Dawain Atkinson Returns: New Podcast, New Music, Same Swag! DMW#204


This week Greg sat down with Dawain Atkinson. Dawain is a long time friend of the podcast and is the host of the B.A.R. Podcast, as well as the new 4 Truth Podcast. They discussed the Detroit Lions win, his new podcast, the music involved, how he got the guys from Just Thinking Podcast started, the four albums that defined him, and he also stuck around for a "Fresh 10" segment. He had some great answers! Enjoy the episode! K&K Furnishings: Providing quality furnishings for business, education, worship, and hospitality for the Glory of God! https://www.kkfurnishings.com/ Jacob's Supply: Quality building materials at wholesale prices! https://jacobssupply.com/ Support the show and check out our merch! http://www.dmwpodcast.com


Exploring Theology, Doctrine, and all of the Fascinating Subjects in Between, Broadcasting from an
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There we go. So now that we got the business out of the way, we got to get right to the episode. Yes, I'm coming off a
Lions, Detroit Lions win over the Bucks. That was great. Any of you that've listened for any amount of time know that I'm in Michigan.
We say undisclosed location at the top of the show, but let's be real. You guys all know where I'm at after four years.
We probably should change that. But yeah, they're going to face San Francisco. I will admit we had small group last night, started at six o 'clock.
Our small group leader said, eh, some people are coming in late. Let's watch the last two minutes. We wrote it out to 615, started small group late about 15 minutes and then got into a really good study on Ecclesiastes.
But it was a great win and that was fun. But I don't want to talk about that too much. We have, it's a family episode.
And by that I mean you guys know who this guy is here that I'm going to introduce. If you've listened for any amount of time, I've said it many times on this podcast, two, three weeks in, two, three episodes in, in April 2020, this guy messaged me.
He said, hey, I like what you're doing. I want to support you. Anything you need, brother, let me know. Early adopter.
Couldn't have been nicer. Very supportive. Helped me along the bumpy way in the beginning of a podcast almost four years ago.
Got to meet him down at the G3 National Conference of 2021. He's the host of the
Bar podcast. That's biblical and reformed. Got a new podcast coming out that we're going to be talking about. It's the one.
It's the only Dwayne Atkinson. How are you doing? What's up, brother, brother, brother, thank you so much for having me on.
And also, congratulations, man. I was rooting for you guys yesterday. Man, it's just a good time to be in the state of Michigan, man.
Y 'all win the national. Yeah, I got the daddy. National championship. You know, I'm I'm I like y 'all, man.
I've always been a fan of that area. You know, as a kid, you get to, you know, have certain teams.
And I like the fast five when they were there at Michigan. And, you know, I like the Detroit Pistons at one time, you know.
So and, you know, Barry Sanders. So, yeah, it's all love, man. Yeah, it's cool, too, because kind of the two teams that have really given us some popularity in the last 20 years is the old four
Pistons, which made it, you know, won the championship. And they were all their motto was get to work.
No superstars. You know, you had the Rashid Wallace, the Ben Wallace, all those guys, Tayshaun Princes, and then the
Lions kind of mirror that as well. Mirror in the city, man. Grit get to work. No one's getting paid tens and 20 millions of dollars.
I mean, the private paid after this year. Let's let's be honest. But right. Just get to work, which really does, man.
I worked in Detroit for the first three years of my real estate career and just a gritty, just sometimes stubborn to a fault.
I mean, I was I was valuing houses that were worth seven thousand dollars burndowns and then right next to it, a gorgeous pre 1900 brick ranch with wrought iron fence, you know, and it's next to a burndown drug house.
And I would talk to the people. They go, look, this is my city. I've been here seven generations. We ain't moving. That's why
I take care of my house and, you know, my property. And I don't care what's going on around me. And it's turning around, man.
They've got some good leadership in there. I think it's reflected in the sports team. And I want to see cities like Detroit and some of these, you know, as when you're politically on the right or if you're more conservative, you kind of like to see people like to see cities fail like that.
Oh, see, they're all Democrat strongholds and liberals. And it's like, man, those are people in those cities.
And, you know, when you have wise and righteous leaders, the people rejoice, you know, and when you have unwise and unrighteous leaders, they groan.
So Detroit's making a comeback. The team's doing good. But we didn't get on here to talk about football, though.
We probably could for the whole episode. But I got to know about this new podcast coming out.
Listen to Barr. Barr obviously been around for what? Were you going on seven years on that eight year? I mean, you've been around a little bit, right?
Yeah. I mean, yeah, man, we've been around a little bit. We're actually coming up on ten, man.
Ten. Oh, my goodness. Oh, so you were a vet. You were a vet when I started. Yeah.
And I mean, some exclusive interviews that you've done. Sometimes people only come to you to talk about certain stuff.
We were talking about that before we started recording. So, guys, if you're listening to this right now, pause it.
Go find Barr on anywhere you find podcasts and at least subscribe to that. Start listening to those episodes.
I'm a big supporter, Dwayne, and what he's doing. But I want to know about this new podcast. Give us a I don't even know the name of it.
I don't even know. You just said, hey, I got something new coming out. I said, come on, we got we got to talk about it. Absolutely.
So before I can't talk about a new one without giving kind of an update on the bar. The last year
I have a new a new job, which is in fitness and also social media, also podcasting.
And so I wasn't able to get as many interviews or my schedule didn't permit.
So I have to carve out a space to shout out my man, David, from Expositor Word.
He actually reached out. So, hey, Dwayne, I love the guest host your podcast. He came in, guest hosted my podcast.
He's been doing it for the last six months. Also had the shout out, Nick. Nick does all the audio engineering and also
Jessica Clark. She does all the video. So anything you see with the bar podcast, Dave is doing an amazing job.
Yep. Still getting amazing. It's like some of the people he's getting on interviews. I'm a little jealous. Like, you know, he's getting people that I that I used to chase, man.
He seemed to be getting them pretty easy, man. So he's still still amazing guests. You just don't get my voice every time.
But it's still the same stellar, you know, I always call it the entry, the gateway drug to to reform theology is the bar.
It's still the same quality brand of the bar podcast. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that was my vision, man.
I always wanted to be bigger than me. You know, I always wanted to be able to go on without me. And so I'm super grateful to God that that's the case.
So the new podcast, man, it was one of the many things birthed out of the pandemic.
You know, everybody was locked in. And I had three really good friends that I met through social media, you know, because of the whole reform.
And we actually met for the very first time at G3, like a lot of relationships.
And we were connected and we started doing family Bible studies. We picked Friday night.
We'll get on Zoom, all four families on Zoom. And we would go through books of the
Bible. The first thing, the first one we did was Romans. And we literally walked through verse by verse through Romans. Then we would do other studies.
And you know me, man, I'm always looking and listening. And I recognize, you know, good podcasts.
And, you know, the reason why I reached out to you way back when I saw you had something, had something good, man. And so I noticed the chemistry between me and these three other brothers.
And and I was like, man, we need to do a podcast. And of course, you know, people that aren't used to being behind a microphone and camera, you know, it's a lot of twisted arms and bringing it back up.
And and so finally got them on board, man. And we created what we call the four truth podcast, man.
And we would launch it a different style. And, you know, and we'll get into the details.
But that's just kind of the background or the genesis of it, where it actually came from. And you said four truth podcast.
The number four. Yeah, four of us, four of you. And what are we going to be talking about?
Are we going through the Bible? Are we taking like theological subjects or Bible verses? Or what is it just life or what is it?
Yeah, so I'm glad you asked. So to what the approach we're taking, we all come from the same background, which is the word of faith, charismatic movement.
And so we actually take in kind of, I guess you could say, hot takes or hot topics like different evergreen things that are still going on.
Like the very first episode is called Snatched from the Fire. You know, just talking about our story, we're coming out of that.
You know, we all have some of the backgrounds, but we all there's different details, you know, in the next episode is the gospel.
And we talk about what is the gospel and, you know, what is it not? You know, and the importance of it, you know, so it's more topical.
But it's super evergreen because, you know, those those, you know, we still fight with and deal with, you know, bad theology all the time.
And so it's definitely relevant. Yes. Can you shout out the other three guys that are that you do the podcast with?
Absolutely, man. So I have to start with the one I known the longest. His name, his real name, he going to get me is
Willie Ward. But but his nickname is Snap. Snap is in where it's not
Santee, South Carolina. OK, he's a he's a he's a he's a wise old country fellow that that has has a distinct voice.
You definitely recognize Snap soon as he started talking. Then I have to shout out Ryan. Ryan Watson is in Columbia, South Carolina.
Ryan is he's our in -house theologian. You know, he's the reader, writer.
And then my man Maceo Maceo Biggers is in Ohio. And Maceo is is the bodyguard.
He's about six, five, about, you know, 230 plus. Keeping everyone in line on the podcast, huh?
Yeah, man. Yeah. But no, Maceo is a lover of the word, man. And, you know, he always had really good input.
So have has any of the episodes launched yet? Yes. So like I mentioned, this is a different kind of a launch.
I am a fan of 80, I mean, 90s R &B and hip hop, which we'll talk about later.
But I wanted to release this this this podcast like an album.
This is side A of this podcast. Everybody remember the cassette tape?
If you don't, I'm aging myself. It's OK. Is the little thing you put in the car. It had a little tape. So side
A of this podcast. And this has five episodes that all dropped on the exact same day.
So you can listen to all five episodes. We've already recorded side B, and we're going to drop that at a later date.
And and that'll be the end of that album. I was really unique about this.
This podcast is each intro song is is not just the same old thing.
Each intro song gives you kind of a prelude to what the episode is. So I have to shout out my man
Jonathan, aka Sound of the Rain is his is his rap name.
OK, but every every episode begins with a verse that tells you what the episode is about.
And the very first, I guess you could say, episode on the podcast is what we call the table of context.
And it is all five verses put together in one song. So it's a super musical sort of kind of, you know, something
I'm really excited about. And I also have to shout out Buddy, my man, Buddy. He actually took the hard work of the audio engineering and editing off my shoulders.
