Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 with Pastor Happy Addison

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Greg sat down with the speakers from the Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 hosted by  @openairtheology3783   . His interviews included Pastor Greg Moering Jr, Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, Pastor John Crawford, Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast:


Haps what's up, brother? Happy? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, my man. How's it your birth name? No, okay
No, cuz that'd be pretty cool. But everyone calls you happy, right? Yeah. Yeah, it was like it was like as an old name
It's like calling a fat man tiny I was always upset So they just went to happy. Yeah.
Well now yeah, so now now, you know, I get a live -up to the name right, very cool, so we're continuing our
Sessions from the shadows to substance conference. We're here with happy Addison. He just got off the stage did his session
Man, I just met you a few days ago, but it feels like I've known you for a while man I know I absolutely love you brother.
We've been having discussions outside at dinner you know after the breaks and Wanted to have it have you on here and talk a little bit about what you focused on in your session, which was
Daniel in the lion's den kind of being a shadow of Christ. How is Daniel in the lion's den a shadow of Christ to come?
Oh my gosh. Well, you know, basically it's not just a shadow of Christ to come but it's
That we went through Daniel chapter 6 verses 1 through 28 and you see that you see the
New Testament right there Yeah, I mean, I mean you just see it unfold beautiful and it's just absolutely amazing, you know from from You have from from what happened prior to the
Daniel in the lion's den to Daniel in the lion's den till what happened after Daniel Daniel in the lion's den with Christ on his way to the cross.
Yeah, and then after the cross and then until now, you know Yeah, and I find that absolutely amazing.
Yeah, you know, I was reading through Daniel in preparation for your session because I love Daniel in the lion's den and I'm also
I'm in local politics. So when I read that when the commissioners are kind of getting together behind his back
Yeah, that's that's kind of politics 101, right? Yeah. Yeah. They said hey that guy's gonna probably take over the kingdom We need to get out get him out of there
What do they do? They have a meeting with all the governors and commissioners behind his back right they go to the king They make a law or decree without Daniel's knowledge
Daniel finds out and he goes look at I'm still gonna serve my my lord Yeah, right and you made a great point
That not only did God save Daniel but he vindicated vindicated him. Yeah, I mean that's powerful we just think of oh, well, he shut the mouth of the lion and He saved him.
Yeah, but more importantly he even elevated him to an even higher status vindicated Daniel And then we see later in the chapter the king writing a new decree saying
Everyone needs to worship the God of Daniel because he is the true and one and only
God So not only does God vindicate Daniel, but of course and he doesn't have to but he always does God vindicates himself as well
Yeah, how important is it for Christians to understand that God not only saves But he vindicates because you have a pretty we talked a little bit about it
We can get into it if you want, but you have a pretty checkered past, right? Yes, you said a Drug addict for 34 years.
Yes, and I'm not saying anything out of school here. You're very open about that, right? hard drugs and The Lord has not only saved you but vindicated you as well
So is that important for the believer to understand the fullness of Christ of both saving and vindication? Yes, you know totally because you know
God God is with us, you know, he not only saves us, but he vindicates us and and he takes us from We go from death to life, you know dead men walking dead men walking dead in Christ But now you know dead and sin, but now alive in Christ I tell you that that is when
I read that in was a John chapter 11 You know the raising of Lazarus, yeah,
I felt that was me, you know like I was I was dead too and I came to life and then it was
You know take off the burial cloths and that was you know, like discipleship for me, you know
It was stinky and messy and people didn't really want to be around it Yeah, and it's so but yeah, you know
God is just so so awesome throughout all of it and so faithful and Compassionate, you know
It's it's it's so awesome that We can receive blessing in God glorifying himself
Yeah, because that's really what it is One of my favorite verses Psalm 23 a lot of people don't pick up on it
But it says you lead me into paths of righteousness Why for your name's sake? Yeah.
Yeah. He wants his name to be known as holy Yeah I only have righteousness in my life for his name's sake
All the good things that I have in my life that you have in your life is for the glory of God Yes, amen. Yeah, and you know, it's it's when you stop and think about it.
It's all for his glory Yeah You know I got men that come in my home and and they're like, you know Like I don't understand how why
God would save me and I go it's all for his glory. Yeah, you know It's all for his glory. It's not for yours. Yeah, you know, you know heat for he is the great
I am We're the great I am NOT. Yeah, you know and what he does when he takes some, you know, somebody that is a
Child of wrath like the rest of us sure and he turns him into a child of God Yeah, it's it's all an act of God not not an act of Todd, you know
Yeah, no, it's so I just find it. I mean I get goosebumps every time I think about it You know, it's just yeah, and you know, you you have a very
What I want to say special but I mean you're you're real you're down there because you drove from first of all
We're in Tennessee right now at this conference you drove from Southern, California With with a wife you have kids with you at all or not with her wife and so four days
Yeah, right just driving 10 12 hours a day. You're Sam. So you make that track but out there to you minister
Do you pastor out there? Yes. I'm okay. And where you pastor at? I'm a pastor of all the branch ministries and also an elder of Faith Community Church.
Where's that at? It's in Hemet, California. I'm at California. Okay, and you were speaking up on stage about how you have a house where you bring in people that Explain a little bit about that.
