YUUUGE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM APOLOGIA! - Reformed Podcast Bracket 2024 Update


I can't believe this. They have now set the standard.


Oh my goodness you guys this is getting insane. So quick announcement on the final four
Obviously we have dividing line versus haunted cosmos I'm sorry dividing line versus haunted cosmos Kings Hall versus Apologia in the
Kings Hall and Apologia bracket Here's what we have going on and I want you guys to check this out Apologia Studios just tweeted out five minutes ago
Hey guys, it's that time again go vote for Apologia If we win the trophy, we will put your name in a raffle to fly you out and take you to dinner with the
Apologia Studios team. Dr. James White has won enough and enough is enough Go vote for Apologia on X and comment here that you did so we can put you in the raffle right now
We're up against the Kings Hall after that. It's the final link to vote in the comments and then linked it up Here's the tweet from Apologia Studio.
This is insane We've never had anyone set the bar that high and say hey listen you go vote for us and We're gonna put you in a raffle and fly you out to Arizona so you can meet us have dinner with us
We need to beat the Kings Hall and then we need to beat James White of the dividing line and I saw that and I went this this is crazy.
I had to retweet it I'm like we're in the next level now That's huge right because you have to realize
Apologia Radio has not tweeted once about this entire bracket and they're in the final four
So them now picking this up in the final four and tweeting I think they're gonna give everyone in the last four in the last two brackets
Everyone a run for their money, but here's the even crazier thing. That was seven minutes ago,
I believe Four to five minutes ago. I'm gonna remove this The Kings Hall comes back and tweets
Hey Since Apologia is bribing people with vacations. Here we go
We will pick 20 people randomly to receive free tickets to the upcoming NCP conference tickets will be for immediate household of winner who reply with a screenshot proving they voted for the
Kings Hall all caps, let's go So they've responded
I mean this is absolute insanity you have Apologia Studios saying hey If you vote for me, you're going in a raffle and you're coming out to have dinner with us in Arizona You have the
Kings Hall going. Yeah, guess what since we're doing that he said we're bribing people I don't know that seems like strong language and technically
I don't have any rules in this bracket. I created the bracket I don't have any rules that say you can't offer
People votes I would say as long as it's offered to everyone equally It's it's fair game.
So the Kings Hall comes back and says hey We got 20 tickets to our conference an insane conference, by the way
Very popular a lot of people gonna be there. You go check it out probably on their page We're give you 20 tickets.
I mean, that's $2 ,000 worth of tickets You know bring your gang down there bring your boys down there and go have a good time
All you got to do is vote for Kings Hall Want to go hang out with Jeff and Luke and the boys out in AZ fly on a plane take a little vacay
Somewhere warmer if you're in the Midwest like I am go vote for them. They'll put you in a raffle
This the standard in this bracket has been set so high. I've been seeing some stuff.
Dr James White tweeted on dividing line haunted cosmos voted for that bracket the haunted cosmos voted their stuff as well
Hey go vote for us, but this bracket is insanity this Apologia Kings Hall bracket.
I mean, why would you not vote? Why would you not go vote for one of the other and Possibly get some free stuff
They're picking 20 people the Kings Hall for tickets Jeff and Luke are saying hey
Arizona I mean that can't be a cheap ticket if you're coming from the East Coast, man I've checked, you know plane flights recently.
I got to go to Texas this fall. I know what it's like to fly And they said hey if you
You know, here's apologies. Apology is again. Sorry. They said hey screenshot it and basically tell us that you voted and we'll put you in For a raffle and then
Kings Hall said yep same thing screenshot it 20 people that voted for us randomly will be chosen for tickets so We're in the next level guys.
I mean this isn't just about a trophy anymore. This is about bragging rights at this point This is about popularity
Here's the thing that scares me and I love the Kings Hall and I love Apologia Jeff was on the podcast almost four years ago.
He was one of our first guests was very gracious to come on Talk us up talk theology.
We absolutely love it Obviously Jeff has been a big influence on me to just over the last 10 or 12 years another brother that's saying by what standard
I absolutely agree But the Kings Hall I just been boning up on their stuff the last couple months and Guys, they're a great podcast.
It's crazy. But here's what scares me Apologia has not tweeted or retweeted one time this whole bracket
They got through with flying colors in the first round second round third round now, they're down to the final four now
They've picked it up. They're starting to put some of their social media behind it I don't know if I was if I was the
Kings Hall right now, I'd be just a little bit nervous I think they're leading in the polls currently. I probably should update you guys on that Let me let me pull the phone here and see what we got
Let's see where the polls are at because that would be nice to know that wouldn't it Sorry guys, give me a second.
Yeah, so currently Kings Hall at 55 % Apologia at 45 % 1 ,366 votes so it's already close.
It's like insanely close 10 %
You know, I could go either way and we're only two hours into this we still got 22 hours and 25 minutes hour and a half in and we're at 13 1400 votes and It's a 10 % difference.
I do know this it was 7030 within the first 30 minutes in Kings Hall So apology has already gained 15 points
So that's what I'm saying. If I was Kings Hall, I'd be a little nervous about this just because Apologia Doesn't just picked it up.