And I'm grateful for that. And he did an amazing job as well. So that put together the four true podcast side
A. All five episodes are available right now wherever you listen to podcasts. Now, see,
I kind of like that idea. And it seems like it's a a newer idea to drop kind of the episodic podcast all at the same time like that.
You see that a little bit on like on video formats, like on Prime and Netflix and things like that, where where they might drop like five at a time and then give you give you a month or so and five at another time.
And it allows you to go really long format and then break it up kind of into. I mean, each episode, how long is it?
Is it is it approaching an hour or more or what is it? Yeah, yeah. It's about it's in between 30 to 45 minutes.
OK, we you know, we have one that goes a little bit longer to into the 50 range, but they're not, you know, terribly long.
And, you know, we don't exhaust the point, you know, and right. You know, we're not just thinking three hour long podcast.
You know, I love my guys. They just recorded a three hour long podcast Saturday. I was like, yeah, man,
I don't even know how you do that. But yeah, yeah, it's more more with the 30 to 45 minute. But it's like I said, this episode after episode, you can knock it all out.
And and like you said, we kind of got the idea from the Netflix and from the you know, the streaming services, because that that actually people prefer that, you know, instead of having to wait a whole nother week.
You know, if I got more time, I want to keep listening. You know, that's what people do when they find your podcast. They all found a podcast.
They go all the way down and try to listen all the way through. So absolutely. Did it that for me? Yeah, I think it's really smart to be in that under hour, closer to that 30 to 45 minute range.
I noticed and I've said about this on podcast before. When you look at analytics, most of my most of my listeners, they'll drop off at like the 40 minute mark.
And whether that's because I'm on the way to work podcast or they just can't take me for any more than 40 minutes, they go,
OK, I don't want to listen to this guy anymore. But you have been told that, too. I realized very quickly, you know, the and we talked about this almost four years ago,
I was you know, you had this idea like I'm going to be this Joe Rogan long format. You know, you do a couple two and a half hour podcast in a week and you go,
I'm going to not only run out of things to say, but I'm just belaboring things that don't need to be belabored to where I've found.
And I think you would agree with this. Tell me what you think. I think being more succinct, being more efficient with your words, packing a lot of value into a shorter amount of time.
People seem to respond to that. They go, hey, look, give me give me the thoughts, the opinions, the scriptures, whatever it is we're talking about.
But you can package it in a really nice 30 to 40 minute audio package to where, sure, you could, you know, if that's the podcast you want to go for, where you're hanging out for three hours and things are belabored.
But if not, I found people really go that that hit good. You know, 32 minutes driving to work, driving back right before I went to bed, whatever, and got got everything in there.
Have you kind of found that? Because like you said, 10 years on bar, you start this new one. I know you've helped many, many podcasters out in the podcasting reformed world.
You're kind of known as the godfather that will go around and kind of help and give suggestions and point people to the other people they need to network with.
Have you found that to be the case? I mean, where do you land when you're looking at episode length and things like that?
What's your philosophy on that? No, absolutely. Same as you. And I always tell people, you know, you want the average commute is 30 to 45 minutes.
And that's a good place to land. And I always joke because, you know,
I call myself the the expert, man. And in my most popular podcast and most notable podcast breaks all the rules that I tell everybody else to do.
You know, I say keep it 30 to 45 minutes. You know, I say drop every week or be more succinct or, you know, or or have a cadence and then just think it comes through and they have three hour episodes and then they drop whenever they feel like it.
And there's no cadence. There's no, you know, and they're the most successful. But for us regular folks that aren't dealing with two two geniuses behind the microphone, for us regular folks, 30 to 45 minutes is a really good cadence.
Like you mentioned, when when you're developing your podcast, you want to you want it to be poignant.
You want to be able to come in, hit your topic. You want to keep it moving. You don't want dead space.
You want to continue to keep people engaged, as well as your guests. If you have a guest, you don't want it to be long, dry or, you know, drawn out.
You want to make sure that you keep keep them engaged. Keep their keep a cadence to your podcast. That's something that I pride myself in is cadence and just making sure that everything has has a rhythm.
Yeah, I think you bring up a really good point for those listening to that might be listeners of podcast consumers or even have the one themselves is.
Yeah, I was not definitely not saying you can't do long format because there are some guys out there like like Daryl and those guys just thinking.
I mean, that works for them because, man, when I discovered them and you're and I know you're involved with that podcast,
I can't remember exactly how, but you can you can let us know. I remember it had to at least be four years ago. I don't know how old that podcast is, but it was
I was an early adopter. And I remember I was out doing yard work while listening to it. And I had to keep like rewind.
I say rewind. I'm from the 80s. But going back, tracking back on it, and I couldn't get my work done because it was so heavy and so thought provoking.
And I'm going, hold on. I got to listen to that two minutes again. What did he say? You know, I'm out there raking and doing stuff. And I go,
OK, I can't. This isn't a podcast where I can do something else while I'm listening. I literally sat down and probably went through two or three of their couple hour podcasts right in a row and shout out to them because I benefited greatly from some of the social stuff that they talk about, the gospel stuff they talk about, even their takes that, you know, you could say are political, but they're not really.
