F4F | Brian Houston Still Preaching When He Shouldn't


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This episode is sponsored by the Word of the Lord endures forever Welcome to another installment of fighting for the faith.
My name is Chris Roseboro. I am your servant in Jesus Christ This is the channel that compares what people are saying in the name of God to the
Word of God so Brian Houston disgraced former head pastor leader of Hillsong Church Do you know that he's still preaching he's still making the rounds and Unfortunately, there are people who are promoting him still as a pastor like a visiting pastor
But the question I have is does he biblically meet the qualifications of a pastor?
Should he be preaching at all? Of course, you're gonna note You know, this is a spoiler alert.
No, he shouldn't be preaching at all in fact It's really sad because the messages that he's preaching show that he has not engaged in any kind of introspective repentance
Regarding the evil that he has done and I'm not talking about his father's, you know, you know covering up his father's crimes
That's a whole other issue in fact, if you were to just compare the deeds of Brian Houston to the scriptural qualifications of a pastor
You'll see that he falls short in many ways. In fact, we'll look at that today So what we're gonna do, let me whirl up the desktop
Yeah photograph. I took it California adventures of this past summer
Again, it was warmer than it is here in North Dakota right now Hey, I'm gonna lament the cold of North Dakota for a while Sorry, but whinging is part of the things that I do here, but let me pull up My web browser and we're gonna head over to Awaken Church on October 25th of this year 2023
Brian Houston preached the sermon at Awaken Church and he was introduced as a visiting
Pastor we're gonna listen to part of this message and we're going to note just how far off it is
And then we're gonna also review the biblical qualifications for a pastor aside from being a man That is actually a requirement a pastor has to be a guy
Scripture is very clear on this and no it isn't because the Apostle Paul was part of the he -man woman haters club That's because it's a command of Christ.
So what we're gonna see although he is a man He still doesn't meet the qualifications in fact
Scriptures very clear that many men do not meet the qualifications of a pastor and my question
That I'm gonna kind of pose to you now is did Brian Houston ever? meet the qualifications of a pastor hmm, so lot to cover today, so let's go ahead and start the sermon and And we'll see where this is gonna go.
He's gonna start off by talking about Dubai it knew I why I don't know But he's going to let's see what he does
Dubai Anyone here ever been to Dubai? I see some hands going up. I see that hand is or another so Dubai, of course is in the
Middle East, it's a very modern city and There it is October 25th 2023
Brian Houston guest pastor Okay, maybe we should do our biblical work up front.
I don't think you're gonna complain if we do I just we haven't even gotten it far far enough into this and already
I've got to challenge some things So let's do this we're gonna take a look at two texts as it relates to the qualifications of a pastor and We're going to note that both of these they they dovetail each other beautifully and Brian Houston doesn't meet the qualifications.
So let's take a look first Timothy chapter 3 This saying is trustworthy if anyone aspires to the office of overseer
He yes, that's right. He desires a noble task Therefore an overseer listen to the qualifications
Must be above reproach and an overseer here is the same is the same office as a pastor That's what we're talking about here.
He the overseer must be above reproach husband of one wife sober -minded self -controlled respectable
Hospitable able to teach not a drunkard not violent Not but gentle not quarrelsome not a lover of money.
We'll talk about that one in a minute Not a lover of money. He must manage his own household
Well with all dignity keeping his children submissive for if someone does not know how to manage his own household
How will he care for God's Church? He must not be a recent convert or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil
Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders Well thought of by outsiders in order for somebody to be a pastor, you know
You can't have somebody that the world is gonna sit there and go what? That guy's a pastor.
Holy smokes How many documentaries have been released over the past couple of years airing all of the dirty laundry of Hillsong?
Not merely Carla Lentz, but the Hillsong culture itself Well note that this that Hillsong is a tarnished brand.
It is now a brand synonymous with greed a brand synonymous with Scandal a brand synonymous with well anything but Christian moral values, okay, and so a
Pastor must be well thought of by outsiders so that he may not fall into disgrace
Yet Brian Houston has and into a snare of the devil next text similar to it is found in Titus chapter 1 same idea.
These are the qualifications for pastors. These are from the pastoral Epistles this is why I left you in Crete Titus so that you might put what remained in order and Appoint elders in every town as I directed you if anyone is above reproach note the similarity here
Husband of one wife. Yeah husband He's got to be a dude his children are believers not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination
For an overseer as God's steward must be above reproach He must not be arrogant or quick -tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain
But he must be hospitable a lover of good self -controlled upright holy disciplined
He must hold firm to the trustworthy word is taught so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine
He must be able to rightly handle God's Word and also to rebuke those who contradict it.
So no drunkard shows up Twice. Okay. These are things that are not permitted all of that being said, let's let's do a little bit of you know testing to see if Brian Houston meets the biblical qualifications to be a
Pastor, I don't think he ever did. I want to make that clear. But here awakened church just had him preaching there and They introduced him and promoted him as a guest pastor.
Okay So we've seen the biblical qualifications for a pastor Let's do a peruse down memory lane
Now if you are familiar at all with some of the scandals related to Hillsong Then you'll note that Brian Houston recently went on trial and was found not guilty of covering up his father's
Serial pedophile acts. Okay, so, you know we can say with certainty
August 17th 2023 Brian Houston found not guilty of hiding father's sexual abuse.
He did not commit a crime So that's what was found in Australia regarding Brian Houston and people at this point will say well there he goes he's been exonerated so he can preach and No, that's not gonna happen that that shouldn't be happening because this is just one problem
So you can put that into the wind when category for for Brian Houston He fought the charges that he had covered up his father's crimes and the court found that he did not
Okay, so that narrative is debunked But there's so much more to the story and let me explain so back in March 23rd of 2022
Listen to the headline and by the way, we are on the Christian Post website This is not a mainstream media outlet and it says this
Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston resigns after revelation of Misconduct, okay, so you'll note that although Brian Houston has been exonerated regarding covering up his father's sexual crimes against children
Brian Houston had his own problems and he was forced to resign after revelation of misconduct
Let me read a little bit. Shall we so Hillsong Church founder? Brian Houston has formally resigned as global senior pastor in the wake of recent revelations that two women
Made serious complaints of misconduct against him in the last 10 years officials announced on Wednesday One of those women he ended up in her hotel room
Brian Houston ended up in his in her hotel room claiming that he was inebriated or you know under the influence of Prescription drugs or something and what happened in there?
No one is really sure But you know at least no one in the outside of the
Hillsong organization, but that was one of the complaints so so Hillsong issued this statement we'd like to advise the pastor
Brian Houston has resigned as Global senior pastor of Hillsong Church and the board has accepted his resignation a statement from the
Hillsong Church global Australian boards published on the global mega churches website. Okay.
Now there's more to the story Watch this Brian Houston then in November November 3rd of 2022 how many months later so he was he was he resigned back in March of 2022 and You know half a year later
Brian Houston blames Hillsong board statements for resignation and then he insisted
He is not an alcoholic Okay now in the wake of all of this he had to sell his house in us in Sydney and I think he sold it for like 4 .5
million You know, and here's the thing He bought it, you know decades earlier for only something in the hundreds of thousands less than 200 ,000
Australia and decades earlier So, I mean he made a pretty good that was a good investment so you can't just basically accuse him of saying that he's up to nefariousness because his house when he sold it was worth 4 .5
million Australian dollars when he sold it. So, you know keep that in mind I mean it he purchased it at a reasonable cost decades ago and then sold it
But again, there's more to the story and this is the thing when it comes to the qualifications of a pastor you have to make proper distinctions and so he insisted that he wasn't an alcoholic and Rather than own up to the fact that he resigned
He instead plays the victim card in November of 2020 in November of 2022
Basically claiming that the reason why he had to resign from Hillsong was because of the misinformation spread by Hillsong's Board of Directors Okay, but a quote note this he insists.
He is not an alcoholic Okay March 29th 2023 again
Christian Post This is not a secular media outlet Hillsong Church founder
Brian Houston fighting DUI charge in California so Brian Houston after selling his house and after getting by the way $350 ,000 a year is what his retirement package is.
