Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 with Pastor John Crawford

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reg sat down with the speakers from the Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 hosted by  @openairtheology3783  His interviews included Pastor Greg Moering Jr, Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, Pastor John Crawford, Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast:


So it's but John John Crawford. Yes, sir. How are you sir doing? Well, brother, how are you? Good to see a first time meeting you tell us a little bit about yourself today.
You pastor out of state We're in Tennessee right now at the shadows to substance conference. Yes, and and where do you pastor at?
Yeah, little church in Arab, Alabama Arab, Alabama, how far of a drive was it for you to get here about an hour 42?
Oh, not bad Oh, mine was nine hours. You're good. Yeah our 40 not bad. So You you had one of the sessions today
You were talking about Christ the greater ark Can you give us a little in a few minutes a little idea what how
Christ is our greater ark? Absolutely, brother yeah, so in my session was really wanting to emphasize ultimately that just as Noah's Ark was a vessel by which he and his family were saved
So Christ is that greater vessel that greater ark whereby the nations are saved whereby we are saved from greater judgment we find our security in him and Ultimately, yeah, we're delivered from the wrath that is to come.
Yeah, and you had some beautiful examples of that, too we were out of Genesis 7 correct this morning
That's right. And even something that struck me to where you were talking about the door how there's one ark
In there's one way into the ark, correct? There's some parallels in Christ there too, correct? That's right.
That's right, brother Yeah, yes. Yes. Yeah, so I was reading through in preparation for this yesterday
And I also noticed, you know When we think about the experience of the ark as well, too
You got up and you started off by saying, you know We kind of have the
Sunday school image of Noah's Ark we take it very lightly Oh, you know the animals come two by two and you have the little you know graphics when you're a kid if you went to Sunday school
I'm a product of the 80s Church. So there was a lot of felt art going on, right? Yet it's a very serious subject we have
Obviously the destruction of mankind God saving a remnant. Yes, right, which we see throughout the entire
Bible God having a remnant for his own And it was it was something to where to if you read farther in chapter 7 you're seeing
They were in they were in there for a year. That's right And he had made a little window. That's all he had when he said it says he opened the window to look out after a
Year, I mean they were probably just in there. It's dark. It's you know, it's It's tough, but it's like there's parallels there to even in our
Christian walk. I would say as well Christ saving us you said What was the Charles Spurgeon quote that you gave at the end?
About falling down in the ark, but never falling out of the ark. That's right. Did I say that correctly got it? Got it right on the money. Yeah, and I'd never heard that Spurgeon quote before but it's so true to where we see
Christ in the ark But I would even say even in in the ark we you know being in the ark
There's something to be said about a reflection even in our sanctification and walk with Christ, but you agree
Yeah, so, how did you get hooked up down here with the conference? Who do you know Jeff and those guys?
Yeah Ultimately found out about Jeff years ago when he first started post -tentacruz looks
Bible rebinding and met up at g3 Maybe in like 2018 2017 or so It's all getting fuzzy now, man
Yeah, we met up and been a benefactor of his business and then when he planted this local church
It was kind of similar in conjunction when I began to plant mine And so I've been leaning on him for advice and wisdom and he's been acting
This is a older brother as it were helping me along. So yeah, so the old the overarching theme obviously of this conference is
Shadows to substance seeing Christ in the Old Testament We've talked about it with a few other guests to about how we have in this day and age as well
Some pastors of some churches that want to unhitch. Yes, the Old and New Testament, which
I don't know how they can do that Honestly because you see the continuity of Christ throughout all of Scripture For someone listening that says what are some of those shadows off the top of your head outside of the ark?
Are there examples of shadows of Christ in the Old Testament that you could maybe point out to the listeners?
They could go study and look at absolutely just to pick up on the Genesis theme I love chapter 3 verse 15 with that proto
Evangelium in which it's that first preaching of the gospel where the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent
I mean though the serpent will strike his heel. He will be triumphant. And yeah, there's that picture There's of course
Genesis 22 with Isaac and the offering There's the greater Picture of the bronze serpent.
