Braden Patterson Returns! The Complete Hunting Episode! DMW#198


This week Greg sat down with Pastor Braden Patterson. They discussed their hunts for deer, black bear, antelope, cougars, coyotes, and bobcats. They talked about their weapon preferences, the discipline in scouting an area to hunt, and the focus and dedication it takes to hone the skills to become a successful hunter. They also talked about how hunting is a good and Godly skill to have for men of all ages. The episode finished up with a Fresh Ten segment to get to know Braden a little more. Enjoy! Check out Braden on youtube here: @reformedex-mormon4704 Buy one of his custom pipes HERE Support the show and check out our snarky merch here: Click here for tickets to the Open Air Theology Conference: "Why Calvinism" Jacob's Supply: Quality building materials at wholesale prices! Follow here for updates, or call them for local pickup or national shipping at (734) 224-0978 Facebook: Dead Men Walking Podcast Youtube: Dead Men Walking Podcast Instagram: @DeadMenWalkingPodcast Twitter X: @RealDMWPodcast Exclusive Content: PubTV App Support the show Facebook Page: Dead Men Walking Podcast Instagram: @deadmenwalkingpodcast Threads: @deadmenwalkingpodcast Twitter: @RealDMWPodcast


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Pastor Braden Patterson, he's going to be there, aren't you? Yes, yes, sir.
I'm super excited for it too. It's going to be an absolute blessing. It's going to be a, it's going to be wonderful. So you've been on the podcast a few times, got to sit with you just for a few minutes when we were in Tullahoma.
Last year you came on, I don't know, a couple of months. It's probably more than that now. It just feels like time flies.
But for those who don't know, host of Open Air Theology, pastor, still pastor at Valley Baptist. Yes, sir.
Yep. Still pastor at Valley Baptist Church, host of Open Air Theology podcast. You can find his YouTube videos at Reformed Ex Mormon.
And of course, like we said, he's going to be one of the guest speakers for the sessions at the Y Calvinism Conference in Tullahoma, Tennessee, but they're also going to be recording a documentary.
There's going to be a debate by James White. It is going to be an all around good time. We're about to get rowdy down there, have some fun and welcome back to the podcast, brother.
Oh, it's good to be back. It's a, it's a huge blessing that I got invited back. So thank you, Greg. Yeah, no problem.
So I wanted to have you on because we were talking, uh, I think through Facebook or social media and, uh, you said,
Hey man, I'm, uh, I'm hunting right now. I said, I'm, I'm hunting in a couple of days. You're like, I'm antelope hunting. I said, I'm, well,
I'm just jealous now because I'm just deer hunting. Um, I haven't done really any big game stuff out of state.
We have some black bear, bobcat, coyote, fox and deer on my property in Northern Michigan. And uh,
I said, cool, well let's connect and let's talk about that when you get back. And you just sent me a picture last night.
You bagged an antelope, you got some meat in the freezer. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. God was very kind to us this year with providing us, uh, with some food for our family. So absolutely.
So I came back, uh, without anything because just because I'm getting to the age now to where I'm about 600 yards back and I'm blind,
I only have a foot trails. I don't have any ATV, so I drag everything out by hand or sled. Very thick, uh, forest actually looking for someone to force some of my land cause it's so thick.
So I sit back and if I get a small doe that walks by me, the old guy in me starts going, is this really worth it?
I'm going to have to get out there and field dress and pull it in, hang it, process it off.
So I'm kind of waiting. I let a couple pass, had some spike bucks go by, had some does go by. I was waiting.
We had a nice eight point that I had my eye on that was on the trail cam, but uh, it didn't come by my way.
The bear was in the area a few days before, but we didn't see that, that black bear.
Um, but you want to, what I've got private property. So we were open in December, got muzzle loading season, still got some chances.
So who knows? Uh, but you, my friend, give me the lowdown cause this is what we want to talk about on this episode. I wanted it to be the, you know, we had
James White on and all we talked about was, uh, camping. Um, because he's, he's in that camper right now. We didn't even talk about theology or doctrine.
So, um, I know we've talked about some of that stuff in the past when you've been on here. This episode, I want it to be the hunting episode, man.
I want to talk about, uh, getting out, getting in nature, seeing the glory of God, uh, getting connected with your food.
Um, I believe it's probably the purest way to get your food. Um, you know, all these, uh, left this crazy hippie liberal, whatever's think, oh, killing these poor little animals, uh, or, you know, you're so mean when in fact most of them dive starvation or disease.
Anyway, we're actually doing them a favor by rightly a harvesting that the Lord has given us dominion over. But, um,
I want to talk about all that stuff and I might get a little techie on you too, cause I saw the gun in your picture and I'll show the picture here. I want to know kind of what you were using, where you were at.
So, um, let's get into it. First of all, did you grow up hunting or is this something? So I would say
I grew up as a professional hiker with a gun less than, than, than a hunter.
And so I, I, I, unlike yourself, I live in Southern Idaho and so I live in a lot of deserts, uh, rolling
Hills, Canyon type of area. And so that, that's kind of been what my experience of hunting has been around a lot of that stuff.
There's some, some mountains and some forest, uh, a little bit further down South and a little bit further up North.
And sometimes I'll find myself going up there, but it's probably not nearly as thick as what you're, what you're talking about. Um, but yeah,
I, I was raised by a father who went hunting, grew up on a, on a farm, went hunting when he was a little one.
Um, he helped me do my hunter's ed and then we went out pheasant hunting. Didn't get anything.
We went out a couple of times, didn't get anything. And, and that was about the end of my, my hunting experience with my father.
So I was really stoked about it, really happy about it. And then, um, on our last, on the last show
I was on, I talked about how I left it, the LDS religion. And so after leaving that, I got really into wanting to do coyote hunting and that just developed into wanting to, to, to hunt more and more things and slowly, but surely
I'm getting more and more proficient at it. Yeah. Yeah. No, it is a skill and it is a craft, which I think is part of what
I want to talk about as well, too, is like, as, as men, we like to hone crafts and skills and I think it's good for us to do so.
Um, out where you're at is coyote varmint. Can you just shoot him at will? Do you have to have a license or what is it?
I believe you, so you just have to have your hunter's license if I remember correctly, but it is as many as you want.
Anytime of the year that you want. Um, in fact, I like, don't take this advice from me, but I'm assuming even if the law was for you to have a hunting license, if you shot a coyote out here, they probably wouldn't say anything to you.
That's kind of how it is in Michigan. Yeah. They're everywhere, man. As soon as I feel dress a deer and flop all those insides out, um, you'll go back the next day and it's like, it wasn't even there, the blood off the leaves will be licked up.
I mean, they get to them quick. I remember four or five years ago I was up and it was our first time,
I don't know, I'm longer than that. Geez. Eight years ago when I first got the property and, and my brother shot one right at dusk about five 25.
So we're tracking it not very far, but it's getting dark now. So we do, we've, we pull everything out, out there.
Heck we're not carrying in an extra 80, 90 pounds dragging that in, you know, at night and I'm telling you, as we're, as we're cutting it open, you can just hear them in the, you know, in the dark, probably 20, 30 feet, feet away where they're waiting and they just knew, you know, and, uh, that was our first experience going, okay, they're everywhere up here, but, uh,
I got a neighbor who has a natural spring and he has a, uh, right next door and he has a, uh, spring, like a, like a water company.
I think, um, Nestle wants to buy it off him for like millions of dollars. And he's like, nope, not selling out, but does his own little family thing, bottles, his own water, super cheap.
Just put the money in the, you know, in the little lock box and grab how many, every gallon you want. And he's got a little like a hangout shed, uh, with a bathroom in it and it's heated and he's like, just come up anytime, man, we'll just sit right in the heated shed and, uh, eat jerky all night and just shoot coyotes all night.
And so I'm going to go up there this year. I'm gonna take them up on it. I think I'm just go up there. We'll just hang out all night and shoot coyotes.
But, um, so you did coyotes. Did you ever, did you then get into like later on, get into deer hunting or big game or how'd that go?
Yeah. So that's really where the, the hiking with a professional hiker with a gun came in because there were several years here.
So I, I just have unfortunate, um, I don't want to call it luck because we don't necessarily believe in luck, right?
God has not seen it so that I would ever do a controlled hunt. So I have not ever actually drawn anything.
So I put in every single year here in Idaho and it seems like everybody else always draws. And so I've only done general hunts and in last year was actually my first year harvesting a deer.
Okay. Prior to that, it was like six years of not seeing anything and it was challenging.
It was really, really hard. I saw some does, but never, ever any bucks to be able to get on public land.
And it was, uh, there were several times that I think my wife included, we were saying, why, why am
I doing this? And so, uh, so like I said, this year has been, it has been a huge blessing.
Last year was a huge blessing. Last year I got a deer and an antelope. Uh, this year I've gotten a bear, a deer and an antelope, and I'm hoping still to be able to go get a cougar and a wolf would,
I wouldn't eat the wolf of course, but, uh, try to get a cougar and a wolf by the end of the year. I'm hoping. What kind of bear was it?
I was, it was a little black bear. I think, uh, she was three or four years old. Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. Uh, bear meat's pretty good. Actually people, uh, I don't know. It just says everyone, you know,
Joe Rogan made like elk meat all popular. And here in Michigan, we have a, uh, a city called
Atlanta, Michigan. It's the elk capital of the Midwest. I mean, they are everywhere and overpopulated.
You can pretty much get a tag on site. And ever since he started talking about everyone, just, I saw, I saw as a real estate agent,
I sell property up there to hunters all the time though. They're paying 50, 60, $70 ,000 for like five acres, you know, and then they're just hunting public land near there.
Um, because you have to be in that area to pull a tag, you know? Uh, but bear, man,
I've had bear quite a few times. Never got to take a bear yet. So we were talking about offline. Um, this year I was hoping to, but, um, bear meat is, is really good.
I thought sometimes you got to add a little fat to it and some of the parts, you know, put a little sausage in there, something get a little fat going, but.
Man's so good. Um, so yeah, that's awesome. So you got deer, bear, uh, what was the other one?
You said, and you're hoping to go. Yeah, I'm hoping to get a cougar. Yeah. I'm hoping to get a cougar. I've heard really, I know somebody that's, that's harvested one in the past and said, it's absolutely delicious.
And so I, why not try it? I've never tried it before. I would love to do that. And so, um, there's, there's some cougar that are supposedly, uh, reported in the, uh, in a place called the
South Hills near, near where I live. And so, um, try it. Idaho, Idaho.
That's right. Oh man. Okay. So I had a buddy that went, that paid for a trip to go out to Idaho with an outfitter for cougar.
Yep. And he, and he got one and he was up in an area where you kind of have some elevation, some like foothills and stuff where,
I mean, he said it was, it was pretty tough getting it out of there after they treat it and bringing it back.
Yep. Cause I think they're using dogs, um, aren't yet. Right. And, uh, but he said it was like an experience.
He's like, it's, it's pretty awesome. He actually might've came up really close to where I live at actually, because there's a lot of people that do that, where they paid this, uh, certain outfitters to take them up and that this area is pretty well known for having.
Cougars in the, in the spots, right? Because they, they have outfitters out there with dogs that you just pay a certain amount of money and you go out and get a cougar.
I don't know, man. I've thought about doing that, but I just can't, I don't know. I mean,
I guess I did kind of did do it. I went to an outfitter in Alabama and we did a, uh, my father -in -law invited me on a duck hunt.
Okay. And that was pretty sweet because we just had like 10 guys lined up your, you know, your three foot, four foot down in the water and your box and you got the guy just calling them in, you know, he's, he's calling, he's all right, guys.
Lock it up, lock it. And you flip that thing up and you just got 10 guys stand up. I mean, it's like Armageddon, right?
These ducks are falling. We took like 85 ducks over four days between the 10 of us. I still got some of the, some of the meat in the freezer, but, um, and duck is good.
Oh, like a duck Marsala is delicious. But, um, that was something I guess. Yeah, I did. That was technically an outfitter.
Uh, and that was just a good time though. It's like, it's, it was almost cheating because they knew all the spots. They got all the decoys set out.
They got the call. I mean, I just showed up with my gun and sat there. What? Okay. You tell me when to pop up and start target shooting, you know, that's awesome.
I'm jealous that you got to do that. I, the, that's one of the blessings, um, that I have actually experienced last year.
So one of the reasons I, I would say I was successful this year was last year. I had some, some really godly men help, help me with hunting last year and kind of showed me some of the, some of the improvements
I needed to make in my approach and how I was doing things. And that, um, greatly benefited me this year.
I, I, uh, I don't think I would have gotten a deer or an antelope this year. So like, like what? Like, so what's different between a deer and an antelope?
Are there, are they pretty much the same when you're hunting them? Kind of make sure you, uh, you know, the site and they can win pretty easy.
