BRACKET UPDATE: We have our Final Four!


This Final Four will blow your mind!


What's up guys? Well, we have our final four for the reformed bracket contest of 2024
It has been two almost two weeks of voting and we are down to our final four and I want to give you guys an update
Wow, so our Competition our brackets yesterday was dividing line verse cultish
Haunted cosmos verse just thinking can impress verse the Kings Hall and Apologia versus this is foster.
So want to give you guys an update You might have seen it on the Twitter feed, but here we go dividing line
Took care of cultish pretty handily with 63 % of the vote cultish getting 37 % of the vote with a total of 1 ,466 votes and actually it was our lowest vote getting bracket
But congratulations to dividing line. I think some of that was due to people lack of voting as well
I had multiple people go I can't decide they're kind of you know, they're out in the same area same church so Dividing line verse cultish was kind of an in -house battle but dividing line pulled through with 63 % its lowest percentage
For the dividing line out of all brackets but with that being said
The next bracket was haunted cosmos verse just thinking this was our largest vote getting bracket 2660 this time around and haunted cosmos easily took care of just thinking 70 to 30 70 percent to 30 percent and Haunted cosmos will be moving on to the final four.
So congratulations there can impress first the Kings Hall Yes, the Kings Hall was up against all of cannon press which includes many podcasts
So who knows it looks like canna press might have had the edge there But Kings Hall took care of them 57 percent to 43 percent.
This was also our closest bracket but also our second most vote getting at 1944 votes cast so Kings Hall was 50 % 57 percent of that vote is moving on to the final four.
Congratulations to them and then Apologia versus this is Foster Apologia 64 %
This is Foster 36 percent 1501 votes so Apologia took care of them pretty easily too with just about two -thirds of the vote.
So listen to this though this is what we have in the final four and like I said a randomizer
III Ranked the first ten spots out of the 64 in the original bracket just because of last year
I gave them the top ten almost like a preceding and then a randomizer just Randomize the rest of them and that's how
I typed them in. Okay with 60 the other 54 So we have 64 total 10. I ranked the other 54 just randomized.
Okay through all that This is our final four dividing line haunted cosmos the
Kings Hall Apologia What we have here is we have dividing line verse haunted cosmos
You know, you're leaning Calvinistic Baptist first reformed Presbyterian the
Kings Hall reformed Presbyterian verse Apologia Calvinistic Baptist, so It's kind of the final four of Presbyterians verse
Baptist here And you know, you have to forgive me. I'm assuming I think Brian Suave.
I don't know much about him And the other gentleman on Kings Hall as well
Or on haunted cosmos, excuse me. It's slipping me, but I can't remember if they're Baptistic or Presbyterian, but my point is also haunted cosmos in the
Kings Hall share a host So did not see this coming. Like I said the randomizer ran randomized these guys
They were not either one of these were not in the top ten The only two that were in the top ten that I ranked was dividing line and Apologia The Kings Hall and haunted cosmos newcomers to the bracket and now in the final four
You could guys you could very well see a haunted cosmos verse Kings Hall final
Them sharing a host that would be insane But dividing line verse haunted cosmos for me.
That's gonna be the one to watch. I think we're gonna have lots of votes I think
Dr. James White and his show dividing line is this is the challenge of the bracket challenge more than last year
I mean haunted cosmos is running through people the Kings Hall verse Apologia.
I think that's gonna be a little bit closer I mean, yeah Kings Hall has a lot of people turn out for him Some of that haunted cosmos mojo can transfer over to the
Kings Hall, but Apologia is huge I mean and I and we haven't seen Jeff Durbin or Luke Pearson or any of those guys make a video if they made a video and called their people to vote that they could possibly win this if haunted cosmos
Beats dividing line because last year it was dividing line in Apologia again in the finals in dividing line one against Apologia even after the pleas from Jeff Durbin Excuse me.
So there's our final four. It's gonna be coming up here in about Ten minutes after end this video up today.
We have both final four matchups It'll end tomorrow at one o 'clock
We will take Sunday off for the Lord's Day and Monday will be the final two
We'll see who the champion is on Monday. We'll start that Monday morning.
It'll run till Tuesday morning So right now today from about 1 30 p .m.
Eastern Standard. That's where I am till 1 30 p .m Tomorrow 24 hour period we are going to be voting for dividing line verse haunted cosmos and the
Kings Hall verse Apologia I just have to say a huge congratulations
To all the podcasts that were in this some really good showings. Like I've said on other live videos
We're gonna be making some changes for next year probably expand the field as well as some qualifications lots of stuff coming next year
But man to have dividing line verse haunted cosmos and the Kings Hall verse Apologia and have over I don't know.
I have to go back and tally it up, but it's close to 20 ,000 votes that have been cast 30 ,000 votes I think actually
And so many people sharing and trying to just jump it on board and going. Okay, this is something fun. We can do glorify
God You guys get the spirit of it Basically voting for your favorite podcast
It's cool. I can hardly wait to see who wins this on Monday I really can't wait to send this out with a few other goodies but today we are voting on dividing line verse haunted cosmos
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So good dudes over there So final four dividing line haunted cosmos coming up in just a few minutes Kings Hall apologia coming up in a few minutes
Go vote. It's gonna start you got 24 hours. We're down to the final four. Someone's going home with this on Monday All right
I don't know maybe the winner will do a little special interview or something if they would like to but The guys in these podcasts, wow, these are all heavy hitters.
They're great podcasts Any one of these who win would it would they deserve it?
But like I said guys dividing line verse haunted cosmos, that's gonna be insane Kings Hall verse apologia.
I mean, they're all heavy hitters It's hard. I'm looking at these met these two matchups. I'm going which one's gonna be crazier. Who knows?
It's it's just they're all great podcasts with large followings with fans that want to see them move on So that's all
I got for you guys Yeah, kept it right to 10 minutes again I always say I'm gonna be quick and then I end up stringing it out 10 minutes