He's you know for the rest of his life every year Hillsong is gonna pay him $350 ,000
Okay, he's now landed in Newport Beach, California, that's where he's living.
At least that's what my research shows He's living in Newport Beach, California, which
I raised my kids in Orange County in Southern, California, and I can tell you Newport Beach is a high -rent district.
So he's doing pretty well, you know for sure But you'll note then in March of 2023 this year he was well arrested for a
DUI charge Now, did he fight it? Did he fight it? Because remember he said that he's not an alcoholic
Okay, so the answer is well forthcoming. Hang on So in April April 6 of 2023 court docs
Which found their way over to the Christian Post suggests that Brian Houston when he was arrested for his
DUI That he was blackout drunk He wasn't it's not like he had two beers on an empty stomach and was just barely over the legal limit to drive in Southern, California The court documents actually suggest that that Brian Houston was blackout drunk
During you know during his DUI arrest did he fight it? Did he fight these charges?
No, he didn't and here's the thing Back in April April 19th of 2023 the
Christian Post announced this Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston pleads guilty to DUI gets probation and other penalties
So I'm just gonna ask the question according to the biblical requirements the biblical
Necessary qualifications for a man to be a pastor Does Brian Houston meet those qualifications?
But wait, there's more. Okay. One of the things I have noted is that Brian Houston has been one of these
Ear -scratching Preachers. In fact, if you go through the archives of the
Fighting for the Faith audio podcast I did plenty of reviews of Brian Houston's teachings.
Not only at Hillsong, but at other venues around the world and noted he was a very skilled at twisting the scripture and And most notably of scratching itching ears, but remember one of the qualifications
Listed, you know has to do with not being greedy, right? You know not a lover of money as as Paul writes to Timothy in 1st
Timothy 3 Well again, there's more to it. This is a commercial that it aired on God TV back in the day
Tell me what you think is Brian Houston a lover of money There's not one person in this building who doesn't need more money
And if you say well, I don't need more money then I would say you have a very poor outlook on life
You'll learn why you need more money because money is a tool that can accomplish phenomenal things
What money can do in your head is blessed it can help it can build it can increase it can bring vision
It can strengthen you'll learn how to get more money and you'll learn how to have wealth without having a love for money
Poor does not have to be permanent all the answer you say well, you know How do you know that because why would the scripture say let the poor say
I am rich It says that because they're rich in Yahweh. They're rich in the
Lord In this life -changing tape series pastor
Brian Houston will challenge you to live according to the principles of God and See his blessing on your life
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There's more to it more to it from the Christian Post from August 15th of 2022
Hillsong Church Allegedly made large cash gifts to founder
Brian Houston and his family says lawsuit What's been the the resolution on this one this hasn't been resolved yet this one's still
You know working its way. So Here's what it says though Hillsong Church founder
Brian Houston boasted about his denomination's record of excellence in financial accountability globally and unwavering commitment to financial integrity
Just over a year ago a new lawsuit filed by a suspended employee alleges that Australia -based megachurch
Misappropriated donations and gave large cash gifts to Houston his family and other church leaders
This person had to be protected under the laws of Australia regarding whistleblowers.
So you're gonna note How do they say it where there's smoke there's fire
So I I think we've got some big problems here with regarding Brian Houston So, you know from him having to resign after revelations of misconduct with two women over ten years him basically claiming
I'm not an alcoholic and then Crashing his car being arrested for a
DUI finding out that he was blackout drunk and then him pleading guilty to the
DUI charge pleading guilty and getting probation and other penalties and His penchant for for preaching about money and basically becoming a name -it -and -claim -it blab it and grab it guy
And then the the lawsuit regarding the fact that that Hillsong Wasn't obeying the laws of Australia and there were large cash gifts given to his family and to Brian Houston and other leaders in Hillsong I Don't think that that Brian Houston Meets the biblical qualification of pastor at all.
So again, let's listen to the the requirements Overseer must be above reproach
Brian Houston is not husband of one wife as far as we know That's the case. Although the allegations of misconduct with women have to this falls under kind of sexual morals here sober -minded self -controlled
Respectable hospitable able to teach he's definitely not able to do that. Not a drunkard.
