Dr. James White: The Complete Camping Episode! DMW#182


For the first time in podcast history, Dr. James White was on a Christian podcast, and he didn't discuss theology or doctrine once! That's right, Greg sat down with the Doc, and they talked camping! They discussed the last two years of of James being mostly on the road in his 5th wheel, debating, preaching, and ministering all over the Untied States. They got detailed on equipment, best practices, interesting campsites, and the challenges and the blessings this new type of ministry has afforded him. Dr. White also stuck around for a segment called "Hillsong or Love Song." You won't want to miss it. Enjoy! Dr. James White is the Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries, Author, Host of The Dividing Line, and participated in over 180 moderated debates. @AominOrg : https://www.aomin.org/aoblog/ Dead Men Walking Podcast: http://www.dmwpodcast.com


Exploring theology, doctrine, and all of the fascinating subjects in between, broadcasting from an undisclosed location,
Dead Men Walking starts now. Well hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of Dead Men Walking podcast.
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You know, generally we have that undisclosed location, which is false.
I tell you where I'm at all the time, and then we also say exploring doctrine and theology, which we're not doing,
I don't think, a lot of on this episode. So my intro is a complete lie to you guys this episode, so well, deal with it.
But I want to get right into it. What was that shirt you were wearing when we met last? That was a complete lie as well.
Yes, that is the voice of Dr. James White, author, director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, pastor, the whole deal, and he's on the road, we want to talk to him today.
So I think last time I was going to try to give him an official intro and he interrupted too, so he likes to get right into it, he doesn't waste time.
I like it. And he also teases me a lot about the clothes I wear, shoes, suits, things like that.
So I like it though. When you make it that easy for me, what am I supposed to do? Well, in my mind,
I go by the saying, you roast the ones you love. So I will take that as we have a loving friendship and nothing more.
And he's rolling his eyes. Okay, so this is going to be an interesting episode because we're going to have
Dr. James White on and we're not going to talk about theology or doctrine probably at all, which is probably something different than what you'd expect from him.
Obviously, very popular, doing hundreds of moderated debates and things like that. So I wanted to talk to him about being on the road because he's been on the road in his camper.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a year or is it a little less or a little more? Two years? How long has it been?
I feel like it's been longer. Not continuously, obviously. But this year, it'd be about five months out of this year is going to be on the road.
So yeah, and of course, before we started doing the RV, I flew. And I flew 165 ,000 miles in 2019 alone and spent almost two months in London.
And I was in Samara, Russia, South Africa, Australia, just all over the world.
So being away from home isn't overly unusual. But what has changed, of course, is now
I am in a Jayco fifth wheel. And that's what changed starting in July of 2021.
So this is two years now. Two years now, I've been pulling two different trucks and two different RVs so far.
And hopefully our current combination will be for quite some time. Well, we're going to get into that because I want to talk equipment.
We won't get too techy. But before we do, for any of those watching on the YouTube stream, too, we love the ministry so much that we actually have.
And you can see here on the screen, we have a James White getting real in the fifth wheel T -shirt, full in purple with the
Coogee background. And any of you want to purchase this shirt, all proceeds will go to, all profits will go to Alpha and Omega Ministries because we appreciate what he's doing.
You can see we have a bunch of beautiful different colors there. And it's a picture of James White. This is getting real in the fifth wheel, and we absolutely love it.
So a little promotion there. It drives traffic to our site, and whatever we make off that's going to go to Alpha and Omega Ministries so you can continue doing what you're doing.
I'm sure your whole budget is completely dependent on my T -shirt sales. But OK, so let's get into equipment.
So what are you using right now? We have a lot of people out there that do camp, that do pull campers, fifth wheels, pop -ups, all that kind of stuff.
What's the vehicle you're pulling with, and what are you in specifically on the Jayco fifth wheel? OK, well, let's back up a little bit so there's some context.
I had never RV'd in my life until May of 2021.
And, of course, what's May of 2021? Lockdowns, vaccines, masks, the whole nine yards.
And I haven't been traveling now for a long time at that point. And we're like, man,
I'm getting stir -crazy. I'd like to get back out amongst the people again. And how are we going to do that?
And so I don't even know how I came up with the idea, but we rented a little 19 -foot self -contained unit.
It had, I don't know, 150 ,000 miles on it. It wasn't much of anything, but we rented it to see if it's something
I could even learn to do. Could I sleep in it? Would I be able to rest?
What is it? In hindsight, it was a disastrous trip.
I drove to Pryor, Oklahoma, and spoke at Derek Melton's church.
Derek Melton, you probably know, as a pastor, what you probably don't know is he was head of SWAT before he retired from the police department.
And then he took up making knives. And you may have seen some of his Melton forged knives.
He's tremendously skilled at it, beautiful, beautiful knives. And so I went to speak at his church.
Well, we rented this thing. And less than two hours after I picked it up,
I didn't know this at the time, but I destroyed the air conditioner by hitting a basketball hoop at church.
And a couple days later, I'm driving in New Mexico, and I hit a thunderstorm, and it just starts pouring through the roof.
