Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 with Pastor Greg Moering Jr.


Greg sat down with the speakers from the Shadows to Substance Conference 2023 hosted by @openairtheology3783 . His interviews included Pastor Greg Moering Jr, Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, Pastor John Crawford, Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Podcast:


Right. Yeah, especially with all this noise here. So normally we do a show intro and stuff, but we'll just get right into it
All right. I think it's pretty cool that This is the first time ever. I think I've had anyone on my podcast.
It's just a couple letters off from from it So I'm a Greg Moore jr. Yeah, and you're gonna introduce yourself to the listeners.
Yeah, so my name is Greg mooring And you but you've also got two O's. Yeah, so you're you're you're m -o -o -r -e, right?
Yeah. Yeah, and I'm m -o -e -r -i -n -g There you go. Yeah I'm gonna turn you up a little bit.
Does that sound okay? Yeah, it sounds good. Okay. All right, cool So we're at the shadows to substance conference.
Yep, Tullahoma, Tennessee. Yeah, I just met you Yeah, we just got out of the first session. Yep, and it was absolutely amazing
We were in Leviticus 16 give us a little summary about that shadow that we see in Leviticus. Yeah, so Leviticus 16 is man
You know, I of course just got got done preaching it and I love this
I love this text because what we see here is, you know, this is the Day of Atonement. This is the moment when The Lord Jesus or we have the high priest of is under the
Old Covenant Yeah was given this responsibility once a year to go into the Holy of Holies that he's the only man
That is able to go into the very presence of God on earth And he could only do it one time a year
Yeah, like if he if he went the day before or the day after he's dead. He's like you said he's murked. He's murked
So, you know guys, you know, we see with Aaron it's it's it's actually Leviticus 16 1 and 2 starts with the reminds us of they dab at a by who and how
You know, it's like hey Aaron. Remember what I did to your sons Yeah, the ones that you couldn't mourn for that.
I told you don't cry about it. Hmm Remember that yeah, you can only go once a year and do and you have to do it in exactly this way and so what we see and just through a
Plurality of things that every bit, you know down to even, you know, the wardrobe change Actually points to the
Lord Jesus Christ Yeah, the shadow of that was really great to what they had to wear and it is commanded in Exodus Versus what we're seeing them change into can you talk about that a little bit how that's a shadow of Christ?
Yeah, so what we see in you know in next is 28. You've got the description of the high priest
Clothing it's and if you look at the color colors and how it is is there's gold. There's purple. There's blue like all of this stuff
It's a very ornate very beautiful Glorious even royal attire.
Yeah in which you know pointed to the fact that of course that you know God's people were to be a kingdom of priests It's so what you see there is then on the
Day of Atonement When the high priest was to go and make the Atonement he was not to wear that at all
Yeah, he was supposed to wear this Clean humble white linen stuff sure and then after he's made the
Atonement He was then to return to his his glorious vestment. Well It's again as I said there that it sounds strangely familiar that what we have you have the king of glory himself
The Lord Jesus Christ who I mean what is more Glorious than being
God. Yeah, you know what other you know, then the Shekinah itself, you know being you know Having that that glory that he shared with the father at that time
What's more glorious than that? Well nothing and what's more kingly than that? Well when you're when you're the high king of heaven, there's nothing more kingly than being the high king of heaven yeah, and yeah here you have in in just this wardrobe change the the point the picture
Painted of Jesus's incarnation of how he would step down himself from heaven and he would robe himself in human flesh and Just as the high priest was to his his clothing was supposed to be clean.
Yeah. Well Jesus's flesh It's clean. He was always clean He was never unclean
You know, he was so clean that he could touch a leper and not be defiled He could touch a corpse and not be defiled
He could touch a woman who was you know Was hemorrhaging and had been hemorrhaging for 12 years and not be defiled every single one of those things would defile the high priest
But not our high priest. Yes, which also leads me into I love the fact that you mentioned Hebrews 10 our church right now is going through Hebrews in our small groups on Sunday evenings and Christ sitting down in the significance of that you made you made mention up there during your session
There is no seat in the temple or you know in the Holy of Holies Because their work was never done yet.
Christ is his work is finished and he is sitting right? Is even that a shadow and how he the writer of Hebrews reflects back to even your passage in Leviticus about?
The continual work of the priest talk about that a little bit how that's a shadow as well Yeah, so what you see is that each and you know eat every year it was appointed one once once a year that the high priest was supposed to go and Make atonement and the writer of Hebrews in Hebrews 10 actually makes the argument goes guys, you know, basically he gets
Let's let's think about this for a second Do you think it actually would have atoned for sin? Because if it did wouldn't there have been wouldn't they have been cleaned and it would have been done with yeah
Well, yeah So therefore because it was happening every year year in and year out
There was no actual atonement for sin Yes, there is in some way shape or form.
There is something happening, but it was received by faith Yes, which is the whole point, you know, which is the point even now is that it's received by faith essentially not final
There was perpetuity there. Yeah, there was a perpetuity there because It was pointing to the yes
And the thing is is that because it didn't happen every single day But it happened at a point of time once a year if there was in some sense a shadow of finality
But because it happened to have had to happen in perpetuity It was in itself.