They're they're the gospel. It's just that, you know, the world has become more religious.
I don't think the church has become more political. You know, it's my take on it. But what what is your role with just thinking?
Don't don't you think produce or something? Or I couldn't remember. Yeah, no,
I mean, it's just a small role. I'm just the only the person that that put them together. I was
I was I didn't even know that I was already friends. Yeah, man, I was already friends with Virgil.
We met through a Facebook page that I started, man, a lot of years ago now. And we were already friends.
And then a good friend of mine, McKinley, sent me Daryl's article on what wokeness in the black church.
And so I interviewed him. And when I interviewed him, I was like, man, as a you sound like Virgil, like y 'all talk about this topic alike.
Yeah. And so I told Virgil and Virgil's like, man, you know, I would love to guest host your show and interview him for a part two.
And we did. And when I heard them together, I was like, I was like, we got something. We got a podcast here, man.
Yeah, man. So look at you. Yeah. I pretty much put just thinking together. He's just a small role.
I just created the thing. I'm just kidding. Yeah. No, for real, though. That's funny. Yeah. OK.
I knew I did. That's my role in the back of my head. I thought it was something like that, but I didn't want to state it, you know, on the recording unless it was accurate.
But I'm glad that you cleared it up. Yeah. But yeah, another podcast that people should go check out. And like you said, you don't know when they're dropping and for how long.
But when you do, you go, yeah, I'm going to listen to it because they provide some unbelievable content just like you do.
So you got the new podcast for truth. You can find it anywhere. Do you want to direct people to a website or what are we doing?
Yeah, man, no, no website. We're going to poor man route. So just for your favorite, favorite podcast catcher, or if you want to do the whole link tree thing, you can do the was a link.
Yeah. T .R. Dot e slash the number four true podcast. And it's pretty much a direct link to whatever your podcast app you like to use.
But yeah, man, we're we're super excited about it, man, because it's different.
It's a different format. And then I just love the musical aspect of it. I mean, and I told the guys,
I was like, man, if nobody listens to this, man, I'm I'm just proud that, you know, because it's like I've been doing podcasts for so long, man, and just for me to step outside of the box and just do something untraditional.
And the irony is we recorded the episodes like almost a year ago and we're just dropping it now.
Like I literally wanted to take my time and figure out how I wanted to orchestrate it before I release it, because I've been the, you know, record the night, drop tomorrow, guy.
I've been the, you know, let's hurry and produce what I've been, I guess. I was like, this time I'm going to take my time.
I'm going to find the right producer. I'm going to find the right lyrics. You know, we're going to get the right graphic.
You know, and it's been an amazing journey. I'm laughing because that's what we're doing right now.
I think this will drop Wednesday. We're recording on a Monday. So you got about 48 hour turnaround, baby.
You know, I've been there. But you know, because that's a tough thing, too. People don't realize for 10 years almost for you and then almost every week having some type of new guest on for you.
I've been doing it. There'll be four years in April. And sometimes you're going, you know, you want to grab someone that has some value that can speak to something.
They have to be good in a conversation. You might have, you know, and then you get some guys that you get out and you go, this is going to be awesome.
And you go, oh, I don't know. You get some surprise ones. And then like you said, you get some that you go, man,
I can't wait to have you on. And they're like, I don't want anything to do with that. I'm not good in front of a camera or a microphone. And you go, oh, come on.
In conversation, we can, you know, so that's a struggle. So I'm going to ask you this real quick. I'm going to ask you this real quick.
What's worse, the guests you got to drag and pull stuff out of or the guest that talks too much and don't give you the breaks that you need?
Which one is the toughest for you? You know, it's you know, it's funny. I would probably say
I don't notice the one that I have to drag out of because I'll just I'll just talk over them and it'll be 80 percent me talking, which is fine, but probably the listeners going, shut up,
Greg. But but the one that the one that talks over is hard, too, man. I got a touch of ADD extroverted.
It's like you go for more than five minutes straight. I only got the first two minutes. I'm in my head thinking about when
I edit this. What am I? You know, and then all of a sudden there's silence. And I go, oh, we're still talking, you know? So, yeah, it's it's tough either way.
It's got to be balanced, I think. Yeah, I had I had I had I had one guest. I love the brother.
His name is Greg. We're good friends. And he was nervous. But I asked him one question and like SpongeBob, 30 minutes later, for one question,
I was like, I was like, when he finished, I was like, all right, guys, good episode.
We'll take it next week. Oh, I got a good one for you, too, since we're just having a conversation here.
So, man, this was like three years ago. So maybe I was we were like eight months, nine months. And this is when I still had
Jason Hamlin, the former co -host with me on the podcast. And there was a there was a guy at a
Ford factory in Detroit who yelled at Biden when he came and visited and said like, hey, you can't take our guns or something about the union or something.
Right. And it blew up. It went viral. He was in his bib overalls and he mouthed off to Biden. And he was on Fox News.
That's right. Well, he comes to a rally in Monroe for something. So I get him aside. I said, hey, I'm about 20 minutes south.
