SNBS - The Book of Matthew part 25


Matthew 26


Matthew 26, and we're actually gonna start in verse 17 now remember last time
We left off with all the discourse So so first before that Jesus condemned the
Pharisees and the Sadducees in some of the harshest words in Scripture then after doing that He does the office discourse he talks about some eschatology some eschatological things with his disciples
He gives some parables talking about the kingdom and when it's divided At the end of days sheep and goats wheat and tares etc, and then the chief priests and the
Pharisees and Sadducees and all of them want to kill him but because the people love him so much they don't want to Do it during the feast and they don't want to do it publicly they want to arrest him privately
Claimed that he had some blasphemous charges saying there were two or three witnesses that that heard it and then
He could be put on the trial now remember in general in General Romans did not allow their your conquered peoples to perform capital punishment so the
Romans did the capital punishment they kind of let the other Conquered people do whatever religious things they want to do in trials, but not capital punishment kill people that was at least the idea
So the Pharisees the Sadducees the Sanhedrin the religious leaders knew they had to get
Roman Government involved in the death of Jesus so at any rate
Just look at a few things in Matthew 26, and this is verse 17 Now on the first day of unleavened bread the disciples came to Jesus saying where will you have us prepare for you to eat the
Passover? No, we're gonna call this This is often called the
Lord's Supper or communion or the Eucharist or whatever but what
Jesus and his disciples were celebrating is the feast of unleavened bread and and On that in that week was
Passover Passover was the Day before the first Sabbath that fell in the feast of unleavened bread so Friday Now watch this
Do you know what the feast of unleavened bread is are you aware of what that is do you know what
Passover is? Let's not just read past these terms if you're not sure what they are so this goes all the way back to Exodus That's where Passover was first celebrated
And it what happened was they were getting ready to leave Egypt, but they had to leave in a hurry now
Joseph Abraham There was prophecy predictions that they would be able to to loot to plunder the
Egyptians Remember how they did the Egyptians just gave it to him. They gave him all the gold all the silver and said just leave us alone
Um But they had to leave in a hurry so they didn't have time to let the bread rise
So let the yeast rise in the bread so they made bread without yeast in it with unleavened bread So it's called the feast of unleavened bread and every year this would be celebrated by the
Jewish people to remember How God had brought them away out of Egypt? But additionally in that week fell
Passover now This would have been the first month of the year the middle of the first month of the year on the
Jewish calendar and it still is And Passover Was where Was where they celebrated
God's deliverance of the Jewish people from the 10th plague So if you remember on the 10th plague was the death of the firstborn
And the angel of death God himself was gonna kill the firstborn of every living thing in the land of Egypt every animal
Every living thing so he made a way of provision for the
Jewish people. He said Okay, once you take a lamb a lamb without spot or blemish take one of your lambs
I want you to kill it and put its blood on the doorpost of your house so when the angel of death comes to kill the firstborn the firstborn male of Each home in the land of Egypt if he sees the blood of lamb in the door, he will pass over that house
Well Passover in what's amazing is if someone wasn't wealthy enough to own a lamb
They would stay at the neighbor's house and share they would eat the lamb that night but the blood of that lamb would cover the door post an angel death of judgment would pass over and so the the
Importance of John the Baptist referring to Jesus as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world is this is the final
Passover lamb the blood of him covers Covers us so that Judgment the angel of death
Jesus himself in the last day passes over the sins because the blood of lamb covered their sins so they're celebrating this this feast right here and Jesus is celebrating it with his disciples before he before he goes away before he does and Jesus tells them one of you will betray me
They all say is it eyes and eyes and I and he answered he who has dipped his hand in the dish
With me will betray me the Son of Man goes that is written of him But woe to the man by whom the
Son of Man is betrayed it would have been better for that man if he had not been born Judas who would betray him answered is that I rabbi and he said to him you have said so Now the parallel accounts tell us that the other disciples didn't hear
Judas say that But here's the institution of the Lord's Supper and I'm just gonna read a few verses here now as they were eating keep in mind they're eating celebrating
God's deliverance out of the people of Egypt and That God provided a way
Deliverance from judgment with the blood of the Lamb as They're eating
Jesus took bread and after blessing it. He broke it and gave it some says take eat this is my body
Soma maybe some of you have heard of a somatic response Soma means body
And he took a cup and when he had given thanks,
I Point this out every time we do the Lord's Supper at our service at our church Paul and first Corinthians 11
Appears to be quoting Luke in his account on the night.
