The Pride Problem with The Chosen & TPUSA (Turning Point) Dead Men Walking Podcast #174


This week Greg discussed the "Pride Problem" within the Conservative movement. He reviewed a TPUSA (Turning Point, Charlie Kirk) clip that has gone viral, and commented on the larger problems within the conservative movement. He also discussed the reignited debate over the show "The Chosen" after a pride flag was spotted on set, and many of the actors came out in support of the LGBTQ+ movement. Greg left us with Proverb 22:13 pertaining to victim culture as well as a unique way to reflect on James 4:14. Enjoy! DMW Website & Merch:


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I just had a few things I wanted to talk about here. And if you're watching this on YouTube, you'll see me looking down at my phone because I do have a few notes here.
And I just want to make sure that I'm remembering everything that we wanted to talk about. So I didn't know what to title this episode.
Honestly, at first it was like the truth episode, what true love is.
We're gonna be talking about kind of as we get into Pride Month, so to speak.
I see some other people online have been calling it Life Month since the overturning of Roe v. Wade last year.
But with that being said, there's been some stuff coming out in the news that not only pertaining to that, but really, in general, we've been talking about in this podcast for well over three years now, in April, we're three years old,
April 16. And we've been talking about this since almost the very beginning. Excuse me.
The first thing I want to talk about was TPUSA. Turning Point USA is a conservative movement started by Charlie Kirk.
And probably right around 2016, 17, maybe a little bit before that, he got really big as a
Trump supporter, is like the new wave of conservatism. Very, very popular.
TPUSA holds rallies and conferences and his YouTube channel has millions and millions of followers and views.
But I've talked, like I said, I've talked about this quite a while on the podcast.
Before I even started this podcast, I started to become disenfranchised with conservatism in general.
It didn't look like they were espousing any type of Christian moral principles.
They were ceding to the left. They were basically giving ground, or maybe even some would say showing their true colors, or not even their true colors.
But when you're rooted in a secular political system, and not rooted in the Word of God, and His laws, well, then eventually you're going to be able to be broken down and have to cede to secularism.
So this clip that I want you to listen to, though, we're going to listen to together, and then I want to discuss it.
And I'll link it up on the YouTube page. And I don't know, maybe when I edit this down,
I'll even include the actual clip. So I'll try to play it all the way through without commenting, and we'll comment after. This was someone attending one of his conferences.
And he has Charlie Kirk, who is the CEO and president of Turning Point USA.
He has a gentleman on stage with him, I believe his name is Rob Smith. He's openly gay and a conservative.
And someone who's attending the conference comes up and asks him a question and goes, why should we cede this type of morality to the left?
Why, you know, Charlie, you said you're okay with transgenderism and homosexuality and, and all these things.
And then Charlie and Rob Smith, the gentleman replies. So let's take a listen to this.
And then we'll talk about it. Here is what's your name, Rob? Yeah. So you're saying,
Oh, this you're behind the times. This isn't conservative. Well, we don't want centrists in the conservative movement. We want to retain our core values.
Yeah. But here's the thing. But here's the thing. But here's the thing. It's not about what you want. Because here's the thing, the beauty, the beauty about social media, the beauty about social media is that I can be me and I can bring myself to the table.
And it's not about what you want. It's about the what the people want. And if there are enough people in this movement that are saying that say,
Hey, Rob is cool. He's gay, whatever, it really doesn't matter what you think. You can say whatever you want. And you can believe, you can believe whatever you want to believe.
But it's not going to stop me from doing what I'm doing. And it's not going to deplatform me. So, so my question is, again, it's directed to Mr.
Kirk, because he was raised as a conservative. You know, as the guy before us said, you know, you've advocated for homosexuality said that there's a place for the gay agenda within the conservative movement.
My question is, and you're also comfortable with transgenders and cross dressers,
I understand. So my question is, is there, is there any, any point where conservative should take a moral stance on Christian morality?
Or should we abandon it altogether? So in other words, what is TPUSAs? What is your brand of conservatism doing to actually conserve
Christian morality? If we're ceding to the left on transgender, gay rights, gay marriage, we don't want that in conservatism.
So you don't want him in the conservative movement. I just want to be very clear. Let's just be so so you don't say you don't want me in the movement.
Hold on a sec. I want to be very clear. Hold on a sec.
I know you're bringing some very charged language. I'm going to try to calm down the temperature in the room.
So I can try to rationally understand an irrational position. Let me finish.
Let me finish. Let me finish. So I'm a Christian.
I believe the Bible is the greatest book ever to exist in the history of the world. And I believe Rob Smith has decency and dignity as an individual in the
United States of America. Hold on a second. We're not a theocracy. We never have been.
I, you know what? And wait a minute. And wait a minute. Let me hop in here. Hold on. Because I'm in it. He's addressing me. The thing that the thing that I don't understand.
Well, I'm addressing you. How about that? You don't even have the courage to address the gay man on stage. So so so so the problem that I have with as somebody that is a gay
Christian, and this is the problem that I have, because my relationship with God and coming back into the church over the past year and a half is one of the greatest gifts that has been given to me in terms of being in this movement.
So so so my question and my question to everybody who tries to say that, oh, you shouldn't be, you know,
Christian because you're gay. Why are you trying to turn people away from God? So if you love
God and Christianity, it's all right, because I do love God. So why would you be trying to turn me away?
Why would you be trying to turn me away from God? OK, so there you go. We just listen to it.
There's a little longer than I wanted. I think it's a couple couple of minutes long. But here are some of the issues that I have with it.
If you're listening to that right now, if you or if you just listen to it, you're going, what the heck is going on?
This sounds more like a leftist rally than a ultra conservative, like like pro
America, pro Trump, pro low taxes, generally pro
Christian moral type of group. And now we have the question here saying, hey, we don't want this brand of conservatism.
You're saying we have to accept, you know, homosexuality and transgenderism.
And Charlie's making the argument and interrupts him and basically makes the Big Ten argument. Well, you don't want this guy in our movement.
He believes what we believe. Here's the problem with that. First of all, some of the things that I saw in there was the very first thing that stuck out to me is
Charlie says the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Right. And we've talked about this on the podcast before.
This is when someone starts saying this is the this is why words and definitions matter. I've seen this time and time and time again.
When people start saying the greatest book, right, and not saying the inspired word of God, what they're doing, even if they're doing it subconsciously, is they're now relegating it to the same standard as all of the written books written by man.
Orthodox Christianity says that the Bible is the inspired word of God written by God, by men, through the
Holy Spirit, physically written down by men, but through the Holy Spirit on one part of the Godhead. So what
Charlie does here is he's even backing away from Orthodox language when talking about the Bible. He says,
I'm a Christian. I believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Right. I have seen so many times people go from inspired word of God, greatest book ever written.
Some of the greatest teachings ever told should then steps down to we shouldn't rely on it for scientific data or any historical or maybe it's just a decent historical book to the next step to that is, yeah, we don't believe anything it says.
We don't have to listen to it. And Charlie's already taking that first step down as the leader of this organization and relegating the
Bible to just the greatest book ever written. Well, there's people that have opinions out there, too.
Some would say war and peace is the greatest book ever written. Some would say, you know, the line, the witch in the wardrobe is the great, you know, it's not just a book.
So even if he's doing it subconsciously, which I don't think he is because he's choosing his words very carefully.
He's already saying the authority of scripture really doesn't have a place here in this organization.
Okay. And then he kind of makes like a little, a little joke towards one of his supporters.
The guy asking the question is just being respectful and he's saying, why should we cede to the left?
What is this brand of conservatism that doesn't protect Christian morality? And he says, well, with a guest,
I need to, I need to work out this irrational question you have. I think it's a very rational question. And I think
Charlie's being snide and he's being demeaning and condescending to someone who supports his, or maybe not anymore, but went to his rally and is going to this conference and supports it and asking a real question.
And then he deflects it. He does exactly what he accuses the left of doing all the time.
He deflects and changes it and brings up a straw man. It says, oh, well, this was never a theocracy.
So he, the guy didn't ask anything about theocracy. He didn't say we're going to be ruled by priests. He's not talking about any form of Christian nationalism.
He's not talking about any type of, you know, doctrinal, you know, theonomy. He's saying, why do you have
Rob Smith? Who's openly gay. Who says, I believe I should be married to another man.
I call that a marriage. Uh, and he calls himself a gay Christian, which we'll get into that in a minute. That oxymoron.
Why should he be in part of the conservative movement? If part of the conservative movement is to preserve, which it used to be.
Christian morals. And he basically mocks the guy and says, oh, you don't want this guy up here.
You don't want this big tent. We need all the support we can get. And here's what happens with the big tent theory because the
Republicans do it. And then you have TPUSA and the Ben Shapiro's and stuff break off of there.
And the Dennis Prager's and they go, well, we're even more conservative. Uh, and we don't like the Rhino Republicans.
And then these, but then they want a big tent because they go, the Republicans just, they'll just invite anyone to their tent, but he's doing the same thing.
Now, Charlie is that he cues rhinos and Republicans of just, um, you know, a couple of years ago, uh, and he's, and he's essentially saying,
Oh no, it's okay. If you're gay, it's okay. If you're transgender, as long as you believe in conservatism. Well then
I would ask what is conservatism? What, what, what are we defining here? Is it social? Is it a tax policy?
Uh, what, what is it? What are we talking about? If we can't even agree on what marriages, right?
What transgenderism is, what a male and female is. And you're saying, Oh no, we need everyone in the big tent.
We need Rob Smith on stage saying he's a conservative. Now, the answer that Rob jumps in and gives is a little, it's just so backwards.
You guys, um, this is, this is the day we're living in. He says, I'm a gay Christian. And you know, I, I came back to the church in the last year and a half.
That'd be my other red flag. Doesn't say, uh, I, I, uh,
I confess Christ as Lord. He's my savior. Um, he, he, he changed me from within.
Uh, I've been saved by grace. None of these terms. All he says is I've been back in the church for a year and a half.
One back of the church does not mean you're a believer, a Christian saved part of the elect to year and a half.
I would say if you've been a believer for a year and a half, um, I knew where I was at a year and a half, and I wouldn't be up on stage espousing, uh,
Christian values to an audience at a year and a half at best. If you're saved, you are an immature
Christian and, and you, you have no, no reason to hold a microphone, um, and talk about these things, but that's all kind of put to the side because you and I both know anyone listening right now totally understands that homosexuality fornication, adultery, murder, uh, being a thief, being a liar stands in direct opposition of the character of God and who he is, and if you're openly saying, well,
I'm a, I'm a gay Christian. That's like me walking into my church and saying, ah,
I'm an adulterating believer, I'm a fornicating Christian. I do it openly.
Uh, I it's how I was born. I'm a red blooded male. I would love to sleep with all these women in this church.
And I'm a believer and I'm a Christian. God saved me. You would look at me and say, you're insane.
I'm a, I'm a Bible believing thief. Well, yeah, I take what I need. That's how
I feel. The Lord provides for me. If I see it, I steal it over to a guy's house. I go into his bathroom. I rifle through his, uh, pillbox.
I, uh, steal his wallet. And, uh, that's what I do. I'm an open thieving, robbing
Christian. God saved me. You would say that's ludicrous, right? Why?
Because we have a standard of what God calls us to. And even when we're saved now, can someone be in sin and be saved?
Absolutely. I'm not saying you have to be perfect. And I feel like I have to preface that. Cause I will get messages from people saying,
Oh, well, Oh, you've never sinned judge, not lest ye be judged. They'll misquote that verse and right.
And say, Oh, you can't call out anyone's sin. No, we're saying this man is standing on stage, openly reveling in his sin.
Homosexuality, uh, says two men, two women should be married, uh, supports drag
Queens supports transgenderism and says, Oh, and by the way, I'm also a Christian. Well, I would say,
I'm going to try to give him a little benefit here. Rob Smith. If you're listening to this, he's probably not. I would say you don't rightly understand what a
Christian is then. And I don't know if that's necessarily your fault. I would say it's probably the fault of generations of horrible preaching of a soft, uh, fatty church that has no strength that doesn't preach a true gospel.
And he's probably now he looks a little younger than me. He's probably in his mid thirties or early thirties.
He's probably grown up saying, no, this is absolutely okay. Yeah, absolutely. Homosexuality and transgenderism and Christianity could coexist.
So I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, but for him to say, I, I, I I'm a,
I'm a, a gay Christian. And I want to know why you're trying to turn me away from God because I've had an experience.
Well, here's the thing. First of all, right. That's, I said, Jesus, as we jokingly say, we're, we're turning our walk, our, our salvation in on us and going, how do
I feel about it? Right. Steven Furtick does this all the time, reads himself into the Bible, reads you into the Bible.
Um, you know, the Bible is not about you. It's about Christ. It's about the gospel. It's about the redemptive plan of God himself.
So we can't do that, but that's what he's doing here. That's why I say that year and a half in a air quotes church does not make him save, but he's starting to show his true colors here because he says, why should you turn people away from God by this gentleman saying, yeah, we don't want your brand of conservatism in conservatism.
It's not, it's, it's not, uh, the moral Christian principle that the
Bible espouses to, so therefore we don't want you in there. And he turns it back and says, well, you're trying to turn me away from God.
I would say that this gentleman that's asking the question, uh, no, he's trying to turn you from a false
God to the true God of the, the, the true gospel and the true God, that's how
I would answer that. But as you see, um, Charlie and that guy just both cut him off, didn't let him respond.
And he was being respectful and it got a lot of traction online over the last few days.
I think this came out about a week ago or maybe five days ago and conservatives are going, what's going on here?
Well, here's the thing. These are the things that I've been talking about on this podcast for three years.
That, uh, men and women much smarter than me have been talking about on their podcasts for years before that.
Um, if you want to go look up podcasts by, uh, Joel Webben at right response ministries, um, cross politic, uh, four or five, six years ago, they have been talking about it.
So have I, that when you remove, remove God from a country or move God from a movement, it's not a vacuum.
It just isn't a vacuous space. You have to replace it with something. You're either serving
God or you're serving pagan gods. That's, that's your two choices. You're serving
God or the devil. You're, there's no neutral site here. So when conservatism does this thing where it says,
Hey, we need this big tent, this conservative movement. Yeah. Uh, we, we really agree on, um, the abortion thing.
Uh, we're pro -life in this movement and we've got some gay Christians that are pro -life.
Yeah. Come into our movement because we agree on these things. You can't do that. It's either all God or all nothing.
Shedding of innocent blood is an abomination. Just like homosexuality is an abomination.
Transgenderism is an abomination, fornication, adultery, lying, murdering.
These are the things that God finds an abomination, unequal weights, high interest in, uh, in, in old law.
These are things that God says, absolutely not. You're not allowed to do. These are, these are not biblical.
So there's no neutral place in this. And now we're seeing even the conservative movement trying to try to gain traction and try to gain more power and more influence are the leaders in these movements are starting to, um, acquiesce.
Right. Because, Hey, gay marriage has been legal for five years now. I think five, six years, the
Supreme court said, Hey, no, everyone has the constitutional right to marry. That's why we see
Ben Shapiro on the daily wire celebrating, uh, Ruben's baby with his, uh, with, you know, with, with his husband.
Um, what's his name? Dave Rubin. I think it is. That's why you see, um, Dennis Prager saying, ah, you know, porno isn't that bad really, as long as it's not cheating on your wife and you're just doing it for variety, there's no biblical standard.
Uh, outside of Christ and these organizations don't believe in Christ. Well, Dennis Prager's a
Jew. Uh, so is Ben Shapiro. Um, Charlie Kirk says he's a Christian, but as you just saw, he just thinks, you know, the
Bible's a really good book. Um, he's not espousing any type of actual Christian Orthodox values.
Um, and that's why he's sitting on stage with a gay Christian air quotes again. I'm saying, Hey, he should be in the tent.
He can help fight for us. Well, what is he fighting for? Charlie, what is he fighting for? You started on social issues.
This is a social issue. And here's my prediction guys. Here's my prediction.
There's two predictions I have. And I said this on Twitter and you can go check it out. One. This is the reason.
Well, it's kind of a prediction and it's happening right now, but it's going to keep happening. This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of Christians who also identified as conservatives politically are leaving the
TPU essays. They're leaving the daily wires and bench apparels. They're leaving the
Fox news. They're leaving the Dennis Prager's and they're going, what, where can
I get actual conservatism in the sense of conserving biblical morality,
Christian morality, and guess where they're finding it, they're finding it at cross politic. They're finding it with Doug Wilson.
They're finding it with Joel Webben. They're finding it with James White. They're finding it with, um,
Tom Askell, right. They're finding it with, um, the cultish podcast.
They're finding it with here. I stand theology. They're finding it all, you know, all these different places, uh, these podcasts and these shows that actually stand on biblical principle and they're migrating there, our numbers are going up and I'm not putting my, this podcast here in with any of those people
I just mentioned. My numbers keep going up. People seem to be listening to something because we stand for something.
Uh, I know I've seen cross politic numbers. I've seen right response ministry numbers. It I'm not going to share them publicly unless they want to share them.
It is astounding. I'm talking huge amounts of people. Now, am I saying that because I go,
Oh, well they have influence and they have a bigger following. No, it's to prove a point that people, that believers are attracted to biblical things.
And I would say if I really dug down into those numbers, and if I dug down into mine, conservatives, even secular conservatives are going, there has to be a standard and daily wire does not have a standard anymore.
Uh, that is Prager. No standard anymore. Tipping point, USA, TP, USA, or whatever it's called.
No standard anymore. So conservatives are left holding the bag going. We supported you. We're sending you your money.
We're, we're rallying for you. We're out knocking doors for you, for the candidates you support. And now you can't even clearly say that transgenderism is wrong.
That there's an issue with transgenderism. That's what a TP USA can't say. So these people are leaving and where are they flocking to?
They're flocking to those with standards and principles. Mostly those with godly standard and principles. So I just wanted to get that out because I see this coming.
Um, that, that was, uh, and I, you know, I said I had two predictions. Um, that was, Oh, my second prediction.
I'm sorry. Uh, I get going there and I, and then I forget where I'm at second prediction. And I think this is going to happen.
I hate to say it, but homosexuality now is where 10 years down the road to where now conservatives are starting to accept it in 10, 15 years, you will see.
Not maybe not even that long, maybe five to 10 years, you will see the TP USAs and the Ben Shapiro's and the
Dennis Prager's having transgenders on their show, uh, commentating, maybe running a show that they will then accept that.
And then maybe another 15, 20 years from there that can, unless something drastic happens, the conservative movement will accept all of it.
They'll accept the drag queen stuff though, because that's what conservatism always does outside of the standard of God.
Is it just always acquiesce? It just takes longer. That's all it is. The leftists and the progressive progressives accepted up front and then push it through secular culture.
The conservatives hold off, but they always end up accepting it. When's the last time you heard a conservative talk about tax breaks or even, even, uh, balancing the budget or reducing our debt when,
Oh, well, we're fighting this social war. You guys were fighting the social war. So we'll get back to that.
Yeah. Right. They just accepted. Uh, even, even Trump, he was one of the worst spenders ever in his budgets.
Military, uh, non -discretionary everything. And we just go, ah, trillions of dollars in debt. We don't need to cut tech deal.
When's the last time you've heard a conservative movement talk about smaller government? I mean, we hear it from some senators and some us reps and,
Oh, we need smaller government and they go right along. And most of them vote for the debt ceiling raising last week. Let's just push that debt ceiling up.
Go trillions more in debt. Well, heck, hopefully we'll get to 30 trillion before, you know, the end of next year, I'm saying that facetiously, but that's what's happening.
We, we, so we've just acquiesced on those things. And now we're trying to fight this social war, supposedly social culture war, but without the foundation of Christ, without the foundation of biblical law, we will always be on a moving goalpost.
We'll always be on a ship that's floating at sea. It won't be grounded in anything. And we'll, and I say we, but I don't even consider myself part of the conservative movement anymore because it's so diluted.
We, we will just keep conceding. So, yeah, go ahead and take a look at that. I think there's a longer form of that clip online.
You can go find it. It's a TP USA with Charlie Kirk and Rob Smith, but I don't want to spend too much more time on that, but I just thought it was very interesting.
Another good point. And you want to go some guys, if you're listening, go support those guys. I mentioned go support those podcasts and those shows
Lord TV cross politic, Joel webbing, you know, all those different podcasts that are actually espousing biblical principle because they need your support.
And I think that's one way that we can advance the kingdom of Christ and bring glory to him. So kind of in the same vein,
I want to talk about another thing that was, that was a little, I don't know, that ruffled some feathers.
It's there was a video and I don't have it right now. I don't know. Maybe I, maybe
I will have, by the time I record this and if you're watching it, you'll get to see it, but essentially I'll describe it to you. It was just a little 10 second clip of essentially on the chosen set of season four being shot, someone saw a pride flag on one of the cameras and it was like, you know, a camera was shooting a camera shooting the scene.
So like the camera shooting, the scene had a pride flag on it. Someone caught it and said, Hey, what's a pride flag doing?
You know, I'm on the set of the chosen, supposedly a Christian show. Right. And Oh boy, did this start a firestorm?
It really did. I made a couple of comments on it online. I had some friends of mine say, look at,
I disagree. Like it's still a good show. You know, it says the name of Jesus, right.
And well, not only that, before I get into that, also a couple of the actors came out and supported it.
I think the actor that plays James and the actor that plays a Thaddeus came out and said,
Hey, look at, I support my, you know, this is a large cast and I support my, you know, gay brothers and sisters.
And, and we're a family and you know, this isn't very Christian of you. What would Jesus think, you know, kind of the don't judge, right.
So anytime as a believer, if you say other believers should have the moral standard that God calls us to, you are now judged and you're anti Jesus.
And, uh, that's not what Jesus would do. In fact, Jesus did the exact opposite of that. He called people to repentance.
He said, you're a sinner repent. That's what Jesus did. Right. So when they say that it's not true, but so you, just like the previous segment, where we're talking about TPUSA, you're starting to see even within the
Christianity and, and friends of mine that I truly believe are saved, that I believe are
Christians defending this show because they love the show. They're emotionally attached to the show.
They can't separate the fact out that, Hey, you can't be a show, uh, about the life of Christ and then unequally yoke yourself.
Proverbs talks about business ventures being unequally yoked. Yoke yourself with producers and writers and cameramen and get, uh, rippers and gaffs and gaffers or whatever the heck they're called, you know, all these
ADs, all these people on set that do not have those same values, those same biblical values.
Proverbs is very clear about being unequally yoked in business. That's number one.
Number two, this gets us into kind of like icon theology, which I've been thinking about an awful lot.
I absolutely love art. I'm a musician. Uh, my three kids and my wife are artists.
Uh, they're musicians, artists. I mean, we write music. We, we, uh, have draw, you know, draw drawings and paintings and all these things we craft and all that stuff.
But the more I've been thinking about it, the more I think, wow, doesn't it make sense that God just says no idols and no graven images, uh, because we have a lot of graven images of Christ in this culture through media, through pictures, through paintings, right.
Through cartoons, animation, all this stuff. And there was this big movement about four or five years ago about how, you know, most paintings of Jesus is this like brown haired, blue eyed, like white
Jesus. And I would always laugh like from a young age, I was like, wait, wasn't he Jewish? I have,
I know some Jewish people. They don't look like that. He definitely, he does. That definitely doesn't look Arabic. Right.
And even from a young age, I kind of understood like, well, that's not really what Jesus looks like, but here's the thing.
When we start making media and having actors act as Jesus, this goes for the passion too.
Okay. The passion of Christ, which I watched. And at the time in 2004, I loved, but I've come a little bit in my theology and the way of thinking hopefully matured a little bit since then, when we start making
Jesus in pictures and media, we're making Christ in our own eyes.
We're making him in our image when he's the unimaginable uncreated one. This is why the
Bible says, yeah, don't make graven images. Don't make images of, of God or Christ, because what you do is you immediately make him in your own image.
You make him what you want him to be. This is what Catholics did with Jesus. I mean, that's why he's a white guy with a nice soft brown beard and blue eyes.
I'm telling you right now, I don't know what Christ looked like, but I bet he didn't look like that, but she had olive skin, dark eyes, dark curly hair, something around there.
Right. Uh, so this is a very dangerous thing where one, just on the grounds of making
Christ in our own eyes, I would say me and my family just, uh, we, we sustain from the chosen, uh, for one of the, one of the reasons, second reason would be unequally yoked partnering with, um, you know, pro gay, pro homosexual, pro -gender people, thirdly, partnering with funding through Mormonism, which is a cult, which is a false gospel.
So you have all these things. And then obviously the content of the show, there's some things in there where some
Mormonism seeps in the theology and doctrine is off. So all these things added together go, yeah,
I'm not gonna, I don't want to watch that. Right. And I've said this to some of my friends online and offline and the response
I get, and I'm a pick on my charismatic for a minute, and I'm sorry if you're charismatic and you're listening to this, but this is, this is the thing that I get the most from charismatic.