I mean no one there Jeff and Luke aren't even on Twitter Apologies on Twitter their show as a handle, but personally they're not even on Twitter.
I guess someone told him about it They figured it out now They're you know tweet about this but they didn't do anything for the first three rounds and they made it through there were being people 90 % to 10 %
Or 90, you know 94 to 6 91 to you know, whatever.
I don't know what it is Yeah, 94 to 6 in the first round 94 to 6 in the second round 64 to 36 and third round now
Apologies 64 36 in the fourth round with this is foster now. They're tweeting about it now.
They're going hey enough is enough We lost to dividing line last year. We're not gonna happen again, but we got to get past Kings Hall Now also you've got to realize the other
Opponent the opponent in this bracket Kings Hall is also part of haunted cosmos, which is in the final
So that's unique in and of itself the fact that there's two podcasts that share a host in the final four that speaks volumes to what
Brian's doing and all those other guys at Those two podcasts to be in the finals to two of you 64 different podcasts two of them are sharing a host or two different podcasts, but I think
Brian's on both of them That's insane. So this podcast has gotten gotten hot
You know, I thought haunted cosmos dividing line was the one to watch it is I mean haunted cosmos is is just creaming everybody but Kings Hall and Apologia, we've got two offers out there right now
If you're just jumping on I want to tell you the offer apology I said hey you vote for me you vote for Apologia in this
Bracket put your name on this post that we made on Twitter and we're gonna enter you enter you into a raffle to fly you out to meet
Jeff and Luke and the in the studio guys in the team and take you out to dinner
That's crazy. First of all, then Kings Hall comes back and says oh since apology is doing stuff
Guess what? We're giving away 20 tickets to our conference, you know a couple thousand dollars value worth of tickets
He said you go screenshot that you voted for us post it below. I do like it They said his screenshot it to they want proof
They want to see that you actually voted and just not putting your name in there Not that you would we're all believers here. We don't lie
I'm just saying someone might be out there, you know play with the rules a little bit say they voted They didn't they want proof you do that.
We'll give you 20 tickets tickets for your whole household Bring them out bring the kids out Bring the wife out heck round up the boys come out to the conference
We're giving you a couple thousand dollars worth of tickets if you win This is insane because this was something that was thought up in my office like 11 o 'clock at night one night when
I was bored and couldn't sleep and Posted it and now we're in year two and this is what we have going on in the final
I love that people are getting on board with us. Thank you to apologia Thank you to Kings Hall for being so gracious and understanding why we're doing this
So yes, it's fun and it's fun to promote your podcast Yes, but also getting people to know other podcasts looking at that 64 and going
Why is it my podcast on them that I listen to like I said, we're gonna be expanding this next year to 128
Because I think we could we have that many quality podcasts like that would reach the threshold but to have apologia to have
Kings Hall Do something like this on Twitter you guys that's so cool. I think it's just good for the people.
It's good for the listeners I mean and you guys both your podcasts I'm sure have a dedicated a wide vast dedicated audience and listenership
And that's so cool that you do something fun like this to give back to them to just goes to show you they deserve to Be in the bracket and they deserve to have that podcast because they understand what we're trying to do here
You know and then look at I I wanted to announce that because that just happened less than 10 minutes ago
But look at don't don't snub your noses at haunted cosmos and dividing line. I mean we got tweets going out by dr
James White, you know his hundred thousand plus followers that are you know, that'll go and vote for him haunted cosmos less followers but under haunted cosmos, but Absolutely loyal people are fired up about haunted cosmos dude
I mean fired up like you go tell me to vote. I'm voting. This is my favorite podcast out right now
I've had multiple people DM me and tag me and go this is the best podcast on Podcast on Apple on Spotify ever anywhere of all genres
That's saying a lot. There's 2 .2 million podcasts out there in the world, you know
So kudos to haunted cosmos, but like James White Dr. James White said hey, you want to vote for the guy who allowed you to get into podcasting the grant the wizard himself graybeard
Been doing this 40 years in the ministry. He was on radio back when you know Micro microphones and mixing equipment was the size of this room.
I mean millions and millions of streams worldwide Every year for dr.
James White in the dividing line. I mean, he's the OG. So what do you do? I mean he set the precedent so all of us guys could do stuff like this.
I mean he's been doing this He's just about as long as I've been alive that's crazy
So, you know you an old guard new guard two totally different shows both
Calvinistic in their beliefs right both Reformed you use that word loosely people got on me for calling this the reform bracket, too
We might have to change that but to to podcasts to do two totally different things, right? Dr. James White a lot of stuff debating theological stuff textural criticism
He covers political stuff sometimes from the camper great show haunted cosmos exploring all the crazy weird so I just went back and started listening to Farm the pharma
Kia episode and how they went through like magic mushrooms and cybicillin and how well done of A podcast a little jealous frankly, you know,
I'm gonna admit I said a little envious little jealous Some haunted cosmos how well that is produced
The research that goes into that believe me I know doing a weekly podcast just to get up to date on what
I'm talking about with my Guests that week it takes a little time. They're doing like this deep dive with all the right terminology all the right you know places and times in history and They've got to be doing all kinds of research and then to present it to you in such a great fashion interesting is
Just unbelievable and I would also say the haunted cosmos whoever's doing your audio over there the audio team
With the sound effects and the audio and just sounds beautiful and there's nothing better than a great sounding podcast sound and I'm saying that from a live stream that probably sounds horrible because I Listened back to it and something's going on with the live stream where it's really it's really thinning out my voice.