I've actually got that tattooed on my arm And in Christ, of course, he expounds on that himself, you know, it just says
Moses lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness and everyone was healed So the Son of Man must be lifted up and sure Yeah, those are a few that just come to mind
Those are I mean, like I said, we see it from from the very beginning of the Bible You see the tapestry of Christ through the entire
Old and New Testament I think that's why this conference is so important as well
Sometimes I think we can get caught up in one section or one part of the
Word of God Which look at do your study dive in? Yes. I was in a church once we spent two and a half years in Ephesians Come on,
I get it, right? Ephesians one of my favorite books anyway, so it was beautiful But just to see that and what this conference is really trying to get at I believe and maybe you have a different opinion
Is for us to recognize those shadows and to also recognize like you rightly said the shadow isn't the real thing though It's it's it's an image.
It's it's kind of for force What's the word I'm looking for? It's kind of showing what is to come.
That's right, correct How important is it for believers to to see the shadows of Christ in the
Old Testament? If they go look at Christ came he died he rose I have him now he the
Holy Spirit lives inside of me I'm a temple of the Holy Spirit What why do I need to look at that and understand that is there a reason why we need to?
Understand that Christ was foreshadowed in the Old Testament. What do you think? Absolutely. I mean When it helps us even understand when he comes right?
Yeah, that's why Matthew opens up with a genealogy It's like we should be thinking. This is the promised seat. This is the seat of the woman, right?
Of course all of those prophecies and all those pictures all those shadows are pointing to him as the substance so yeah, and I think ultimately to we we must remember that The gospel wasn't preached in those first four books of the
New Testament It was I mean it was but it wasn't it's also preached in Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers.
Yeah, Rami M I think that's ultimately been the big struggle is People just think
I want to find Christ and I can only find them with the red letters are When the gospel was preached throughout the whole of the
Bible and We need to find that meta -narrative that biblical theology of the Christ who came
Live died and rose again is ascended and it's it's it's yeah, it's everywhere Yeah And like you even said from your session today and we've said many times on this podcast if for anyone who's listened for any length of time
Christ wasn't walking around with the New Testament Bible. That's right, right when he refers to the scriptures
Like you said to who's he referring to he's referring to Jonah Nahum. Yes, right the the prophets of old the
Old Testament I find that amazing because sometimes sitting in 2023 we can look at it and go.
Oh, well, we've got it We've got everything here. We got to figure it out It's it's so easy to understand this when
Christ was walking around. He's going. Oh, oh, no That that's that was the New Testament the Old Testament at the time, right?
He's going this is it's prophesying of me I'm the Messiah. Yes, and so many times, you know, geez 30 % of the
New Testament is Old Testament, right? Because it's quoted so many times just to show who Christ was especially throughout
Hebrews and Romans and things like that I find it disheartening that sometimes the
Emphasis on the Old Testament isn't given its proper weight Because we believe in and I'm sure you do too in the whole
Word of God Right the truth in the weightiness and the whole Word of God, so I appreciate your session today
I appreciate you sitting down with us Is there anywhere people can find you online or anything?
You're doing on social media if they watch or listen to this and they want to get in contact with you throw that out for Him. Yeah, absolutely.
I'm on Facebook John William Crawford. Okay, I believe I'm on Twitter. It's Proctor Christom I don't don't hold me to that Did you just get back on or just join or just don't do a lot on it or what?
Yeah, I did and then I was like, there's a reason why I wasn't on to begin with so it's But you don't know if I'll be active on that.
But okay, Facebook is where I'm usually at John Crawford if they want to reach out That's right. That's right. Well brother
I'll just be praying for you. I hope Everything's going well at your church. I know it is
True pastors in the United States, especially in Western Christianity We have to love them support them pray for them that preach the
Word of God That preach it rightly and you did this morning. So I appreciate it. Thank you, brother.
God be praised All right, guys as always. Thank you for listening to another episode of dead men walking podcast This is part of our shadows to substance
Series, so we're gonna have a couple of these mashed up together So keep listening and as always the chief end of man glorify
God enjoy him forever God bless be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast