Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 with Pastor Claude Ramsey


Greg sat down with the speakers from the Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 hosted by  @openairtheology3783   . His interviews included Pastor Greg Moering Jr, Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, Pastor John Crawford, Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast:


Claude yes Claude Ramsey my man oh man so this conference been pretty good so far it's been fantastic I was just talking to someone right before we jumped on here and he just goes yeah
I drove down from Alabama or over where we at up and over right we're in Tennessee so I failed geography in homeschool sorry and he goes you know
I'm a James White fan but I figure I come to the whole conference and oh my gosh has it been good preaching so far today and I go yeah that's what you're gonna get it's like we're seated together in heavenly places so you so the conference is shadows to substance you took on the session the portion of showing
David is the foreshadowing of Christ tell us a little bit about that give for people who couldn't attend the conference give us a little a couple minutes snippet of what you just talked about all right so a top and shadow is a picture of Christ in the
Old Testament basically it's a blurred image right yeah of a representative image of Christ in the
Old Testament and and the the kind of coming to fruition if you would in time as we know it of the promises that were made in the types in the shadows so my job was to give an example of how
David was a top in the shadow of Christ as particularly our true King yeah and then point to Jesus above it all because he is our key it was so good too and it's so cool to see you get to it obviously if anyone's listening to this podcast for any amount of time they know who
Claude Ramsey is they know his podcast but before we get into it tell everyone where they can find you at and listen to your podcast here
I stand theology yes here I stand theology podcast on YouTube yeah there's a
Facebook group the here I stand theology podcast group again my name is Claude Ramsey friend me on Facebook individually that'd be fine there you go so what are some of the specific shadows we see in David well
I mean there's there's a lot that we see of course the the probably the most prominent one we see is
David and Goliath story right headcrusher but it's yeah but it's not about us defeating the
Giants in her life right it's about the fact that that sin is the giant that needed to be crushed and only
Christ was able to crush that yeah yeah absolutely I was gonna try to get to the you're not
David drop from Chandler from ten years ago poor Matt Chandler he's wandered off the reservation but ten years ago he was still there
I don't know it's still a good quote yeah and you were talking about Nathan talking to David walk us through a couple of those points of what he's saying an everlasting throne and this is that a shadow as well of Christ when
Nathan's talking to David yes and it's it's to the eternal nature of the kingdom yeah
God the kingdom of Christ yeah absolutely we're we're going through Hebrews right now in our
Sunday night small groups and earlier today in this one of the sessions
Hebrews 10 was was mentioned and isn't it just I mean what do you do when you unhitch because you you called out a name out there and we talked about it on another episode here of Andy Stanley saying on hitch the
Old and New Testament and he said look you can't do that and what do you do with Hebrews if you're gonna do that I mean that's all of hitching showing
Christ a better priest eternal final sitting down at the right hand of God right shown through the
Old Testament into the new as as the Christ as the Messiah and I thought it was so so beautifully put the way you even took that passage and said there's absolutely a shadow there yeah there's a shadow of Christ there and and I think doesn't it to you
I mean anyone who tries to distance himself from the Old Testament I go you're not getting the fullness of the word and it is
God's word that's right every knee shall bow every tongue confess like you said with what you famously say in your session you got choices you can either bow now or bow later that's right but you're bowing at some point right amen yeah so what a what a cool conference to have and have that subject how'd you get teamed up with these guys
Jeffrey Rice and this church and and this conference I would say it started with a ordering a
Bible yeah yeah post in a brush looks
Bible rebinding yeah he was on a few weeks ago yeah he does good work yeah but that's that's
I guess that's probably how I you know when it wound up talking to him and it's just providential sequence of events like us
I mean same thing you know you just connect to the interwebs and then yeah all of a sudden you start meeting each other at conferences and yeah absolutely have you done a lot of conferences in the past I know
I don't think we've talked about that when we hung out I've done I preached in two conferences but they've all been right there literally right off the road where I live sure so but this is the first time
I've ever preached like at a way conference okay how you liking it so far the experience I love it I mean it's to be honest
I mean I get sick to my stomach every Sunday before I stand and preach but these these this seems to be magnified so yeah
I'll collapse tonight well first of all I would say anyone that has a nervousness or an anxiousness about that of wanting to correctly divide the word that's a good sign you might not like the feeling but that's telling me that you're taking it seriously we have far too many pastors and preachers that just get in that pulpit and do whatever they want you're right right you're right and you and I both agree that's that's no good that's right that's no good right yeah that's not being a shepherd so I like it when
I see someone get a little nervous I'm trying to think of the quote who's the quote that says devil doesn't scare me much but every time
I step into the pulpit was that John Knox John Knox there we go I should have known I've never once feared the devil but every time
I step into the pulpit I tremble there you go yeah could you imagine if more pastors in the
Western Church took that approach now I don't want this to be a pastor bashing episode or you know but I'm just saying yes sir you look at some of these churches and you go man if they had the fear of actual fear of God and fear of what they're doing in that pulpit yeah which is why we're big fans of what you do in your church and your podcast and we're always promoting you because we want men of God that are preaching the
Word of God and nothing else yeah who cares about the personality who cares about the jokes and you're a funny guy too so don't we're not saying that I'm saying yeah you first and foremost want to be in that pulpit preaching the
Word of God and I absolutely love that about you yeah do you have anything else for us that anything else you want to go over on the on your session that anyone else might want to know about no
I'm just I think Jeff will be putting it up whenever they get them get them out you can probably go to the open -air theology conference yeah whenever I'm assuming they'll have an open -air theology conference page or something yeah he's gonna put up all the video to and I'm gonna get with Jeff and we'll kind of release in tandem so that way people have audio video and our commentaries and interviews with the guests
Claude man it's so good to see you it was funny because I was talking to someone and like I said they said oh
I was coming down for James White I said I came down for Claude Ramsey James White's just a bonus I'll tell
James that when he gets here oh man Claude it's so good to see you brother thank you you know
I was talking last night you had left after we set up we're standing outside I said isn't it isn't it funny when you come into the family of God sometimes
I would even rather be with my brothers and sisters in the Lord than even my unbelieving extended family yeah because there's a bond there through the blood of Christ that is like no other you're right isn't it a beautiful thing because we know that we don't deserve what we've been given you're right and it causes us to go out and preach that good news to others because if we've been forgiven so much how could we not forgive amen you know
I'll be grateful hey man wake up every morning man with a heart of gratefulness I see that in you and I know it's true but cool man we just wanted to get you on here for a few minutes guys as always thanks for listening to these snippets from this conference make sure you go check out here
I stand theology podcast you're tired of me talking about it on the podcast just go subscribe just go listen you put some of your sermons up there too which
I love I got a surprise a few months ago and I said wait a minute it's a sermon he snuck a sermon in on me that was from a couple of years ago
I think I'm considering doing that I don't do it every once in a while I mean I loved it there's nothing wrong with that you know getting a sermon while you're listening to a podcast but your normal podcasts are like a sermon anyway you're preaching the word so you know cool
Claude thanks so much for coming on guys thanks for listening to another one as always chief end of band is the glorified
God enjoy him forever God bless be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast episodes and clips or email us at dead men walking podcast at gmail .com