So It's not lost on me that the audio isn't the greatest right now on this but it always gets lost in live stream
But whoever whoever their audio team is kudos to haunted cosmos because the audio sounds beautiful And when you're listening to something you need it to sound beautiful.
I'm a musician man. I'm all about sound I'm all about how it how it hits my ears. I mean, it's mastered beautifully engineered very well so kudos to haunted cosmos, but as well
Dude, you've guys heard me say it on this podcast. I was struggling through the doctrines of grace going.
What is this? I grew up in like a Pentecostal and then before that a very legalistic church and I was you know, basically a
And Arminian from you know with the rapture hatch theology and I didn't know any different and James White James White's book with you know, debating
Calvinism, but Dave Hunt I was reading through it I'm like, oh I was a big Dave Hunt fan I think Dave Hunt is gonna wipe this
Wipe the wipe the floor with this guy and I got the halfway through the book and I was like, oh my gosh James is the most biblical person in this book.
He's defending scripture. James is defending tradition Or I'm not sorry. Dave is defending tradition.
So What do I do? I love the haunted cosmos But you know, the doc is the is the one who helped walk me through the doctrines of grace in my early 20s
I mean that's insane, you know, then I got into the professor R .C. Sproul and it was all over, you know,
I'm a bonafide Westminster reformed Presbyterian, but took it took 15 years to get there, but I was just joking early with some of my
Reformed Baptist friends in a group chat about that started a fight this morning sent him a baptism meme and It was it was off to the races
But yeah, I won't stand here too long I just wanted to make that announcement for those of you I saw we just got about another 50 or 60 people jump on I wanted to show you this just to sum up then
I'll log off and let you guys get back to life Apology, Gia comes out and says hey if you guys are
You guys go vote for us We're gonna we're gonna put you in a raffle we're gonna fly you out to Arizona and you can come meet the studio team and go out to dinner
Screenshot your name below and post your name below and we'll put you in a raffle to fly you to Arizona right after that Kings Hall Says, oh, yeah.
Well since apology is doing that We'll pick 20 people randomly to receive free tickets in the upcoming
NCP conference tickets will be for the media household of the winner I Mean, that's a couple thousand dollars worth of tickets.
They're giving away It says hey, give us a screenshot proving you voted for the Kings Hall So go vote for Kings Hall screenshot it you're in for some tickets go vote for apology.
Yeah screenshot it post it on their post and You might be you're in for a raffle for a flight out to Arizona.
Gee, I want to meet Jeff and the guys out there I wish I could vote To vote jeez, you don't know
I'm just I'm kidding. I'm impartial. You know that I'm completely impartial I love all four of these podcasts.
They're all awesome And that that's the that's the fact of the matter There are so many good quality podcasts even in the 64 list and even when
I go listen when we expand it to 128 there's gonna be some hard decisions next year because Listen, I love podcasts and there's a lot of good.
There's some bad ones out there. Believe me, but you know, maybe they're just starting out They're not working out. They're producing the audio maybe what they're talking about But overall in the reformed
Calvinistic podcast world, I would say we have some of the best podcasts I would put them up against anyone else any other kind of genre of Christianity I think ours is the best and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it
I'm saying I because I listen to them and then I go listen to non Calvinistic and non -reformed and it's it's
I Don't know not that great. You're not really learning a whole lot. It's a lot of you know
Praise God and he loves me which is true and I praise God and he does love me But man,
I want to get into the deep things of God and you can't do that unless you're listening to a reformed Calvinistic podcast so guys, like I said
Kings Hall thrown it thrown down the gauntlet 20 tickets Or 20 people are gonna get tickets to the
NCP conference Thousands of dollars worth of tickets to the conference if you if you vote for them and then apology here saying hey
We'll put your name in a raffle if you vote for us and we'll fly out to AZ Meet with the studio meet with us guys and go out to dinner
So there you go. We're gonna see let's let's do an update real quick since you guys are on the live stream with me
Where are we? Where are we on the Bracket, let's see.
It was 55 45 when I just checked like five minutes ago Now why didn't
I leave that out by my phone, you know, I'm talking about it instead I'm in like nine different spots here
There we go 54 46 so in the eight minutes that I've been talking apology again another percent
And that was about 200 votes so You know, we're we're 8 % away from an even split right now four points on either side
It's only four points. So there are eight point lead, but you know what? I mean four points and get you even so Wow Go vote go vote.
Make sure you don't forget dividing line and hot on Cosmos They're there in the finals and then Kings Hall and apology.