Keith Foskey & Greg Moore: Comedy as Christians, viral comedy videos, & the Mt. Rushmore of comedy

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This week Greg sat down with Keith Foskey. Keith is a Pastor at Sovereign Grace Family Church, Host of the @ConversationswithaCalvinist podcast and creator of interdenominational comedy videos that go viral and have now been viewed by millions. We discussed stand up comedy, what it means to be a Christian in comedy, and our "Mt. Rushmore" of comedians. Keith also sat in on the "Fresh 10" segment, and we got to learn a little bit more about what makes Keith tick. Lots of laughs were shared on this episode with a new friend. Enjoy! This week's episode was sponsored by Page50! Check them out here: Dead Men Walking Website & Mech:


No worries exploring theology doctrine and all of the fascinating subjects in between Broadcasting from an undisclosed location dead men walking starts
Episode of dead men walking podcast, you know Keith I think we're finally gonna get this thing going
I'm talking to Keith right now. We already did an intro once we had mic problems We had video problems.
We worked through them. We got about 10 minutes into an episode. We realized. Oh, we weren't recording anything I say we as if Keith had anything to do with it.
I wasn't so guys welcome to another episode We appreciate you sharing. We appreciate you going to DMW podcast checking out our merch cave support the show sharing with a friend and Listening along.
I want to give this guy. I know I already gave his name away on this intro Okay, it's a Keith. So if you know
Keith out there, you're halfway there. All right, but let me give a proper intro He's a pastor at Sovereign Grace Family Church for the last 16 years or so host of conversations with the
Calvinist an awesome podcast Go check it out and make sure you subscribe and it's creator of some denominational tik -tok videos that are
Hilarious and they've gone viral millions of views across all the videos and you can find that at conversations.
Wa Calvinist on tik -tok It's mr. Keith Foskey Keith round two. Here we go. How you doing?
I'm doing well Very glad to be here and thankful for our
Recent budding friendship, I'm enjoying it Yeah, so we met at the shadows to substance conference down in Tullahoma, Tennessee.
You came up from Florida I came down from Michigan. We met in the middle and We had a good time
Yeah, you've become sort of like my my my unofficial conscience. I send you stuff and I say hey
Is this too is this too much? I Know you always do it with respect in your videos, but it is kind of fun
You know, we were in this this culture where everyone's the same everyone's equal. It's like well, no
Within within races within culture within denominations We have differences and they're kind of fun to poke fun at and to point them out
Absolutely, absolutely and and I I do it I you know one one brother said, you know I like that you do it with a twinkle in your eye and I do try to do it with a twinkle in my eye
You know the sense that I'm doing it in a good spirit But there are things that are worthy of being made fun of and that's why we're doing it
So tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Give us a little short bio I know you've been pastoring for quite a while, but give us the the
Keith Foskey rundown for us Well, I was I'm pastoring the same church that I grew up in I've been in the same church since I was six years old my stepmom was the first person to introduce me to church and she brought me to this church and I I didn't get saved until I was 19.
But when I got saved God began to draw me to the pulpit and when
I was about I think 21 or so a couple years after I got saved
I preached my first sermon and God Confirmed in my heart that he was calling me to preach and to be in ministry
So the church affirmed that paid for me to be able to go to a local seminary
Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary I spent many many years there learning the
Bible and learning how to preach and learning the things necessary for ministry and But I didn't learn to be a
Calvinist because the the seminary I went to was anti Calvinist But I was reading the
Bible and studying the Bible and so I came to the conclusions that the doctrines of grace were true and The church still hired me
As a pastor and and the church was actually not a Baptist Church. The church was
Non -denominational they used to be affiliated with the old disciples of Christ, which is a very liberal denomination
But but we we were we were always more socially conservative, but just theologically sort of nebulous but I began to preach the scriptures and the people began to respond and within a few years
God moved here and we felt we experienced what we call true revival and that is God changing a people over time and you see the results of that change happening in Experienced over time and and so we we changed our
Constitution. We changed our name we went from being Forrest Christian Church to Sovereign Grace Family Church, and that was about 12 years ago and We're thankful that God's continuing to work.
Yeah So so you came into a church Calvinistic and Baptist and the church was neither of those yeah, and and they hired me a hundred percent vote and I think part of it was because I I had the you know,
I had the family the family Trust because I'd been here since I was a little boy and and I think that one a lot of the older people referred to me like the church is
Timothy like we would like I grew up here and I had this sort of tie to the community and there was some trust that was
That was there and I'm thankful that they continue to to entrust me with preaching the scriptures.
I'm thankful for that Awesome. I think you're kind of a good salesman, too I think that that's a little bit of well the
Bible sells itself. Let's not so so the Holy Word Holy Scriptures short But yeah, so 16 years.
When'd you start the podcast? How long has that been going on for it actually started during kovat? Everybody started a podcast during kovat.
So I had to jump on board. It started as a daily Bible reading and I was just reading the
Bible giving an explanation and After a year of doing that almost every day and we called that coffee with a
Calvinist It was a daily reading with it with a little explanation and then after a year
I was like, I don't want to do this every day anymore I want to do it once a week make it more of a an interview format where we where we have
Conversations and so now so we change it to conversation with the Calvinist and that's been going on for two years Wow, that's awesome
And how long have the videos been going on because these things have just blown up and I'm gonna play one
For the listeners and if you guys are listening Make sure you go to our YouTube website and watch us and then make sure you go subscribe to him to Keith on YouTube as well
But we're the idea it and how long you've been doing the videos This actually started as a it was my wife's idea.