That's That's definitely Probably not the case with him not violent, but gentle not quarrelsome not a lover of money.
He is hmm That's a huge problem Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders so that he may not fall into disgrace and into a snare of the devil hmm,
I Would note Brian Houston doesn't seem to meet any of the qualifications Whatsoever at all and so keep that in mind.
He should not be preaching But listen carefully to this message and see if this sounds like somebody who's owning their sin is introspective
Remorseful for what they've done and and and is trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins
Let's see if that's the case as we listen to a portion of this message The airport is not only an incredibly beautiful modern airport, but it's also huge and in that airport is the longest escalator
I've ever seen and Always packed with people so one time where I was sitting in that airport.
I was watching all the people on the escalator I'm a people watcher and you know, I'm nosy basically and so There was one lady there on that escalator who just did not look comfortable at all
You could tell she'd probably never been on a moving sidewalk before and as it went along She just it was evident that she wasn't happy to be on this walking moving pavement
And then as it got closer to the end She got more and more nervous more and more panicky and she started taking little steps until in the end
She just took one tiny step one inch off the end of the escalator and stopped Well, no one else on the escalator could stop
And so you can imagine the scene there were bags and bodies and people and it was carnage and there is a moral to the
Story the moral is when something's over don't stop Life is full of seasons
So he doesn't start off with a biblical text He starts off with this personal anecdote from a trip that he took to Dubai, which is probably you know
One of the wealthiest places yet Cost a lot of money to go to Dubai and it's just kind of the playground of the the
Muslim rich and other things like That all that being said the whole point of this
Dubai Walkway story is that when something comes to an end? Don't stop
Hmm interesting because this sounds like it's autobiographical to me and it's going to give you a peek inside the mind and the heart of Brian Houston and You're gonna note.
There is a wake of carnage behind him Absolutely a wake of carnage not because he has been sinned against but a wake of carnage caused by his own sin
You know The reason why Hillsong's name is now synonymous with scandal is because of Brian Houston The reason why
Hillsong hasn't hired Brian Houston back to be their senior head Pastor is because of Brian Houston despite the fact that he was exonerated regarding Covering up his father's crimes
Doesn't mean that he has he's not guilty of his own and that's the reason you know that Hillsong is not saying to Brian He said please come back.
Please come back. They haven't done that because it's his sins that tarnished the name of Hillsong and I would note in one of the in one of the recent documentaries where Carl Lentz made a reappearance
Carl Lentz Takes a real hard shot at Brian Houston in one of those episodes
Basically saying that there's other shoes that are still gonna drop and and he's not talking about other leaders and in Hillsong He's talking about Brian Houston.
Keep that in mind. So yeah, this is interesting Let's keep going with this message and see what his point is
Everything this side of eternity is temporary everything everything is temporary
Nothing is forever and we have seasons in our life and sometimes a season can come to an end it might be the end of a particular job or the end of college or the end of a
Relationship or the end of something else but at times we come to an end of an era
But what I've learned is the end of an era is not the completion of a destiny Which biblical texts are you preaching on sir?
Which biblical text teaches that the end of an era is not the completion of a destiny What are you talking about?
the best the best is Yet to come. Oh Good night
Is is he really this is embarrassing. This is really cringe. I mean for this that this is sus beyond This is cap
Sorry, I just got to throw all the words out that I can throw into this is a mess Okay, the best is yet to come really
Which biblical text teaches this for guys who have been exposed?
for being Absolutely worldly and sinful beyond measure, huh? What are you talking about?
