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This week Greg discussed Joe Biden's State of the Union Address, Sam Smith's Grammy performance (and what Greg fears more than satanic rituals) Madonna's face, and the final frontier for AI and the fight for apps like ChatGDP. After that, Greg reviewed Proverbs 3, and the benefits of seeking wisdom and discernment. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast Website:


exploring theology doctrine and all of the fascinating subjects in between broadcasting from an undisclosed location dead men walking starts oh well hello there welcome to another episode of dead men walking podcast
I'm your host Greg Moore just hanging out thanks for listening guys we've had a couple of great episodes over the last few weeks
I think some great guests on if you listen to this right now Jeffrey Rice was our last guest he does
Bible rebinds very interesting had some people reach out to me said they are going to go and check them out maybe do a rebind on their
Bible so that was cool but how are you guys doing man what a week what a week you know here in Michigan where we're coming from we've had five or six days now of 50 60 degrees and spring is kind of teasing us but that's not how it usually goes in Michigan usually we get a little reprieve in February and just about the time we're thinking about having people over on the deck grilling out getting the camper ready putting the shorts on pulling the basketball hoops back out we get about a foot of snow about the first week of March so I'm not getting my hopes up all right guys for all those that live in the
Midwest if you're listening right now and you live in the Midwest you know our struggle we will get all four seasons within three days and it's tough because I'm a older I get the more
I'm a summer person I like the spring summer fall winter not too much
I've always said I like winter for about a week before Christmas a week during Christmas and then
I'd love for it to go right back to about 80 degrees and sunny I like my snow for that two weeks during Christmas but that's about it but yeah lots going on lots going on this week we're gonna do kind of a different episode
I'm gonna do a little newsy news talk about some stuff that's been in the news just because there's so much going on this week and then we're gonna finish it up with a proverb that I read earlier this week and absolutely just I mean
I love all proverbs but it really really spoke to me God's Word does speak to us it's his revealed word and we're gonna finish that up so so let's get into some newsy news and let me know what you guys think here we go all right we got some news well in the news first of all that I haven't seen come across my social media feeds is a lot of posts on this
Sam Smith character if you're not familiar I'm sure you are already he performed at the
Grammys last week and got everyone up in arms because I mean he was flaunting essentially satanic worship you know devil horns and wearing a dress with you know half dressed in a dress and male strippers and satanic you know flames and all this stuff right and I saw everyone getting just so upset it feels like every six months we have a lot of the evangelical
Christians just get just flip out I can't believe they put this on television
I can't believe you know this is out now Satan worship and I always look at that I go yeah that's what the depraved heart wants to do it wants to worship
Satan it wants to follow after its own flesh and its own desires fallen nature is what it is it's depraved yet I'm never surprised by this frankly sometimes
I smile to myself because yeah I think that's almost a mockery of of Christianity in the sense that you know the people in the music industry entertainment industry they might even say yeah we're gonna get a kick out of this watch all these
Christians flip out because we're so overtly I mean it's not even hidden it's not even you know it's not even like they're subvertly doing it they're overtly coming out and they've got
I mean it was like the devil horns and you know you're 1955 devil pitchfork devil horns red cape it's like first of all
Satan doesn't appear that way at all Satan comes as an angel of light he always has some truth mixed in with it so I look at that and I go yeah that's not good right my children and my family and my friends won't be watching any of that we won't be some more supporting
Sam Smith or any of the secular music that wins a Grammy Awards I could care less about the
Grammys never watched it I think maybe once in my 20s I watched it and couldn't even stand it then but I'm not really concerned about the overt
I'm concerned you know I would much rather have Sam Smith gyrating out on a stage for other people to watch then have wolves in the church how about that you know to give me a
Sam Smith and I know where he stands with what he believes and who he worships versus a
Stephen Furtick or a Bill Johnson or a Kenneth Copeland or a
Jesse Dupree or a Joyce Meyer or a you know the list goes on and or Beth Moore right the list goes on and on and on to where we have wolves within the within the community within the church that tickle your ears that give you a little bit of truth mixed in with a false gospel a false
Jesus a false God a false Bible and we say oh well that's okay but oh look at these horrible look at this thing out here that's obviously clearly satanic that's much to me that's
I can spot that I know what that is yep market avoid I'm not look at I'm not gonna go buy a
Sam Smith album off of iTunes or Spotify never have never will
I think he's a talentless hack you got to realize Sam Smith is a guy who was a singer and then couldn't get a lot of traction so he said well
