Keith Got a Rapture Debate Challenge from Spencer Smith!

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Bro. Spencer Smith has officially thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Keith Foskey to a debate over the pre-trip rapture. How will our intrepid host respond? Be on the lookout for his response which will come in the days ahead! Thanks to the brothers at Eschatology Matters for organizing this event.


I want everybody to listen to me for a moment because I've got something to say.
There's this funny man on the internet and he does these little funny videos where he talks about funny stuff, but I'm gonna tell you something right now.
The funniest thing he's ever done was when he got on the internet and talked about eschatology with the pyromaniac, yeah.
I wanna tell you that was the biggest joke that I've ever seen in my life. And I've got news for you, all you are millennial and post -millennial guys out there acting like premillennial people don't exist.
I'm sick of it's what I am. And I wanna tell you something. It's time that all of you people get a wake -up call out there and I'm coming to let you know that us premillennial people, we're the ones who got it right.
Do you hear what I'm saying? Yeah. I'm telling you that you guys keep talking back and forth with your ah -millennial, post -millennial and act like you forgot about us.
But I'm telling you that day has come to an end. Keith, Mr. Funnyman, the clown,
I wanna tell you something. I've got my eye on you and you've declared yourself the king of eschatology.
Well, I wanna tell you something you've never even heard of me. And I would say that I challenge you, but the truth is you've not even earned the name champion yet.
So what I'm doing is I'm calling you out, little man. The clown man one day is gonna understand that the pre -tribulational, premillennial view of the
Scriptures is actually the right harmonutical version and interpretation of the
Scriptures and you and your allegorizing of the Scriptures is gonna come to an end one day.
I am calling you out, me and you, buddy, to a debate where I will take the
Scriptures and I will rightly divide them between the Jew, the Gentile and the church and I will let you see the truth of the error of your theology, man.
Oh, I hope you tremble, buddy, because something's coming your way that you don't even understand how bad it's gonna be.
You absolutely have no idea the trouble that you're in. And it's gonna be crazy.
It's gonna be... Oh, friend, I've got something to tell you.
Keith, you're in big trouble, big boy. And I'm coming for you. Exactly right.