Wind you like, is it that kind of stuff with the deer? They can still wind you with antelope. Um, the, the difference with an, a deer versus an antelope deer like to go in, hide in like, uh, the shoots and the valleys, right.
The areas where, especially in the desert, right. Because everything's super flat. And so where there's a little dip in the ground, uh, that's where the deer are going to want to go and bed down just so that they're out of the line of sight.
Antelope are a little bit different though. Antelope tend to go into the most open areas, the most flat areas that they can see everything.
Cause their, their eyesight is phenomenal and they're fast. Right. And so they want, they put themselves in the best opportunity to get away from whatever's coming to chase them.
And so where a deer, you, sometimes you don't know that they're on the other side of the hill because they're in that valley.
So you've got to slowly walk over the hill. Um, and then they're going to be down there. They may or may not see you. Um, antelope will see you a mile away and so, and they'll watch you.
And, and once they, once you get into a certain range, then they'll, they'll run away and I'm sharing that picture right now.
What, what type of, what type of, uh, rifle you're using right there? Yeah. So, well, first of all, so I wanted to take all my animals this year with a three 57 lever action.
That's a, that's what I took the bear with and the deer with this year. Um, but since you cannot, like, it's really challenging to get close to those antelope just because of how well their eyes are,
I took with me a 300 wind and a nice scope on there and, and shot them for, uh, two 50 to 300 yards.
Um, just in that range. And so, and that was after, so they spotted me at that, that range about three 50 is when they spotted me and they, when they were crossing in front of me, they got a little bit closer when they were trying to jet out of there.
And one just stopped there. It was a doe. That was what my tag was and was able to get off quickly on it.
So they were at what? About two 50 for you, you think, or 300 to 50 to 50 to 300.
Yeah. It was just right now. Yeah. See, I got stuff that comes up on me 15 feet away and really state tree stand.
Uh, cause I'm right on a run. And, uh, so man, just imagining 250 yards. I mean, heck, when
I set in my scope at a hundred yards, I'm like, this is, I have to go back and recite in scopes at like 50 yards for my place up there.
So going to 50 and you've got a lot more, I mean, if you're at two 50, every little movement, uh, you know, it could be an inch or two off too.
So you really gotta be steady with that. So do you do any long range, uh, like range shooting just to kind of practice or at that?
I do. I haven't done a lot yet with that 300 wind mag I've taken. I have a, uh, AR 10 that I, I'm a really big fan of.
Um, I recently took that scope that was off that gun. I put it on a different gun. So that AR 10 doesn't have a scope right now, unfortunately, but I've shot that gun at a thousand yards before.
Um, not at any animal, of course, but at just targets and was able to, to, to hear and see the, the hit.
So that was, that was exciting stuff. Raiding the sniper on the podcast today.
Far from that yard. You should see all my myths. I'm only talking about, it's like, uh, it's like a, like a, like a, like a
Kobe Bryant highlight, right? You're only going to see that. Exactly.
Yeah, that's funny. We don't need to talk about that. I hit all my shots. It's it's wonderful, but yeah.
So you were talking about even having another gentleman help you and kind of train you to, to, to get better.
And this is one of those things that I like to talk about because I have some younger guys in my church and even some older guys that haven't experienced hunting and I know it's not for everyone, but at the same time for me,
I find so many benefits in every aspect from training, uh, really focusing and trying to get better at a craft, um, harvesting my own food.
I mean, from, from field to table, probably some of the cleanest, uh, food that you can get, um, even when there isn't any, even when
I have a, even when I get skunked, I force myself to sit in a blind for four to six hours at a time with no cell phone.
And it's just me and the Lord, man. And talk about a time to meditate. Sure. You're looking and you're watching, but it is just you and God.
And he will clear some stuff up with me real quick. Uh, when I'm forced to sit there for hours and hours, um,
I'll plan my year and my business kind of year in the homeschool with the family, I'll, I'm sitting there and meditating on the word.
Um, I, I just find the whole experience very, uh, cathartic and is that the right word?
Yeah. Cathartic, uh, spiritual, um, sounded like Ted Nugent, the spirit animal in the, um, you know what
I mean? No, just like the whole thing. Any guys that don't experience that, and I know it's not for everyone, but that, that want to have that.
I think there's a lot of good biblical things in that. And I think we've lost that.
Um, here in Michigan, in the eighties, we had over 1 .2 million licenses applied for annually, like in the mid eighties last year, 420 ,000.
So you're almost down 800 ,000 licenses applied for over 30 years.
Uh, that's pretty crazy. There's just less people doing it, not wanting to do it. Um, I don't know what the reasons are for.
I think maybe some of it's social pressure as well, too. It's just kind of fallen out of favor, but man, my grandfather and my great grandfather, uh, that was like,
Hey, this is where we're getting most of our meat for the year. When we go up, they would take two or three at a time, but 150 pounds in the freezer and you grow up on venison or whatever it was, you know, um, that is, those statistics are remarkable though.
Like just even like, because I'm assuming Michigan has had the population grow and so like, that's, that is,
I'm in a deer management unit. It's called a DMU where I'm at. I'm, I'm kinda, uh, you know, here's
Michigan. You get to do the thing. I'm, uh, I'm up here. Right. So, um, you can take three with one tag.
Because it's, I mean, does everywhere up there, bucks, not so much. They kind of hide out. I'm up against 50 ,000 acres of public land against my 40 acres or 20 acres of private land.
But, um, but, but it's insane because less hunters, you have to realize too, there's a whole conservation thing with hunting people who go,
Oh, you're a big meanie you're, you know, killing animals. Well, it's like one, they're, they're going to die anyway.
Uh, most of the time by predator disease or, um, starvation. So, uh, you know, when I put one through the heart or lungs and it drops after 10 seconds,
I'm actually doing it, you know, it's, it's, it's a mercy killing at that point. Uh, but two, it gets all out of whack with predators.
I mean, it's just, it's just now black bears are that way. Moose have come across from the
UP when, uh, Lake Superior froze over about five years ago. So we've got this explosion of elk and moose in the lower
Peninsula in Michigan, which is really disrupting things. Um, we've spotted three wolves now and they're all everywhere in the
UP, but in the lower Peninsula and those things, those things, if they're hungry, they'll take pets.
They'll take small children, which they did. There was one about three years ago where, uh, they, they found the child.
Um, it was a little too big, I think for the single wolf, he dragged it away about 200 yards, but they found it, but he was, he was hungry.
He was like, I need something. Um, so it's this weird thing where, yeah. And, you know, cause they've, they've upped the, the, um, license rate, uh, exorbitantly cause you know, uh, government loves taxes.
