Why most Christians are OK with gay pride at “The Chosen” show


Greg gives his thoughts on why most Christians seem to be ok with the production team and actors on “The Chosen” show supporting the LGBTQ+ agenda, and doctrinally how they don’t understand the power in the name of Jesus. From the Dead Men Walking Podcast #174 Website & Merch: https://www.DMWPodcast.com


And in friends of mine that I truly believe are saved that I believe are Christians defending this show
Because they love the show. They're emotionally attached to the show. They can't separate the fact out that hey, you can't be a show
About the life of Christ and then Unequally yoke yourself
Proverbs talks about business ventures being unequally yoked Yoke yourself with producers and writers and cameramen and get rippers and gaffes and gaffers or whatever the heck
They're called, you know all these 80s all these people on set that do not have those same values those same biblical values
Proverbs is very clear about being unequally yoked in business. That's number one number two
This gets us into kind of like icon theology, which I've been thinking about an awful lot.
I Absolutely love art. I'm a musician My three kids and my wife are artists.
They're musicians artists. I mean we write music We we have you know, draw drawings and paintings and all these things we craft and all that stuff
But the more I've been thinking about it the more I think Wow Doesn't it make sense that God just says no idols and no graven images because we have a lot of graven images of Christ in this culture through media through pictures through paintings right through cartoons animation all this stuff and There was this big movement about four or five years ago about how you know
Most paintings of Jesus is this like brown haired blue eyed like white
Jesus And I would always laugh like from a young age. I was like wait, wasn't he Jewish? I have
I know some Jewish people They don't look like that. I definitely doesn't definitely doesn't look Arabic Right and even from a young age.
I kind of understood like well, that's not really what Jesus looks like, but here's the thing When we start making media in in having actors act as Jesus this goes for the passion, too
Okay, the passion of Christ, which I watched and at the time in 2004 I loved but I've come a little bit in my theology in the way of thinking hopefully matured a little bit since then
When we start making Jesus in pictures and media We're making
Christ in our own eyes We're making him in our image when he's the unimaginable uncreated one.
That's why the Bible says Yeah, don't make graven images Don't make images of of God or Christ because what you do is you immediately make him in your own image
You make him what you want him to be. This is what Catholics did with Jesus I mean, that's why he's a white guy with a nice soft brown beard and blue eyes.
I'm telling you right now I don't know what Christ looked like, but I bet he didn't look like that Bet you had olive skin dark eyes dark curly hair something around there, right?
so This is a very dangerous thing We're one just on the grounds of making
Christ in our own eyes. I would say me and my family just We sustain from the chosen
For one of the one of the reasons second reason would be on equally yoked partnering with You know pro -gay pro -homosexual progenitor people thirdly
Partnering with funding through Mormonism, which is a cult which is a false gospel So you have all these things and then obviously the content of the show
There's some things in there where some Mormonism seeps in the theology and doctrine is off. So all these things added together go
Yeah, I'm not gonna I don't want to watch that right and I've said this to some of my friends online and offline
And the response I get and I'm a pick on my charismatics for a minute And I'm sorry if you're charismatic and you're listening to this
But this is this is the thing that I get the most from charismatic. This is the response Yeah, but the name of Jesus is going out.
I had a pastor. Tell me that yeah But at least the name of Jesus is going out and I and I went okay, but it's a false gospel
It's it's a false Jesus so I really sat with that and I and I just thought about it for a little bit and I said
Why do my more Pentecostal charismatic friends? They're really into this show and they and they just love that.
Well, at least you're learning about Jesus, right? And my brain goes, yeah, but you're learning about a false
Jesus. So are you really learning about Jesus? That's the philosophical part of my brain, right?
What is truth? Really if I'm learning a false truth, I'm not learning truth First and foremost, but then
I was thinking about it and I think here here's the issue That I think is happening and it happens outside of charismatics and Pentecostals, but I see it more there and I can say this
Because I was involved in a very Pentecostal church for many many years
So so I think I can kind of see into this And I can understand why they think this way because in Pentecostal charismatic churches
You're taught that just the name of Jesus has power And just just the named
Oh Demons tremble at the name that the the sound that comes out of your mouth
And here's the here's the issue Yes, demons tremble at the name of Jesus, but not because of the name.
It's not an incantation It's not a spell and it's not magic In fact, that's what was happening in the first century is you'd see
Simon the sorcerer and the sons of Sceva They were trying to use it as a new magic spell as a new incantation in Acts The Jewish exorcists were like in the
Jesus that Paul preaches about come out They were trying to use the power the gospel
By just using the name of Jesus and what did the in Acts? I don't know.
What is it X 19? I think it is right 13 through like 20. What is it that the demons say wolf?
Paul I know and Jesus I know right and this is a good argumentation for Christ God giving them certain certain gifts for that time
Okay, he goes it was for the you know for the healing and the demonic possessed and all that for the church to grow
He goes the demon says well Paul, I know and Jesus I know but who are you? So the name of Jesus itself has no power
Jesus, you know, there's people named Jesus In Mexico right now, that's
Jesus in another language What does that mean like that the sound coming out of your mouth? It's not an incantation which which is what black magic is by the way, which they're very
Keen on making certain noises out of your mouth and it moves the air a certain way and affects reality
That's why a spell has to be said a certain way at a certain time. It's not because the words are magical it's because they actually believe you're changing reality with the confession of the sounds of how the air moves and How the sounds move through the air and change the reality?
That's what's going on in like witchcraft and black magic and what I found Sorry, I just realized it sounds like I'm probably comparing some of my charismatic friends to witchcraft
I'm not what I'm saying is is you're thinking of the name of Jesus that way Oh if the name of Jesus just gets said somewhere or we're talking about it.
Well, that's a good thing I would argue that is not a good thing. That's a false
Jesus There's no power in that name in a false gospel The power of Jesus's name is in the gospel in the redemptive work of what he did
Nowhere did the Apostles or the early church fathers just run around and say Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus No, there was a preaching of the gospel behind it when
Peter stands up and gives his dissertation and at the end says Under no name no other name you are saved
There's four paragraphs of the gospel before that of why no by no other name.
Are you saved? He just didn't get up and go I Rebuke all unbelief in Jesus name.
No, he explained the gospel he preached the gospel and the power of the word and the redemptive plan of God and Why we believe and then said and that's the name that you are saved under that's what that name
Represents all that power of the gospel and the redemptive process behind it a movie talking about Jesus Has no, you know with with no gospel power behind it.
It's just a movie about a guy named Jesus. It has no power Now don't don't mishear me.
God can absolutely use anything, right? And that's another excuse I've moved me into point two of Some of the some of the excuses