Pastor Dusty Deevers: Update on the SBC Convention and the Future of the Denomination DMW #176


This week Greg sat down with Dusty Deevers. Dusty is the pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church, author, Executive Producer of "A Storm Comes Rolling Down the Plain" and Vice President of Rescue Those. Dusty gave us an update on the SBC convention, the ruling to disfellowship with Rick Warren's Saddleback church, and the future of the SBC and it's politics over the next few years. Enjoy! @DustyDeevers Dead Men Walking Podcast Website:


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I chatter for a bit but I've got a really fun guest he's the pastor of grace reform Baptist Church in Elgin Oklahoma married for 20 years father of six children executive producer of a storm comes rolling down the plane
VP of rescue those calm author of loving your IVF neighbor and just released the hit country song gooder than transing kids it's pastor dusty Deavers how are you dusty hey
I'm doing great you had to drop that in head to is a little viral sensation there
I saw it on my Twitter a few weeks ago that's about the best thing I've done other than getting married having kids is that gooder than trans and obviously anything we talked about here as always guys will link up in the episode both on YouTube and anywhere you get your podcast so you can reference what we're talking about but dusty we're just meeting for the first time
I followed you on social media I think we have some friends in circles that are kind of in common
I had a gentleman on Michael Harding a few months ago he's with an abortion Ohio now down in Florida at Tom Askel's church helped him move down there and he goes you got to have dusty on and I said you know
I do and I reached out and you were very kind and gracious with your time and here's what we want to talk about today the
SBC the convention just happened if you're listening this the day this comes out it's just a few days ago earlier last week and I'm reformed
Presbyterian as we were talking about offline and I even had a lot of people in my church go what's going on with that because we just went through a thing in our church with the whole revoice and the
PCA and in all that kind of stuff I'm not comparing the two but had a denominational issue essentially and I've been following it from afar not a member of the
SBC but definitely lots of friends and the SBC lots of guests that have been on the show the
Joel Webbins and such in the James White's and things like that well I don't think he is but or maybe is but I want to get your take on it you were there correct yep oh well
I got there on Sunday and left on Thursday morning and the convention was okay
Tuesday and Wednesday yeah so from someone who might not be inside on the
I hate to say church politics but I guess the politics of denominationalism the big thing that a lot of us took away and you know
I was actually camping in northern Michigan when I got the text that said the whole Rick Warren Saddleback issue had been you know basically shot down or defeated or I don't know how you how you would word it but essentially saying we're going to what's the term disassociate disfellowship okay and my wife and I looked at each other and we were kind of surprised we went oh we thought he was gonna get his way so I wanted your insight on that a little bit because I been watching some
Rick Warren clips going up to that and full disclosure since 2004 I've been a pretty outspoken critic of mr.