I always credit her with this because she's the genius She's the smart one. I just happen to be a good a good actor, but she's the but she's the she's the she's the brains you know and One day we were just sitting and talking and she said hey what would it look like if all the denominations had a meeting and So that was the first interdenominational meeting and when we and a friend of mine
Convinced me to post it on tik -tok and within a day it had hit over a hundred thousand views and that video now
That video and a couple other videos are you know have have reached over some of them have hit up to seven eight hundred 900 ,000 views on those first few denomination videos.
Yeah, okay So I want to this is a little over two minute clip, but I want the listeners to hear this
We're gonna we're gonna take a seat here. And this is one of the clips if you're listening to this essentially it's the different denominations getting together for the
Super Bowl party, which I absolutely love this one and So so if it seems a little confusing he has the denomination responding if you're just listening so make sure you go watch it and Let's take a listen and a watch welcome to our interdenominational
Super Bowl party. I'm excited to watch the game together I am sad to say that the IFB and the
Church of Christ won't be joining us tonight They're both having extended evening services where they're preaching on the idol of professional sports
Also, I just got word the Anglicans won't be joining us because apparently right now they're too busy fighting one another
So what's everyone looking forward to the most tonight? I'm really looking forward to the halftime show You like the halftime show?
No, I'm sure it's gonna be worldly garbage I'm just looking for things I get to rant about on Facebook as soon as the games over Well, my plan is to drink a nice German beer and right around the third quarter starting a fight with the
Roman Catholic I don't think you're gonna make it to the third quarter. Hey, what did I do? You showed up Well, I also plan to enjoy the game while drinking a beer out of my
John Calvin glass You guys are concerned about the Super Bowl, but I'm concerned about Superior Theology Hey, I won't be drinking out of a
John Calvin glass, but I'll take a Pope Francis glass if you got one Sorry, I don't celebrate popes or hippies bro.
Check it out. This is one of our biggest Sundays of the year this morning Our pastor came out. He had a football jersey on he ran from the back and all the
Deacons chased him wearing refereeing uniforms After his sermon he spiked his
Bible and the youth group came up onto the stage picked him up on the shoulders and Carried him out after that court
Gatorade all over it was awesome Did he really spike his Bible? Listen, if you love
Jesus, you're gonna spike your Bible after a good sermon I for one was very happy when they switched to synthetic footballs
So that those young men don't have to keep touching the flesh of dead swine. Hey, I understand exactly what you mean
Anyone else want a pork rind? I'm not worried about who wins. I just want all those young players to have a good time
I am looking forward to the commercials though that he gets me commercial who gets me every time
I'm not here to have a good time. I'm here to remind you that this game is nothing but a giant excuse to celebrate human aggression
It's like Robert Downey jr. So eloquently stated Violent ground acquisition games such as football are in fact a
Crypto -fascist metaphor for nuclear war. I'm here to be a present reminder of the failure of our nation.
Your presence here is a failure. Oh My gosh, that's so good.
First of all, I don't like how accurate you are with the Presbyterian as a person myself
I'm a little upset that you know us so well You know and it's kind of funny because your superior theology has become like quite a popular hashtag
I'm seeing it all over Facebook now People will just literally comment something and then just go superior theology and you're going and it has nothing to do with one of your videos
I'm just seeing it around and I'm going this guy's created a hashtag now But the
I also I do I do have something to say though. I don't like that when you do big Eva They're dressed like me a lot of the time
I Need to change what I dress, you know, I can't the hat backwards and the t -shirt
I think maybe I need to get into the sweater vest to become a little more Presbyterian according to you well, the the the big
Eva is actually marketed or modeled after Rick Warren Okay, and and that's why the last video
I did was kind of funny because big Eva said I thought he was already one of us Because the video was about him getting kicked out of the
SBC Yeah, okay, so I didn't want I didn't watch that one yet and yeah,
I'm going to watch it but Yeah, guys go check it out. Cuz you're always how much how often you put off put out content.
It's quite often We put out one podcast a week And that's pretty much every week every once in a while I'll take a week off but in general we have at least one podcast a week and that's an hour show and I do at least one funny or Educational video every week.
That's a short form video There's not everything not everything I do is funny I have put out short form videos that are educational like I did one last week on Lent and and the question was
Ken Calvin is celebrate Lent now. It wasn't a one -minute video It was about it. It was it was a shorter video, but it wasn't it wasn't a full podcast
But that one got a lot of attention. So I do it. I do about two videos a week one podcast and one short video
Yeah, which I like because it's like you do serious stuff and then you do funny stuff, too We're laughing at the interdenominational funny stuff
But you know, I can jump on your Facebook page or your YouTube page and I can see a preaching I can see you having serious conversations, which
I like I don't like that sometimes we feel like we have to be in one camp or the other or you have to be a
Christian comedian or you have to be a theologian and pastor. It's like well You're a pastor and the
Lord has also gifted you with a quirky sense of humor Which seems to be connecting with a lot of people, right?
