Reformed Podcast Bracket 2024: We have a Champion! Haunted Cosmos Joins Us LIVE!


It was a hard fought battle, but only one could win! 
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Dead Men Walking starts now. Hey guys, what's going on?
Welcome back to another live episode of Dead Men Walking Podcast, but this just isn't any episode. We are announcing the champions of the 2024
Reform Bracket. It was great. It was fun. It was entertaining.
Just a few stats before we get into it. Over 2 million views from March 2nd.
Over 50 ,000 votes from March 2nd. We had 16 days of voting, 24 -hour votes.
Started with 64 podcasts. We got down to two, which was the Haunted Cosmos and the King's Hall. The Haunted Cosmos took it all, 54 % to 46%.
I have all the boys here with me. How are you guys doing? Good. Doing good.
Great. Thanks for having us. We've got Ben, Brian, Eric, and Dan, correct? That's right.
Yes, sir. It looks like the real winner of this bracket, as most people pointed out, was Brian because he's a part of both of those final podcasts.
So, kudos. I also lost in the finals. You also lost in the finals. I did have someone tweet,
I think this was a four -year covert op, creating the Dead Men Walking podcast just so Brian could go against Brian in the finals.
So, I thought that was pretty funny. That's the deep state, yes. The deep state.
But here's the thing, and I've said this before, we had people write in and vote back in December and January.
We started with 64 podcasts. It was randomized. The top 10 were ranked from last year. The other 54 were randomized.
And I think this goes to show that both you guys have great shows. I mean, for both shows to be in the finals, 50 ,000 plus votes, two million views,
I mean, you guys have some fans and listeners that are just like all the way.
Either one of these podcasts, like I said, Haunted Cosmos did take it, so congrats to Haunted Cosmos. But even showing up with the
King's Hall beating Apologia with over 6 ,000 votes, almost a million views on that. Putting out the gauntlet when
Apologia tried to bribe those votes. And I just saw, let me, and I want to talk about this too since people are watching.
You just upped it from 20 to 40 families for tickets for the conference. Talk a little bit about that conference. I managed the budget.
Dan is finding out for the first time. Yes, we did. Because we said, look, we had 600 plus people apply.
And we need to just honor the tenacious commitment that the
Cosmonauts and the King's Hall listeners demonstrated and say, let's make
Ogden and June just an insufferable place to be if you are a pagan or not wanting
Christ to be Lord. What I don't understand is these people are so diehard, they would have bought tickets.
That's funny. So the guys from Haunted Cosmos, Ben and Brian, talk a little bit about how the podcast got started and the thought behind it and how you've just seen it just grow and take off over the last year.
It was actually my idea. That's right. In many ways, it was Eric's idea. No, it wasn't. He hated it so much.
I did. That Brian and I stubbornly decided to, no, I'm kidding. Really, Brian and I were sitting in a hotel in Orlando, Florida for a conference, and we both have always loved this topic, the 40 and the high strangeness type stuff.
And we were like, man, what if we did a podcast? Wouldn't that be a waste of time? It was the initial idea.
Everyone and their mother has a podcast now, but we decided to give it a go. And Eric and Dan were gracious enough to let us take the time to make a whole pilot episode that they then really didn't like.
We scrapped it and redid it. And they were like, yeah, I mean, it's not my thing, but let's give it a shot.
Great. And so really, it's just all thanks to the generosity of these guys and the ability to take the time to try it out.
And then for whatever reason, the Lord decided to favor it, and a lot of people seemed to like it. Well, you say for whatever reason, and I'm going to say nice things about you, since you guys won't say them about yourself.
I started the Pharmakia episode at midnight, which was a mistake because then I was up for the next two hours listening to it.
I couldn't put it down. And I said it on another live podcast too. There's a reason why both of these podcasts are in the finals and people absolutely love them.
Not only is the content amazing, but there's a lot of work that goes into the research, making sure your times, your places, your history, the theology, everything's correct.
And then I said two live videos ago, whoever's producing both of your podcasts, the audio is just absolutely crisp, amazing.
Look, I'm a musician. I got to have good audio or I'm not listening to your podcast. It can't be fuzzy and stuff going on in the background and echoey.
It's just very well produced as well too. So kudos to both of your podcasts. I know Haunted Cosmos won, but I want to have you guys both on because you both made it to the finals and they just reflect.
It reflects in how much people absolutely love it. So I think it shows you guys are doing a lot of hard work over there behind the scenes.
Anyone can get their iPhone or a $50 mic and start talking and upload it through an
RSS feed. And oh, I've got a podcast. But to produce quality content week after week or month after month,
I think that goes to show how well you guys are doing that because those podcasts that just people throw up audio, they don't stick around, right?
We know that. So kudos to you because, man, the fans are... I wish
I had rabid fans like you guys. It's insane. Small guys. That's real.