So when I got to Derek's place, he's up there with me on the top of the roof.
We're trying to push what's left of the air conditioner back where it's supposed to be and taping it all up.
But I kept trying to put that off, going, okay, that's something else.
Try to see if you could actually do this, if you could rest and sleep and learn how to do this kind of stuff.
And when I got back, we decided, yeah, we're going to go for it. And I have to thank
Derek, because he has like a 32 -foot pole behind.
Now, until May of 2021, I didn't know what a fifth wheel was. I didn't know what a pole behind was. I didn't know what a toy hauler was.
None of that stuff. I had heard all of it on advertising on TV, but I had no idea what any of it meant.
And Derek said if he were to do it again, he would get a fifth wheel. And he explained that when you attach a fifth wheel, it's attached in the bed of your truck over your rear axle.
Yeah, better weight distribution. I'm sorry? Better weight distribution, better control too, yeah.
Yeah, it's significantly more stable in wind, in turning, in all of that kind of stuff.
So I'm like, okay, I remember that. He also said get a diesel. I did remember that.
We didn't, but should have. Anyway, and he talked about the construction.
His has the aluminum side. Get the other kind, which is obviously what we did.
Anyways, well, we had no idea what we were doing. Neither Rich or I had a clue. And so he goes by Sun City RV, and I'm thinking getting something little because I was in a 19 -footer and I survived.
I even rode my bike in there. I had just enough room to set up my trainer and ride in the unit.
It made getting around real tough, but I did it. And so we ended up, they told us, well, what you need is you need a grand design.
Grand design's the best, and you need to get a grand design. So we ended up at a dealership,
I won't mention it, where basically, and this is something everyone needs to know if you're thinking about doing this, once they've got your money, you don't exist anymore.
And so you can get a real good initial price, but good luck on maintenance or getting anything fixed that needs to get fixed or anything like that.
Yeah, you're kind of on your own. You're on your own. Yeah, you really are. And again, we ended up going with a grand design
Reflection 150, a 260RD if anyone is interested.
So that was a 21 model, and it's 30 feet long. And again, remember,
I have never done RVing. I've never pulled anything. I've never driven anything.
You jumped right in. You jumped right in with a 30 foot fifth wheel. Yeah. And so the two things that we had to get was the fifth wheel and then the truck.
And so Rich one night says, hey, I've been looking online. Here are some trucks.
And the first one he sent me. Again, I'm so naive that I assumed 5 .3
liters was huge. Right. I mean, that sounded really big to me.
Okay. Sounds big. Sure. You know, it's only a 325 actually. But make long story short, there was a beautiful 2018
GMC Sierra. And it had a 5 .3 liter Ecotech engine.
I don't know if anybody knows what an Ecotech engine is. But man, the technology on that thing is incredible. And I've talked to a lot of people that know motors, and it's a great, great, great motor.
So it was $14 ,000 less than almost any other used truck available in Phoenix at the time.
And it had less miles. And so Rich is like,
I bet you when we get there, we'll find out it was in an accident or something like that. So the next morning, we go down to the dealer, and we find this beautiful truck.
And perfectly clear car facts. It's never been in an accident. We'll never know why it was so much less expensive than anything else that was available at the time.
But we bought it and went through the joy of having the fifth wheel hitch installed at the dealership where we bought the fifth wheel.
That was, again, cheap prices, cheap service.
That's just sort of how that ends up. Finding a good dealership is important. The problem is you don't have any guarantee that once you've found one, they're going to keep the people they've got now for very long in the future.
So it's been interesting along those lines. So anyways, I ended up doing my first trip all the way up through.
I'm in Colorado right now, through Colorado, all the way up to Moscow, Idaho. So we did one little trip.
I went up to Prescott Valley. I just didn't want to go on a multi -thousand mile trip without having at least practiced, done something.
Because when I first got that little 19 -footer, I think I was in Holbrook at the
KOA in Holbrook. And I'm standing outside it, and I'm holding the sewer hose.
And this guy, I shouldn't tell people this, but this guy is walking his dog.
And if you've been to RV parks, you know that everyone's walking a dog at some point or another, even if it's not your dog.
And this guy goes walking by and goes, sir, sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but where do you put the sewer hose?
I didn't know what a sewer drop was. I had no idea. I'd never used one. It's that white thing down there in the ground.
Thank you. Thank you very much. How do I get that off? Okay. All right. So that was where I started.
And so I went up to Prescott Valley and made some mistakes.
And you're having to learn how to use that hitch. And the big thing for a long time, the big challenge for me was getting hooked up.
Because you have to aim your truck in, and you have to get the head of that hitch right where it needs to be, the head on the unit into that hitch.
So they'll hook up. Well, lo and behold, a year into this, Rich is doing some reading.
I would not be out here were it not for Rich. Rich has done so much work on this stuff.
The studio I'm in right now, he built. He designed. When I'm on the road and something goes wrong, he's on the phone.
He's getting repairmen out. I mean, I wouldn't be out here without Rich, especially his first few trips.
I have no idea what in the world I'm doing. And so I was just constantly having to put a lot of energy out to just hook up.