So why can't we do both, you know, yeah, yeah, that's a good point and that's that's something that I hope people understand because I Don't want
I don't want to be just a goofball, but I am a goofball So so I you know
So I can be I and this is something my mom said to me years ago It was probably the the most the the kindest comment
I ever heard and I know it's my mom So, you know your mom's always say but but this was this was meaningful
She said She said I like that. You are the same wherever you are
That you're whether you're at church or whether you're at home. You don't you're not putting on a show
When you're at church and be and being a you know Putting on a pastor's hat and be that now but I can be serious when it's time to be serious
And obviously I'm not a comedian in the pulpit But and that's why I post videos of my sermons little short clips of my sermons to show
I'm very serious about God's Word But I also think there's things that are funny and sometimes the best way to point out mockery is to mock things in a humorous way
No, absolutely What I like about those two is is I feel like you you really think about the material instead of just going kind of Generic right like for instance, and I'm gonna refer back to the
Presbyterian one the clip we just watched He's holding a glass with a face of John Calvin on it
And I know three guys that have that beard last Right. Well, that's a story from my church and I'm like, how did he know?
You know, are we that trance that stereotypical that transparent, you know? Or the big Eva guys with a little bit of a
Tommy Bahama Look, like I've met so many older big Eva like Tommy Bahama guys
I'm like, I know that guy when I watch your video. I'm like, I know him So it's like do you you interact with all these people and so you kind of get it?
Are you hunting and pecking and and trying to find a character? How do those come about? Some of it has been by by sheer, you know providence of God.
I'm a Calvinist. I don't believe in luck, but but But by by God's providence, there are certain things that just happen like I own that glass
I have a set of four glasses it has St. Augustine John Calvin's Charles Spurgeon and then one of them has the five solos
But it was given to me as a Christmas gift like five years ago And every time I every time I have a group of men at my house
That's four or less we break out those glasses and that's what we drink out of everybody gets to pick their favorite so when we were talking about the
Super Bowl, I said wouldn't it be funny if the if the Presbyterian were drinking out of a
John Calvin glass and then if you notice the Lutheran is drinking out of a German beer Stein Because my dad my dad worked for Anheuser -Busch
So I actually have a collection of beer steins that were you know from Anheuser -Busch. So oh, that's cool yeah, and and I love the not to stick it too much on one video, but just to kind of explain to people the
Beauty of these is like the progressive at the end, too I mean that little paragraph that you rattle off I have been in conversations with progressive air quote
Christians and they sound just like that Oh, yeah, 19 big words together that make no sense
I can't even remember everything you said there, but I'm listening and I'm going yeah He said I think he said some conversations with progressives himself.
It's pretty accurate Well, what's funny about that one? And this this also ties into another weird infatuation of mine and that is with 80s
The 1980s and you and I are the same age We learned we learned that on the trip, but I grew up, you know the 80s
I had a I had a brother who was five years older than me and he was pop culture Fanatic and so I he introduced me to everything that line that I quoted from Rodney or Robert Downey jr
Is from the Rodney Dangerfield movie back to school. He says that in the movie Okay, so the quote he says ground acquisition games such as football are nothing but a fascist metaphor for nuclear war
And I remembered that quote from seeing that movie so many years ago And so I just quoted him in there and only one guy on Twitter said hey you made a reference to back to school
I said, yes, I did. Yes. That's it. Well, see I grew up in a pretty fundamentalist Church So TV was from Satan.
So I missed a lot of the 80s culture stuff I still have friends to this day go. Oh the Goonies and I go
I've never seen that they go Star Wars I've never watched any one of those all the way through, you know, they go what you know
So I got some catching up to do on that so I didn't catch that reference either but still funny. Yeah, absolutely
Well next time you're next time you're in Jacksonville. We're gonna have a movie a movie night I'm gonna introduce you to all the things you never got as a kid
Right. So why why go the comedy route? You're a serious pastor. You're preaching the word you're exegeting
You're you're shepherding which is a very serious and as you know And we've talked about a very serious thing and I I wish more pastors took that a little more seriously
Today, it seems like we hand that out like Oprah handing out cars. You're a pastor. You're a pastor. You're a pastor, right?
But I know that I know that you have the conviction of what a true shepherd is It's a very serious job before the
Lord But then you have this side where it's a little bit lighter and you're embracing comedy and things like that Are you are you a stand -up comic guy?
Do you like comedy? Have you always been interested in that? Yes. Well, first of all, that's a great the last part of that question
I'll start with and that is do I like stand -up comedy? I do in fact stand -up comedy is is
Absolutely, like one of my favorite forms of communication and media I love clean stand -up comedy dry bar comedy is a is a place where you can go and listen to clean comics
Guys like Josh Sneed and others who are on there You can also go on to Nate Bargatze who is probably one of the leading comics in the world right now he is a
He is a clean stand -up and if anybody knows Nate, I want to talk to him
His dad was a magician. I was a per I was a professional magician I worked for a professor as a professional magician for three years
I would love to talk to Nate just about what it was like to grow up growing up as a as the son of a magician, so Yeah, so if anyone's listening out there and you know
Nate or got contact info, let's get him in touch with Keith I think that'd be a good episode His new stand -up is is absolutely hilarious because he comes from growing up Christian in the 80s and 90s
And he's like, that's the most Christian you can be and I relate it was like, you know ACDC's against Christ and devil's companions cabbage patch dolls or spirit demons and he is you know, he man is mystical
You know what, you know Antichrist and it was like yeah, you grew up in the 80s And you were a
Christian you were the most Christian So there's some parallels there probably with you and I that Nate has as well and then really quick You want me to tell you a funny
Josh Sneed story? Sure. I love Josh Sneed. He's hilarious. He's awesome, and he's kind of local
He's from Cleveland. So he's about three hours south of Maine. So Years ago. I'm talking early 2000s my buddy and my buddies and I we would camp at Michigan International Speedway For a whole week during the
NASCAR race. Okay. Oh nice Okay, Josh Sneed had a bit about NASCAR about going down to Kentucky and making fun of a woman who or he's making fun
Of racing and she comes up to him and says hey, you know NASCAR just ain't a redneck sport he goes so I looked her in her one good eye and I said, yes it is, you know, and So he does this whole bit and it's making fun of they collect the
KFC collectible buckets of chicken and this and that right It's every cliche of a NASCAR and my buddy and I loved it so much that we would play that at our campsite
We had like tents set up and campers We had a big -screen TV and people would come and they would watch it as we're all kind of hanging out
So years later, he shows up in Toledo, Ohio or Perrysburg, Ohio about 20 miles south of me and my buddy and I go
This is 10 years ago. Hey, let's go watch it, right? So we're geeked in our minds. We've been listening to watching
Josh Sneed for 10 years. We got the bit memorized We're grown men though. So it's a little
Here here comes Josh, he's getting out of his, you know Ford Focus He just drove up three hours and we're standing outside and there's no one in line.
