Fight Laugh Feast 2023: Gabe Rench, Sye Bruggencate, Keith Foskey, Man Alive, & More! Part 2 DMW#193


This is part two of a two part series of interviews from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference at the Ark Encounter. This episode contains interviews with: 1. Marcus Pittman of 2. The Page 50 Crew 3. Keith Foskey, David from Man Alive Podcast, & Sye Bruggencate 4. Gabe Rench of Crosspolitic 5. Cody Lawrence of Spare No Arrows Podcast Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the show Facebook Page: Dead Men Walking Podcast Instagram: @deadmenwalkingpodcast Threads: @deadmenwalkingpodcast Twitter: @RealDMWPodcast Check out our snarky merch HERE


Well, yeah, usually we do We do an intro but I'm gonna be mashing these up.
So All right. We'll just get into it. Sounds good Marcus Marcus You trim the beard
I feel like the last time I saw he's about twice as long I'm in the venture capital world now and I You know and like, you know, you don't know what scares people, right?
Well, you know what's tough about that by the way We're with Marcus Pittman Lord at TV With a long beard because I just took about four inches off mine right two days before I came here apologies
Yeah, and I've noticed though and I'm a realtor as well Yeah, so if you don't brush that thing and keep it straightened and I mean it can get real crazy to wear
Some of my clients I'd show up to the showing and they're like, wait, are you are you the realtor you the squatter? Like a fine line between like homeless guy.
Yeah, it is professional, right? No, I like it looks good man, thanks, man. Appreciate it.
It's all trimmed up, you know How is the venture capitalist? Hat wearing going it's a it's a different world man.
Yeah, it's a different world. It's it's It's You're you're trying to get people
I describe it as basically like you're trying to get people to be less of a coward
Like that's all that's all it is, right? So you have you know the story that the parable the talents sure, right and you know
Jesus rebuked the guy that just buried his money in the sand. Mm -hmm. So like you're your const It's a constant pitch to like really.
Hey, dude. Yeah, don't be the guy that Barriers your money in the sand invest in lore
And I think that's like, you know, that's like then you go you have to prove like so every say well
How many subscribers do you have? How's your growth rate? You do things to give venture capitalists
More courage, right? Um, so that's just kind of what what the entrepreneurs job is
Yeah is to is to instill bravery and so Yeah, so we had
Jason we had Jason on earlier and we talked a little bit about the subscription model and stuff they can do So we're not gonna cover that too much
I was thinking maybe since you're kind of at the forefront of this and you you know, geez, I think a few years ago
When we were in South Dakota together, you were just kind of launching and getting it together now now you're a few years down the road
But you're at the you're kind of at the forefront of the entrepreneurial part of it I don't see this was your idea and we got a lot of listeners that are in that You know,
I own my own business. You're in the entrepreneurial space. You own your own business Maybe we could talk to them a little bit about Maybe they're out there thinking about taking that jump.
Yeah going. You know what? I think it's time for me to build something Yeah, it's time for me to do that What are some things they need to know?
What are some things some struggles some successes? I mean, what do you tell that 24 year old 28 year old 32 year old?
However, and he's going yeah, dude. It's time to build something man. I'm listening, but now I want to do it
Yeah, I think You should you should do what you love and I think
Eating. Yeah Have you seen the youtubers who like YouTube videos?
I was making a joke, but you're actually Like look you can make money doing anything You know,
I always say like I want to teach my kids to monetize
Their passions, yeah, right, you know if I don't have any kids But if I did
I was like if they're playing video games I would my instructions would be that but it would be how are you gonna make money?
Yeah playing video games, right, you know, you can be developer. You can be a twitch streamer There's a lot of things you can do right if you're gonna play video games all day
You got to figure out how to monetize it Isn't that a different mindset than even our parents generation or their parents generation of like you've got five choices or something you could do
Yeah, we got to go to school Work for the man science tech was it engineering math or whatever?
Yes stem. Yeah. Yeah now it's and I truly believe in that I've said I've I always want
My kids and I want every entrepreneur just have a great work ethic and be curious if you can ask why and why does it?
Work that way. Why do people need that? Why do we have this deficiency in the market? why why why if you can answer to be the person that's curious and answer those questions and You have a healthy work ethic a biblical proverb work ethic.
Well, then I think you're gonna be okay You have some downs and struggles. Oh, yeah, it's hard It's super hard and Biden like Biden's economy doesn't make it easier.
I know right, you know I was like literally the hardest thing, right? But I think
I think it's lucky right in the face and tell you it's the best economy. It's ever been inflation is Oh, it's so great.
But we feel that we know it, right? Everybody everybody you got dude like people are buying chickens and putting them in their yard now like never before in history
Economy's doing great, but everybody's like suddenly nervous to buy chicken eggs from the grocery store. Yeah, you know, okay.
Yeah So so what so what do we tell the guys that are trying to build something? It's hard. We know that yeah
You know, it's hard that that's my why they're putting it on I think I think two things one this gets back to my like Risk averse
Christians are not called to be risk adverse. Mm -hmm, right the Bible says that cowards go to hell
Yeah, right being very clear. Like that's what it says. So we're called to do hard things
Yeah, and you know, I think like boomers boomers have kind of Ruined the generation that came after them because they took the secure job
Yeah, right they took the factory gig they just hung out and like that was what they did and they never
You know, they're like I worked 40 years to get this stipend or this retirement plan and then they just blow it all on their
Retirement and then they don't leave anything to their kids. Yeah, right Like I don't think that we're called to do that We're we are we are called to build big companies and to build big industry
And yeah, and and to create massive culture and all that's hard but I don't think like the the wisdom is
I'm just gonna do this thing and Just wait till my retirement check.
I just I don't think that's that's a whole generation though Just like you said like literally I can give you the age group the boomer age.
That's what yeah No, that's a whole boomer the whole boomer age group and there's some people I know that that are doing that play
But that's just because they've been in it so long and now they realize well now it's it doesn't make sense
Yeah, but but uh, but so so like if you're if that's what you're doing Like and that's what you've been in like it's fine, but I would still try to figure out like alternative income for your families
Yeah I think that's really critical because like Like the risk is like not knowing if you're gonna live long enough to get to that retirement baggage
Oh 100 % right So so I think well so boomers have done that they've they've they've thrown away
Inheritances, yeah on cruise ships and and all that sort of stuff cheap shrimp and cheap
Chris but yeah, no, that's that's exactly that's exactly what they've done. Well, that's the you know, it's funny You say cruise ships, but that's the mentality if you talk to someone in the
United States, especially even a boomer We're not this doesn't pick on boomers episode. Maybe yeah it is If they go, oh, it's all if the food is so delicious all you can eat like we're just so concerned about cheap
Nasty buffet food on a yeah. Look at I've been on cruises. I'm not bashing cruises, but it's like that's what's so important to us
It's all I can eat. Yeah, it's like well, first of all the quality of the food sucks. Yeah, that's great
I've been on a couple cruises that cost money and I go. Yeah, I make better food and you know in my on my grill
Then what's here but it's just crazy that that's the mindset to I know I know side so they blow their children's inheritance
Right, and what is like that's a wise man doing proverbs. What does he do? He gives inheritance to who his children and his children children.
Yeah, that's right and and and so like that's like that's that's a thing that we have to figure out and I think what's happened now is like you know, the younger generation is seen like that, you know, the world that they live they've inherited is
Awful. Yeah, and they're angry At the generation that came before them. I think rightfully so in most cases and And I think now this is why you see a lot of Gen Z guys like watching
Joe Rogan Yeah, right or watching Jordan Jordan Peterson because they're like, all right, I want to build something better Yep, right like that like so that that should be
I think that's that is how it balances out like you have safety and comfort And then you have all these guys who who like just destroyed the nation that they had
Yeah, and then now like the younger generations like all right, we got to get it back cuz no you're totally right
I'm going to school with with dudes pretending to be a woman and like I don't think that's like most
Most yeah, the younger generation thinks it's absurd. Yeah, uncle Larry just had his period and what kind of world are we living in?
Right. Yeah You know, what's crazy though is I'm also seeing because of that because of the past generations and a little bit to the
Millennials as well to after the boomers that the Gen Z guys are actually becoming a little more efficient and not quite as dependent
Upon material goods because they don't have access to them. They go. Well, I it's hard to buy a house.
It's right Is it maybe I go tiny house? I go more efficient in my personal life so that I can spend my time and money on this thing.
I'm building Yeah, it's actually a blessing in disguise because I've seen some Gen Z's take that approach them You know late teens early 20s in that generation where they're going
Yeah, we don't care if we live in a in a 600 square foot house me and my wife We don't have kids right now, but we're gonna put all our energies into this company.
We're building or this platform we're doing Because they've seen the excess of the boomers and yeah to some extent the
Millennials So I think it can be a blessing in disguise as well The the skip a generation kind of balancing out yeah, we've had for the previous 50 years.
Yeah Yeah, I think I think that's what we're seeing But we're also seeing like a lot of those guys who are doing that tiny house stuff.
They're they're becoming content creators they're focusing on stories and art and And they're figuring out ways to like go back to like monetizing your passion, right?
like so yeah, like that's that's really like the key the magic of Of Building a company is is like this is something like like like the the curse as our has been reversed
Right you know Genesis 6 when Noah gets off the ark. You know
God says no more Well, I curse the ground on account of man right right so so so now it's all about just getting rid of the remnants of What was what was done with Adam?
Christ died on the cross again Christ died on the cross he rose again and now
We get to guard in the earth Right and so this is like one of the things like like AI is gonna be a huge blessing not a curse.
Yeah, because Because it's going to free us up from The hard labor of our hands like right like it's gonna
Relieve us from the suffering or it's exactly what happens when Noah gets off the ark
God You know God says I'll relieve them from the suffering of you know the work of their painful work of their hands
Why do you why do you think we have such a big swath of Western? Christians American Christians in the evangelical world that is just deathly scared of technology like every general every
Christian is I don't know if everyone I mean every generate not every Christian every generation of Christians There's a fear
Amazing aren't they just tools that the Lord gives us that we can use for his glory Hey, I is I is gonna change the world like no one's ever seen before it's not gonna be changed in the way of the horror movies right and the dystopian
Nightmare stuff, but like this like this is like like AI preacher dude.
I think I think why I am I'm just I'm just I'm just very much a futurist because I'm post mill so I apply that actual
Technology like George Grant on the Canon Plus app has a really good. We were just listening to here on the
Industrial Revolution Yeah, right like it like he went back farther than like we know the Industrial Revolution but he went way back to like you know the
Navigators that were like Christians and they knew that like if they wanted to have the greatest country in the world we had to be the best navigators of the sea
So they developed like compass technology and mapping and like all the sorts of like it's always the
Christians that pioneer the tech when you go Through history right and then yeah, you know for we we had the printing press, and then we have
You know Morse Code the Enlightenment of the sciences to were mostly Christian as well
The big jumps in the sciences, yeah the big jumps in the sciences work, I remember what it has go Newton's noon
Yeah, his last What is it when he wrote when he wrote his thesis?
It was actually a theological thesis. He was writing it. Oh Well, this is what happens, you know turn the mics on and I forget what
I'm talking about essentially though. I'm agreeing with you Yeah, yeah, but they're like the the creation of the very first words on telegraph is from Scripture.
What hath God wrought? and then the very first transatlantic communication between the president and the
Queen of England Was basically like may this technology be used for the furtherance of the gospel among all the nations and peace on earth
So why have we lost that as believers like we don't believe that we should be at the forefront of technology No, they would like the boomers
I go back to the boomers again, they've sold it they've sold every Sold everything they've they've built they've made so like all the tech companies
We like everyone like this go back to the venture capitalists, right? Like okay, they're like what's your exit plan? Like well, how are you gonna sell your company so I can get my money back, you know, it's like well
You know, I want my great -grandchildren to benefit from this company So I don't really want to he said that makes you harder to invest in You know, so yeah, so like, you know, obviously you want the venture capitalists to make money yeah, and like of course like, you know, like when you know when it when
I when I when I When someone invests in your company They're they're saying
I'm going to help you carry your burdens. Yeah, and then in return you Reward them for a delay reward.
That's right. So so so see that's what investment is. It's carrying each other's burdens and And uh, and and and and and so Through a company that doesn't exit that that return is on profit
Right. So so you'll you'll get that continually as long as you're you own equity in the company yeah, you'll get you'll get profit that way and For like the
VC game like that isn't that they they got like a five -year plan on every You know on every investment at least five years, you know
We got to try to figure out how to like maximize our return so exit sell it for 10x, you know, whatever
But what's what that does is like we we've lost it. Like we don't own anything anymore We don't have we don't we don't own
Google. We don't own Amazon. We don't know We don't own any of the big tech companies, you know
And and and so like that's what we have to do is we have to figure out well How do we build companies where they all have it sounds like where the only exit strategy is death
Right like that's the exit strategy and then inheritance to your children Yeah, you know and so like like that's what that's what that's what we got to start building
And and so like the investment Christian investors need to be more aware of that as like, yeah
Yeah, so I'm an investing in your company and my great -grandchildren May get profits.
Yeah from this investment later down the road, right? But but but but the the plan of like I just got to get that investment within like five years
And so I'm expecting you to sell it. Yeah That's like not a good like that's the way the world works and thinks but I don't think that's the long -term
Christian view of investment Yeah, that's you don't want to invest in someone and Carry their burdens with that investment, but then place a burden on them to basically not allow that Company to go to their children, yeah or the future generations.
Yeah I'm just a little you know I like talking to you because I see out there and there's a lot of guys here at the fight left feast conference that are doing similar things in the way of entrepreneurship and you know, like VC and all that stuff, but You know, you're basically out there practicing what you preach.
We need more Christians doing that It irks me that we've just kind of given up industries. We think we're just consumers instead of creators
We were made in the image of God he is a creator we should be creators right I even see too
I see a real need within even within our reform circles of someone, you know
Financial investment and understanding trusts in the waterfall effect I mean if the Rockefellers can you know get together create a trust by cash value life insurance on each other take out loans against That to build things and then pay it out where they just dump it back in and it's literally called the the waterfall effect
It's a hundred percent legal and that's how they remain multi multi multi billionaires in power creating things
I don't see why we can't do that. Why don't we have Christians building it and going? okay, let's use the tools and the mechanism the financial mechanisms of The country to do those kind of things and pass on wealth and like you said the only exit strategy.
Yeah, right. Yeah Yeah, I I think there's there's a I think it has to do with just the
Christian pietistic mentality You know, I'm gonna I'm gonna just I'm just gonna give this money
You know to build the ark like we're here dark There's gonna like just like just gonna raise all this money and just basically donation.
Yeah, right And and and that like that's like some of that's really good.
Yeah But but those same people that would give write a million dollar check For the ark encounter because it's evangelistic.
Yeah Won't write a $50 ,000 check for an investment that they would lose money. They might lose money on right, right?
So I think there really is a reason Why in Scripture Jesus said okay in the
Canon We have to put an investment parable in there. Yeah about the coward who just buries his
Money in the sand and and obviously because in that parable to the one who gets praised took risk.
That's right Remember that right and I think like, you know, there there's a
Obviously, there's a spiritual meaning for that parable, obviously Yeah But if the practical aspect the temporal aspect of that isn't grounded in truth, then the spiritual part doesn't matter, right?
so so we know then that the God says I could have made more money in a bank than giving it to you
That doesn't mean we should put our money in the bank, right? And I think like with interest rates are really high right now like you make a lot of money in the bank right now
You know, so so like that's a rule like this real thing But like if those if that bank collapses, yeah, the economy tanks really your safe bet is in having your money in businesses
Yeah, right not having it stored away at a bank. So, you know what? I didn't know this side subject then we'll wrap this up here
But most regional banks don't hold any more than $15 ,000 in cash in their vault
Really? Yeah crazy because I work in an industry where I might come in with thirty thousand dollars worth of checks and need five or So, you know,
I'm not okay. I paid weekly as a commercial Residential broker, right? It's like I could go two months without pay.
Yeah budget accordingly And I've been in multiple times and they go. Oh, we got to order money from Brinks We'll be neck you can come back in a few days
Yeah, I want seven grand and I go seven grand isn't that much money if you think about it, right? I mean, it sounds like it's not you know, and I checked around at other banks
Oh, yeah, we hold about 15 ,000 anything other than that We have to order takes two three days and it's all on backlog and it's a very fragile system the bank.
Well, I mean You know your buddy Jeff Durbin and say yeah, they've talked about that at like like fractional banking and right, you know
But people don't even realize that right and I would say this if you think you're gonna make your retirement off of a five 5 % return on a
CD dude. There's better ways to come talk to me. First of all, yeah Seriously, yeah, right.
I'll tell you what you make 5 % in real estate. You should get out of real estate, right? You don't I mean, that's right. You better be making 30 to 40 percent on your on your
ROI. So But man, I love it. Thanks for stopping by talking to us Obviously, we're huge supporters.
You tell everyone where they can find you if they yeah We go to Lord on TV You could go there and I there's actually an investment
Tab if you're interested in investing in what we're building we're raising venture capital right now. We spent three years
We've raised eight hundred fifty thousand dollars total and we've launched the product. So we like to say we've kept every
Investor promise we've made with every check for the past three years and we got to launch
And now now it's all about. Okay. Now we need money just to grow the baby is now that is born
Yeah, we need to feed it. And so that's where we're at, which is a good place to be Yeah, not a lot of companies.
It's not a lot of companies can get to that point and so that's just where we're at right now and It's just about just you know
Yeah building and growing and scaling so cool guys. Thanks for listening to the episode. We're gonna mash these all up That was
Marcus Pittman Christian movie shouldn't suck Lord on TV. Go check them out. Thanks guys What I do with my hands, okay,
I usually do this and then you know, my leg falls asleep What does I'm an old man now? I'm not I'm not used to the
I'm doing this right here. You got enough room. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good, buddy Oh, let's just jump right into it cuz we're mashing these up.
So it's gonna be a fun Nice, let's go. I'm ready. Oh Stuart Kyle.
What's up guys? What's up, man? I'm hanging out buddy. I'm only on my first cup of coffee. So I'm not quite you're not quite I'm not at 10
I'm about nine. So we got a coffee here. We're ready to go. It's been great hanging out with everybody this trip, man
I love being a family reunion. Yeah, absolutely. Doesn't it feel that way when you come to fight left feast? obviously for those listening we're continuing our
Episodes at fight that feast conference at the Ark Encounter and with Stuart and Kyle from page 50 great company and awesome watching you
Just grow and what you guys are doing and bringing on new people exploring new spaces Obviously if you guys been listening for a while, you know, they partnered with the show in the past and we appreciate them
We got leads from that. Oh good A couple it was very cool. That is how it's supposed to work
It's been very good, it's the Lord's blessed We've seen lots of lots of fruit in the company. And so we're just kind of seeing what the next thing is at this phase
Yeah, it's been a very cool. Very cool season. Give us the 30 -second elevator pitch of what you guys do for those listening
I know we don't have a whole lot of time here. We're gonna get into it We're a full -service marketing and media production company based in Southwest, Louisiana We like to do initial meets with a client see what holes they might have in their marketing and media production systems and then supplement
Fill those holes There are some clients that we work full service front to back for them and there are some clients that we step in and say
Well, you've got you know These three things already going but we can help you with SEO work or your user experience on your website is real poor
So that's causing you to have some abandoned card issues. We can revamp it for you Yeah, it just kind of works like that. We we recognize that People need assistance in these areas.
Yeah, and they often don't know what areas specifically they need assistance in So we like to start off with kind of a consult
Evaluation and make some recommendations based on that and obviously we work with you know, we work with just about anybody
We have been fired because we're you know, not progressives that's happened before Praise God Amen, but we are ideal client as Christians because we want to help people, you know
Fight and build the kingdom and sure forward. So If you're wanting to run for office, we want to help you
We've done that Christian and if you want to run the office I should say we want to help you if you're a Christian and you're trying to build your business We want to help you like yeah
What's our batting average on? Candidates because I feel like it's really high for elections.
Yeah, so Are you guys the rainmakers? Let me say it this way makers
King makers. I'll say it this way. We've the Guy who came in to run with us because he was a
Christian because we were Christians He did what we said and he won by a landslide. There you go. So yeah,
I mean we can you mention the name or no? Yeah, it's got your Dude he's a politician.
He wants you to mention his name He ran for City Council on a town of like it's barely 4 ,000 it's a small town
Yeah, and but they it's a crazy story where does the mayor and the previous
City Council basically ran off with a bunch of money Yeah, it was a while Their fire was shut down.
You said you said it's a unique story, but it really isn't Well, we got a guy here that I'm encouraging to run for County Commissioner in,
Indiana And he told me the story of what was going on with land purchases with ARPA funds and I go dude That's the county over from me.
I mean, it's just non -stop Corruption at the local level people don't people just don't know about it because they don't hear about it
They're not in it, you know, they have jobs and stuff, but right circling back to what you do. I just said circling back
Geez, it's like I'm working for the White House Press. Sorry But you're actually circling back. Yeah, I'm actually circling back.
I'm gonna answer it You made a very good point that I want to kind of point out to people listening because I meet a lot of young guys that want to start businesses
Entrepreneurs kind of have a personality set anyway Where they just really like to either be in control or do do those things and you always hear oh you wear 50 hats
Let me tell you guys something I think you might agree with this like companies like yours I get to the age of I'm 42 you start to realize
It is more time effective cost effective Better for my company to let experts handle.
Yes certain parts of my business Yes, if you I don't I shouldn't be wearing 10 hats. I should be going to page 50 and go look at I need this
Off my plate. I need experts that do this every single day all the time Right, tell me what I need to do and relinquish some of that control
Which I also think is biblical to sometimes as entrepreneurs and we want to control it We don't want to it's a pride. It's kind of a pride issue for me.
It has been I'm not saying everyone Well, and so yeah, so like folks who are looking to step into the next phase of life
Yeah, it is essential for them to like the fate next phase of life of their business It's essential for them to be able to delegate if they thought you were going into your morgue
They can't delegate They can't do the things that they're good at and they're never gonna be able to grow beyond a certain point
Yeah And for businesses who make on average a little bit more than a quarter million half a million dollars a year
That it's time for them to hand things off We're gonna need to hand things off in order to grow properly in order for them to kind of continue to advance the kingdom of Christ advance the cause move forward.
They need to be able to do that and as contractors. We're the great in -between option We're the permanent solution for a few things like most companies will never be able to afford to bring in a full -fledged
High production media production team, right? They're not gonna be able to do it But we can always provide that most companies are never gonna be able to afford to have an in -house
High production search engine optimization team. They just can't we can help them with that, right? But there are certain things where it's like, hey,
I'm too busy. I can't manage my socials right now I need some professional assistance sweet We'll come in with a 12 -month contract and then we'll off -board you when we're done
So now you have everything in Canada like we do that all the time Yeah We need somebody to give us a website that functions at a high level and generates quality
Quality user experience and good like if it's e -commerce good High returns of our investment sweet we can come in and do that for you
And then we'll hand it off to you and it's your property. Not only that but when you have a company that lives and breathes That sector.
Yes, they've got the so they got the life hacks of everything of how to do it easier smoother, right?
I had that experience myself. I was talking to someone I said, oh check this out what I found You know this website that does he goes we've been doing that for eight months brother.
Like you're behind you're behind Now I'm ahead of everyone else in my industry, right?
I'm behind by eight months in his industry because he goes. Yeah, we would have implemented that eight months ago for you That's just because I live and breathe this so right
I know I keep pressing on that but it's been a really learning experience over the last five or six years for me to go
Let experts handle what they do and let them help you. That's why they're providing a service You don't necessarily have to do it yourself, but amen to kind of switch gears here.
We're obviously a fight -laugh -feast What have been some some of your favorite moments here? We haven't even asked that yet on any of the interviews
So what's been your experience anything from Doug? Well, we know you're a Doug fanboy. We see the selfies.
All right, we saw I finally worked up the courage to talk to him Cuz I've been
I take photos with like WWE guys I've got a photo with like Jake the snake and you know all that stuff and but yet Doug Wilson I was like, it is funny how we have those couple guys.
Like I'm not a you know, I'm sure you're the same I'm not a guy that gets all struck or anything like that But there's a few and mine was
James White because I grew up Yeah in my 20s reading his books and he really helped me through some Reform stuff and then you meet him and you go you almost feel like you know him a little bit too
But you know now we know You don't know me the key with James White to get him to you know, crack the ice with them call him
Jimmy Yeah, sure. Yeah, my pastor's friends with them. That's right Jeff My pastor's friends with them and calls him
Jimmy all the time. Yeah Well, it was nice because I went from kind of this guy who was far off to now after a few interviews and hanging out
At conferences, they emailed me and they said hey, would you do a couple minute video for his 40th anniversary of Alpha and Omega?
So then I just did a five minute roast. I just roasted him on video and I was like boy Is this come full circle? I like it.
You know, we should do that. There should be a Christian roast channel I'm down You asked about favorite moments
I so Joe Rigney Had a his conversation on creation
He talked a little bit that back a few months ago at grace agenda So I heard like part one part two But that is so the whole idea of God creates and then immediately like not
With any delay is immediately handing over Dominion Yeah for us to take over and I think Doug's talk just now was kind of touching on that too
And I think that's great. I also think we were talking about it I think somebody mentioned in one of the talks the objective standards that God immediately imbues
So there's a morality standard. It was good Immediately. Yeah, and so some of those like more those those things of This week in six -day creation kind of making that more solid
Yes, less story and algorical obviously when we're all sick. Yeah creationist But I think the idea of making this more practical like this is actually what
God's doing and it seems really subtle but that Genesis 1 through 3 is so layered
It's like a deep rich ice cream and we just you kind of get past the story and you start reading on more
Narrow level and there's so much there We're teaching through Genesis right now at our Wednesday night Bible study and it's it took us three weeks to get through the first two verses
I think It's just it's a lot whenever you get in there But for for me, probably my favorite part is just it's seeing everybody.
I know, you know, like that's that's coming back home For a couple days, you know, right? I went to three I think
I've been to three talks so far maybe three and a half or something like that or two And a half, but I do enjoy the talks
I can look at him later It's nice to be in the room with everybody. The singing is phenomenal I love the singing. I love the beer and Psalms sure, but the my high point is the fellowship
It's just being with everybody getting to remember that there are people that are on the same
Mission that I'm on. Yeah, we're looking to build the kingdom of Christ we can encourage with one another for a couple of days while we're here and then we go back into our
Trenches and we keep fighting like that's that's been my most exciting piece. No, I'm right there with you I've always said that and I think it's it's good to do that as well, too
When you're in battle you need those times of you know, oh, there's other people and you know
I'm using battle language, but it really is. I mean, we're in a culture now to where We have to define everything as well, right just talking to a gentleman yesterday
Ligonier did their 10 ,000 person survey and 69 % of people who identify as Christian don't believe that Christ was deity
So now even the word Christian has to be defined Evangelical right all these words
So when you get among a thousand fifteen hundred brothers to where you're 99 % there and we're gonna you know
We're gonna have our differences on some sure there, you know, maybe third third issues or tertiary issues
But the fellowship is it's so good So I you know, I can hang out with you guys and see what you're doing in your part of the world
And you know what I'm getting ideas, you know ideas like yeah So for example, like I saw you at FLF last year
You had your podcast booth here and I was like, let's rip that off genius. And I was like, we're bringing everything
Let's go and so we've been running the same thing too. Like you you get inspired and motivated you get new ideas
You you get encouraged by other people's stories like yeah, like your County Commissioner story, right? That was huge for me because in South, Louisiana, I'm trying to to motivate our people to do the same thing
Hey engage in local politics Yeah engage in the local spheres that the Lord's given you influence and let's go fight like that's yeah
That's the kind of stuff that gets me jazzed I'm ready. I'm ready to help people kind of keep pushing and moving in those directions Can I I want to contradict you on something?
Oh good way. Okay, so you but you mentioned like there, you know There's there's these third tier issues.
Yeah, right a lot of them are actually so like I was talking to Joe Webin and a few other people and you know, oh, well, that's your first problem.
No weapons gonna rot your brain Gotta watch out for that Baptist brother. He is a Baptist We love
Joe For now, yeah, but he uh, but each year he gets a little closer.
Don't worry. We'll bring him over But like the Baptist Baptist issue the covenant issue all that stuff is actually a big deal
It is sure but nobody's sitting here like it's fight. Laugh. Feast. I think nobody fighting about it
And if we are it's it's a jiu -jitsu match. It's a wrestling match. We're not we're not coming to blows over it, right?
you know, but they're important issues and they're being discussed in it in a Fun way in a family way sure and a non contentious way and I think that's something that's very encouraging about being here
Well, that's the culture here is one of brotherhood Yeah, like clearly defined and every now and then we might punch each other in the nose, but we're going to get a beer
Right after you know, who if you ever had a brother When did you guys not fight at least once right?
I'll get out and then and then you were okay And then you become a little closer sometimes, right? The problem is actually when men don't fight
Yeah, I'm saying yeah when they don't fight in that tension just sits and sits and sits and sits and sits and now you don't
Want to be around them anymore? And if you can get the courage to to go and enjoy one another and you know
Knock each other around every now and then but still be friends some of my dearest friends in our church We have gone toe -to -toe.
Yeah hard. Yeah, and then we literally go out for lunch afterwards and we chat So and I think this actually plays into a lot of the contemporary problems
We're seeing like on Twitter and stuff like that where these guys getting spats more than anything Yeah, it's not that that what they're talking about is important.
It's but it comes across kind of Caddy and I think part of that is so I grew up without a dad and so I didn't have brothers
But when I was 18, I moved into a house with a bunch of dudes and yeah great But I had to learn within the first six months of like when they're roasting me or picking on me or doing whatever
They don't hate me. They love me Yeah, that's why they're doing it and I had to get over that and I think there's a lot of guys that don't realize
That when we're you know, we're we're teasing and we're jesting sure. We don't hate you We love you, but that's how but there's a way that men operate.
Yeah So the online thing and we're gonna we'll wrap this up so you guys can grab some coffee
I know we're on a quick break here But the online thing I've said if someone's arguing about something and they're arguing with me or refuting me one
I'll say hey if you're local, let's meet and no one ever takes me up on that. Let's go grab coffee Or if they're not local
I say hey, I'll send you a leak. Let's talk face to face on zoom or stream yard No, we're not recording anything We're not putting it out
But like I want to see you as we talk about this issue in 99 out of 100 times They they say no, thanks, and it's like, okay, so we're in a generation to have like keyboard
Cowboys You know what? I mean where we're just arguing over things where it's like well Let's really work through it and most people and don't want to do that Kind of my point about we're in a fatherless generation
We're also in a brotherless generation and that's I think people don't know how to engage with that And especially when you're charitable like that and it's like hey man, like I love you
I just want to let's just chat this out like And a lot of times these guys are alone in churches and they don't you know, and people love in it in him.
Yeah Animinity they want to be anonymous W there
Mike what is the Mike have you guys ever seen that clip with Bush? That's my favorite clip of all time. Oh, yeah, fool me once shame on on On you on you fool me to it
Well, you ain't gonna what I'm saying is once again fool can't get fooled again. He just makes up a whole new saying Yeah, oh, it's the best clip go watch it.
So I felt there. Oh, you go ahead Stewart I had some opportunities to engage with folks in online platforms and one of them in particular was willing to continue the conversation
So there is some fruit to be had there like we had him come to the office. We sat down in the studio We recorded a podcast.
She was a witch and A literal witch like wow, like she was a witchy person like yeah, well she all she practices it
But we we were able to sit down and have a conversation about transgenderism Yeah and I think
I was able to move the needle with her a little bit like you can you can have The online presence that engages that moves people in a certain direction and then you can follow it up It can be done with an extended conversation.
So it's it's cool to see that there's Opportunities to move the gospel needle forward in the digital space as well
Yeah, and you can it's good. I just got off of a off of a talk with Keith Darrell and Dude, he's a phenomenal things.
Is that a name drop? He's so cool He's just he's going on college campuses proclaiming the truth not ashamed of it and he has gospel
Seed planning opportunity and has seen fruit from it. I think and I'm stealing this from chocolate
Knox I think Christians got Dominion to take in the digital space as well We can continue to move that needle and build the kingdom and it'll translate into real -life conversations to you
That's for sure. And on the marketing side, obviously that's stuff. We want to prioritize We don't want to be but like we were talking about this recently.
We don't want to be click, baby We don't want to do like the bait and switch. What's that? What's that big youtuber?
Mr. Beast. Yeah, we don't want to do the crap he does with I mean and he's proven the algorithm how it works sometimes
But we don't want to do that. We don't want to be clickbaity. We want to be genuine We want your business or whatever platform or whatever it is and even just in you know, personal interactions on social media
You want to be doing it in a way? That's fruitful and there's the gospel even in your conduct not just what you're saying, but in your conduct online
My sister was just at a mr. Beast video and she was like not all that. He's cracked up to be Not allowed to look him in the eyes.
He doesn't talk to the crew when the cameras aren't rolling You know one of those he's a diva, but alright, let's finish this out Tell people where they can find a new podcast give us like a little snippet on that real quick the name of it
What are you guys discussing? What are you doing? We are we started the podcast to discuss Christianity faith
Politics business business all those different things. It's basically like a all -encompassing. It's called the parish circuit You can find it on YouTube or anywhere that you find podcasts
Yeah You can go to our website page 50 comm PAG FIFT Y comm if you're looking for help in the business or political world with marketing things specifically or even personally
We have a philosophy advice is always free Yep You know We we want to help yeah as much as we possibly can and we have retainer clients that run from Just the consulting level where we give them advice every couple of weeks all the way up to the high -end
Thousands of dollars a month and they're won a lot of production So we want to see the kingdom of Christ advanced in every way possible
Yeah, and they were gracious enough to allow me on that podcast So if you haven't heard enough of my voice on this
You can go over there and hear me say the same things on a different But you guys have had some good good episodes coming out shot beautifully
I know it really is because I do this for fun. It's I'm not super professional But when
I see there's something when you vision see it visually shot and it's just and it's cut so nice So your team over there is doing a great job.
We got the engagement is much longer I'm telling you if I actually put time into probably editing a little bit my video the video side of mine would probably the engagement
Be higher, but I absolutely love watching something beautifully shot. It kind of draws me into the conversation So kudos on that and that just goes to show you said oh we had this idea
Well, when you do something you do it a hundred percent you do it for the glory. God you do with quality excellence That's why we like you.
Thank you. That's why people listening to partner up with you guys And by the way, it's parish because we're Louisianans There we go guys page 50 we got
Stuart Kyle make sure you guys go follow him on social media I'm a link up where you can follow them at when you watch this or listen to it
And we'll be back with some more interviews. Today's the last day of fight left feast. We got a couple lined up I think we got Joel webbing coming on.
I think Doug's gonna stop by Doug Wilson. So Be on the lookout for that. Thanks guys. Awesome. Thanks.
Great. Cool. You don't get the good ones So I want to get in here. We got a fourth mic. Yeah, hold on Here let me not put my coffee right next to his eyes equipment.
Yeah. Yeah, let's just roll So usually we do a little interview or do a little intro, but I'm mashing these all up So we'll just jump right in and can you hear okay?
All right. Give me a check in that side number four is working good Let's do the
Joel Osteen sound yes, I'm very careful about saying who and wouldn't wouldn't go to heaven I just think that only
God can judge a person's heart. Oh, I'm sorry Larry. I just oh Larry. I'm sorry I don't know. I can't judge a person's heart
Conference Cool so we're back. We got a full full set here. We got Keith Foskey everyone.
Say hello Keith Hello, he's been on a few times already we got
I'm just gonna keep calling you Bigfoot revival. I know your man alive now. Yeah, go ahead introduce yourself
So I'm David Brock formerly sasquatch from Bigfoot revival. Yeah, but now
I just go by my real name David and We've revamped everything to man alive in Christ So and then we have side to the left of me sigh introduce yourself throw it throw it out to tell people what's going on My name is
I think I'm gonna turn you up a little bit There we go give sigh a little more side.
Yeah, I have four size three How we doing there yeah, he's good somebody got turned up.
Oh we all got turned up I did tear never well in the cans there So this is this is these this is why this is so fun because people watch the video and they kind of see how the sausages
Made me just scrambling around turning dials But this is fun because you two haven't been on since the very first fight laugh feast
That's where I was introduced to you in person same as you and then we have a very first time fight laugh
Easter right here And Keith so it's kind of like we got bookends on this thing man. I love it That's right
That's right So let me how about we go this first just since we're at the conference
Maybe either Keith you can tell us what you've kind of enjoyed about your first time or maybe you guys can tell us what you've
Been doing the last four years since I've seen you we could just go full circle here who wants to jump in I'll go first we
I knew you could go first. You're very you're very so your social butterfly I was I was really just staring at him what
I know we all looked at him anyway When the opportunity avails say something pastor funny, man
Well I have enjoyed all of the speakers, and it's wonderful, and I just feel enlightened edified and encouraged
Yeah, absolutely. It's a three -point sermon for a Baptist all of them start with an E. Yeah Alliteration you got to do it alliteration.
That's how I live right oh I catch us up on what you bring what's been going on with you brother.
I've been yeah all over the place I spent the last winter in Panama. I of course born and raised in Canada Okay, I'm sorry for that, and I used to love the winter, but you hear your whole life people complaining about the winter
So I'm tired of being cold. Yeah, I don't want to be cold anymore So I'm thinking of spending this coming up winter in Panama again after the conference
I'm gonna go home for a little bit, and I plan on heading up to Moscow to hang with my boys That's actually why I'm really at the conference to hang with Marcus's in the next booth over there, okay?
Yep, yeah, David for those who aren't familiar my film how to answer the fool David the chocolate knock is the director of it
Okay, Marcus was the director of photography so Say the name of the film again and where people can see it
It's how to answer the fool, and it's available on YouTube at the Dutch price There So how do you answer a fool?
Can you give us a little overview of what it's about well? For those who aren't familiar with the apologetics that I teach.
I'm what you call a presupposition list, and I would say the high percentage of Christians and the 99 percentile are what you would call evident evident
Yeah, so if somebody would say that they don't believe in God and you present them with evidence you'd be an evidentialist
But then I asked the person where do you hear the term evidence most often in the world you hear?
You know all over the place science and that but you hear in a court of law Yeah, and my question is who do you present evidence to in the court of law you present it to the judge and jury?
So if non -believer comes up to you says I don't believe in God and you present them with evidence for the existence of God Who are you saying is the judge and jury?
Yeah, then what seat do we put the Lord of Glory? We put him in the criminals box, and we try and acquit him
Now the thing is God has given us wonderful evidence for his existence. We could win that argument right, but the problem is who's the judge?
No scripture says that the unbelievers are without excuse for their sin against the God that they know exist
Amen, so rather than prove that God exists to the people I expose the fact that they already know the suppression of truth and unrighteousness
I absolutely love that because for a long time and maybe you guys can speak this to the
We had you know Presuppositionalists it's out there It's a position But it was just kind of shrouded in confusion and not a lot of people are talking about it
You're one of the guys who brought it to the forefront obviously James White is a guy who talks about it a lot And it's nice to kind of okay.
Let's explore this because I've talked to people about it They go oh yeah, that is how I believe it
I didn't know there was a term or what what it really was we've just been so ingrained with the evidentialist right the you know the fossil record and the in the you know the beginning of the universe and we have this proof and that proof and We're not anti evidence though right.
I mean we love evidence. I love when the we're the ultimate Evidentialist because we say all evidence points to God But we don't present evidence to try and convince right the
Bible says they already know so my question is to the unbeliever I say which evidence would convince you of the
God who says you already have enough evidence Right and if they give me a piece of evidence I say no you didn't understand the question right evidence would convince you of the
God who says you already have enough Right no evidence could convince the person of that God right yeah, your movie was hugely helpful for me.
I've shown it at our church I've taught through your Method if you will and and you said you're friends with Eric Coven, right?
Yeah, he's a yeah Yeah, well, and he's preached at our church, and he told me that he went to the reason rally in Washington yeah,
I was with him were you with him He said they he asked people if you if it could be proved beyond shadow of a doubt that God exists
Would you worship him and he said the vast majority said no yeah If you see and how to answer the fool somebody asking
Aaron Raw and those questions, that's Eric Hovind I oh, you know you're right.
I forgot about that when we go to the abortion meals in in Wilmington a Lot of what a lot of what comes out is your
God doesn't exist and my response is he does you know he does and that's Why you're angry at him right and and that that you want to see somebody turn red -faced and in furious
Because they know they're angry at him I mean they know it and and when you point that out to them
They don't they don't know how to logically respond. It's it's emotional driven Yeah, kind of like the beams floating around the atheists that are angry at the
God that doesn't exist right It's like Jesus. He doesn't exist. Why are you guys so upset about this exactly he doesn't exist and they hate him
Yeah, so we can find that on YouTube for you Keith, what do you got going on on the channel? I know you got some new stuff cooking here.
Maybe can you give us a sneak peeker? Don't don't tell too much because you're gonna. I think you're gonna premiere something new on your channel
Well by the time yours goes out. It will have already gone out, okay? I'm gonna be walking around the complex of the ark in the different characters that I play filming a
Denominational meeting I don't know if you've seen any of those sigh that I do I do it I do a comedy show called interdenominational meetings where I play different I play a
Baptist or Presbyterian and Methodist and the Methodist the Methodist is special and he loves the rainbow
He loves that rain rainbow So anyway, so I do this little comedy skit and so I'm gonna be filming that okay, so he won't say it
Keith won't He says this little comedy skit, but let me just tell you something John and I who came with me
We've been walking around with this like little mini rock star every five feet. Hey, can I get a selfie with you? Oh, man, are you
Keith Foskey? Oh, he's you know millions of views on tik -tok and all this So he's this phenomenon right now where I don't like it.
I don't like it one bit I was gonna say I liked him a lot more before he came here And he had to start signing autographs and charging for pictures.
I mean we were walking next to Doug and three people Came up to Keith before they came, you know, but they're very popular and they're funny.
That's why I'm just giving you a compliment I mean, you know being facetious, but well, the only reason I'm popular here Yeah, people love the
Harbor Freight Doug I pretend to be Doug Wilson But the off -brand Doug Wilson, I think
I'll have to start a tik -tok There's a couple of people who have taken clips from my debate with Matt Delahunty and at the end
I do a refutation of Islam Yeah, there's this fellow. I think it's called daily dose of wisdom. He made a short of it
Yeah a couple months ago. He posted eight million views. Yeah. Oh, it's crazy. So I think it's a good
Avenue But I think a lot of Muslims are going there to try and refute the argument. They never do though So, let me ask you size since you do a lot of that kind of street evangelism and stuff like that What's the number one?
thing that let's say Someone's listening right now and they run into someone on the street or in a social event or something like that And they're starting to witness outside of giving them the gospel
What is usually the either the best in or something that you can bring up to get someone really thinking?
About God or who God is or why they need salvation How like the icebreakers
I'm kind of thinking because I've seen guys like you guys like Jeff Durbin Some of these other guys open -air theology like Jeffrey Rice They were just really good at kind of getting in there right away and get to the point to where I think it's a really
It's a skill is what it is. Well, yeah, I mean I'm quite introverted So there are other people who are a lot better than I am
But I remember years ago I was going out door -to -door with this church and people were knocking on the door and they were talking these people that all sorts of Questions said oh, by the way, if you want to continue this conversation
We have pizza down at the church I said to them this is exactly what
I talk against in my film Yeah We have something a lot better than pizza at the church and the problem is they show up at the church and you give them
Pizza and you say, okay, we're gonna give you a gospel presentation first. They say oh you didn't want to feed us You just want to write with us.
It's a bait and bait switch Yeah, so I like to go there and say look We're really concerned about you and the community here and we love you and we we want to know where do you believe that you're?
Yeah, and that's a that get right to it and so, you know Sometimes on the street as well I remember with this pastor and he was a whole long conversation and really not getting anywhere and I said, you know
There's a bus going by here that thing jumped the curb and took you out. Where do you think you're going? Yeah, yeah,
I get right to the point and then often they say well I think I would have him because of this and then you could have that conversation You say oh, by the way, if you want to continue that conversation
So David tell us as we wrap this up. Tell us a little bit about man alive and what you guys are doing on that podcast so man alive
Developed out of Bigfoot revival Bigfoot revival was a podcast that we did for four or five four years,
I think. Yeah Absolutely loved it and and I was abandoned
Abandoned by your co -host. Yeah, I want him to hear this too. So For a woman for a woman he got married and the doll that's the way it goes
Anyways, you would leave this handsome thing Watch yeah, and so when we revamped it and I got a new co -host and We thought about the
Bigfoot thing and because we were getting a lot of things that said, uh, hey Bigfoot's demonic And we're like, oh he is
We didn't know he existed For us it was just a thing because we're big outdoorsman guys
Well, our stick was we always wore flannel. So when we came to the conferences and stuff we did like I'm actually dressed up Normally, I just would wear my flannel and yeah and jeans and good today brother.
I like this. Yeah, this is preacher mode I like Which which I have heard with the with a
Bigfoot being demonic. I heard he's assemblies of God So, I mean, you know Yeah, that was my cousin
Yeah, so anyway I think I switched the name because people were really concerned about it like people people Legitimately would not listen to it because it had the word
Bigfoot in it and he's demonic and that kind of thing. So We went to man alive man alive in Christ We wanted to push the idea that we were we were men who are supposed to be
Joyful we're supposed to be living for for Christ and we're able to do that because of Christ Yeah, and so we're we're men alive in Christ and and that's really the thing we want to push kind of that a postmeal theology that that type of Mentality that the church wins and that we're we're not we're going into battle smiling.
We're not going to go into battle You know with frowns and just all the oh everything's just horrible.
Oh look at you know Look at who the president is, you know you know and and we that's the way we go around the world and and and in reality
It's like we should be the happiest people you've ever met Because our yeah, because our Christ is
King and he's ruling on us. Yeah, and so we should we should be cheerful cheerful warriors and not a bunch of Debbie Downers and and that's the way we we kind of wanted to direct the podcast.
So I have no idea I was on with a post -millennial. I have to leave. I gotta go us all Mills get we gotta go.
Yeah Well one day you'll become biblical, I guess They call me grumpy
Saw your debate with the real That was good. My favorite part was when
Doug was like I did look up your position on Wikipedia in preparation for this Debate what you don't know about that and I don't mean it is five minutes before the episode
Yeah He and I were talking and and he was so sweet and kind to me beforehand and I said I said
I did a lot To prepare for this. I didn't want to look like an idiot Well, I mean he's got he's got a few years on you right, you know
It's he's been in ministry longer and I've been well as long as I yeah Shout out to our friend pastor
Tim Bushong who? Moderated that. Yes your brother. Oh, yeah, I'd love to see him here
I haven't seen him in a while, but I love that brother. That was my first introduction to him I'm not too familiar with what is it?
So he's a pastor and he's a musician Dr. White's Radio Free Geneva.
Okay. He does the music for that. Oh, okay. Yeah There we go. Yes amazing musician and my how to answer
Matt Walsh I do how to answer and and the intro music for that. That was also Tim Bush. Awesome. Thanks Alright, so we'll fit we touched on this.
So let's finish this out But and this might go longer than we wanted but so what is Bigfoot then?
What do we think Bigfoot is? Is it something spiritual? Is it something physical? Is it a myth? I just watched
Haunted cosmos me too. So Okay, he's a demon I Everything about the cosmos turns into a demon
It's Bigfoot it's the aliens and it's the Illuminati Yeah, all together this well, I mean, it's kind of crazy because there's a there's a deep rich kind of mythology in Native American Culture to to where it goes back.
Yeah, you know a thousand years appearing out of nowhere and you know me personally, I think that a man wants to Find something that is like him in the universe
Yeah, and there's nothing like us in the universe because we're made in the image of God yeah, and so but but the lost man wants to find something like him and So you so when there's a bump in the night, you think it's a monster
Yeah, you notice all these things that are there to like Bigfoot like the aliens have for you know
They have two legs two arms. I had all that. Yeah. Yeah, so that that's that's my personal opinion As I've heard one time before I will change that if God shows me that I'm wrong
I will change in midair So what do you think? What do you think? Just just a regular myth just one of those things that I'm passed down through generations
Yeah, I'm highly skeptical of You didn't know he had to come on here and answer Bigfoot questions
We like to take learned men and I like to bring them all the way down low This is the first time I've ever met inside.
You know, he's awesome. I apologize Put you in this situation
I've known size since since when middle wasn't it? Where were we at in Florida Milton?
Oh Milton 2014 or something. Yeah. Wow. Cool. What about you?
You're not getting out of this. You got to make a statement here What do you think Bigfoot's my cousin? I'm gonna make you a shirt that says that He's the
Harbor Freight Bigfoot, he's a bigfoot I had a terrible joke Funny because what
I like to do with Keith is I know he's I mean obviously man of God. He's a pastor
He's a great example But sometimes I just like to say little comedic things to see if I can just draw just the borderline out of him and you see his brain working and he's like Yeah, I can't can't say that kid.
It's not nothing sinful, but it's like it's a little too far And that's what I'm always trying to get out of I go come on let's push that pastor right to the edge
His congregation goes. Wait, what do you say? No, he doesn't say anything inappropriate wait,
I'm just kidding But I I think Bigfoot is a fun story.
Yeah, I think it's I think it's funny To think that there's something out there kind of like Arminian ism.
Yeah. Yeah, I like the Harry and the Hendersons version Like there's these these animals that just like or just you know big like ape creatures that yeah
So elusive, but they don't know it like they don't know that they're hiding They just been hiding because they don't know they don't care you could have had the trombone music with that guy
Bigfoot is just trying to take the spotlight away from Nessie. I think from I'm a hundred percent
Loch Ness monster. Yeah, absolutely I went to the Creation Museum. It's just it's just a dinosaur.
It's a dragon. Yeah, I believe in dinosaurs I believe in dinosaurs today. I don't believe they're roosters.
Well, I believe chickens are done. Oh, yeah Yeah, I've seen that the I mean the the vast amount of writings and drawings and stuff with dinosaurs existing with man
It's crazy. Yeah, you want to go down a rabbit hole and we'll finish this up So you guys get back to the sessions?
But you want to go down a rabbit go down to what the Smithsonian has done to giant bones of fossil records
They buy it up and they hide it in Southern, Ohio, and they don't let anyone see it. It's in a big You can't tell me that and then it would stop with it.
We're gonna It's nuts they have they have
More more fossils than any other organization in the world. They go to auctions. They buy anything that's obscure They have you know, they have multiple 12 to 14 foot giant whole skeletons of Giants found in Southern, Ohio, Utah, Oklahoma and it's just under lock and key and no one gets to see it and Just Google Smithsonian on YouTube, you know has bones and fossils and it's insane
I know one really talks about it, but it's because you know, because this is this isn't a Christian It's a believer a creation thing secular
Archaeologists who veer from the agenda of what we say how old the earth is like Graham Hancock for instance
He goes no the earth is younger and we had an advanced civilization six thousand years ago, and he's a
Buddhist Okay, he's not a Christian. He's not a young earth he gets banned from from Conferences they go.
No. Look at the earth is this it really is a cult. I mean Doug hit on a little bit It's this age. There was no
Giants. There's no, you know dinosaurs are this far, but it's just very Interesting because the
Smithsonian which is considered a nonprofit but gets millions of dollars in funding from Federal agencies like PBS.
Yep buys it up puts it under lock and key and you don't know about it Now, I know that sounds a little conspiracy theory
But that's this Bible says is there's a Bible that talks about Giants and different, you know
Different types of yeah that we should have a fossil or the Smithsonian now. Is this real or did you learn this from the
History Channel? Yeah, the History Channel isn't yeah, isn't anything official? Yeah, I like talking to these guys who are on History Channel Do you know about Lilith right?
Yeah The other night on Wednesday night Bible study I brought up Lilith just because we were talking about even at a marriage out of me first first marriage, right?
And and I said some people believe in a mythical character called Lilith. Yeah, and I thought about Lilith fair But Lilith fair was the the female empowerment conference or female empowerment concert in the 90s called
Lilith I had like a lot of more said and all those. Yeah. Yeah, Sarah McLachlan would be there But I'm not young earth.
The earth is the oldest thing. I know I've never seen anything, you know personally
Well, the thing yeah, I'm in contact with that has the most amount of age would be the earth yeah Uh -huh, and that's pretty old.
Yeah. No, absolutely But on this facility thing you can go find articles where they go and they buy it at auction or they seek out and you know
But then it just so it gets like one little blip of oh they found this thing and then you never see it again
It's not on display anywhere and they just keep it under lock and key because they want to keep the narrative of what?
Mainstream archaeology and you know, that's where Bigfoot is. It's where the Ark of the Covenant is It's for the Ark of the
Covenant. Yeah, Ken Ham's Ark here. They got the Ark of the Covenant there. There you go Does Indiana Jones work for them still? All right, guys, let's finish it up here sigh
Keith David thanks so much for joining us here I'm gonna make sure we link this all up guys So you guys can follow these guys check out their ministries see what they're doing online
I want you to support each one of these brothers obviously because they are brothers and we love them
All right guys. See you in the next one I love this Thanks, man, yeah, we'll get right into it
Gabe how you doing brother, man? I'm good It's a three days into the conference four days into the conference because you started on Wednesday night you say for you.
It's like six or seven days. Don't you guys fly in a little early? And I'm you know,
I come from Pacific time zone and now I'm an Eastern time zone So I think I'm just now getting adjusted and then I leave for a .m.
Tomorrow to oh my gosh But it's been great Obviously Gabe wrench everyone you guys know him from one -third of cross -politic you know him as the
CEO of Pengo media and all -around good dude been on the pod before but Yeah, what a what a great
Conference another one almost in the books. Yeah, you guys For five and four years.
Oh, yeah five because you had one South Dakota I like I made the one in South Dakota, but there was one
I think that I didn't make in, Texas Maybe or no. No, there was like a Three we've been in,
Tennessee one in South Dakota The last four yeah
You came to our Franklin one is our first one on the green and it was a turf
Yep, and I tell the story every time you guys put us right at the door and I had 800 people come up and go Oh, that's your guys's conference.
This is great. No, no, no. No. No, we just have to bring podcast We gave let us a pocket. No, it's these guys
Yeah, but what a great what a great idea I mean that one was special too because people were just kind of fed up They were like we need something to do and you guys are like, hey, we're
Yeah, yeah, and I remember if I can't remember
I've told the story on here before but in That was 2020. I was October 2020.
We were one of the only Conferences in person in October 2020.
Yeah, and probably the nation pagan or not. It didn't matter yeah, and We in September I had signed a contract with an event center in February of 2020
Oh, that was right before they went down. No one no news coming Yeah, and it was a is a good event center would handle everything.
We wanted had all the details we wanted Yeah, and and then three weeks before four weeks before the event they canceled on us
Yeah, because is a Nashville and they had There's a nonprofit and they just didn't want to take the risk
Yeah, and I told him I mean I told him I was like, dude, I will pay your thousand dollar day fine I don't care right and and he's like my my board won't let me yeah
And so we ended up, you know, we kind of got kicked to the curb. Yeah, I had a thousand people coming, right?
I had to find a new location That wasn't shut down and that would handle a thousand people and the only location that we could find by the grace of God was
Indoor soccer turf arena. Yeah, and so we moved a thousand people in, you know, three four weeks
Over to the indoor soccer arena. We had to find now we were stuck with we had to find a stage sound speaker
That's stuff all that stuff Chairs, I mean everything. Yeah Instead of the previous location that had that all baked into the cake and and so it was great as wonderful I mean,
I'll never forget that experience I mean, I think most people never forget 2020 but that particular experience when we got there
I remember it was Thursday night kind of walking into the you know arena indoor soccer turf arena and Seeing all these people and I mean like a couple of people some of the people were a little emotional because they had a worship
Together. Yep in six months or they had to wear a mask or whatever whatever shut down they were experiencing
They weren't experiencing it on the turf there. Yeah, and it was just a beautiful Different experience different level for sure.
I Talked to people better that first one and they said yeah, we've never really been to an indoor soccer It's just special yeah, so we know all the behind -the -scenes stuff that you have to do which
I want to touch on a little bit because I don't Think people understand the undertaking it is to do a conference like this But when I talk to people they just go no that was special So is it
Providence of the Lord? It was where it was supposed to be at and it was awesome. That was in 2020 You guys been going strong since then
And it does it takes a lot of work to do something like this I mean you got I don't know how many vendors we have here.
We probably have got about 40 to 50 Vendors final numbers, but we're above 40.
So yeah, essentially four -day conference including Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Multiple speakers which the speakers have been phenomenal as usual and like I was telling you a few weeks ago
And you guys were on it's a subject that needs to be talked about Yeah, right because you guys hit
I knew we were gonna hit it out this way But it's like we have a lot of Christians that just say well, it's kind of like their eschatology.
It'll pan out They're like, ah, well, maybe it's it is maybe creation isn't six days. What is it batter? And it's like everything goes back to the root of that everything you believe in is what
God says true or not Yeah, you know and it's it's been a great great conference
Well, I love I love Doug's point about like this this whole conversation, you know is six -day creation true or not? Well, if you take some sort of gap theory some sort of evolutionary framework and apply it to God that he created it through this
Process or whatever. Yeah, you see that the fundamental problem you have you fundamentally have a logic problem
Yeah, you in that logic problem. Is that okay if the earth Evolved over millions of years to you know get to humans basically or get to this kind of Stacy and human being
You know state that we're in right you you had death before sin Yeah, death came before sin
Adam and Eve, you know didn't evolve for millions of years later, whatever whatever that gap theory is There's there's variations.
I'm not trying to Say there's all one theory here, but whatever that theory is you still have a problem of death before sin
Yeah, and you know and that's not gonna happen in heaven. Yeah, you know, absolutely
There's not gonna be death in heaven when we're all saved and forgiven. Yeah, and so there's a massive logic problem
There's also a number of good answers to that whole question But that's why I think this conference is so important is because I love both our scientists here
Ken Ham and dr Gordon Wilson are like Bible first. Absolutely Bible Science submits to Bible.
How about the clip that ham showed with William Lane Craig? I've never even seen that You know what?
I mean? And I just Hurt my heart because I like William Lane Craig He's got some he's been on Shapiro and he tries to argue for Christ and all it
But just to go and it almost felt as if an era of it is you you become embarrassed
You want to bow to the culture of secular science and go? Oh what God said isn't really true and we got to try to make it work but like Pastor Doug has said then you're adding in you're going through that You're going through the lens of the secular culture to interpret the
Bible. We just can't do that Those clips that Ken Ham played it'll be they'll be in our club portal
So those are the fight left east app or can go online and club portal and see what Ken Ham was talking about but he he had these egregious
Clips from William Lane Craig basically arguing I'm summarizing but this isn't this isn't off This isn't a hyperbole basically arguing that Christians are
Who believe in six -day creation are giving the Christian faith a bad name. Yeah Yeah, and they oh they need it they need to stop but not only
I'm arguing for Theistic evolution or something of that nature or gap theory, but they need to stop
He basically saying they need to stop propagating this six -day creation. It makes us look crazy and insane
Yeah, and he go. Oh, geez Do you stand on the Word of God or not? And like I've said before all you have to do is just go below the surface a little bit in there
If you want evidence, there's a mound of evidence for young earth. I'm so much No, so much in ham and dr.
Gordon Wilson showed us. Yeah, absolutely on the surface That's what I mean, and you even have secular archaeologists and biologists like Graham Hancock for instance a
Hindu. I believe he's Hindu Not a Christian You know Evolutionist and he even goes.
Oh, no I've been kicked out of archaeologists groups if I argue for a 10 ,000 year earth because he goes there's so much evidence
And and he's just he's secular He's not even standing on the Word of God and just going it's just this weird thing where they have a narrative
The archaeologist the biologist the evolutionist you can't go outside of that mainstream thought or your papers don't get published, right?
And it's millions of dollars on that narrative. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Yeah, there was a point to where oh
Who said the clip and guys you can find all these talks if you're a fight laugh feast member Which I would advise you go throw a couple bucks in there become a monthly member
Look at you gonna spend five dollars on a coffee go spend fifteen ten fifteen dollars at fight lefties every month
It's ridiculous if you're not doing it because there's a lot of good content there and you can see all this stuff that we're talking about there was someone that said something about was at the very beginning and I took a picture of the quote of We have to have billions of years because time is the great kind of crutch
Well, if we can just say billions, we don't have to explain anything the Big Bang the from one cell to you know
Human we just go. Oh time did it time did it and it's really a lazy way to do science because when you talk and actually
Dig down on that to people who have that view of billions of years and over time and evolution
There really is no explanation even Darwin's theory. He said at the end of his life. This doesn't really explain a whole lot
I got no he really did It was just I I tried to explain a little small step in in this process
And so it's this weird thing where you know, you have people as believers feel like oh
We don't have science on our side or I feel weird say and it's like well No, you've got a group of people who just go time did it
We don't really know how but over millions and millions and millions and billions of years It just happened and I would say that takes a little more faith to believe that it just magically happened over time versus The Word of God, you know, and you know both
Ken Ham and Gordon. Dr. Gordon Wilson Touched on things that backed up this the statement
And it's it's funny all the all the fossil all the you know, the Grand Canyon all these facts and information and You know
Reality in front of us. Yeah is a significant. It's just a damning argument against You know the evolutionary framework,
I mean Gordon gave this really cool example We just showed us fossilized trees that were standing up Oh in in supposedly hundreds of millions of years of layers worth of sediment, right and you just ask anyone you go
How can a palm tree be in a hundred million each layers a million or ten million years? How does that happen? There's thousands of those examples around the world's right in very high places
Do they found palm trees in the second tier of Mount Everest? They've seen something the Himalayans They have fish records out and they go
Well, how does that happen if it's not a global flood that happened instantaneously with sediment and there's just no answer Fossilized over time the only way you get fossils if you have a catastrophic event that you know immediately basically fossilizes the tree the bones the dinosaur whatever and he you know part of what
Gordon explained was that You know If if you he was the example of like let's say you you kill a possum you hit it on the road and you throw it
Off the road into a creek. Yeah. Well, it's not gonna fossilize No, it's it's gonna actually get taken away and decay the water the bugs the fish, you know
All these things gonna go into it decayed over time. Yeah, and it's not gonna fossilize And so even fossils the very fact that evolutionary scientists pick up fossils and look at them
Yeah, what they're picking up is a catastrophic event Exactly, and then they try to pull some sort of dating system out of that catastrophic event
Yeah, it's it's just the very fact that they're holding that fossil contradicts their arguments in the first place
Which is very circular. Yeah. Yeah, so let us know before we let you go here. I know you announced at the
Beginning of the conference where and when and what are we doing for next year? Give him a thanks great an idea yeah, so next year we're gonna be at the
We're gonna do our fight lab feast conference in Dallas Fort Worth and Fort Worth particularly at the Will Rogers Event Center That's cool right next to the stockyards.
This can be a lot of fun. And the topic is prodigal America Where does America need to repent?
Yeah, it's a very You know man, I mean it feels like America's far from God and it feels like America's this prodigal son
And I think that any kind of if you think about it Probably America's actually central issue is that they don't want to return to the father
So we got we got sin all over the place idolatry all over the place lack of you know, a fornication lust, you know murdering babies all over the place but I think the ultimate issue is that they don't want to return to the father because we know we have the the mark of Christianity on our nation.
Yeah, and we don't want that mark. We don't want to be a Christian nation anymore We really don't want to turn to the return of the father.
So we have that's October 31st in November 2nd of next year Oh Reformation Reformation Day.
So we do some kind of Reformation ask For the psalm singing and all that stuff. Yeah, you know candy for the kids and Juppie castles all that stuff and October 31st in November 2nd next year for worth and Tickets we're changing tickets as much as we can next year because I think our
Vincent are allowed to do this But tickets are $99 to $149 $99 for club members $149 for non -club members.
I'll say this and I'll say it again for what type of atmosphere entertainment
Obviously word of God Sessions the vendors that you see here $99 is an insanely cheap price for a ticket
I mean you've got you know one day conferences with three speakers You never heard of talking about the color of the ribbon in your
Bible for 150 bucks 200 bucks So I mean for you guys to open it up and kind of allow people at that price point to come in I think it's really cool.
Yeah, and we're we're trying, you know, we aren't a church funded conference Yeah, you know our show hosts and so we got to figure out the business model to actually make it work
Yeah, and we don't get church Funding or seed money basically to do this conference to kind of cover
You know some of the cheaper make to help make the tickets cheaper So we don't do that and so we really got to make the business model work and and so I think we can because it's in Texas is in a
Bigger event center so we can handle more numbers and stuff like that And I just want to you know, Greg just say thank you to you, man
You've actually been very helpful to our conferences and you've been you've been here for all four years Yeah, you know, not only you've been a cheerleader, but dude, you've been doing good work and helping us from from your neck of the woods
It's very selfish because Stuart from page 50, you know, one of the sponsors we had this conversation we go
It's just like you're meeting family once a year you come back So I have I have some I have some bonds with some brothers here that I see once a year
Probably closer than some people in my life that I see every day You know what? I mean, we know we're all we're all kind of moving in the same fight direct in the same direction
And it's just a beautiful thing. So big big fan and I'll be back as many years as the Lord allows me
So Gabe, thanks so much for stopping by giving us an update looking forward to the rest of the day, man Okay. Thank you, sir. All right back
Cody my man Hey, what's up, dude? Spare no arrows podcast.
Yes, sir. Tell me about it brother This is great, this is my first time at a fight lap feast is it?
Yes, dude. Welcome. Yeah, I love it I discovered get right up on that mic. We want to be able to hear you
There we go. I discovered this crew in 2020 and after a succession of awful church experiences
Trying to find a good church like yeah, everybody is yeah And you know discovered Doug Wilson and his crew and and I had previously started a podcast just to you know
The the quality of churches in America and in the world is so bad Yeah that and not a lot of people are talking about it relatively speaking.
Yeah There's a lot of progressive Christians and people deconstructing and talking about how bad churches are from that perspective
Yeah, but my perspective was like well, I know this stuff is true. Yeah, and I know there are good churches out there
There might be like two of them, you know Or at least as many as many good churches as there are people here from those churches at this conference, yeah
But but I I wanted to create a podcast that demonstrated that there that to talk about those problems
Yeah, but to say that there there are biblical solutions to those problems Yeah, and the solution is not deconstructing or fleeing from your faith
Yeah, but it's returning to the Bible because the problem is not that we are Fundamentalists that are focusing too much on the
Bible and that's why we've messed up everything yeah, but the solution is a Return to the Bible because the problem is that all of these bad churches have escaped
Orthodox Christianity. Yeah. No, that's that's a really good point because what I feel sometimes even on on this podcast is
Sometimes I get a little too complaining and blaming and not enough like well What's the solution right like and we and we can do that as those of us who and it's from a place of we care
We care about the body of Christ We care about the souls that are in these churches that are either dead or being fed a false gospel or whatever it is
But it's nice. So you're kind of focused on your podcast of well, what are the solutions?
Well, how do we get back to the actual Word of God? What can we do? You know to make to basically strengthen the body of Christ through our local church.
So I absolutely love it What's what's the name about those spare? No arrows I mean, I can't I think I know where where it's from but tell us
I like that in I believe it's Jeremiah 50 14 The you know, they're they're fighting
Babylon and Babylon is a sin they're a sinful nation and God commands his people to Shoot every arrow you have at Babylon.
Don't spare a single one for they have sinned against the Lord Yeah, so the point is I think that's what we should be doing to Babylon in our culture
You know theologically we should be sparing no theological arrows. Yeah, we should be attacking
Viciously false theology. Yeah with love and kindness and grace and all that stuff
But I think we can we can viciously attack evil with while maintaining love.
Yeah All right, so I'm asking two sides of the same coin kind of what is the biggest issue you see in Western Christianity?
That we should be addressing right now and then what's the biggest and most concerning issue in the secular culture that you see that we should
Be addressing right now as believers. So as believers addressing believers What's the biggest issue and believers addressing the secular culture?
What's the biggest or most alarming issue? What do you think so? I think they're both connected and and actually tying in with a lot of the talks that we're hearing at the conference right now
I think the the whole issue that all of America secular and Christian is dealing with is
Even the churches are ashamed of the Word of God Yeah, they are they are fleeing from God's Word and they're being influenced by what the broader culture things.
Yeah, and you know the secular America is crumbling right now because we used to be a
Christian nation and every day we we Flee farther away from God and you know that that's what we're trying to do
Bring it bring us back into being a Christian nation but but we also see this in the church and I think the
The nation as a whole is drifting away from God because the churches have drifted away from God first Yeah, and the reason that is is because we've become embarrassed.
We've we we love The opinions of man more than God we love We we want to look good in the eyes of people instead of look good in the eyes of God.
Yeah Yeah, so that's what I've been saying on this podcast for the last four years off and on it really is we would rather bow to the culture than bow to Christ churches leaders
Individual believers and it's really I mean, I think it's very telling that the
Bible tells us not to beholden to man but to beholden to God because That's really the root of all of our problems
It seems like we want to look good in the eyes of man and we're more concerned about what man thinks when
I say man I'm using culture right all society all those things than what God thinks. So that's what we need to address in the church
How about in what are you seeing right now is the biggest issue in? Secular culture. I mean we got a lot of stuff going on in the culture.
We've got the transgender stuff. We've got the The Christian nationalist stuff and even being kind of co -opted by certain groups that Claim to be racist and sexist and all this stuff.
And so I mean what we you know, what do we what do we attack first?
What what should we address first as Christians or do we just ignore it and do our own thing? Yeah, I'm I'm not a person who's afraid of the word
Christian nationalist Yep And because I'm a Christian and I want my nation to be
Christian yeah, obviously and everybody should and so I think the the there are tons of Insane issues with the secular culture abortion same -sex marriage transgenderism, etc
Yeah, and I think yeah again like we heard in the talks. Those are
Symptoms of the true problem, which is that even as a nation they have fleed from God But you know if I were to just think of probably the biggest problem
In in just the secular culture is that over the past? few
Decades I would say in America Churches. Well, the secular culture has like like Aaron Wren talks about we we are in a negative world now
Yeah, we the world used to positively perceive Christianity. Yeah, and then as the decades continued
It was kind of negative or a neutral like, you know, you could be a Christian or not It doesn't matter like your beliefs or your beliefs
But now in the past few years in the past couple of decades if you're a Christian you are the enemy of the culture
You just say you're a Christian and people aren't like yeah, you do you people are like You oh, you must be a bigot.
You must be a racist Yeah, and so I think that's probably the biggest problem in secular culture where now the the entire culture just openly and freely
Hates Christians and what's what's interesting about that is I think when when the culture hates
Christianity the way that churches Instinctively respond is to try to look better to the culture.
Yeah, but I think that that actually has made it worse Yeah, you know when the culture is like no, no, no, no, we don't hate gay people and we don't you know
We don't hate gay people But when you're like look come into our churches and we'll we'll appease you and we'll affirm your sexual identity or whatever
Andy Stanley I'll hold a conference for you. Yeah, so all that crap is It's actually making the culture hate us more because because we still
Hold the Bible and we still call ourselves Christians, but we have none of the substance
So the culture still hates us just the same and now we don't have the backbone to actually back up our beliefs
I would say too. That's a great point But I'd also say we have had 50 plus years of a lot of pastors in the pulpit not being able not preparing
Christians rightly for the time of some type of persecution or not being privileged we have coasted off of being in a privileged position as Christians in a
Christian nation and when I say that I'm saying founded under Christian principles
If you don't believe that there's a great book called God and government that you should definitely take a look at But no one's prepared for this and I say no one
I'm being a little facetious But the majority of Western Christians are not prepared to be persecuted not privileged and have that type of pushback
Yeah, and that's what the church was founded on was founded on right the early church was founded on persecution
Yeah, so what I'm seeing is I'm seeing the Christian that has been in the pew or in the seat
Every week goes on Wednesday. She goes, you know her and her family go on Sunday They've been there 25 years
They get the same little 20 -minute sermon with the three jokes The kids are in youth group eating pizza not really talking about God, but hey, at least they're not out doing drugs
And they don't hear the word sin and they don't hear they don't hear the words And then now they're not in a privileged position and they get pushed back and now you're a bigot and they and they're lost
What are you talking about? What what and there's no preparation on how to push back on that Even to push back and say this is the worldview that I have and this is why
They almost don't stand on the Word of God they're standing on 20 years of tradition and kind of coasting and that's what scares me is
You're gonna see here very soon and we always already started seeing it through kovat You're gonna see a collapse of a lot of the you know,
I call them suburban Sunday Christians, yeah You know because and we are we we're seeing that all the time like churches are dying and yeah but to respond what you said,
I think that ties in exactly with my point that churches are Abandoning the
Word of God because I think if I think you know, a lot of people are like Oh, I left this church because there were a lot of problems, but you know, my pastor at least preached the word
Yeah, I don't I would kind of disagree with that like if you were at a bad church, but your pastor preached to the word
Yeah, either your church wasn't really bad Yeah, or the pastor wasn't really preaching the word because we're faithfully preaching the word we don't only say
Jesus died for your sin We don't we don't merely say the words of the gospel But the gospel if if a pastor is preaching well, then the church is going to reflect faithful Christianity they are going to be preaching application and not just Merely the words of the gospel.
Yeah, and because we have not Because we've not preached Holistically Christianity, but we just preach like certain very shallow doctrines and we don't dive deeply into it
And we don't teach people the Bible as a whole I think that's what makes people not prepared for like when the pandemic happened or whatever, right?
No, you're absolutely right. So is this the kind of stuff that you're talking about on the podcast? Oh, yeah, are you guys guest driven or is it you and just you or you to co -host or how it's mostly me
I have guests whenever I feel like asking somebody on yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so I I talk about Sure a lot of church problems just because I have experience
I've worked for churches and I've been a missionary and you know I have a lot of regrets from all of those experiences
And I've talked to many different churches just because you know I try to commit to a place and I ended up having bad experiences having to leave for like legitimate reasons
Yeah, and like I've just seen a lot of red flags over a large Number of churches and then
I also talk like politics and current events and theology and that kind of thing Yeah, very cool. Let everyone know where they can find you on social media or where they can listen to the podcast
Hey, yeah, so you can look up spare. No arrows. I'm on YouTube. I'm on Spotify Apple podcasts.
I'm on Instagram at spare no arrows with Underlines between each word spare underscore underscore arrows.
Yeah, it's so annoying because just for brand Fluidity I have you know
Deadman walking podcast on all social media except for X Twitter X Yeah, I had to go real
DMW podcast and it's just every time I say it it just my OCD just starts, you know
It's like everything's everything's the same except that one, you know, but cool So that we'll make sure we link this up when this goes live that they can click on it
Listen to a new podcast guys. Thanks so much for coming on Cody. We appreciate you sit down chatting with us
Yeah, and I and I will be listening to yours and we'll make sure that some of our listeners get over there and subscribe as well too because we need to support each other in this community, especially when we have brothers and sisters in the
Lord that are pushing in the same direction that are theologically sound and that Understand what we need to do for the body of Christ and for the kingdom of God Amen, the more
Christian content we have out there the better and the more that we can support each other and you know Create these massive communities that people can follow.
I think the better cool. Thanks guys. So this has been a series from fight. Laugh feast I don't know if this one is the last one.
It might be We got a few more hours left, but if we get another interview in you'll hear it. Thanks guys
Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at dead men walking podcast for full video podcast episodes and clips or email us at dead men walking podcast at gmail .com