These Are the Days of Elijah (Special guest Ashley Shipley) | Season 5 Episode 7

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What's up, everybody? We are back and excited to be here. We've got three or four episodes left in this season.
Um, and then, uh, as always, send in more ideas for, uh, next season, which, you know,
I don't even know why we do seasons. Probably should just do continuing episodes because I get confused with what season we're on.
I think we're on season five? Yes, but it gives us a break. No, I'm okay with breaks. I'll just say at episode 70, we're going to take a break, but that probably is kind of stupid.
Never mind. It is stupid. I'll just let you, thank you. I'll just let you hold the side. So, as always, got
Anna right here to my right, your left. Uh, we got Ashley, special guest today, to my left, your right.
And our, yeah, I like that. Thank you. We're doing today, the topic is,
These are the Days of Elijah, 1 Kings 18. So today is going to be a little different. We're going to walk through 1
Kings 18, and that's with Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal, and we're going to apply it to today.
And I know we have a game to get to first, but I just wanted to do a quick plug for our point -taking merch.
Anna, here are our models, our Vanna Whites. Here they are. Come on over here.
Look at her, guys. Why does Seth look like he should be in a strip club? Oh, my God. With the hat.
I don't know, Anna. I actually didn't think about that. Shopping runs do something, guys. Sell the merch.
Oh, my goodness. Yeah, there you go. Now, I do want to say, hats are not included, and neither are the men. Those are not.
Yes, those are not for sale. Yeah, look at that. Physique, not included either. That's right. Thank you, gentlemen. That was great.
Thank you. That was great. We used to use, what did we call him? What did we call the mannequin?
Seth? I mean, that one right there. What did we call the mannequin? Finnegan. Finnegan. Finnegan. But he's over there, and the camera doesn't pan that far over.
He should be sitting in the corner. That's me. Yeah, he needs to be, but there's a light over there. So? All right, but look, before we get into our topic, my understanding is
I'm holding these Legos because we have a game to play. It's like that game that you guys did with Hunter that one season.
So I'm going to give you a couple of statements. Well, I have like at least 10. And if we all agree on them, then no one gets one of these taken.
But if two people agree and a person disagrees, then you get one of these pegs taken away.
Can I tell you? Are you? Can I tell you something? Did I not explain that right? You explained it perfectly. Okay. Can I tell you something?
Do you hate this game? I love this game. Can I tell you why I remember this game? I remember it's called
Hive Mind. Yes, Hive Mind. That's what it was. Do you remember? Because water is wet. Because I've had many people, many not meaning small people, many
M -A -N -Y as in a plethora. You just got the name. Thank you for that distinction.
Come up to me and say, hey, I watched your podcast and the game that you played, the game that you played, the game that you played,
I was so on your side of this one. Or no, you were way wrong here. I've had someone who currently lives in another state.
Message me. Who used to be here in Memphis. Message me and goes, I cannot believe your answers to that game.
Oh, I think this was when I was on maternity leave and I was like enraged at some of these answers that you guys gave.
I commented on them. I'm like, no, this is so wrong. Oh, they teamed up on me. A bear would totally beat, what was it? A bear would totally beat a gorilla.
Yeah, exactly. Is what I said, yeah. And I was the only one who said that. Okay. I would have been on your side. I did. Thank you.
You typically are on my side. Well. We'll see. I haven't finished last week's episode.
I'm sure there was some mockery of me as with every episode that I'm not on. It's because I love you.
Yeah, you must love me a lot. I do. You're like, I love you. I say I love you and you're like, I love you more.
You know, you guys always do that. Yeah, we do. Yeah. All right, I'm ready, Anna. Tell us what we're doing here. Well, I already did.
Yeah, I know. You weren't paying attention. I mean, I didn't have any money to pay attention. All right, let's go. Okay.
So the first one, you should put cereal in the bowl first, followed by milk.
See, I've already forgotten what to do. I'm not going to lie. Okay, so if we all agree. So if you believe, if you agree that cereal should be put in the bowl before milk, raise your hand.
I thought you were supposed to close your eyes. Right. Close your eyes and then raise your hand. Oh, close your eyes. Okay, okay. Gosh. So raise your hand if I agree with that.
Yes. Say it again. Cereal should be put in the bowl before the milk. One, two, three.
Open your eyes. Okay. Only Philistines and communists put milk in first. We have one in the room.
Where? That one. You go milk first? You never have the right ratio.
He's like, it depends on the cereal because I'm going to get soggy first. The cereal floats to the top. Can I tell you something?
I have eaten cereal a total of, now this might shock you, a total of one time in the past five years, and it was last month.
I like cereal, I just never eat it. When I'm going to eat it, it's Reese's Puff. Reese's Puff, Reese's Puff.
Peanut butter, chocolate flavor. Two, three, four. Reese's Puff. But the thing is, it's the best cereal.
That's not a, by the way, that's not a statement of opinion, statement of fact. But imagine putting milk in first and then pouring the circular, halfway buoyant, halfway soaking up milk.
You're going to have too much milk. I will tell you, I have poured cereal, like after I finished eating cereal, and then
I want more. Then I poured it on top, but then I always like add more milk if I need it. There's a mic over there you can grab if you want to disagree.
Next question. He's like, no, I'm done. Cereal. Close your eyes! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Ah! Cereal is soup. What? Cereal is soup.
One, two, three. Absolutely not. Oh, I get to take it! Wait a minute.
Absolutely not. I forgot, this is the one where if I don't go along with the masses, I lose a point. Yeah, that's right.
It's like, explain your logic, sir. Yeah, I need your logic explained now. I'm going to pull a Jesus and answer a question with a question.
What is soup? Are you asking me what soup is? Very clearly, based on eye contact. It's a liquid.
It's an edible liquid. I'm so glad you said that. With solid pieces in it. Okay, okay, thank you for saying that.
Here's what just happened. Everyone in the room just said if they agree with your definition, then cereal is soup. That's what just happened.
Can everyone agree? If we agreed with her definition of it's a liquid, it's edible, then it would be.
He tricked me! It would be. He manipulated the situation like he always does.
Technically, cereal is grain, but if you mean like putting it in the bowl with milk.
I don't mean grabbing cereal out of the box is soup. I mean putting it in the bowl with milk. Of course it's soup.
Pastor is a master manipulator. Why do you keep saying that? I say true things out loud.
Oh my gosh. Okay, but cereal is a grain product. So soup requires some form of cooking process.
Now I know you're about to say something like gazpacho or like cold soups or something. No. Soup requires a cooking process. I'm not going to say words.