Warren so there's no love loss there I'm respectful but at the same time have very many disagreements with him it looked like to me like he almost shot himself in the foot with some of these videos you know
I trained a million pastors and you won't know what to do without us if we leave and it kind of felt like if he would have just kept his mouth shut it would have been a closer vote but what is what happened there it was an overwhelming vote and it went pretty
I some would say conservative I'd say went biblical what's your thoughts on that yeah for sure you know last year whenever Rick Warren was presented well
I've got a he was given eight minutes of time to talk
I think it was around eight minutes to talk from the floor and it might have been five I'm not certain but he just gushed about himself and yeah
I think he set a tone for Southern Baptist that I think was opposite of what he expected he he does have big numbers and he has you know he has a stained -glass window that's dedicated to him at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in their new
Chapel the guy is a known commodity around Southern Baptist Convention he graduated from Southwestern and so coming into this year you know he approached this disfellowshipping like nobody else has he didn't approach it like Fern Creek did the lady had been pastoring for 30 years at her church in Louisville Kentucky right near Southern Seminary and she hadn't been called on or disfellowshipped in the past 30 years you know the
SBC hasn't changed since the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 was written and even before that women pastors have not been a thing in the
SBC at least on paper but clearly in practice there are you know if you take
Rick numbers Rick Rick Warren's numbers around 1 ,900 female pastors who are on staff in SBC churches and then
Mike Law and his team put together a list of about 1 ,800 plus women if they quantify them out so it is a thing but Rick Warren came this year and he wrote articles he released videos leading up to he sent out email blasts several of them somehow he got the full list of Southern Baptist members and maybe just pastors
I don't know for sure but he got a list and a whole lot of Southern Baptist were getting emails from him so he was very much on the offensive it was a very radical approach so I think he shot himself in a foot last year people kind of got a bad taste in their mouth but I think they could have he could have overcome some of that but this year whenever he went pretty hard and direct at his agenda and then he at the at the annual meeting on Tuesday he had people on the ground handing out literature to Southern Baptist and you know between a few of our us who have been talking about this we do not think that Rick Warren was actually attempting to persuade the
Southern Baptist to bring him back we think all along the way since he he brought in he ordained those three women to be pastors
May 6th 2021 and then in 2022 June 2nd last year just before the annual meeting he named
Andy and Stacey Wood Stacey is Andy's wife they're former NAM North American Mission Board church planters he named them as his successors and then yeah
May 8th of this May 7th of this year he installed a lady named
Katie Edwards as a campus pastor so he has been just gradually trying to push this issue to the forefront and he released his letter saying look
I got it all wrong and then he comes to the floor and I think along with Jeff Wright and a few other guys that his approach was more like the
Jerry McGuire approach I'm leaving who's coming with me and he was trying to take everybody he could yeah like I said
I'm I'm an outsider in this and so for years I've been kind of I'll talk to my
SBC friends and pastors and things and you know whatever it was five eight or ten years ago they were saying oh there's this the
Calvinists have taken over the SBC and then it was oh they're two conservatives have taken on and it always seems to be that the
I would say that the biblical the more biblical astute in in biblical doctrine
I don't even want to say minority because I don't know what the numbers are it seems like they're always getting attacked just for standing on your confession and standing on biblical principle and so what was what do you think
Rick was trying to accomplish it was he trying to be a martyr for this and say I'm gonna push because it didn't seem like he wanted to stay he wanted everyone else to change your mind and look at I did this thing and kind of created something a new standards so to speak within the
SBC and it was a resounding no by the members so I know you can't speak to his mind but I'm just looking at his track record going it just felt very very odd odd time and overly like you said we're kind of radical and in -your -face and harsh yeah you know since 2000 well
I guess it was in the late 90s when he wrote a purpose -driven church Rick Warren has been a scripture tamper and he has he has stuck his finger in the wind and then let his ears be you know he has amassed a people for himself that have one of their ears tickled so he tampers with scripture and he tickles ears and that's what the purpose -driven church was it was more about marketing the church marketing some expression but not biblical