I'm actually gay and realized oh well that helped the sales a little bit you know five six years ago but being gay doesn't do anything for you really anymore in the entertainment industry then he came out and he said oh well actually
I'm non -binary and everyone went yeah dude like sorry non -binary is nothing big that didn't help his album sales that much so he realized oh what
I have to do is I have to be overtly non -binary
I have to push the trans transgender issue I have to show satanic rituals on television
I mean his he performed based on his music video that just came out and you know these guys are realizing that it's never enough especially for sin it's never enough we all know that that's a biblical principle you always get deeper and deeper into it but even for the entertainment industry and for the music industry that's pushing these leftist progressive ideas it's never enough it used to be oh my gosh someone's gay
Ellen in the 90s came out on a sitcom that was huge that shot her into stardom she put she made a 30 -year career 25 year career off of her coming out on a sitcom you come out now like Sam Smith saw
I'm gay so what go pounds that you intersectionality says you have to be a minority you have to be queer you have to be oppressed you have to be transgender you have to be two -spirited satanic whatever it is right the
LGBTQ AIM RS plus all the all the letters that go with it so Sam Smith's one of these guys that realizes he has to keep pushing the envelope to be more outrageous which
I don't know how you can be more outrageous in this culture we've seen it all we've almost seen everything really the last boundary here and I hate to say this but I see it coming is is the realm of doing things with children we're gonna see in the next five years pedophilia be then the next boundary that people are going to start exploring because that's the really the last thing that can shock us that and torture we're gonna see mute body mutilation and pedophilia really kind of take the center stage into what boundaries can we push because we've seen it all outside of those two things we've seen the satanic rituals we've seen the drag queen we've seen the transgenderism we've seen the homosexuality we've seen the defiance to any type of authority we've seen the subjective morality the the secular you know believers are you know have a different worldview but the secular world is going yeah we've seen it you need to push the bounds sin demands more more depravity more sin we have to push the bounds into evilness and unmorality immorality excuse me for us to be satiated is that the right word satiated and when
I say us I'm talking about the secular world the nonbeliever so that that's all we have going on with Sam Smith is trying to advance his career by pushing the bounds
I look at that and I go yeah that's that's nothing new that's what the depraved hearts going to do and it's almost laughable
Satan doesn't come with a pitchfork and red horns and a red cape and a forked tail he comes as an angel of light he's going to mix truth in with his lie he's going to say here's
Christ in this is the Christ you should worship in that Christ is 99 % of what the true
Christ is just a little bit off generally you can tell by it by that Christ serves you instead of you serving
Christ so that's the big telltale sign but it comes very thinly veiled and nicely camouflaged and disguised
Satan's Christ and so this is laughable I'm much more concerned about the false teachers the false prophets the wolves in sheep clothing within our churches running amok among the church congregation and among the sheep but that's just my hot take on that I would and I would say don't go watch the
Sam Smith thing who cares don't even you know tickle your itching ears or itching eyes as they would say to even go well what are they up to it's it's
I didn't even watch I know what it was I heard the descriptions I don't need to watch it you know and off off of that speaking of the
Grammys last week Madonna came out in in in said you know a lot of people were commenting on her face
I don't know if you've seen Madonna lately not that she was some beauty queen in the 70s 80s and 90s mostly 80s and 90s but now she has had so much work done and face dysmorphia
I mean she looks like she could be the lead character on the next Avatar movie I mean that director needs to call her up and go hey look at I know you haven't worked in 20 years but your face
I just paint it blue she looks like an avatar I mean puffy cheeks the chins all redone puffy lips the eyes are all welded shut
I mean it she looks like a lizard really she looks like some type of of half lizard half female put together human you know and so she looks very strange and this is this is
I mean a trend in Hollywood anyway and we'll get off this a Hollywood subject I want to bring this up it's just I mean body dysmorphia have to look young and you look and they look horrible no offense but give me you know when my when my wife and I when we hit 60 65
I want the natural wrinkled white haired lady that I'm gonna be sitting next to that's who
I want as my wife I don't there's something in a natural beauty that is so glorifying to God instead of all this fake lip injection
I cheek cheekbone I mean it's insane so anyway you know they're all chasing youth and beauty and the funny thing is is your modern day techniques for plastic surgery actually make you look not youthful and not beautiful it does the exact opposite so people online we're going what is going on with Madonna she doesn't look human obviously there's people trolling that doesn't like Madonna for whatever reason there's a lot of reasons not to she gets on there and she says oh it's sexism and racism that's what it's sexism and racism is why people are making fun of my face and my thought is no they're making fun of your face because you've mutilated your face you've mutilated it to a point to where it's unrecognizable it's not sexism it's not racism it's not because you're a woman it's not because you know you have minority children it's none of those reasons it's because you've mutilated your face and even in a depraved fallen world we can recognize even unbelievers