And this will come up So I wonder what it is what season in your life Is at that point where it can feel like it's all behind you and of course
That's a lie of the devil to think that your best days are behind you. I mean, I'm only 69 I'm young and I know
I don't look a day over 68, but But truth is I'm not wanting to be the old guy looking backwards
We've got a great decade in front of us Bobby and I and I'm excited about what God's got for us
By the way, I'm gonna live longer than a decade It's just that once I get over 80, I might be quite happy to well
I don't play golf and I don't fish so I don't know what else you do. So What I know is
Seasons come to an end and it happens in everybody's life Bobby and I we bought a piece of land in Sydney in 1993
Yeah It was one acre. It was beautiful. It looks over a beautiful Australian bush setting and we loved that place and our kids grew up there
They were all teenagers in that household and all their friends would come around there and it's just full of happy memories And we never thought ever that we would sell that house, but sure enough a new season earlier this year we sold our house
Why did you have to sell your house? Tell us some of the details Tell us about the remorse you have over the scandal
Scandals that have rocked Hillsong and of the reproach that you've brought to the name of Christ because of your obvious sins
Please tell us about that because that plays into why you ended up having to sell that house that you bought in 1993 but you know,
I can honestly say I drove away from there and I didn't look back I know one of the great great secrets of life is
Stop looking backwards. There's a lot to thank God for there's a lot of things that we praise God for We keep on appreciating those things that are behind us that have set us up as a platform for what
God's got ahead of us But I want to always be the guy who full of faith is has an expectation of greater things ahead
Full of faith with an expectation of greater things that ahead are ahead This is like Joel Osteen ask word of faith nonsense,
I Always look on the bright side of life. I'm the head not the tail, you know and all this kind of nonsense
What you know, what should what's missing here is any kind of awareness or even public acknowledgment of his sin
This is unbelievable and remember earlier this year He pled guilty on the
DUI charges and the court docs show that he was blackout drunk when he was arrested for his
DUI in Jesus not so Some of you would know that we were pastors of a church called Hillsong and we planted that church
Bobby and I 40 years ago Yeah, why aren't you there anymore?
Hmm 1983 40 years ago. And again, I mean so many two years ago that season came to an end
Suddenly it just came to an end Really? Wow Huh?
This is mind -bogglingly awful no acknowledgement whatsoever of his own sin of the grievous
Things that he's committed. It's just well, we founded a church 40 years ago and suddenly that season came to an end
Mm -hmm on to the next thing. Ha ha Wow And it was not what we expected
But I have to tell you I'm still not looking backwards I'm looking forwards Wow, I Almost don't have words for this
Is this guy certifiably a narcissist? Is he incapable of?
Recognizing the great damage that he's done to the name of Jesus and the people whose lives he's destroyed
Through his greed through the corruption of the Hillsong organization I just well, you know, we planted a church that season came to an end
But I'm still looking forward to the future is my the best is still ahead of me Oh God, it's got in front of us in Jesus night
Life can be full of disappointments, you know, honestly, whether it's I mean there'd be
I'm sure it was an absolute disappointment when Hillsong Let you go and you you you left
Hillsong after revelations of misconduct with two women I'm sure that was just a big old disappointment.
Yeah. Yeah Hmm people here a guarantee who have been through the crushing disappointment of a miscarriage or perhaps a heartache
Well, you didn't get the job We were talking to someone just a couple of nights ago and they had interviewed for a job and waited three months
They interviewed for a job at a church and waited three months for an answer and then eventually the answer was no disappointing
Oh, yeah See what he went through planning a church and then suddenly that season came to an end
That's just a big whopper of a disappointment Okay, the bank said no you're a deal -breaker though Maybe she said no
Bobby tried to do that to me when we were just dating She did she actually had a prophecy true story.
She got a prophetic word from her pastor that I was second best. Yeah True story.
So I was living in a head. Yeah, that's a false prophecy because you were definitely not second best you were worse us with nine single young guys and Bobby came around and I could tell just looking at her that something wasn't good.
And so she dumped me She only lasted three months. She realized she couldn't live without me
I Which biblical text is he preaching from again He isn't
This is this is horrible. So he's still scratching itching ears and Notably, that's what kind of awakened church is all about again.
Second Timothy Is gonna help us out here again another pastoral epistle. Can you imagine that in?
Here's what Paul prophesies regarding the last days Understand this that in the last days there will be times of difficulty.
I think we're there for people will be lovers of self Yep, that would be the narcissists lovers of money.
Yep proud Yep, arrogant abusive disobedient to the parents ungrateful unholy heartless
Unappeasable slanderous without self -control brutal not loving good treacherous reckless swollen with conceit
Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power
Avoid such people isn't it? Interesting that Brian Houston legitimately fits this group that were warned against that would rise up in the last days
Among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women Two of them apparently for Brian Houston, right?