Christianity it was a it was a you know Rick's cultural version of Christianity that he wanted the gospel was not at the center sound doctrine was not the center so he's he's been doing this for a long time but I think what he has done is he stuck his finger up in the wind and the prevailing winds have been much more egalitarian and so he
I think he thinks he's sitting on top of a power structure of a bunch of really women who are going to elevate him to the top and that is going to be his calling card
I would not at all be surprised if he starts a new denomination or something like the
Saddleback Network he's got enough churches he could go ahead and do that functionally they probably already in anyway but what you saw at the at the annual meeting was he lost 88 % of the vote they voted against him and what that tells you is that the
SPC is conservative yeah you you've got a statement that bold not only did
Saddleback get voted 88 % but Fern Creek was the one with the woman pastor for 30 years she was voted against 90s wasn't it like 92 or 90 yeah 93 % yeah yeah so clearly the
SPC is conservative but there's there's kind of two stories that are coming out of it the the people in the pews and on the ground and a lot of these smaller churches that are somewhat disconnected from the
SPC they're very conservative but I think you've got some of the platform platform folks who are also have their finger up to the prevailing winds and saying what we need to do something to present a softer
SPC that's more palatable to the sensibilities of the egalitarians and the woke crowd and that's been a trajectory that we've been on for a few years now at least from the leadership level the platform level not not so much from folks who are in the small towns yeah so I think that's a great you bring up a great point but wouldn't you say that's just not in the
SPC we've been seeing church culture acquiesce to secular culture now for 60 70 years or come right up to it and go well let's just soften it a little bit so we so we stay relevant
I would say though especially the pandemic really exasperated this it really kind of separated those who were playing church and those who were the body of Christ who want to love and glorify him assemble together all those biblical things and when
I see a vote of 88 % 93 % I go oh that's just another proof that Christians are always attracted towards biblical truth that's why guys like you and look at we're not going to sit here and compare platforms and platform isn't the end all and be all but guys like you who people are attracted to someone who speaks the truth openly plainly biblically the
Rick Warren's might sell some books but in the end you see things implode like this because the church can't be relevant to the secular culture because everything is to bow to Christ so yeah we're at it's kind of it's it also gives me hope to to know that there's a remnant right whether it's in within the
SPC the PCA within even non -denominational ism that that there are people who who seek after biblical truth and and it was nice to see that in the
SPC but I think it's a larger problem of the church the Western Church in general we've had bad doctrine bad preaching and you know wanting to be relevant like like you said which leaves us in this predicament yeah you're exactly right
I mean I think it was funny the the pastor at Fern Creek she she her name is
Linda Barnes Popham you know she took a few shots at folks who had closed their churches during the pandemic and at non -Calvinist too so I think she was trying to get some base points while also being a hardcore you know progressive egalitarian it was pretty funny but Muller handily struck her down and then
Muller handily back you know backhanded Rick Warren too and quite frankly they look
Rick and and Popham they sounded very similar at the platform yeah yeah no
I saw both of those three -minute speeches the mic being cut off for Rick and and Al doing a very nice rebuttal representing the committee what are your thoughts on this as a whole so if we look at this in where the
SPC is going in the future are you are you are you happy about the vote not happy indifferent wish it wouldn't even have happened or you know hopeful about the future pessimistic about it where are you when you look at the
SPC in the next 5 10 15 20 years as the largest denomination in America I mean for the longest time where the
SPC goes many other denominations go that way as well what do you think's gonna happen over the next decade but the
SPC yeah you're exactly right the way the SPC goes is very important and that's why
I have decided to say stay and and try to fight and there's a lot of guys
I think that are wanting to fight and let me just say this while it's while it's fresh in my mind for those guys who are interested in in seeing if there is a plan and if there is a way to turn the
SPC around towards more of that 80 % who really do want to see a robust biblical masculine
Christianity and I don't mean there's no place for women I mean it's led the way
God would have the families led and the church led and society led then reach out to me you can you can get me at dusty Deavers on Twitter my
Twitter handle is just at dusty Deavers but reach out to me we are there is a network of us guys that are working towards a better future in the
SPC now there are a couple things I think are extremely important for us to to know that are that are telling issues for the next few years in the
SPC one of those is the Mike law amendment and the second was the task force that dr.