I don't know what they mean. What I will say is 100 % of cereal is cooked. 100 % of cereal is cooked.
It is a meal. It is a whole meal in a bowl. Here is $1. If you can name a cereal that's not cooked,
I'll give it to you. We're not betting in church, sir. No, you do not have to cook.
Cereal can be made with just like whole grains and just milk. Okay. We have someone at the church that works at Kellogg's.
Do you know they have ovens there? Yes, they do have ovens, but they also have things. You don't have to bake it or heat it up in order to eat it.
You know I'm right. It is a food that is cooked. It is a food that is cooked with a variety of other ingredients.
Look how mad he's getting. All right. Even milk. Okay. All right. It's fine.
It's cool. But you don't cook that. Isn't the topic today about going on with the masses of the world? Go ahead.
It's a fitting game. It is a fitting game. Savory. It has to be savory. To be a soup.
Now, is that an all -inclusive statement or are you saying normally? Because I am about the counter.
I'll let you have a moment. Normally. Oh, Michelle, get the mic.
Give her the mic. We have a whole crowd here today. You can't make comments. You have to.
Yeah. We have a hand in the audience that is being raised. From the art gallery.
Soup is normally savory. However, there are some exceptions.
There are some soups that are sweet. Cereal is not a soup. Okay. What soup is sweet?
There are some Polish soups that are made with yogurt and fruit. Yes, she is correct. Could you gently explain to me?
How cereal is so far out of that category that it can't be in that category. Aside from gazpacho, which was mentioned, which is a cold soup.
Bless you. That is assembled in a similar manner to cereal.
Why did you put in quotes? We're not saying it's fake. She's right. Cereal. I don't know.
What was it? X? No, laser. To Michelle's point, I think what she's trying to get, even gazpacho, there's still a cooking process because it's usually cooked with some sort of acid, like citric acid.
Like a tartar. It is prepared. Now, cereal in and of itself is not baked.
If they have an oven at Kellogg's, it may be dried. I might be wrong.
It's probably baked. However, it is not assembled and cooked in a pot. Would you agree with me that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is baked?
Probably. By probably, do you mean? It's probably actually toasted. Okay. You know what?
You said cooked. I heard you say cooked, and you emphasized the word cooked. Toasting is cooking. Cooked in a pot on the stove.
Why am I involved? It has to be in a pot. Now it has to be in a pot on the stove. It can't be in the oven.
Can't be over a campfire. Actually, let's go with that definition a little bit because, okay.
I already seeded. Preassemble your cereal and put it in the fridge and use it as leftovers and tell me that it's going to still be edible.
No, that wasn't the definition of soup. It is no longer cereal. It is now a casserole. Apart from norms in your life, can anyone give me a definition of soup that cereal is not included?
We just did. No, you did not. I said a savory liquid with solid bits in it.
You didn't say savory. She did. I'm adding that because we're combining definitions. It is a meal that you must eat in a bowl that is cooked in some way in a pot.
I'm googling the soup definition because. No, I'm asking based on that definition. No sarcasm.
The ramen cup noodles. Do y 'all call that soup? I call it ramen. I would consider it a type of soup, yes.
Okay, so the bowl thing, you didn't actually mean a bowl. Fine. Okay, but if you have traditional ramen, ramen is served in a bowl.
Who cares about traditional ramen? There's a specific bowl called a ramen bowl. Yes, ma 'am. Soup. Noun.
A liquid food prepared from meat, fish, or vegetable stock combined with various other ingredients and often containing solid pieces.
Wait a minute. Your punchline went along with cereal. You said solid pieces.
I said solid pieces. But what were they? You said vegetable. Meat, fish, or vegetable stock.
So it's a broth. Yeah, chicken broth, things like that. Okay, all right. If that's the definition we're going to use, then if that's the definition we're going to use, are potatoes vegetables?
Yes. Are they? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it has to, or you're going to have to throw out a lot of soups. Okay, the second part, you know how they have different definitions, like one, two, and three?
Yes, ma 'am. The second one is something having the appearance of or consistency suggested of soup.
Oh my gosh. All right, if we're going with that definition, then
I guess cereal's not a soup. Somebody take a block away from Google. Right? Right. Google has a block take away.
Okay. All right. Let's move on to the next one. I'm going to play right and close my eyes. I'm like you two. Okay, close your eyes. I'm reading the question, but I'll cover my eyes.
Summer. I'll cover it to where I can't see y 'all's answers. Summer is better than winter.
Okay, everyone answer. Wait, we raise our hands if we agree? Yes. Okay. Summer is better than winter. Pastor, I'm assuming, is still struggling to vote.
I'm ready. Okay. One, two, three. Yes. Yes. Okay.
What is your - No, no. Hold on. I'll give you the block. Thank you. Calm down. No, because yeah, we would forget with our laser and our soup.
Cereal. Yeah. That was my favorite. There was no - Okay. For me, and this is subjective, but for me, summer is better because I hate,
I hate being cold. I hope God calls you emission filled in Alaska. Okay. I have one, just one thing.
Don't put that curse on me. Summer is always more expensive. The air condition, the cost of cooling your house.
But I don't have to worry about the bills. My husband does the bills. I just pay for groceries. Summer is more expensive on gas.
Excellent points made here. Summer is more expensive on gas because there's more travel. Summer is more expensive on your electric bill because of the air conditioning.
Summer is more expensive all around. But you have more fun. But with the winter, we just had the time change not too long ago, so it's gloomy.
It gets dark earlier. You can't do as many things because it's cold and wet and depressing. The only fun part about winter is like Christmas with the lights, and then after that, like my birthday falls after Christmas, I hate it.
You're just not trying hard enough. You know what? I actually see both of those points. This is why
I actually struggle with it. Okay, I hear you. I really do. So that's why I prefer summer over winter. And I'm always cold.
My husband, instead of increasing the heat, because we went over that one of the last episodes when I heated our apartment to like 80 degrees, and it was like a $300 bill for a three -bedroom apartment.
You got in trouble. I did, and so I can't touch the thermostat anymore. So he bought me an electric blanket, so I stay huddled in that thing all year.
There's good parts about both of those. If you had said fall. Christmas is the only good part. If you had said fall, which is clearly the number one.
Fall is superior. It's the superior season. For sure. All right. Okay, so I will go with that.
All right, so you can go ahead and remove one. I did. No, you didn't. Yes, she did. You are full of crap. We all started out with four.
See, he's a cheater. He's such a cheater. The more she accused me, the higher her voice.
Like, I didn't. Okay, werewolves are more dangerous than vampires.
What is this? Okay, you ready?