And I think it's just between culture falling out of, you know, favor. And then that you got a thing where you got almost 800 ,000 less hunters every year, and then the population control just kind of goes, it was a little wonky because we've got a lot,
I mean, we've got a lot of national force in Michigan. You know, it's maybe not quite like Idaho, but there's a lot, especially in the. That is, that is unbelievable to hear.
So what, what kind of, since you shoot, I, that just to hear, like you could take three with one tag.
That is unbelievable to me. Yeah. So you can, so you could take three does if you want it.
Sure. They do have a restricted on a combo. So there is a restricted where you can only take four, four, four plus on one side for deer.
So they don't want you out there taking, you can't take multiple large bucks, but dough, um, and then you can get extra dope permits for like 10 bucks or like here, $10, take as many dope permits as you want.
Yeah. Yeah. So here in Idaho, you can't shoot a doe, uh, with a, with a general tag. You, it has to be a buck here in Idaho.
And so there's a lot of people that walk away without any, any meat ever, like several, several, several seasons in a row.
So that's, that's remarkable to hear that. So when you're out there hunting, do you, do you kind of have those benefits that I was talking about too, as a believer, as someone who understands that nature reflects the glory of God, like, do you have some of those experiences as well too, to where, you know, thinking to yourself, this is important for me to do.
My wife is to the point now to where she knows, yeah, that's the week I'm up there, uh, kind of, kind of need it.
I joke, I joke. My brother told his wife when kind of, when they first got married, she was giving them a little bit of a hard time.
And he goes, look at, he goes a hundred years ago, I would have went out, shot it, got it for you, prepared it for you.
He goes, now I have to go to a store to buy my meat. It's in my DNA. I have to do this. You know, he's like, I have to, and it's kind of weird how it's like a visceral thing where it's, it is, you know, being the provider and the person, you know, as a man, there is something about that where you really connect with kind of how probably right after the fall, how the created order was.
You know? Yeah, absolutely. No. And I, well, you would see that even like with, uh, Genesis nine with Noah, um, he's told to go out and kill anything and eat it like, like there's, there's one.
So there's several things on that, right? Like, so on being out in nature, I think that that's one, like, while we're not like spiritual lists and saying, oh yeah, we go out and we see
God out in the nature. Like I've, I've talked to, uh, um, some individuals that follow
Thor in the past and they're always like, oh yeah, the nature of this and all that. Okay. There there's something to be said about nature for sure.
Right. And I think that's why in the book of Job, like when, when, uh, God is speaking to Job out of a whirlwind, he refers to nature that magnifies who he is.
He, he, he talks about Job. Tell me, tell me where the goat calves on the mountains, um, tell me where the, the shoreline comes and meets, uh, the, the beach and all these just really remarkable ways that God describes himself in that text.
What are my favorite chapters? I think it's what? 38 and Job. Yeah. Yep. Yep. 38 to 42 is just remarkable.
It's just God hammering the truth down Job's throat and Job can't speak after that.
Um, and so, and I think that you also see that with, with God's creation and, uh,
Romans two, right. That, that, uh, we can tell that there is a God just by seeing creation.
And so we have to also remember like the context of when the Bible is written. It's not written when people are having a grocery store down the street from them and a vehicle.
And so a lot of times when it talks about the, the creation, it's talking about a lot of the things that we don't typically see.
Right. And so I totally agree with you. It's so wonderful to be out and in the wild, um, having just some, some one, well, uh, having time of prayer, having time of just intentionality and, and, and recognizing
God's creation is remarkable. And then I think like the effort, like even, even when somebody doesn't harvest an animal, the effort that somebody put in, um, just magnifies like the sacrifice that individual had to make or did make to try to provide for the family like that, that is something that I think says a lot about that.
Yeah, no, absolutely. And to your point too. Yeah. It's not like we're, uh, we're sitting here and we're, you know,
Native Americans worshiping, uh, creation itself. It's a reflection of the creator, right?
Uh, the same way that we, that we admire a painting and go, wow, whoever painted that beautiful,
I mean, that's how I'm looking at it. And I can see that in anything. I mean, I just posted a picture, um, on my, uh, on Twitter X, uh, a few weeks ago, and I have this beautiful, uh, maple tree in the backyard and it turns up bright, fiery red and orange, right.
And fall, you know, and I just took a picture of it, put it up there. And I went, even in, even in, after the fall in, in the death cycle of sin to where a tree has leaves that has to die and then come back, there's,
God gave us artistic beauty. Even in that it through his common grace of going, yep. It's going to have to die and rebirth because of sin.
And there's death in the world, but I'm even going to give you a beautiful artistic, uh, a rendering of this tree as it dies, it becomes these beautiful, vibrant colors and you go, wow,
God, you're, you're so good to us. Even those, those small things to where the sign of the fall of sin is even, is marked with a beauty, uh, in the way he designed it, you know, and that's a tree in my backyard, you know, people might think
I'm a little crazy, but I'm standing there looking at it and go, it's just such a gorgeous, gorgeous thing, you know, so you don't have to, you don't have to go out and kill your food to, to, you know, see the glory of God in nature.
That's not what we're saying, but that is a very all male statement though, that you just made. I love it because that's exactly how
I look at things. That's exactly how I look at things. Like, like we look at the beauty of a tree and I'm like, man, that's so, that's so beautiful, like to see, see it.
And then fall comes around. I'm like, man, it looks like death. Like Christ died on a curse tree for me.
Like, like I do that all the time. So I'm happy to hear that the same rationality goes through your mind. No, absolutely.
It's biblical. Uh, and then, and then the other thing I would say too, which is very, uh, proverb ish is working towards a skill.
Uh, you see this a lot when you hunt, here's the thing, anyone who hasn't hunted, uh, or goes out for a small game, big game, whatever it is.
There's a lot of preparation that goes into it. If you're good, if you're just not shooting from the hip and wounding stuff.
And I mean, you want to be accurate. You want to be good. Um, there there's preparation with, with scouting and with, uh, what weapons you're going to use and where you're going to be in the times.
And, and how do I take this, uh, animal, um, the best way possible.
And there's all these things that go into it, which I think is good for men as well, too. Um, we're seeing a generation coming up where a lot of young men don't want to work at any one skill.
I saw a, uh, what was it? A Pew Pew research poll.
And it said, this was three years ago. So my it's probably skewed now, but it said, um, 85 % of those 15 and under, which is a younger category, but okay, now they're not, you know, late teens, 15 and under think that they are going to make their first, uh, million from being a social media star.