Yeah. And then about a year later or so, Rich is doing some reading. Which, very quickly, for those listening, a fifth wheel is a lot more difficult to hook up than, let's say, a travel trailer, where you can get within the vicinity of the hitch and the bumper, and the weight will kind of carry it onto it.
You have to be pretty precise because you're dealing with a three, maybe three and a half inch, four inch wide circle that has to slide level on it in the back of the truck, which sometimes you can't see.
Most people use markers, or if they're lucky enough to have a backup camera. So I'm just explaining the pain for everyone listening.
Go ahead. Right. The first truck did not have a camera. The truck I own now was designed to pull a fifth wheel.
It is glorious. But I'll get to it in a second. So, Rich reads about the zerks, which
I've never even heard the word zerk before. But there are lubrication zerks on the hitchhead.
And so he gets in there and he lubes this thing up. And now I can just barely kiss the thing.
Just snap, boom, we're in. I mean, the first year of fighting it and fighting it was all just simply a matter that the people that installed it hadn't lubricated it properly.
And so once we got that done, things got a whole lot easier.
Make a long story short, I pulled all the way up to Moscow, Idaho. That first trip,
I went down. There's this huge hill coming out of Moscow. It's like 7 % for miles.
And people don't understand, it's one thing to go up a hill. Everybody thinks about that.
And that was my thing I was primarily focused upon. But I didn't realize, you've got to think about, you've got to go back down the hill.
And you're being chased by that Reflection 150 was about 7 ,800 without anything in it.
So over 8 ,000 pounds is chasing you down the hill. And that's one of the reasons why
Derek had said, get a diesel. And I didn't know this. Again, when you hear a truck going down a hill, you'll hear it going using engine braking.
And my 2018 GMC Sierra would do engine braking. It had a button and it would do it.
But a gas engine just simply doesn't produce much in the way of resistance. Certainly nothing compared to what a diesel does.
and so That was a safety issue. Okay. Yeah, but I pulled that thing out to g3
Pennsylvania, Louisiana Had a real close call in it in Florida a guy pulled out in front of me
I mean he was in a little chevette if I had hit him I don't know that I would have even noticed it
But there wouldn't been much left if I had but in avoiding him I damaged the the tongue on the unit and it was so wonderful because I ended up in Louisiana I was speaking at church there that night
While I'm speaking at the church They have people at my unit fixing my unit and so by the time
I get back I'm ready to go the next day and it's all fixed up and and Welding has been done and all the rest of stuff people in Louisiana are just amazing
They they really are and they're gonna come back into the story a little bit later on So, so I was very happy with all of that but In the back of my mind
I recognized The truck was underpowered 5 .3
liters is not a big engine actually and We just weren't exactly sure what to do about that sometime
I was somewhere in Texas Sitting in again while these little
RV parts that didn't have much to live Internet coverage and My wife doesn't travel with me.
She's take care of her mom. So she has a little job She lost her her full -time job during kovat and now
The idea of how good a shape she's in she teaches like four or five aerobics classes a week And so I don't know that she would ever really enjoy being in an
RV anyways, but the bedroom Seemed like a real waste of space Yeah, this big old bed.
I only use like a third of it and the rest of it is just storage storage storage So, you know that's in the back of my mind and as i'm going down hills i'm going safety safety safety
And then i'm sitting at a an rv park in texas and I've sat in a lot of rv parks in texas.
Now. I know all the roads between arizona and east and north anyway, uh
I was thinking about how big the bedroom was how much of the unit it takes up and how little use it was to me and I started thinking about derek melton's unit again
And He has a little bunk house in the back with bunks that his grandkids sleep in When they go out to the lake and stuff like that and I started thinking if I had bunks in the back
We could not been doing the dividing line from the unit, but i've been doing it sitting at the kitchen table
Sure, and if I would like reach up and do something on the computer the cameras camera shaking
And and stuff like that um, and it's like uh I'm still doing the program, but I can't do a lot of the stuff that I normally would do and so I started going what if I could find a unit
That had bunks in the back that I could sleep in And we convert the bedroom
Which most most of the master bedrooms I am in the very front of Our second a fifth wheel a jaco eagle um 35 foot fifth wheel
And I am basically sitting Um smack dab in the middle of where the bed would be
And so I came up with that idea and I thought we could We could convert the bedroom
And there was one thing about the grand design 260rd by the way that drove me insane You could not use the bathroom without putting the slide up Ah and that meant when you're traveling
You the one big advantage To having your house with you. I didn't have
I would have to somehow get completely off the road I couldn't pull over any place because when you put the slide out it goes out in the traffic
Right. And so that was a major design drawback that I recognized from the first time
I was in it And it just became more and more of a pain as time went on and so I floated the idea to rich.