Yeah. One, two, three. Guys, you saw her and y 'all.
No, I didn't. I promise. I did not. And I just saw you wink. I live in the forest and never come out unless there's a full moon.
Oh, I can fly every night. Like, come on. But they can. Have you seen Van Helsing? No. I don't like watch movies that are popular.
Werewolves have an easier time blending in with the general population. See, I knew this would be an
Ashley question. I mean, I'm just throwing stuff out there. They can blend in. I mean,
I guess it depends. What kind of vampire are we talking about here? Are we talking about Stephanie Meyers vampires? Are we talking about actual, like, real, traditional vampires?
I'm not talking about the glittery vampires. I'm sorry. I am going to interrupt here. And this is the first time I've interrupted today.
I am going to look this way. Okay, go ahead. Did you just say real vampires? Did everyone hear the emphasis on the real?
So I'm talking about, like, not the gay vampires, but the sparkly. Not the sparkly ones that are being rewritten to just make things weird.
The, like, vampires of tradition. The vampires that legends were made from.
Yeah, because the only thing that vampires like the legend vampires can do are like, I want to suck your blood.
Like, that's how I imagine they laugh. All right, you know what?
I will happily lose a block to that one. I'll happily lose a block. This is crazy. I mean, this is insane.
You cannot mean this. Okay, werewolves. Like, think of Harry Potter. I don't remember which episode it is or, like, which movie it is.
Are you counting Sirius Black as a werewolf? Sirius Black wasn't a werewolf. No, it's the other guy. Remus Lupin was. Yes, Remus.
Which was his name. I think that is, he was pretty vicious and scary looking. So, that's why I said they're more dangerous.
The only thing that I will give vampires are more in control of themselves. So, because J .K. Rowling did not write about a vampire.
I mean, she did. Was it? They were alluded to, yes. I was about to say, was that? All right, whatever.
What's the next one? I'm ready to go. Sorry. This is insane. You can't even fly.
Oh, this one I put specifically for Ashley. Uh -oh. Her eyes are open. I can guarantee.
I'm sorry. Yeah. I know. I forget. Okay. Books are better than movies. One, two, three.
All the way up. Just. Wait a minute. What in the world is wrong with you?
Books have far more. More detail. Yes. And you can use your imagination. And then a lot of times when the movies are made.
I wanted a follow -up question, but as always, I was silenced. I wanted to know, did you mean a book and a movie about the same material?
And one's made a book, one's made a movie. I would say yes. Or do you mean in general books are better than movies? So if we're talking about like a book made into a movie.
Like which is better? Okay, okay. Like Harry Potter books or Harry Potter movies? Okay, so the question is if there's a book and a movie.
The question is which one of those two are better? Yes. So like the books are better than movies. So my statement still stands.
All right, before I take my block back. He's gonna cheat. I say he's gonna cheat. There are probably only four or five.
Movies slash books that I have both read the book and watched the movie. Okay. And in those examples are
Sherlock Holmes. Hobbit, Lord of the Rings. I'm counting as one.
Hobbit, Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. I didn't read Harry Potter. Man. We're not counting
The Chosen as a movie about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I'll count that. Okay. Book is way better.
The book is inspired by the Sovereign God. So I'm gonna let that one win. Book is way better. There's only a handful.
And with Sherlock Holmes, they were both great. But the problem is Downey Jr.
and what's his name? Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Strange. Yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch.
The Cumberbind guy. Those movies were fantastic. So I am gonna stick with my original. I'm gonna stick with my original.
Now, Tolkien was better than Peter Jackson. Okay, listen. Listen though. I mean, you can still have a movie that is fantastic and does follow the book well.
But the book is still... I mean, the whole essence of the book, no matter what you do when you turn it into a movie, you're not gonna have the original artist or the writer's original soul in that movie.
Except that I can give you... I can give you... Oh! Yeah. Caspian was a horrible movie.
Oh, that was terrible. But it was a good book. Chronicles of Narnia was a good one. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I will say this. I will say this.
Now, The Hobbit was better as a book. Let me tell you something. Fellowship, Towers, and Return of the
King as movies were better. Oh, Peter... Those were... If anyone was to make an argument that somebody stayed as true to the soul of the book,
Peter Jackson did an excellent job. One time, I watched a movie made after a video game, and it was one of the biggest wasted times
I've ever seen. Well, of course it's a video game. I wanna say it was Assassin's Creed. Oh. It was horrible. I did see that, too.
Let me come back and win this. I'm ready. You're gonna come back? I know. We'll do two more.
I'm gonna just listen for one of y 'all to raise your hand. Okay. Okay. Um, the person in the middle seat of an airline row automatically gets both arm rests.
You said it's a rerun? Yeah. Did we do this one before? Literally, last time. I don't remember this one.
But we had two new people on this episode. Okay. Hold on. I haven't voted yet. Okay.
Everyone got their answers? Mm -hmm. Okay. All right. All right. I'll agree.
See, but the thing is, we were talking about this one beforehand. Everyone can get both arm rests on either side of the middle person.
The person in the middle gets the back of the arm rest, and the person next to him can get the front of the arm rest.
It's like you're sitting next to someone you know. Let me be honest with you. I would probably be that person who wouldn't share just because I'd be like this.
But I don't want them to be upset that I'm taking the arm rest that belongs to me. Okay. I will say, as a person who travels a lot, like a lot, that is what you're paying for.
So there's a reason why the seats are different prices, and the prices are what you are paying for.
So if you're getting an aisle seat, you're paying for the aisle. You're paying to be able to get out. For that extra leg.
Extra leg room, but you're paying to be able to get out easily. If you're getting a window seat, you're paying for that window because you want something to look out at.
If you're in the middle seat, you have to get both arm rests because you don't have either one of those benefits, and so that's kind of where that rule comes from.
I don't know if I've ever sat in a middle seat because it's always been like two. It's always just two. It is the absolute worst.
I guess I've been on smaller planes. I hate the middle seat so much. I would not. I hate the middle seat. It's not my favorite. If I had a choice,
I would not pay for a middle seat. I don't want people touching me. That's what I'm saying. I don't want people touching me. I would not enjoy that.
Okay, last one, and then we can get started. I'm ready. Okay, this is the golden girl's question. Dorothy is the best golden girl.
Okay, just everyone let me know when you have your answer. Yeah, this was easy. I think so. Okay, one, two, three. Yes, remove it.
She loses it. Remove it. I don't know. The mom,
Sophia. Yeah, Sophia. She's a grouchy old lady, just like me. But Dorothy is just so quick -witted, and she totally hates on Rose.
