Baptist-Terian Christmas! Greg Moore, Claude Ramsey, Keith Foskey, CR Wiley, Joel Webbon, and more!


Welcome to the first annual Baptist-Terian Christmas! Whos says Baptists and Presbyterians can't get along? This livestream was hosted by Greg Moore, Claude Ramsey, @hereistandtheologypodcast and Keith Foskey! @ConversationswithaCalvinist We had guests stopping by all hour including: C.R. Wiley @TheTheologyPugcast Joel Webbon @RightResponseMinistries Andrew Rappaport @strivingforeternity6834 Kevin Hay @RedeemerBibleChurchGilbert Davis Younts @themilitarydefensecounsel A.D. Robles @ADRobles We discussed best Christmas traditions, worst Christmas gifts, Keith Foskey's suspicious candle collection, Joel Webbon's personal style, along with some theology mixed in. Enjoy!


Exploring Theology, Doctrine, and all of the Fascinating Subjects in Between. Broadcasting from an
Undisclosed Location. Dead Men Walking starts now. Well, hello everyone.
Welcome to an episode of Dead Men Walking Podcast. But is it really an episode of Dead Men Walking Podcast?
No, I think it's a three -way episode, Christmas special live stream.
Let's go! Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. Yay! Here we are. Who do
I got with me on the live stream? I've got Keith Foskey. I've got Claude Ramsey. What's going on, brothers? Well, hello.
I got Boba Fett and I've got an elf. They got fired, it looks like. Oh, yeah.
Oh, man. So every year here, I do a Christmas live stream or special on Dead Men Walking Podcast.
But this year, we are sharing the live stream because I have Claude Ramsey from Here I Stand Theology Podcast.
I have Keith Foskey from Conversations with a Calvinist, YourCalvinist on Twitter, where he likes to make those funny videos that you know so much about.
Now, granted, we've got a U of M fan and we've got a Roll Tide fan here today.
Keith, I don't know where you land, but it might get tense between Claude and I.
But we're going to put that aside because we are brothers in the Lord. This is the Baptisterian Christmas special. Right now,
I'm outnumbered 2 to 1. But we're going to have guests stopping in all hour for you guys on the live stream from 1 o 'clock to 2 .15
every 10 minutes or so. Someone's going to pop in. Here's the fun part is Keith and Claude don't know who they are.
They don't know who the guests are, so it'll be a fun reaction from them. We'll get to talk. We're going to talk bad Christmas presents, crazy
Christmas experiences, and just have a good time fellowship in the Lord. So what's going on, brothers? I'm doing good.
I see Eric out there. Hey, Eric, how are you doing, my friend? Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and you know it.
Exactly, and we've got Brandon. He just said, bro, what did
I just click on? That's right. What did you just click on, Brandon? Merry Christmas, bro.
Southwife says, oh, that's scary. Yeah, and also for those users that are saying, boom, we don't know who you are.
If you would go to StreamYard .com forward slash Facebook, give StreamYard permission to use your info.
So with that, we know who you are, and we can give you credit if you say anything funny. Oh, look at this guy's like a professional producer now,
Keith. We're going to have to start paying him or something. I just yeah, I need him to come and help me out.
I'm doing some changes to my podcast at the first of the year. I mean, look at the background.
We've got the live background, the video in the beginning. He's got the cameras all set up. I love it, man.
Thanks for doing that, Claude. Hey, you're welcome. I just want to make mention that I contributed absolutely nothing to this, except for this hat.
I know, me too. But the hat makes it worth it. That's right.
So what's going on? Are we ready for Christmas or what? Not at all. Well, our family's been sick for two weeks, so all the fun, and I know that's not funny, but it is the reality.
We've just had flu go through our house for two weeks, so we have had no time to do anything
Christmassy. So it's been really rough. Man, you're just killing the
Christmas spirit. Yeah, no, but we're bringing it back this week. We're going to have a Festivus celebration this
Saturday. We have some folks coming over, and if you don't know what Festivus is, Festivus is a celebration based on the television show
Seinfeld, and we are going to have an aluminum pole, because you don't have a
Christmas tree because tinsel's distracting. We're going to have feats of strength, which are actually arm wrestling competitions, and we are going to have an airing of grievances, where everybody tells other people how they have disappointed you this year.
I got a lot of problem with you people. That's right. December 23rd at my house.
We got some folks. If you are truly doing that, that is awesome. No, it is. That's a real thing.
That's awesome. In fact, one of the ladies coming had never seen the show, so I made her watch it just so she could have fun with it.
Oh, so you're doing this with some church congregants and members. It's some friends from church. Oh, friends from church, okay.
And my brother, he's kind of crazy. We were supposed to have a
Christmas vacation party, but the sickness killed that one. But we were going to give away
Jelly of the Month Club subscriptions. We were going to do all kinds of fun stuff for a Christmas vacation celebration.
You know, I'm sitting here in between two pastors. I have to say, probably to keep a healthy church, it is good to have an airing of grievances once a year with the church congregants.
I got a lot of problem with you people. That leaves me open, right? That's right.
No hidden sin. Come on now. Hey, Greg, James Mormon asked the question, are Baltic Coastals invited too?
I don't know if that's to you or to me. I don't even know what that means. Why does James Mormon think I have a vocabulary?
What is a Baltic Coastal? He's trying to say Bab DeCostal. I think he spelled it wrong. I was like, okay, is this guy with Eastern European descent and he lives in Maine?
What's going on here? He's a Baltic Coastal? Bab DeCostal is a person who believes in speaking in tongues and once saved, always saved.
Oh, okay. That's what it is. If you believe in both of those, you're Bab DeCostal. It's always funny because I've always said
I grew up in a non -denominational church, but then when I look back on it, it was Baptist. All non -denominational churches basically just steal
Baptist creeds and go, yeah, we're non -denominational. You just don't want to pay the fees, huh, you cheapo? Mario, oh no,
Mario. He said Festivus is a pagan holiday. Well, no, what we did was we reappropriated it.
We went ahead and took it. Shouldn't there be a Santa Claus doll on top of the
Festivus pole? It's a little awkward, if you will. Hey, Keith, real quick.
So you just did an episode on is Christmas a pagan holiday, didn't you? Over at Conversations with the
Calvinists. It was very interesting. Give us a recap of that. Give us a little two -minute. What did you guys talk about? Because that's an interesting topic.
All right, so we dealt with four things. One was the dating of Jesus's birth at December 25th.
A lot of people believe that's connected to pagan gods who were born on December 25th.
That's a heaping, steaming pile of reindeer feces. That's not true. December 25th has nothing to do with pagan beliefs.
It had to do with the belief of the dating of the Annunciation, which was when Mary received her statement from the angel that she was going to have a baby.
The early church fathers weren't concerned with pagans. They were concerned with actually getting it right. And whether or not they got it right, we don't know.
But it has nothing to do with that. So that's number one. The second thing we dealt with was Santa Claus. We had a little debate about whether or not it's right to lie to your children.
I don't believe pretend play is lying, so we had a conversation about that. And I know people disagree with me on that, but we had fun with that.
We talked about Christmas trees. Jeremiah 10 is not about Christmas trees. I promise you. It's about making idols, and that's what we talked about.
And then the last one was about gift -giving. I said every culture and everywhere throughout history has given gifts.
It's not pagan. It just is something people do. Jesus said a good father gives good gifts to his children, so there's nothing wrong with gift -giving.
So that was our four things, and we demonstrated that people who are concerned with Christmas being pagan are just a little too uptight.
You want answers? I think I'm entitled. You want answers! I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!
By the way, I want to mention the guys over at The Laborer's Podcast, which is Claude and I are connected with them. I'm currently stroking my beard with my beard brush that was sent to me.
At least I think it's a beard brush. Okay, you got the same one Rob sent you one? Hey guys, also
Dave Hassenbrock said non -denoms are just cooler Baptists. I don't know.
What do you think about that? Maybe true. Maybe true. If you're going to be non -denominational, our friend
Keith Foskey says you're going to be cooler. If you love Jesus, you're going to be non -denominational and have a feeding trough as your
Baptistry. You know, I was baptized, or no, it was
I, no, one of my kids when like 13 years ago was baptized in a, what is it?
Not Trader Joe's. What's the tractor supply feeding thing?
You know what I mean? It's like where you put the water in the hay. Yeah, it's baptismal now. Yeah. Oh man.
Everybody at my church wants to get baptized in the ocean. And the last time I went to baptize a guy in the ocean,
I wasn't deep enough and I went to take him down and he didn't go under. So I had to like chokeslam him on the second turn.
His feet, he went head backwards, feet stuck up. It was going full
Todd Bentley on his brother. That's right. Chokeslam for the Holy Ghost.
Unlike Greg's church, you're going to get immersed at my church, baby. We don't put water just here. We put water here and everywhere.
Oh, John Jones said, Hey, John Jones said non -denominational means you have a
Baptist church, but with drums. Yeah. So that's big John from real talk with big
John. Okay. Yeah. He's a good guy. Hey, here's Robert. And here's Robert Knapp. And as a matter of fact.