It's a small club. We go Josh Let's go down. We're talking to him. We're fanboying. He's looking at us like guys settle down, right?
You know, yeah, we tell him the whole thing about the bit, right? And so we go in we watch the show at the very end of the show
He launches into that bit now at this time that bit had been like eight years old and we're going whoa
Me and my buddy go. Whoa, that's crazy. How what's the coincidence that he did that bit when we were there years later?
I'm on a like two years ago during kovat. I'm on a clubhouse with him I remember clubhouse sprouted up for a little bit where people could talk
Back and forth over the app and there and I was in a room with him and I told him that story and he goes
Yeah, he goes I just did that for you guys because you were such fans I didn't wasn't doing that bit and I went oh
I'm an idiot. Of course He just pulled it out of his back pocket because two guys were really excited to grown men, which was really weird
So big shout out to Josh Sneed. He does a really funny NASCAR bit Go look it up on YouTube and he did it just for me and my buddy in a room full of 150 people
So he's an a -plus in my book Awesome. So you're a big stand -up guy. Who's your who's on your
Mount Rushmore of Comedy. Oh my gosh, this could get me in trouble Because remember
I grew up in the 80s. Okay, so Again and I grew up we're saying your comic genius to there if you mentioned someone that has some blue stuff in there
We understand that we're not promoting that but we're saying from a comedic genius standpoint. Who would be your top four?
Okay, so Again, I was I didn't become a Christian till I was 19
So I grew up listening to and the first one I'm gonna mention may get me may get me in trouble
But remember that nobody knew anything at this point But the first the first stand -up that ever made an impression on me was
Bill Cosby Same here and and and I and I've listened to Bill Cosby himself so many times
I could recite almost the whole show and I do at times make the jokes from the show even here 30 years later
So Bill Cosby was one of one of the ones That was just a favorite favorite two bits for Bill Cosby is when the parents leave him there to go out to eat and they put
Invisible snakes everywhere Snakes that one and then the snowball one
The snowball where he where he wanted to hit the guy at the snowball his mother had thrown it out So he just went outside and spit on the guy.
You remember that bit? I don't remember that. I remember the the childbirth
My wife called to me from the balcony of our California home bill and I became excited and I said push
And they said you just had a baby lizard, yeah So so bill he's got it
He's not to stay too much of this but he's got a great bit to where he talks about how the dad Throws the football with the son practices every day takes him to football out at night running passes running routes
Gets to the college gets him in admissions goes through four years gets the NFL Becomes a rookie gets paid gets out of it.
And then he goes. Hey mom. Hey mom I relate to that one since my son's in football, but that's funny.
So so Bill Cosby was number one You know and again growing up in the 80s and 90s
You know, there were a lot of guys who just who I listened to it. And again, like you said there's stuff that's in there
I don't even I Hesitate to mention but I do want to mention two guys who were who were very clean and and and actually three
I mentioned three that were very clean that were That I listened to all the time One was let's do that.
Yeah three your four clean comics and let's do that Okay, so the first one was a man and in this guy again, this guy's got some skeletons in his closet
But his name was Mike Warnke Mike the fake Satanist, that's right.
But Mike Warnke I listened to his album so many times Because they were so funny and Mike Warnke could tell a story like nobody's business.
He was the best storyteller I ever heard So Mike Warnke was one Dennis Swanberg was one and you may not have ever heard that name
But he was he was a he was actually called the Minister of Encouragement. That was what they called him
He was a he was a stand -up who went and did stand -up at churches He was Tim Hawkins before Tim Hawkins was alive
Okay, and he and he was an impressionist and he did Don Knotts and Jimmy Stewart and all those old
Actors and and they call him the Swan Dennis Swanberg this one and I tell people look up the Swan He's hilarious his story of being a
Methodist and going to a Baptist College. He went to Baylor University He said he said I got there and they made me get baptized and this deacon told me he said you got to put on This culotte outfit so we can baptize it.