Um, so 85%, eight and a half out of 10 kids go, Oh no, I'm going to, I don't really need a real skill or real job.
I'm going to do something online and become an influencer or, you know, whatever podcast or whatever, whatever it is on social media, tick tock star.
And I just went, how sad is that? Uh, because look at, I'm not right. We were on podcasts.
We do media stuff. I'm not saying anything against that. I'm just saying it's such a lost kind of idea to work very hard, uh, at something to hone a skill and then get delayed gratification from it for maybe years, there was a couple of years, like three, four years in a row.
And I'm just nothing. And you start thinking to yourself, like, why am I out here? What am I doing? At least like the fruits of my labor a little bit.
So I could, you know, I'd really like to make some jerky here, you know, or some backstraps or something.
Uh, and you, and you can get discouraged in it. And I think it's really good at training young men and heck men of every age to really hone a skill, even if you don't have immediate gratification from it.
And I found that's very beneficial to me as someone who is naturally impatient, who naturally wants to see the fruits of my labor right away.
You know, um, I know that's a weakness in me. The Lord's dealing with me and that sanctification is a daily process.
I'm getting better as I'm getting older, but very impatient with that. And it's helped me go. Nope. Have a goal.
It might be far off, but keep working at it. You might not see the results today, tomorrow, or next year, but you will eventually have you ever gone through some of that too, or heck as a hunter ever had that dry spell and just go,
Oh my gosh, what am I doing out here? Oh yeah. And that, that, especially those, those years that went by where I just didn't see anything and it was just, it was such a morale, uh, kick in the hiney in those ways.
And so like, and I think, I think that what you just expressed with, with something that the Lord is working on you with it,
I think he's working on that with me as well. And I think that that's a pretty common, uh, hardship, uh, a pretty common, um, uh, process of sanctification in today's generation that like has things instantly at the fingertips.
Right. And so I think that's where going back on, on the, how we don't have a, uh, we have generations now that are not into wanting to hunt it's because everything is just right there at their fingertips.
Right. I, I can do a grocery pickup on my, my phone while I drive there. I can have, uh, my, uh, kids in the back watching bluey.
Right. Which I love bluey. Right. They're in the back watching bluey. And then also at the same time, I can, uh, pull up to the thing and then
I don't have tick tock, but I could be on tick tock. Right. And I get instant gratification over and over and over and over again during that.
Whereas hunting it's going out, it's having patience, it's enjoying God's creation, and then hopefully sometimes it doesn't, but then like, hopefully you harvest something, hopefully you, you, you take care of the meat properly.
Hopefully you get it to a refrigeration place quickly. Hopefully you can butcher it. Hopefully you can then have your wife, uh, like, so tonight my wife, uh, made homemade, uh, sourdough bread with deer roast.
Hmm. Right. Like I'm sitting there, like just so thankful to the Lord that here is my wife who is a homemaker and she is being satisfied in her role for what
I was able to be satisfied in my role as a husband to provide for the family. And right. And so it's just, yeah, it wasn't instant gratification, but the gratification was far beyond the instant, uh, doing just a grocery pickup.
Right. Yeah, no, it's so good. It must be sourdough season. My wife just made some homemade sourdough about four days ago.
And we ransacked that loaf of those loaves, dude. It gets a little chilly here. You get a little warm butter on there with some chili or soup or something.
Oh, so it's my, uh, it's like crack at some point, but same thing.
You're sitting there and you're like, here's the food. I harvested, harvested the bread that my wife made. I mean, it's just a, it's just amazing thing.
I really, I really think, uh, man, uh, the, the secularists and the
Pagans, they just don't know what they're missing out on, man. They have been sold a bill of goods of what is supposed to make you happy.
What is, you know, and I think we see it in our society with suicide rates through the roof, um, addiction to anxiety medication through the roof.
Um, all these different issues that people have mental, uh, health issues in the country, and you go, man, maybe we just need a little meat, a little homemade bread, a little
God, a little Bible, little family. And a little land don't,
I mean, but getting back to the training part too, is, you know, Proverbs says a lot about, uh, quickly gotten gain, uh, things that come very easy, right?
And we're in a very kind of quick, get easy culture right now. And boy, does that just meant mess with your mental health when everything is quick, fast, cheap, convenient.
There is nothing better than delayed gratification in many things. Uh, whether it be hunting.
Yeah, that's the Christian life right now. Right? Like, yeah, that's the Christian life, right? We're, we're being sanctified for the ultimate, uh, glorification.
So it's this process right now for us that we're going through and, um, it's an ongoing process of up and downs and, and, uh, there's not,
I wonder if that's why we, yeah, I wonder if that's why believers kind of tend to like that delayed gratification because that's the life we're living right now spiritually.
Um, you know, even sanctification is kind of, yeah, day by day. And, you know, we know what the promise is.
That's a good thought of it. It's an already not yet. It's an already not yet. Already not yet. I'll mail,
I'll mail. Yeah, I'll mail baby. Uh, uh, it's nice. It's nice to be around another,
I'm Miller, you know, I'm around these, uh, post mills all the time and I go, look at, we're close. I'm optimistic.
I'll mail, but you know, uh, I just can't, can't get there quite yet. But, um, excuse me.
Yeah. So a lot of good stuff going on there. So give me like, uh, what are you doing on a typical hunt?
Like with this antelope, are you, is it blind? Is it, you're on an open plane.
So is it, you're in a blind or, you know, ground blind? Like what is it? How often do you have to get up early?
When do they move? I'm just interested in the logistics of this. Cause I've never hunted antelope before. Yeah. I'm just being selfish.
And I would say like antelope is like really similar to deer with being up early in the morning, right? Uh, you're going to move more.
Um, right now with the weather and Idaho getting colder, I'm assuming it's the same thing with Michigan right now. It's probably pretty old out right now.
Um, they'll, they'll still move throughout the day, but it's just more likely you're going to see something at that, uh, at daybreak.
Um, but yeah, so my, my goal this year, so the bear that I got this year was with a good brother in Christ went up with me, help me, help me harvest that.
Help me get that. He was the one that spotted it, told me about it. We went out together and he, we walk in stock, got it right.
And on public ground again, the deer, um, was one that it was kind of a area that I'd been watching and I was like, okay, there's life in this area.
There's evidence of deer here. Like really want to come back and try to hunt this spot. But the antelope, my goal this year with the antelope, uh, it was a depredation tag, so it was given to me from a land owners, um, uh, appreciation tag is what it is here in Idaho.