We started looking around. I started looking around online and interestingly enough the first Fifth wheel that I found
That wasn't super long. I don't want to be super long guys with 40 45 foot fifth wheels
And they've got to go through the truck lanes at the gas stations they cannot possibly get through what you know
This is always a challenge under your truck And I didn't want to get much longer
The first unit I found online was the one i'm sitting I looked at a bunch of others
And all of them that had bunks in the back Just got longer and longer and heavier and heavier
Yeah, and so once we found this one, it's like okay 35 feet, I think I can probably handle that Yeah, it's five feet longer than what i'm used to but that is five feet five feet but I think
I can do it the next thing was the truck and This was providential here is
I I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to talk about some theology You said we weren't going to talk about theology, but When I was at the church in louisiana
A young man came up to me and he gave me a card and he said if you ever need a truck Let me know And people give me cards all the time.
I think you gave me a card. I don't know where it is I don't think you did. Um, I don't
I don't have cards Okay, that's that that that that's probably good. Um, and Something said hold on to this card
And so I did So I put this card in a special place in our first rv
And when rich and I decided yeah, we need to get a uh, a uh diesel I mean
You know, you get a business card. It's like over a year old. The guy could be in botswana. He could be in prison
You never know. Um You know, he could be wearing a satin jacket, uh and doing interviews at conferences
Thing people change and uh, so I dropped a um, I dropped an email to him and the next morning
I get up And here's links to three different trucks And I sent them to rich and uh rich looks at him
And we both decided yeah that second of the three Um looks absolutely perfect.
Of course. We're also looking at the price And so I won't go
I won't go into total detail, but I have a dear dear dear dear friend that uh is a supporter of the ministry and is is very well off and I was talking to him about other stuff
And um, he said, you know, we need to have you out there um, so He made it possible for us to get that truck and yeah, uh anyone who's followed the dividing line knows that then when we did
We decided because once we got once I got a 2500. So it's a three quarter ton
Uh with a big 6 .6 liter turbo diesel 10 speed allison transmission. I mean this thing could pull a house
Uh, the problem was our first grand design was designed for a 1500 And a 2500 is considerably taller
And so now it looks like it's pulling a wheelie And it's like there's nothing we could do about as far as the hitch and stuff like that We put it down as low as we could so we went to our supporters
And said well, you know, I found this unit once I decided let's let's convert the the bedroom into a studio
And we didn't know how to do that We'd never heard of anybody that's ever done anything like that And rich designed all this stuff and if you could see
Just how seamless this is? um You'd go. Where did you get this guy?
Uh, and how come he has all these skills because he does And I mean i've got two 4k cameras and i've got a
A switching device sitting here and I can put my mac up And i've got uh panel lights up here that are leds.
They don't produce a whole bunch of of uh of heat and um Now I did the background
I want credit for something. Okay. Okay I I designed
I I found the the the oops Okay, i'll take credit for that too.
I'm, sorry. I'm sorry. You can undoubtedly hear that I will Hopefully this will work sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't but Get yourself an rv that has um uh remote control via your phone so We have two um units
Uh two air conditioning units because I live in phoenix even as it is when I get home. It's gonna be 118 degrees
It doesn't matter if I have both of them running Um, it is it is not going to be able to get this thing below about 85 degrees at best
Uh in phoenix, that's just all that's all there is to it. But um I have to make sure to turn off that unit
Because it's just way too loud. You can you can hear it over the microphone and stuff like that but I did I did this
I actually You'll notice it's all matched up and it's the only skill set I have
But I I pulled that off and the light which drives rich nuts, but I love it and a few people out there the audience
Anyways, our supporters did all this they paid for all the equipment, you know, these 4k cameras aren't exactly cheap
And they paid off the entire jaco 35 foot fifth wheel um in like one month and uh, so this thing is all paid off and uh, this is my
Second major trip with it and uh in september i'm going to take into the g3 uh, but i'm doing i'm doing a debate with a guy named gregory coles who is part of the
Um, I am a celibate homosexual But I am a gay christian movement type stuff, right?
And we'll be we'll be debating in pennsylvania and is that Is that public yet or do you have uh?
Okay, we'll make sure we link it up Yeah, we're we're putting the graphic together today. So it should be up fairly quickly
Um, but we'll be debating and then i'm swinging down to atlanta And i'm really excited because my wife's going to get to come and yeah, but she there's one there's one thing
We get rid of the bedroom so It has two two bunks in the back but For example, i'm looking over here.
This is where most of your storage would be would be right over here for a bedroom um and most of it is where we put the cameras because People who don't know much about rving don't realize just how much
Vibration and getting banged around everything in here experiences and so The cameras have to be they're basically in a drawer with the same kind of packing material cut out for them in the whole nine yards to just keep them safe and so Um my wife even if she wanted to come with me now really we
I don't know that we could actually work it out. Um Given how we have everything set up.
But anyways, so i'm gonna i'm gonna jaco what I really like about this jaco Uh better than the grand design is
I have those cool Colorful lights on the front end You know so I can turn it on Night, you know, you've got that real pretty
I was really jealous of everybody else in the rv parks when I had my grand design because I didn't have anything
It was just it was just dark and it was sad. Yeah so so Yeah, it's a it's a 2023
And that means got lots of led lights. And like I said, I can control stuff with my with my phone it doesn't always work perfectly, but uh, it is it is a really really nice unit, so Uh, so i'm 51 feet long
Uh 13 feet three inches tall, uh when i'm when i'm hooked up and right at Say about eight thousand pounds
Wow, so like we were saying too. I mean this is your kind of First go at it.