This is the response. Yeah. But the name of Jesus is going out. I had a pastor tell me that. Yeah. But at least the name of Jesus is going out.
And I, and I went, okay, but it's a false gospel. It's, it's a false
Jesus. So I really sat with that and I, and I just thought about it for a little bit. And I said, why do my more
Pentecostal charismatic friends, they're really into this show and they, and they just love that. Well, at least you're learning about Jesus, right?
And my brain goes, yeah, but you're learning about a false Jesus. So are you really learning about Jesus?
That's the philosophical, philosophical part of my brain, right? What is truth really? If I'm learning a false truth,
I'm not learning truth first and foremost. But then I was thinking about it. And I think here, here's the issue, um, that, that I think is happening and it happens outside of charismatics and Pentecostals, but I see it more there.
Um, and I can say this because I was involved in a very Pentecostal church for many, many years.
So, so I think I can, I kind of see into this. Um, and I can understand why they think this way, because in Pentecostal charismatic churches, you're taught that just the name of Jesus has power.
And just, just the name. Oh, demons tremble at the name, the, the, the, the sound that comes out of your mouth and here's the, here's the issue.
Yes. Demons tremble at the name of Jesus, but not because of the name. It's not an incantation.
It's not a spell and it's not magic. In fact, that's what was happening in the first century is you'd see
Simon the sorcerer and the sons of Sceva. They were trying to use it as a new magic spell, as a new incantation and acts, um, the
Jewish exorcists were like in the Jesus that Paul preaches about come out, they were trying to use the power, the gospel by just using the name of Jesus and what did the, in acts, uh,
I don't know what it is, X 19, I think it is right. 13 through like 20. What is it that the demons say?
Paul, I know in Jesus, I know, right. And this is a good argumentation for, uh,
Christ, uh, God giving them certain, certain gifts for that time. Okay.
He goes, it was for the, you know, for the healing and the demonic possessed and all that for the church to grow.
He goes, the demon says, well, Paul, I know in Jesus, I know, but who are you? So the name of Jesus itself has no power.
Jesus, you know, there's people named Jesus. In Mexico right now, that's
Jesus in another language. What does that mean? Like the, the sound coming out of your mouth, it's not an incantation, which, which is what black magic is by the way.
Which, um, they're, they're very keen on making certain noises out of your mouth and it moves the air a certain way and affects reality.
That's why a spell has to be said a certain way at a certain time. It's not because the words are magical.
It's because they actually believe you're changing reality with the confession of the sounds of how the air moves and how the sounds move through the air and change the reality.
That's what's going on in like witchcraft and black magic. And what I found, sorry, I just realized it sounds like I'm probably comparing some of my charismatic friends to witchcraft.
I'm not. What I'm saying is, is you're thinking of the name of Jesus that way. Oh, if the name of Jesus just gets said somewhere or we're talking about it, well, that's a good thing.
I would argue that is not a good thing. That's a false Jesus. There's no power in that name in a false gospel.
The power of Jesus's name is in the gospel, in the redemptive work of what he did.
Nowhere did the apostles or the early church fathers just run around and say, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
No, there was a preaching of the gospel behind it. When Peter stands up and gives his dissertation and at the end says, under no name, no other name you are saved.
There's four paragraphs of the gospel before that of why no by, by no other name.
Are you saved? He just didn't get up and go, I re buke all unbelief in Jesus name.
No, he explained the gospel. He preached the gospel and the power of the word and the redemptive plan of God and why we believe.
And then said, and that's the name that you are saved under. That's what that name represents. All that power of the gospel and the redemptive process behind it.
A movie talking about Jesus has no, you know, with, with no gospel power behind it.
It's just a movie about a guy named Jesus. It has no power. Now don't, don't mishear me.
God can absolutely use anything, right? And that's another excuse. I've moved me into 0 .2
of some of the, some of the excuses I get on why we should still watch chosen as believers.
Well, God can use anything. Yeah. God can use anything. Absolutely. He sovereign overall, which
I absolutely love when my non -reform non -Calvinist friends say God could use anything. It's like, oh, so he, he's the one who uses it and give salvation.
Interesting. Okay. But I'm, I'm, I digress. Um, what he, so if God can use anything, then there should be no moral standard.
God can save whenever he wants, wherever he wants. Heck God can, God can save if you're using drugs.
So go out there and you know, if you like cocaine, do cocaine, God will save you. He can even use cocaine to save you.
You know, now that seems ridiculous, but it's getting to the larger point of just because God can, doesn't mean we should.
Does that make sense? Right. Just because God can save through anything doesn't mean anything is permissible.
Doesn't mean we should be preaching a false gospel. Doesn't mean we should be supporting a show that's unequally yoked. That's pro pride.
That's pro gay, pro transgender that comes out and says, you're not, you're not being Christ -like if you don't accept gay people.
Right. And we're not, here's the thing. I'm not saying I don't accept I'm friendly towards I've had, uh, gay clients.
Uh, I, I know people who are gay and I'm friendly with them. I'm always pointing them towards Christ and the gospel.