Jesus was betrayed. He gave thanks You know We can be real ungrateful sometimes
Can't we? Can't we be so ungrateful? Well every time you have a list in Scripture of what the unsaved
What the last days will be like ungratefulness is typically in that list
Our Lord sets an example for us here on The night he was betrayed
Stopped and gave thanks to God for what he had How little has to happen to you in your life for you to be ungrateful?
gratefulness Is one of the true signs of a spiritually mature
Christian Gratefulness looking back looking forward
Jesus says Drink it all of you for this is the blood of the covenant
That is the new covenant which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I Will tell you
I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine. That's that's wine. That's that's great Until the day when
I drink it new with you and my father's kingdom and they sung a hymn see
Jesus is still praising He's still worshiping Even in the midst of death
And we still praise can we still worship when we have a flat tire when our air goes out
Jesus still praising and worshiping even in the midst of death torture betrayal
Loneliness anxiety Depression all the things that came on Jesus that night They sung a hymn
To God and they went out to the Mount of Olives Then Jesus said you will all we always like to pick on Peter, but it says you will all fall away tonight because of me
For it is written. Why will they all fall away? Gar For it is written.
I will strike the separate and the seat will be scattered. We've seen this Everything Has always pointed back to the reason something's happening is
So that the scriptures may be fulfilled so that the scriptures may be fulfilled the reason things happen
So the scriptures might be fulfilled if God said it would happen. It's gonna happen no matter what But listen to Jesus Jesus's response, but after I am raised up I will go before you to Galilee by my account.
This is the fourth time Jesus has explicitly said that he will rise again.
Let's see Matthew says that from then on he began to tell them how he'd be delivered over Put in the grave and three days later rise up So he said it a bunch of times to him, but here's the last time a few hours for his death
He says but after I'm raised up, I'll go before you to Galilee, which of course he did Peter answered him though.
They all fall away because of you. I will never fall away Jesus said to him truly
I tell you this night before the rooster crows you will deny me three times Peter said to him even if I must die,
I will not deny you and all The disciples
Said the same thing Not just Peter In Luke and Jesus tells
Peter something else He says Simon Simon Satan has desired to sift you like wheat this is a
Luke 21 32 I think it is But I have prayed for you that your strength may not fail and when you return to strengthen your brothers
When the sign of a true Christian is not that they never fall so they get back up when they do
Then Jesus went with them to a place called Gethsemane and he said the disciples sit here while I go over there and pray
And take him with him Peter and two sons of Zebedee, that's James and John that's the inner circle That's the ones that went with them on the
Mount of Transfiguration He began to be sorrowful in trouble He said that my soul is very sorrowful even the death remain here and watch with me
And going on a little further he fell on his face and prayed my father if it is possible let this cup pass for me
Remember before he's already referred to drinking the cup as being a wrath of God as bringing a
Trial that you must go through Remember, he said you're not ready. Was it was it to the
Sons of Thunder? Was it to James and John then he said when they asked to sit at his right hand
He said you don't know what you're asking. You can't drink the cup. I'm about the drink Jesus saying if there's any other way let this cup pass for me as he's sweating as drops of blood
Nevertheless not as I will not as I want But as you will as you want
We could just end right here. I'm not going to but here's the question. What is more important to you?
To do what you want or to do what God wants Do what you want or to do what
God wants and let your actions be the indicator of that question What's more important to you to do what you want or do what
God wants well The more mature you become as a
Christian the more of a false dichotomy that question will be What I mean by that is the more your desires will be conformed to his desires so that they're always one in the same as You move in sanctification as you move in spiritual maturity your desires should be so conformed to his
That they're one in the same That's the goal of sanctification That you learn more and more to love the things that God loves and hate the things that God hates
Not as I will but as you will I'm reminded of what John the Baptist said when Jesus was to take over his ministry and John was supposed to slink back
John the Baptist said in John 3 30 He must increase and I must decrease let that be a call for our life
Verse 40 and as he came to disciples and found them sleeping he said to Peter so you couldn't watch me for one hour
This happens two or three times And they keep going to sleep and he says basically rest later.