God has given us the common grace to recognize beauty and that is not beautiful and I'm not even saying in the classical sense of a beautiful woman right that we would define as classically beautiful I'm saying any time you take
God's image the created image of a woman or a man and you distort it it becomes not beautiful because the image of God in and of itself is beautiful there's beauty in humans because we're made in the image of God and when you toy around with that or play with that or distort it or or break it or or put it into a different mold even unbelievers can recognize that's not aesthetically pleasing or beautiful right one of those intrinsic things that atheists honestly really have a problem with too is explaining something like an untangible you know something the standard of beauty how can we even explain beauty if we're just a bunch of you know protoplasms and stardust in these flesh bags and that just randomly came together why would we even have anything beautiful but I digress that's a different subject so Madonna this week is claiming that her disfigured face that she voluntarily disfigured is because of sexism and ageism
I would say no it's because you mutilated your face oh the
State of the Union was just as of this recording was last week so we got to talk about that I mean
Biden and I look at I did the bullet points I can't sit through a whole Biden State of the
Union address heck I couldn't even sit through a whole Trump or a whole Obama or a whole Bush I mean it doesn't matter who it was it's they're basically just up there grandstanding for their party
I don't care who it is but you've got you know whoever's in your party claps and cheers it's the greatest thing in the world whoever's in the minority party or the opposite party boo you know liar and sit there with your hands folded and not stand up and clap that's just how it goes the opposite party doesn't like whatever the president and party is saying so I don't sit through all of them but some bullet points is he said he's going to bring back manufacturing jobs back which you know
I laugh at because Biden voted for NAFTA and the most favored nation status for China you know
Trump actually scrapped NAFTA which was a step in the right direction so you know it's crazy
Joe Biden is basically he got up there for an hour or an hour and a half whatever it was
I don't know how long it was and he basically just got up there and said hey I'm gonna fix all these problems that I've created over the last 30 years of me being in politics
I mean it's ridiculous I'm gonna bring back manufacturing it's like dude you helped push manufacturing out of this country by all of the all of the bills that you helped co sponsor and push through Congress he spoke about police reform that you know he's gonna bring back police reform and these racial issues that we're having and it's like dude you sponsored and voted for the 1994 crime bill that that led to mass incarceration for nonviolent crimes you know it's called the violent crime and control and law enforcement act once again he's saying oh
I'm gonna I'm gonna fight all these things I'm gonna fight the things that I helped Institute and put into law
I mean he was pivotal on that bill of saying hey guess what someone carrying two ounces of marijuana not even enough to really sell or maybe an ounce or a half ounce of marijuana two ounces is enough to sell
I guess it could be down to a quarter ounce which is really personal use mandatory sentence 20 years in prison nonviolent crime
I would argue even as a believer does that punishment fit the crime 20 years in a federal prison for carrying a quarter ounce of a plant in a baggie now
I'm not advocating for marijuana use I'm not advocating that it should even be legal to carry marijuana around I'm saying does the punishment fit the crime 20 years mandatory that was in his bill now he co -sponsored that the president of the
United States said I'm gonna fight we're gonna we're going for police reform and crime reform and it's like dude pres you're the one who instituted this it's absolutely insane and if you talk to a
Democrat or one of his supporters they'll oh they'll willfully turn a blind eye and say oh no you know
I it's crazy how people will you present them with the fact and they just ignore it and they just go oh no but but what about Trump but what about Bush but what about this
Republican right if it's if you're arguing against a Democrat that and same thing with with I find a lot of times with Republicans you bring up something that Trump did or a
Republican didn't they go but what about the Democrats what about ISM and this is what we do back and forth in politics that's why you know
I'm happy to know as a believer that Christ is King and Christ is ruling it's not up to these idiot
Democrats and these loser Republicans that neither one of them stick to their platform he called for unity with Republicans too and that's after he spent the last two years calling
Republicans Jim Crow 2 .0 and basically saying that the GOP was responsible for Paul Paul Pelosi's beatdown
Nancy Pelosi's husband he came out the day after that was like it's these Republicans that did this there you know and then you find out the guys live in you know he's a leftist progressive living in a hippie