100 % of the time in all my conversations, like I do with anyone who's in unbelief.
Okay. Big disclaimer there. It's not like we're picking out any one person, but at the same time, if you espouse to be a
Christian show, you espouse to, uh, have the morals and principles of Christianity, and then you have most of your actors and most of the leadership coming out in support of gay pride month and, and all that kind of stuff and saying,
Hey, I support these things. You have a real issue there, a real issue.
And what I, what I think it comes down to is when you water down the gospel, when you water down the inherency of scripture, when you water down the moral law of God.
And sugarcoat it with a nice Hollywood show about Jesus and just make it about all love and acceptance.
This is what you get. You get a chosen show, a chosen show, excuse me, that, that doesn't know where to stand.
Yes. We want to be Christian. Yes. We're going to partner with Mormons, but they don't really have any say in it.
Supposedly that's been proven wrong already. Uh, well, we have a lot of workers on our staff.
We can't control all of them. Uh, some of them are, you know, are going to be gay. Okay. That's fine.
And their personal life, maybe, maybe I would say still unequally yoked, but now you have, you know, you have the celebration of it with, with the gay flag and how, you know, just for a second, how insane that a
Christian production supposedly can let the Noahic covenant, the rainbow be stolen like that, put up as gay pride and then defend it.
I mean, if they under, if they truly understood what the Noahic covenant meant, and we've talked about this on this podcast, you can go back and listen to it about the changing of the environment, how
God stepped in and had to essentially start over with Noah. And then he promised him, I'll never do this type of destruction to the earth again.
I mean, it's such an important covenant and we've just let it be usurped by, by gay pride and then a
Christian show defending it. I would say this to everyone listening or to maybe, in response to people who say, man, love is love.
Jesus was love, right? First Corinthians 13, six, and this pertains to the chosen to, it says love.
It does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with truth. That's the definition of love.
So to love someone is not to rejoice with them in unrighteousness, right?
I don't understand why Christians, progressive Christians, especially can't understand this when they, when they, when they understand it in their personal relationships with friends, with self harm all the time.
If you see a, if you see a friend hurting themselves, going down a path that is not good for them, even in a job or in a relationship or whatever, you would say, hope you try, want to tell them the truth because you love them.
I don't, I don't rejoice in unrighteousness with you. I want to rejoice in truth with you.
That's what love is. And to all those actors on the chosen that are saying, you're not being Christ like you're not being loving by saying, um, you shouldn't support, uh, pride month,
I would say, read first Corinthians 13, six, and find out the true definition of love. All right.
So with that being said, we're shift gears here. I'm going to finish this up pretty soon, but I had a couple more things on my mind.
Um, I just found this really funny. I saw online, uh, people talking about the millennial pause versus the
Gen Z shake. And, uh, I found myself doing it and I found my kids doing the other one.
So here's what it is. They're, they're saying, look at when you watch, uh, a millennial and I'm an elder millennial, right?
Born in 81. Um, when you watch a millennial record something on a phone or on Instagram, you see a slight pause and then they start talking like this called the millennial pause.
And that's because we grew up in a time where you had to wait for something to start recording.
And if you think about it, like the old video cameras, old digital cameras, first cell phones, there was always a delay.
So you would hit the record, wait a pause, and then start to make sure it didn't cut you off. Well, heck cell phones haven't been that way for 10 years.
Every smartphone you hit record, it's recording instantly. You don't have to pause. So you're kind of showing your generation and your age by doing that pause and go watch people my age and a little bit younger.
Uh, when they do this, we do do that. And I laughed, right? And then I said, but what's the Gen X or Gen Z shake?
So the Gen Z years, they do this thing when they're recording, they'll start recording and they'll shake their phone and then set it down.
And then move away and then start recording from a distance. And almost all of them do this.
This is like you're 22s and under. Even my daughter, who's 13, when she records something, she'll kind of shake it, set it down and then start recording.
And I went, what is this? And they looked into it and they said that Gen Z understands that movement grabs attention.
So all the tick tock, the Instagram, the YouTube shorts, if there's movement, it'll grab your attention.
And then, okay, I'm, I'm paying attention to you. It's kind of like, it's kind of like the video version of saying, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, over here.
And then I, you get my attention and then you start talking. So the Gen Z is already learned at this young age, shake the camera, get my, get your attention because attention is so hard to grab now, but what a sad state we're living in, right?
Really goes to talk about our culture that these poor kids to get a view are shaking their camera, but many of them do it subconsciously when they looked into it, didn't even know that they were doing it, but subconsciously understood,
Hey, I'll get more views. If there's a shake at the beginning of the recording, because it grabs someone's attention. So they'll watch my video or my tick tock or my
Snapchat or whatever it is. And I just went, I just love psychology stuff anyway.
And I went, huh, isn't that, you know, it's another defining line between Gen Z and millennial, but it's also kind of sad a little bit, like not so much sad for the millennial because we just grew up with crappy technology.
So that's why we pause and it's just in ground in us, but for the Gen Z that they know that they have to shake that camera, they have to get movement on the video to be able to get eyeballs and attention.