I mean you jumped right in right? I mean you didn't start with a Pop -up or anything like that. I mean 55 foot long fifth wheel 2500 you're getting that and you're when you're coming down those hills you're carrying all that weight, too
Initially it was a 1500 pickup with a gas engine
And a grand design that was only 30 feet long. So I was like 40 I don't know 47 feet or something at that point and maybe about 15 000
So yeah, it is a little bigger a little bit heavier um, but the the truck that we got
Is a gmc sierra at4 2500 hd so this thing
Designed to pull a fifth wheel It has an entire computer suite inside for trailering
It knows which trailer you have it remembers the the brake settings I mean it has a camera
Um, and this was I was telling you earlier The big challenge initially was hooking up now.
Yeah, that's absolutely second nature I have a camera I can watch that thing. It's got a line so I can get it lined up Watch that thing go straight in just Just as sweet as can be
It has the puck system in the bed so we could change we could put a different hitch in there if we wanted very very easily um
It's got a connection because the old one i'd have to You know If you have a fifth wheel you have to connect The and the same thing with a with a pull behind you have to have that cable that you connect up to your truck
So the brakes and the lights and stuff like that. I had to put that over the the the
Tailgate of the old truck this has connections inside yet So you don't have it hanging over the back and all the rest that kind of stuff whoever designed that truck
Pulled fifth wheels. There's just no doubt about it at all. Yeah, they knew what they were doing So what's the longest road trip you've been on so far before you get back to kind of home base in arizona?
Are you going a couple days a couple weeks a couple months? Oh, no, I did. Um, I did the g3 in washington dc last summer
And so that's a that's a good distance from arizona. So that that was right around 5 000 miles
Um, this trip is 33 days Uh, though it got cut in half, uh distance wise, but this is the longest trip of 33 days.
So I you know You have to go long and you know when you're doing it this way you have to go long enough
To make it worth the investment um But I don't want to be you know, i'm still I'm still pastored apology of church.
I need to sort of show up once in a while uh, I can't just be the guy who just always, you know flits in flits out type of a situation so Um, yeah 33 days so far and I i'll try to avoid anything longer than that.
But look february coming up Uh five debates i'll be in telehoma again um
Yeah And trying to arrange all those people to get them all in the right places at the same time
I I could have to be out a little bit longer than that to make it all work. We'll see Um, but it'll be worth it.
Believe me the the debates we are lining up for will be great No, absolutely. Look at I i've seen people, uh do you know kind of road trips in ministry and things like that But never with a mobile studio to your extent to where you're also doing a live
Uh in pre pre -recorded and live updates on your show It's like it's pretty crazy because the setup you have now when
I tune in I mean, I know from the backdrop where you're at But if you were just a new listener you'd go
Oh, this guy's in his studio and he's doing his you know podcast and radio show and all that I mean, it's pretty amazing
I always go what kind of internet is he using because in my experience it is really
Oh my gosh, you go to some places and it's like you're not texting let alone getting a stream.
Are you using satellite? smoke signals Yeah, no, you're exactly right.
Um, one thing people do need to know is uh, rv parks have Widely varying internet capacity i've been in some parks
That had super high speed 5g Poles about every three slots
And you'd have five bars and it was unbelievable That's the exception not the rule.
I can assure you of that. There are parks that have zippity -dippity doodah Uh, they're they're parks that have
I mean as soon as everybody pulls in in the afternoon the evening It slows down to like a 2400 baud modem speed.
I mean it can get really really bad. So we have Obviously we can do the park wi -fi if it happens to be really really good
The main thing we use is a 5g hotspot that's sitting right there um and In in the location i'm at right now
We've gotten as much as 329 megabits. Um Download speed on it.
So it's it can be lightning fast, but that's self. So there are a lot of places
I stop Uh, especially crossing texas where You're not going to get that.
Uh, it's not going to work for you. So we do have starlink And starlink can work.
And in fact, I don't know that I checked Yeah, i'm on starlink right now. Um so uh
I should be on on the 5g because it's faster. But as long as it's working for you um, right, it's just a one of the
One thing about having all these gadgets Is you've got to remember all of the gadgets you've got to remember
Turn that on turn that on and for example, i've turned on the cameras before and forgot to turn the power on And 20 minutes later the battery dies and it's like oh
Okay. Yeah, you know So there's there's a there is a learning curve and then there's a memory curve with all this stuff
Uh, but yeah, we're using starlink starlinks our backup Because yeah, we can get into places but when you're in rv park
Right here. I don't have any trees in the way, but man i've been in rv parks where I wasn't really able to use starlink
Uh, so yeah, it's it's it can be a challenge on that. Yeah Yeah, a lot of different I mean when you go on the road and you're mobile
It's it's a whole new world of things that could go and will go wrong And you need to kind of troubleshoot get quick at responding to them.
Um, one other question I would ask you When you're out there on the road, there's got to be some stuff.