Not the final sacrifice But because it was a point a day once a year it pointed that there would come a day
Yeah a single day a man, you know, unlike the Catholic Mass What that there was a
Single day when Jesus Christ when the high priest of glory himself would step down and he would bear our sin
Yeah, fully and finally then that everything that we that we are due for eternity
In hell and not just for us but for all of God's people for all of the elect that all of that That we again as I had said that you know
We could be a billion years in hell and as Spurgeon had said that you know You would look up above the doors of hell and it was saying shall be damned nothing
You're not not one bit of that would have been squelched But Jesus fulfills not just for myself, but all of his people and doesn't in three hours
Amen, and then you had one more here. We'll touch on which I really thought interesting and I don't hear taken up too often, but just the the
Of the work of the priest and how he was not only sacrificing for the people for himself
He was possibly doing that throughout the whole day how the whole weight of the atonement was on his shoulders yeah, and then
I think you tease that language out a little bit to show the The shadow of Christ and how how the weight was on his shoulders
Yeah, and you don't really think about that But that that priest for that day He was taking the weight of Israel the weight of the people on his shoulders and yet that's another shadow to Christ, correct absolutely, and so that you see here that you know, as you're saying there that Everything like he's the scriptures expressly command that he's to do this alone
Yeah, every bit of it by himself That you know so that where we can say, you know Christ alone.
This is solus Christus right here Yeah, that it is pointing that there's only one height. There's one high priest who can who who is
Set aside to do the work and that he was appointed by God to do this
That he would that there was only it was this man and only this man who could do all of this
Yeah, and that all of the stuff that was required each and every day Apparently it seems that he was he was supposed to be you know that the daily sacrifices he was supposed to do that He was doing everything that you know
He said the full weight of the responsibility to make atonement into to do what would wouldn't put
God's people Back in a right standing with him was solely upon the high priest
Yeah on this day of atonement and that what we see is It points us to how
Jesus how our Lord Jesus on that day Was taking the full weight of the wrath of God upon himself and that we see that you know
Here's one who is who's hope, you know, holy and undefiled and that he is then
He's never made a sinner But he becomes in a sense the very embodiment of all sin of all
God's people for all time Yeah, and that we then all that righteous living that he did for those 33 years is then accounted to us
Yeah, like so good. It's like, you know You know them, you know,
I'm a reformed Baptist that that makes me want to shout Absolutely. So as we finish up here too, and we didn't touch on this
I don't think too much you kind of teased it out in your session, but the scapegoat in going into the wilderness
Do we see any shadows there because I do know Christ being referred to as a scapegoat I do know he spent some time in the wilderness.
Is there a shadow there that we could explore? Yeah, I would say that you know in when he when he talks about in some sense when he goes my god my god
Why have you forsaken me? He's not only just He's not just referring back to Psalm 22.
Yeah, but I also I also you better not tell James White that when he gets here Dr. James what he loves saying that it's
Psalm 22. Well, it totally is I'm saying it's not just okay more to it than that. It's you know, it's
I'm saying it's more to it than that I think that you know when he is saying and when he's saying that there in a sense that there is an abandonment that you
Mean the scapegoat would have all the sins of God's people confessed upon him and then would be cast out into the wilderness and forsaken
And that at this moment, he's going why have you forsaken me? Yeah, I mean and so in some sense,
I think that that there that there is that yeah that he that and we see how We you know in Adam we were cast outside of the
God of God's presence and we were cast to the east yeah, and the whole the whole picture through it all from the way that the children of Israel entered into the promised land the way that the
High priest was entering into the tabernacle, you know into the Holy of Holies that everything had this it was directed in front going from the east to the west and I will even say
I've kind of teased this out a little bit when talking with Braden that what if again, this is a big what if sure what if the way that the
Sun rises and sets is there to point us to the fact that we We had been that it's the Son of God who would take us from the east to the west.
Hmm. I like that Yeah, so, you know that I would say that all that all of this it points to Jesus Christ.
Amen Yeah, so as we did you take us out here? Tell us where you're pastoring at what you got going on how people can
Get a hold of you on socials if you got it Okay so I'm like kind of a hermit when it comes to social media like How is
I said at the beginning of the sermon that I don't know how I got here Other than I you know,
I friends with Braden and they found you. Yeah, like it's just weird connections So I currently am actually a member at First Baptist Church of Coleman with my wife.
Where's that at in Coleman, Florida? Okay, so we are one of the few unicorns that exist in Florida.
We are a reformed Baptist Church So hold it down for Florida. I like that. So, you know, we you know, hashtag that 1689
That so, you know, we're one of the few And so that's where members.
I currently do not pastor anywhere But I am way available to pastor
So if anybody knows of anything I'm happy to you know, at least be considered So that you know,
I used to pastor at Valley Baptist Church in Hagerman, Idaho Done church planning. I've been a youth pastor, but awesome.
Can't do youth pastoring again. I'm an age integrationist So, how about age? So, how about social media stuff you stay quiet there?
You got a I've just got my own personal Facebook page Personal Facebook. Yeah, so you could I'm happy.
Yeah, Greg mooring jr. That there you go You you want to like it? What's funny is when
I went on? Iron sharpens iron Chris Arnson had to pull up a picture from like six years ago because even my profile
I don't even use my own face So I'm like totally like ninja yeah, we love
Chris He was on a few months ago and I'm going on the show there in a couple months, but he's a good guy cool
Greg it was so nice to meet you. It's so good to have a the Greg and Greg show going on here
Guys, make sure you check out his stuff. And I think we're going to be getting some video of this conference that Jeff is going to be putting up pastor
Jeff and we'll get it out to you guys as well as we continue the series here Live at the shadows to substance conference, but thanks for being on.
Amen. Plus Lord Yeah, and guys as always remember chief end of man is the glorified God enjoy him forever. God bless.
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