He goes I came here to play football. I ain't wearing no culotte outfit He goes you will if you love the Lord So It's it's it's great great church comedy and the and the last one is not a stand -up
But he is a key I could still consider him a comedic genius and that's Ray Stevens. Oh Yeah, Ray Stevens music absolutely
We I got a hold of a Ray Stevens Audiotape like a cassette tape when
I was really young probably like seven or eight somehow like one of the parents had it or something And then looking back on it some of the songs
I was listening to I was like, yeah That's probably a little too young to be listening to You know The gay pirate
Guitars and right guitar Sam You're like what the heck am
I listening what are my parents let me listen to at eight years old, you know He he had a song about it was called vacation
Bible school and it's about a guy Who they spiked the punch bowl at vacation
Bible school? And he said he said the the pastor got up and got to preaching and he said that Samson didn't take no sass
He whipped the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass, but to tell the truth, he got all that a little out of order
And Yeah, so Ray Stevens is what I could still I my kids listen to Ray Stevens, you know, they're good son
Yeah, I I forgot about that. I do remember growing up very legalistic, right?
We weren't allowed to watch a lot of TV listen to music There was a saw there was a there was an artist called
Don Francisco. Do you remember this guy? I don't know if you do. Mm -hmm. He did an Easter song called he's alive
Well, he had an album and on one of them was it was mostly guitar It's like folk kind of folk
Christian and I remember we would have to like sneak and listen to the song with drums when my Parents were out of the house.
That's that's the kind of kind of how it was growing up when I was real young But somehow my grandmother who is
Polish. Okay came from Poland. So all the jokes with that She was she was Polish She goes here take this audio tape and listen to this and it was the
Cheech and Chong Christmas special So I'm eight years old in my room My brother's, you know seven a year younger and we're listening to this and we don't know what we're listening to You know, we we come my parents come in and there's just this audio plane of like we take a little magic dust for Santa Claus A little more for the reindeer little more for said, you know, and we're like, oh, this is funny
You know Santa Clause the one with the bony knees walk up on the street with those shoes on his feet We're like we're singing it and that's where did you get?
So I always think back to those times to where you stumble onto some stuff probably before you should have and you're so innocent as a child and then you look back and you go what you know between Ray Stevens and Cheech and Chong what the heck was
I Well, I have a I have a question. Do you know who dr. Demento is? I'm familiar.
Yes. I don't have everything memorized. But yeah, well, dr. Demento I think I think was the one who discovered
Cheech and Chong but he had all kinds of funny stuff and I used to have one of his like albums and it was it was
Nutty, but it was funny. It was very funny So guys like you and me who really enjoy comedy
I always have to ask because I did a reaction video on this Where do you put and I'm gonna give
I'm gonna show my hand here because I think he's one of the greatest comics of all time Where do you put
Norm Macdonald on your list? I? Really have trouble
I have trouble with some of the lines he was willing to cross But oh, yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, so I have to you know, I have to be honest. I I Think he was the best
SNL Newsman, I think the stuff that he did on the SNL. I still listen to that Sometimes I'll pull it up on YouTube and just the stuff
The stuff he would do with OJ the stuff he would do with Bill Clinton During the 90s stuff that I remember
I was living that watching that happen So I think I think he was I think he was very talented very brilliant and but but I'm Some of it some of the lines he crossed.
I was just like I can't enjoy that It's sort of like, you know, yeah, you know like Andrew Dice Clay I don't remember him but that was a big name back in the 90s 80s 90s and he crossed so many lines that it's like it's it's hard to even
Mention his name, you know, but yeah, I'm with Norm, too. You just go you don't want to promote it.
There's so much garbage That he lines that he crossed but then you get a hold of some of those those old -timey jokes that he would tell and he would
Stretch it eight nine minutes. You go. Where is this going? And then he'd give me some stupid punchline where you just went.
Oh, yeah. He's a genius But well, that's why that's why one of the ones I didn't mention earlier would have been
Eddie Murphy Because and you know, I mean his stand -up was there was a lot of bad words in it again
I was not a believer when I heard it, but but no one could question that he was that he's talented, you know his
Yeah, and that that's the that that's where I say, you know There there are guys who were just super talented and yet, you know,
I can't it's hard to enjoy them now Well, that's why guys like Nate right Nate Borgazzi You absolutely love because you
I like I'm a big Jerry Seinfeld fan. My dad makes fun of me He goes he's not funny.
You're an idiot Anyone who likes Jerry Seinfeld is an idiot, right? You know and I go well, no
I just like the fact that he could take something mundane and clean and something that Most people would have to add something perverse to and he just pulls a little gem out of it
Nate's doing that so well right now I mean, if you guys are listening to this go watch his special on I think it's on prime.
It's it's pretty clean There's one thing where he says something about two dads, but he doesn't allude to anything illicit, but it's
It's one of those things we go. Oh, yeah You can work clean and comedy is a beautiful thing and it's a common grace that the
Lord has given us and we're allowed to laugh Yeah, and I forgot there was one other name and now again You're pulling it out of me because I'm thinking through The one name that I should have mentioned that I didn't mention and it's unfair that I didn't mention his name because he
Has been a huge spot on my wall as far as persons that I listen to and that's
Jeff Foxworthy. Oh Foxworthy's classic. I mean Foxworthy From what
I understand he sold more albums than than Cosby as far as just just yeah Yeah, and a lot of people give him grief for being the redneck comic, but man
He made a living out of that, didn't he? I mean he just that was just a crazy thing So his you might be a redneck was the most popular thing.
He did. It's also the least funny That's right, and it's super funny is you might be a redneck is super funny
But if you watch his actual sets of stand -up, that's probably the least funny of his bets Yeah, like if you watch my blue collar comedy tour or anything like that.
I mean, he's just got good Solid funny most of the time. It's husband -wife stuff, but it's good.
