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K&K Furnishings is the best solution for your furnishing needs. They are both a friend and sponsor of the show. Take two minutes and watch this video to learn a bit more about how they can help you at your place of worship, business, organization, or office. With over 200+ relationship with wholesalers, and able to ship nationwide, they have the knowledge and experience to make you project smooth and seamless. Both owners have a combined 70+ years of pastoral experience, so you know your transaction will be handled with integrity and professionalism. Visit the website, or call today for a free consultation! http://www.kkfurnishings.com (567) 318-4520


Hope you're enjoying the episode guys as you know this episode is brought to you by K &K furnishings a fantastic company
And I want to tell you a little bit more about them We're honored to have one of the owners in studio with us today Gary Gary tell us a little bit about K &K
K &K furnishings we provide furnishings for churches offices schools hospitality settings all -purpose furnishings like folding tables and chairs were a couple of pastors who have a lot of Church experience we really do well with churches.
That's our niche market and We you need furnishings. We have a relationship with about 150 different Furnishing manufacturers yeah, so between you and the owner you told me over 70 years of pastoral experience
So you really understand the constraints and demands of budgets so with churches Nonprofits small businesses you can furnish them correct.
Yeah, and that many Relationships with manufacturers, it's great because we made a commitment a long time ago not to sell junk
Yeah, there are many good options out there and with that many companies you have a good variety of price points
And we know that churches especially Nonprofits need to be mindful that way and we've done that building projects ourselves
Know we can be helpful Yeah and I suspect probably one of the biggest issues is people just feel overwhelmed when they're looking at doing a renovation or You know redoing a space you guys provide in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio in person consultations
And then also nationally via zoom on video calls correct Yes, you know the other great things say with worship seating for example
We can make sure a church gets a chair sample we can arrange that for them so that they can wherever they're at in the country
Have that chair and try that out and let their committee see it and so we We can be helpful in ways that are very tangible to even including samples fabrics and things like that I love it.
So where can people find out about you or call directly if they need more information our website's the most Helpful place to begin.
It's just KK furnishings calm Your listeners they can call me.
I'm glad to give them my number. It's five six seven three one eight Forty -five twenty awesome.
There you have it guys K and K furnishings if you have needs in that area make sure you support these guys
They're brothers in the Lord and we want to make sure we're supporting other believers that have businesses now back to the episode