Yep. And that's, that's the yep. Hi. Hi, Robert. So is that the beard brushes? Yeah. Yeah.
He yeah. So who's a character on Adam and Adam's family? Isn't he a character on Adam's family?
Who's that? I don't know. Who's he asking about? Yeah. The labor podcast. I need to get me one of those.
How do I not? I mean, look at us. We all got these beautiful beards. I need one of those. That's right, Rob. Let's let's get
Greg one of these and I will foot the bill for it. Oh, no, I'll pay for it. I'll pay for it.
No, it's a Christmas present. All right. I'm on the hook now. All right. Real quick.
Hold on. I want to do something. Hold on. Okay. We're waiting. I just did. I just did a screenshot.
Did you just fart? What were you doing? You made a weird face and it went silent. What is going on over there, dude? I did a screenshot so that I could post this on Twitter and ask who has the better beard.
Oh, good Lord. You have a beard pole. Look at the lines here, folks. Look at the lines. You got the gray and the black going.
Perfect, man. I mean, you look like, you know, you're making out with a skunk, but other than that, it looks great.
Hey, one of the best compliments, which I don't know if it was offhanded or not, that I've ever received was at Fight, Laugh, Feast two years ago here in Knoxville.
Yeah. You remember the reformed dissenters were right beside of us? Yep, yep, yep. So their mom told me
I was like a stepped up Phil Robertson. Stepped up. All right.
Well, you're definitely Phil Robertson with better theology, if I can say that. Yeah, that's true. Church of Christ got them some problems.
Oh man, that's funny. So what kind of Christmas horror stories do we have or great
Christmas stories or good gifts, bad gifts? We were going to talk about that a little bit, but obviously if people pop it in, the conversation will go where it goes.
Speaking of pop -ins. Oh, someone coming in? Yeah, we got a pop -in. Hang on just a moment.
Who we got? Let's see. Oh, yes.
Oh my goodness. Oh my God. It's the Sheen version of Owen Strayen. He's here.
Blue Steel. Now let me just, I'll just say,
I tell you guys now, if he grows a beard, we're all losing, right? You know that? So thank God he's hairless on the face there.
We got a chance. He's a beautiful man. I'm gonna tell you something, that's a, that's a...
It's like, it's like a George Seinfeld with an unblemished record of heterosexuality.
We've got another poppy and you want me to go ahead and bring him in? Oh, geez, okay. I didn't know we had two at this time. Hey, it's
Kevin Hay, everyone, for the first poppin'. Hey.
Oh, it's A .D. Robles. What's going on? Well, hello there. So we just had Pastor Kevin Hay pop in.
I just got some Presbyterian backup with A .D. Robles. A .D., I don't know if you know Claude Ramsey from here.
I stand Keith Foskey from your Calvinist. We're just talking Christmas stuff, man. Happy to have you in.
Hey, I'm glad to be here. It's a real party. Yeah. Yeah. Having a good time. So that's all it is.
So... It's a very Babysterian Christmas special. That's right. So Kevin, why don't you tell all the listeners a little bit about yourself?
Give us a little 30 -second bio so they know you. Yeah, cool. Kevin Hay, pastor at Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona.
Been here since June. Married to my wife, Alicia, 17 years, and we have eight kids.
So that's us. Oh, awesome. A .D., shout yourself out. What's going on? Oh yeah, you know,
I'm a big YouTuber, you know, big YouTuber. Yeah, I, you know, yeah,
I've got a YouTube channel. I tweet on Twitter quite a few times and you know, that's pretty much it.
Yeah, if you hear of something that gets to like the gospel coalition or gets to the front page of Christianity Today, usually you're seeing one of A .D.'s
tweets intertwined somewhere, somehow. He has his pulse on the heartbeat of Twitter X.
Yeah, no, that's true. And I also, I want to plug this. This is my new series. I do
Thinking Winsomely, a chat TGC podcast. And what
I do is I go to chat GPT and I prompt them to write, you know, something stupid in the style of gospel coalition.
And it just nails it every single time. It's unbelievable. It's really funny. You should check it out.
All right, so right before you guys popped in, we were talking about worst Christmas presents ever. Did any of you guys got a worst
Christmas present? One you just go, oh man, that was rough or that was a bad one. I'll throw it out to anyone.
Yeah, I'll go first. I came prepared for this, so. That's a good Baptist does.
That's right, that's right. Always prepared. No, my brother -in -law historically has been the one to give me the worst
Christmas presents ever. And I'm a book lover, so he got me a book, but you guys may know the name
Ted Haggard. Anybody remember that name? Yeah, oh yeah. So Ted Haggard apparently wrote books, plural, but in particular, this book was the one given to me one
Christmas from my brother -in -law. And the book, if you can see it, it's Dog Training, Fly Fishing, and Sharing Christ in the 21st
Century. Wait, wait for it. Empowering your church to build community through shared interests.
So if you're reading about Ted Haggard, you know why that's such a bad Christmas present, so.
Oh, that's good. Yeah, build a church through fishing, all right. You know what's crazy? I feel like the nineties was littered with those books and Bibles where they would just do them themed, like the
Fisherman's Devotional, the Hunter's Bible. They would just pick a hobby someone had and then try to make, like sell a book or even like a
Bible out of it, you know? And I'm like, what's a Hunter's Bible? What is it? You know, it's camo. I'm like, come on.
I don't know, I never fell for those. The rising of the church and the attempt to try to bring masculinity in with something other than just the truth of God's word.
Yeah, very true. How about you, Claude? Did you get something at Christmas that you're just like, ugh?
I'm on a public platform, so I'm gonna say no. Everything I've ever received has been fantastic.
You are the peacemaker, Claude, I like it. Actually, guys, I'm gonna be the guy that says this.
Man, I can't complain. My family's super thoughtful. My wife, her parents, they put so much thought and effort into gifts.
I cannot complain. I thought you were gonna say that hat and sweatshirt was the word,
I mean, ugh, roll tide? Come on, Alabama? Which, just in case there's any misunderstanding, roll tide.
All right, we'll see how you do against J .J. McCarthy. As a Buckeye fan, I can't say much, so I'm just gonna be quiet.
Boo! Okay. What was that note?
Oh, just booing. Is it coming across over there or no? No, it's not.
Very soft, very soft. Oh, well, that's no good. Well, there goes all my drops. Okay, what about you,
Keith? Was it the hat? Is that the hat you're wearing? Was that your worst Christmas present ever? Let me tell you something, I bought myself this hat.
Don't give me any crap, all right? I would not admit that. Somebody's about to get their mouth busted at the
Babstastarian Christmas special. That's right. I chokeslam all my enemies.
I do remember, oh, go ahead. No, you go. No, I was just saying, I do remember when I was younger, we had my father's mother, my grandmother on my father's side.
We grew up very, very poor, and she had some money, and she was grandma goody, and she would always get those big gifts, the bikes, and the things that you thought were out of reach, she would come through with it.
Every year, just overdid it for all of the grandkids, and always making sure it had to be fair, and everyone got big gifts and all this stuff in one year for a side gift, for just a little, she already got the big gift.
She got us all these, they were called Christmas blocks, and it was just a plastic rectangle, and you pack the snow in it, and then you make an igloo out of it.
And I remember us bratty little kids just making fun of those things for the whole entire day we're at the
Christmas party, not looking at the hundreds and hundreds of dollars of gifts that she got us. We picked out this one, we call it a plastic block.
Meanwhile, I've got a $300 mountain bike, which back in 89 was, with inflation, it's a $1 ,000 bike, but we're making fun of these blocks, and to this day, poor grandma, man, she's 80, in her mid -80s, love her to death, just saw her a couple days ago, and I remember we got those
Christmas bikes. She's like, oh, you be quiet. The one time she got us something, I just never seen that before or since.
I mean, I guess they do have them, but it's essentially a plastic rectangle with a little handle on it, and the label made it look like the kids are having so much fun, man.
They're building these huge Eskimo igloos, and then you go out to try it, and unless the snow is full of water and actually packs, it's just making mounds of snow.
I don't know. But other than that, I'm with you, Claude. I'm very appreciative every year.
As men, too, as fathers, as men, I've seen a lot of people talking about it more this year than last, but my joy comes in being able to provide for my family, for my wife, to see the joy on their face.
I could care less, really, what I get at Christmas. Plus, let's be honest, we all do well.
We probably all go ahead and get what we need anyway throughout the year, you know? And I'm too an age to wear, I like socks. Hey, who can't use more socks, dude?
Let's go, as long as they're the ones I like. Yeah, you know, socks and boxer brief, let's go.
Did I just get too personal for you guys? Sorry, it's a live stream. I mean, I don't wear those, what do you mean? Yeah, it's amazing how things change.
When you were a kid, you're just like, socks and underwear, what? And now it's like, come on, bring on the socks and underwear. Exactly.
This is the only time of the year I have clean underwear. Oh, wait, no, it's just that. I rarely buy clothes, so I only get them for gifts.
Okay, so what, you don't do your own clothes shopping, AD? I mean, you're not a big clothes guy? I just, you know,
I was just thinking about this just the other day, and I had a shirt on, and I looked over to my left, and there's a picture of me in Ethiopia at a mission trip or whatever, and I'm wearing the same shirt.