And so it was gifted to me. And so my goal was, is I wanted my whole family to be there when
I killed it. And so I wanted my wife there. I wanted my oldest son, shepherd, my middle son, Owen, and then my youngest son,
Nehemiah, um, to be there with that happening, especially for my oldest son, shepherd.
He's four years old. I want him to watch dad have frustration, have success, have, um, even to be able to watch it, be gutted.
And then ultimately, so we're going to be butchering it tomorrow. So watch it, have him watch that whole process and hopefully just eat something right then and there and just have him, have him see that whole circle, uh, come together.
Um, and so that was my goal with the antelope was that, um, in the back of my mind and he, he got to see a lot of frustration, so, uh, so that was good.
Um, but yeah, so the antelope antelope there, they, they usually gather in large, large herds.
Um, you'll find pockets here and there are five and 20. Uh, the one that I shot this one out of was a hundred plus, um, all just in this open flat in the desert, in public ground, um, really close to somewhat close.
I mean, it was probably a mile off, maybe a half a mile off of private, uh, alfalfa out here.
And so it was, it was off of his stuff, eating off a sage brush, kind of going back and forth.
And so I had watched them a couple for a little while, um, coming in and out of this guy's property.
So I knew where they were already, uh, located out for the most part. And so the big part was just getting up high somewhere that you could see over the flat, see, see on the
Hills, start, uh, spotting and then drive down as close as you can to them. These antelope are so used to drivers because antelope is a really rare tag in Idaho to get.
Um, so like they're almost always, they're always controlled hunts. There is no open hunt that I know of in Idaho.
Um, and so they're really like used to vehicles. Like, I think it actually freaks them out more to see a person rather than a vehicle.
Like, I feel like I could drive up like, like drive up to an antelope, right.
And so, and especially because they're out in the desert, they have side -by -sides and, uh, four wheelers and motorcyclists that are out there all the time, having a good time, uh, enjoying nature and in those ways, they just kind of get used to that stuff.
And so, um, it was just an open flat, uh, Psalm was able to drive up, get behind a little bit of a
Hill, get out of my vehicle, house family, watch me and just watch that whole process of getting up on top of this.
No way. That's cool. And then make the shot. So like it was, it was exciting for that.
And so, um, yeah, it was good. That's awesome.
All right. So you had the whole family with you. Uh, how, how, what was the temperature? Like, was it, was it kind of cooler?
Was it a more warm, warmer day? I, it was, it was still cold out. You said you still needed to wear some sort of long sleeve out there.
Uh, right now our weather has been kind of up and down in Idaho. So like right now outside, it's pretty cold and windy.
That day wasn't that bad out. Like I would say it was probably in the forties low, low fifties.
Um, low fifties maybe. Interesting. Yeah, no, that's cool, man.
So, and my wife grew up as a vegetarian too. So like as a vegetarian, you said, as a, as a, as a vegetarian.
And so like, she's come a long way. And so like, I like, I love my wife. She's been, she's being sanctified all the time in multiple ways.
And that's one of the ways it's, um, is that, and so she, she made the beer roast tonight and love.
There you go. Uh, what's cool with that too, is when you get the kids involved at a young age, um, you know, my, my grant or my, uh, father had, had pigs for a while.
And my two girls were like four and six, maybe three and five.
And they named the pigs that were going to go to slaughter eventually. And they named one of them bacon, which I thought was a little on the nose, but okay.
Uh, and then, you know, a year later we slaughtered it. We're eating eggs and bacon out of grandpa's house.
And they said, who's this bacon? And he said, yep, you're eating bacon from bacon. And they kind of made the connection that, okay, this is food.
Um, you know, so it's like kind of this weird thing too, where you're kind of instilling that created order, even in a young kid, uh, of this, this is, this is good, this is a good thing where we're raising our food, uh,
God is giving us sustenance and blessing us with these things. And they understand it from a young age and heck they didn't even know they were eating venison in their spaghetti until they hit like seven or eight years old.
I just sneak it in there. That's awesome. Uh, but yeah, I think it's great. I think it's great in spaghetti.
So I probably would choose to have that in there rather than cow meat. Um, so that's awesome.
That's good. Cool. So if someone's listening right now, uh, what would you, what would you tell a young man who's thinking about, man, maybe
I should get into that. You know, grandpa used to do and he's talk about it. Dad didn't ever take me out.
Maybe I'm a young guy and I'm thinking, you know, or maybe he has a young family or something. What would you, would you, would you tell him, yeah, take a stab at it or what would you tell him?
Absolutely. And get ready for disappointment, but that, that's a good thing. Um, but yeah, you need, you need to go get a rifle, get a rifle with a decent caliber of some kind, get a scope, get, get a set of binoculars.
You need binoculars. There was a couple of years there where I was like, I don't need binoculars. And that just screwed me over, go get binoculars, uh, save up the money and, and, and buy a decent pair of binoculars.
Um, get cheap camo if you want the expensive stuff, I guess. But you get, get cheap camo.
It doesn't really matter at the end of the day. Um, yeah, just get out and do it. Find yourself a good mentor to a good, a guy that's been doing a little bit, has some tricks of the trade.
Uh, you know, just isn't a talker, but to actually, you know, pull pulled in some, uh, animals.
I've always found that, um, very helpful as well. It's like in anything, right? Like even in discipleship and mentorship and anything in life, running a business, family, marriage, get someone who's been there and done it.
And it's fun too, because you get to learn and swap stories. And I'd say that'd be pretty beneficial too.
Oh yeah, no, absolutely. Don't totally get, totally get a mentor. I like that was some of my, uh, well, and I got to do it with my kids this year.
So like last year, getting immediately after killing my first deer, getting to pray with my brother in Christ, right.
Like before I even got down to the meat, just being Lord, thank you. Like, I see a dead deer down there,
Lord. Thank you. Like, that is so wonderful. And then this year, like getting to do that with, uh, with the brother in Christ that helped me with the bear and then getting to do that with my son, like, and, and what, have him, like I said, have him see dad get disappointed, have him, uh, see dad, uh, uh, repent to God, just being disappointed with it and, and be in prayer for that.
And then to, to be praying as my son is standing over a dead antelope, right. Like, uh, find a, find a mentor that wants to, uh, see it as a time to disciple even you in a, in a way that is
God glorifying. Oh, no, that's good. Awesome. Cool. So, Hey, last time you were on, as we finish this up here,
I don't think we got to do fresh 10 with you. Did we, did we do fresh 10 segment with you where we ask you 10 fresh questions so the listeners can get to know you a little bit more, it's 10 rapid fire questions.