That's just going okay, this is this is tough i'm not looking forward to doing this or it's uh, not not the most fun part of of this not that you're just out there for fun, but What would be one of those things and then what are some of the blessings that the lord has bestowed upon you by?
kind of this new type of Ministry of being on the road for extended periods of time What's something that is kind of a challenge and something that you go?
Wow, what a blessing Yeah, um My trip in february, um about an hour and a half in my left shoulder started killing me
And it hurt me the whole trip and when I got back i've got a great chiropractor She was working on she said, you know, we need to get you an mri because we're not getting anywhere and when we did we found out
I had I had tears in my rotator cuff and my right and my left bicep tendon and And it's from driving
Uh, it's it's from it's from it's from doing this this number And so now I have to drive with a pillow underneath this this elbow and I and i've got to try to do stuff to try to Keep that from happening because the fact of matter is especially if you're alone
Um, there are physical aspects to our being you have to be able to get down and put your struts down and you've got to be able to do stuff in the bed of your truck and do the unhooking and you've got to do the
The sewer and the water and the electricity and man that that electrical cable especially because I can do 50 amps
I've got two ac units that thing ain't light And you've got to be able to wrestle this stuff around It's it's it's not for I'm not sure i've never seen anybody
Honestly in a wheelchair in one of these rv parks alone doing rv. I just don't know that it's possible so, right, um
So there are some physical challenges along the way and you know I've had to I've had to set up in drenching rain
I was I was in new mexico once and a storm hit right as I pulled in And by the time I got into my slot, there was like three inches of water all around the electrical connection
Oh fun I'm, sort of like How much do I want to have electricity
You know and eventually I found rocks To create a walkway
And i'm so i'm sort of you know doing this number trying to plug in going us could be the end this is this is it
So yeah, there there's challenges. There's challenges like that. No No, no that's why
I want to talk about stuff like this because people don't realize how difficult it is to be on the road like this and doing this and pulling that equipment and setting up every time and Tearing down and I mean you you've always been a guy that you know loves a challenge
Obviously and with your cycling and you know all that kind of stuff You obviously have a mindset of like yeah, let's go try it.
I don't care if it's difficult But people tuning in and just watching. Oh, yeah. He's in a rv.
Yeah Well, it's not like you're putting up an umbrella and sipping on a margarita. It's like it is work to do that You know not that you would sip on a margarita
There are there are a lot of things you have to remember Um, I can set up and break down much faster now than I could the first say six months
Because there are efficient there are efficient ways of doing it and then there are not so efficient ways of doing it But the thing that's always in the back of my mind i'm sitting here looking at In every rv you have internal sliding doors
And you have to make sure That before you start moving those things are latched down There's a little button thing up the top to make sure that you know that because if not, it's going to be going back and forth back and forth bang bang bang bang and Everything is going to be destroyed by the time you get back in and You really?
I have felt pressure because of what God's people have spent to Make this these purchases.
I feel pressured to not destroy this thing, you know, um, I mean sure it's fully insured
I get it. But but I just You know I will double check stuff.
I've developed a certain routine where I walk around the outside and I walk around the inside and double checking
All these types of things. So yeah, there's a lot of there's is a lot of that but there's also A sense of pride honestly that I have learned to do this.
I've pulled about 40 000 miles now Uh, I didn't we traded in the first unit and it was in great shape.
The truck was in great shape No damages no running into anything And you know, we store this in phoenix.
We need to I don't have any place in my home to park this It's not I don't have room for it um We store it
In a storage facility that is covered And because in phoenix if you don't
You know just set a set a match to it. Otherwise, you're just gonna roast it And i'm gonna tell you something.
You got to back into that sucker And you've got about i'd say nine to ten inches on each side is all you've got and It takes a while To gain any type of confidence and i'll tell you even right now.
I still do that very slowly I am very very careful because Not only am
I next to somebody else's property and I don't want to damage them Um, but almost always there's a pole a steel pole
Uh that you're you're pulling next to so I don't want to damage mine and so I take it nice and slow but I have to have the ability to To get that back there and get it parked straight.
I'd like to leave it crooked. Uh, that would be embarrassing Um, but there are there are skills.
It is amazing. Think about it You can go buy one of these things And pull it off the lot and take off With next to no training at all with really no training at all
And so I mean they're people, you know the first time I pulled the grand design Uh, I only had a few weeks before I was going to be heading to colorado and rich is like well
You want me to just because rich used to have a boat. So at least he had pulled something behind a truck I'm, like no, dude. I've got to i've got to find out
I got to start start building some skills here and it was a little nerve -wracking at first, but You know after you've gone through some tough passes mountain passes
Uh, i'll i'll go through raton pass in southern colorado, uh on my way home this weekend and that Raton pass has been under construction and I see no progress whatsoever in that construction for three years
Yeah, it's single lane both directions rough road Narrow the barriers that you're always concerned about And you know
But i've gotten through it every single time without damaging anything and eventually you start getting some level of of confidence and it's like Okay, you know, uh, so but you know,
I I I very quickly if I wanted to if if I if if I wasn't
So i'm doing this to travel so many nights If i'm on a real nice level thing,
I won't even hook unhook the truck I'll put the struts down and i'll put the rear struts down to take some weight off the truck
But why i'm not going anywhere i'm not going to be driving to do anything and first thing tomorrow i'm taking off anyway
So why bother? um But if I was staying in places like i've been in this place for over three weeks
Oh, wow, there would be an amazing ability to do Ministry in a place like this And it'd be easy to do
I have a little a little telescope in the back Set that telescope outside At night
And because everybody goes for walks everybody. I can't believe how many people have pets and I mean i've seen adult men come out of a teardrop
Less than 10 foot long little bit of nothing Followed by about an 85 pound dog
Yeah I don't even know how they do that. It's just amazing to me.