But let's be real, though. Dorothy gets it from her mother. Her mother is the
OG quick -witted old lady. But Dorothy is better. Dorothy is great. I don't even like that show.
Sophia aged like a fine wine. You don't like that show? No. Oh, I love it so much. What's the score? We all have three.
You had one. You had two. Yeah, you added. You had one. Can we, like, replay that footage or something?
What do you mean I added? You were left to this, sir. No, there's three right here.
Would you be able to put something in here? We'll do something. Okay. I can't wait to see.
He's going to do a slow -mo replay. You're both right here. It's just, like, stacking in my place.
It's a tie. You're not taking this. It is a tie. All right, it's a tie. I didn't win. It was a tie. Good job, guys.
Good job, guys. Good job, everybody. That was a good game. See, Anna is so incensed, but I grew up with you, so it really doesn't shock me all that much.
That was a good game. Good game. Good game. Oh, I'm not bumping knuckles. Okay. Good game.
So you're not going to be a good sport? Who's the sore loser? Are you giving him a fish hand right now?
By the way, that's called victory. She just shook my hand. You know what? Okay, the reason I did that is because my mom, growing up, she would always play
Candyland with us. I hate that game. She probably freaking hated it. I hate that game. But it was to teach us, you know, like morals and all that crap and whatever.
What? Morals, you know, like how to be a good sport, you know, do everything like that. Okay. And so she would sometimes win, and then sometimes she would let me win.
So, like, she would miss a couple of spaces or whatever. And then when I won, I was like, like your dad, like, you know, like cheering.
And then I would always have to, like, oh, you know, good game, good game, you know, whatever. But when she would win, I was just, so she always, she always made me shake her hand afterwards.
So I wanted to prove a point. My mom watches. Mom, I learned. Good job, Lisa. Good job,
Linda. Lisa, well done. Linda. You know that meme where it's like that little
Hispanic boy, and he's like, Linda, Linda, you're not listening to me. Her name's Linda. But mom, like, has a hard time listening to me.
So I'm like, Linda, you're not listening. Apparently, you have a hard time accepting a tie. So, anyway. You cheated.
Okay. And I hope that Lowell can find the footage to replay it and add something spectacular like he did that last ad.
Would that do something good for your heart? It would make me so happy. That's awesome. I'm glad for you. Okay.
It won't be then, by the way. Okay. So, Anna, what are we doing now?
Are we ready? Yeah, we're ready. We can move on with the... All right. Y 'all ready to get to work? First Kings 18.
So Ashley was inspired by something she heard in Sunday school.
For a lot of you Christians out there, Sunday school is a Bible study you go to before morning service.
You probably should consider doing that. Instead of sleeping in like you can on Saturdays. We have fun, and sometimes
I make breakfast. Yeah, and I'm turning to First Kings and Revelation. Yeah, she makes excellent breakfast.
So, First Kings. Ashley, why don't you give us succinctly the overall flavor of what you want to talk about?
Yeah, so when we were talking about First Kings 18, I was in the middle of doing another
Bible study on the psychology of demons and angels. Really weird study. It was actually kind of interesting.
But we were talking about the prophets of Baal and Moloch and all of these people that are in this chapter, and it led me on a study of who these people are, what were some of the rites and religious...
What's the word I'm looking for? Practices. Practices, thank you. Practices that these people did.
I felt very convicted as I was reading some of this, because I was reading about the
Israelites, because they were there, what their part was in this. It started convicting me heavily in how much of a mirror image
I got into what is going on today, which was also really interesting, because the week leading up to and the week following us doing this
Bible study in Sunday school, the song, These are the Days of Elijah was going on. I love that song. Over and over.
That is such a pump song. It is a pump song, but that song took on a whole new meaning to me after doing this
Bible study. So that's kind of where a lot of this happened. And then, of course, Elena and Anna kind of drug me up here after I was telling them about it.
They're not drugged. And then Elena's not here. She came willfully. Do you mind if I read a portion of it real quick?
Yeah, please. So guys, I'm going to read a portion. For those of you not familiar, let me slow down for a little bit.
I'm writing a paper, so this is fresh in my mind. But in general, in general, there are only three stages of history where God allowed supernatural miracle workers,
Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Christ and the apostles. Now, there are others that can interpret dreams or things like that, but I'm talking about physics defying, going against the laws of nature type miracles, making axe heads float, right?
Parting seas. I mean that kind of stuff. It's really only three periods in history. It really is.
The law, Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, prophets,
Christ and the apostles. And I'm writing a paper on this right now. At any rate, we're in one of those times.
So one of the very few times in scripture where God allows supernatural miracle workers.
And we have Elisha. Now, Elisha was Elijah's disciple.
But here we're at Elijah. I said that, right? I think I said Elisha. Here we're at Elijah. That's okay.
Excuse me. And there are, goodness, hundreds of false prophets here and they're on Mount Carmel.
And they're having a challenge. So this is what Elijah says.
He says, I am in verse, should be 17.
I'm starting in 19. Okay, perfect. Now therefore send and gather all Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel and the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of Asherah who eat at Jezebel's table.
No, well, Ashley's going to get into this in a minute. Notice the false prophets are meeting at the king and queen of Israel's table.
Right. That's how far they have given over. And then in verse 21,
Elijah came near to all the people. This is the people of Israel and said, how long will you go limping between two different opinions?
If Yahweh is God, follow him. But if Baal, follow him. And the people didn't answer him a word.
Yep. I was witnessing to a young man that goes to our
MMA ministry here. He might actually watch this. Our MMA ministry, our SOG, Soldiers God Ministry.
By the way, we're probably going to have four or five fighters next year in 2024. Very excited about that.
Awesome. And someone he loves recently got saved, actually converted, regenerated.
Their life has changed. And he told me, I don't know what y 'all told him, but he's like totally different now.
He's like a different person. I would love to believe that stuff. And I said, well, look, man, try to disprove the
Bible. If it comes out to be false, you don't have to worry about it. Yep. If it comes out to be true, then you have a decision to make.
I kind of like see Elijah saying, don't quit limping between two different opinions. If Yahweh's God, you don't have a choice.
You will worship him. But if Baal's God, follow him. Don't be lukewarm in the middle. At any rate,
Ash, tell us some of your initial thoughts about 1 Kings 18. Okay. So first, before I do,
I wanted to give a little bit more background on what is kind of...
Give shoulder ground, give wrist ground, give whatever. I'm going to give knee ground, like foot ground, all of it.
So in doing my study on this, I did a little bit of extra biblical study on this.
So I wanted to give a little bit of perspective and why when I was doing some of those studies, why it shocked me so much.