You don't know what they're going to be. Um, and they don't have to be long answers, but they're, they're just to get to know
Braden a little bit more. You want to play? I'm totally. And I, we did not do this last time.
So I'm, I'm excited for this. All right, let's do it. Here we go. All right, here we go.
Braden Patterson on fresh 10. Uh, number one, what city and state did you grow up in and how did it affect your childhood?
Uh, Boise, Idaho. I really, really loved it. It's definitely a different city now. And so I'm a little sad every time
I drive back there. It's gotten a lot bigger, but it, uh, was a, it was a blessing being in Boise. They're the people that I grew up when
I was growing up. There were really, really kind. It's kind of gone downhill now, but, um, it was, it was a blessing.
Awesome. Question number two, what's your favorite funny story to tell people? What's a good story that everyone's laughing.
They're having a good time. And you go, I got a funny story for you. This happened to me, or this happened to a friend of mine, or you got one.
I do a lot of dark humor things though, because being a firefighter might not be good on there.
Um, can I come back to that one? Let me come back. It's probably some type of dark blue sarcastic humor.
We're going to go with, uh, question number three. Uh, you, uh, the flux capacitor is fluxing.
You get into the DeLorean. Are you going back to visit your great, great, great, great grandfather?
Are you going into the future to visit your great, great, great, great grandkids? Uh, man,
I'm going back. I'm going back. I gotta,
I gotta tell my great, great, great grandpappy. I don't know his name, not to join the LDS religion and then go do some sweet hunting with them.
So that's actually a pretty funny story. How my great, great, great grandpa became a
Mormon. Well, my, on my dad's. So on my mom's side, I'm, I'm related to Brigham young on my dad's side. Um, he had, uh, the reason he became a
Mormon was he hated his neighbor so much and his neighbor one day came over who hated him and was like,
Hey, there's Mormon missionaries coming around here. Don't let them in. They're evil. And so my great, great, great grandpappy, however many grades back, hated his neighbor so much that he let the
Mormons in and not only that, but he took the Mormons over to the fence and had them talk very, very loud so that the neighbor could hear, and that's why
I became a Mormon out of spite. So, yeah, I'm a product of spite.
Mormonism. All right. Question number four.
What's something people would be surprised to know about you? Um, surprise.
Well, okay. Yeah. Uh, a lot of Christians, this is a hot topic. I, I make, uh, tobacco pipes.
I make, uh, I've the owner of company and shout out to donors. Oh, we'll get yourself a pipe.
I see the pictures. Go, go get one. They're, they're turning out really good. I'm really enjoying them. They smoke phenomenally.
Um, and so that would probably be a good one. A lot of people might not know as I like tobacco pipes.
Very cool. Uh, top three bands or music albums that you, uh, that either you're taking with you on the deserted
Island or that just have influenced you the most, doesn't have to necessarily be L it can be albums or just bands in general.
Okay. Uh, and it can be influenced for better, for worse. Still, I love sovereign grace music for him.
So I love, love, love them. Love, love their stuff. I would say culture wall for a secular artist.
I really enjoyed his stuff recently. I kind of go back and forth in moods of what I like and what
I don't like. Beautiful eulogies. Just something that somebody recently turned me on to really enjoying their stuff. Um, I like Christian.
What is that? I haven't heard of them. Uh, it's, it's a, it's a Christian reformed Calvinistic, uh, rap.
Um, which is phenomenal. Phenomenal. And make in my young days before I was a
Christian, I, I really loved Tupac Tupac influenced me the most. Right.
Absolutely. All right. Moving right along. Question number six, uh, favorite thing to do when you just want to relax, go hunting, go hunting.
All right. Go on. That's a good one. Yep. Good answer. Uh, question number seven.
What do people misunderstand about you the most? What's something that you get misunderstood about? You go, no, that's not really so.
Oh yeah. So to all my lovely dispensational friends out there that, that as an all millennialist,
I would say I read the Bible literally, but they would not say so. So, um, yeah, I read the
Bible with how the author intended it to be read. And that's literal. That's funny. I've asked this question to a lot of different people and they always go with like a personality thing.
And you, you went theology. I like it. All right. If you could sit down for a cup of coffee with any historical figure outside of Christ, uh, who would it be dead or alive?
Aster present or alive. Ooh, you got 10 minutes to drink coffee with them.
Historical figure, theologian, scholar, president, celebrity. 10 minutes to drink with them too.
That is a good question. There's so many good people. You could say Charles Spurgeon and that would be like,
I think the easy cop out. You go like, I mean, that's a, that's a good, that's a good cup of coffee.
Cause I look, it would be a way, it would be a one. Well, you wouldn't be able to smoke the whole cigar.
It'd only be like an inch of the cigar. Right. In 10 minutes, it'd be wonderful. I was like, that would be a time limit.
I gave an hour. Okay. Okay. That changes the story then.
Um, yeah. Yeah. Maybe George Whitfield would be a good one. I would love to love just to kind of hear his passion and maybe try to see how that could influence me.
Jonathan Edwards would be great. And here is his blandness and how that would influence me. Maybe. Uh, I always thought
I'd like to talk to John Knox because I think he had a little rebel in him. Like I do. And we could just go like, you know what
I mean? We'd probably get along. Um, okay. Question nine, we got two left. What's your, uh, what's your favorite movie or who's your favorite actor?
Either one. Ooh, favorite movie or favorite actor. My, my wife and I, we watched shutter
Island once and we thought it was fantastic. That was the one where he's always there.
That's the one where he's like, yes. Yes. That one is a killer of a movie.
That one's wonderful. Uh, we just recently saw another type of movie like that that I really enjoyed.
And I cannot remember what it was off the top of my head. That's going to bum me out now, but it was, it was similar mindset to shutter
Island and it's thrilling aspect. And I was like, that was, that was a fun. So is that what you kind of go for?
Like dystopian thrillers? Are you a drama comedy guy? Like what? Okay. I do like comedy.
So I think, I think you'd have to be a maniac not to like a comedy. Uh, but, um, I really like thrillers, something that just grips you and you're just like, what's what, what, like just mind blowing.
Um, but I, I say that and I've never, I've never seen inception. Right. And so like, um, that's another good one.
Yeah, yeah. And I've never seen that one. So like, I'm, I'm kind of behind the curve in a lot of ways because growing up LDS, I like my first R rated movie.
Maybe I shouldn't say this publicly. My first R rated, my first PG, it wasn't even art. My first PG 13 movie that I'd ever seen was when
I was 19 years old and it was 27 dresses with my girlfriend at the time. Now wife. I'm ashamed to say, but I missed out on a lot of good.