We got to go While he was still speaking Judas came one of the twelve and with a great cloud crowd
I'm sorry with swords and clubs from the chief priests and the elders of the people Now the betrayer had given them a sign saying the one
I will kiss is the man sees him See now they're gonna arrest him with the crowds on the way because they found him in the forest in the garden of Gethsemane now
The part where Peter cuts off the guy's ear and we even get the name of the slave who we cut off and we find out it's
Peter later on but Jesus says
I don't need your help. I could call twelve legions of angels right now But then he says this in verse 84, but if I did that how then should the scriptures be fulfilled?
I could get out of this right now Peter called twelve legions of angels kill all But then the scriptures want to be fulfilled.
See the scripture said that I have to do this So the scriptures will be fulfilled
Jesus is Jesus is How should we say this his main goal what he desires most
He is what he's fixated on is that the scriptures be fulfilled That is far more important to him than anything else
I Think there is a lesson there for us that the scriptures be fulfilled that God's will be shown in my life
Now Jesus says to the crowds of people the chief priests and the Romans who have come to arrest him
Have you come out against me as a robber? Come out as against the robber with swords and clubs to capture me day after day
I sat in the temple teaching and you didn't seize me but all this has taken place That the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled that the graph a the graph are the scriptures
Might be fulfilled and look what happens all the disciples left and fled
There it is. They just said a couple hours ago. I'll never leave you all not just Peter. They've all left now
Peters following them from a distance And they're in the courtyard and they went inside And they're trying to seek false testimony.
They they are trying to seek false testimony Against you so they put him to death two guys come forward two witnesses say
I heard him say he will destroy the temple of God and rebuild it in three days now if You remember when he said that Jesus said
He didn't say I am able to store this temple and rebuild three days He said destroy this temple and I'll raise it back in three days.
He was speaking of his body Now Jesus doesn't answer this accusation because Isaiah 53 says he wanted to fulfill the scriptures but then
The high priest says this I Adjourn you I Command you by the
Living God. Tell us if you are the Christ the Son of God Jesus said to him you have said so But I tell you from now on you will see the
Son of Man seated at the right hand power and coming on the clouds of heaven Real amazing verse here
It's a mixture of Psalm 110 and Daniel 7 set up my right hand so I'll make your enemies my footstool and Daniel 7 the
Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven is given authority in a kingdom that shall never pass away Those are both seen as divine figures
Those are both seen as God Those were both understood that way by the
Jewish people Well, Jesus quotes both of them the first both Psalm 110 and Daniel 7
What's amazing is the next time the Sanhedrin hears someone say this It'll be in Acts chapter 7
I guess it's 6 What is 7 where Stephen says as they're by the stone and Paul is holding their clothes so they can throw the rocks harder
Stephen says I See the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God When they heard those words,
I bet you just a few months earlier they remembered what Jesus had said That he'd be at the right hand of God And they wanted to shut that up and they stoned
Stephen and killed him When he said those words because it recalled into this moment.
I Can make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up Then the high priest doors roads and said he is utter blasphemy.
What further witnesses do we need you have now heard his blasphemy? What is your judgment? They answered he deserves death
They spit in his face and struck him some slapped him and said prophesied to us Christ who has struck you
All right. Now here is where Peter denies Jesus three times And if you read the parallel accounts you get the full story
So A serving girl comes up and said you were with Jesus the
Galilean. He denied it for all them I don't know what you mean verse 71 and then he went out the engines another serving girl
Solomon She said to the bystander. This man was with Jesus of Nazareth and again, he denied it with an oath I don't know the man with an oath by the way after a little while the bystanders came to Peter Certainly you two are one of them for your accent betrays you
Now listen to this then he began to invoke a curse on himself and swear
Let me put that in modern vernacular and I can't quote it directly Swear to Blank God, I don't know him.
That is the equivalent of what Peter said Luke tells us that when
Peter said that Jesus from the courtyard Turned and looked down Can you imagine?
the heart sinking feeling Peter had Bible says He remembered what
Jesus had told him that before the night was over He didn't know him three times and he went out and wept bitterly wept bitterly
No We're Next chapter. We're in the crucifixion.
That's just a few highlights from Chapter 26. Hey, I hope in some way this has beneficial to you guys
I still have fun doing it, even though sometimes I mess up the technology part of it. I want to make this as applicable and as helpful and as Beneficial to you guys as possible.
So tell me how I need to do it different and change it up Matthew 27 next time. I'm glad to be back