It's fun. Yeah To To this day my wife and I still make the same joke every time we're having money issues or we have some money
Conversation where the guy came to repossess his Camaro and he said yeah, you you need a check heck
Yeah, I can write you a check. I thought you wanted money He's I'll pay the whole thing off right now and that we every once in a while my wife will say will you take a check
She's referencing that, you know, yeah I've told young guys that too Isn't it great when you've been married for a while and you just have a best friend that you have a bunch of inside jokes with Oh, absolutely
Like a wife that's one of the probably one of the greatest things of being married is just having that partner when you truly do
Love each other and you got all those weird little funny jokes with each other They know exactly what you're thinking me and my wife
We have little codes that will say back and forth and she'll smile What I'm saying, even though no one else in the room knows
Yeah, I just and I you know, like I said, it's it's grace from God. I mean, I believe in Proverbs 31, right?
It's a wife is a gift from the Lord. So So this is a quick recording for my friend
Greg over the dead men walking podcast He had me on the podcast yesterday and I'm really grateful and he asked me a question.
I wasn't really ready for he asked me About my Mount Rushmore of comics who would I put on my personal
Mount Rushmore of stand -up comedians? And I didn't like my answer. So I decided to record a new one number one.
I would put Brian Regan Brian Regan is hilarious He's clean and I love him and he makes me laugh every time number two
I would put Jeff Foxworthy Jeff Foxworthy is one of the best -selling comedians of all time and it's because he is hilarious and I love his stuff
Number three one that most people don't think about is Tom Wilson Tom Wilson played Biff in the back to the future movies
But he also is a terrific stand -up comedian and if you've never heard him saw him sing the song stop asking me the question
Then you know, you need to go listen to it right now and finally and number four I wish
I'd have mentioned this on the show yesterday Mitch Hedberg Mitch Hedberg was a one -liner comedian who was absolutely hilarious
And as he said an escalator can never break it can only become stairs
And that's just the kind of comedy that he was and he was great also honorable mention to the late great
Rodney Dangerfield Thanks, Greg for having me on the show. I love you brother and look forward to doing it again
Amen. Oh, we're going all over the place on this thing Yeah, absolutely So so yeah so I want to talk about the videos just a little bit more and then we're gonna get into a fresh 10 segment where we
Get to learn a little bit more about you and then of course, we will judge you against others who have answered those questions like The James White's and the
Doug Wilson's and the Tom Askell's that have answered those questions So just remember when you answer in the fresh 10, we will be really secretly judging you as listeners
So I hope that doesn't you know, give you any pause Well being on Twitter being on Twitter for the last six months has let me understand just how just how to deal with judgment for sure
Yeah, so you're doing these videos. They're going crazy What do you got coming down the pike? In the way of videos or do you if you see you keep doing this, is this like hey people are responding
So I'm just gonna keep doing it or did you just do it to kind of get it off your chest and now you're like Yeah, if I do another one
I do if not, no big deal No, I've got we've actually we now have like writing time that my wife and I do
Because she she's she's the co -author of all these videos And so we actually on our phones we text back and forth script ideas and we'll be putting them into a note
Folder where we can put them together Just this last week when I did the the saddleback one
That was that was that was like a last -minute idea. My wife actually said this she said you got to do this now because this ain't gonna be funny two weeks from now and That and and and that's that that's true, right?
Like she's like so like strike while the iron's hot if you don't do this now, it ain't gonna be worth anything so so so we are thinking like like we want this to be and And even my elders have recognized that there's there's there's a blessing in the ministry of getting you know
Getting out there and letting people see what you know You know through the humor and and I can't tell you how many people have sent me emails and said
I came for the humor But I stayed for the serious and I like that and and I don't know if that will ever become like a tagline
You know come for the funny stay for the serious But people are now finally finally, you know, they're they're hearing sermons
They're they're they're going and we've had new people join our Academy We have a free Bible Academy that our church provides to the community and it's online and it's a two -year free program for anyone who wants to take eight core classes in In Bible and theology, we have a survey of church history survey of Old Testament New Testament apologetics doctrine
Ethics, it's a it's a two -year program based on my seminary experience. I wrote these classes based on classes
I took in seminary and It's all free And this is what we've had new students sign up because they saw the funny videos because they find out who
I was They went to our website. They saw the Academy and they joined so I we see it as just like a
It's just an avenue to meet people It's it's just like when Rekha when Ray Comfort walks up to somebody on the street and does a magic trick
All he's doing is trying to create a relationship so that he can have that conversation and and and that in one way is that's what?
This is this is my way of saying. Hey, here I am. I have something to say Here's something funny that will get you to look at what
I'm doing and let's and now let's have a more serious conversation So there is there there is that where can people find those classes where?
well, the Academy is connected to our church and our churches Facebook our church has a
YouTube page all its own if you want to find our church on YouTube It's SGFC Jack's Sovereign Grace Family Church of Jacksonville s
SCS GFC Jax org is our website or just go into YouTube and type in SG FC Jax It'll take you to the page and you'll see we live stream all of our sermons services and classes
It's all there and if you want to contact me just send me an email at Calvinist podcast at gmail .com
and I can show you how to sign Up for class. Oh People coming from the funny and then
Being able to stay for the serious or stay for the glory of God. I mean, that's it's so cool
Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's wrap this up. You want to play some fresh 10? We're gonna go through some random questions. We're gonna find out a little bit more about Keith.
You ready? Absolutely. Here we go All right, here we go fresh 10 with Keith bosky
We kind of covered this a little bit under the Mount Rushmore, but I want you to narrow it down to one Your biggest comedy influence, who is it one person?