That was like 10 years ago, you know? I buy clothes, but I keep it forever. Yeah, hey, I like it, frugal, you know what
I mean? Like, if it's not broke, don't fix it. If it's not stained, don't throw it out, right? Well, that was gonna actually be mine.
And you mentioned bad gifts, and it's not bad gifts, because, again, like you guys, I love the fact that people even think about me, give me gifts, but people give me clothes, and I am not the easiest,
I'm a larger man. And so when somebody goes, oh, well, this'll fit you, it looks like it'll fit you, and I'm like, no, no, it don't.
I was like, not even close. My mom will give me shirts that I gotta wear over other shirts, because they don't close, but I still gotta wear it, because my mama bought it.
So if you ever see me wearing a shirt over a shirt, just know that I live in Florida, I'm hot, but I'm trying to make my mom happy.
It just won't button, and the little hairs in my chest will stick through, and it'd be like that. Sorry. I've never gotten a bad gift, because I've managed to dodge bad gifts.
Like, actually, this year, I've got a buddy who has season tickets to the Jets, and he's like, hey, man, do you wanna take the
Christmas Eve game? You take your son? I was like, that sounds like a curse. And the way things are going with the
Jets, I mean, that was a dodge bullet right there. You might've helped him just by going,
I don't know. Geez. No, that would've been my gift to you. I'll take your tickets. Yeah. You don't have to go to the game.
Yeah. Hey, Haps Addison just jumped on and said, my parents rewrapped our own toys and gave them back to us at Christmas.
See, that's genius. I'm stealing that, dude. My kids don't know half of what they have anyway.
That's actually pretty bad. Yeah, I could get away with that, you know? Hey, there's my buddy, Chris Hanshold on.
Hey, Chris. Good to see you, buddy. Just going through the - That's my own personal Captain America right there.
Who is that? You don't know who Chris Hanshold is. He does live appearances dressed as Captain America. He won't do my podcast dressed that way though, and that really bothers me.
Why not? Okay. Hey, last minute Christmas idea. Exactly. Oh man, so what do you guys,
Keith and, or Keith, Kevin and A .D., what do you guys got going on for this
Christmas? Anything good? Yeah, yeah. I'm staying home for actual
Christmas, and then I'm going to my mother's house in West Virginia for New Year's and stuff like that. So it'll be good, man.
And I've got some big surprises for the kids this year too that I have no clue. I can't say it now because they might be listening, but it's gonna be fun, man.
Yeah, I sent our live stream link to your kids, which is both creepy and awkward.
They might get us out the door then. Okay. How about you, Kev? Yeah, so being in Arizona, things are gonna be different for us this year, obviously being 2000 miles away from Ohio.
But yeah, we will do the eight services this coming weekend, both
Saturday and Sunday. And then - My man went Big Eva on me. So at 27 different locations at our
Big Eva multiplex and mini mall. Yeah, exactly. We got people flying in from the ceiling, angels can put on high.
It's gonna be crazy. Yeah, in reality, each service is like three to 400 people because the campus is just of such a size.
You know, we've got about 2000 people that come through, but you get lots of visitors on Christmas. So that's the reason for extra services.
Typically it's five, two on Saturday, three on Sunday. But yeah, anyway, we'll do the services, celebrate
Christmas together on Monday, and then we'll hit the road on Tuesday and head back to Ohio for a bit.
So I won't be far from AD there visiting his family and we'll stay through the new year.
And then we'll experience Ohio cold weather and we'll be back to the beautiful weather of Arizona.
So yeah. What part of Ohio are you going to? So the Southern most part, it's about two and a half hours
East of Cincinnati. A little town called Minford there, really close to the river.
So yeah. Very cool. My dad lives in Beverly, Ohio. It's pretty close. Yeah, 30 minutes. 30 minutes from there. Same county.
So that's awesome. Wow. Small world. There you go. It is. AD, you said you had some surprises for your kids.
Does that mean you're gonna be surprised on Christmas too? Or you're - No, no, no. I know what's going on. You know what's going on.
I know everything. His wife bought all the gifts. Of course he's gonna be surprised. You don't know what the heck he bought his kids.
What are you talking about? Oh man, my kids come up to me. Thanks dad for that. I go, oh yeah, yeah, sure.
Yeah, yeah. I was absolutely not not there when my wife bought that, when mom bought that.
No, no. No, we do Christmas shopping together. It's fun. It's fun to get stuff with the kids. I'm the one who actually, my wife reels me in.
I get a little too into it. I go just a couple more. Let's, and she's like, no.
She goes, where we came from as kids, this is insanity. I said, okay. So we curbed it back a little bit this year.
Every year we try to do this thing where people, somebody gave us this idea where like, you know, something to wear, something to read, something to, that they want and something that they need, right?
Like there's this thing. So like it's four gifts for each kid. We have six kids. So that's still a lot of gifts. But it's never works out that way.
Cause I always see something. I'm like, oh, I want them to have that. And it doesn't fit into those four categories.
So I ended up having it. And then I got to get all of them something because I got the, you know, I mean,
I'm not a communist, but I do make sure that all my kids get a fair amount of gifts. Equal distribution of gifts and labor for all the kids.
He owns the means of gifts and labor. Okay. You guys have any strange traditions you do or unique traditions you do with your family for Christmas?
Maybe on Christmas day or something like that. I know we read through Luke. My mom started this when I was younger.
As we, this is so funny and she's probably going to, okay, I can't believe I'm telling you this, but we, when we were younger, we would sing happy birthday to Jesus.
So we've done that a few times with our kids just because Mimi, my mom, you know, grandma does it.
And I always just went, it's probably if I tell people that I go, what, why are you singing happy birthday?
You get a birthday cake too and all that? No. My wife's family did the birthday cake for Jesus.
Oh yeah. Absolutely. Okay. So you're not, you're not too far gone, man. Yeah, that's pretty.
It's not that uncommon, I guess. A .D. in his eyes, he just lost respect for both me and Keith so fast, dude.
Look at, he's like, I cannot wait to jump off of this live stream with these two psychos singing happy birthday and eating cake for Jesus.
You said lost respect. I don't know if you, I don't know where I was on that chain. Have you ever had it? You've come down too far for me.
Hey, all I'm saying is I don't need an excuse to eat cake is all I'm saying, you know what
I mean? So let's go. I work really hard to stay right at the bottom rung of anyone's respect level.
That way I'm never disappointing. There you go. I'm never disappointing. Low expectations, baby. I mean, that's sales 101, right?
Under promise, over deliver, baby. You're a hero every day. That was at my wedding,
Val. Under promise, over deliver. Do you swear to under promise and over deliver to your bride?
I do. Every dang day. Claude, Claude, you got any special things you guys do for Christmas day or around Christmas time as a family?
Around Christmas time as a family, our primary thing really is with April's family.
Her family has generations and generations where they have just, every
Christmas the whole family gets together. The patriarch of the family reads the
Christmas story. We sing songs. There's a lot of times testimonies.
Sometimes preaching. I mean, it's church. It's a blessing to the family. Do you go back and re -baptize everyone in case the first one wasn't a true confession of faith, you know, just to make sure?
No. Oh, okay. I was wondering how that works. Oh, I don't know, you know.
You Baptists, I don't know. The key is to make sure the first baptism sticks.
Okay, all right. Let them know what it means to be buried with Christ in the water.
Well, that's why I hold them under until they bubble. That's what you gotta do. You gotta hold them until they start kicking and then you know it's right.
Yeah, exactly. Hey, we've got another pop in. Here we go. Let me, let me hit a button.
Holy cow, it's Andrew Rappaport. Andrew Rappaport, how you doing brother? Good, how are you guys doing?
Good, guys. Andrew Rappaport just jumped on the live stream. Kevin, AD, you guys are more than welcome to stick around, but if you do have somewhere to go, we won't be mad if you pop off too, but if you wanna stick around for the conversation, we got people coming in and out all hour.
Andrew, what's up brother? I know that those guys wanna leave now that I'm here. I get it. No way, no way, man.
AD still hasn't returned my call, man. What's up? Oh, oh, we've got beef on the live stream.
Let's go. Awkward moments. He said,
I'll call you back. He said, I'll call you back. So what's with all this Christmas stuff? Well, I know you're
Jewish, but I thought you were Christian though too, right? So you do, you are aware of this thing called Christianity, you know, the birth of Christ, right?
So here's the thing. Everybody, since I became a Christian and started going to church, people would tell me that I needed to have a
Christmas tree. And I always ask them one simple question. Give me one good reason why I need a
Christmas tree other than the fact that you grew up with one. Okay. Pretty much silences everyone.
I think you all need menorahs, eight days, candle lighting, singing in Hebrew. Go for it.
I think what you need - Happy birthday, Jesus song. Who wants to start? I think you need a
Grinch outfit is what you need, Andrew. You know, we all grew up with presents too. Doesn't mean we need those, but come on. This podcast is restricted.