Was it was it people that are homeless or or well, so these drugs or what? What is it? Well, so what we did is we found a need in our community and we filled it with Jesus Christ And so what yeah
So what we did was is we found that they have all these drug homes male men and women drug homes and stuff like that And most of the guys that could not be in they're called working homes.
Okay, right? most of these guys That they they wouldn't get accepted because they're mentally ill and they have to take medication
Okay, or they're dying of cancer or whatnot. So there was no facilities anywhere on the whole
West Coast that was Wow doing this yeah, and so my wife and I we opened up our home and and we just I just go out evangelizing and I'd find the
I find the ones that most churches have at the back of their church if that's if they even let them in and So they we brought him into our house and we've had over a thousand people in our house now and We teach them about Jesus Christ and we get them on their medication get them reconciled to God reconciled with their families
Yeah, we don't want to keep them We want them reconciled with their families first and foremost and that usually happens after they get on their medication and they can you know
Start dealing with things Rationally, you know now yeah, and yeah, so that that's what we do now
Wait a minute. You're a reformed guy. You're out there evangelizing hanging out with the mentally unstable And the drug abusers and the downtrodden.
Yes, sir. Come on now. Come on now Now we usually get we usually get accused of saying we don't even like to evangelize because we believe in the sovereignty of God Yeah here
I have happy here down in the trenches doing the Great Commission and you talked about the Great Commission Oh, don't worry.
Dr. James White. We're just recording an episode. Don't worry about that But You're but you're down in the trenches and you're fulfilling the
Great Commission, which I find absolutely amazing I'm not gonna keep you too much longer I did want to mention though that you you're teamed up with Jeff Rice who's who's been on the podcast before Are you part of open air?
Oh, yeah theology. So, um Jeff and I you want to hear something cool Yeah, let's hear it. Tell everyone. Okay, so and tell them about the podcast too.
All right So, um a few years ago, I had to go preach. Well, let me back up Somebody started filming me in my backyard
Yeah, and I didn't have a I didn't have a Facebook or anything like that Okay, and it went viral all over the country of you preaching or what are you doing?
Yeah on the grass What do you know? I don't reach every single day. Okay, and And it went viral.
Yeah, and one of my friends goes. Hey, man, it's got up to like a few thousand views Why don't you start a Facebook? Okay, and so 2020 hit and We California we were locked down.
I mean like locked down. Oh, yeah, and you have a governor new Salini out there Oh my gosh the
People's Republic of California You know, but and so all these people couldn't go to church
And so I started putting out this content for people that that that couldn't go to church. Yeah, and Jeff there he is home slice
We're best friends now. That's Jeffrey rice walking by there. Yeah, Jeffrey rice. So He's he likes to watch like no -name preachers.
Yes. So he came across my videos He didn't even you know, we didn't even know each other. Really? Yeah, we didn't even know each other and I Drove out.
I had to go drive out to Tennessee here in Tennessee. Yeah to come preach Well, I got shut down because of coping right and he called me up on Facebook and he goes
Hey, if you're in Tennessee stop by my house, and I didn't really know right just stop by some dudes house
Yeah, I knew he made Bibles or something like that and they're like real expensive. I'm poor dude. So And I come to his house and he said something to me
I can't say but it Convicted me so hard. Hmm that it cut me right down Center, it's good.
And and and then he had this Bible. He goes. I didn't want to mail this to you I wanted to give this to you personally and I go what he goes.
Thank you for everything you do for the kingdom of God Wow, what a blessing and I was like, wow, dude And so we came back home and him and I started becoming friends.
So we just started a Claude What are you doing you're as bad as dr.
James White bad Claude bad Claude bad Claude Ramsey from here I stand theology podcast go listen to him.
He's as soon as you get done listening to this Claude Dirt dirt Claude Ramsey So so we started a little pocket.
He's gonna walk through just so he so he can get a spot on here, too This dude's so hilarious Oh Before we love you're good.
He's gonna be on later. Yeah, he's me and him and my wife and brain got an Airbnb together.
So But yeah, so we started we started open -air theology together to help people
We wanted to encourage people to go back to church Yeah, and a lot of people were had church hurt and stuff like that.
So we're dealing with a lot of people's problems Yeah, and that's when we brought Braden on. Yeah, and it just clicked and now all three of us are best friends
I mean we laugh together cry together because you guys do a lot of open -air preaching. Yeah, that's where the open -air theology
Yeah podcast kind of come the name of that comes from if for people who aren't Familiar, I think some of our listeners wouldn't be familiar with that.
So go check out that podcast Do you guys kind of talk about that on the podcast or what do you cover on that? We cover everything.
Yeah. Yeah, you know and people got questions that come in people just walking. That's okay. We don't care.
Yeah people If they got questions or whatnot, you know, yeah, and we just really just want to glorify
God and get help to get them through it Yeah, cool. I won't keep you too much longer. I know some other people want to talk to you here happy It's been so nice to meet you and get to know you over the last couple days throw out your social media or anything
You want to throw out that people can get a hold of you and check out your ministries? I have no web page.
No business cards. Nothing. I have Facebook He's a ghost haps haps Addison. H a
PS a DDI so in well, there you go Go to open -air theology open -air theology. Make sure you google that and I'll link it up you guys on this
Episode so you guys can go click on it. Check them out as always Thanks for listening to another snippet from the sessions of the shadows to substance conference as always
Remember the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. God bless. Yes Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast episodes and clips or email us at dead men walking podcast at gmail .com