The Elite Eight is set!


Reviewing the final four winners of the Sweet Sixteen, and updating you for the Elite Eight!


What up, what up guys welcome back to dead man walking podcast reform podcast bracket 2024 just going to give you an update
We just had our final four matchups close out For the sweet 16 and we have our elite eight set.
So I just wanted to give you a quick update on that We had four matchups over the last 24 hours.
We had cross politic first can impress dead men walking Versus the Kings Hall Apology averse the podcast podcast and this is
Foster verse ad Robles in the first matchup Cannon press took out cross politic with 56 percent of the vote cross politic at 44 percent.
So Cannon press will be moving in to the elite eight Congratulations to them dead men walking
Our podcast was up against the Kings Hall I predicted we would not move on from that because the
Kings Hall has one heck of a following and I was right They crushed us 78 % to 22 %
I was happy just to pass the 20 % threshold so that was
Awesome. So congratulations to the Kings Hall Hold on I'm gonna
I'm gonna bring up vote counts here to just so we have it One thousand six hundred and forty two votes in the cross politic can impress and then for dead men walking at Kings Hall 1 ,228 votes if you guys are interested
The third matchup was apology of studios versus the podcast podcast the
Jeff Durbin verse Doug Wilson showdown and Apology, I actually won that pretty handily 64 percent to 36 percent with 1229 votes being cast so Congratulations to apology up and then the closest one to watch
This was the one that I was interested in seeing and it did not disappoint
This is Foster verse ad Robles and actually Michael Foster tweeted out and said hey go vote for ad which
I retweeted and said, uh -oh You know endorsement from the competition But he said hey,
I was an early adopter of ad Robles when he had less than 200 subs on YouTube so So I support him but man, this is
Foster eeks it out 51 percent to 49 percent Just barely squeaked by ad
Robles to get his place in the elite eight. So Congratulations to this is
Foster 1 ,331 votes Cast in that category.
So to sum it up Here's our elite eight as soon as this video ends and I stop live streaming
I will set up the votes for our Elite eight we're going to do One two, three four, we're gonna do all four today all
Four matchups for the elite eight are gonna go on today So you'll be voting on that to get us to the final four.
The matchups are dividing line and cultish That's gonna be That's gonna be like an in -house battle kinda if you know the history of where cultish is from and all that Haunted cosmos verse just thinking remember just thinking coming off that huge win against theology podcast 51 to 49 percent
But now they're up against probably the number one show to beat in the bracket haunted cosmos and just thinking
The number three matchup is going to be can impress first the Kings Hall That's gonna be a tough one
I think for Canon Press Kings Hall showing very well I do like that. Someone pointed out that the
Deadman walking podcast and the bracket four years in the making is just a ruse for Brian Suave to Challenge himself as himself in haunted cosmos verse the
Kings Hall, which I guess could happen technically The fourth matchup is apologia and this is
Foster That's gonna be I think that's gonna be a hard bracket for Michael Foster Apology is just running through people
Which their last bracket though against the podcast was their lowest 64 % before that they were 94 % before that they were 94 %
So the first two rounds apologia crushed the competition 94 % in both of those 64 % in the most recent one.
I think this is Foster could make a run right here Who knows? I don't know Maybe he's making alliances with ad
Robles and a DS guys come over and vote for this as Foster Some of his fans jump on board.
I don't know. There's all kinds of backdoor stuff going on behind the scenes hey, I encourage it if Foster wants to pick up some additional votes and say hey guys
I was supportive of ad in our round come on over and vote for apologia. Hey, there's no there's no rule against that Cannon press first Kings Hall look at haunted
Cosmos guys are probably gonna jump on Kings Hall and go Hey, we got to get get them through to the next round, but can impress a they could go
We've got ten podcasts over there guys all vote for us And then haunted
Cosmos just thinking I can't see, you know, look I love my just thinking guys But I can't see them getting past haunted
Cosmos it would be an upset of upsets if just thinking could upset haunted
Cosmos and beat them because I mean They're just three thousand votes strong when they when they call their army to vote
They they do it and then dividing line verse cultish in -house battle reigning champ dividing line versus cultish which always shows strong cultish was at 68 66 percent in their last bracket 59 % in the bracket before that and then
Where were they? 95 % in the first round So they always have strong showings cultish has never dipped below two -thirds in any of their brackets
So it neither has dividing line. So that's gonna be a fun one to watch as well to which way people will split on that.
So That's our elite eight dividing line in cultish haunted Cosmos. Just thinking can impress and Kings Hall Apology and this is
Foster. We'll be voting on those momentarily as soon as I am the live stream here guys I've also had a few comments come out and say hey
You know can impress what podcast well You know apology a studio does have a podcast, but they're also a studio of podcasts
I included them and can impress, you know that that it is what it is I did this for fun at 10 o 'clock at night in my office one night
Maybe I didn't think it through as well as I should I'm taking Constructive criticism right now.
We're making some changes. So next year. I don't know We might not see we might have to specifically be a podcast and you can't be part of more than one podcast might be a rule
As well too because we're coming up against like the Kings Hall and hung Cosmos. They share a host So it's like is that fair?
I don't know. Of course, you know as a Christian. I really don't care about fair I care about just so is it just I don't know so Just to let you guys know next year.
We'll probably put some rules in place that Might appease some of these questions not just to appease you but it's probably the right thing to do too as this
Bracket grows and who knows if we get entry fees involved and if we get you know into cash prizes and things like that next
Year, we might need to have a little more structure to it as of right now This was just something I thought up did for fun last year on a whim this year
I just reached out and said hey anyone got any more podcasts we want to add and it was really based off of my Twitter feed responses
There was no litmus test of like this many subscribers or they have to be on the show or or anything like that So next year, we're gonna probably be expanding it to more podcasts
We're also gonna have some rules of how you qualify and also what is a podcast and you know
Probably you can't have more than one podcast and a lot of that was brought up by I've talked to Josh Howard of eschatology matters
I've talked to Matt Everhard He's gonna be included next year and we're gonna go over some rule changes, but that's just an update for you guys on What's coming next year, but right now we got a lead 8 we got a vote
You're gonna see these in about 10 minutes here as soon as I get off of here dividing line verse cultish Haunted cosmos verse just thinking can impress verse the
Kings Hall Apology of verse this is foster all four of those matchups today. So then we get into the final four on Saturday morning
That'll take us to Sunday morning, we're gonna take off for the Lord's Day and then the championship will be held on Monday And we will see who the podcast winner is for 2024 defeating 63 other podcasts to make it to the final take home the
Trophy as well as some other goodies that I will send out to them once I get in contact with where they want it sent
So guys, that's all I got Don't want to stay on here too long I always say that and then I'm to end up making a 10 -minute video because I'm a talker good thing
I'm in podcasting in real estate where all you do is really talk. All right guys. I'm out of here