Hey, tall Anons. We have an army of Anons. Long ago, when we started
New Christendom Press a few years ago, we saw a need for Christians to go into some of these media spaces and aim to basically have the target of, let's do a podcast in our space.
Let's get the storytelling excellently. Let's win hearts and not just teach some facts.
Let's rigorously and relentlessly apply those doctrines to everyday actual life.
And then let's also, I mean, if you saw our podcasting room, you would laugh at this next part.
But let's also try to produce our podcasts so that at least our aim isn't just to be good within the
Christian space, but let's try to make it so that if someone who listens to Huberman Labs or someone who listens to some of these really big shows in the non -Christian categories wouldn't be distracted and be able to say, oh, look, some more
Jesus junk where people don't care about what they're doing and they don't put much effort into it.
So we do. We hope it shows in everything we do at New Christendom Press that we believe in putting our back into it when it comes to whatever we put our hand to.
Yeah, so for some of my listeners that might be watching, explain New Christendom Press a little bit. What are you guys all about over there?
What are you doing? What's coming up new? New Christendom Press is a publishing house for the modern day. We obviously do a lot of podcasts.
We do Bright Hearth podcast, Hard Men podcast, King's Hall podcast, and Haunted Cosmos. We also are getting into book publishing now.
We'll have a book by Pastor Zachary Garris coming out called Honor Thy Fathers on the patriarchy of the reformers, looking back at the historic doctrine of male rule in the home and in the civil sphere and in the church and what that looked like, what our forefathers sounded like.
Ben and I are writing a Haunted Cosmos book. We've got some books in the pipeline, but the long haul is to take,
I hope, what people hear in our podcasting with an emphasis on application, solid doctrine, reformed
Catholicity, and quality and take that into all of the media publishing spaces over the long haul.
Not how quick can we publish the most amount of material, but how can we respect our readers and listeners and give them our best with everything we do.
So that's the conference even we're giving tickets away, June 6th to the 8th is our annual New Christendom Press Conference here in Ogden, Utah, on building
Christian boroughs in the spirit of King Alfred. So we've got some great speakers coming out. Yeah, just a big project with probably delusions of grandeur, but hopefully proved out over the next generation.
So where can people find the tickets for the conference? At newchristendompress .com slash conference.
Awesome. Well, guys, I just wanted to have you on for a few minutes, congratulate you. Also, too, thank you for taking it within the spirit it was intended.
We had a lot of podcasts in that 64 that people didn't know. And I had very many people go, hey,
I know Haunted Cosmos. I know, you know, Hard Man, I know King's Hall, but I don't know some of these other ones.
And I really like that, that, you know, tide rises, all ships kind of thing. Let's support each other.
You guys are doing fantastic things. And I really appreciate you kind of putting your your army behind it and getting it to where it was.
It was very popular last year. And the fact that you guys took down James White, he's got 150 ,000 people on Twitter that, you know, will do just about anything.
He says Apologia, you know, huge Jeff and those guys out there. Cannon. I made the mistake of just putting
Cannon Press in there. And people went, there's 15 podcasts. You should have Christendom Press in there. If you have, you know, Cannon Press got took down by the
King's Hall. I mean, you guys took out a whole press. You know, maybe next year we need to have
Christian, the new Christendom versus Cannon Press. That would be fun. But I just want to say thank you for doing that.
And I hope we see you back next year. We're going to expand it to 128 and we're going to have probably vote a little bit faster.
So it's going to be fun. And I think there's going to be a large cash prize to go with the winning podcast, too, so they can use that for ministry or whatever they want as well, too.
So we've got some things in the works. I hope to see you guys back next year. And when we get offline, I'll get the address to send you your trophy so you can display it proudly.
Appreciate you guys. Hey, thanks for having us on. And shout out to all the brothers up in Moscow and down in Arizona and everywhere else that participated.
Sorry, Joel Webben, for having to face us in the second round. That was really, you got done dirty.
And thanks for putting us on. We had a great time and hopefully everybody had a lot of fun. Yeah, I actually texted
Joel Webben. I said, I want to see a good showing out of you. And he said, no, I want the boys to win. I don't have a chance.
My favorite part was probably just watching the trolls get so mad that both these podcasts made it to the finals.
I absolutely loved it. Making all kinds of excuses of why they're winning and why they're taking over the nation and the earth for God.
And it was absolutely fun just to watch that, if nothing else. So I appreciate it. Cosmos is haunted by nothing else.
At least it's haunted by the fact that haunted Cosmos won the bracket. It doesn't make any sense at all. All right,
Ben, Brian, Eric, Dan, thanks so much for jumping on. Just want to do a quick video. Appreciate you guys. We'll get this sent out to you and we'll see you next year.