Nevermind. I was going to make a Caddyshack reference. I think I'll leave that out. Okay. You know,
I won't get that. I don't get pop culture. Well, look, I was just telling the guys that we had a weird tradition growing up.
My mom would have us sing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas day. So I know kind of idea.
You gotta do that too. It's not just the tree. You also have to do that. Yeah, I did that. I thought we shared that last night or yesterday at church.
I would do that with the kids. I wasn't into the tree. So we didn't have a tree.
I don't think we had a tree until maybe 10 years ago. My wife decided to get a
Christmas tree for the kids. And I'm like, they're teenagers. Do you get the cake though? Do you have a birthday cake?
No, my wife doesn't let me eat cake. What are you talking about? Okay, real quick side topic.
What is everybody's favorite Christmas dessert? What is your favorite? And well, Andrew, since you just popped in, what's your favorite?
Do you guys do like a Christmas dinner? I know you don't want Christmas trees, but do you at least eat? Okay, his wife's got him on rice and beans right now, dude.
Have you ever had a little Debbie Christmas tree cake? Let me tell you something. Somebody bought me a little, somebody bought me a candle that smells like a little
Debbie Christmas tree cake. I can't stop. Do they think, I mean. Keith, Keith, Keith, stop, dude.
Stop, stop digging. Stop digging, dude. You just said you have a candle that smells like little
Christmas Debbie cakes, dude. Tell me you're fat without saying you're fat, please. What is going on?
It's in my bedroom. Oh, no. Can I go get it? I have a picture. Can I post a picture?
Yeah, you post a picture. Wait a minute, you're talking about candles in your bedroom, little Debbie cakes in it.
Hey, I know how to set up. Listen, I'm gonna know how to set a mood. Let me tell you something. Set a mood.
That's it. Oh my gosh. That exists. I am saddened and impressed at the same time,
Keith, but. I didn't buy it. It was given to me. I just cherish it.
I just kept it, use it and cherish it. I did take a picture with the blurry background, you know, the portrait picture.
He just takes a whiff of it every night before bed. First thing he gets up in the morning. Oh, hey, hey, smells don't have calories, baby.
So what's your favorite, getting back to what he said, what's your favorite treat? Yeah, so we don't, food, yeah.
We're gonna be making homemade sushi. That's what we're gonna be doing. Wow. We don't really do desserts, but we usually will do like, my wife is from Hong Kong, so we'll do like dumplings.
Because it's really hard to do dumplings or in egg rolls, wontons. So we'll sushi, but if you're all doing it, we all do it together.
Everyone gets together, does it together, and then we all eat. Granted, I admit, I do the cutting of the sushi because I cut it, you know, one, that doesn't look right.
One for the plate, one for me, one for the plate, one for me. So by the time we're done making the sushi,
I'm full. There's a little Jewishness in there though, because don't Jews go to Chinese on Christmas? Is this like a combination?
Yeah, exactly. No, and I remember in the nativity scene, that desert sushi that was at the manger. So yeah.
What the heck, dude? Old Frankincense and sushi, I'm pretty sure that's what it was, right? Yeah, yeah.
The Magisterian Christmas special, the least PC show on earth. Yeah, well, for what?
For Thanksgiving, we made dumplings and homemade pizza. I mean, that's very traditional.
I just had - That's exactly what the Chinese had for Thanksgiving. I went to a
Chinese restaurant yesterday, picked up some food. My wife wasn't feeling well. It's her favorite place in Toledo, Ohio.
And they're great. It's all family ran. Many of them speak broken English, but they had a sign out front and said, now open on Christmas, 9 a .m.
to 9 p .m. And then the Star of David just drawn underneath. So what
AD said is exactly right. They're going for that clientele on Christmas. They're like, you got a little
Jewish in? Come on in. We're open for 12 hours on Christmas. They know the clientele.
That's what I mean. It was handwritten too, dude. It was awesome. Eschatology Matters just said, hey. Who's that?
Oh, Eschatology Matters. Yep, that's Brandon. Probably Brandon, Eschatology Matters.
Those guys have been keeping me in business. They've been keeping me busy. I'm doing my debate with Spencer next month on their channel.
What are you doing it on? The rapture. Spencer Smith and I are debating the pre -tribulation rapture.
He's taking the pro -pre -tribulation rapture and I'm taking the biblical position. You're pre -millennial, okay.
Oh no, no, no. No, I read my Bible. Not correctly though, but that's okay.
Argument, Greg. Won't most of us be all together in February? Yes, we will.
I think most of us on the screen are outside of AD, yeah. Yeah, looking forward. AD just needs to come.
He needs to come. Where's it at, Tallahassee? No, Tullahoma. Tullahoma.
Sorry, Tullahoma, Tennessee. We're doing a conference down there. James White gonna be doing a debate. They're doing a film,
Why Calvinism. Well, the conference is on Why Calvinism. Also putting together a documentary that's gonna be filmed down there.
Should be a good time. Our last one, we had about 70 people. This one, he's already sold, I think, 400 tickets. So it's grown by leaps and bounds.
Jeff Rice, Open Air Theology, he's putting it on down there with like, who they have, Hap Addison and Braden Patterson.
It was a good time, man. And Andrew, tell them what you reserved for everyone, Andrew. What I'm what?
What you reserved. You reserved the space. Yeah, so for those who were there last year, we, and if you wanna search for it, just search for Open Air Theology Conference.
If those who were there last year, if you remember, we had breakfast up at that one kettle cup or Celtic cup.
We got the upstairs room reserved for a good theology throw down Friday morning before we go to the conference.
So I told Jeff, we can't like go to dinner and hash out all the theology throw down. Yeah, we have to have some things for.
Saved for there. For the Friday morning. Yeah, they got this upstairs room in this Celtic coffee house. And it's just a cool setting.
And it's very conducive to some nice discussions. And we'll hopefully be recording and audio and video there.
What's that, Kevin? Yeah, this is like the rabbit room. We were like the inklings up there. Oh yeah.
Yeah, it was a good time. Yeah, but mid -February AD, you should come on down, man, hang out.
I've got a lot going on, but I'll think about it. I'll call you back. He's very interactive. He said,
I'll call you back. Yeah, you'll call me back like you call Rappaport back. All right. So, I'm starting to wonder, does
Keith talk about anything other than end times lately? You know what? That's fire.
Yeah. Is that what, that crown he's got on? That's really his Amillennial king crown. Well, he's the Amillennial king,
I mean. He is the king of the Amillennials. Oh gosh. He's got very nice. Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na.
Listen, as I explain, eschatology wasn't even on my radar.
Eschatology Matters had me on on simply because I said something about amillennialism and they were so nice to have me on to talk about the fact that I'm on mill and after that they did a poll.
They put me, Kim Riddlebarger, Sam Storms, and Dr.
Groff on and they said, who's your favorite amillennialist? I said, I shouldn't even be on this list. That's a heavyweight.
I don't even deserve to be on this list and I won 90 % because Twitter is amazing.
So I put on my crown, which my kids had brought home from Burger King, and then
I got a real crown to go over it. So this is a Burger King crown. So the amillennial king. All right. I am now the king of the amillennialists and I have had a conversation with Kim Riddlebarger and that was amazing because I don't deserve that.
I don't deserve to like, I don't deserve to sit in the same room with him. Now I heard right after you won king amillennialism, you went right out and had one of your servants purchase another butter candle.
Is that true? No, but I did get a tattoo of little
Debbie on my ankle. I can't get my leg up high, but I can just remind everybody it's little
Debbie, not little Debbie. Oh, is it little? I didn't know that. It's little. It's not little
Debbie. There you go. Yeah. Habs Addison made brothers for life at the last conference. Good to have you
Habs. Yeah, you gotta be, you gotta be careful with the Southern, uh, the way you say things in Southern.
I learned yesterday that, you know, idolatry and idolatry sounds the same in Southern. So I'm going to make a video about that.
So if you see like a Buddhist statue inside of a dollar tree, that's idolatry and idolatry.
Let's have Freud say both and see how it sounds. I'm going to go back to my
Christmas. Guys, I'm out of here. All right. Thank you for jumping in brother. I much appreciate it.
Shout it out again. Where can people find you? Get on, on YouTube. 80 Robles and on Twitter as well.
There you go. That's my boy. Have a good one, man. Except my friend request.
Please. He's too cool to be with us. Hey, I got to drop too.
I got to run. Run. And my, uh, my grandson that is 11 months old is at the house, so I got to rush over and go see him.
So Andrew, shout it out. Where can people find you? Where are you talking? Where's your podcast? All the good stuff. Website. Do it.
Yeah. If you want to find me, it's strivingforattorney .org. From there, you could find the Christian podcast community where we got 50 podcasts and, uh, my podcasts that I do regularly are
Andrew Rapport's rap report. We talk about, uh, theology, Christian life. And then
Paul Jack's live is a live stream. We do Thursday nights, eight to 10 Eastern time where anyone can ask me their most difficult questions and I can answer them because I don't know is a perfectly good answer.
You just go to apologize, live .com for that. Awesome. All right. Have a good Christmas.
Remember, you guys all need a menorah. Forget this Christmas tree thing. Okay. I'm trying to start internet rumors, bro.