Um, Everybody walks their dogs and you set that that uh, uh telescope up out there
And yeah, and i've done that And you end up with talking to everybody about god's creation.
I've prayed with people all sorts of stuff You could literally Do rv park ministry, uh, if that was something that you you felt called to do and who knows maybe once i'm
You know 87 years old or something like that can't do debates anymore Maybe that's uh, that's something to do.
I don't know Yeah, I actually we met a gentleman, uh in southern indiana that that did that and he was about in his 80s and he just went to parks and he walked around and Hey, I want to talk to you about the lord.
I go you're in the right spot brother Sit down and we visited for about two hours And uh, he always loves, you know, he goes
I always love finding another believer to talk about but i'm out there for the lost I said well god bless you and you know, here's another thing you mentioned.
I gotta learn how to do this I mean you put 40 000 miles on that or you've traveled 40 000 miles. There's people who own
Campers and rvs that don't don't put 40 000 miles on in the decades that we own So you are on an expedited path to You're you're going through a crash course
Uh, you know and for those that are listening that that do camp or pull something They understand when you're talking about those one lane construction, you know
They put the coat over too far and you're like, oh i'm probably gonna either hit that or miss it by an inch All that good stuff and then you get to your destination and you go boy
I need a massage or something all the tensions right up there because I was white knuckling it through the mountains Yeah, but we but we appreciate it, you know, the listeners get to reap the benefit of it
Obviously the people at your debates the things that you're going to I mean, it's pretty amazing last time when last february when we just talked for a few moments
It was like well i'll see what I have on the schedule next month and we'll see if we can fit it in and it's like How cool because you also don't have that I would think
You don't have that flexibility when you have to kind of fly in rent a car drive to a spot
It feels like you're a little more nimble in that to where if it's like, you know Okay, sure. It's 60 miles out of my way, but it's kind of on the way
I can hit it and and do that Function or you know, it just seems such a cool concept that you're that accessible
And then you have a heart to be able to be that accessible to people Well, you know what we did is is we uh, we've set up an email address, uh roadtrip at aomin .org
one word roadtrip org and churches send in an email
And I have an entire map that I can pull up Of all the churches that have said if you're coming through it doesn't matter whether it's a tuesday or a thursday or whatever
If you're coming through We'd like to try to set up, you know, just a an evening thing We know you're traveling.
You're probably retired. You're not gonna be able to fancy dress. Maybe it's just meet with our elders a type of situation but as I travel
I can just pull that map up and go hey, you know, I was there was a spearfish
Nebraska, I think um, I was planning the loop where I was going to go up to minnesota I didn't get to do it this time because of food poisoning.
But um And there's a koa in spearfish So i'm like, okay
Huh? I should look at my map. I look at roadtrip at aomin .org. There's a church in spearfish, nebraska that has said
You're coming through we'd love to so I I I missed getting to meet with the elders there But that's the kind of thing we're doing and it's um, it's it's really neat to be able to to do that Yeah, well, thanks so much for spending time with us kind of talking about this obviously, uh your audience
Knows what's going on if they've been following you for any amount of time and obviously where people see on social media things like that We just wanted to uh kind of expose it to our audience as well that tune in Um, the quality of the show is just the same.
I would say, uh, the content's always great But um, it's fun when we see the little colors going in the background you go
Where is he coming from? He might say it on the show today. He's somewhere in the united states and we still get our
Uh, you know ano Fix no matter where he's at. So I like it. Yeah I I had left the window.
I had left the window open So the colors weren't quite as vibrant because I had left the window open.
So I made I see another mistake. Uh, there you go but um, no,
I uh Actually, i'll be honest with you. I've not talked much about All this stuff on the dividing line at all.
I don't talk about Um, you know what unit we're in or stuff like that on the on the dividing line
This is the most i've talked about the actual background to it. So appreciate that it was it was enjoyable No, very fun.
Now. Did you want to stick around and play a little uh, Segment we call um hill song or love song where I read you some lyrics and you have to guess if it's a hill song uh christian contemporary worship song or a contemporary secular love song
Or you gotta get going now i'm i'm just i'm just really um, i'm looking at my oh my battery's down to 99 um, oh and uh, i'm on the wrong internet connection and uh, oh
Uh, I can't hear you anymore. What what was that? Now with that with that being said you made you had that response to our fresh 10 and it did make the front page of reform funny moments
Uh, and uh our good friend over there and he thought it was hilarious that you tried to get out of it
I think just for the record you should stick around and answer these, uh, eight lyrics and see how many you can get
What do you think? Well, it's it they're gonna have to be quick. Yeah, uh,
I do have a dividing line to do today So here we go. Welcome back to another segment of love song or hill song where our guests will listen to a song
From a popular secular artist or a popular christian worship band.