So we have 450 prophets of Baal and 450 or 400 prophets of Asherah.
That's 850 false prophets. Yeah, there's 850 people here. So they are prophets of Baal and Asherah.
And then there's Moloch. There's all these other guys. So one of the things, the rites that you would do and the practices that these people do is the wholesale slaughter of children.
Right. They would sacrifice children to these
Baals. Now, one thing that I think a lot of people don't know about Baal, Baal is not a proper name.
Baal is not the name of a god. Baal actually means possessor or lord.
So one of the things that they would do is they would worship the
Baal of a mountain or the Baal of a city gate. So one of the things that they would do is they would take their children and they would sacrifice them to the
Baal of the city. It says in the Bible a lot where the prince of this city or the
Baal of this city, they considered these gods, which, spoiler alert, they're demons, that are the lords or the possessors of this little area.
They could be a possessor of a tree, a mountain, a city gate. But what they would do is they would kill their children and then bury them either in the foundations or underneath these trees at the foot of these mountains as an offering to these gods or these
Baals. Ashra, kind of similar thing. She was more of a goddess of fertility. And so there were a lot of prostitution and other sexually immoral acts that were done in her temples.
Her temples were basically brothels. Then you have other gods who their practices had to do with mutilation.
And you actually see it as we continue in chapter 18. You will see that part of their, as they're worshiping their god and sacrificing, they are, the
Bible gets a little bit graphic on what they are doing to themselves. Which is why there are laws in the law of God, say
Leviticus, talk about not cutting yourselves and making tattoo marks for the dead and all these other things.
Exactly. Then you go, hold on, I just lost my thought.
It's my fault. No. You're talking about how they sacrifice children and cut themselves like these guys are about to do.
And then the other thing that I did find out, and this is the part that just made me sick to my stomach.
So the people of Israel, they're here. They're on the mountain. You have the prophets of Baal and Moloch and Ashra here.
You have the people of God. And then it says that the prophets of Yahweh, they were in hiding because they were being hunted.
It doesn't say necessarily that they were there. It says that Elijah had called them. It doesn't necessarily say specifically if they were there or not.
But it says that they stayed silent through all of this. And there's a few things that I found out because I kind of was looking into that.
There is actual ancient pottery and writings from this time where the whatever you want to call it, the lore, the religious belief at the time was more pantheistic.
And so the Israelites would try to shoehorn God into the beliefs of Baal, Ashra and Moloch.
So there were actual writings talking about how Yahweh is the husband of Ashra or talking about Yahweh in a female form or talking about God as the brother of this specific
Baal. So it was one of those things where the people of Israel were trying to basically make their religion and the religion of the world coexist.
Like the bumper stickers. Right. So if we fast forward here and we get back to the point, get back to the topic here, we've got the people of God standing on Mount Carmel.
They have survived a three and a half year drought. I believe it's three and a half. Is it three or three and a half?
One and a half. Is it one and a half? Yeah. Okay. It's a drought. So we're sitting here in the middle of a drought.
Are you going to look it up? Yeah, you keep going. Okay. We're sitting in the middle of a drought and the people of God have suffered.
And so God tells Elijah, like, all right, go to Ahab. Show yourself to him. We're going to settle this.
So get the prophets of Baal, prophets of Moloch, all of them and all the people of Israel. And Elijah's sitting there looking at them as once they all get gathered.
He's like, how long are you guys going to limp along between two different opinions, two different gods?
If God is God, serve him. If Baal or Moloch are the gods, you serve them.
And they said nothing. Not a word. So here's where I really get sick to my stomach.
How long? You know, this is what I think that the people of God now, how long are we going to sit silent?
We're doing the same things now. We are killing babies by the millions by the day.
We have young kids. We have people who, you know, I've watched a lot of these interviews lately.
We have young kids and young people who they are being pulled into ideologies that demand that they mutilate themselves.
And we have people who celebrate death, that they celebrate when somebody else who thinks differently than them loses their life.
In my study with like the psychology of demons and stuff, that's one of the things that I think
I can just boil everything down to. Is, you know, what is considered, you know, because for a long time and it's lost its strength.
But, you know, anything that was considered, you know, not biblical or something that Christians didn't like, we would say, oh, that's just demonic.
Okay. We can boil things down that are demonic to anything that celebrates or encourages the defacement or the defilement of the image of God.
That is what that is. And that includes abortion. You are killing an image of God and you are defacing it.
You're dehumanizing it. To dehumanize something is to make it less than what it is. And that is an image of God.
To deform yourself or mutilate yourself for an ideology, that is a defacement of the image of God.
To celebrate death, to celebrate the death of any creature that has the image of God, that's demonic.
It is. You cannot celebrate these things. It's wrong. And this is where the people of God, they're standing silent where he's like, are you guys going to continue to let this be okay?
And we are still doing this now. We think that, you know, we have all these issues that it's uncomfortable to talk about them.
It's really, it's a hot button topic. You know, you're going to start a fight with somebody if you're going to talk about these things.
And so Christians, we don't want to offend anybody. Guys, it's time to start offending because these are the days of Elijah.
You know, we have, we all know if we're Christians who study, we kind of know what's coming. I'm not sitting here saying, you know, nobody take me out of context and say that I'm sitting here saying that world's ending tomorrow.
It could end tomorrow. It could end 500 years from now. But it does say in Matthew 25 that in those days,
God will separate his people left and right like sheep and the goat. We are experiencing right now where the world is making you choose.
The world's going to make you choose. And Christians are either looking for a moral equivalence, an excuse to coexist or a justification for coexistence.
That's not an option anymore, guys. I, after reading some of this, you know,
I felt a conviction because, I mean, even I'm somewhat guilty. I mean, I'm not,
I don't ever tell anybody that I have ever agreed with abortion or I've ever agreed. Well, you know, everybody's like, well, when they're 18, you know, everybody can choose.
Yeah. You know, it's still wrong. So I think we're all guilty of that to an extent.
But moral equivalence, seeking coexistence, seeking not to offend in order to either you feel comfortable or the excuses.
Well, I'm not don't don't want to offend them, so I don't run them off. That's not your call. God calls us to speak the truth.
God calls us to stand apart and be set apart. And there is no ambiguity with those stand with those calls.
Yeah. By the way, you were right. It was a three and a half year drought. OK. Maybe maybe some of you aren't used to the term image of God.
And especially because you're like, well, Josiah, you said two weeks ago, we're not all God's children. Couple category things.
Remember, one of the most beautiful parts of salvation, at least in my book, is that we are adopted into God's family.