All right. Love you, Andrew. All right. Let's see it. Oh man.
All right, Kevi. So what do you got going on? I am knee deep in dissertation writing.
So I've got to get my, uh, dissertation finished up for TMS for my doctor of ministry and expository preaching that is due
January the 15th so that I can graduate in May. So what's your, uh, what's your dissertation on?
Yeah. Um, so I did, uh, my, my preaching project was Hebrews 13 verses seven through 21 on the relationship between pastors and their flock, uh, you know, under, under the chief shepherd to whom we will one day give an account.
And so just kind of looking through the imperatives of that passage and, uh, both on the side of pastors and the members and the responsibility that's, that's built within that relationship.
So, uh, yeah, it was a great series and, and I've had a lot of fun writing it, but it's a lot of writing obviously, and academic writing is a whole lot different than writing blog articles and all that good stuff.
So, um, yeah, I've been every waking hour has been spent doing that.
Um, so this was a good, good reprieve, you know, good opportunity to enjoy some time with you guys.
Well, yeah. Well, thanks for hanging out, man. And, uh, I'm, I'm, I'm sure we're all going to see each other in February too, which is going to be cool.
I'm glad to see you guys again in person. Yeah. Looking forward to it for sure. Yeah. But feel free if you want to still hang out for a little bit.
I think we got someone coming on in a few minutes, but feel free to hang out. If you got to go, you can too. Yeah.
I think I'll go ahead and bounce so I can get back to writing, but I want to thank you guys for having me on. Looking forward to, uh, seeing you guys here in just a couple of months.
Awesome. Excellent. All right. Merry Christmas. Good to see you Kevin. Merry Christmas, buddy. Yeah. Merry Christmas. So Claude, what do you got going on over there?
What are you working on right now? Are you on Christmas break now? Or Pat, do pastors get a Christmas break?
I don't think so. You guys, pastors don't get breaks. Let me switch you back where you need to be.
There you go. So no, what I'm working on right now actually is I'm going to be teaching a class starting in January.
Um, uh, basically it's a summation of the book, the art of William Perkins work, the art of prophesying, um,
Pat Satterson, uh, past has started a project called passing the torch and it's to, uh, disciple and train up young men in the faith.
Um, you know, because really what he's, he's seen in his own words was basically this, that there's a lot of, uh, young internet theologians and, you know, they just kind of get carried away.
My terminology is plain. They get too big for their britches, right? They, they act outside what they should be acting.
They need to learn to be disciplined and, you know, controlled in their communications, not be arrogant.
So we'll be teaching on the art of prophesying and the call to ministry. Oh, I like that. January 4th.
Go ahead. And Claude's going to bring the discipline. He's going to bring the rod of correction. No, no, no, no instructions.
Paul, it's going to be. Well, you asked about, you asked about pastors getting a break. I actually,
I want to, I want to praise the Lord. One of my elders actually is preaching for me this coming
Sunday on Christmas Eve Sunday. So my, my week is a little more relaxed this week because I brother
Mike Collier is going to be preaching from Zachariah 14 and he's going to be showing the amillennial view of Zachariah 14 for my dispensational friends, but he's going to be talking about the prophecies there of the coming of Christ.
And anyway, so I, I'm, I do, I got a little bit of freedom this week. Last two weeks have been rough, but, uh, but now
I'm having some fun. I'm playing with you guys. I'm like, I'm like in the playground. We're just, we're, we're in the playground making fun of people.
It's, it's working out. It's great. It's great. Yeah, no, I've always, no, I've always thought about that to us for especially pastors,
I feel like that last quarter, that, uh, no, uh, October, November, December is just, you've usually got more people coming to church or visiting.
You've got, uh, extra programs. You've got, you're probably preaching more and it's like supposed to be a family time.
But then as a pastor, I would feel, and I'm not a pastor and I respect the position of shepherd. I truly do.
I hold it in very, very high esteem, which is why I hold both of you brothers in high esteem. Uh, it feels like, you know, everyone's out, it's family and everyone's getting a school's on break and usually work.
You get a little break and pastors are like double and tripling down on attending to the flock. I mean, you know, the regular stuff still keeps going.
The deaths in the family and the funerals and the hospital visits and the right. And the counseling and all these things. So, uh, not to get too serious on this
Baptist Tyrion, but that brings up a good point too, is like, we've got to remember that as members of our church, that our pastors this time of year,
I mean, they're working really hard and it's very emotional, very mental, a lot of stress.
And then they're expected to go have this great kind of family Christmas, you know, month and they're going, man,
I'm, I'm busy. And like, I know, I know you get the occasional break and stuff like you said, Keith and elders preaching for you, but that doesn't mean all of your other, that's just one sermon on Sunday.
That doesn't mean all your other duties, you know, are, are going to the wayside. So I just want to say to both of you brothers, thank you for all that you do, uh, for the kingdom of God and for this church.
And I just thought it should be pointed out to the listeners out there too, that might be listening. We might be joking around and I have a good relationship with you, but, um, my respect level for you guys up here, because you guys are shepherds and what you're doing this season, uh, especially in this season at the birth of our savior is so very, very important.
Right. He's going to get off my soapbox now. Well, I'm, I'm very thankful for you saying that.
I know that, that my, my appearance right now is very appearance.
Well, you know, back in the old Testament, they wore some pretty impressive outfits.
That's true. And I'm still trying to get my, I just noticed that I just give this very nice little, you know, speech and I'm wearing this hat and glasses.
He's got, I don't know, an elf upside down on his head. I don't know what the heck kind of sunglasses he's got rolled tight on.
Look at pastors are people too. Okay. We're they're allowed to have fun. Uh, it's, it's, you know, we're allowed to have fun with our brothers and sisters in the
Lord and joke around. Well, brothers in the Lord on this podcast and, uh, but yeah,
I have a video to play a video. Let's go. This is, this is a description of what's happening here.
Okay. But sister, they are just ninjas trying to release their wiggles.
We are just trying to release our wiggles. My kids love that movie.
It's a great one. People may not know this, but if they, if they Google Keith Foskey and, uh, uh, not your
Libre, there is a video of me and three other pastors watching the whole movie together and doing a live, a live commentary on that movie while we watch it, it's available.
We did it on, we did it on vid angel. Uh, we did it, this was during COVID me and, uh,
Rob ham and Steve Barry and, uh, Austin, uh, uh, Tucker from, from Ocala, the four of us got on and watched.
We all, we all, we all press play at the same time. We're all watching it and you're making commentary throughout.
So that's, that, that, that's one of those little gems that exists on the internet that you have to search for.
Uh, there's also a video of me tasing myself, but I'm not going to, I'm not going to tell people where to find it. I'm just going to say it's there.
Can you send us a link privately? Uh, no, cause I don't trust you. I'll say,
I'll say to you, I have a private key. If you just type in Keith Foskey on YouTube, I have a private page.
It's got me doing magic tricks. It's got me doing karate. It's all the, it's all the stuff. I don't, you know, all the side, side, side hustles, not side hustle, side hobbies and like stuff like that.
Yeah. Yeah. Hobbies. And yeah, there's a video of me getting shot in the rear end with a paintball. There's like,
Oh, this is like a whole new world being up here. It's it's like, it's like the glasses and the hat for him.
It's like he'll open up, you know, it's like the, what is that? Like when you used to have the talking spoon and counseling or, you know, the secret hat, that's what it is.
You just got to get him in that hat and glasses. He started spilling the beans on everything, but I told you guys about the candle.
I know he's, I actually look at, uh, if I'm walking by one of those and I see it or someone get, or actually if someone gives it to me, like,
I'm keeping that. I'm a candle person. I got candle burning right now. I mean, I'm burning candles, you know, and my wife is the exact opposite.
She is a no scent, all the laundry, no scent, no neutral. And so it's like this, she's like, you want candles?
Go out in the studio. You can burn a candle out there. Uh, so I would burn it and I would, yes,
I would smell the little Debbie, uh, Christmas tree candle. That's pretty good. Oh, but I think we have a few more.
Uh, we have two more people jumping on, um, probably the next few minutes and we'll wrap up with them cause we've been going a little bit, um, top, but what does time mean by self -induced stress?
Oh, you know, pastor, maybe what's he talking about? Yeah. You know, on a serious note, uh, the biggest stress of this year often deals is people who are people who are having trouble enjoying the season because it's a time of grief.
And again, not, not, not to want to bring the, bring the tone down, but that, that that's a big deal.
Especially with us. We've had a lot of grief at our church, uh, the last couple of years. And so seasons like this sometimes are just hard to, uh, it's hard for people to be able to enjoy the season.
It's just, it's just reminders of loss and reminders of pain and things like that. And, and so, um, that, that's something
I think a lot of, a lot, a lot of us forget if we, if we're not in that category of, of going through a season of grief, that there are people who are there, so.
No, absolutely. Uh, and I've experienced that personally in my family too. Um, I have a friend that's kind of like that, you know, he he's got check in on him, um, you know, around that time, it reminds you of personal loss and maybe sometimes personal decisions and failures and, you know, things like that.