That's the one you, you, you, you, I don't know what's the, I don't want to say pop your cherry, but that's not going to say that's what you, that's the movie.
You PG 13, 27 dresses. Huh? Yeah. Oh yeah. That's funny. Uh, you know, it's a good kind of crazy thriller.
That's a little, not thriller, but kind of like that make you think one. Uh, and this is like from the nineties, but it was called memento.
You ever see that movie? I'll have to check it out. I haven't go watch it. It has, uh, uh, the guy who, um, he's played in like counter
Monty Christo and a couple other movies, you know, the actor, but, um, I don't want to spoil it by telling you how it shot, but it is written brilliantly, you get to the end and you're like, what the heck memento.
And it's pretty clean. There's not, there's not a whole lot. Right. Last question for fresh 10. Here we go.
What is a book outside of the Bible that everyone should just at least pick up and take a look at and read through flip through fiction, nonfiction, theological outside of the
Bible. One book that you'd go. Yeah. Every person needs to take a look at it. It could be classical literature. Yeah.
So my, so two books. So I think every Christian ought to read, uh, read, uh, attributes of God by A .W.
Pink, uh, not Tozer, A .W. Pink. Um, I'm sure Tozer's is great and good, but, uh,
A .W. Pink is phenomenal. Um, and then my wife and I are currently reading every morning through Pilgrim's Progress.
So like that one, that one's a given though. Pilgrim's Progress. Awesome. Yeah, I did think of my,
I was going to say, I did think I did think of a funny story that I can tell that's not too dark of a humor too.
Number two, so number two, uh, when I was working one time at the, uh, medics in another town, so I work as a firefighter full -time, but this was many years ago, there was a new firefighter for the city that I worked in and he was super excited to be there.
And so he was gung -ho like every firefighter ought to be in a certain way. And so we lifted this, it was a call to a lift assist for an obese person.
Um, that was having a hard time taking care of themselves. And so they needed to lift it up and be put into another, another chair.
And so they were on a commode, right? Well, we lifted them up. The person pulled up their pants, a firefighter's gung -ho.
And so he comes in and grabs the person's arm. Doesn't let the captain touch it. Right. Thinking he's doing the right thing. And a perfect, uh, emoji turd, right.
That everybody knows on the phone falls out of the pant leg, right on the guy's foot and just, just right, right on top of the, right on top of the, the, the firefighter's boot.
And I just remember everybody is looking at just, Oh, that just happened. So the funny thing about that is
I have a good friend. That's a firefighter, uh, in Ohio and he went up hunting with me three years ago and he just regaled me of all of the stories, uh, that fire,
I mean, the calls they get in the, you know, down there he's in Toledo, Ohio. So he'll get, he said, we get a call once a week from the same lady who wants us to take her microwave dinner out of the, uh, you know, microwave because she can't get to it.
Like, like every Monday at seven o 'clock. Oh, it's, it's, you know, it's Deborah again or whatever.
And, but just insane stories. I swear we were laughing, but then I was also just like, what, this is the stuff you deal with a lot of that kind of stuff too, where you're dealing with medical issues, obesity, you're dealing with toilet issues.
You just never think that, you know, they all run into, you know, structures on fire, but the whole kind of care outside of that,
I mean, it's a wide range when you're a firefighter. Yeah. I want it. It's one of those, uh, it's, it's so awesome because, well, first of all, you got to see depravity firsthand a lot of ways that people don't, and you're going into people's personal private circles, right.
Which a lot of people don't see. And then, uh, you're getting called, uh, it's wonderful because every firefighter knows it, but like at the
Thanksgiving dinner table, like Thanksgiving will be this week. A lot of times firefighters feel like they can't pipe up with a story because all their stories are story toppers and they're usually story toppers that bring in really weird humor.
Or maybe not proper for a Thanksgiving dinner too, from what I definitely, probably not.
Yeah. All right. There we go. You got all you got, you went back to two. You got all 10. We knew a little more about you.
There we go. That was fresh. All right.
Well, there it is, man. The hunting episode with Braden Patterson. So good to have you on brother. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day.
We just sit down, chat, uh, talk about things that we both enjoy. I encourage any of any of you out there listening.
Um, heck, if you have any, uh, questions about hunting or discipleship or heck, even, even some, um, no questions or theological questions, get a hold of Braden or myself,
Braden, where can they find you online and on social media, where are you hanging out at? Yeah. So on YouTube, uh, reformed ex
Mormon, that's, uh, my YouTube channel that I upload a lot of just random things to, I'll sometimes do stuff about tobacco, sometimes about popular topics, sometimes all millennialism or my sermons, uh, just random things like those or evangelism or Mormonism.
Um, my Facebook, uh, time was called the channel, my
Facebook page, uh, just under Braden Patterson, um, on there would be a good place to always reach out to me and I'm trying to think if there's anything else, uh,
I just recently got Twitter, I got three followers so far, so I'm moving on up in the world, but, um,
I don't think you need to go. Come on guys. Let's get him some followers on there. Throw out the handle. Let's get you some. Okay.
I got to look at it for one of the reasons. One of the reasons I didn't download Twitter was because like my friend told me to my, my co -elder at my church, a
Valley Baptist told me to download it. And I looked at it and I couldn't find Twitter. They changed it to X. I didn't know this.
This was new information for me. And so I was like, I don't know what it is. Um, uh, reformed, reformed, reformed
X. Mormon is my we can link it up. Yeah. So R E F O R M.
Act X M O R M. And there you go. Reform X Mormon.
We'll link it up in the episode. You guys can go check them out. Let's get them more than three followers. I'll make sure
I go follow you so I can tag you in this too. Uh, but Brian, thanks for being here, bro.
I want you to have a good Thanksgiving. All right. Likewise for me to have a good Thanksgiving, a good
Christmas. If I don't talk to you, I'm gonna see you in February at the Y Calvinism, uh, conference.
And you guys will be hearing more about that. Obviously you already heard the ad at the top of the show for it. Um, we like supporting
Jeff and everything he's doing out there. And we're going to be doing some live podcasting from there to, uh, hosting a post -conference session.
So you're going to get to hear all about it and you'll hear, uh, probably from Brayden too on there and you'll see him pop up on our social media.
So guys, thanks so much for listening. Thanks for visiting dmwpodcast .com supporting the show. Like I said, got a sale, spend 50 bucks, 25 % off all products.
Get yourself some snarky merch, support the show. And as always, remember the chief end of man, glorify God and enjoy him forever.
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