of angels and they would come down and lay waste to all of this and Then as he is arrested, he's taken before Pilate and Pilate says
Are you a king? And what did Jesus say? You said it, right
He said you're a pretty smart guy He said you're right
I am But my kingdoms not of this world because if my kingdom was of this world
My people would come and fight for me So we know that this other kingdom that Messiah's kingdoms come and it's not about World powers world domination through sheer force and the sword.
That's not what he's talking about And he says and I kept looking and behold the clouds of heaven came one like a son of man
What did the clouds represent in the Old Testament we talked about this a few weeks ago Theophany you may remember that word.
What was the Theophany of the prep of the presence of God?
Yep manifestation of the presence of God. So when we see clouds Either with the coming of the
Son of Man or we see clouds with the ancient of days Or we see
God the cloud rider this is a Manifestation of the glory and power of God and it says and behold with the clouds of heaven comes one like the son of a man
It's okay. So if he's like son of a man, what would be the characteristics of this person? Let's just be honest
What's what would be the characteristics of a man? Well, they're gonna be the same but go ahead
Flesh bone Feast flesh he's bone. He has a real body.
This is not some Spiritual manifestation or aberration.
This is a real man real flesh
Real bone walks on real earth. It's gonna go about doing real work
It's gonna be a the son of man and he came up to the ancient of days.
So what are we seeing right here? We're seeing this man
Come before who? God This man's approaching
God Who approaches God who's not summoned? nobody
Nobody So now we should be making the connection which the interpreters did that hey this man
Walks right up to the throne of the ancient of days with boldness
I don't know about y 'all. I don't think anybody in here is gonna do that on that day. I Remember my uncle
He wound up being saved. He was at his he was in his dying months and I Was over doing some work for him because he didn't have any sons and he said hey
Can we get the house ready? So that when I die that surely my aunt didn't have to worry about anything.
So no problem Over there and we're putting stuff together and I said Steve. I got it
I gotta tell you you make all these preparations for the end of your life Making sure that Shirley doesn't have to bury you making sure she's taken care of Making sure that she's got access to your pension from the
FAA all these things I said, but you've not once prepared for eternity and he said
I Don't want to talk about it. I Said well, I don't want you to talk. I just want you to be quiet and listen.
He said I don't know You don't understand when I get to heaven. I got plenty of things to say to God when
I get there I said Steve I'm gonna let you know you're gonna stand before God on that day and you're gonna melt like a piece of wax in front of A blast furnace you are gonna have nothing to say
And I said and I don't want you to say anything else. I just want you to shut up Share the gospel with him.
He didn't say a word It's probably two weeks later
It was late. I'm sitting there reading just when we were at our house on 16th the phone rang and it was his phone number the old landline and I was like this is
This is the this is the call. He's dead And I picked up the phone and he said
Mike Like yeah, Steve He said I just want you to know what you told me in my kitchen that they cut me like a knife
And he said I repented Awesome, man. Awesome Man, that guy's life was forever changed.
I could not give that man enough books to read. I gave him books
He didn't work anymore getting books this big. He'd call me the next week. Hey, you got another book got another book
So I gave him Lorraine Bettner's doctrinal predestination, which is about this big Here read that He didn't call me back after that about no more books, but he had a desire at that point to go
Share the gospel pass out tracks. He says Mike. I'm just too weak I can't go down there with you, but I wished I could it was actually seeing a man's life converted
But he thought he was gonna stand before God in his own merits and questioned God He says when you told me that man it cut me like a knife
None of us can come boldly before God except through Christ this man this man walks
Straight up to the ancient of days and was presented to him and to hey look and to this who's the him?
him has to point back to a a antecedent that antecedent would be The Son of Man the
Son of Man him was presented and was given Dominion glory in a kingdom and we gotta go
This is Jesus Christ and we'll get we'll we'll pick up that right here next week And look more at the
Son of Man and how we come to our conclusion that this is Christ based on New Testament And Jesus, you know saying that's who he is and all that but understand this
It's presented to Jesus a kingdom it's presented to him
Dominion in Peoples and not a nation all nations
And the men of every language, then they would do what serve him.
Did you say worship? Oh, that'd be cool if it did I was like, oh man That'd be cool if it did but to serve him and part of worshiping
God is serving him Mike will you pray us out? Hey, we'll pick back up here.
We'll start back in 13. We probably will just do 13 and 14 next week, so that's probably where all we'll go you pray for us
Thoughts would be daily Thank you for this resurrection
Sunday and It is a special time each
Lord's Day is the resurrection Sunday We praise you we thank you that our
Savior lives and because he lives we Says we can face tomorrow
I pray Lord that you would bless our time of worship as we prepare to enter in pray that you would
Strengthen your people and that you would save the loss and we'll praise you for it. Christ. Let me pray