The Best & Only Folk Americana Worship Band You Need To Know: Kenny & Claire


Greg got to sit down with Kenny & Claire this week. Kenny & Claire are a phenomenal Folk Americana Band that arranges, writes, and performs classic and modern hymns. They explained their journey as a nationally touring band, discussed their upcoming fundraise for their new album, and performed an exclusive rendition of "Forgive Us Lord: live on the Pod. This was a fun one to record! Be sure to go support their efforts at funding their new album here:


Hey guys, what's going on still at the why Calvinism conference and we're wrapping things up here
I'm here with Kenny and Claire who've been providing worship for us every morning and afternoon
And I've been absolutely blessed by you guys Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Tell the listeners either one of you Okay We did we took
Lesser known hymns that had fallen out of use in the church Yeah We wrote them into new songs with the hopes that they would continue to serve the church and since we put that Album out we've been traveling the country trying to share these with churches.
Yeah to help to help bring those songs Back at the same time with that project.
It's called. Are you weary? We wanted it to be an album that would come alongside
Those who are suffering? Yeah as a way to help encourage them to press on in the faith
To trust the Lord and just to frankly remember the promises of Scripture And at the same time in in these hymns
They do explicitly state the gospel and who Christ is and so we love getting to share these songs
Yeah, it sounds like it's a real passion I know I've been talking to both of you over the weekend and I mean as a nationally touring
Musicians and with children there's you know there's some challenges there But it has to be a passion
And it really comes through in your guys's music and right now you guys are fundraising for the next album correct
We're we'll link it up, but where can people donate or see? What this next album is gonna be about so if you go to give send go
Send go yep Kenny and Claire You'll find a video giving you some information about why we do what we do and and the album
Quickly the the album that we're working on now the goal is To to gather together songs that are rewritten hymns.
We have one on the Apostles Creed. We have a handful of songs about Lamenting sin and forgiveness, which we'll actually share one in a minute
But the idea is to recognize that God is genuinely merciful and that we are genuinely a people in need of mercy
Amen so one of our goals in writing worship music is to try to Draw our eyes to topics that maybe aren't as commonly represented in worship music
To bring us into some more of the historical doctrines the deep rich theology from those who have come before I love it, and you guys have an
EP out now. That's available, right? They can either purchase a CD I know you guys are on Apple and Spotify and all those places where you can spin it and hear it stream it
Where would they go if? Just to the what the same place for the website if they want to find out more about you or order anything
Kenny and Claire Kenny and Claire calm all right We'll put that on and you guys are gonna perform a song for us right here in In the little makeshift studio, so what are we gonna hear today?
So this one is called forgive us Lord. Okay. We were Wanting to write a song focusing on confession of sin
And we found an old one and a little hymnal that we have from the 1800s called all our sinful words and ways
And the only attribution to a songwriter is initials, and I don't know who the writer is we've been trying to research that but I hope this gentleman who has
Long not been with us isn't mad at what we've done But we mashed up his song of confession also with what we had written and so this is called forgive us
Lord and really quick question With just initials do we know that it was a gentleman? I mean
Fanny Fanny wrote a few hymns I'm just saying Okay Okay, we don't know for certain and that's actually one of our goals.
I know a guy who is a hymnologist Like I've been having some discussions with him, and he's also sent me to one of the seminaries that have it has a library
So we're working on it working out awesome. Well, man. I'm excited so guys gals that are listening
Kenny and Claire here you go Birds Oh See For Jesus Every need
Still see Please Oh All right
Yeah, Kenny and Claire everyone that was awesome, man Absolutely love it now you and just to sum this up to you guys do tour
People can find out where you're touring at all around the country On the website that we linked up and I would say guys go out and see them support them bring a group of friends
Listen to them spin them buy the CDs I mean I just can't support you guys more because I love what you're doing the heart you're doing it with To glorify
God and it's just absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, we'll be out west. We'll be up north
Everywhere find us and We'd love to come All right, guys.
Thanks so much for being here and taking time out to do this and listeners Check them out.
Like I said, you won't be disappointed. I've been listening to the EP This weekend and it's absolutely beautiful Remember the chief end of man is to glorify
God and enjoy him forever Talk to you next time guys. God bless Be sure to check us out at DMW podcast comm where you can purchase the best and snarkiest merch on the internet support the show
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