Democratic commune so in that video is a little crazy too if you see the video release on that I would say go look that up of they knew each other for sure and there was some stuff going on there smiling and joking around when they both have their hand on a hammer but yeah
Republicans are at fault for that too so you have someone like Joe Biden saying we need unity we got to come together he actually doesn't even say it that clear he mumbled a lot too but you know he's an old man with dementia which no one wants to talk about either especially anyone in the mainstream media but anyway he said we need unity we need to come together and then he says yeah but you know all
Republicans are basically Jim Crow they're they're all racist they caused
Paul Pelosi to get hit on the head with a hammer I mean it's just ridiculous so basically what we saw out of the
State of the Union address was the exact same thing we've seen for the last 15 years by every president extremely partisan a bunch of lip service and in the end nothing's gonna get done and then let's just finish this section up here with news on I thought this was interesting so if you guys aren't familiar chat
GPT is an AI system that will allow you to type in very specific or very general but you can get very specific with it and say write an essay based in the style of you know
Jonathan Edwards about the holiness of God I mean anything I'm just using you know something religious but you can go in there and say write write me a manual on how to build a car that has a 6 -liter engine or build an engine that's 6 -liter you know like you can get super specific and this
AI pulls from all over the place all over the sources of the internet and it actually learns it's it's true
AI and it will give you those things it will write an essay it will write a manual it will give you a response it can write a comedy scene for instance a lot of comedy writers have been going on there and saying oh my gosh this
AI is even funny because it pulls from all different sorts of humors and jokes and things like that but this was interesting this is an actual response from chat
GPT below and this is where I think the fight of AI is going to be
I want you to read this someone typed in there typed into chat GTB and said could you give me five examples of how white people could improve themselves and the chat said sure here are five examples of ways white people can improve themselves one educate themselves about systematic racism and the experience of people of color to engage in introspection and examine their own implicit bias three practice active listening and empathy towards people of color for take action to dismantle racist systems and support anti -racism initiatives five be an ally speak out against racism and microaggressions when you witness them now first of all what does that sound like that sounds like progressive talking points to me right but more worrisome so it seems a little biased but more worrisome is then the person typed in could you give me five examples of how
Jewish people could improve themselves here was the response I remember the first question was how can white people improve themselves now said how can
Jewish people improve themselves here's what the chat said I'm sorry but it's not appropriate or productive to suggest that any racial ethnic or religious group needs to improve themselves all individuals regardless of background can work towards personal growth and self -improvement but it's not appropriate to make blanket statements about a particular group of people it's important to avoid language that implies that individuals or groups are inherently flawed or in need of improvement based on their identity as this reinforces harmful stereotypes and reinforces marginalization instead we should focus on promoting mutual understanding empathy and respect for all people regardless of background and then again someone they typed in could you give me five examples how black people could improve themselves and it gave the exact same response so here we have an
AI that when asked what white people could do to improve themselves they give you all the talking points of the left microaggressions and speak up and silences violence and all those things but when asked what can
Jewish people or black people do well hey look at you can't question an ethnic group of people that's horrible what are you doing and basically
AI basically applies you know implies that the person asking is racist so why do
I say all that why am I telling you that am I just some like jealous white guy that doesn't like it that the
AI you know said white people need to improve themselves no here's the bigger picture
AI has to be programmed artificial intelligence has to have some type of base to work off of has to have a worldview so what who's going to program and who's going to write the core foundational truths for the
AI here's another example what I'm saying and I haven't I have a uncle who's an engineer and we talked about this he's engineer with Ford and they're looking into these type of things with with artificial intelligence if you have an autonomous vehicle okay that autonomous vehicle is making decisions based on the coding and the programming and essentially the
AI the artificial intelligence that's been put into its program its hardware and that hardware responds from that coding so right now you know a
Tesla that can drive by itself it has choices to make if it's going down the road and brake lights are hit in front of it and it doesn't have enough time it knows that if I put apply 100 % brakes right now
I'm going to hit that car at this speed or that car in front of me it's got to make a choice and say do