You want to come do an episode? Well, before I say you believer goes, yeah, I'm a believer, this conservative. I go, this could be interesting, right?
He's got a little viral stuff going on. I'll ask him some questions. We get down here, we start recording.
It is like night and day. He starts talking about he's like trying to be an intellectual. He's like talking about mysticism and Jordan Peterson.
But not good. It was like it was like he didn't understand any of it. And he was trying to almost me and Jason are sitting there.
And if we just looked at each other at about 55 minutes in and we're like, none of this is usable.
I mean, we literally said, thank you. Two hours later, as soon as we cut my co -host, he was like,
I got to go. I got my kids at home. I'm like, you son of a gun. Leave me here with this guy. Talk for another 45 minutes. I mean, it just went right in the recycle bin.
I didn't even post it. None of it was usable. I mean, I don't I'm not talking bad about the guy, but it was not what he had presented.
And you just go, well, you live and learn. That's what I get for trying to chase a viral moment. Right. In my head,
I go, this is going to be unbelievable. And then it turned out to be garbage. I got you got me.
I share one. Yeah, I don't know if I got your beat. So I got
I got reached out on Instagram. This guy, I mean, he he, you know, he looked the part. He looked warm.
He was quoting quoting the right quotes and everything we got on. And and it was going good.
All going good. I had to end. I ask you, like, OK, who you like to listen to? Yeah. You know, your favorite pastor or whatever.
He's like, yeah, like T .D. Jakes in my house. I mean, he was naming all the word of faith. I was like, what?
Oh, you're like, what happened? Like, yeah, I like I like Mike Murdoch.
And I was like, yeah, yeah, man. So when we finish, yeah,
I'm not going to be able to use this. So just I appreciate your time. He was like, I could
I could I could say somebody else. You want to rerecord it? I was like, no, I'm good. Yeah. We appreciate you, brother.
So that's that's so that's a crazy thing, too, because in person, when I'm talking to people, I can be a little confrontational.
I like debate. I like discussion. I like playing devil's advocate. Even I find you can learn a lot about someone, by the way, that they argue or debate or questions bring out things.
But I'm not really that way on the podcast, because I don't know if people want to listen to me just, you know, argue blindly about something.
I try not to be too confrontational. There's been a few moments where like Sam Storms came back on after he defended
Bethel music and he said, well, you know, Bill Johnson isn't a theologian, so we can't really hold him to a high standard.
He said, dude, he's a shepherd. He's a he's a pastor, you know. So there's a little pushback on some of those episodes. But for the most part, yeah,
I kind of I really don't bring people on that I'm going to have a really hard opposing view with.
I'm not against it. I mean, if someone wants to here's the funny thing, and you might have experienced the same thing. I've had people that will argue with me online or say something or right.
And I'll go look at their their Twitter, their Facebook, whatever. See some of the videos they post. Go, hey, come on the podcast.
Let's talk about it. You talk about it in front of 50000 people this month that will listen to it. It'll go out on YouTube.
It'll go out everywhere. Make your points there so it can be recorded. And and I'll make my counterpoints. Not one has ever taken me up on it because a lot of these, you know, keyboard cowboys, you know, man, when they can
Google and they can type in, they're sitting in, you know, in their room doing it. Boy, do they love to talk smack.
But it's like you invite them on a public forum that's recorded that we can talk about. They don't seem to be too interested.
So I haven't gravitated that way. But let's shift gears here as we put bookends on this, because I'm going to I want you to I want you to do a fresh 10 segment with us, because I don't think if you ever done a fresh 10 segment with us, get to know you a little bit more.
10 fresh questions. All right. Good. First of all, though, I'm looking at if anyone's watching this, watching the video podcast behind you, you get some vinyl.
I got to know what that vinyl is. What are you listening to? Yeah, man, so like I told you before we hit record,
I got four albums kind of on display, and it kind of alludes to my taste in music.
The very top that shirtless guy is D 'Angelo. Voodoo album came out in 2000, my senior year.
Very pivotal album. Yeah. Yeah, man, that that's special to me.
Right beside it is the Miss Education of Lauryn Hill. Another classic neo soul.
Yeah, man. And right under the Lauryn Hill is Jay -Z's Blueprint album. Yeah, came out in nine eleven two thousand and one.
Another, you know, soundtrack of my life. And then right beside that, you can't see it because of my work hat, but is the
Wu -Tang Forever album. Now, with this, those are four good albums, man.
Well, you want to what we do? We jumped the shark a little bit because that is one of the questions, but maybe it'll change a little bit.
But you want to stick around for a couple more minutes to do some fresh head. All right, I'm here for it.
Here we go. All right, the
Fresh 10 segment with Dwayne Atkinson, it's where we ask him 10 fresh questions. He don't know what they are, but we do.
And we're going to find out a little bit more about him so you can get to know a little more about him. All right. Question number one, rapid fire.
You don't have to think too long about it. First of all, what city and state did you grow up in and how did that affect your childhood?
I grew up in Turkey, North Carolina, and it is farmland.