Doesn't have to be a comic just your biggest comedy influence Gosh I Because I've already said, you know the guys that that were on my mind
I would probably again. I'm gonna go back I am gonna say I spent probably more time in my life listening listening to Jeff Foxworthy Say, you know,
I brought him up and that would probably be the one that I've listened to more than anyone Okay, question number two.
What do you wish you had known ten years ago? What's something you think about you go boy?
That would have been nice to note to my ten years older person if I would have known that My funny part wants to say
I wish I'd have known how well Tesla was gonna do Because I would because I would have bought stock in Tesla You know,
I There are things that I would There are just things about scripture that I've learned in ten years
Things that I have gleaned that that that have made me a better preacher better pastor Manage my time better.
So I would just say probably time management skills are things I wish I would have been I would have I would have accomplished more in the last ten years if I would have known them
What I know now about how to manage my time better Yeah, that's good. So important question number three
What three albums are you taking with you on the deserted island? If you can't get through three at least give us one album that everyone should take with them on the deserted island.
Oh Don't say
Ray Stevens No, no I'm gonna now
I'm gonna out myself Because I do listen to I do listen to secular music and some people think that's a that's a no -no
But I do but no judgment here the there's a there's a there's a there's an album called the rocky story and It's all the songs from the rocky movies not just one but all all of the rocky movies up until rocky for and it's it it is
Every time I go to the gym, I turn it on and that's what I listen to And so it's like the most motivational music like even even even even listening to Was it living in America by Yeah, who's it was his name the the
I'll get it. Anyway, just that that's my that's like my motivational album So if I was on a desert island, I was having to kind of stay alive.
I think I'd have that so We'd come back in two months. You got a Taj Mahal built
Wells dug Listen to the rocky soundtrack. All right, but also before oh good.
I was gonna say also Sovereign Grace music has An album that I really like I can't think of the name of it right now
But Sovereign Grace puts out a lot of great stuff So if I just wanted some worship music to take with me, I'd want to take that.
There you go question number four What properties do you try to buy when you're playing Monopoly? Are you a boardwalk guy?
Are you like, you know, st. Charles? Do you go for the railroads? No, I'm a
Monopoly King my my kids will no longer play with me But I am the guy who buys everything
I hit I buy it all I just I try I it because what I do is I buy early and then
I trade later I demand trades and I force my children and my wife into a corner and end up taking everything they own
We just talked about like the Lord comedy, but when I mentioned Monopoly your eyes narrowed and you were like, oh
If You asked my my 24 year old daughter if you asked my 24 year old daughter, she still won't let her boyfriend play
Monopoly with me Yeah, so you're like me you risk that fine line of just like buying everything and being completely broke
You're just like I just got to get around go. That's right dollars to my name buy it all You're not broke if you own where everybody has to live.
I Love it. All right Question number five. What's one movie that you can just watch over and over again?
What's one great? One crazy summer with John Cusack and Demi Moore I've seen that movie well over a hundred times and my kids love it
We still watch it when we need white noise in the background. We play it when we're cleaning the house It's been played on my
TV more than any other movie ever Interesting. I've never seen it. I'll have to watch it now what one crazy summer.
Yep Moving right along question number six. All right, you get in the
Get the DeLorean the flux capacitors fluxing. We're going back in time. We get up to 88 miles an hour
Are you going back into the past to visit your great -great -great -grandfather?
Are you going ahead in the future to visit your great -great -great -grandchildren? I am
And I will judge your eschatology based on this answer. Well, I was just fixing to say I'm an
I'm an amillennialist. So I'm not I I sort of believe that Jesus could come back anytime and so I'm a little afraid to say
I want to go into the future because I don't want to end up in oblivion because I Missed the the second coming so I'm gonna go backwards in time for safety
I know that's happened, but I don't know when Jesus is gonna come back. So So that's my yeah
Every every postmill guy I've had on here has answered that question. Oh, we're going to the future to see what we built Yeah, yeah,
I'm just not sure it's still here And I do have that and I do have that question as a back to the future nerd and and you just again touched an
Area of my life that's very important to me. I actually have like models of the DeLorean in my office and stuff So like this is a nerd spot for me what would have happened if doc
Brown would have went past the Went past the second coming. It's over.
It's all done You just yeah floating out there in in in space and in nothingness. Maybe I don't know.
Yeah Yeah, okay We never planned for we never planned for the second coming in time travel talks, you know Never never we should we should always we should always plan for that So if I was answering question number five, that would be a movie that I can go back to you
I've watched back to the future probably all three hundreds of times, but probably just the first one a couple hundred times in my life
I really like that series. All right question number seven. What's the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?
I just got serious Yeah, I'm really trying to think When someone criticizes you it doesn't mean that they don't like you
Who I like that man, that's good advice for this this culture right now, huh?
Yeah, and it really does because I think we always think that criticism is accompanied by Animus and it's not if we can take criticism in a positive way.
It'll make our life better. I 100 % agree moving right along. We got a couple questions left question number eight.
You're a creative Are you most creative in the morning the afternoon or the evening? When are those creative juices flowing between 10 10 p .m?
And midnight 10 p .m. In a minute. I feel like stepbrothers. Did we just become we just became best friends?
Yep, we like back to the future. My brain doesn't start until 8 p .m. That's right.