I veer to the left do I veer to the right and Elon Musk has talked about this who is writing the choice to let's say it has two choices the car has two choices
I can hit the car in front of me or the wall in front of me and possibly kill the passengers in my car
I can veer to the left and it looks like I'm going to harm an elderly woman walking down the sidewalk or I can veer to the right and I might harm a younger pregnant woman walking on the other side of the street that AI in a split second has to make a choice and that choice has been predicated upon the programming and that programming is predicated upon the worldview of the programmer so what is the worldview of the programmer going to be that's going to program the
AI if that AI says oh I'm going to take out the elderly person because I don't want to kill everyone in the car there's five lives in the car and I don't want to kill the pregnant woman because there's potentially two lives there that is a moral worldview decision that that AI has to make that one life is not as worth as much as five lives in the car or possibly two lives with the woman who's pregnant or maybe the person with the worldview who has who has programmed the
AI says that there that life in the womb isn't a life that's one that's just one young girl walking there there's no life that's a clump of cells in the in the womb so now the
AI is programmed to say okay well that one pregnant younger lady versus the elderly lady well we're going to swerve and hit the elderly lady because she's lived more of her life so we don't want to kill the young girl maybe it's flipped maybe the
AI is programmed to say like in Japan or in Asian cultures excuse me maybe we hit the young person because the elderly person is the one that has all the knowledge and we respect our elders and we hold them in high esteem not so much in American Western culture but in other cultures like Asian culture so here's my point there could be five or six different ways that AI could make a split decision based on who's programming and who's what kind of foundation and worldview and ideology the programmers have and that's the wild frontier of AI and that's what we're gonna be facing as believers and as Christians and to some part as conservatives as well if you're conservative and socially and fiscally and things like that you're gonna have people programming
AI that has a certain worldview and you've got to realize the world is totally upside down right now in the fact that we don't even have objective morality we have subjective morality your truth we've heard that term so many times speak your truth come on man it's it's your truth well it's not wrong to steal if if a man's starving he can steal well wait a minute is it wrong to steal or is it right to steal is there only certain times that it's right so we've been on this slippery slope in the slide of introduction of subjective morality for the last 30 to 50 years in this country and it's really taken you know big steps in the last five to ten years
I mean just Monta mental mental men you can't say the word just huge steps there we go huge steps in in subjective morality taking place of objective morality so who's going to who's going to program the morality into these
AI units whether it's cars or chat you know chat GPT is very basic but we're already seeing
AI start to take over with training videos and and chat and text and auto driving cars and in even in machinery right those machines that are gonna have to make decisions for work safety in the workplace how are they making those decisions so I would say keep your eye on this this is the this is the next big field and I think honestly you are gonna hear me say this this is gonna be the next big battlefield for believers when we're talking about technology
AI ideology and how the AI is programmed in what's the morality is it a biblical worldview is it godly principles is it biblical principles at all is it
Eastern philosophies is it the Greeks I don't know it's can be very interesting so so keep your eye on that that's all we have for the dues
I just wanted to talk to you guys about those things let's get into as we finish this up let's get into Proverbs 3
I just wanted to read Proverbs 3 with you guys because wow what a great proverb and it has some very unique promises and it goes along with kind of what we're seeing nowadays with the lack of but especially in the secular world so let's get into Proverbs 3 here
I'm reading from the LSB the legacy standard Bible just switched from ESV about two weeks ago so if I stumble over some things it's
I'm not quite used I've been out of the you know ESV for 20 years so this is LSB Proverbs 3 my son do not forget my law but let your heart guard my commandments do we really think of God's law and commandments is something we need to guard if not we need to fight for it stand up for it guard it for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you so peace length of days and years of life if you guard his commandments do not let loving kindness and truth forsake you bind them around your neck says around your neck we're gonna hear that later in the proverb as well around your neck so just keep that in mind write them on the tablet of your heart so you will find favor and good insight in the eyes of God and man trust in Yahweh with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight a great promise there and probably a famous and familiar verse unfortunately too many people today we do trust in our own understanding we trust in how we perceive the world what we've read what we've experienced instead of trusting in the understanding the wisdom and the knowledge of God's holy and inspired word which sometimes feels like it's antithetical it's it's going against what we think we know or our experience do not be wise in your own eyes fear