Merritt and the other former presidents of the SPC led and there's a there's a there's a major narrative there okay so let me kind of set the frame for you there are these do there are the 80 % who are just your your soul to the earth
Southern Baptist and they're not egalitarian there they call themselves complementarian but more than anything their biblical patriarchy they see the roles of manhood and womanhood and they see a place that by nature that God has created and they that our society and homes and churches will function and thrive according to God's design that's the 80 % now there is a 5 % or so who are egalitarian in the
SPC and then you've got this maybe this 15 % who are around the platform who hear the what the platform of leadership the elite of the
SPC are saying you know they've worked the system all these years and now they've gotten to the top and they've got their positions of power that group is looking and saying look we love the 80 % and this is my read on it we love the 80 % but there's this other 5 % that we don't want to lose we want to keep
SPC big and and there's reasons for that but you've also got these outside nefarious forces who really want to see the
SPC either move hard left or collapse now for them it'd be far better if we just moved left and you don't have to move real hard but if you're willing to accept female pastors well then that slippery slope just starts gaining ground very rapidly just like Obergefell did in the broader culture you start allowing for women to be ordained as pastors and to violate the biblical role and we give approval to it then your your denomination or your
Convention of Churches is going to slide mainline it's going to and not only out of choice but because God will judge he will put his heavy hand of judgment on that denomination so these are the two things
I think you've got that platform looking and saying we we don't want to lose the 80 but we also don't want to lose the 5 % and so instead of them putting all their weight behind the
Mike law amendment and for those who can you explain that very quick yeah explain that very quickly so the
Mike law amendment last year Mike law a pastor up in Virginia made a motion to amend article 3 section 1 of the
Baptist of the Sun Baptist Constitution to add an exclusion against women as pastors and here's exactly the wording
I'm just going to read it as offered and referred to you I'm sorry exclusion 6 the exclusion would read does not affirm appoint or employ a woman as a pastor of any kind so it just clarifies and by giving an exclusion now that's always been the stated position of the
Southern Baptist but clearly there are 1800 and 1900 women who are functioning as pastors in the
SBC so our functional practice is not in alignment with what we're are what we're saying sure so to bring those things into alignment that's what the law amendment was doing he made the the the amendment last year it was referred to the executive committee the executive committee met with Mike law in February of this year and at leading up to that Mike had received over 2 ,000 signatures on his petition to bring that amendment to the floor out of the executive committee and for them to present it to the messengers to vote but here's an interesting thing
November 2nd last year of 2022 executive committee chairman Jared Wellman and president
Bart Barber raised they released a statement a letter affirming the at least making it look like I'm going to be as honest
I mean not honest I'm being honest but as deferential to them as possible making it look like that they were going to bring the law amendment to the floor but in the end finally on Monday before the convention the executive committee announced that they were going to allow
Mike laws amendment or his motion to come after the messengers for a vote but the executive committee would stand in opposition because they didn't want to change the
Constitution instead they wanted to see the Baptist faith and message change but not our Constitution because they said it was a theological matter well it's not as though your
Constitution isn't both a theological and practical matter it certainly is and that's why the law amendment was necessary yeah well what you had there was really in an effort to sure up our standing as biblically conservative and holding the sound doctrine on on polity and leadership yeah then whenever it came to the floor they the executive committee presented it
Mike law presented his amendment and then he argued for it and then eventually one
Sanchez who is a Texas pastor and a nine marks guy made a friendly amendment he had worked with Mike law on it to change the language to sound more positive so instead of saying we do not affirm appoint or employ it changed it to a firms appoints or employs only men as any kind of pastor or elder as qualified by scripture the motion was was amended and then people voted and had to surpass the two -thirds majority it surpassed that and then so what that means is next year we'll have to vote on it again for and get the two -thirds majority for it to be included in the
Constitution to amend the Constitution yeah so heading in the right direction yes it's it's very clarifying that you know it might be 80 to 90 if you really count the
Saddleback and the Fern Creek vote it might be up to 90 % is on our side on this issue and against really any outside interference to try to change the