I know the ladies covered that last week. We're adopted in God's family. Well, if you're adopted in that, by definition, means you should not be a part of the family.
Right. All human beings are not part of God's family. The call of salvation to become a part of that family goes out to all mankind.
However, all human beings on this planet, including those who are currently defying the orders of the almighty
God, are made in his image. If I could just briefly. Made in his image is not just the sense of we have a spirit different than animals.
So we are body, mind, soul. And God is triune.
It's additionally that we are the only ones of his creatures that can know him intimately and love him deeply.
All human beings know that at least at least intuitively.
And let me explain. God says we are to care for all creation.
In fact, we were put on this planet for one reason to subdue the earth and to take care of it.
No one ever gets on to a bear for stealing food or hyenas for stealing food or the fact that almost all animal sex is rape.
No one ever gets on the animals because even unbelievers, because they don't expect more than what they are.
But everyone, including unbelievers, get mad when humans do those things. Now, if all we are is a more evolved version of those mammals.
That's a good point. Why should we ever be upset about that?
In other words, my point is not that the atheist cannot be moral or ethical.
That's not what I'm saying. My point is there's no reason why you don't get mad at the hyena for doing that or the vulture or the buzzard.
There are some animals who only live by stealing and by cannibalism sometimes.
If we are simply a more evolved version of that, why do you get mad when, why do you care that we are not taking care of the planet or other species?
I mean, if we truly believe in natural selection and survival of the fittest. So my point is, it's because we all know there is something unique about human beings.
We all know that. And it's more than just a more advanced version of. There is something different.
There's no party of tigers right now meeting together trying to figure out how to make life better for rabbits.
We all know that intuitively there's something different about human beings. And what that is, is that they have the image of their creator ingrained in them.
And when they act not in accordance with the purpose that creator has made, we see the results of it.
And we have to run from it and create some equivalence to follow after. So when Ashley says image bearers of God, all human beings are image bearers of God because they are made by him.
Exactly, exactly. And so that's kind of demons.
They really only have, they have a few goals. But really all of it, from what
I'm seeing, is they are wanting to be, you know. This gets into this whole other
Bible study. This whole other Bible study. But that's what I've boiled down to.
Whatever is demonic is something that craves or demands that defacement of the image of God.
In whatever manner, whether it be by death, mutilation, or anything. Or any type of devaluing of that thing.
Well, and it almost makes me think of like an unknowing sacrifice.
Or like a naive sacrifice in a way. Because we all sacrifice parts of ourselves.
But it's like when you mutilate yourself or something like that. Like in the scripture, like you had said. That was a part of like a ritual that they had with these types of gods.
And it's like now when people do it. Whether it's abortion or like we'll just go with mutilization for just the topic.
And it's like people don't understand exactly what they're doing in that regard. And it's just, it's really sad.
And especially like you know with these. The reason why I think so many people have an issue with like the kids transitioning and all that stuff.
Like making these permanent changes to their bodies. It's like because you can't. You're not supposed to be able to vape.
You're not supposed to be able to drink. You're not supposed to be able to do these things. But you can choose to cut off parts of your body.
And change them. It's like it makes no logical sense. And it goes against exactly what
God had designed. Right. And it's like God designed you with a purpose. And you were talking about like the image bearers of God.
And talking about abortion. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with our son.
And I went for you know like the first ultrasound. They look like a little nugget. And you can see like a little flutter in there.
And that's the heartbeat and stuff. And you can hear it beat. And then the next time you go in. It's usually like around 11 -12 weeks.
So like three months pregnant. You go in for an ultrasound. And they look like a baby. And I remember telling the ultrasound tech.
And I probably said this on here before. So forgive me. But I remember telling the ultrasound tech.
I don't understand how people can look at that. And just not think like at all that it's a baby.
Like I think that they have to convince. Try to convince themselves that it's not. Because he was jumping around.
He had everything. And she said he has everything that he needs. He just needs to get bigger.
At 12 weeks old. And he probably had that, you know, a few weeks ago. And it's just, I don't know. It blows my mind that people can look a fat in the face.
And just like, oh, that's not what that is. It's just like you're lying to yourself. It's so sad. That story makes me think of, you know, in the
Garden of Eden. It's the power of language. So what is it that the serpent. Did God really say.
Exactly. So if you think about, you know, this was, again, makes me sick to my stomach. You know what?
The latest word that they use for an unborn baby. What? Well, they've used.
No fetus. Because fetus is Latin for baby or offspring. So you know what it is now?
Hold on. Not a leech. Nope. What is it? The zygote.
Well, that's like the scientific term. If you want to be technical. But it's like it's a scientific term.
A baby. But if that's. But that's the whole point. It's the power of language. Do we have zygote showers?
You know what? If we just use that argumentation, I think everyone would leave abortion.
But that's perfect. No one has. You don't say I'm pregnant with the zygote. I'm pregnant with. You're pregnant with a baby.
You were expecting a baby. It's always a baby. It's just different stages of development of that baby.
Right. And but, you know, getting that back to the. But no, that's a good segue back into the topic.
Yeah, it's the power of language. It's the same thing. It's. D.
Humanizing. Right. The image of God, which that is what human what a human is, is the image of God.
And anything that dehumanizes something or removes that image or defaces that image is, in my opinion, based off this study, demonic.
So I think. So to wrap this into a bow, not to turn into a pastor and say one more thing, but.
My care. It's in our genes. Oh, you do it, but you do it like purposefully.
You do it as a nod to Pastor Jeff. So I think that God has a message to three different people, groups, basically in Chapter 18.
All right. You know, of course, there's a message that's for. Everybody who is not already a child of God, and that is
I am God. I am God and there is no other and repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.
All right. So, Elijah, you know, he was the he was a prophet that, you know, he said, repent for the kingdom of God is hand.
And then you have another one that is John the Baptist. Well, we're going into where Jesus is coming back and you going to the song.
These are the days of Elijah declaring the word of the Lord. These are the days of your servant Moses.
Righteousness being restored. And though these are days of great trials of famine and darkness and sword.
Still, we are the voices in the desert crying. Declare ye the way of the
Lord. So there's three people. So there is a great song, guys.
It is a it is definitely a humming, a blood pumper. But so.
You know, Elijah said he's like he says in his prayer to God before he sacrifices.
Josiah, would you read? Yeah. Verse let's start in verse thirty six.
All right. And go. Yeah. Go to thirty seven. Like thirty six and thirty seven. At the time of the offering of the
I'm sorry. At the time, the offering of ablation. Elijah, the prophet came here and said, oh, Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.
Remember, that's Jacob's original. I mean, change name. Let it be known to you this day that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant.