And, uh, it's good, it's good though. It's good to be kind and gentle, compassionate, uh, towards our friends, family, even heck, even our enemies, right.
As Christ said, uh, especially around this time, uh, more than, or, you know, any other time.
But, uh, I don't know. So what else we got going? We talked about Christmas presents. If you guys are still watching bad ones, uh,
I don't think we talked about any good ones. Um, Christmas traditions a little bit. You guys got any, we already talked about Christmas traditions.
We didn't really talk about the favorite Christmas food though. Uh, cause we started talking about nobody said what it was up to that.
I'm a pecan pie aficionado. I love a good pecan pie.
Is that, is that the best? Yes. For me, that's the best. What about you, Claude? Is that what's for you? Man.
Anytime it's meatloaf, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. That's your favorite dessert?
Not my favorite dessert. He's like, give me some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dessert.
Some more meatloaf and mashed potatoes, please. Maybe I got sidetracked there a little behind the game.
Well, no, he just started thinking about meatloaf and then he was like, I got to talk about it. Couldn't get it out of my head. Favorite dessert.
Christmas dessert probably is like, I don't really know what it's called, but it's like it's chocolate pudding,
Oreos and whipped cream. Oh, that can layer dirt cake, dirt cake. Yeah, that's good.
A lady at church makes that. It's delicious. So, so mine isn't really, uh, technically, you know, a
Christmas dessert, but I asked my wife to make it every year she makes, uh, and I know this is very simple and cliche in America, but she makes a delicious fresh apple pie.
Uh, cause we've got an apple tree. We'll go grab our apples, cut them up, put them in there. She does the crumble, you know, with the sugar and that.
So you get a little crisp on it too, where you get the crunchy. Oh my gosh. You'll get it when it's warm.
Pull a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. I was going to say ice cream, maybe even a little whipped cream on top of that, if you're feeling a froggy and there ain't nothing better after a meal to have one of that, one of those man, piece of that, you got another guest.
Here we go. Oh, okay. Cool. Standing.
Oh, they, Oh, look at this. See our Wiley. What's up pastor. I'm surrounded by pastors.
How everyone, uh, theology podcast, uh, been on the deadman walking podcast before.
I don't know if you know, Claude Ramsey from here. I stand theology, Keith Foskey from Cal, uh, conversations with the
Calvinist. We're just doing a little Baptist Tyrian Christmas special. And you just evened it out, my brother. Now we got two presbyters and two
Baptists, but, uh, we've been talking about, uh, Christmas gifts, good ones, bad ones,
Christmas traditions. We just want you to hop in for a few minutes. Uh, but before we do that, tell everyone what you're all about, where they can find you for everyone watching on the live stream.
Well, thanks for the intro. You've already mentioned one of the places, which is the theology podcast, but, uh, I write books and, uh,
I guess the best known one is the household war for the cosmos. And, um, uh, also, uh, as you noted a pastor and I'm an illustrator,
I write, I draw stuff, uh, illustrate stuff. So actually I'm sitting at my art desk working on a children's book right now.
And, uh, I guess that's, I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so I lived in New England for about 30 years, but now
I've got a home here as well as back there and, uh, go between the two places.
Yeah. What do you like about the Pacific Northwest? What's your favorite part of it? Well, it's a beautiful area and I live in a town.
That's great. It's called battleground battleground, Washington. We're just about 25 minutes from the
Portland airport. So I get to the airport quick, but I don't have to live with the insanity of Portland actually.
Battleground is the most conservative town I've ever lived in. Really interesting.
Yeah. And it just great nature up there too. When you get into that area of the country, I mean, hiking, camping, you got lakes up there.
Good stuff, right? Yeah. It's like I said, it's a beautiful place. I lived in New England, which is also beautiful, but it's, it's different.
You know? Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So your illustrations are pretty good too. I've been seeing what you've been posting on Facebook.
Um, absolutely love them. So you're working on a children's book right now. Yeah. Yeah. I made up a story years ago for my daughter and I always thought that it'd be fun to turn into a picture book.
And so I've been working on that. Now I've got four granddaughters, uh, and perhaps another one out of the way.
We don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl, but, uh, it seemed like it was time to get it done so I could, you know, give it to all of them.
Yeah, no, that's awesome. So, uh, Keith, Claude, do we have, what do we want to know from CR Christmas wise?
Do you have a, do you have a, I'm thinking in my head, like you might have a cool
Christmas, uh, kind of tradition you do. Do you, did you have any type of tradition or something unique maybe you did on Christmas day or maybe before Christmas as a family?
Um, I always like hearing that if someone did, if not, I got a backup question for you or if Claude or Keith might have one for you.
What do you got for us? Yeah, actually, when our kids were small, we had a tradition where Christmas was not a lot, a lot to begin until I drank from the
Santa mug and, uh, go on. You know, as a
Presbyterian, we know what's in the mug. Usually my wife made it for me.
So it was hot chocolate, but yeah, I definitely, if it had been me, I would have been something else, but, uh, yeah, it was always fun to kind of tease them and, and threaten that Christmas wasn't coming this year and that kind of stuff.
Yeah, that's a very, that's a, that's great. All right. Well, we got someone else on here. Look at this. We got, uh, attorney Davis Yance.
How are you, sir? I'm doing great. Merry Christmas. Well, you guys are, I think you guys are wrapping out the end of our show here.
We appreciate you both jumping on around the same time. David Johnson, constitutional attorney. I think
I just saw you on Fox news. Uh, you're, you're working with the case with the decapitated, uh, satanic idol.
Right? I am. I am. Yeah. And he's like, and I can't say anything about it. So don't ask.
I do have a million questions, but right. Uh, but we also have
CR Wiley on here. Uh, Davis, if you don't know, we have pastor Claude Ramsey. We have pastor Keith Foskey, Claude Ramsey of here.
I stand theology podcast. We got Keith at quick, uh, conversations with the Calvinist. You always get me on that.
Keith. I always want to say either questions. It's changing. I have to change the Keith Foskey show. Right? No, it's just going to be your, your
Calvinist with Keith Foskey. Your, your Calvinist with Keith Foskey, obviously CR Wiley with theology podcast, but we've been having, we had eight or nine guests coming in.
Oh, no, maybe not that many. Six, four, four or five guests throughout the hour. You guys, yeah, several. Thank you.
Your last ones. Uh, and we're just talking Christmas traditions, good gift, bad gift. CR just said his
Christmas when they were young did not start until he took a sip out of the, uh, out of the chalice, out of the
Santa cup, um, which then Keith, uh, implied it was probably bourbon or Scotch, but we found out it was hot chocolate.
Uh, do you have anything like that? Davis, anything that you do special for Christmas, or if you don't have a tradition, uh, what was the worst
Christmas present you ever got? So, you know, we, we traveled to Michigan, uh, every year.
That's uh, yeah, we, uh, we had, we had to Michigan. So we traveled to Michigan and spend it with my, uh, with my wife's family, uh, her parents, so my mother and father -in -law were
Amish, right? So they, they, they got saved. They accepted Christ and came out of the Amish church.
So, um, you know, I would say in many respects, it's kind of a subdued Christmas, uh, um, that's really just focused on family time, um, gifts and, and worship.
So it's, I don't know that there are any particular traditions because they didn't grow up with, um, with any real significant
Christmas traditions. Just very, very, very simple, but, uh, incredible food. And my mother -in -law makes a fantastic homemade pies.
Um, so that's probably the biggest tradition there is just homemade food. Where about in Michigan's you going?
You don't got to give us the address on the live stream, but you know, Jackson County, Michigan, the
Albion area. There you go. All right. You can be about an hour and 10 from where I'm at. Nice. That's right.
Very cool. So, uh, how about gifts guys? Do we have any gifts that, uh, that stood out in our minds either growing up or that we gave or that we received that we either loved or hated?
What do you, what do you think? See, are you got anything? Uh, you can go, go back into the files, man.
And even if it's something when you were five years old, uh, I was going to make an ageism joke there, but then
I decided not to because I love CR so much and appreciate his work.
So I want to keep him as a friend. So what, what do you got for us? You got any gift that you can think of that you either loved or hated? Oh yeah.
I mean, as a kid, you know, you'd get underwear and socks and you're supposed to be grateful. But, uh, I took a lot of work and I wasn't.
Yeah. But I remember as a kid, back, back when I was a kid, GI Joe was a big deal. And I'm talking about the larger version, you know, you know, the, the, the companion to Barbie kind of GI Joe.
And, uh, I remember when you're getting the GI Joe headquarters and that was kind of like top of the world for me anyway, you have to, you have to look it up probably on some
YouTube commercial to understand what I'm talking about. That's back when we used to respect the military, right?
Davis, uh, a different time gone. No, I'd say it'd be easy. He's also a veteran too.
So, uh, we appreciate your service. Uh, but, uh, yeah. So how about you? Do you got a gift, uh,
Davis that you, uh, that you got, uh, maybe as a kid or maybe that you even gave or received as an adult that just stuck out in your mind.
I mean, it's easy for me. The greatest gift that I ever got was, was a dirt bike, a motorcycle.