Let's play love song or hill song All right full disclosure, they're not all hill song songs, but they are in that vein of christian contemporary worship music
So we're going to start off what I think is easy. Let's see if you think this is a love song or a hill song, so Uh, you're here.
There's nothing I fear and I know that my heart will go on What do we think that is?
Last one sounded like like the titanic, but I don't I didn't remember celine dion singing you're here
I have nothing to fear so Um, that sounds like from the titanic.
So i'll say it's a love song You are absolutely correct love song. My heart will go on by celine dion Yeah, that's pretty good.
I didn't remember her saying that either My daughter was absolutely in love with leonardo dicaprio and the titanic so I unfortunately heard it many times and I almost made a uh
Reference to a movie by leonardo dicaprio when you said you were checking everything on your camper and I said, um,
Oh, what's the the aviator? Hugh, uh It was his buy -up. Yeah. Yeah And where he became ocd and he would check everything five times.
That's how I feel like when i'm camping It's like check the doors check the hitch. You're right. You got I got a whole system. All right real quick Uh, hold me close
Let your love surround me Is that a is that a christian worship song or is that a secular love song?
That sounds like hill song to me. That is hill song worship the power of your love. Oh my gosh, you're two for two
I thought I was gonna stump you. Okay, number three. I have faith in what I see Now I know
I have met an angel in person uh
That sounds that sounds pretty campy so I'm gonna say a love song it is a love song That's ed sheridan from perfect.
Yeah, that one gave away. All right here number four You're still the one I run to the one that I belong to Love song or hill song
You're still the one I run to the one that I belong to Uh, we'll go with hill song
Oh your first one you got wrong. That is a love song. That's shania twain still the one All right, uh step out
I'm a person. How am I supposed to know that? You're right step out on the busy street. See a girl and our eyes meet does her best to smile at me to hide
What's underneath Is that a love song man, let's just put this way
I hope it's a love song. Oh, is that what you're guessing Um Oh, because if that's if that's hill song then i'm
You know, I just ate lunch Yeah, oh man. So yeah You guess love song you'd be wrong.
It's a worship song Yeah by give me your eyes By brandon heath who has played with hill song before Uh, but not part.
Okay. Yeah, but yeah in that vein ugly. All right, three more really quick They say sometimes you win some sometimes you lose some
Now to me that sounds like a willie nelson song, but is it a love song? Is it a hill song
Is is current country music part of the one of the categories i'll take current country music for 300 alex, um, no, yeah, um
No, well, well, let's let's hope it's a love song It's mercy me. It's a worship song.
It's called even if Oh, he started off so well now. We're now we're okay.
I know I did two more And then we'll let you go and I realize just how beautiful you are and how great your affections are for me
Yeah, that's that definitely sounds like uh some type of Religious thing.
So we'll we'll go with a some You got it how he loves me jesus culture. All right last one
This one I think is the hardest one. You're my end and my beginning even when I lose i'm winning
Is that a love song or is that a hill song? I mean, it's it's gay
It's horrible, whichever one it is Uh, it's it's just like wow You you failed beginnings 101.
We'll we'll go ahead and and and and take a shot at a worship song again No, it's a love song.
It's john legend all of me. That's all eight of them. You got about 50 Much better than I thought, you know,
I tried to pick some out that would stump you better than you expected I was really trying to stump you and and like you said, why would you know a john legend or shania tween song shame on?
shame on us if we do Jeffrey rice got hold of you and you know that you're debating me in in uh, tullahoma in february, right?
Oh, well, I I already give up i'm gonna concede right now What is it uh
I I think infant baptism I I would be better on uh suede jackets suede smoking jackets way jackets.
Well, okay Yeah, you would even though I still think that was a 29 jacket from amazon
Oh, it was it absolutely it was a free suede jacket out of an amazon return box
Because I'm my friend So you when you sent me that screenshot I laughed that's why
I left I said, yeah, he found it. Yeah, go get you one All right, let's finish it up I know we got you got stuff to do
I got stuff dude Thank you so much james white for being here. Dr. James white Uh, we'll make sure we link up everything, uh that we talked about so fun
Just getting in and seeing how the sausage is made and what you're doing there on the road We appreciate that ministry.
I know I do. I know a lot of people that listen We love that you're still doing, you know from the road and uh, may god bless you for for doing that.
So appreciate it Appreciate it. Thanks for having me Absolutely guys, thanks so much for listening to another episode of dead man walking podcast as always you can find us at dmwpodcast .com
Anywhere on social media real dead men walking and remember the chief in demand to glorify god and enjoy him forever.
God bless Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast episodes and clips or email us at deadmenwalkingpodcast at gmail .com