And the way that affected my childhood is that made me a hard worker and not afraid of the heat because my parents put me out there as a kid in the tobacco fields, in the cornfields, all of those places.
And yeah, that's that's me. So you're getting that heat in the field, man. OK, yeah.
Good work ethic. Hey, go read Proverbs. It talks about a good work ethic. A lot. It's a godly thing.
It's a good thing. All right. Question number two. What's your what's your favorite funny story to tell people or maybe a joke you have or a funny story to loosen them up?
Or maybe you're in a networking situation. Do you have a go to funny story about yourself or even something you could share?
Share here. Absolutely. So my favorite joke is, how do you find
Will Smith in the snow? I don't know how to look for fresh print. OK. That's my favorite joke.
Oh, it's coming with jokes. I got the air horns. Got air horns. OK, I like that.
That's a that's a good icebreaker. I like the what do you get when you cross an agnostic and an agnostic, an insomniac and a dyslexic, a guy who stays up all night wondering if there really is a dog.
Hmm, it's a little wordy, but my reformed my reformed brothers like it, you know, we like terms and definitions, you know what
I mean? Absolutely. All right. Question number three, rolling right along. Going back in time in the you're in the
DeLorean. The flux capacitor is fluxing. Are you going back in time to visit your great, great, great grandchildren?
Are you going ahead in time to visit your great, great, great? I'm sorry. I said that backwards. Great, great grandfather or great, great grandchildren in the future.
You going back to visit or you going forward to visit? Ah, that's tough.
Ah, I'm going forward. I'm going to go forward. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I want to say why
I'm going to go forward because I want to see what effect I had on. Oh, that's that's good.
You know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. All right. Yeah. That that question is always about split.
I got half going back, half going forward. Number four, what's something people would be surprised to know about you?
They go, man, I wouldn't think that about Dwayne. Yeah, man. Yeah. So a lot of people would not know about would not know this about me unless they know me personally is when
I was in college every summer, I used to work for Mount Olive Pickle. So if you are familiar with the grocery store.
Yeah, I used to work at that factory every summer. Those pickles got the crunch, man. Yeah. Bro, they're the best.
You know, people would say they work place. They can't eat them. No, I still eat it right now. Very interesting.
A pickle factor. I like it, man. We're learning a lot today. All right. Yeah. We don't do top three albums on the deserted island.
We do top three artists. So you can bring as many albums from that artist. But only three artists is going to the deserted island with you.
Who are they now? You had four hanging behind you, but you can bring three, three artists, any any amount of their albums with you to the deserted island.
Who are they? Today. All right. So I'm definitely definitely sticking with D 'Angelo. Yep. Definitely sticking with Jay -Z.
OK. And my third. I thought
Lauryn Hill might be the second one for sure. Well, she don't have it. She don't have a big catalog.
You don't have a big catalog. Yeah, but what she does have is pretty good. It is amazing, but I got to think about longevity.
I want to do. OK, OK. I like to think about longevity. So so, you know,
I'm just thinking about it like we're on this reform. Y 'all don't judge my music taste. I'm sorry. Like my playlist is still getting stigmified.
Our art is to glorify God. All right. And some of those some of those guys, we get we're going to get them for the kingdom one of these days, though.
God will get absolutely. All right. So my my my number three is tough.
All right. OK, I'll make a decision. This is the hardest question on it. Yeah. All right.
OK, I got it. Go ahead. My look, my my my my third one's going to be a little wing. Be that I like little way, man.
I'm like, sometimes I listen to him talk and his perspective on the world. And I go, brother, man, just surrender to Christ.
You're so close there with the way he sees the world. So close. You're like, ah. And I have a tender spot for him, too, because when he talks to me in a rough childhood and then, you know,
I don't know. You just hear him talking. You go, man, he's he's right there. But we'll keep praying for him. All right. Question number seven.
Getting through it. Oh, I'm sorry. Question number six, favorite thing to do when you just want to relax.
We chilling out in front of some Netflix. We're reading the Bible. We're going to smoke a cigar. We're what are we doing? Two fingers of burnt cigar.
OK. Yeah. Smoke a cigar. I like it because I'm a I'm in bodybuilding prep.
And so I can't drink bourbon right now. Yeah. Yes. Cigar is the go to.
Which we didn't even talk about that. You know. No. The before and after pictures of you, brother.
Man, if you guys are you guys are watching this, whatever he's wearing doesn't do him justice. He got jacked over the last couple of years and then helping other people do it, too.
I mean, you got like you got all kinds of testimonials. It just just shout that out. Who are you doing that with?
What's the company? Yeah. Yeah. So I work for yeah, I work for E2M Fitness. OK. And it's E2M Fitness dot com.
And we specialize in eight week transformation. And, you know, I went from over 250 pounds to currently 187 this morning.
Yeah. And my wife also lost over 40 pounds and plenty of man
I could think of right now. Reform brother, Pastor Jeff Sims, lost a lot of weight.
He came under as well, man. So, yeah, just amazing. Eight week transformation program.