Oh, let's go. Nice. 13. Right. And, uh, you know, of course the funny part about that was, um,
I, my parents had planted the seed that I wasn't going to get very much for Christmas. So I got a couple of clothes and all that.
And I just remember my, my parents had it arranged where a guy with a trailer and a Santa Claus suit delivered it on Christmas day in the afternoon.
And so I'd already gotten through all of Christmas, very little gifts. Um, and I really wasn't even too worried about it.
I wasn't even thinking about it. I can say that honestly. And I was, I was blown away by that. Yeah. I'm a hot 80, a dirt bike that I got dirt bike at 13 delivered by Santa.
I didn't know we had a one percenter on the podcast. I like to scream with this. Yeah. Good Lord. Hey, let's go
Santa delivered them personally. Principle that you taught us earlier over promising or under promise and over deliver sales.
One -on -one baby parents did it. Right. Yeah. That's a big one. Getting a dirt bike on a, when you're 13 to what a great age, you know, to have a dirt bike, we'll break some arms, man, become a man.
That's right. So, uh, where can everyone reach you at Davis?
I know we didn't really do a full introduction for, I know CR, uh, kind of told everyone, but for everyone on the live stream, they'll be watching this after, uh, where can they find you at?
At Davis yawns on, on X, uh, just at Davis yawns and then yawns law.
Y O U N T S law .com is my website. Yeah. Doing good stuff over there too. Um, it's always fun when you're flipping through the channels and you see, uh, one of your buddies on Fox news, uh, making a great argument, uh, for some of the stuff that's going on in the country.
So that was very cool. Um, surreal. And then of course, CR with his illustrations, man, you guys, if whoever doesn't, uh, do you have an actual page
CR or is that your personal page that I'm seeing you post that stuff to your illustrations? Oh, on Facebook.
Yeah. Uh, yeah, yeah. It's a, it's kind of like a, kind of a cross between the two is it's called professional mode.
So everybody can see it. Everyone can see it. So make sure you guys go check that out too. If you're into, if you're an artist, illustrator, uh, storyteller, anything like that, those are great.
And then of course, theology podcast. Come on. I mean, one of the, and I say this with a straight face and I mean it a hundred percent, probably one of the best podcasts there are, uh, out and one that really, uh, got me to think differently about certain things that I had just assumed historical philosophical.
And then, and it's always fun when you guys, uh, get on a, on a subject too, because there's so many different opinions.
So make sure you guys go check him out there too. And, um, you know, keep pumping those out, man. Those are so great.
No, thank you. So what else we got going on guys here? We're coming up on an hour, a little over an hour. I think we're wrapping up.
You two were our last ones on you guys. Got anything else for us on the Baptist Tyrian Christmas special, uh,
Davis or, uh, CR, excuse me. Cut out there for a minute.
Yeah, just Merry Christmas. And, uh, I've got a number of projects in the works and, uh, you know,
I'll be talking about those down the road, but, uh, Merry Christmas to everybody. Anything you want to break here on the live stream first?
Oh, I got a book on, I've got a book on risk that's coming out that, uh, I'm working on that'll be,
I think of interest to a lot of guys. Did you say risk? Risk. Yeah. R I S K the board game.
Is it a strategy manual? You beat me by one second. Sorry. I'll buy that.
I gotta beat my nine year old dude. Basically, uh, you know, the idea that there's no such thing as a risk for your life and you gotta be able to assess risk and then take them.
Oh, I like it. That's I, that is actually something that I talk about a lot too.
And, and just was talking about a buddy who was basically stalled in kind of this half in two worlds and really wanting to start something and create something.
And I said, look at, I had to do the same thing. You've done all the planning. You've done the analyzing, you've assessed the risk.
Now you got to actually take the jump, you know, jump off the cliff, say Geronimo and actually take the risk.
Not just because sometimes as men, we can get caught up in that too. Cause look at, we provide for people.
We have responsibilities and maybe that's not where the book's going, but that's kind of where my head goes to where risks in life, in relationships, in business,
I think it's a, it's a, it's going to be a great subject. Yeah, that's definitely the case. It's meant for guys who've got responsibilities, not just, you know, guys who are living in a box under a bridge or something.
Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. How about you, Davis? Anything before we, uh, kick off here? Man, just a
Merry Christmas to all of you. A great to great to see everybody here. And yeah, I, you know, I think, um, we've got a lot going on in the upcoming year.
The biggest thing for me is I'll be working really hard with, um, stand with warriors, stand with warriors is a nonprofit that's going to be fighting these fights for religious freedom in particular, and working on evangelism and discipleship in the military.
So look for some announcements there. We've got a couple of Navy SEALs, former Navy SEALs that are going to be heavily involved in that project.
So we've got the best team in the world to partner with on that. So we're, we're excited about that and just looking forward to what
God's going to do. Yeah. And what Davis is doing is extremely cool. Cause I got to talk to him for a little bit too.
When we were down at fight left feast, I mean, you had all these issues going on with COVID. You had veterans being, you know, let go and fired.
And if you don't do this and that, and then there was just this vacuum of like, well, where do they turn? Who, who did they have to help them through this time?
When we're talking about these constitutional issues, that's where Davis steps in where he's a believer. He's a constitutional attorney.
He goes to fight for these guys. Um, and he's got a killer team down there. Good, great team down there.
I should say, um, you just say he said Navy seal seals.
I don't, he's not like taking out the clients if they don't agree with them. I'm saying great team. That's what I meant to say.
Uh, but yeah, so make sure you guys go check him out too. Um, and all the places you can find him, uh, fun following him on, uh,
Twitter as well too. Cool. Keith, uh, Claude, what do we got here as we head out? So I've got,
I've got a question since we have these two esteemed gentlemen on with us, two questions for both of you, uh,
Mr. Yonce and Mr. Wiley. Have you ever been on a Baptist Syrian Christmas special before?
So it would be safe to say that this is the best Baptist Syrian Christmas special that you have ever been on.
Correct. Yeah. I like Claude using that logic.
All right. I got you, bro. He's got her back.
Keith, what do you got for head out? Oh, well, I just want to say to see our man. I I'm, I'm very interested in talking to you.
I have, I have an idea I want to share off, maybe off camera. Uh, I've been, uh, you know, I do a lot of denominational work and, uh, hearing that you do illustrations.
I've been thinking about a denominational children's book. Uh, my son asked me recently, dad, what's a
Pentecostal. And I had that conversation with him. And I thought that would be a fun book to do. And hearing, hearing that you're doing that and working on things like that.
Maybe this may be God's way of connecting us. So just, just throwing that out as an idea. Yeah. All right.
There we go. Claudio is helping me out and Keith always networking. Awesome. We got another guest.
Yeah, here we go. Oh, he's supposed to be wrapping up. Who is?
Oh my goodness. Goodness. I forgot. I forgot. We even invited this guy. We were about to wrap it up.
It's my own personal Dr. Claw. He's here. Oh, that's funny.
Uh, it's pastor Joel Webber, direct response ministries. What's up, brother? Hey, what's up guys.
All right. Well, I'm telling you what I'm building. The, uh, army here. I would say, what is it? Oh no, wait a minute.
We get, that's right. I count Joel as a Presbyterian sometimes. Dang it. I guess we got three Baptists on here. We're out now.
If there's anybody that's Baptisterian, it's Joel Webber.
He is on the right special. So, Hey, we were just getting ready to wrap it up, but you are truly our last guest.
And look at, um, RCR, uh, Davis, if you guys need to jump off, that's fine. Uh, we got a few minutes with Joel here as we wrap up.
But, um, we were just talking Christmas. Uh, we had Christmas, uh, traditions with, um, uh, why, uh, pastor
Wiley. He was saying his Christmas doesn't start until he drinks out of the Santa cup. That's when his kids were younger.
Um, Davis was talking about how he, uh, comes to Michigan and visits family. Do you got a tradition that you have with your family or that you had growing up that you remember?
And if you didn't have a tradition, then we'll go to our backup question, which is what's the worst gift that you ever received? Hmm. Yeah.
Lots of traditions. Um, when it comes to women in the family, I've learned that a tradition is, uh, anything that we did once that we liked, that's, uh, we're going to do it again.
That's tradition. That's all it takes. So traditions are easy to come by, uh, with moms and sisters and daughters, but, uh, we,
I don't know if we have anything super specific for, for grownup Joel, as a, as a husband and dad, we,
I guess one thing that's unique is we have two Christmas trees instead of one, um, we have a large living room and, uh, and one
Christmas tree just isn't quite, quite enough. So in the spirit of Martin Luther, um, you know, we, we set up two and we,
I guess another tradition in terms of when Christmas begins, uh, this doesn't begin Christmas, but it, it kind of begins our, our, at least we have an extended
Advent, I maybe could put it that way, but, uh, Reformation day, um, is usually the day that we actually will set up, um, decorations,
Christmas trees, uh, so I, I feel like I have some church history reason for doing that.
I understand that it's terrible in regards to the church calendar and that I'm ruining, you know, um,
Advent and all of that, but, uh, by having two months of Advent instead of one, but I feel like, uh,
Luther would be proud. I like it. We have, we have two Christmas trees too. We have one in our bedroom and on Christmas Eve, I sleep under it.