Um, I just thought that was a fun factor. I do do with that. What you will, um, go ahead and look it up.
It's called the millennial pause versus the, uh, the Gen Z shake. I thought it was very interesting and they've, they're doing some, uh, psychology studies on it as well.
Um, I'm going to leave you with two things. I had two things. Um, I was reading through Proverbs one a day, a couple of weeks ago.
Always read through a proverb every day. My mother and father kind of instilled that in us when we were young.
And it's some of the best advice I ever had. Just get up, read a proverb. There's 31 of them, 30 to 31 days in most months.
You just keep instilling in Proverbs in him. And I came across Proverbs 22, 13.
And I went, wow, this is our culture, man. The sluggard says there's a lion outside.
I'll be killed in the public square. And most people read that and they go, what a lazy guy says.
There's a lion outside. I'll be killed in the public square. What does that even mean? Think about it.
It's essentially victim culture. When I say victim culture,
I'm talking about anyone that doesn't take personal, personal responsibility for their actions, their life, their career, their family.
It's cross culture. It's cross socioeconomic. It's cross race.
It's the victim culture that has invaded the society. The lazy person, the sluggard, the one who doesn't want to work says, oh, there's a line in the street.
I'll be killed in the public square. I mean, I can't go out there and the world's against me. I can't do that.
Are you kidding me? It's dangerous out there. I'm going to get beat down or fired or someone's going to call me a name.
Right. And they very well could not, not saying they won't, but it's the culture of not of making that excuse that there's something out there to get me.
So therefore let me continue to do what I want to do, whether it be lay in bed, play video games, not work, um, draw a check in government assistance, um, uh, you know, under, under provide for your family as a man, because you don't want to go out there and work because you're a victim of the boss of the foreman of racism, of sexism, of misogyny, of homophobia, of, uh, minority status.
Uh, all this, we have, we have, we have a category for every type of victim.
And here we have Proverbs thousands and thousands of years ago telling us, yeah, don't be like the sluggard.
Don't be like the lazy person that lays in bed and says, there's a lion outside. I'll be killed in the public square if I go out in there and work.
So how providential, because the Lord knows all, uh, how providential that he would give us that word that pertains to this culture right now, this victimhood culture.
Don't be a victim. Don't get up in the morning, go, Oh, I can't go do that because the world's against me.
This group of people are against me. Uh, there's bad things out there. No, go out, conquer, uh, hustle, uh, provide, um, do it all for the glory of God.
Uh, do it righteously, but let's not be those people who make excuses in the morning.
And I, and I've, uh, I've been guilty of that too. Believe me, when you own your own business, you have to self motivate.
There's some times where it's like, I would like to just do nothing today. Uh, but you can't do that.
We can't make excuses in our head and go, Oh, I'm, I'm going to be, you know, mauled or killed in the public square because there's a big, bad, whatever out there.
Let's, um, let's be godly men, godly women, and, um, and, and be diligent in our tasks while we're here on earth.
Okay. I heard this guy, uh, say this, and this is what I'm gonna leave you with. Just a fun thought, little thought exercise for you as we leave here today.
Uh, this guy, what he did is he took the average 80 year life or 78 year life.
Excuse me. I think he said 78 and he converted it into a 24 hour day.
And then he said, if I got up at 8 AM, he said, now, if you get up at 8
AM, Calculate it to what time of the day it would be in your life to let you know how much you've accomplished.
And I did that. Uh, I'm 41 years old, soon to be 42 in July. Um, if I got up at 8
AM today and my life only lasted, let's say I lived to 78 years old average age.
Uh, and I got up at 8 AM right now, it would be 10 PM the same day. So I've already lived a full day and it's going late into the night.
And that just struck me. Well, what a great way to take, uh, to take like James four 14 and, and kind of condense it into a day.
We're just a vapor. We're just here for a moment, right? Like my day is already at 10 PM and believe me,
I don't feel like my days at 10 PM, but the reality is I'm at 10 PM on my day. I woke up at eight o 'clock this morning.
It's already 10 o 'clock at night. I'm going to sleep. And after that next 8
AM I'm with the Lord. So maybe do that, take it and just, it's a fun exercise.
Uh, take the average lifespan, 78 divided in by 24, essentially 24 hours.
And then, uh, multiply that by how old you are and find out where are you in your 24 hour day in your life?
How much more can you accomplish in your life for the glory of God? How many more people can you preach the gospel to?
How many more men and women can you disciple men? If you're men, women, if you're women, uh, how many more people can you show the love of Christ to as you go out into the marketplace?
Um, how far along in your day are you in the race? And also on top of that, remember tomorrow is promised to no man.
Uh, God could take me out of here tomorrow morning. Um, so we're not even guaranteed 78, uh, years.
So something to think about as we go, it's a very sobering kind of end of episode thought, but it really helped me to kind of reinvigorate myself, um, about the goals that I have, um, the calling we have as believers and how
I should be treating others and talking about the gospel to them, uh, in that timeframe.
So guys, thanks so much for listening to another episode of dead men walking podcast. I really appreciate you coming along for this kind of weird one where it was just me, uh, ranting about some things and talking about some things.
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