If you're looking to get healthy and fit, E2M Fitness dot com. Eight week. But let me just tell you, let me just give you a compliment because I've been you know,
I've been on the Internet for 15 plus years on social media. And you know how many times I see someone do something and then fall right back to where they were.
It's a you know, you are years and years, man. You're going on like you're three or four. The guys and the girls that you are helping years, it's like they don't go back.
It's like once they start with you, it's like a lifestyle and it's not some fad thing. It's not oh, you know,
I'm not eating carbs for six months. It's like a compliment to you, man, because it's so hard to keep that keep that going.
Yeah. Yeah, because because what we do is we don't we don't say don't eat, do this, whatever.
We teach you discipline. We teach you how to be disciplined by training you for eight weeks on how to be disciplined.
Once you get that discipline, then it's easy to maintain because now you have it's a lifestyle. It's not necessarily a fad.
Yeah, that's where I am right now with getting healthier. And I went for years. It was, well, if I do this or eat this way and it goes, oh, let's go to the root cause, which is a man without self -control is like a city without walls.
Like, dude, I stay up too late. I eat. I don't eat right. I'm just lack of discipline in general in my life.
And that transfers down into health, too. So sounds like you guys are going after the root of the problem. Let's get discipline and then good things follow after that.
Very cool. Well, we'll link we'll link that up to you guys in the episode. If you listen to this, they click on that.
Check that out, too, if they want to get in touch with you on that because you're a man of many talents. All right. Number seven. What do people misunderstand about you the most?
Who what do they look at you and they think you're one way and you go, I don't think I'm really that way or I don't, you know, like people just people just assume
I'm a jerk just because of the way I talk directly. I say what I want. I don't really care about your feelings too much, but I'm not really a jerk.
I do care. I just, you know, Lord's bringing me along. He's sanctifying me in my speech. How about you?
Yeah, what's what's something that people would misunderstand about you? Yeah, so a lot of people think that I am,
I don't know, like to myself or or quiet, you know, in public.
Yeah. Until and I guess I kind of had a persona and I kind of get that from my dad, that the stoic look, you know, because you don't you don't know who's who and what's what.
So I get that a lot. You know, it's like I didn't think you, you know, really was. But once they see me smile and we start talking, they know that.
Yeah, I'm definitely a people person. I'm not an introvert. I love being around people. I love crowds. I have no issue in any of those spaces.
Just my persona sometimes look like that. Yeah, the case. Yeah, I would say from the times
I've mentioned talk to you, I would say measured, measured in your speech, love people, love talking.
But you're not going to you know, you don't have diarrhea of the mouth, which is is a good thing. I look at people who have measured speech and I go,
Lord, I would like to attain that. I'd like to not necessarily talk as much, but have measured in my speech. Slow to think, you know what
I mean? You're slow to talk and long to think about things. So I think it's a good thing. I like it. Number eight.
We got three more here. Number eight, if you could sit down for a cup of coffee with any historical figure outside of Christ, who would it be and why?
Can't be Christ. Everyone says, I mean, let's go. We want to. I know, you know, Paul's a close second, but a lot of people say
Paul, but it doesn't even necessarily have to be biblical, even if it's a historical figure that you find very interesting.
You don't have to. Here's mine, man. Yeah, yeah, no. I mean, it's kind of good.
It's going to go in that direction because this is like this is legit. Like, legit, legit. I wish
I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with R .C. Sproul, man. Sing me to. That's why I miss.
I miss. I miss that, brother. Yeah, I'm I miss him, man. And and, you know, whenever my podcast was starting is when his health declined and I got in really good with Ligonier.
Like they love me at Ligonier, but they was like, we can't do it.
I know you want to have one. You will. They said we'll give you everybody on staff, but we can't do it.
And I was just like, no. So it's so funny you say that, because look, there's a lot of people who are you know,
I never got swept up with celebrity or when a celebrity dies. You know, all everyone's oh,
I'm so R .C. Hit me a little bit, because I mean, I marked my life with some of his videos and sermon lessons and stuff that I came up on.
You know, I never met the guy, but you're just like he's just spitting wisdom and all these things. And that one hurt a little bit.
But I did get to have Buck Parsons on last year. And and then also who's the executive?
Chris Larson. No, Buck Parsons. Chris Larson. And they got to tell some
R .C. stories. And I was like, OK, at least I got to hear some firsthand. You know, on the podcast, we're talking about R .C.
And so, yeah, I identify with that name. Yeah, both both of those guys are good friends.
Like I told you, they love me over there. Like, yeah, they they both been on the podcast. Actually, both been on twice.
You know, it's just the timing, bro. Like if if he if his head wasn't as bad,
I would have got that conversation that I always wanted. So definitely cup of coffee with R .C. There you go. All right.
Number nine, I changed the title of this. I used to ask, what's your favorite movie? But I changed the wording because I think this fits better.
What is a movie that you've watched multiple times that you could just sit down and put on and go? I've seen it 10 times.
I'm going to watch it 11 time. That tells me a little bit more than just saying favorite movie. Easy life,
Eddie, Eddie and Martin. Yeah, that is. I can watch. I watch it like just bringing it up.