And I have done all these things at your word. Answer me, Yahweh. Answer me that this people may know you.
Oh, Yahweh, our God. And that you have turned their hearts back.
OK, so that's one group of people. The second group of people is are the people who are already
God's children who are remaining silent. His children are too scared to stand up.
Exactly. Guys, it's time. We are right now being separated sheep from goats.
How long are you going to live between these two opinions? If God is God, if God is
God, serve him. And if he's not serve these other gods. But you need to pick one says that God does not like lukewarm people.
If you are seeking for some sort of moral equivalence, if you are seeking for some sort of way to coexist and either tolerate sin or even tolerate, whether it be just tolerate it like they can do it.
And I'm going to stay over here and just do my thing. You know, I have on my notes that Matthew 25,
Jesus gives several parables about this. The parable of the ten virgins, five prepared their lamps and five did not.
And they all fell asleep. But then when the bridegroom came through, five were ready, five were ready.
And the other five were not able to go into the wedding feast. And then
Jesus follows it up with the parable of the servant with the servants, with the talents. You know, you have one that was given five, one that was given.
One was given ten, one was given five and one was given two. And, you know, one the ones that had more, they went and they invested it and brought back to the master the the interest on their investments.
Whereas the one with two went and buried it and hid it. And the master said, you are a wicked servant.
Depart from me and go into the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. That should scare every single
Christian who does not stand up and speak when evil is in front of them.
What would you say to the Christian who is insecure and is afraid to be so bold?
So that is that is a hard thing. And that's kind of something that I've had to develop in myself recently.
It's going to be tough, and that's actually one of my next points in there is what is to be done. And it's going to be tough and it's going to cost us.
We are coming to a time, you know, I'm sitting here and looking at you two guys. You know, there is going to be a time where it may cost me.
You know, I'm speaking for myself. It's going to cost me. I mean, sometimes it already has cost me sometimes.
I mean, every Christian who has obeyed that call probably can point to at least one instance where it's cost them something.
We already have Christians all over the world that it's costing them everything. Elijah, so Pastor Josiah, if you could go to verse 30.
And then Elijah said to all the people, come near to me. And all the people came near to him. And he repaired the altar of Yahweh that had been thrown down.
Elijah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord came, saying,
Israel shall be your name. And with the stones he built an altar in the name of Yahweh. He made a trench around the altar as great as would contain two sails of seed.
And he put the wood in order and cut the bulls in pieces and laid on the wood. And he said, fill four jars of water and poured on the burnt offering of the wood.
And he said, do it a second time. And they did it a second time. He said, do it a third time. And they did it a third time. And the water ran around the altar and filled the trench with water.
Okay. Now, if we go later in that chapter. They're in a drought. So I think it's interesting that Elijah rebuilds the temple of God.
So there was already, I'm sorry, an altar. There was already an altar there that was an altar to Yahweh that was destroyed.
So Elijah rebuilds it. That no one had rebuilt. That no one had rebuilt. Elijah rebuilds it with 12 stones.
And it specifically says it represented the 12 tribes of Israel. And then, you know, he puts the bull on there and he tells them to go and get four jars and fill them with water and do it a second time and do it a third time.
So 12 jars. And then it says that in that trench, the water was filling that trench.
They're at the tail end of a three and a half year drought. They don't know they're at the tail end of it.
They don't know that they're at the tail end of it. We've read the end of a chapter. They don't know it's coming. Yeah, exactly. Spoiler. Sorry.
I read the book, guys. And it is better than the movie. It is better than the movie. So they're in the middle of this three and a half year drought.
Water is probably the most, well, no, not probably. It is absolutely the most precious thing that they have. There are 12 stones.
Then, just the bull itself. I mean, even livestock is going to be. Right. It's not just you.
It's your food sources and your workhorses and all that that needs the water. Right. It's going to cost you something.
It's going to cost you a lot. But you're going to have to do it because we have a faithful God.
Yes. God comes down and it says that he, it doesn't say that God came down, he burned everything up.
It says that the fire came down, consumed it and took it to heaven. There are a lot of things that we need.
There's a lot of things that we've been denied sometimes throughout our lives or we feel that we've been denied. There's a lot of things that we feel that God is not providing, but he is a faithful God.
I will say that I would, you have to look yourself in the mirror and practice sometimes, but I can't sit and just sit in compliance with something that, it goes against my nature.
Denying God as an image bearer of God, denying
God and staying silent goes against our nature. That's why we feel conviction. Can I say something about that? Go for it.
To the question of what do you ask someone who's afraid, I would just point them right here.
First off, if they're afraid to stand up and do what's right, I would probably tell them to join the club.
We're all afraid in some instance. The question is, are you going to let the fear be stronger than your convictions of what you need to do?
In other words, do you have any non -negotiables? Yeah, like we talked about in the video.
You have to have, this is why thinking is so important. You have to have those non -negotiables already set in place before the day comes.
There are some things, you have to already have those in your mind of, this is a non -negotiable, no matter what.
Those three words, no matter what, are pretty powerful words. Because often people use them and they do not mean them.
Right. But I would say this, and I didn't notice until I actually just read this. Elijah tells all the people to come here and it says, he built the altar.
See, everyone's just watching. Everyone's just watching. He built the altar. But in his leadership, what do you do when you're afraid?
If you start to obey, others will follow. See, there's always a remnant, no matter how dark it is.
There's always a remnant, even in this. Even in this. And he starts obeying.
And watch this. And his leadership is stepping out. Then when he said, get some water, it says some of them went and got water.
In other words, those who saw him lead first had the courage then to go do what they hadn't done in years.
It takes someone starting some momentum. Right. And we'll spoiler alert for later,
I guess. The point is, if you stand up and be brave, eventually others will follow.
Right. I've seen it many times. Eventually others will follow. God blesses obedience. Eventually others will follow.
That's what I would say. Yeah, it does take boldness. And God is a God who keeps his promises. So the other thing that I would tell somebody is, you know, one of the things that I've had to, you know,
I'm doing a whole thing where I'm praying and, you know, studying my Bible every morning with a purpose.
Like there's, it's not, do not just check it off the list. There is, has to be a purpose. So one of the things that I have read, you know,
Paul said, you know, he said, follow me for I follow Christ. He said a lot of things, but he also said, you know, towards the end of his ministry, he said,
I have run the race. I have kept the faith. You probably what's the rest of it.
I fought the good fight. I fought the, there you go. Second Timothy. Right. One of the things that Josiah and I was always were, we were always taught was, you know, every day look for an opportunity to die.