Southern Baptists on on this issue yeah so this is where where I kind of see this parallel to politics and we'll touch on that really quick as we finish up here you know you had give the 80 % and the 5 % but it seems like that 5 % might have a little bit louder of a yell and maybe a bigger platform and that that could be the problem too even though the numbers are you know far 80 % far outnumber the 5 % that's why
I feel like sometimes it feels like an imposter kind of because it's like well no this isn't who we are as a denomination this isn't our confession this isn't our
Constitution yet this small number of people with maybe a larger than normal platform for whatever reason come into a denomination and go well no this is the way we want it and we think we can kind of bully it to that position that would be very aggravating to me the second part of that is
I'm involved in politics I'm a locally elected official County Commissioner I go to state conventions all that stuff and I'll tell you what this sounds just like when we were electing a lieutenant governor by delegate or you know
I've been in very many meetings where we're using Roberts rules and all that so that kind of frustrates me though what are your personal thoughts on that where you walk into an
SBC convention or a you know or a gubernatorial convention there they almost feel the same there's so much politics that go on within a denomination can we avoid that is it do we not need to avoid that is it just a byproduct of a group of people coming together like what are your thoughts on that do you want to get rid of it not don't care or is it a little you know it's a little painful to have to sit through in the body of Christ well sure
I have a lot of thoughts one so we can say we can talk about politics but politics get a lot of things get lumped into politics you could call leading a meeting with 15 ,000 people you can call it political whenever we really should just back up and say okay what does it look like to love your neighbor as yourself and give them time to speak to their the things that really matter on either side and you can speak for and you can speak against and then if there's somebody who's gotten out of line how do you address that in a way that's kind and gentle and patient that's loving so I think that was the original intent with Robert's rules but you know
Robert's rules is is has to be there to manage sin too you know sure you have a whole bunch of people and you have to agree on certain standing rules otherwise our sin is just going to take over and I'm a sinner everybody else in that room's a sinner and so we need to agree to something here but and they absolutely can be manipulated and they can be used to favor one side or the other depending on what's presented even for a vote what's deferred what's taken up how the time is allotted if people gerrymander time there's all those kinds of things yeah
I don't I don't you know I think what people call political is maybe not
Robert's rules just in general it's it's whenever you see things get ugly they're like oh that's just so political and I'm like well yeah instead of it being more
Christian it is being more pragmatic and worldly but it raises another issue you know you've got
I I could be wrong it might be 90 90 % that are for us and 5 % that are more egalitarian and 5 % they're in the leadership and they're saying we've got to keep these parties or some of them are the 5 % egalitarian but they're the ones who are actually doing things to move into positions of influence and power and that's how it is in the in the you know with Democrats with the
Republicans in any body you have often the problem being good men think that other men are going to be good and honorable instead of saying no we're in a battle for promoting what is good right and true and we must constantly be on you have to have two voices as Calvin would talk about one to to build up the sheep and to call them and another to rebuke and to make war on the wolves and you have to hold those constantly you can't just think
I'm a nice person and I'm just going to build up the sheep well you're not being loving and caring if you're not rebuking and going to fierce war with the wolves and so you know we've heard this played out numerous times in our society and over over our history all that really takes for evil to promulgate and to perpetuate is for good men to do little to little or nothing and that's why
I want to want to encourage men to step up in their churches step up in their local associations step up in your state associations come to the annual meeting get connected right now with with folks who are actually trying to do the work now you might say
I don't want to be in the SBC it's just too it's too far gone it's this or that well imagine a world without without a the biggest
Protestant denomination in the US pushing back against darkness yeah imagine what happens now that God might give us over to judgment and to some degree we are in a form of judgment he might just go ahead and give us over and remove more restraints on us and if he does then
I don't want to have to tell my grandkids look I I went down without a fight
I want to be in a fight and I want to use the scriptures to hold firm to sound doctrine to build up the