Burdened with sins and led astray by various passions always learning never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth
Just as Janice and John Brees opposed Moses. So these men also opposed the truth They are men corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith.
They will not get very far their folly will be plain to all as was those of those two men and I would note that having
Brian Houston preach at Your church and him preaching. I mean his folly is on display for everybody yet If you know your
Bible, you know, this man's not qualified to teach Small children in the children's, you know, the area of their congregation
You however young pastor Timothy You have followed my teaching you followed my conduct my aim in life my faith my patience my love my steadfastness
My persecutions and sufferings that happened to me at Antioch Iconium and at Lystra with persecutions
I endured yet from them all the Lord rescued me indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted while evil people and imposters
Will go on from bad to worse That sounds just like Brian Houston Deceiving and being deceived that as for you you continue in what you have learned and a firmly believed
Knowing from whom you have learned it and how from childhood you've been acquainted with the sacred writings
Which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus all scripture it is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching for reproof
For correction for training and righteousness so that the man of God may be complete and equipped for every good work
That's right There isn't a good work that you would do as a Christian that the God's Word the
Bible would not prepare you for Okay, keep that in mind So Paul then says I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus Who's the judge the living and the dead and by his appearing and by his kingdom?
preach the word is Guest pastor Brian Houston doing that No, not at all
Preach the word though. That's what pastors are supposed to do preach the word be ready in season and out of season reprove
Rebuke and exhort with complete patience and teaching for the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching
But having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions the reason why
Hillsong grew as a church is Because they told people what they wanted to hear
Brian Houston was a master of Ear scratcher in ear tickler and he's still at it today
He's not somebody who laments his own sin confesses his need for a
Savior Cries out to Christ Jesus to forgive him of his trespasses and then proclaim
Christ in him crucified for your sins and mine instead He doesn't confess that he's even done anything wrong when you go back to the episode that we did
Not that long ago on Mike Signorelli blaming the victims of Botched deliverance, you know
Mike Signorelli basically saying well if you went to an Isaiah Saldivar thing and you claim that you were delivered
But it did the deliverance didn't work. It's your fault because you only repented halfway, right? You only repented partway
In that episode I legitimately explained to you what biblical repentance is but Brian Houston doesn't sound like David and his repentance with his sin with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah the
Hittite Brian Houston oddly enough Doesn't even sound like Judas who was truly lamenting his sin
You know who Brian Houston sounds like he sounds like King Saul King Saul who couldn't and wouldn't even admit really that he had done anything wrong
Right, and he's teaching the people at Awakened Church to have that same mindset that same mentality when
When your life comes crumbling down because of your sin as a consequence of your sinful rebellious decisions against God Just see it as a mere disappointment
And when you come to the end of a season don't stop keep moving because your best days are still ahead of you
Says no biblical text ever but here Brian Houston What is he doing?
Well, he's fulfilling Paul's prophecy from 1st 2nd Timothy 4 the time is coming when people will not endorse sound deep teaching but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and they will turn away from listening to the truth and They'll wander off into myths
That's exactly what's happening here. It's really sad Very tragic because I've prayed many a time for Brian Houston that God would open his eyes to his sin that he
God would lead him to true repentance and Here in the wake of all of the scandals that he brought on that as a result of his sins his having to resign from Hillsong because of two very credible allegations of misconduct by two women and all of the
Whistleblower activity going on in the lawsuit regarding the financial shenanigans of of Hillsong Church and the large sums of money
Given to Brian Houston and to Brian Houston's family members and to other leaders within Hillsong Again, watch the documentaries that are out there on Hillsong.
You'll find them to be Eye -opening best way I can put it But Brian Houston, he's not qualified to be a pastor.
He shouldn't be preaching Anywhere at all Just keep that in mind so hopefully you found this helpful if so all the information on how you can share the video is down below in the description and I would like a quick make a quick shout out to those of you who support fighting for the faith financially
You make it possible for us to do what we are doing here And I want to personally thank you because without your financial assistance
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