That's right Yeah of the same way man that Sun goes down and I start having all kinds of great ideas and I wake up the next
Morning, oh half of them were crap, but you want to I'm working on them. Anyway Question number nine got two more left
What is one thing people would assume about you that isn't true just based on your kind of online persona or in -person persona?
What if they just meet you what's something that they would assume about you, but is not true Well, I'm gonna get real serious for a minute a lot of people make assumptions because of my weight
About my about my active life. A lot of people probably think that I'm just you know, not very active, but I teach karate
I've been I have a fifth degree black belt in karate and I've been in karate for 30 years I go to the
I go to the gym multiple times per week. I do struggle with eating that's probably one of the areas that I that I Deal with most because I because I tend to eat poorly because I do have such a busy schedule
I tend to you know Eat things that are probably not best for me and I've tried to work that out as far as trying to figure out ways to make
That easier to eat better and my wife is a tries to help me with that, too
But I've been big all my life and people make assumptions about big people And and so I would say that's probably the thing people assume is that I'm just a lazy person and right
Yeah, okay. Wow. Yeah, that was We're getting personal now on the yeah
Yes, I love it. Thanks for sharing last question. Here we are Who is the one theologian dead or alive that you'd want to interview on your podcast now?
We can't include James White because I just listened to that episode He was just on I know he was one of your favorites one of my favorites
That and for anyone listening right now go out and listen to Keith's interview with him.
It was phenomenal I'm telling you just the way you guys converse back and forth. You knew what he was talking about He knew you know, you guys were both on the same page.
Very good And nobody else you nobody else knew what we're talking that the problem is a lot of okay
People did out of the 10 ,000 people that listen to seven people did I was one of the seven and I loved it because it was So particular about what you guys were talking about.
I went this is a perfect James White Conversation and you could tell he was enjoying it so much
Especially even when you were like, you remember what I brought up food to your No, but that sounds creepy
I was laughing so hard I'm like that's it's just a good episode the cheeseburger But so you can say
James if you want But somebody you haven't had on one of your favorite theologians dead or alive that you'd let you go
I'd love to sit down with them and have a 20 -minute conversation You know, I I had the opportunity
To sit down a couple of times with RC Sproul when he was alive back when he used to hold he used to host the pastors conference
For Ligonier, it was only a hundred people that it was like a hundred slots that were open and you had to sign up a year
In advance and when you when you signed up you paid a hundred dollar registration fee
But when you went they would give you Your room and board were all paid for great meals and they gave you a hundred dollar gift certificate to the to the bookstore so you really didn't pay anything to go to this thing and I got to go
I got to go two years in a row and Sit in a room full of a hundred men listening to RC Sproul Steve Lawson Ligon Duncan all those guys and again, this is this is 15 16 years ago
Yeah, but The few short times I had with RC that were just like in passing or when we got to talk like little short conversations
They were some of the most meaningful in my life and even to this day I remember what we talked about we talked about football one time because I knew he was a
Steelers fan and he talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars and at that time we had Maurice Jones drew so if I could sit and talk to him for an hour
Yeah, you know that that that would be a joy to my heart. But again, obviously he's with the Lord So maybe we'll have that opportunity
When we see each other again, but that if I yeah, yeah, there we go, man ended it so well guys
You heard it here first. That's 10 fresh questions with Keith. His favorite theologian is a
Presbyterian. He's on his way Keith thanks for taking time out sitting down with us.
Sorry for all the troubles we had getting this episode going I tell you what we pushed through though. We had video problems and audio problems and recording problems
But I'm so appreciative of your friendship first and foremost and then also of you coming on and just talking with us
Man, do I love those videos? I love your preaching. I love your podcast. I love everything you're doing you know short of Having James White and Joel Webben to plug their ears.
I'd have to say you might be my favorite maybe second favorite Baptist now Or maybe first I don't know you're making a run for it, you know
But you're doing so many good things man, and I know it's all for the glory of God. I know your heart We talked for quite a while.
We had some great theological discussions down at shadows to substance I'll be releasing some of that too. I'll send it over to you first so you can
So you can preview it before I release it because you had some really good stuff in our breakfast that we did I'm trying to clean up the audio on it right now.
It came out a little bit shaky in that room, but man, I'm so grateful for the Lord that We have created a friendship and hopefully it's a long one and I'd love to have you back on anytime you want to come on And discuss funny stuff serious stuff, whatever it is
But before we go throw out everything to everyone the socials and everything to where they absolutely and also just so you know
This is gonna reciprocate because I want you on my show as well I want to introduce our audience to you. So we'll be doing that.
We'll be doing that soon You can find me on Twitter at your Calvinist. That's that's my handle on Twitter.
You can also find on If you just go to Calvinist podcast comm that takes you right to the
YouTube page If you want to know more about our church, especially if you're in the Jacksonville area, it's SGFC Jack's org
We'd love to have you come and visit with us if you're nearby Tick -tock, of course is out there conversations
WA Calvinist I wish the name was your Calvinist, but we did it before that sort of became a thing and You can anybody who has a question is welcome to email me directly at Calvinist podcast at gmail .com
I answer the emails as much as I can and Just just don't ask me to write a book
That's all I ask people sometimes send me theological questions And if it's something that a book says better, I'm just gonna send you the link to a book.
So All right, Keith brother, thanks so much for being on Keith Foskey everyone
Blake Bortles number one fan I heard He looks like he looks he looks like the
Easter Island statues Thanks, man, as always guys chief in the matters of glorify
God enjoy him forever. God bless. Amen Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast