We have the Final Two or the Reformed Podcast Bracket 2024!


Boy, what a round! Hard fought and well deserved! 
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Well, well, well bless Lord's Day bless Sabbath to everyone who is on Just wanted to give a quick update on the bracket and then
I'll let you enjoy the day we are down to our final two for the bracket final two for the
Reform podcast 2024 and boy was it a battle we had dividing line and haunted cosmos in the first bracket we had the
King's Hall and Apologia in the second bracket and It was pretty amazing the first bracket
Was not as close as I thought Well, I knew haunted cosmos was going to do well, but they take the win over.
Dr James White in the dividing line Ben and Brian pull through with sixty two point seven percent of the vote five thousand two hundred and fifteen votes cast ninety -six point four thousand views on that poll
Congratulations to Ben and Brian a haunted cosmos. You are now in the finals And that was something else to be taking down the reigning champ.
Dr James White from last year and haunted cosmos had strong brackets strong rounds every single time
This was the least amount they won by but still almost two -thirds of the vote for haunted cosmos
So Ben Brian, good job. You are in the finals our other contender. This was a crazy bracket it was the
Kings Hall vs. Apologia we had Apologia putting out a
Mandate a ask an emergency call to all their listeners saying hey if you vote for us
We will put you into a raffle and fly you fly one of you guys out to meet us in studio in Arizona Go out to dinner and then the
Kings Hall responded with saying we will give away Tickets to 20 families to our conference
Apologia then responded back with an emergency call out on Facebook. Jeff Durbin was on Facebook earlier yesterday saying go vote the
Kings Hall then responded to a Podcast episode that they pushed to everyone who listens to their podcast streams
Asking to go vote and boy was it a nail -biter. It was a barn burner.
It was insane guys, first of all What was it? 5928 votes almost 6 ,000 votes almost 241 ,000 views just on that bracket alone and the
Kings Hall pull it out 50 .8 % it was the closest
Bracket of the tournament 50 .8 % to apology is 49 .2
% Just a you know less than a hundred votes separating the two
But Dan Eric and Brian pull it out at the Kings Hall and they move on to the final.
So we started with 64 Podcasts and the finals come down to two new
Christendom podcasts I think that goes to show you the kind of quality content that they're putting out over there
The kind of fans that they have Congratulations to all you guys Ben Brian Dan Eric and those two podcasts
We have the final two set haunted cosmos verse the Kings Hall It'll all kick off tomorrow 8 a .m.
Eastern Standard Time I will post the votes to see who will become the 2024 reformed podcast bracket winner the reigning podcast over all other podcasts 8 a .m.
Eastern Standard Time Whatever tomorrow's date is what is tomorrow the 18th?
What's today the 17th? So tomorrow the 18th Monday the 18th 8 a .m. Eastern Standard Time That'll be just like all the other votes a 24 -hour vote
So you will have 24 hours to cast your vote for either the haunted cosmos or the
Kings Hall Two wonderful podcasts that did very well in all of their brackets and there you go
Guys between those two brackets over 300 ,000 views and over 10 ,000 votes So thank you so much for sharing for getting out the word
It was very it was fun. We had some back -and -forth between Jeff and Brian. I saw that online
You know It's it might seem a little contentious, but I know those two are friends.
They know each other I saw Brian saying Apology and Jeff is bribing people.
I saw Jeff say on his video Hey, I don't know if you should vote for a guy whose last name is named after body wash or soap
Suave, I just thought it was funny. It was just good ribbing between two brothers in the Lord. I think they
Stepped up and did and kind of took this pot or this bracket in in the spirit in which
I meant it But look at haunted cosmos and Kings Hall won out they got the most votes
That's what's beautiful about this bracket you vote for who you want to move on and you can't argue with the people you the people voted and You said who you wanted to see in the finals.
So we have haunted cosmos Kings Hall in the finals Voting will start tomorrow at 8 a .m.
Eastern Standard Time. So Monday the 18th 8 a .m Eastern Standard Time on real
DMW podcast handle our podcast handle It's the only place you can vote for it on Twitter X.
So make sure you have a Twitter X account It was funny I had one of the moms in church Come up to me today and she said
My 14 year old son has been watching this bracket for the last 10 days and he said mom I got to get a Twitter account so I can vote and she said you are not getting a
Twitter account at 14 years old So I so I said, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it for it to you know
Your 14 year old want to get on the on Twitter where there are some areas of garbage just so he can vote
So I think he might have voted through someone else. Maybe an older relative that has a Twitter account But I just found it funny that even within my church.
I was getting inundated this morning before we started worship About the bracket people were coming up to me afterwards
And saying hey is the bracket done who won, you know in church after church and I said, hey,
I'm not on my phone in church and You know, it ends at 130.
So You know go check it yourself so that was it guys It couldn't be happier with how the bracket turned out.
We will have some changes next year But right now we're focused on the finals haunted cosmos Ben and Brian over there at haunted cosmos and then
Dan Eric and Brian at the Kings Hall. They're in the finals So do what you do the people will speak who will be the reigning champion of 2024 for the reform podcast
Only you can decide guys go vote 8 a .m. Eastern Standard Time starts tomorrow