Happy 40th Birthday @AominOrg ! You only roast the ones you love!


Greg wasn’t able to attend the 40th Anniversary celebration of Alpha & Omega Ministries, so he sent in this video instead. We here at Dead Men Walking Podcast are eternally grateful for all of the hard work Dr. James White and Rich Pierce have put in to advance the Kingdom. Keep running the race, brothers! And here’s to many more years of ministry!


40 years they've been doing this.
You know who else wandered aimlessly for 40 years.
Yeah, the Israelites Ironic, isn't it? What we're on recording? No, geez Well, hello there.
White and mr.
It's Greg from dead men walking podcast Sorry for seeming so formal in that greeting, but my parents always taught me to show respect to my elders My much much much older elders I'm absolutely devastated that I couldn't be there to celebrate your 40th year of Alpha and Omega ministries I would have loved nothing more than to pack the velvet sports coat Travel thousands of miles from Michigan and spend hundreds of dollars on flights and hotels and ubers just for a free catered lunch 40 years of ministry is no small feat I'm not sure if the Golden Age of the Kingdom of Israel even lasted that long You guys can fact-check that yourself or I'm sure James will condescendingly correct me if I'm wrong Either way, it's impressive how Alpha and Omega ministries have adapted with the times With your first broadcast going out over Western Union's telegraph lines right after the fall of the South to now Being broadcasted all over parts of southern, Arizona.
Wait, what's that? Global millions.
Oh, my producer says you're global now with millions of listeners.
That's actually terrifying Your books debate shows and programs have personally aided in my faith and sanctification So much so that even my three children have your books on their bookshelf and the dividing line on their iPods Actually come to think of it.
Good Lord.
What have I done? I'm raising three little Jame whites.
Forgive me in Retrospect though.
I guess it's the only instance where it's socially acceptable to say I'm raising three little whites Anyway, you have affected multiple generations for years to come for the glory of God It's a rare thing to see two men of God such as yourselves work so closely together for so long to accomplish so much Frankly, I can't believe rich has been able to work with James for so long But I suspect it has something to do with his little known degenerative hearing loss That helps him tune out that commanding yet piercing voice James has With all joking aside though when all is said and done You have both contributed to the glorious work of the kingdom by preaching the gospel to millions of people over the decades So happy 40th, and I selfishly hope there are many many more years of ministry to come I love and appreciate both you brothers.