Saints and to love my neighbor by making war on those who would make war on God's Word and this is a battle that we have to have to just comprehend and and just accept you're going to be in it whether you like it or not you're in it whether you fight or not you're in it you might acquiesce but you're in the fight so I know that's kind of a rant but it's it's just everywhere you know it's everywhere yeah fathers have to make war on their own sin they have to build up their homes and then they have to discipline their homes in the fear and admonition of the
Lord they have to go to the church and do the same because Satan is constantly through his minions constantly trying to make war on the church and he's going to make war on the world that should be taught to obey everything that Jesus commanded because Jesus is
King so you're you can try to get away from it but that just makes me work everybody else you know yeah look very well said no go ahead well there's there's one other issue that's very important that was brought out it's not like the annual meeting this year it was just smooth sailing and and really the conservatives won and we really don't have anything to deal with you know you and I probably need a couple three hours to work through the various details on on these issues but one of the major issues was
I think the attempt by the the platform and the five percent maybe of the platform and the folks who are in leadership to to keep those egalitarians and to make it still more welcoming to them was the merit and former president's task force now there's a fascinating history to this task force and I think you if you understand some of the internal dynamics of the
SBC you see that on one hand we are very conservative but you also see that people just love the leaders on the platform if people are in charge they generally because these because Southern Baptist are generally like very kind people the salt of the earth folks they assume the best of everyone they think you know we're doing the right thing we've got a few things that are wrong but largely
God's blessing us and they can point to numbers and different things like that but they think that we're kind of like one of the last bastions our churches are so they love the leaders on the platform and the reality is that whenever the platform says something it's very hard to override them and you've got you know the
North American Mission Board bringing thousands of votes to the annual meeting every year and I'm not saying that they're a rubber stamp for whatever the platform wants but they are getting paid by the leadership by the
SBC and they're keeping their their their churches afloat and then they're paying them to come to the annual meeting that's a whole lot of votes to overcome sure you think that if they were speaking for themselves then they would say look we're not we're not we're not voting in accordance they don't give us a vote docket to say you have to vote like this and that's true that I don't
I've never seen one but the the North American Mission Board voting block is a big one to overcome now here's a little bit of your history on the merit and former president's task force that was made a motion this year you know people who are in the know are seeing that this idea of having a task force to avoid some kind of a split as we as we have this law amendment in place now it looks like we're going very clear and direct and hard line on what we mean by who's qualified biblically to be a pastor in our churches there's a group who has been shopping around the idea to keep that 5 % and avoid a big split in the
SBC and in November we talked about earlier
Bart Barber and Jared Wellman released a letter and a press release saying that they're they promised they're going to be fair with the messengers towards the law amendment and when you hear we we're going to be fair you should take that as a sign of things to come but maybe it's not going to be here you know yeah so last year at the annual meeting
Adam Greenway presented something very very similar to what this this merit task force was to study what it is to cooperate within the
SBC they so Greenway presented that and then molar handily swatted him down last year well
Bart then floats it on in a video that he released on Twitter and then
Baptist 21 a group of guys who are kind of in the upper echelon very connected
Aiken relation they pick it up and they start taking up this idea that we need to really understand where we are in our cooperation who what you know taking up our molars theological triage and really just making a wreck of it so on on June 9th mind you the annual meeting is the 13th and 14th so on you not
Clint Presley is a pastor and he offered a motion that aimed to clarify what faithful cooperation in the
Southern Baptist Convention look like by forming a study committee to bring a report and recommendations this is the exact same thing that Adam Greenway did last year that Barbara had talked about the
Baptist 21 got behind and then Clint Presley picks it up now for whatever reason
Clint Presley pulls it on Monday the 12th okay
I don't know all the details but it is very fishy yeah on the 12th and then on that Monday the executive committee releases that very last minute that they are going to present the law amendment on the floor okay the very last minute so Presley pulls his his task force task force motion and there was a switch then made to to James Merritt J .D.