It's so encouraging. It's so encouraging, but it is, it is, it is. Actually it's when you break, when you actually explain it, you know, that's of course, you know, my dad is like a shock value person.
So he's going to say, you're like, why are you teaching your kids that? No, look for something to sacrifice yourself to, because while some of these people did not choose to sacrifice their children, they just watched.
You're going to sacrifice yourself to something. You're going to, because even
God, he didn't burn up the offering, but he took it up with him to heaven. It's still a sacrifice that he took and it was taken with him.
So it's going to cost you something and it's going to, I forgot where I was going with that.
That's fine. I was like, I have one, one thing. Go ahead and do that. We've got, we've got a few more minutes. So go ahead and ask your question.
Well, it wasn't a question. It was kind of to answer part, like give another answer to that question is be an independent thinker.
Do not be a thinker. Well, you're not thinking if you're just going along with the masses, as we see here in this game that we did, but be an independent thinker.
Don't because I've seen so many people within the church. Well, why do you believe that was just what my pastor said?
That's what I'm saying. It's like, but you don't have like your own thought process on how you got to that opinion.
Like take abortion, for example, since that's when we've been referencing this conversation. And I've, and I think
I've told this story on a previous podcast. So again, a pardon me for that, but if you haven't heard it, you know, take it for what it is.
When I was like in my early twenties, like late teens, early twenties, I knew abortion was wrong, but I'm like, well,
I would never do that. But if someone else did that, that's their decision. It's their body. Yeah.
Like it's their life. Well, it makes me so annoyed that it makes you sick to your stomach. And so I used to say that, and it wasn't until I was married, like I got married at 21 and it was early on in our marriage.
And my husband and I were talking about it. I think it was like during one of the elections, abortion was like a really hot topic, you know, like it always is.
And he said, have you ever seen the film silent scream? And I said, no. And he's like, we're going to watch it.
He said, I had to watch it in high school, which was very shocking because he went to a public school. But he said, I had to watch it in high school.
Let's watch it. And you can find it on YouTube. It's very graphic. So just like prepare yourself for that.
But it showed a first term, I think it was a first term, like right starting at the second term, second term usually starts around like 12 weeks.
So that's like three months. And so it showed on a sonogram, the baby being aborted with a vacuum.
And they like, they say how gentle this procedure is. And I like, you can see the woman shaking on the table and the baby being dismembered and in the womb.
And I'm like, that is not gentle. This is violent. It's, you know, like we,
I've talked to women who have had abortions in the past and their experiences are always so traumatic.
And it's just like all, and what the media and what other people will tell you is like, oh no, it's safe procedure.
And like, oh, you know, this and that. It's so great. And like, you know, it's, it's, it's a clump of cells. It's not a baby.
So then, you know, you have the conversation. Well, when is it a baby and all this stuff? It's like, they will, the devil and his people will lie to you.
So all of that to say is once I learned what abortion was,
I had to be completely against it. Right. Because I'm like, this is killing of an innocent life. Like this baby did nothing to be here.
This, like you said, it's an image bearer of God and you are murdering it out of convenience or like people say like, oh, that point, or that 1 % of like rape and incest and blah, blah, blah.
It's like, even in that regard, that baby still has a purpose. And so that would be another topic for another day.
But that all being said is do your research for certain things, like whatever you are faced with, do your research.
Do I agree? Disagree? Okay. This is why this is why I agree with that. Yeah. And I also think that some
Christians, you can trust her gut too. Cause like I said, demonic rights, you're going to know it's wrong.
It's like the mutilate. Exactly. It was like, if it makes you, if there, there is a whole conviction element to this that you can ask is like, is this a defacement of the image of God in any way?
Is this celebrating the end of a life or is this celebrating the, the deformity or the mutilation of a life or like what, what is this?
What is the purpose of this? And I think that if you're a Christian, you know,
I actually have one last thing. Yeah. It reminds me of that scripture and it talks about Satan.
Like he, what he's crouching like a, like a lion and he's coming to kill, steal and destroy. It's exactly what he's doing.
Right. Destroying everything, everything that God had in a certain purpose, in a certain manner, in a certain cycle of things, whatever it is, a certain order,
Satan is going to destroy that. So I think that the whole message in this is just finally that, that voice in the desert saying the kingdom of God is at hand.
Prepare the way the Lord repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. And that is the, that is what all of these groups of people have to hear.
And I think that that's the point of second Kings 18. And I think I see a mirror image of what's going on right now in our world.
We're doing the same thing. The we are making the same mistakes as the people of Israel. And Lord help us the indictment, the cost of that sin on the people of God, because God only chastens those whom he loves and that type of just wholesale stomach churning horrific acts of worship of false gods.
I don't want that, those consequences for any of us in second
Chronicle seven 14, it does say, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their evil ways, then
I will hear. So it does, it does take some guts.
It does take some gumption to turn from those things. It's not easy, but I also serve a true
God and I will definitely be, you know,
I hope that my brothers and sisters in Christ who do hear this or hear any of the podcasts that come out of here are encouraged by that and join in the voices of the people saying, prepare the way of the
Lord. But we do serve a true God and we can say, do your worst for our
God will do his. That's right. What a beautiful call to repentance too.
Very good. Thank you for that. Thank you for coming on, Ashley. No problem. Let me close my security blanket here. You did great sweaty.
You did a great job. All right. Very good guys. I hope you're encouraged by that.
As I know, I am as always like share, subscribe, do all that thing.
Talk to us about how we tied on the game and how it was a good game today. And there was a good fair match today.
And that every time someone doesn't win, they don't have to be upset about it. And I think one, we tied.
We tied. So I beat you. Oh, I do want to put this out there.
I want to put this out there. I absolutely think that there is no argument that pastor Josiah is the funniest pastor and everybody needs to vote.
I am going, I am, I am, I am lobbying right now for my pastor. He is absolutely the funniest pastor.
And that's because he and I have the same sense of humor. Okay. So it's just subjective. That's what it's subjective, but it's also facts, but it's facts though.
Some people when you're, when you're, when you are superior, you know, we try to get into it. Okay. All right.
I'm just saying it's subjective. It's fact humor, subjective. Oh my goodness. Gracious. You're the most bitter person.
Oh my goodness. Not really. You're just saying that because I called you manipulative. Oh, you're just trying to hurt me.
I am. All right, guys, like share, do all that stuff.
Let us know what you love, what you hate, all that stuff. But until next time, deuces, do it again.
She didn't say it. Not in sync. Until next time, deuces. Oh, did you hear that?
Was that a fart? That was a fart. We didn't get it on video. Bye. Bye.