So when my wife wakes up, she knows what her gift is. And he's got the little, yeah, tell him, tell him what candle you got burning next to it, a little
Debbie Christmas cake flavored candle. We discovered, I didn't buy it, but I do own it.
We discovered earlier on the live stream. That's what he's sleeping with. So, um, interesting. I'm not sleeping with it.
I'm just, I just, I just cuddled up next to it. That's what I was picturing.
Uh, now, yeah, the two Christmas tree is a power move. I like that. Now it's no Davis. I got a
Yamaha 80 delivered to me by Santa when I was 13 years old on Christmas morning power move, like he told us a few minutes ago, but yeah, the couple
Christmas trees, that's just like, I'm extra Christian this year. Okay. I got the, uh, and, and, and I know
Keith already did his episode on, uh, the paganism of Christmas trees, how they are not, uh, that's not what
Jeremiah is talking about. So, uh, you know, we are now all allowed to have Christmas trees in our home because Keith has spoken.
So that's good. That's right. I have decreed it. I have determined it by virtue of my kinghood.
I have determined that Christmas trees are not pagan. They are in fact, Keithian. And if they're
Keithian, they're all right. Yeah. Christmas is a very kind of, it doesn't work with your kinghood though.
Keith, because it's a pretty post mill thing, but, uh, but that's all right.
Oh, post -millennialism post -millennialism is just on millennialism with extra steps. My friend, you guys just add a bunch of stuff in, but we're all, we're all pretty much the same.
And when you say add a bunch of stuff in, you mean like the hopeful, victorious stuff, we're hopeful and victorious too.
We just don't take so long to get there. Okay. So, yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, um, this is, I think we did pretty good of this, this whole hour and a half, not deteriorating into some type of arguing match with all the different people we had in here, because we, let's be honest, we had a dispensationalist in here earlier and I could feel the tension in the air.
All right. We almost, we almost got into it, but, uh, I just love
Joel. I've never seen Joel so comfortable. I know, right. He's wearing a V -neck, uh, you know,
T -shirt. I just love it. I just, I only have two. I only have two modes. I have suit and then
I have pajamas. Well, right now your sternum Bush is sticking out pretty hard. I am dressed, but I'm wearing pajama pants.
That should be his wrestling name. Joel sternum
Bush Webb and come into the ring. Uh, no, that's good stuff. See ours.
Look at he's shaking his head. He's like, I cannot believe I got on this live stream. What am I doing here? Meanwhile, we have the learned attorney in there and his three piece suit with his, uh, books behind him.
We're talking about sternum Bush. What are we doing here? Did Davis give an update of stuff with Michael Cassidy?
We, we hinted a little bit, but he kind of, uh, I don't know. He kind of skirted it. Did, can you give any type of update for us?
Uh, yeah, there's, there's not a lot to share yet. Um, right now we are just trying to figure out what's going to happen with the state court charges.
They did cite him for a fourth degree criminal mischief is what they call it in Iowa.
So it's a misdemeanor. Um, his first appearance will be on the 29th of December. So we're working through that.
I mean, honestly, I'm really hoping political elected leaders that didn't take a stand when they should have, um, will step up and, uh, and engage in that the charges will be dismissed, but we've got a local
Iowa attorney engaged and we're prepared to do this and he still serves as a Navy reservist.
So, uh, the Navy is, is going to have, because he has received a criminal citation, they have to investigate.
So it's going to be long -term. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens there. That may be a long -term fight we have to engage in, but you know,
I don't know Michael well before this situation. He contacted me after this happened. Um, and, uh, we knew each other just through mutual friends.
I've worked with him a little bit, um, because of his Navy status, but I didn't know him before this.
Um, other than that, I certainly didn't know this was going to happen beforehand. It wasn't a planned thing, but I can tell you, you know, he, he did it right from a perspective of what he did was peaceful, nonviolent, not disruptive.
He turned himself in immediately. Yeah. He cleaned up, he cleaned up, he stacked candles back in the display.
He, you know, he, he threw away all the garbage related to, to the head when he pulled it off and then he turned himself in immediately and submitted to the authorities there who had no idea that anything had been done.
Um, that's how, how peaceful this was. So I think that's a unique situation, um, kind of in the spirit of the
Boston Tea Party, um, in some respects. Um, so I'm hoping they'll do the right thing and just dismiss the charges.
It was, it was kind of a Christmas miracle for me, Davis, because, uh, cause believe it or not, this was an easy one.
Uh, other people I think were surprised, but I did have on my reformed Twitter bingo card. I had a reformed dispensation list, defend
Satan. Um, I, you know, so that one was, that's all that one coming like a year and a half ago. So, so on Twitter to have
Jenna Ellis and people coming out of the woodwork to say, Hey, you know, nativity scenes and satanic displays both have their place in, you know, the halls of our
Capitol. Uh, I was able to boom right there, right before Christmas, check my bingo card for reformed
Twitter and get a bingo. I saw that one coming a long way. So, so Joel, let me ask you really quick then, then what is, what is your response to someone who says something like that, where they're arguing maybe under the freedom of expression under the constitution, what do you say as a pastor?
And I have multiple pastors on here. Same thing. John MacArthur said, go home, bake something.
It's Christmas with Jenna Ellis, go home and bake something. Yeah. Okay. That is absolutely insane.
The first amendment is not to defend satanic rituals and the Capitol buildings of our country.
If you think that, um, I, I, you, you need to go back to fourth grade history. I don't know what to do.
I don't even know what to tell you. I don't even know where to begin. That is absolutely asinine. Well, that makes me angry.
Yeah, I do. I do like before Joel Webb and we were talking about, uh, little Debbie Christmas candles and after Joel Webb, and we're still talking about baking, but a little different tone to the live stream right now,
I've been reliably informed that John MacArthur said it. You're allowed to say it.
No, if John MacArthur says it, you're allowed to say it. So real quick, as we finish up here too, um, and we were talking about a little bit earlier, since we had pastors on,
I know pastors are always very, very busy this time of year. So we appreciate your time jumping on Joel. What do you got going on at Right Response Ministries?
You got any projects you're working on? Tell people where they can find you. Yeah. Thanks for asking. Yeah. Just check us out at YouTube probably is the main, main place where people watch, but, uh, we're excited.
We've got, uh, next year we're going to do three shows a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is going to be our flagship show that we've done so far called
Theology Applied, where I interview different guests, uh, within the reforms, you know, larger reforms world and talk about some specific topic or theme or text or doctrine.
That'll be Mondays. And then, uh, Wednesdays, I'm going to do an in -house show with two of the other men in my church.
So I'm excited about doing something with some of the local guys that I'm building with and talking about theology on the ground and church life and those kinds of things.
And then Friday, we're calling it the Friday special every quarter. It'll be about 10 episodes in length and, uh, there'll be, there'll be quarterly seasons.
And the first season is with Andrew Isker and, uh, 80 Robles. And we're going to be talking about the bonuses option and chopping down idols, uh, chopping down statement would, would fit the theme with that.
And, uh, we would all be pro, uh, demolishing Satan. Um, so all three of us, it's crazy.
I found three, three Christians that all wholeheartedly agree on, uh, no Satan. Our first, um, our first season.
And then the second season is, uh, I'm excited about that. It's, uh, we're going to have, uh, Brian survey and Ben Garrett and do like a 10 episode, you know, haunted cosmos thing.
So that's, I think that's the strategy. The strategy is, uh, let's chop down Satan and then here's some giants and ghosts, you know, and then
I chop down Satan again, and then up you hate Joel Webb and I can feel it and here's some more giant books and, uh, that's, that's how
I stay alive. Well, man, that's a, that's, I mean, three a week too. And then every quarter that's, that's a grueling schedule, but, uh, wish you the best on that.
It's a lot of work. People don't realize producing something like that. I mean, everyone here, uh, does stuff like this.
So we all know, but I'm saying for the people on the live stream to produce, uh, something quality that has thought into it, that makes a point that has research,
I mean, it's hard to do. So I'm looking forward to those and I appreciate you doing it too. Thank you.
Cool. All right. Now maybe we have an official ending. We've had, uh, uh, now that we've got Joel on here, um, we got anything else from Claude or Keith, the two other hosts.
No, brother. Thank you for putting this together. I've enjoyed it. Making fun of people is my bread and butter. So it's been great.
It's been a blessing. Thank you, Greg, for having us on. All right, great. That's Keith, uh,
Foskey from, uh, are we going, you're just going your Calvinist, right? In 2000, your
Calvinist with Keith Foskey. That's, uh, Claude Ramsey here. I stay in theology. Of course, Davis Yance.
We have C .R. Wiley. You can see him at theology podcasts and all other places with all his books, Joel Webb and, uh, right response ministries, guys.
Thanks so much for jumping on. Thanks for the live stream. Everyone who commented too, for the last hour and a half, it was a great first annual
Baptist Terry and Christmas special. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Love you guys. As always remember chief end of man is to glorify
God and enjoy him forever. God bless. Enjoy the outro. Be sure to check us out at dmwpodcast .com
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