I'm going to go watch it when we hang up. Like, can I tell you something? That the first, second, third, fourth and fifth time
I watched that movie as someone who hates injustice, I couldn't even focus on the comedy because I knew that things like that had happened in the past.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Like, it's a comedy. It's a comedy. But that is that literally going to prison for a crime that didn't happen because of the color.
Like I was like so mad. I'm like, I want these guys out. I want the movie to end. They need to they need to be able to put to death whoever put them in there for all those years.
Like the injustice and we couldn't enjoy it the first couple of times. Now I'll go back and watch it. They need to get up.
They need to get scared and fight, man. That is a kind of listen. I probably could recite that movie, bro.
Like, weren't they both great in that movie that good? Amazing, amazing together.
The whole cast, man, because I'm a I'm a I guess side joke kind of got like I like the subtle stuff that people don't like laugh out loud about, man.
Yeah. Like the subtle stuff in movies. Right. You know, that's what me and my partners will will recite like parts that people don't even think funny in the movie, right?
Just because it's just a little subtle stuff, man. So, yeah, life easily can go a hundred times.
Go check it out. OK, last question for fresh 10. What book outside of the Bible should everyone just pick up and at least take a look at and read one book outside of the
Bible? Hey, take a look at it. Be worth your worth your while to flip through it at least or heck, read it all the way through.
I'm keeping the theme and I'm sorry, the holiness of God, man. Yeah, yeah.
That's that that is the the the first because I'm not an avid reader. My listeners know that everybody that I'm not that guy.
I don't pretend to be that. Like I built this whole thing on my passion for truth, my passion for sound biblical doctrine, not on my scholarly abilities.
Right. But the very first book that I ever read front to back where I was reformed, you know, yeah,
I can't was, you know, holiness of God. So holiness of God is great. Truths We Confess is another one that I have actually right here on the shelf.
Great one. Do you listen? Do you listen to books? And I'll do all this.
So see, I don't do it. I'm OK. We're finishing this up and we're belaboring this episode, but I got to know.
So I don't like it when people judge me if I listen to a book over, read a book.
And my wife does this a little bit. Well, I'll say I've read that book and she might say or a friend might say, well, you've listened to that book.
And I said, well, all you did. Look, I used my ears and you used your eyes. What's the difference?
Why is your sense better than my sense? I listened to it. You looked at it, right?
And people still have this thing with audiobooks like, well, you didn't really read it. I go, hey, listen, why are we judging?
Right. Equity, dude. We're we're this is wokeness. You can't judge my ears over your eyes. I listen to sometimes
I just can't have the book in front of me. Sure. I prefer that. I guess if I can have a book in front of me.
Well, I'm saying let's end this right now. Guess what? If you've listened to the book, you've read the book. All right. I'm declaring it right here on the
Deadman Walking podcast. OK. All right. So I'm a flip it, though. I'm a flip it. So why? Why?
Why? Why not say you listen to the book? Because when you say you read the book, you're you're diminishing what you actually did listening to the book.
If it holds the same weight, then say I listen to the book. I OK. I mean, all right. You call me. I'll go.
I'm not going to say read it. If I didn't read, I'll say I listen to the book. I mean, because it holds the same weight, right?
It's the same. It's the same knowledge, because what you're doing is you're you're you're uplifting the thought of reading because it sounds prestigious.
Oh, you know, I've mentioned this a few times and you're the first one to bring that up. That's why we get you on this podcast, brother.
See, we're figuring things out now. So by me saying reading, I'm making it feel like reading is better.
So I say reading when, hey, no, I listen to it. All right. Yeah. OK, there you go. So I got to start saying listening.
We got to bring that listening up to read the same way. Oh, it's the same way. It holds the same weight.
Oh, you got it. Like you just mentioned your your ears. Just as good as their eyes.
There we go. That's fresh tech guys. I'm.
There we go. There we go. Fresh 10 with Dwayne Atkinson.
All right, Dwayne, give us the social shout outs. Give us where we can find you. Let's wrap this thing up. Get out of here.
Obviously, we're going to link all this up for you guys listening or watching. You can click right down below in the description and find them.
But go ahead and shout it out anyway. All right, man, so if you want to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or even
Facebook, just at my name, Dwayne, number twenty one. Twenty one is my favorite number.
So Dwayne, twenty one for the four true podcast, man. Number four, the word truth podcast.
All the socials is for true podcast everywhere. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And then always, man, check out the bar podcast and a bar podcast network.
All of those folks, man, can be found at the bar podcast underscore network on Twitter.
And then the bar podcast network on Instagram. And so super, super grateful to you, brother.
You let me come on, man. You know, I shot a text to catch up and ended up getting on a podcast.
You did one of my numbers. I'm using that guy to do that, man. I learned from the learn from the best, baby.
Thanks so much for taking time out. I know you're busy, man. Anytime the expert, the godfather of the reform podcasting world wants to come on.
He's always welcome here. Dwayne, we appreciate you. Thank you so much. God bless you, bro.
Yeah, guys, thanks so much for listening to another episode of Dead Men Walking Podcast, as always. You can find us at DMW podcast dot com.
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