Greer Bryant Wright Steve Gaines and Ed Linton former presidents they took a very same motion and the task force and they presented it and in that way they're they're butchering the second level of triage and what it means to partner with certain churches in your particular denomination and they shoved it over they're wanting really the idea is to shove it over into the third level to where you can have egalitarians you can have female pastors in your own in your own denomination and everybody cooperate in friendly fellowship this is a big issue these secondary issues are what make us a
Baptist denomination and what makes us Southern Baptist and not tertiary so we saw it coming and that's when
I went to the mic and I was working with a couple guys and you know the mics got shut down we had nine mics on the floor and I think they test -runned it on the day before the mics got shut down and then at this very opportune time the mics get shut down and it moves to two microphones and in God's providence
I was there at the at the microphone and they called on me and I made a motion to amend their task force to attempt to bring some some accountability and greater theological acuity to that task force to water it down I didn't think that we could defeat it because the platform is so powerful
I don't think that you can overcome the floor that quickly so I want to water it down and to give
Dr. Moeller an ability to be on that task force which I think he probably was you know
I think he was probably initiated into what was going on and he said the
Baptist faith and message off the table because I don't want to open up the Baptist faith and message to be evaluated but if you'll take that off then
I will not make a stink of it so we tried to get some guys to present for it they wouldn't present so I was at the mic and presented so that's why it's going to open up that task force
I think is a backdoor mechanism for opening up the Baptist faith and message and having giving that power the committee to tell us which parts of the
Baptist faith and message matter and which parts don't they're going to present their recommendations next year and again you've got to be able to defeat the platform and I think that the
S if they have their way and we don't get the votes to the SBC next year the
SBC of our grandparents could fundamentally be altered I'm not saying that these guys have bad intentions but I think that this task force needs to be driven by trusted and tried theological leaders and I am just deeply concerned at this move yeah so okay so overview here as we finish up essentially this year looks like steps in the right direction we feel optimistic about it but essentially it sounds like you're saying the fight's not over because there's still there's still some things that's going to be going on throughout the year and if you're a member of the
SBC you're listening to this podcast like I said and like he's in like pastor said make sure you get a hold of him on social media follow him he knows what's going on there and like you said participate and vote right be part of that if you're if you're part of that because essentially
I look at it and I go you said it correctly the SBC's really is the last standing biblical conservative denomination the
Episcopalians have fallen the Methodists have fallen the two both Presbyterian branches one was more conservative and now with revoice and all these other things are accepting all these all these leftists and progressive secular ideas so I think it's very important that we watch this it's the largest denomination and there's a lot of stuff going on there so why don't you tell the people what you got going on in your life what where they can you know find any of your books your platforms or anything so we can support you and we'll finish this thing out yeah sure thanks so Dusty Devers on Twitter just my name
I had a Facebook account but it got hacked and by probably a
Facebook insider and they they wrecked it and so I couldn't get it back but you can you can watch a storm comes rolling down the plane on YouTube that's a documentary that I did a couple years ago and it's really important on the move of God awakening the church to get involved in the fight for abolishing abortion yeah you can
I have a book on in vitro fertilization called loving your IVF neighbor and it's on rescue those calm rescue those calm where I'm a vice president over there soon
I have a book that will come out on abortifacient birth control and abortion pills just trying to add a section on abortion pills right now hopefully it'll be out soon you know there's there are a lot of other things in the works but I really would like for folks to who are who want to see who want to kind of in be involved with a bunch of guys who are solid and really having tons of fun some some good me more years out there too and wanting to see not just the the
SPC but move our nation into a much more biblical position where we just vocally and clearly say
Christ is Lord and we need to govern from the Word of God especially the
Ten Commandments and make application from there so you can also go to a statement on Christian nationalism dot com
I was one of the authors of it hopefully we'll have information up soon about when our conference will be on it'll be early or mid -august for that as well awesome well pastor thanks so much for taking time out we'll let you get back to it looks like sunny day their vacation whatever it is that you're doing
I appreciate being gracious with your time you're always welcome back on the podcast and we just really scratched the surface with your knowledge of the
SBC stuff I know there's all kinds of stuff that we could talk about in the future abolition all those things so we'd love to have you back oh
I'd love to thank you so much for giving your time yeah guys thanks so much for listening to another episode of dead men walking podcast
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check out more about us and as always remember the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever
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