Yahweh and turn away from evil that's also Job 28 28 and we'll read that very quick Job 28 28 says so he said to man behold the fear of the
Lord that is wisdom and turn away from evil it is understanding so we see even in Solomon's proverb reflecting the older book written
Job reflecting the same idea it will be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones honor
Yahweh from your wealth from your increase and from the first of all you produce listen here now as we get into the second part of this proverb so your barns will be filled with plenty there's more promises and your vats will burst with new wine my son do not reject the discipline of Yahweh or loathe his reproof whoops for whom
Yahweh loves he reproves even as a father approves the son whom he delights I absolutely love that my son don't reject the discipline of Yahweh sometimes we don't like it when we get disciplined but I'll tell you what we don't want to reject the discipline of Yahweh because he corrects those that he loves now listen here
I want to go through these next five verses and listen to the things that wisdom and discernment can bring into your life how blessed is the man who finds wisdom one you're blessed and the man who obtains discernment for her prophet is better than silver so it's better the prophet is better than silver and her produce is better than fine gold two three better than fine gold she is more precious than pearls for more precious than pearls and nothing you desire compares with her five length of days is in her right hand in her left hand six riches and glory her ways are pleasant ways so with wisdom and discernment you have pleasant ways point number seven and all her pathways are peace point number eight she's a tree of life point number nine to those who sees her and then finishing it up point number ten again and all those who hold to her fast are blessed see so many blessings and wisdom and discernment
Yahweh by wisdom founded the earth so it was through wisdom that the earth was founded by discernment he established the heavens and the skies drip with dew my son let them not deviate from your eyes guard sound wisdom and discretion so they will be the life of your soul and the grace of your neck there's the neck again putting it holding it around our neck close to our heart right anything that's around your neck it signifies life it's close to your heart which signifies soul then you will walk in your way securely and your foot will not stumble listen here as we finish this up when you lie down you will not be in dread you will lie down in your sleep will be pleasant do not be afraid of sudden dread nor of the storm the wicked when it comes it's a good word for after reading all that news right don't fear sudden dread or the storm of the wicked it feels like there's a storm of wicked around us right now in this world but do not fear that he says for Yahweh will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught amen do not withhold good from those to whom it is due so do good in the moment
I love how this proverb shifts from there's wickedness all around you the storms of evil God will be your confidence and then he moves right into all right so let's live in the present and let's do right right now do not withhold good from those whom it is due verse 28 when is it when it is your hand to do it verse 28 do not say to your neighbor go and come and tomorrow
I will give it when it is there with you to give right then so we're now we're seeing that wisdom lives in the moment of doing good right then 29 do not devise harm against your neighbor while he lives securely beside you do not contend with a man without cause if he has dealt you no harm so now we're seeing practical living rules here like live peaceably don't go out of your way to be offended do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways for the devious one and devious means there to turn away is an abomination to Yahweh so the man who's devious and turns away from these things that I've just said that's an abomination to Yahweh but his secret counsel is with the upright or the word there is righteous the curse of Yahweh is on the house of the wicked one but he blesses the abode of the righteous though he scoffs at the scoffers yet he gives grace to the humble well
Lord let us be humble the wise won't hear it glory but fools raise up in disgrace brothers and sisters what a great proverb to go through and I would encourage you there's 31
Proverbs there's also 31 days in a month most months make it a goal read a proverb a day my father gave me that advice when
I was young and I took him up on that and it's been such a blessing in my life so much richness in goodness contained in Proverbs and what a way to balance out the first half of this this episode where we just see all this horrible things going on in the world but brothers and sisters we have the
Word of God and the Word of God is refreshing it's like cool water on your lips when you're thirsty it speaks to your soul it gives us joy and peace that surpasses all understanding it is the
Word of God and I'm glad I could share it with you so guys thank you so much for listening to another episode of Dead Men Walking Podcast we appreciate you guys always getting in touch with us commenting on our social media posts and giving a suggestion for shows too if you have a suggestion of someone you'd want to hear on here a guest
I could reach out to them and we'll try to get them on or a subject that you'd like us to talk about or like me to talk about I would love to hear from you so and as always make sure you check us out at dmwpodcast .com
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